A special instruction for women on istighfar

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under a lot of blood I mean Sarah loves Hamid while Ali was able to sleep in my bed

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today, Hadith number 1879

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is one of the most controversial a hadith honestly,

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nowadays in this era, which doesn't seem to be okay to talk about in this gathering right now, so you're gonna have to push it some other day insha Allah azza wa jal

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buts about us too far in general

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and I want to just smash introduction to it so next time we can explain it the shout out I wonder it's a bit quiet. And that's how you'd have these interviews of Allah Salah money spoke about Yamaha Nyssa doc Nathania to connect Ralina as the prophet Salah Salem he was encouraging women to give charity because give charity because I've seen a lot of women end up in Johanna

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and they were shocked and surprised. Corner Rasulullah how so? Why women a lot of them end up in Jannah for how they will cook for him. They're coming in Coover, California Villa or they're coming to Cooper regards to believe in Allah is in your corner means denial over here, California last year. They denied the virtue of last year last year it means the spouse the husband

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and then the problem gave an example. Carla was centered Delana Dora Kula Tamara Arnica Shankar cola Hemara to her uncle, because perhaps you live with them for all your lifetime. And you're good. But if there's something wrong happens, they will say I've never seen a good day with you.

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Like they immediately they forget quickly. The virtue as Allah says, will attend Salford Lavina calm they're prone to forget quickly these matters in that moment of contention. And that's what the Prophet says and he meant by that. Then he mentioned he says, they come alive they curse a lot.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim it says that you should be given more charity as a compensation and as more of a way of seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala

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so I'm gonna show the delay the expression of the Hadith in the law, hopefully tomorrow inshallah.

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is just not going to happen tonight. So probably due tomorrow Celada