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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the horrors of recent events, including the shooting of a young black man in Chicago and the need for transparency and responsibility in light of hateful media reports. They emphasize the importance of telling stories and proving them to be true, rather than highlighting facts, and urge people to be aware of the consequences of their actions. The need for transparency and responsibility is also highlighted, and a call to support the Dean Center for Islam education is made.
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A type of hate has to be manufactured in the head of a man for him to stand over a six year old boy and stab him 26 times this aspects wife told detectives he listened to conservative talk radio and thought the mother and son would have people over to attack them apparently had been listening to conservative radio for some time ago listens to conservative talk radio on a regular basis, and has been heavily interested in the events that have recently occurred in Israel. She also said he was concerned about the National Day of jihad and wanted Shaheen and her son to move out. So I'm local, we're here at the janazah.

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The young six year old was some boy who was stabbed 26 times stepping him more than 26 times and he was looking in his eyes. He was some of the community leaders. And I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this. The suspect knocked on the door to her room and their shared Plainfield home and started an argument about the Israel Hamas war, then attacked her with a large knife. She reported that she fought him off and hid in the bathroom, but could hear the suspect stabbing her son from another room as she called police, this child that was just buried with the I was about to go to school today on Monday. But instead, he was brought here to the cemetery.

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This mercy by this calamity is not only limited to his family, it's not only limited to

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Muslims or Palestinians, this could happen to any one of us could happen to me and my wife could happen to you could happen to our neighbors.

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We have to stand all together in this very difficult time to

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stand for peace and justice for all children and all three people in every way.

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The message of hate should stop immediately, and

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be replaced with a message of peace and justice. Because without justice, and again, we always talk about peace, but peace and justice has to go together. Without justice, it will be very difficult to enjoy any peace. And so as an American Muslim, who stand for the values of justice and peace, I asked everybody to join us in protecting our, our families and our children to enjoy

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our lives here, but also to stand for justice and peace for people in jazz and people everywhere. Because as Martin Luther King said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. And this is what we're facing now. It doesn't start with just the six year old boy you have you're just telling me the mother also got stabbed 12 times I think the stabbing death of a six year old Muslim boy and this happened over the weekend to an a suburb south of Chicago. Tonight police are saying that boy and his mother were targeted because of the war in Israel want to show you this right here with dia offer. Yumi just turned six years old a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, the Sheriff's

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Office says the family is 71 year old landlord, Joseph Suba, attacked the boy and his mother, the boy was stabbed 26 times his mother stabbed over a dozen times knocked on the door. And that

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attempted to choke her and said you Muslims must die and attempted to stab her a stab her the crime confirming for many in the Palestinian American community. The fear that's been building since the start of the war, in what they call an atmosphere of hate pains me that the sacrificial lamb to this atmosphere was this beautiful, young, six year old boy who had his whole life ahead of him among those paying their respects Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Governor JB Pritzker and Congressman Jonathan Jackson. Yeah, and my heart goes out to her because she's the one that's most affected from all of us. And when she witnessed what happened to her son, he was stabbed 26 times the knife still

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in his belly, and he was taken to the autopsy, she herself was stabbed 12 times including in her face, she can't talk. And she's in basically very serious condition in the hospital. And on top of it, on top of the physical injury, the mental trauma, she was alone in the hospital without this kind of community support right now because of security reasons and health reasons. So we have to remember her, we're trying to raise some money to assist her with her hospital bills and everything else. But she's in a very strong very place where nobody can envier and I just want to add, you know, I've said a lot about this. But I'll say one more point, you know, as I was standing today and

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looking at the 1000s of people that were there, the dozens of television cameras from all over the United States in the world. We had the governor, we had the mayor we had, you know this elected official that elected official and I thought to myself, how is our beautiful martyr our beautiful boy, whether you're any different from all of the ideas, all of the beautiful martyrs in Gaza, 750 of them.

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He was stabbed in a heinous crime. Yes, but I asked you do you think a bomb falls from the sky?

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stablish that a knife that steps 12 or 26 times? Do you think that's a pretty image? Because it isn't. So what is it about this situation that woke up the conscience of our governor and our mayor and our media?

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We have to understand there is no difference between this heinous crime here, which we all must condemn. And clearly everybody gets that. And the many ideas and this is the father's field, this is not just me. He said, My son is a representation of what is happening and to feel for him, we have to feel for everyone. So I say to them, can you get your your humanity, your intellect to understand that what you see close to home, and you feel it is any different if it's a little far away, and we are contributing, we're not just not feeling what's happening. We're contributing $8 billion warships, you know, more moral support, media support to what's happening. So I'll just close by

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saying, you know, this boy has gone but not in vain. He is waking up the conscience of everyone around us. And we need to keep that message and may Allah accept him, you know, as a bird of heaven, I mean, 100 assaults on us alone.

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These places obviously, as a chef was saying

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that these are sacred places the graveyard is there's a place that we have to observe certain sanctities but

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I think that, you know, the ending is all the same, which is at the end of the day, when you put people in the ground, when the grave is all covered. It all looks the same. But we know from our deen that the stories under those graves are very different. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost accept with the Earth as a Shaheed as a martyr. The cruelty that he faced in this life is not with the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And the next thing that all he faces now, is the expanse of Elijah does garden. I often think about when I see these tragic situations, because we've had a lot of them over the years.

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Those that we know and those that we don't know, but we love and we certainly make dua for

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I think of asiyah en es Salaam, when the film dropped the stone on her.

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And as she was being tortured, like up to she laughed, and for their own, spoke about her as a mad woman and mocked her, but Eliza just showed her place in Jana, when she was struck. Now, I think what we have to balance as Muslims is both the hope and Allah's mercy when these situations happen that we know that Allah subhana wa Tada My Account audible can see your Lord does not forget your Lord. In Allah yo Leo as it on Mycenean, Allah does not let the reward of the good doers go to waste, nor does Allah let the crimes of the criminals go unpunished. So we have to sort of balance our outrage with what has happened in the material world with the hope that what Allah subhanaw

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taala offers in the afterlife, and not which is immaterial to us right now. Or what we can send some perceive right now is greater is restorative. And I want to say, you know, we've been talking about Palestine, people need to see the stories, people need to hear the stories people need to see the human, the human side of these babies, one way or the air can be more effective in waking up the conscience of people than a number 800 900 Allah knows what it will be by the time we are the time we leave the cemetery. One with the can be more effective in waking up the conscience of people, and we hope that that will be the case inshallah Tada. And so it's important to just remember that these

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are kids that they have stories that they have families.

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Part of the way that we maybe unintentionally become a part of the dehumanization is we only show charred, burned, you know,

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corpses. And we don't tell stories. And our Quran is full of the stories of people that

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have have have full stories of their pain and victory after defeat. So we need to tell their stories within the night and then we need to ask Allah azza wa jal to make our story, a good one and let our ending good. I remind everyone, you know, it's very hard when you when you kind of witnessed the unspeakable

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to speak that's why it's called the unspeakable.

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But what distinguishes us is that we have Iman, we have faith, we believe in Allah and we believe in the hereafter taught me No, no Billa William Allah. You believe in Allah and you believe in a paradise. And you believe that every single one of these Ottawa, every single one of these souls is in a better place. So while you try to fight back on the * on earth that's being created for them here, have faith that Eliza will admit them into the paradise that we all hope to go but in the nighttime

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you can see

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the power of the propaganda media pushing lies three lies currently being told about Palestine number 140. Babies were being this is completely false. No evidence has been provided for this. The claim comes from this journalist during a war

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I can talk she makes the claim saying hi seen the distance more bodies being covered babies. Their heads caught off later in a tweet. However, she admits that she did not see bodies but heard a soldier talking about number two people were also false. There is no evidence of this whatsoever. Number three 250 people were killed at a concert. False. The only videos we have seen are people running away from the concert, there isn't a single video or photo suggesting that 250 people were killed at a concert. Why are they lying? It's called atrocity propaganda. They lie about atrocities in order to incite emotions, hatred and violence. Why? Because they are the ones planning to commit

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atrocities themselves. To do this, they need to convince you that Palestinians are barbaric animals that torture and had babies pushing the dehumanization of the Muslims. And this is the direct result of that. So we need our friends, our brothers and sisters in humanity, those who are out there that have got consciousness, who

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have a heart who can put themselves in this situation, you have children,

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you have an obligation to speak up to speak to your communities. So this doesn't spread like a cancer. And more people don't follow the footsteps of one evil man you notice. His religion is not mentioned. Imagine if this was flipped again. We hear we don't have the scenario goes. But we don't blame the religion. We blame the individual. And then we got to look to the hate provocateur no listens to conservative talk radio on a regular basis, and has been heavily interested in the events that have recently occurred in Israel. She also said he was concerned about the National Day of jihad, those who are pushing and peddling much of this hate this atrocity propaganda.

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We urge the media to exercise responsibility and balance its reporting, recognizing that it plays a pivotal role in shaping public perception, who promotes debunked lies, as in the case of the beheaded Israeli children.

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And when you have a media,

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supposedly mainstream media

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that also refers to debunked wise, as in the case of * Israeli woman, I have seen children under the rubble.

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I have seen children

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torn to pieces from war, I have never thought I will see this here in America, I have never thought I will see this barbaric action here in our land.

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And our hearts ache because of that. Because we as me as a physician, I have never imagined that we will lose our humanity to that degree. And three children where we are supposed to heal them and take care of them saying that we reject hate. We reject discrimination and we stand for one playing field for all one America for all.

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Sorry, it's a little

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it's gonna throw me off a little bit.

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Because I have a five and a half year old. She'd be in the same class. And it's

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my wife and I have been talking about it all weekend. And we couldn't, couldn't imagine. So

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honestly, forget the politics. I don't care about the politics. I'm getting sick and tired of this crap going on around the country, in the state anywhere.

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Kids are kids like kids be kids.

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hold people accountable. Make sure that

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this doesn't happen anywhere else. Too Much has happened throughout this country too much hate and I think about my daughter all the time. And this is you want to think that this is an isolated situation. But there's there's so much hate out there. And we need to stop from everywhere. So

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I have no doubt that moving la Italia it will be a successful project in sha Allah. I've had the blessing of knowing brother Eddie since he started the deen show and he's one of the most sincere and most dedicated people to the data that I have ever met. So please do support the Dean center does that Kamala who hate on

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you and if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at one 800

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It's 6624752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

Dr. Omar Suleiman Manufactured HATE

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