The concept of hijrah migration as mentioned in Hadith Omar

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so Salam Alaikum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen salat wa salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad Anwar la salud disabled Katha mama. So we are starting to show love to Allah as we said, inshallah another hopefully blessed the Hutton for the other side of hen we've already started with Hadith number one Hadith number one in the medina Lubin yet that these are judged by their intentions. There's one part of the Hadith that I need to emphasize and he didn't elaborate on because I believe it's very important we didn't have the chance to to do so. So I would like to talk about it in sha Allah. And that's the second part of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said call

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show the community is growing so big the work Allah we have a lot of guests don't know our etiquette probably and so we're given the chance to get accustomed to it in shallow tan

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so the second part of the Hadith the Prophet Salla Sam saying, while we're in nomadic culinary farming cottage roti, Allahu wa rasuluh says, whoever does the Hijra or migrates for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And for the for the message of Salah Salem Phaedra to Allah, Allah Sudha then Allah will come there Hijra for the sake of Allah to be sincere and for the sake of Jonah the prophet Sallallahu wasallam and whoever does the Hijra migrate from to Medina for the sake of worldly gain or a woman to marry her, then they will get the reward from wherever they were going immigration for. So what's the meaning of decision? That's what I want to elaborate on Shala that

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becomes extremely important specific time like ours. We live in a non Muslim predominantly non Muslim of course society. We live in a society that's difficult right now the hostility against Islam and Muslims becoming unfortunately, you know, more obvious Islamophobia is on the rise. And then

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about the practice of your deen the challenge right now with ideologies I will see in the society all these things. So what does it mean when I say hey Geralyn so Roma, they talk about Hadron, first of all, the word Hydra comes from the verb Hydra, Hydra, and alleged in the Arabic language means to move from one place to the other one, like you leave one place to the other one. So that's what they called hijra, which is what the Prophet saw some did when he went from Mecca to Medina. That's a physical hijra, so that's what they call at Hijra to, and Hijra to hacia. All but Enya, the physical migration, but then there is another form of federal Thalo, our Hollyanne a shape, abandoning

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something and stay away from something, how they will hell, basically, this is now a circumstantial hijra, like the condition of the of the heart, in terms of abandoning something to somebody else, and they mean by that abandoned in that state of being in this obedience to Allah subhana wa Taala to migrate to a different state of the heart, which is to be in obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's not a physical migration. You're not moving from one spot to the other one, you move your heart from one state to the other state. So there are two kinds of features over here. So let's talk first of all about the hijra, and Hosea, the physical Hijra. So what's the meaning of that? Where

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are we allowed to do this Hijra? And when is it becomes mandatory to do hijra, and what's the purpose of it anyway? So there are certain hedgerows considered MOBA, like moving from one Muslim country to another Muslim country, moving from one city to another city, you're going there for improving your economic situation for tool for learning for marriage, whatever that is, this is all permissible. No one says anything about that.

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But then if you do the exact same thing by moving from a Muslim country to a non Muslim country, becomes questionable. So if someone wants to move from a Muslim country to a non Muslim country, right now, that's when the dilemma they say, is that permissible to do this hedgerow? Like a lot of people that I see over here, if not you, maybe your parents came here on what they called Hijra visa migration, right. So does that concern permissible then? Because now you're moving from Muslim land to a non Muslim land, right? Like what is coming for economic reasons? Education, marriage, whatever that is, these are permissible purposes for that Hijra. But now you're moving yourself from a land

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of Islam, where you could hear the other and, you know, frequently see the symbols of Islam everywhere. The culture of the Muslims is, of course, obvious and so forth. And now you're coming here to a place where you're going to be challenged, to always prove yourself to be a Muslim God, that your children making sure that you don't, you know, slip away from their faith and that in and now we've seen the rise of atheism within the Muslim community and so on. So what's rolling on this right now? Now

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Obviously that the textbook answer to this to say is that you shouldn't be doing that you shouldn't be migrating for Muslim, Christian and Muslim country. But what the challenge happened in the past few decades among the Muslim scholars and students of knowledge is redefining the boundaries of land of Islam and land of Kufa right now, why is that? Because, look, the whole purpose of not moving you from Muslim Canada to a non Muslim country is to preserve your deen

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so that you stay Muslim. You have the freedom of practice of your deen hamdulillah and do your abide without any harassment and so on. But we've seen in the in the 1970s and 1980s, and some Muslim current 1990s Even what happened in some of these Muslim countries. If you become active with your deen, and if you start advocating for Islam, it's not going to be an easy life for you. And some people unfortunately, were imprisoned, some they were actually killed, and it was disaster. So it wasn't easy. Some Muslim countries at some point, you can't even come to the masjid molted twice a day. And even if you do that multiple times during the week that said you're on the blacklist.

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So it was very difficult for people to live a Muslim life in a so called Muslim land, they were able to go to a non Muslim country for asylum, immigration, and they were able to live Muslim life in a non Muslim non. So now, okay, if you tell them, you know, I can't Trump can't migrate or Muslim country, non Muslim country. Because of that, I'm able to do a better job as a Muslim and non Muslim land, then I'm doing it if you're a Muslim man. And that's what create a lot of confusion among the AMA because a lot of people, they hold on to some classical boundaries, definitions of Muslim land versus non Muslim man. So it's not really about the geographical location anymore. As much as the

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state of Islam and Muslims.

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Like if and Allah they say, if you live in a land, even in a Muslim country, if you live in a place or a city, where the life of this obedience and phys configure is very common, that would affect the quality of your deen and imagine your children. It becomes obligatory upon you to move out of that city to go to some another city. You know, they say if you live in a street, if you live in a street in a Muslim city, live in a street that that street can become fitna for you in the home your deen, your Eman and so on. You have to move out of that neighborhood. Yeah, but that was born there and my family lives there. We have a house there. Yeah, but if you stay there a chance you're gonna lose

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your Eman and if not do your general next generation probably. So you move out of there. So even within the Muslim land, there is a need for you to preserve your iman and your deen. So move into non Muslim country. Now some of the dilemma this actually is considered, generally speaking,

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is not supposed to happen. Unless of course, you have the ability to practice your deen and hamdulillah with full freedom and you're able to manifest your symbols of faith and humanity, which hamdulillah will do in this country over for the later Baraka, tada. Now, if things change, like in some areas, let's say back in the days when,

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in Europe at the time, of course, the middle medieval time, when there was war between Christendom and Islamic land, and so forth. So there was always the Borders has always shifted.

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So sometimes some lands will become on the frontier. So sometimes they're under the Muslim role. And then after a few years, they lose that they become under non Muslim world. And then they move on to the Muslim world. And then again, like a lot of these land, like for example, Bosnia, Romania, Hungary and Europe. There are a lot of indigenous Muslims living in those in those countries today. They are original Muslims, they're not convert. And they've been living there for generations. But the in terms of the numbers is not that great. It's not that big of a number, but it's still indigenous. So to say that these people need to migrate from that non Muslim land to a Muslim land.

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Well, if they can still live there, as an indigenous population in their own country and their own lands, and hamdulillah practice their Deen they have their massage, they have their Islamic identity an entity inshallah there's nothing wrong with that.

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But now it becomes dangerous upon them, they have to try to shift somewhere where they need to stay safe or if they can, of course, resist by keeping themselves of course where they need to be to keep themselves safe insha Allah Allah and protected been in line as the origin so that's that's kind of general idea the subject of Asia but there is much more to it in details, obviously. But the physical ledger requires from people to move from one place to the other one in order for them to save their deen and their Iman, even here in America.

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Because I get this question a lot. Some people they send me questions that they have been assigned for residency in a small very small remote town or village for example. There is no Muslims over there. So they can't do Juma. There is no halal meat. There is no masjid. And there might be one of two or three families live in that area or just the Muslims. And they ask what do we do

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I said, Well, I don't know what do you want to do?

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I mean, if you if you feel for your dean for him and try your best to go somewhere else, well, I don't know I cannot move my position. I said in this case, you're going to have to make an extra effort, an extra effort to give Dawa an extra effort maybe to bring displace and populate more Muslims in that area. An extra effort probably maybe to drive two or three hours to the nearest city to pray Juma or on the weekend to go to the Muslim community to revive and rejuvenate and then come back again during the week for example, like there will be more extra effort required from you to preserve your your iman. But the Hijra is extremely important overhead. That's the physical Hijra.

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And again, is it required at all times? Well, at the time of the Prophet salaallah Salah masa de la Anhang, were required to do Hijra all the way until the conquest of Mecca. Once Mecca was conquered the province awesome cert ca hydro Ottawa Dunford what I can do you had the money yeah. He said this is normal hydro is required from you, because it became a Muslim land right now. So there is no need for you to come and do Hijra from any place to Medina, you can still stay in Mexico stay wherever you are, because the land became one Muslim land. So the Hijra in that sense that was cancelled, which means that demand for hedgerows circumstantial

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when there is a need for this, because I get to the matter of faith, that it becomes mandatory upon some people, sometimes muster hub upon some people. And sometimes, of course, it's just MOBA means it's actually kind of allowed for them to do so. And for other people with mccluer Haram, like some people who live in Hamdulillah, in a very beautiful, comfortable Muslim environment, they have no threat for the Imam, they're doing the practice of the deen and so on. They don't have any financial problems or anything like that. The only reason why they want to migrate to the non Muslim land for the pleasure of the dunya.

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Now if they're coming here for haram pleasure, their hedgerows haram.

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They come here for just you know, because they want to enjoy the dunya not with anything Hara, then the rituals mcru dislike for that.

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But again, depends on the circumstance of the people. You can't give a blanket answer to everybody. But it's a case by case scenario in that regard. So that's in regard to the physical hegemon. Now in regards to the here's what will happen, the state of the heart right now. The professor of Salah

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when he said ledger Padelford there is no mortgage or animal, Carla's. He's talking about the physical ledger. What I can jihad in one ear, now it's all about struggling for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala fighting for the sake of Allah xuejun and always watching your intention, which means you now migrate ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala with your heart. That's why they've been playing Warhammer Allah Who Tada he said that Al Hijra the real the real age right now. Your journey to Allah subhana wa Tirana through your hearts, not your bodies.

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Your body might be coming to the masjid. But where is your heart is a man that knows Allah Allah. So you're physically coming to the masjid, but your heart somewhere else, and sometimes just the opposite. I'm unable to come to the masjid, I'm staying at home. But my heart is bleeding and crying for not being able to attend the salah for example.

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The hatred of an Han is the person always in a constant state of migration for moving themselves from a state of this obedience to Allah subhanaw taala a state of haram to a state of halal and a state of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala from a state of shame. Of course, you know, doing something wrong to handler strength and confidence of doing something right? Always being conscious of that you're always in a state of Hijra. Every time you see yourself in a situation where your heart becomes weak, you need to start thinking about what do I need to do to move myself from this state to the other state? So if that requires that I need to change my circle of friends.

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Because these are the people keep me with keep dragging me back into the situation. Therefore I need to change that that circle of friends. And it's my job. I'm working too many hours. Yes, I'm getting good money. But I'm always stressed out. I can't even enjoy life after this. So what's the point of all that money. So you're going to change a condition. So whatever that is required for you to change the state of the mind and the heart from state of disobedience instead of obedience, then you're going to take that action that is the kind of Hijra that is left for us to practice in these days. Others might have the physical ledger but at least you are in a constant state of Hijra to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the last thing actually integrated the age of some of the alumni they say look, listen, all of us in this dunya or the Muhajirs

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we're all Mahajan, which was all immigrants. We need to go home and Gemma was home to

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Jenna what our for our father Adam came from. That is the home the ultimate home to

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All of us and we all immigrants on this earth and we'd love to go back home ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada make our attend to that home easy for all of us who are Brahman or Allahu taala. Any questions?

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So the question based on that doesn't mean that we get to always keep in a constant state of evaluation to our physical presence, our condition of the heart and so on. So we always need to evaluate if I need to do Hijra or not, the answer is yes, of course. That's part of a maraca. You all was being watchful over your state of the mind set of the heart and your life and of course in your in the safety of your Eman and your deen and your family always constantly observing that inshallah know Allah make use of all of us

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don't want to make the condition the discussion political because we're gonna bring the politics over here. Muslim countries are hurting the people in Gaza more than some of your tax that you pay from him

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the blockade that is happening around over there the unfortunate you know way of everybody's being complicit with that they want to finish for example, what's happening they want to wipe us completely because they're sick and tired of it themselves. They want to bring that peace in accordance to a specific agenda it's in the middle east over there presented by somebody else. So we're gonna go on to the politics of that situation. Your tax money is not the the it's the most you worry about, although of course there's something you have to fight for. But you go to the legal channel to say you know what, I don't want my tax money to go and hurt somebody else. Or kill these

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children for example, because then you have to fight for it, that you're happy that you're right. And Alhamdulillah you live in a country where you allowed even to fight for this

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when you go to some Muslim country Good luck trying that. Allah Allah

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so how do we measure between Hamza living in a freedom of faith and religion and practice that in and so on? And the fear of the erosion of Iman and deen and so on? Right? So why are we here for?

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How can prevent that?

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Allah subhana wa has opened doors for you in a way that you can't even imagine the atrocity in Gaza, what's happening there has become a door for many, many people to explore the Quran and Islam. Are we jumping on this?

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I will take advantage of the situation we talk to our friends and neighbors and people and, and be among those to hand out these Messiah have these accurate books and so on. That's your opportunity.

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The whole purpose is really if you if you get a chance, you're not going to necessarily convert everybody who holds the most half of Quran or translation, but at least neutralize those who are decent. Those who really realize that they have a sense of human decency and dignity for themselves. They can make a decision for themselves, they will recognize the truth it's very obvious and clear. So at least they will take a neutral position for at least that's what we can do sha Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah Mohammed, I should have learned a struggle to break Sarah Marie Kondo Lagertha just a reminder inshallah tomorrow