4 Hadith to Remember – Advice for Islamic School Teachers

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The speakers discuss the importance of remembering and reminding oneself of actions and events to achieve success in prayer, as well as the value of being recognized as Islam-approved culture. They also touch on the impact of shirt sales and shaming on people, as well as the importance of mercy and not wanting to be criticized for religion. The segment also touches on the history of Elijah Sydenham, where a teenager killed a man in battle, and the closure of the province of the light. The speakers emphasize the importance of human character and the use of the words "the best person" to describe the person.

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A couple of Hadith that I think are important to always remember you all,

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have heard them all before. But I think it's ALLAH SubhanA data rather, he says with a gift in a declarative environment, meaning remind, because reminding benefits to believers, in your capacity as teachers, you know, being on the frontlines every single day, raising the children of the ummah.

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It's, it's important that we are constantly reminding each other of the objective, the higher objective, the purpose and so of course, the the first Hadith that I you know must start with is the hadith of I'm going to the Hadith that's in body in the mala Mala vignettes. Verily all actions are by intentions, a lot of times, and any work that we do, whether it's Islamic work, whether it's teaching, math, whatever it is that we do, you get caught up in the, in the mundane you get caught up in the routine, you get caught up in assignments and award ceremonies and parent meetings and you know, this or that, but everyone when they're able to connect every action to Allah subhanaw taala

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every action becomes every every, you know, grade that you that you make every answer that you that you mark becomes an act of worship, so am I so the province of the light is and I'm said even the morsel that you put in the in the mouth of your wife, like the most romantic gesture, the most becomes an act of worship of a person is cognizant of Allah subhanaw taala. So the work that you do is so incredible, and it is so important, and it is so beloved to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, don't lose out on that incredible reward by not connecting it back to Allah subhanaw taala and that what that does is it will, it will keep you charged in sha Allah to Allah, it will protect you from

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burnout as well as a number of other things. But the first is remembering and making sure that your only audience is Allah subhanaw taala Allah says mankind have you read it a lot, but you know, there are little prizes along the way that we get distracted with. But Allah says, makhana you need to agita whoever wants this world and salted it. So he says I didn't know who he had a shot at manually, it will give them a little bit like if you want a little bit of fame, a little bit of I don't and fame. When I say a little bit of fame. It's all relative, right? It could even just be appreciation locally or what have you, whoever wants whatever that is. Allah will give them a

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portion Manisha. We want to give them the mandate for whoever we wish some people will get it some people won't. For maganda, who Johanna Islam at the moment mascara, that's the danger of doing things not for Allah subhana data. The province of Eliasson actually told us that the first people that the fire will be kindled with are people in Hadith of Abu Huraira. Who intended other than a lot they showed off for people, with their with their works with their good deeds. And then Allah says, Woman out I then asked,

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and whoever wants the hereafter what's the NSA? Yeah, how one woman and whoever wants to hereafter and and really strives for it, as it deserves to be striven for. Those are the ones whose journey will be appreciated. Anybody who tries to get appreciation from human beings is in there, they're participating in a failing transaction. Humans don't have the ability to appreciate anything that we do perfectly, no matter how much they appreciate a person. The example that I always give people is Michael Jordan, because Michael Jordan was celebrated as much as anybody has celebrated but yet, you talk to your kids now who are in high school about Michael Jordan, and they couldn't care less

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they'll talk to you about LeBron James, especially because he played for the Miami Heat and got them to rings and all that type of stuff. Right? So that's, and he's still alive, and he's seeing his appreciation dwindle. And so what do you expect from us mere mortals, right, who don't have six championships and all that type of stuff? Allah Subhana Allah, one of his beautiful names is a shortcode. And Allah Subhana Allah prepares it with the name and ID myofiber Allah who gather the Comitia cough to moment to Makana lo Shaquan Idema Allah says in surah Nisa, what do you what do you? Why would Allah punish you if you showed gratitude to Allah and and you had faith and Allah is

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shakin an alien. He pairs these two together and it's so beautiful because at the end of the day, there is nobody who will know everything that you did. other than Allah, your kids will never know everything that you've put in for them. Your students will never know everything that you put in for them. Your spouse won't know everything that you've done. Nobody will know your fellow teachers won't know everything that you've done like nobody will know except for Allah and He is the good news is he's not just an alien, but he's also a shocker. He is the one who appreciate in Haida Canada

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I'm Jessica and what can I say you can mesh Quran Allah says in surah nisa when he enters people into paradise he says this is for you your reward and your journey was appreciate it. So may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those who make Allah his audience that we be of those who's who are told at the end of our journey, your journey was appreciate it. So in nama Lama Lavinia that's the first Hadith. I wanted to share the second, of course, because you're in the capacity of any person who's in the capacity of taking care of anyone else they have to keep in front of their eyes, the Hadith of the prophets of Elijah Sydenham, who said Allah homeowner, come home Rama hammelmann, fill out

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your hammock, Matthew Santa,

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the Merciful will experience mercy from Allah. Have mercy on those on earth, the one who's in the heavens will have mercy on you. I believe if there's a single word, you know, I asked students this all the time I say to them if you could, if there's one word that comes to mind with regards to Christianity, what is it and they'll say, You don't love that's what Christianity is branded with. And then you ask them What about Buddhism? And they'll say peace or tranquility. And then you say, okay, really quickly, what about Islam before you think and then everybody gets quiet? Right? But I believe that if we were to brand Islam if we had the marketing money behind it, we should brand

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Islam as mercy Allah begins every chapter of the Quran except for one with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Rahman Rahim like those two names both denote the attribute of Mercy that's incredibly valuable real estate that ALLAH SubhanA data uses and then in sort of their fat hat from the bottle, but I mean, and then again, not of mana Rahim. So mirth and one mouse and neck a lot of material had me the entire message of the province of Eliasson was restricted to this concept of mercy which means that us who represent the province of lice and Omar follow his religion, at least, we should be a mercy

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in the capacity of being teachers when Musa has said, I

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was looking for a teacher and sort of GOD, ALLAH SubhanA, WA, tada sent him to a teacher and he said, so for you that didn't mean a bad thing. It now I'm an Indian or alumna who will let them know, we gave him mercy from ourselves, the first attribute that are limited as described with his mercy, which shows us that the first attribute that a teacher has to have is mercy. And then the attribute of knowledge is mentioned. Now, just so that we don't get it twisted, if you were to describe a fit that off the top of your head, from the qualities that you would think as he went and destroyed a boat and killed a boy and built a wall, you wouldn't have described him as merciful.

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That's not what it would have came maybe Stern, maybe you know, but Allah describes his was a merciful and that shows us that not being a merciful teacher doesn't mean that you're just sitting there hugging kids all the time, and that you're, you know, kissing their cheeks and giving them cookies. It means and I think we've all experienced this with our own teachers growing up that you might had a you might have had a very stern teacher who didn't take any nonsense from you. But at the same time, you She's still the one that you make go out for it 20 years later, or 10 years later, 30 years later, whoever because she led you to goodness, she wanted goodness for you or he

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wanted goodness for you. And that's what mercy is. Mercy is when you desire goodness for somebody and you lead them towards that goodness, you lead that person towards goodness by once and goodness for them and so, it's not necessarily you know, Rafa, not wanting difficulty for people, but Rama is wanting goodness for people, even if that includes some difficulty, even if I am going to push you even if I am going to not accept your excuses, even if I am going to challenge you, but wanting goodness for them. And you know,

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there was a Moroccan scholar who has asked specifically about

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you know, not that we do that in the United States, but I think it's good to share also because it reflects the attitude, beating children to teach them the Quran. You know, this is something that's prevalent in a lot of places in the Muslim world.

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Are we allowed to do that? And he said something beautiful, so beautiful, he said, Allah Subhana Allah said a rough man Allama Quran and he didn't say Al Jabbar or Andaman Quran, he said, a rough man, the Merciful is the one who taught the Quran suspicious specifically as we are connecting our kids to Islamic Studies, specifically as we're connecting our kids to the Quran, let us make sure that they get the experience that Allah Subhana Allah decreed for them that ALLAH SubhanA data designed for them a Rahman unlimited Quran that that be an experience of mercy for them that they see the mercy of Islam before they are told about the mercy of Islam that they experience the mercy

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of Islam before they're told about the mercy of Islam. And that brings me to our third Hadith. And the third hadith is I think beautiful advice that the province I mean of course it's beautiful but prophesy centum said it but I think it's beautiful as well, for you to

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to share with an end to to

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But to really embody with your students, the prophets of Allah, they send them send them either new Dibella companion that he loves very much to Yemen and he gave him advice and he said it tequila hyphema Quint, what we say at that has an attempt perhaps offer the tenacity to look and has three things.

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He said Fear Allah, have Taqwa of Allah, wherever you are.

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You know, I have a brother that I met in the masjid once and he gave me this amazing statement. He said, I tell my kids, I tell my kids, do you want to know when y'all will be Muslim? Do you want to know when y'all will be Muslim? And they were like, What do you mean Baba, we're already Muslim. And he said, No, Your will be Muslim. When you pray. without me having to tell you to pray. Without your mom having to tell you to pray. That's when you will be Muslim.

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And I was like, you know, that's an amazing concept because He's raising his kids to not have Taqwa of him but to have Taqwa of Allah. He knows as a father, I'm not going to be I'm not going to be there with you all the time. You're going to get you're going to graduate high school and you're going to move on to the world and all of that type of stuff. And I'm not going to be over your head saying Did you pray the Lord did you pray also the framework, so you will be Muslim when you submit to Allah, not when you submit to your parents, and even as teachers right communicating that to your, to your kids.

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And that's what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam raised his companions on he raised them to have Taqwa of Allah, so that when he passes away Abubaker can make the statement to everybody and set them straight, whoever have you, worships Muhammad has died. And whoever you worship Allah, Allah is Ever Living, he will not die or he does not die. And so the province the lightest him tells him I live in Egypt, I have Taqwa of Allah, wherever you are. That's number one. Number two, he says will activate I see that it has inner temporal health and follow a sin with a good deed it will erase it. Follow a sin with a good deed, it will erase it. We live at a time of canceled culture. But we don't believe

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in canceled culture. We believe that Toba erases everything. That's what we believe. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is giving Miranda bingeable the agency to correct his mistakes, follow a sin with a good deed.

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I can't tell you how many people

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I meet who told me they're too ashamed to pray. I mean, who told me that they are too ashamed to make dua to Allah Subhana Allah because of their sense.

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But Allah subhanaw taala never placed that barrier. The province of Elijah Salam never placed that barrier. He says, If you commit a sin that follow it with a good deed, it will erase it always getting into the behavior of correcting your sins with good deeds, and not letting your sins define you. And especially with young people, young people are going to make mistakes, they're going to make mistakes. They're not immune from that. And I believe that our job is to hold them and protect them so that their mistakes do not cause you know, do not destroy their lives do not destroy the lives of other people. But a meaning of letting sins destroy your life is when you let that person's

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you let that sin disqualify them from any potential in the future. The province that Elijah Salem was incredibly severe on someone who he loved very much was a teenager of some Lebanese eight who killed a man in battle. And the province that Elijah is and that he killed him in in battle, meaning wrongfully that man had said she had to lie to him, Allah and Osama didn't believe him and he killed her. And so the province of the light is and when this news came back to him, he said to some of these eight he says, What are you going to say with Leila had won the day of judgment? And Osama said Yeah, absolutely not. Like he only did that to save his life and the prophets of Allah they

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said and then said, a shock after uncultivated, you did you open up his heart? And Osama eventually, like he first argued his case, but then he goes, Yeah, this will Allah seek Allah's forgiveness from me, for me, and everything that we know about the province of Elijah Sydenham is what

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is that 10 times out of 10. If you come to the Prophet salallahu Salam, and you ask him to ask Allah to seek forgiveness for you, He will do it right. Then when I 15 did it time and time again and the province was sending we seek Allah's forgiveness for them. And here Husaberg museo the son of Zaid even had the adopted son of the province of Allah they said I'm so he's like the adopted grandson of the Prophet cellulitis. And he comes in he says, oh, messenger of Allah seek Allah's forgiveness for me. And what does the province have the license to do? He says, What are you going to do about 9am On the day of judgment, he doesn't like super, super painful,

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but he doesn't let he doesn't let that suffocate, or, you know, destroy the potential with sound and music because we know that the next year which was the last year of the Prophet's life, the Prophet salallahu, s&m sent out an army that was the last army that he sent out and who was leading that Southern music.

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What does that mean? It means that I'm going to give you a really, really strong strong slap on the wrist. I'm going to give you a wake up call, so that you never

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Ever, ever, ever do that, again, I'm gonna like severely chastise you. But at the same time, I'm going to tell you dust it off your shoulders, get up and become who you're supposed to be the leader that he's supposed to be, right how many of our kids I mean, they just get expelled from the community, they get expelled from the message, they get expelled from whatever because of mistakes that they committed. Anyway, so

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at VSA at that has an attempt to have a much better look and has an of course, treat people with good character, treat people with good character, all people with good character. And that's,

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you know, incredibly important that we manifest the best qualities in public and private that we teach people. But we remember that people are going to be way more attracted to what they see us doing than what they hear us saying I'm going to do I feel like it's clear to me in my policy, if you are if you are at the saying goes, that the actions of a single person will have a greater effect on 1000 people than the statements of 1000 people will have on the actions of one person, one person doing will affect 1000 people more than 1000 people talking, okay, so let us show people what we want to see from them. And then the last thing is always to either not into here. The fourth

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hadith is I know that you guys are incredibly busy. I know that your day starts way before seven and ends way after and that's just the schoolwork not even talking about, you know your own families in your own obligations and all of these types of things. So what's one thing that I can tell you to hold on to constantly for the person who's incredibly busy?

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The province of aleida seldom met Ibrahim it is set up on his native village slightly Metallurg didn't read the reports to us that they met and they had a conversation. And Ibrahim is that he told him he said oh Mohamed, give my ummah your Salam give your own man my setup and tell them that Jana is pure flat soil. And it is labor to turba it is very fertile Pure Land. Well under the law also has Subhan Allah which from the lauhala Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar, and the planting of its trees is Subhan Allah Allah Allah Allah and Allah Akbar and Hamdulillah you know when I think of the Hadith I'm like, This is amazing. Ibrahim Ali salaam went through everything that he went through

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and he made your eye for this prophet to be sent cellulitis and then he finally meets him on the latest list. Hola Hola mirage. And this is the one thing he had to tell them is to Say Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah Allah but that's the message that he had for the OMA of Muhammad, Salah light is Allah. But it's not surprising when you realize how powerful they could is and how transformative it is. With a crew, Allahu Akbar, Allah says the Dhikr of Allah is greater. You know who the best teacher is? The best teacher is the one who makes the most of the globe Allah subhanho data, because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the best one who prays was the one who makes

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the most dhikr and the best one who fast is the one who makes the most liquid and the best one who fights in the bath of Allah is the One who makes the most liquid. The one who makes it the most liquid of ALLAH SubhanA data is the one who's the best of any community. And what the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala is, is the prophets prescription for everybody who complain that they were too busy.

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A person comes to the province I sentiment says yada so Allah like the legislations of Islam are too much for me, what should I do? He says, Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah OMA when it comes to the province of Elias and his cousin and she says, Allah, I'm old and I'm tired, what should I do? He says, Say Subhan Allah and that him did that night along about the Dhikr of Allah is probably the the greatest spiritual anchor that we have. And so even as a person who's going through their mundane, you know, routine every single day, one thing that they can do to keep their heart polish to keep their heart pure, to keep their heart connected with Allah subhanaw taala

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is to constantly remember him, and ALLAH SubhanA data knows best