Tazkiyah Through the Quran #22 A Sick Heart

Yahya Ibrahim


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Hello be him Merode. The sick heart, the unwell heart, the dark heart, Allah Subhana Allah warns us in numerous places in the Quran, thou Kaaba Huni Falcon fiocco Ruby him the hypocrisy that spread throughout them was surely rooted in their heart. And just like the tree of E man plants in the heart, where it's a sea of faith, a seed of faith that is in the depth of the folds of your heart that begins to nurture a strong stem and branches of Eman and Amal and good deeds. There is also the seed of hypocrisy that enters into the heart that pollutes the heart and makes the heart unwilling and in unreceptive to a message of truth, clarity and righteousness, we ask Allah subhana wa to

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Allah to remove the darkness of our heart and put in its place light, how do we make sure that the darkness does not continue to surround it? The prophets I said Lem says in the hadith of Al eema Muslim, that whenever a human being commits an error that they have done as an intent in their relationship with Allah, they know what's wrong and they choose it. It's not out of being forgetful, being neglectful. It's determined effort that they rejoiced in there. How long will the call be? He knows that and Zelda, that upon the heart, there is a deposit that is a darkness that begins to cover it. And every time you continue with your scenes with your morality with choosing that which

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is away from Allah, the dark becomes encrusted more and more and more with more and more dark hearts for taba Allah who I doubt could obey Him, their hearts then become sealed, meaning that the light of faith is not able to penetrate it and whatever light is in it cannot shine and show itself that the flame of faith is nearly put out. But there is hope my dear brother, my dear sister in Islam, that the dark heart can have its crust and incrustation removed, Ella be the karela that the remembrance of Allah the very articulation of Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah Wella Illa Allah Allah Allah who echoed the standing before Allah when the crew Allah He acaba, the greatest decrease your

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prayer to Allah, the cleansing of your will do that removes the sins from your limbs and from your sight and from your hearing, the standing in the bowing of before Allah. When the prophets I seldom said when a man or a woman stands in their slaughter, and they say Allahu Akbar, their scenes all climb up to their shoulders for a vow Raka when you make your sujood they begin to fall off and when you make your Roku and sudo they eliminate themselves from your being with the prophets Allah I seldom said Dr. Natalia Kuhn, you set yourself alight with your scenes through metals on Luna Fattah, Fatah. brooder uncom then you pray and that fire that you lit upon yourself, breathes away

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and is removed and is cooled off you. The darkness can be removed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says in Al Hassan at you hipness a year at your good deeds repeal, extinguish, put out and remove your sinful deeds and there is no better good deed to eliminate the darkness from the heart than the statement of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah and following it up with charity, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in South Dakota zero to three ohada Rob, giving charity and secret removes a lot of anger and Allah's wrath, which is given in the measure of one's heart being darkened according to that lemma. May Allah purify us with our charity Allahumma

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amin and May Allah make our hearts alive and full of light. Yeah, our hammer I mean