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Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various examples of anxiety and headaches, including the use of the Vicar and the book fortress of the Muslim, the importance of avoiding anxiety and headaches, and seeking seeking refuge with others. They stress the need for people to focus on their own happiness and avoid "has" in certain context. The host provides a series of episodes on various topics, emphasizes protecting from sh retism, and promotes viewers to subscribe to the episode.
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Go away and

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make me

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do me a favor.

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don't leave me

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Don't leave me

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alone Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Welcome to another episode of the power of decode. We're looking at different circumstances and different situations that happened to a Muslim during their life or during their daily life, that they need the vicar of Elias or gel and some practical examples of the vicar that they can remember, or they can use, we said that the first source that we were recommending everyone at home to follow through and to and to be able to, you know, sort of get their two hours and the decode from is the book fortress of the Muslim, and also the website to rs.com, d u s.com. Which has a lot of, of the Vic of the car and the doors on there. So we're sort of using those as a basis just to have a look

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at some of the examples of a car that a Muslim says during their life in times of difficulty, and in times of trouble. So that's what we're talking about today. It's about times when things don't go well. times of difficulty, times of trial times of sorrow, times of, you know, when a calamity strikes you, what kinds of as car what kinds of things are we commanded to say, at a time when things aren't going well for us?

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One of the eyes of the car for anxiety and sorrow is that we say Allahumma inni abda webinar optika webinar ametek now CTB eddic maolin Fi hockomock I don't see a cada oke as lKb coolest men who are like some Mater BNF sec. einzelner houfy keytab ic o alimta, who I hadn't been I hadn't been halted, I was thrilled to be here fill in middle high up and Dec antigen or an RB lb, one or sodbury, what gela Hosni was the hub me. This is one of the two hours that we say for anxiety and for sorrow. So Allah azza wa jal tells us the prophets lie Selim teaches us to say, Oh Allah, I am your slave and the son of your slave, and the son of your female slave. My full luck is in your hand, I you have

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complete control over me. Your command over me is forever executed and your decree over me is just so we affirming our belief in color, as we said in the episode about how La quwata illa Billah.

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I asked you by every name belonging to you, so we're using the names and attributes in our Vicar. Again, this is something we've talked about, which you named yourself with, or revealed in your book, or taught to any one of your creation or preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with you, that you make the Quran, the life of my heart, and the light of my chest, and a departure for my soul, and a release for my anxiety. And Allah azza wa jal will take away the anxiety and the sorrow of the heart of anyone who recites this application, as is mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. There I've caught that you say when you're afraid of someone,

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there are other cards that you say, when you are feeling pain. For example, when you're in a state of pain, you put your hand on the area where you have your pain, for example, let's imagine that you have it in your head, you put your hand where the pain is, and you say Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah, In the name of Allah in the name of Allah and the name of Allah three times, and then seven times you say, our rules will be law he will put herati him in shall remain edgy, do what we had, that I seek refuge with Allah and His mighty his power, from the evil of what I find and what I fear. And what I'm wary of and you say that seven times while you're keeping your hand on the place

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where you have a pain, I know many, many, many people have been relieved of severe migraine, severe headaches, severe pains in the body, by making this to when they trust in Allah they believe in Allah they have the proper belief and they put that belief into practice through the two hours that they believe

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and these these two hours upon Allah another two hours that you have at a time of anxiety in a time of sorrow is that you see a lot in the rules will be coming in hammy well hasn't well I see well castle will book The well job well but $1 a day in wahala to recharge well barra de wahala, but our region so you make these these two are contains that you seek refuge with Allah for many, many things. From lm well has from sadness and depression from some

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And anxiety from anxiety and sorrow, and hem that thing that just bothers you all the time that you know, you're just constantly thinking about it all the time. And it hasn't the sorrow that the depression you know, you feel the sadness you feel. And I seek refuge with you or law from an agency Well, from being unable to do something, or being too lazy to do it. And this compresses every situation in your life. Because in your life, you're either if you can't, you're not doing something you want to do. Either you're unable to do it, or you're too lazy to do it. And so you ask a lot to save you, while bowhill while jubin and alcohol is stinginess and adjuvant is cowardice. So, again,

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two evil things that people take people away from the path of Allah is that they are stingy and that they are that they are too frightened to act. And then of course, dollar day. And dollar a day is when the kind of debt not the kind of debt that you can pay back. But the kind of debt that overcomes you so badly, that you are so burdened, that you find yourself falling into the harm by lying through river through many things, and elevated regional and being overcome by men. So this is also from the to the comprehensive to us that we say when we feel sadness when we feel depression. From the do is that we say? Well, the vicar that we make when we feel distressed when we feel upset

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is that we say Allahu Murat medica Fela to kidney Elon FC Tata were asleep Alisha Nicola La Ilaha Illa. And this is from the two eyes that we say, or LA I hope for your mercy, affirming hope and fear as we talked about in a previous episode, so don't leave me to myself, for even the blink of an eye I'm in desperate need of your love. Don't leave me to myself, even the blink of an eye, correct all of my situation for me correct everything for me. La Ilaha Illa. And again, referring back to the most beloved of the earth car to Allah azza wa jal La ilaha illAllah, which we've talked about before, also from the two hours that we have, or the two hours for those are the vehicles that we

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use when things become difficult. So we say Allahumma salli, ala Illa merger alta hussin and will enter tajawal has not either shipped a salad or a lot there is no ease except for what you make easy. And if you wish, you make that which is difficult, easy. So those things which are too difficult for us to do, we say this deker we remember Allah and those things become easy for us. When we're struck by a calamity. We mentioned before we say cod de la who will not share a file or we say Qatar law he will Masha file is the decree of Allah and he does whatever he wants. And this gives us a feeling when these calamities happen when these difficulties happen, we feel like we can

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overcome it with the permission of alarm. So from the most beautiful of the earth card that we can say when things get difficult for us is for us to say has to be a law when it

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has to be a law. When you're Milwaukee, a law is sufficient for me. And how wonderful of a trustee he is of a person to trust in.

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If something overtakes you, you say has to be a law one year mimaki a beautiful phrase that we say at a time when we are struck by calamities when we are in a time of difficulty, when we are fearing that we are going to be overcome with something that again, we refer it back to Allah azza wa jal just like saying that how La quwata illa Allah. So we see from this, whatever situation this Muslim is in, no matter how difficult that situation is, no matter how many calamities and difficulties and hardships come in the way of that person. There is a doula that will cover those hardships, there is something that will take you away from that difficulty, whether it's depression, whether it's

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sadness, whether it's inability, whether it's laziness, because all of these are things, whether it's stinginess, whether it's cowardice, whether it's the kind of debt that overcomes a person, whether it is you know, the kind of the kind of, sort of being overpowered by men such that you're in a state where you're helpless and you're unable to do anything. Each of these things have to add they have a thicker, which is going to take you away and which is going to give you protection and which is going to return you back to Allah soldier. And of course, these as kata we must make a point about this towards the end of the episode to say that these are called they have to be

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accompanied by certainty in the heart. They have to be accompanied by you feeling in your heart, that you are going inshallah to Allah that Allah is going to answer you to our thinking good of Allah azza wa jal that remembering Allah subhanaw taala and not saying these as Carlin and saying, what hope Have I got, I'm lost I've got I'm finished. You know, I just say these two and it doesn't make any difference to me. But you say you mean it You say you think about it and soprano like changes your whole life because whatever situation

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You're in.

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You have a vehicle from the car that you're going to use, and you're going to focus upon you believe that our last part Allah will answer your Do you think good of Allah azza wa jal and correct your affairs. So so far we've looked at a number of different things. We've looked at morning and evening. We've looked at the prayer, we've looked at times of calamity and troubles. We've looked at many different situations we've looked at so many different times. And even these, we're just scratching the surface in reality on the times when a Muslim remembers Allah subhanaw taala because literally, you remember Allah all the time. When you go out of the house. You remember Allah, when

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you come into the house, you remember Allah in the bathroom? You remember Allah azza wa jal when you walk in, when you walk out, you remember Allah subhanaw taala. From waking from sleeping from every moment of your life, you're in a state of remembrance of Allah azza wa jal. In the final episode of this series of episodes on the power of this, we're going to look specifically at the issue of protection from the shaitaan and the earth card which has been given to us to protect us from the shaytaan and the plots of the shaitaan and then we're going to conclude by recapping all of the things that we've covered in the series so far, so please do join us for the final episode of the

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power of Vicar inshallah. Until then, I leave you in the care of Allah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Make me

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Give me a fresh

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don't leave me.

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