Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2012 02 10

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The recent court panel on the Saudi Arabia government and lack of proper advice given the judge have led to the court advising the judge to provide the best group of advisors possible, even if they are not protecting them. The judge also advises the judge to avoid being taken by the Saudi Arabia government and to make a statement about the importance of being a member of the Halifa movement and avoiding being taken by the Saudi Arabia government. The speakers also discuss the importance of choosing a consultant based on strong leaders and the need for strong leaders to succeed in the political world. They emphasize the importance of following strong leaders and not just following weak ones, and mention upcoming events and a coffee table for the evening.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, wa ala Steven, Amanda and Amanda neurochem Allah to Allah foofy berbahasa. So Tony will call the avoiding him. Allah tala, Marathi Hadi was inside of him with him Parana, Su Eva Kapoor.

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This chapter is amazing. It's actually relevant to what we just said earlier. Chapter The appointment of pious Governor's advisors and judges, basically, this is to encourage judges, leaders, governors, to seek the counsel of pious and righteous

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whenever if Allah subhana wa Taala tried you and test you to be in a position of authority over anybody. You made sure that you surround yourself with those who are righteous

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because they will give you the right advice. And I've been delighted here it means the iPhone light of article to Allah, Allah, Allah your money, then bomb live out and I do filament okay. Friends of that day will be first one to another except for the righteous one. Those will be friends in this world. And they were they were assisting and advising each other to do evil or not necessary to be to do good. They will be playing enemies to one another. Each one of them is going to blame the other is because of you. I'm here because of you I end up in Jannah. So they always have this among themselves except for the righteousness in the unions, the righteous ones when they get together.

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They get together for the sake of the last panel time and want to depart all also for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So here is

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the law that I'm on. Why Maria? Omarosa Rama Salalah whatever Salam aka Mahathir Mohamad Longman nebby, while Stephen Curry fatten in Atlanta, he said, the Messenger of Allah, Allah Sam said, Allah, neither rate of a prophet and the Prophet nor he authorized any person with ruling power.

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But for whom there were two types of entourage necessary to group of people always running. Carla Vitara to tomorrow, who will now have

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over tonight and tomorrow will be sharp. But

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he said, One enjoins upon him to do good, and incites him to carry it out. And the other enjoys evil and Gods him basically to give them also an incitement to do evil. And then he said, Well, Massimo Manasa Hola. And they're protected from that bad interaction is the one more last Panama protects. Now, if you look just recently at the recent incidents, and also called the Arab Spring, these governors of rulers of countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, they surrounded themselves

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with bad advice.

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Those who always make things look nice to them, at least the most recent, which is Egypt. And when

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the president of Egypt was actually the ex president, he had no idea what was going on in the States. Literally, he'd been given the wrong advice. He was asked what's going on why the people are so angry, and he wasn't being given the right report. And when he was when he when he knew about what's going on in the streets, they made it look insignificant. So they made the wrong decisions. And because of that, look what happened Egypt complete revolution, he lost his position, and some Han Allah in the dunya. He's in prison right now with that same group that used to advise.

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He's in prison with them. And you see that picture, you see that? Our last panel data, change that first of people.

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And incidentally, the same thing, you have this, this, this president, or a king per se, surrounded himself with all these people around him. And that's what advise him they make things look nice. Do you have the power because so the more we can do to achieve all these things, and they don't have much of these good advisors, even a llama Stan in Syria in particular, even the Mufti who's supposed to be holding the highest religious position in the in the state, he should be providing that the the sincere advice, even if it's going to be sacrificing his own self worth. Unfortunately, he was just making making the effort of the President, right. And he's always in support of all this

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injustice, not a lot of bad advice, that Hello enough water level, when a prophet SAW substantial muscle mass.

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And the protected one from these groups is the one who has been protected by the last panel data. Therefore, if you want to have nice and good and righteous, pious entourage, you ask a lot to provide you with that group.

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Because you know when you're president or what do you have, you have authority

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in your hand, everybody wants to become your friend. But once you lose it, that's it. No one cares about you. So you only ask Allah to make this the best and tried in the best group on the allotted time. When he was selected to be the halifa are they allowed Armada? Guess what he did what he did the first thing, the first thing he did when he became the 35, he made an official ban, he issued an official ban on the component, the major senior companions of the Prophet salaallah Salah from traveling outside Medina without his permission.

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You might think that this is kind of injustice, why is that why you banned us from traveling away from Medina, without your permission. He goes, listen, you guys, you chose me for this position, you're going to be helping me along the way.

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Which means I'm not going to be taken over my mom, I need your help your support. And that's a very wise decision says had I left that for you, everybody will be going to a sham to Egypt to Yemen. And I'll be left in Medina with no advisors. I'd be looking for some Junior advisors in this regard. And that's why he kept the senior advisors around him Roger Lata he was a very smart, brilliant leader.

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He knew that he needed all these you know Sahaba so he kept them around on the lawn. Whenever he did something he would call them counts on them, and he would make an executive decision about their lifetime. So a man like Rama he would surround himself with the righteous ones. Environment Tamia Rahim Allah Allah, when he was asked a question, he says, Who is better for the Muslim boom to have a righteous leader who has weak leadership skills? Or a good leader with good leaders,

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weaker EMA leader with stronger leadership skills, which one is better for the home? If I asked you that question, what would you guys say, to choose a righteous leader who has weak leadership skills? Or

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unless I would say righteous leader with strong leadership skills, which one is best for the

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leadership, strong leadership regardless of the level of the man

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or the woman was strong a man even if he has weak leadership skills.

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But at least we can see them as practice? Yeah, you can see them as practice. So when he does the practice that you see from this man, you see some of those Mashallah sounds, so it looks more righteous, but he has less quality of leadership skills. You have another one who shows less righteous, you know, or pious practices, but he has very strong leadership skills. Which one would you assign for the first one, the righteous one, even if he has weekly leadership skills, because he can surround himself with

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strong leaders right now. activity, Rahim Allah, He says, it's better for the oma to choose the strong leader, even if he was weaker NEMA, surrounding him with righteous advisors.

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Because the righteous, the strong leaders, if they if the leader himself was not as strong and leadership skills, he will not be able to understand that advice very well. He would have made the right decision for the owner, but a strong leader, if he's surrounded by righteous advisors, he will take their advice and put it into practice based on his understanding of leadership. So it's better for the owner to have that less maybe righteous leader, surrounded surrounded with the right with righteous advisors. When we say less righteous that doesn't mean to have a cap or to have someone who's available or doesn't pray. Now we're talking about someone whose average Muslim Mashallah has

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the love of the deen and the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salaallah Salah in his heart, and the love for the meaning for the believers. But he's not as practicing in terms of you know, the yam will lay the X ray Bharat and so on. In this case, now to have a strong leader, surrounding him with righteous advisors, better than having a righteous person leading the oma with very weak leadership skills. That's all we have to remember with a mirror of him. All of that has proven to be true in many scenarios and that history of Muslim will love data. Any question?

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Hey, it Oliver Soria. No,

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No, but hey, good to see Nina Laila.

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Well, I am not No, no, no.

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No, no. We cannot do that just for the for the Syrian people while we live in America.

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They know that first best, they've

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decided to defect from that religious organization. That's their decision. And I believe they counsel and consult themselves together on this issue. And may Allah subhanaw taala, guide them to take the right decision on this issue. And I definitely and after see what I've seen from their movie, I don't blame them, I support their decision in that regard. So whatever decision that they make out of that, and leaving the organization, now let's pan out or be with them, and support them and a lot of water for taking a strong stance against this oppression.

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I think one of the problems we see in the Muslim world especially, for example, Syria, since we're talking about Syria, is the division among the orlimar. Now, the people are really divided, and they're torn apart. You know, if somebody's trying to follow this island, and somebody is trying to follow this island, you really don't know who's telling. I mean, it's not knowing who's telling the truth. It's just, you don't know which one to follow? Because you're afraid if you go this path, this might be right, if you go this path are we with about whom are we talking about? We're talking about the people of that land. We're talking about us living away watching the news about the people

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of the land.

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I know what you're saying, I know what you're saying. But for example, we live in an America there's a situation going on in Egypt, we can do. That's that's my point. There is difference of opinion among the scholars and the students of knowledge in Egypt, in regard to participating in, for example, and the revolution or not participate in aiding the new, let's say,

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military council or not. So these are very serious decisions they need to make, for me living here in America, in Dallas, Texas, to start giving fatwah, me and for the people of Egypt to make in my opinion that says, am I wrong? They shouldn't be taking that position. That position. I think it's absurd. I'm talking about their local

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Syria, some people are saying, saying that it's the division that the actual people in in that country living because of the local Audubon, that's what I'm saying the people of Syria, they make their decisions on participating or not based on how much they know about the situation. For us here, we watch it on the news and through YouTube. And that's why we start judging even the people of Syria if they're right or wrong about what they're doing. There are things that are very obvious, there's no doubt about it, and we should all support them. But when it comes to matters, you know, which items should I follow? Sometimes I don't blame that on me, the average person doesn't really

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know what to say what to do. So they will trust the person that they just say, always pray behind. And unfortunately, if that item was not as strong as he should be, he will last and lead the wrong direction. But for us, I can only judge for them. And we just we just made God and I lost my garden.

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Any question?

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Leave Charlotte out tomorrow the program continuing to this evening at ici and tomorrow show the program will continue with the latter in the morning. And in the evening and the afternoon of Russia. I myself have actually one lecture for the ladies at five o'clock episode also. And then we shall our entire lecture episodic in chapter one.

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