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Lots of people have said have said this, but it's true. People are on the false or under the false impression that they don't worship anything. Right? That they, okay, there's people who worship and no, I don't worship or oh, I don't have a god or I don't believe in anything. That's not true. You believe in something, you worship something, it's just you have a poor definition of what it is to worship, right? You think that worshipping is just you know, putting your head on the floor, or lifting your hands to the sky. I mean, that that is worship, but worship is much more than that, okay, worship is the thing that you put your hope in, or your greatest hopes in the, the, the object

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of your greatest of your trust, right? The thing that you fear the most the thing that you obey, right, and so it comes down to your priorities? What's the overarching criteria for the decisions that you make in your life? Is it convenience? Is it you know, career advancement? Is it yourself? Your own just, well, I go off of feels and vibes and whatever, um, you know, kind of like in that I go with it. That means you worship yourself, right? Or that means you worship convenience, or you worship your career, you worship something, right, the boss calls and says, Oh, I need you to come in this weekend. And it's going to be unpaid overtime. And you say, yes, why? Maybe you worship your

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career. Maybe you worship, you know, the advancement in your career? That's the question, you have to ask yourself, what are the decisions that I'm making in my life and what's motivating my decisions? What wins out if different priorities and values that I have come in conflict with each other. And so the job of the Muslim is not just to lock themselves in the masjid and put their head on the floor and raise their hands to the sky? That's part of it. But it's also to make sure that the motivation, the supreme motivation behind our decisions, and the priority that's going to win out time and time and time again, is going to be the creator and obeying the Creator. All right,

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where I decided to move what I decided to study, who I decide to marry, how I decide to conduct myself at my job or at school or whatever. i The person who is worshiping the Creator, is making all those decisions with the Creator in mind, and the person who is not does not have the creator in mind when they make those decisions. It's not that they're not worshiping. It's just that they're worshiping something else.