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A Ramadan of change #05 – Reserve a room this Ramadan

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Ali Hammuda

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Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a theologian that your Torah guru Harmon Bodoni How about will no harm in voting in paradise so there are rooms, their outsides are visible from their insights and their insides are visible from their outsides, Allahu Akbar. Miraculous architecture.

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An Arab Bedouin then stood up and he said, Who do they belong to O Messenger of Allah, who do they belong to? And he responded by saying, Lehmann apart Bell, Callum will,

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mostly while sundry laelia nashoni these homes will belong to those who are best in speech, who distribute food, who fast regularly and they pray at night when people are asleep.

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So it's a four step reservation process.

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And here's what's interesting Subhanallah as a matter of neuralgia, he would say that all of those traits that were mentioned in the Hadith, they are practiced in the month of Ramadan. What does the believer do? He fasts and he prays at night, he gives him charity and he chooses the best of speech since he is prohibited from engaging in Ill talk, Ya Allah they're all found in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan, however, is just a temporary training ground. I eat onwards is the real test. So start planning for your post aid Islam from as early as today.

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Murthy merci. Welcome Rama

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