Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 25

Yahya Ibrahim
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Hey Brahim with another daily tip, see it? At hamdulillah we're doing a juice a day and then hamdulillah with us number 25. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us His mercy to complete the Quran at Judah number 25 begins with the beginning of Sorrell to shorter which is the 42nd chapter of the Quran. Incidentally, I have a daily tips here about verse by verse of this sutra. It's a foundational surah in the Quran, please go look for it. And if you put hashtag daily Tafseer, you'll find it. Allah subhanaw taala begins a surah by warning the people of Mecca and warning those that surround it meaning plot if and other large sections of

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Arabic culture and society, and then Malcorra and everything around it. And and then the rest of humanity about the importance of the whole and Allah subhanaw taala begins by saying that he chooses whom he wishes to deliver revelation to, and therefore the choice of the Prophet Muhammad. So I settled him isn't something that was accidental. It's not out of chaos, but it's out of choice is Debbie and Allah subhanaw taala has chosen him for a particular purpose. And this is one of the places that we get the nickname of the prophets, I send them as much data. The prophets all had the same call and the law establishes that all of them called to tow heed to the singular, singular

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worship of Allah subhanaw taala not to join anyone in worship with him to free ourselves from anything that we have a belief in that is superstitious that is beyond the belief of the Creator. In the same way Allah subhanho wa Taala then says that the Sharia the legal pathways in life are made different and what was sent to a previous messenger or prophet may not be the same that was sent to our Navy Mohammed's I send them and that should not surprise us a lot of talks about the importance of

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being a person who consults and asks people for advice and the name assurance, the consultation gets its name from this verse, well, I'm gonna homeschool rabina home, that your matches should always have a level of consultation, a consultation that goes also past yourself in society, but also with a law, which is called salaat. And it's harder. There's also the importance of Allah for meaning forbearance and clemency and pardoning the errors and the MIS judgments of others. Not to be a person that can not get past something that was done wrong to you in the past. And the loss of panatela speaks of this as being a noble characteristic of the prophets, I send them. Because it is

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one of the things that will always happen to a prophet, you will have to forgive those who have done things in their past. The next and final section of the surah, Allah speaks about the portal as being something that for his formative for the heart, the spirit and the soul, that there has to be this process where we allow the Koran to penetrate into our very being, and to shape our character actions and dealings. The next chapter is chapter number 43 social design, which is a little bit past, you know, a quarter way of juice number 25. And a lot begins is soda once again about the importance of the Hold on, once again, this is one of the schools that is high mean, and Allah

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subhanaw taala says that the whole urn

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is the truth and it's a word and a statement of truth. And it is said to be as a truth that ends the debate with those who claim

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worship for other than Allah, for those who have entered into the full city of deifying other things. And Allah subhana wa tada also speaks about that argument that was put towards the prophets, I said, that we're only following a bet when a widow and our forefathers, our ancestors, we can't leave off this religion that has been practiced by our people, our culture for so many years. Just on account of this new revelation, Allah subhanaw taala says, What good is holding on to something that was wrong if it was done wrong by those who came before you, they may not be as accountable as you are, because they were not sent a messenger. But now you have heard the truth. A lot also

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determines each and every one of our shares in life and the law speaks about this. Not an opossum nabba you know, man shut down, that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who determined our share our our section of prosperity in life. So therefore, don't have jealousy towards other people. And don't be proud and assume that you're the one who has brought everything into being for yourself. Both of them are issues of negligence and extreme, extreme behavior in that which is disliked by a lot. A lot also speaks to us about being on guard against evil, in particular, the evil of bad company and bad friendship, and those who are going to lead us astray before the day comes where we now regret

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it. A lot gives the example of Pharaoh in this surah who believe that his kingdom that is wealth, that his authority was something that was a sign of his correctness, his righteousness, that if I didn't have this, then maybe you had a claim against me, but look

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at all the kingdom of Egypt belongs to me. Don't you see who I am?

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That was used as evidence for him in his shallow mind that he was preferred by God or in his mind when he had the will of the deities. I love and speaks about friendship once again, and says that those who advise you because Pharaoh had bad advisors, Pharaoh had people who kept leading them along because of their vested interest. Allah speaks to us and it speaks to our oma about verifying our friendship and building it on taqwa.

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Allah also ends this order, by mentioning the tragedy of the day of judgment and that the people who enter * are going to call out to its Guardian, its chief Guardian Malik. Whenever we are magically equity Allah in our book, oh Malik, oh, Angel Malik. Ask your lawyer to put an end to us. We can't take this anymore. Oh God, and He will respond and the Prophet says after 1000 years I send him he will respond in nicomachean you're going to remain in it for eternity. The next chapter is salted token. And it speaks about the blessing of the revelation of the Quran. It was revealed in a blessed month on a blessed night to a blessed Nabhi in and it is a blessed revelation and blessed

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book. So therefore ask yourself what of the blessing of the Quran Have you used in your life? Allah speaks about life as being one that can lead you. If you follow your desires and your vain desires your however, it will lead you into sin, it will lead you into play and distraction away from Allah subhana wa Tada. So therefore be on guard against the inner workings of your soul. arrogance is used as a theme in the sutra that it destroys and it destroyed people who came before us like Pharaoh who's given as an example. And these were examples given to the people of God, not to rebel against the Word of God, the end of the surah Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the punishment of the people

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in jahannam. And the reward of the people in general, and of the most wounded moving sections is around the 14th in the surah. Allah says inertia gelato is a cool poem, a theme can Mohali as a leaf in

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the tree that will be consumed of the people in * is as a cool political hacker and now to also share a theme. It's fruits are full of thorns like the head of the devil's the final surah of the chapter of this juicy juicy number 25 is Surah number 45 at Jaffa meaning to be brought down on your knees in humiliation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about his power, his omnipotence, his strength and about the creation of the heavens and the earth and everything that is in between what we know of and what we will never know of until he informs us or were able to see it in the next realm. And the last panel to Allah speaks about the danger of being boastful and being arrogant. You

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could see this as a theme in the last three sutras. Allah speaks about what is it that hinders us from the path of Allah subhana wa tada is that we desire to fulfill our lustful leanings, rather than submit ourselves to Allah subhana wa Tada. And of the hinderances. From your submission to a loss of Hannah and went to Ana is bad company, I say a lot about bla bla bla, then I do lol mocking on the Day of Judgment, those who are going to be the worst enemies, on the Day of Judgment are those who are best friends in the dunya, except those who are best friends, in piety and in righteous conduct. And therefore there's a warning not to mock the Koran to be from those who attach

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yourself to the hold on and to reflect upon its revelation, the surah continues, where Allah Subhana Allah says that there is an enormous blessing in Allah subhana wa tada accepting those who returned back from sin and push away against in, and that following our van vain desires is only going to lead us further away from Allah, and we have to combat the inner problems within our soul. This order ends with a description of the people of heaven, the people of *, and what it is that is necessary to be from the people of heaven, and to be distinct from the people of *. that this book is a statement of truth. The Koran is a statement of revelation that All praise is due to a law

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of the Almighty the wise and that you we are to stay away from the signs of disbelief of arrogance and sinfulness and lying and treachery laughing and mocking the verses of Allah to take note of the wrongdoers who are attached to us in our life and so on. And to desire a law not to desire other than him. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah blesses your days and nights. This was another daily tip. See it with your brother? Yeah, hi, Brahim at us a day and this was just number 25. said Mr. de la

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