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So have you seldom at the Sleeman kathira mama ban? You guys remember last night we talked about harriton NaVi salatu salam in which he

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he encouraged Rama bah bah bah bah and to take the money that comes to him without him going into his greed going after it No. If it comes to you take it but don't make your neffs pursue it without earning it. Today we have a disability we have another Hadith a new chapter as a matter of fact remember no Rahim Allah Allah, tala Babel has seen an academic Emily Eddie he was tough to be honest. But Tao de la he says this is a chapter on earning for living means earning, earning livelihood. So basically, instead of asking people go out and do your job, work something out what type of baby and so on so that when you work and you earn that will make you self sufficient from

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asking people and he also encouraged to abstain from you know from asking and begging quality it brings the ayah from Surah to Juma Allah subhanaw taala says, for either coda to salam to fantasio fill out of the web tevo Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala says in Serato Juma in the translation then when Juma Salah is ended, or has ended, you may disperse through the land and seek the bounty of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What's the meaning of this? seek the bounty of Alaska which is an Arabic word, take home and follow the law. What does that exactly mean?

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What does that mean?

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Go working, go and live in

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and don't make salah and rabada discourage you from doing what you're supposed to do. So even some of the most sacred time which is the Juma time, very sacred time for us throughout the weeks of Han Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When you come to Juma focus on Juma first so either they could lie. When you go to jamaa Switzerland quit trade quit the dunya this few minutes are exclusively given to Serato. Juma once you're done, go back again and start working. Go back again for your for your living and earning and so on. So hold on some Muslim countries people they take it literally. So the moment you say ceramic amatola Sancho amatola they start calling for potatoes and tomatoes

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right outside of the masjid immediately. He didn't even he didn't even start this way he probably even before he said the other Salaam, you hear all the guys outside of the masjid, tomatoes, potatoes, whatever. Cipolla doesn't even give you a chance to do it this way. Is that good or bad? I can say this, but it's a cultural thing. So Han and some Muslim community they have that stuff. And handle we don't have it over here. Otherwise we'll be chaos. But I would say Allah Subhana Allah says, When you're done with your Salah una vida, then go around, living in for living and suffer. Insofar as yourself and your family from go and vegging outside on sun palace, some people that

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reminds me people don't don't really understand the meaning of Fes Isla de la he was always that you seek that you go on when you hear that and for Juma. You quit everything in terms of trade and business and so on and go and pray

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and then leave it behind. That's it. People don't understand that the sale and trade during Juma time is how long and that money that you earned during the time of Juma we talk about the first Juma whether the first Juma that's actually it's impermissible. So I remember one time I was in a Masjid sort of Jew mom's reaction, the masala

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and a guy was sitting closer to the door. So his son was coming in as coming through while the mom was already on the member given the hotbar. So the guy tells it tells his son immediately says, says Baba, pick up the eggs, pick one of those eggs baskets over there like buy it and then put it in the car and then come for Gemma. And I'm like, Are you kidding me? The whole thing was on the member and you already worrying about the eggs before the sale is over. And he's afraid that by the time he gets out, you're gonna be gone. So hang on. What's the problem with that as a man so people just lost the the sanctity and the sacredness of that special time for Serato Jamin. Even as we sit here

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in the methods of hannula people will be Satoshi Mahabharata Juma checking their phones, watching a game or killing time, you know, watching the autoplay on Facebook, videos and so on. Just just pass the time while the hotel is finishing this Sora it's a very special time and very short term so pay attention to it here. The prophets of Allah says again, what the home for the last so going out to work and earn money that is seeking the bounty from Allah subhanho wa Taala and obviously, if you do sincerely ask Allah subhanaw taala will give the number one Hadith here or now he says carnavon Abdullah as the very law the law of the land called Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and Yehuda hadoken

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Bula who may be eligible for to be hizmeti madhopur been Allah wa he favia have Kufa la Hovey wacha Cairo lumen and yes at anass Oppo Oman all Buhari in this hurry the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam says it is false

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better for you to take your rope, go to the mountain, cut some firewood, carry it on your back, sell it in the nearby market.

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Place basically, to guard your face against humiliation through begging other people is so awesome. That is better for you than doing so. And then you go on your big people who may give you or refuse. So what does the professor say Mr. Angus over here, like when it comes to when it comes to working, there is no, there is no shame. There is no shame and getting your hands dirty. Getting your back there, then getting your shirt dirty Gemma, if this is something that is different than a lot of branding, and provide you a decent income, that will surprise you from going and begging and asking people he gave an example. So a lot of us, it says if you just grab a robe, like you don't have to

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be employed by anybody, what is your calling a salon to do over here, be an entrepreneur essential self employed. That's what it means. Go out on your own gravel road, go to the mountain, it's an open space, collect some firewood,

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use a drop course tied together, put it in your bag, come back to the market, sell it to the people and get few pennies here and there will be sufficient for you to get you mean for the day or for the night until the next day. As simple as that. He says the last Allah making that effort. It's better for you than living under the mercy of people. You go and you ask them and this person says, Oh, I wish I can. But I'm sorry, I cannot. And this person hours is too much. I can't really afford to give you that much money, or this and that and so on. So this is an alumnus if he keeps asking the people, some will give and some will refuse. So that means whatever that you have, whatever position

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you're in right now, there is no shame in finding a job. I know some people are Miss time. They're so spoiled. They're so spoiled to the extent that

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you know, when certain jobs come their way, it's like, No, no, no, no. It's not worth it for me.

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What do you mean it's not worth it? I mean, sitting at home, you're not getting anything anyway.

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Well, yeah, but this is

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not me.

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What do you mean is not you do something until you shall Allah span out or open other doors for you and the last panel that I would put Baraka and your effort, and your money and you never know, maybe the thing that you're going to be doing is going to be a door will be open for you through Panama orono somewhere. But just don't sit there idle doing nothing. Don't just don't do something about it. If you couldn't do it yourself, we'll have our Citadel handle Alabama, the opportunities to earn are just way beyond imagination. You will be sitting home, I still earn money. Do something online. Go on online and make an online business Carla, do something useful. But just don't sit there and

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waiting for you know, just the gold start coming down from heaven. Or just don't sit there being so spoiled. Say No. I don't want to work here and I don't work there. Oh, that's not for me. That's not for me. No, no, no. As a professor Sam says, Go get your hands dirty.

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Go out there and cut some barbed not from here. Of course don't cut anything here Jim. Okay. We're not going to tell you what the city will say just do something that is useful for you that will shell out that bring some income will surprise you from asking the people may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from this situation out of malice panatela providers from his firm from Islam and bondage Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa salam, we'll just Helen and help us to do that which is pleasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala. Any questions you man?

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So the question is what comes to Friday? Here's the prophets. Allah, Allah says in the Quran, you after finishing your Salah, go back to work, basically. So what about taking a day off as far as the best day to take a day off? Honestly, it depends, historically speaking, they didn't have this kind of arrangement. So throughout the history of the Muslim oma, they had different styles and different days off. I remember it in the book of a man.

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Even Jim Kennedy, he was speaking on on their tradition of days off, you know what they're they have they had back then that was, I would say, around

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six 700 700 years ago. Can you guess what are the days off? They had back then. Monday. They had two days. But what are they

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Thursday, keep guessing seven days of the weekend.

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Actually, they their days off work Tuesday and Friday.

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To separate today, we have them actually back to back to have an extended weekend some panela. But back then they used to have Tuesday off and on Friday off. I'm like, why? And then you think about it. You work for

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How do you work? Wednesday, Thursday and you take a day off. And then Saturday, Sunday, Monday and then a day off? I mean, that's cool. Right? every few days you take a break and sort of fridge five full days or maybe five and a half days is like a lot, but by the time the weekend comes and you know what to do anything at all, you're too exhausted. Anything's a panel. So I don't know maybe if you guys want to, you know, start calling your

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Yeah, calling Trump probably can do crazy stuff these days.

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So that was their stuff. So is it okay to make they have a Friday holiday or actually they often son,

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it depends really. So there is no obligation to make Friday as a day off. However, in Muslim countries, you know, obviously because Juma is an important day and people you know, if they go to work, they might get lazy to have to go to Juma. So if you they make their own gym as they are for them they will be better in Charlottetown Allah ha na

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the time that it's how long is the time from the time of the call the add on until the Salah is over. So in our locality, it's basically from 145 until 230 so 45 minutes This is this time is a time we should have been engaged in buying and selling.

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Is that clear? Gemma, by the way, I don't want to go into details right now but this is in traditional trade sell and buying Okay, you go to the market and buy something for example or or anything but today most of the people that have automated system they have you have for example,

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you open an online shop for example for yourself, people they go and they buy from you during jumada right. Also when it comes to Juma these days, people live in different time zones. So which which time is the wrong time for me is it there? Gemma are my Juma men if they if this is the case, throughout the whole day, there is different prohibited times depends on the time zones that may just close your jumada altogether. So don't get into trouble. No, we talked about your local Juma. That's number one number two in the in the normal trade, buying and selling you

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know the job is different. We talk about trade, selling and buying but if you're going to be working, it depends on the professor last m says that whoever say whoever actually skips or any Mrs. Three consecutive Juma. This person Allah subhana wa tada will put a seed of hypocrisy on their heart melasma particular cerebral me. So if for whatever reason your job demands from you to stay there, on Friday, time help. First of all, I hope that you can check with your HR and see if you can find a way to get out of it. That's number one. Number two, if you couldn't, at least at least make arrangement maybe with some co workers, colleagues and so on that every two Germans the third one

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you have to attend that if you skip to Germany, you have that in the third one. Some people that have demanding jobs where they have to stay actually on post, whether it's a garden post, for example, or medical, you know,

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doctors are required to be there for surgeries and so on. They can skip it if there's demand for them. But again, you make arrangement that you don't skip three jumar back to back.

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If you are traveling and it's Juma time do I have to attend Juma? The answer if you're on the road No, but if you're in town, and it's not any troubling to attend gym, it should. Let's say you arrive two hours before Juma by the time you get out of the airport, check in the hotel and so on there is about hour less than hour for Juma and looking around you don't even know what the measure is in the area. Do I have to go and pray the answer in this case? No. In this case you can pray to her and answer Gemma two and two that should be fine. But if you're going to be standing for a week or so, and you know what the measure is and there is a much thing anything going on on that on Gemma for

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you. then in this case you should attend him out with the people alone.

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No, just for Gemma. The questions about the trade. That is that prohibition is forever solid time. No, it's only for Juma just for

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it doesn't matter even if you live close to them as the prohibition is only for Serato. Juma Milan.

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Hanukkah long behind the

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camera cuando la vaca

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Don't forget tomorrow schelotto