Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 24

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I said I want to go to LA what I got to it's your brother. Yeah, hey, Brahim with another daily Tafseer and hamdulillah. We're in jersey number 24 of our Jews a day. These Jews, it continues, sort of Zuma and ciabatta Zuma, as we said is one of those soldiers that highlights the importance of sincerity and applause and commitment to a loss of Hannah Montana. This sorta explains that important and need that mankind have Intel heed and submission to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, verifying him as the only one who is worthy of worship, and then being sincere in every pursuit that we have towards him. It is also a condemnation of those who make sure and that are lost

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to Allah says that their conceptualization is in error in them a yoke ought to be born in a lie is unfair to worship something that you believe brings you closer to your to the ultimate creator. When you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they hold on the law, they say, a law a law, then why worship anything minor, when you can have immediate access to a loss of power to it.

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And therefore Allah ends this order by saying, Don't despair. If you have made errors in your past, you can always reform and come back to the truth. You can always become a better person. And the last Trenitalia speaks directly to the believers, holy, holy, I bet the Latina sort of Allah unforseen say to them all my servants who have wronged and committed atrocities against your own souls, you've only wronged yourself, let us know tomorrow Rahmatullah don't despair in the mercy of Allah, that that is a sign of sinfulness and disbelief. Allah then talks about in the law here fiddle denuvo Jamia, Allah forgives all sins, and it doesn't matter how many they are or how large

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they are, or what type they are, that Allah is a half hour or four and a half. And therefore the next chapter in this juice is sort of the laughing It's almost as if Allah is leading us to this conclusion that he is the forgiver sukanya who went to Allah. Allah continues by mentioning that there will be ultimately two main groups on the Day of Judgment. Zuma,

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there will be a Zuma of the people of gender and Zuma for the people of Hellfire one group to Hellfire one group to jednym and the people going to Jenna that the gates of gender are laid open for them will call Ella home and the people that inhabitants of Jenna salaamu alaykum Tiverton for Toluca, enter this gender you have done really well. Tanya, July emaline, wattle mela it could have been I mean, how large the angels will greet them in the angels that you know, that envelop and surround the auto show of a rock man, they will greet them and we'll be honoring them on that day. On the other hand, the people of deviants, the gates of jahannam will be laid open, and it will call

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them and beckon them into the punishment in the Wrath of Allah. May Allah protect us of this. The next aura is often some kind of law sort of offer is an amazing sort of hair meme.

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You know, begins it's the first of the high meme sutras. And it is a sort of where Allah says of all fatal them Wahhabi to tell, it is a law who is the forgiveness of sins, and he is obviously the one who accept you return to Him, Scheidler hobb, nevertheless, he is the one who is severe and punishment, the old nun

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can exceed him and go past him subconto went to Allah He is infinite in his mercy and in His love and in His compassion, and in his knowledge and in every way about him. That totally La Ilaha Illa who recognize that there is none that is worthy of worship. But he's

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so suited offer continues in that theme of a loss, forgiveness and allows love for us and that he's available for us. And then a lot gives us a vivid picture of musante SLM, his early years that you know, the difficulties that were that he faced, you know that there was a believer movement and this is one of the second names of the sorta it's called the Lafayette or boatman that there's a believer who hid his email, the actual email now, who believed in Moosa when he returned, speaking about Allah, who was a person who was always, you know, a counseling Pharaoh and the people of Egypt to good. You have called me.

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You know, he would say to the My people, my people, listen, think about the rationality of faith, you find that the story of Iran is a very direct example that's given of the ones who are unwilling to receive a lot of mercy and they become unwilling to receive it by living a life of excess and sin.

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with arrogance and pride. A law then ends the Sora with hope and inviting us to be from those who worship Him in the loneliness that we run on a bed that he says hallucinogen NEMA death, even those who are resistant to, you know, making your art and a bad of me. They are the ones who are ultimately entering into jail.

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May Allah save us from that, the next order is sorted for Scylla which means a separation Allah subhanho wa Taala in solid facilite he speaks to us about the importance of the Quran and ridicule that was laid upon the prophets I seldom have the words that were there the beautiful words of the whole and that it's majestic on its own, and therefore the prophets I seldom should be honored as being its recipient, the loss of Hannah to Allah speaks about the Quran in very, very clear ways. That it is a sign from Allah that bears these good news and it's from the, you know, as important as a sign of a law as the creation of the heavens and the earth. And Allah gives you no evidence of it

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from the destruction of people's people who preceded us, who heard the scripture heard the good news and rejected it. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the believers often in this order, and he speaks about them in terms of their steadfastness in the Latina Kaltura boonah Law Firm, Mr. Harmon, those who say Our Lord is a law then remain steadfast to Tennessee law, Allah Herman Miller, aka the angels descend upon them in this life and in the next life and left half we don't be scared, well, then we don't have sorrow, you know, you will always be given victory by Allah subhanaw taala at the moment of life and in the entrance into death and into the next line, a lot. You know, Allah speaks

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about calling out to Allah and worshiping and invoking, and that advice of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he says to us infallibility, he asked him, you know, anytime that you have been given evil or rejection, return it with what is better than it that either Lily Bay Nicola Vina, who I doubt the one who has hostility between you if you treat him with that way, can nica well can now What do you mean?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala emphasizes that we can change a person on account of our flock and good manners and our faith in Allah that Allah strengthens our heart to face the difficulties that are out there in life. Allah subhanho wa Taala also invites us to be from those who seek protection from the shape on either caught teleport or NFS stayed below him in a sheet on regime when you recite the Quran and asked me to protect you from the disturbance of the shale teen I mean era but I mean, a lot also speaks about the unbelievers wanting to do it had with the Koran to negate it and to not practice it and to make level in it and to you know, how to deal with it with a frivolous disregard

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and disdain. The law Sopranos Allah says that that is only at their detriment. And finally, Allah speaks about his creation and who he is, and why he has sent this book to us, which is to make us the best of human beings that we can be. And this is the close of soldats facilite lots of panels Allah speaks

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in very, very clear terms about the power of the whole on at the end of these Jews, and I pray inshallah, that you'll join me for another Jews. In our daily tips here. This was juice.

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This was a juice a day juice number 24. Male muscle panel to Allah give us the honor of the hold on Mr. Mr. Lee Kumar rahmatullah wa barakato. It's your brother. Yeah, hi, Brahim.