Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L272B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of various words and phrases in Arabic and English, including "backs" and "backs", "backs" referring to the mountain, and "backs" referring to the Mount. They also discuss the use of "mountain" and "arise" in writing, and the significance of certain figures in relation to titles. The speakers stress the importance of protecting against punishment and the importance of models in shaping behavior. They also touch on the topic of shapiness and pride, and stress the need for people to be patient and not give up.
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Atlanta Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 272 suta to tooth is number one to 49.

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So total is a murky surah it has 49 verses about 300 words and 1500 who

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what boo wakita we must fill up the Manchu while baitul Mahmoud was soccer field more for a while but we must do in our other Arabic Allah wa work here. mela hoomin dafair what to buy the Mount, which mount the mount to a tooth is from the roof letter stalowa. And because it's a word from Syriac language, this is why it doesn't have a meaning in the Arabic language, but rather it has a meaning in which language, Syriac language.

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And the meaning of this word in Syriac language is a lush green mountain, meaning a mountain that is full of greenery covered in greenery. It's not Rocky, it's not muddy, but rather how is it? It's lush, it's green.

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And the word tooth is understood in two ways. First of all, it's understood in its literal sense, meaning a mountain, any lush green mountain. And secondly, it's also understood as an Islam Ireland, meaning the name of a specific mountain.

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And which mountain is that?

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Mount Sinai, what ODC name, you understand. So there are two ways in which the work tool is understood first of all mountain and secondly, a specific mountain which is Mount Sinai. And those who say that it is Mount Sinai, they say that tool is actually the peak of Mount Sinai. It's not actually the entire mountain, but rather it's referring to speak. And it is also known as forscene fusina. And this is the mountain where Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Masada, Salah, and this is the mountain where he also gave to him, that Allah

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and this is the reason why some scholars consider this mountain to be a multiband, the most honorable, the most noble of all notice, the best of all members.

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You see a lot of penalty has created many things. And he has given superiority to some over others. He has chosen some places over others sometimes over others every day, is it a but Friday is better, isn't it?

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Every first 10 days of a month, they're good. However, the first 10 days of the dental hygiene, there are more excellent, every place is good. However, the huddle that is much better, that is much more superior.

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So to have seen in the mount to is understood as a foldable, why? Because Allah subhanaw taala spoke masala cinema. Just imagine what Kalam Allah who said that Lima masala Sam heard Allah, his words, just imagine this is something great, this is a big deal. So this is why this mountain is so special. It's not an ordinary mountain. And because musasa was also given the donor over here. This is also why this mountain is considered very special.

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This mountain is 7260 feet above sea level. And it is located on the way from Lydian to missile in the area of a shin.

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And the valley by which this mountain is is called the toa and it's also known as well in this book are mubaraka we have read all of these terms in the Quran.

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It is also said that this is the mountain which was lifted above the bunny ears Well, what a foreigner, folk Nakamoto and we raised above you the mountain. Why when they refuse to accept the covenant. So over here last panatela says what to buy the mount the Mount Sinai, a very special place, a very special mountain of the uploadable of the best of all mountains wakita we must do and buy a book that is inscribed which keytab which book is this? Some have said it refers to the total because food refers to the amount to where the total was given to Busan is center. And then the kita is referring to the total that was given to Masada center. How must do it was

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written from before must have seen the raw setup, which is used for a line support is to draw a line to write something.

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And support is a line whether it is of words or it is of trees or of people anything and must do is that which is that which is arranged in lines. This is why the word mustard is also used for that which is written, because when something is written properly, how is it written in lines, if one word is here and the other word is there, there is no arrangement, there's no order, then it looks very messy. There's no beginning there's no ending. It doesn't make any sense to you.

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So, what kitabi must for, and by the book that has been inscribed, meaning that our others have said that Kitab imasu it refers to the Quran.

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It refers to the Quran, because that too is inscribed were in the must have, that too is inscribed with the angels in the low hermer fools. Others have said that kitabi Massoud it refers to the lower muffled itself. Why? Because in it, everything is written, everything is written.

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And some have said that it also refers to the book of deeds. Because in the book of deeds of every person that is with the angels, what is written in it, every word that a person utters wakita muscle fear aka Manchu in a parchment that is spread open, meaning the keytab the document, the book that is written, where is it written in a parchment and that parchment is spread open, the rock is from the roof as well off off. And rock is used for something that is very thin, and also very soft. It's thin, and it's soft, from the same root as the word rock a rock equal, meaning a person who was very soft in his heart. Before long time ago, when paper was not easily available, people would use

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parchment. And how would they make parchment, they would make leather extremely fine, extremely thin, you understand? So a piece of leather, it would be made very thin, very fine. And then on that, you would write what you have to write.

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But this was leather that had been made very thin. And when it was made thin, it would be very plain and it would also shine.

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So it wasn't just an ordinary piece of paper. It was parchment it was something very special, very precious. Therefore, just anything would not be written on rock. What was written on rock scriptures, important documents, Royal letters, such things would be inscribed on rock.

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Sophie rockin Manchu. The book that is written where enter parchment, that is Manchu, that is spread out Manchu from the room fetters noon sheen raw, national and national is to spread out to unfold. So a parchment that is unfolded, that is unrolled that is opened up. Why is it spread open. So that what is inside what is written can be read because of a parchment. If a piece of paper is rolled up, whatever is written inside is meaningless to you. It's not relevant to you, only when it's open, then you can see what's inside then you can benefit from it.

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So lucky to have in my store fear of conventional, other say that rock is work, meaning anything on which something is written, whether it is a piece of paper, or it is a piece of parchment, or it is a rock even. And we see that the Quran, where was it written? Was it just written on paper on parchment? No, it was even written on rock. Similarly, the Torah that musala salaam was given what was that written on? And we're

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so lucky to have in my store and it's mustard where Pharaoh came and sure enough in a parchment that is spread open. Well they tell Mahmoud and by the frequented house, the house that is greatly frequented, that is visited a lot Mr. motors from their newsletters, I mean bra Amara, your model and our model your model is to populate a place to inhabit a place in Namibia or model massage de la who populates the massages of Allah, those who have Eman and align the last day.

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Not those who shake. So, Martin mood This is my rough rule, meaning that which is populated that which is inhabited that which is frequented that which is visited by many. So which houses this. Some have said that this bait it refers to

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To the Carver, beta law. Why? Because no matter when you go in what part of the year, what time of the day or the night, any month you go any day of the week you go in any time of the day or the night to go and who will you find their people? Isn't until it's always for there's always people over there you will never find it empty.

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Even when Hajj is going on, all the projects are in Mina in arafa. Still, you will find the heroine visie isn't it? There are people over there. There are those who are doing tawaf, those who are doing or more those who are praying, a rocker as to dude, while baitul Mahmoud. There is no other place in this earth that is visited as much as the Kaaba is visiting. While beighton Mahmoud.

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Others have said that elevated Mahmoud is referring to the weight, the place that is located in the heavens, parallel to the Kaaba,

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that is located where up in the heavens parallel to the Kaaba, and it is visited every single day by a new group of 70,000 angels,

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a new group of 70,000 angels, and what do they do? They worship Allah over there. So just as the Kaaba is the place where a lot of worship Allah similarly beighton marmore is the place where lucema word worship

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70,000 angels visit every day, never to return again. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for those angels will bait in Mahmoud

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was sucker Fillmore, for and by the heaven by the roof that is raised a pie a self sealing roof seen cough. We have learned earlier called our lady will suck food. It's the ceiling, that part of the roof that is seen from inside

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and it's referring to the sky and how does Allah describe it Alomar for the one that is raised, meaning the one that is very high elevated lifted up that the sky is so high that none can reach it from the earth no matter how high up they go. Even if you go several 1000 feet up in the sky in an airplane, can you actually touch the sky? You cannot because it is a sophomore for in throttle MBA i a 32 Allah says water under summer a suck from our food law. And we have made the sky a protected ceiling SAP offend my fula Institute of Art I do. Allahu la de la Farah xmltv later I'm at in Tirana, her It is Allah who has erected the heavens without any filters that you can see.

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So the sky, the ceiling above us, it is high, it is lofty, and it is called sucks. Why? Because it covers the earth from everywhere.

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Any place you go in any place you go in this world, what will you find above you? The sky? Isn't it so whether your mid air or on the ground anywhere you are you will find the sky above you. And this guy, Allah subhanaw taala is swearing an oath by Why? Because it has many great signs in it. Many great signs in intro to MBA we learned about home it home already alone. And the turnover from its I mean there are many is up in the sky, from the clouds, to the stars, to the planets to the Sun to the moon, the vastness of the sky, the contents of the sky, the appearance of the sky, the firm construction of the sky. This is why Allah says the sort of work held around in football. Do you see

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any football in the sky? You don't see any football. It's perfect. There are many signs in it was stuck filmer for a while, but one must do and by the sea that is filled up by the sea that is filled with fire, elbow, which is this this has been understood in two ways. Firstly, it has been said that it refers to the bar above which is the arch of Allah. Because remember, that we learn in the Quran in surah truth is seven that will who will lead the hollow customer where it will over visit that I am and what kind of shoe

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and there are chavela the throne of Allah is about what was about what water

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so that water a loss of penalty is wearing an oath by if you notice in all of these is Allah subhanaw taala swearing an oath by what things that are very special places that are very special. From the mountain to the book, to the weight to the ceiling to the socks, and over here. This bar is also very special. That mountain is after all Japan. And Alba Hill must do. This bar is also the most often the most noble.

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Where is it? A low Harlem high

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Is it a low or no, but we believe in it, we believe as it is, as Allah subhanaw taala has informed us.

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Others have said that this battle must do, it refers to the buyer of dunya.

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Because just as in the previous ayah, a sarcoma for the ceiling, that is razor pi, which is this guy, then there is also the water,

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just as the sky has many signs, similarly, the sea also has many signs in it, many signs in it and

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must do this.

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Remember that this lambda leaf is also different different types. One type of lambda leaf is that of

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our designee. What does it mean by that? Meaning that which is in the mind of the listener? Like, for example, when I say to you, you have only one pen in your hand, when I asked you to give me the pen, it's understood, you know which pen I'm referring to, isn't it? I'm not telling you to go get me a pen from the bookstore, when I say give me the pen, meaning the pen in your hand.

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Similarly, when it said well battle must do it is the which people are familiar with, which people see which people are aware of and which C is that the C that is in the dunya, the many C's that are in the dunya. And this also has many, many signs in it.

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But before that, how does the law describe this, but must do

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must do this on their own fetters seen Jean bra. And the word must do has several meanings. First of all must do gives the meaning of mum Lu mum Lu, what does it mean? Meaning one that is filled up? It is said to enter Wilma, meaning I filled the inner the container with water. You understand? So sajha? What does it mean?

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He filled it up. So mambu must do means mambu. So the bottle that is filled up, what is it filled up with?

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Water. So this warming seat, if you think about it 70% of the Earth is what water it's covered by water. And this water is that filled up the seas, the lakes, the rivers, isn't it so, so what you must do that is filled up with water.

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If you ever go to a lake, and you try to see all the water that is filling the lake, it's so much if you go to the sea, and you look all across, right, you can't see beyond a certain point but it's all water, all water, so much water that has filled up that sea that has filled up that lake that has filled up that river. Similarly, you go up to a river, the water is continuously flowing, continuously flowing and you wonder when is it going to come to a stop? It doesn't come to a stop. So much water one by one must do filled up.

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Secondly, must do also gives a meaning of manure booths, meaning one that is retained one that is controlled, one that is not allowed to go.

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And this is derived from surgery to local cannabis what dog surgery to meaning I withheld it. I did not let it go. I controlled it. It wanted to go it wanted to run, but I held it. And we see that considering the spherical shape of the earth. And considering that the earth is constantly moving.

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Still the water where does it stay?

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Where does it stay within the rivers within the lakes within the seas.

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It doesn't happen that as the earth is rotating the waterfalls

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are that the water the waves, they keep coming? No, they stay within their limits. So the bar that is most juice that is controlled, that stays within its limits.

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that so much of the Earth is covered by water but it's amazing. With all the movement of the earth with everything that's going on the water does not spill. Rather it stays where it's supposed to stay.

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And considering the amount of sins that are committed this water, it would almost want to drown all the people considering that it's obedient to Allah. But despite that Allah subhanaw taala has control that water within its place.

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Thirdly, the word Masood is also understood as more meaning the one that is set ablaze

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because cetera also means to fill something with fire to light something on fire and to fill it up with fire. So Murphy nadie use your rune then in the fire they will be flared up they will be set ablaze.

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So by the see that

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We'll be set ablaze when, on the day of judgment when on the Day of Judgment, because we learn in the Quran, where it will be held soon.

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And when the seas will be filled with fire, all this water that you see, on that day, it will be filled with fire, while battle must do by the sea, that is filled up by the sea that is controlled by the sea that will be filled with fire on the Day of Judgment.

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Now we see here that the last panel data is wearing by the sea, because the sea is also one of the great Ayat of the last panel.

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Consider its volume, consider the volume of all the water that fills up the seas and the rivers and the lakes, and the many springs and underground water reserves that we are not even familiar with. And the glaciers and in the form of ice, how the water is preserved. Just imagine all that water, consider its value, isn't it amazing.

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And then, on top of that, the number of creatures that exist in that water,

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how many different types of creatures exist in that water, and how their sustenance is in that water? They are born in that water they live in that water, they die in that water.

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Isn't it amazing?

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And the fact that the provision of the inhabitants of the sea is in the water, and the provision of the inhabitants of the earth is also in the water, isn't it? So much of our provision we get from where? From the sea? How? in the form of seafood, many people, that's what they eat most of the time, isn't it so

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and then salt Of course, which we cannot do without.

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So we must do Allah subhanaw taala swears by the sea. And imagine the force of the sea, that with so much power the waves, they're constantly moving. Imagine its properties.

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Now, after swearing, all of these thoughts work to work it out in Moscow, Pharaoh Kingman. Sure. Well, beighton Mark moon, just imagine was stuck in mud for while barrhead must do.

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As I said, bring all of these things to your mind. What to wakita we must to fear of a Manchu? Well baited Mahmoud was soccer filmer for a while must do. What's the Jawad in other Bob bigger, lower hair? Indeed the punishment of your Lord, it is surely want to occur, it will definitely happen. There is no doubt about it.

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Allah swears an oath by five things over here. five major things five great things. And then a reality is mentioned thereafter. That the punishment is real. The punishment is definitely coming. When five things are sworn by it's as though five exam have been made.

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And then on top of that, the dough up awesome in and then left worker. So there's seven more aqeedah over here, and what's being proven what's being said, what's being stated that the punishment is definite.

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The punishment is definite, which punishment of the hereafter of this world. When Allah decides to send it, there is no one who can avert it.

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And this awesome, this oath this way is very, very great. But only those with loving hearts. Those with soft hearts can be affected by not hearts that are classy. We learned that muraleedharan who, when he heard these, it felt

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he felt ill for several days. He was unwell, because he felt the intensity in either Bobby collar worker. Imagine all of these great things that Ally's mentioning. And then he says that the punishment is definite. No one can avoid it. Man or woman dafair of it there is no preventer.

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When the punishment comes, there is no one who can prevent it. No one who can defend it dafair that fair endeavor is to rebel something ward off something push it away. Once it comes, no one can avert it.

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With regards to those people who are deserving of the punishment of Allah for eternity, the punishment shall never be diverted from them. Neither before it's coming nor after it's coming. Before it's coming meaning one it has to come. No one can avoid it. It will definitely come and once it has come no one can read

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Move it. And this is the reason why, when the punishment of a law comes upon such people, no intercession can help them

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know passage of time can relieve them of it. Instead of the Mirage I wanted to set an asset alone beer there been work there a supplicant asked for a punishment that is bound to happen. Little Katharina Leyzaola who therefore do the disbelievers of it, there is no preventer meaning for the disbelievers there is no one who can remove that punishment. But as for a believer, when he does something that brings about the punishment of Allah, then yes, again, the punishment cannot be averted. In other words, when he's proven guilty, when he deserves the punishment, in Allah's knowledge, then a person cannot avoid the punishment.

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This is why a person should be fearful man a human dafair If Allah decides to punish us, who can save us, if Allah decides to punish us, who can remove that punishment? No one can.

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However, with regards to the believer, when he does something wrong that brings about the punishment of Allah, yes, it cannot be averted definitely comes, but there are means by which it is removed later on. With regards to this video, what do we learn before the punishment comes after the punishment, it cannot be removed. But with regards to the believer, once a punishment comes, it can be removed later how? such as a loss forgiveness, such as the belief that the person has in Allah, such as the father of Allah, the favor of Allah, the shofar, the intercession, we learned in sort of the Messiah 48 in the La hilarya. Pharaoh unusual curvy, wire hero, medulla delicately, Masha, Allah

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can forgive other sins but he does not forgive. So if a person dies on him and he dies with Islam, yes, he is guilty, yes, he has done wrong. However, if Allah wants he can remove the punishment from him, How? By forgiving him by the intercession of the righteous.

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And this is why we also learned from our Hadees that when a person dies as a Muslim as a movement, and 40 people and those 40 people are those who do not do share with Allah, they pray his janazah then that person is freaking

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man a human dafair with regards to who those who deserve it. So once Allah decides to send his punishment, no one can avert it. Yo moto moto summer omala. On the day the heaven will swear with circular motion, meaning this is when the punishment will come. When yo ma on the day when de Muro summer, tomatoes from the root letters Meanwhile, da model your model and model your model is when something sways back and forth, when it moves forward and then backwards, by for example, tall palm trees as the wind blows, then what will happen to those trees, they will move, they will sway back and forth, they will remain in their places, however, they will sway back and forth. Similarly on

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the Day of Judgment, the sky, the moon was summer mala, it will sway it will not be still the way you see it now. You see it so calm, so peaceful, but on that day, it's going to move parts of it will be colliding with other parts either summer on shapcott. Either summer on photo dot y el kawaki one.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:49

Today the sky is stable and calm. But a day will come when the sky will not remain calm. It will be constantly shaking, constantly be swaying. We owe Matamoros. Mr. O'Mara, and this Mola Mola has come again why to express their leave of the smell that what a great movement, it will be.

00:28:50 --> 00:29:33

It will not be subtle. It will not be such that people will not notice it. No. It will be a great movement. Yo moto moto semi auto mode Ah, it will spin it will move it will sway back and forth with the zero G balou. Syrah and the mountains will pass on departing the zero scene. Yeah, are safe. And Sage is to travel to move to go about. So the mountains that you see still right now, on that day, what will happen to them? The zero w sejarah they will definitely move and again sejarah has come to show cellular now Lima, a great motion.

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We learned through the normal I 88. What are all de Bella jameelah we're here tomorrow. Marvelous

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and you see the mountains and you think them rigid. You think them firm. You think that they're not ever going to move while they pass as the passing of clouds. On the Day of Judgment they will pass as clouds pass which is why we learned

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The mountains will be shattered and they will turn into dust calories, Neeleman foolish in this dunya, there is no force that can move mountains from their places.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:55

There is no force, nothing that people have come up with. Yes, earthquakes happen as a result of which parts of mountains or entire mountains a collapse. However, there is nothing that people can come up with, that can literally cause mountains to move, you can perhaps cut a part of a mountain, you can perhaps make a hole through a mountain and make a tunnel through a mountain. But you cannot move the mountains, you cannot blow them. But on the Day of Judgment, what the zero devalue save, for were you doing yoga, a little mocha dB, then wore that day, to those who deny those people who have been denying, denying Allah, denying his messengers, denying his commands on that day, they

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will be in great trouble. Who are they and levina those people who whom they are feel holding in a discourse in our booth, they're playing amusing themselves. On that day, they will be in a lot of trouble. But today, they're busy enjoying themselves how few holding hold from the veterans Hall well, bud, and hold is to enter into water and walk in it.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:36

And from this, the word is used for indulging in something for the purpose of entertainment, that a person is so lost in it, he's so engrossed in it, that he doesn't even want to come out.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:43

Like, for example, if children, if they're let loose in water, do they want to come out? They don't want to come out.

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And it says though, everything is unnecessary. And the most important thing is that time is their swimming, which is why they don't want to leave. So how is also used for a discussion, a discourse and what kind of discourse what kind of discussion that is vein,

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as a person is talking, he's talking about one thing after the other. He started talking about how he's feeling and he ends up talking about his workplace. One thing led to the other hope, empty discourse. He alone playing making fun amusing themselves.

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So who is mentioned over here, those people who are indulged in conversations, discussions, distracting, wasting their lives, amusing themselves with those discussions?

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The Macavity been the deniers, those people who denied the messengers, those people who denied the book that Allah revealed those people who deny what Allah subhanaw taala has promised. What kind of discussions do they have? That the Quran, the prophet, the hereafter? All that is false, there's nothing true to it, isn't it? And they present false arguments in order to prove their points. Like for instance, the messenger is not true. In fact, Pizza Hut, in fact, is much noon. What kind of discussion is this useless, baffling faults. And while they do that yeller, boom, they're playing, enjoying themselves, mocking at the messenger having fun.

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So all such people who are busy right now, in their discussions, in their falsehood, amusing themselves by mocking at the truth, jesting at the truth, making fun. All such people will be in great trouble on that day.

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But this is also a warning for us that even generally, how do we spend our time? What kind of discussions do we have? and for how long? Is it a discussion that is beneficial? Or is it a discussion that is empty, that doesn't bring about any benefit? Those people who waste their lives in conversations that are devoid of any good on that day, they will be in great trouble? Because the more a person talks, the more a person amuses himself with conversations with discussions. What does that show, the more lost he is in dystonia?

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Because he has a time to talk about it. He has the time to discuss many things. He has many things to talk about. It shows that he's lost in the dunya in its deception, wasting his life. And when a person is concerned about his alcohol, then he is busy doing he's not just busy talking

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

and lead levina home few holding yellow baboon, they talk a lot, but it's all useless. And if you think about it in the world today, so many conversations, isn't it? For example, you turn on the television, you turn on the radio, what's going on? discussions, reviews, commentaries, isn't it but at the end, what's the essence? What's the benefit? Nothing alladhina Hoshi holding and in that house, they're just having fun, amusing themselves.

00:35:01 --> 00:35:35

I remember once we started saying that, it makes her very upset and very sad to find some people, sometimes they sit in group of mothers, and they're only talking about how cute children look, and my children eat this much. My children sleep at this time. And at the end, they have not discussed anything that can help their Dean can help with a man can even help them raise their children. And he was saying that something new that he chose to start working, why can't we talk about big ideas that support the deal? Or support you a man?

00:35:36 --> 00:35:47

I mean, talking about these little things, okay. It's natural. However, they should not be the main topic of our discussion. They should not be the only thing that we're talking about.

00:35:48 --> 00:36:00

We should have greater ideas, greater things to talk about. Because those people who are busy entertaining themselves, just in conversations, these conversations will be a source of regret for them.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:54

Yama, udah, owner, Isla nadie, Johanna da, the day they are thrust toward the fire of health with a violent thrust. You the owner, then I there, and there is to push something violently and disdainfully violently. And also while belittling it while not giving any importance to it, you don't like it? This is why you're pushing it, shoving it getting rid of it. yoma you the owner on the day that they will be pushed and shoved and thrust illa unnati jenama towards the fire of *, but how there are there are again there are women a great pushing. This shows that Hellfire is like a bit like a well that is deep and huge in which people will be thrown and pushed in violently. And

00:36:54 --> 00:37:47

once they're pushed in, it will be said to them in reproach by the husband of Hellfire that had the hint. This is the fire and let the content be how to cut the bone which you used to deny. You were busy talking, discussing, but you never took the matters of the hereafter. Seriously. This is a fire that you denied. And at that time, these people will be full of regret in total an arm 20 710 Tara it will be for Ireland nursery for Carlo Leighton Anurag do Wanaka diva Be it rabina one akuna Minal Mini, but the same fire used to deny before a secret other than is this magic until not too soon. Or do you not see? You think this is magic? This punishment? This fire that you experience? Is it just

00:37:47 --> 00:38:16

magic? No. Because in the dunya What did they call the Quran? What do they call the truth? Magic? What do they call the messenger magician? So now is this magic? You call it magic? But is it magic? It's not until not too soon. Or is it that you don't see? Is it that you don't see this punishment like you did not realize it in the dunya this will be set to the outer reproach out of humiliation.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:42

Intro to Hana 49 we learned the milk in Naka antenna residual cream tastes indeed you are the honor the normal. So the people of the Hellfire not only will they be punished, but they will also be insulted and it will be such a slow her Enter to burn in it first will then be patient oleta Spiro spirou are Don't be patient. So our owner Aleikum it is all the same for you.

00:38:43 --> 00:38:49

is slow her Enter to burn in it sod lamb Yeah, which is to expose something to the fire.

00:38:50 --> 00:38:56

And we see that various words have been used in the Quran to show the punishment of the Fire. Like use journal.

00:38:57 --> 00:39:04

This word also because people will be exposed to the fire yo Marla Natty, you've done. Various words have been used.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:28

So it's slow her burn in it. And this punishment will encircle them from every direction. You cannot come out. And as you're experiencing it, first will be patient over the punishment. Meaning Don't yell, don't scream, be calm, or letters. Or don't be patient meaning yell, scream, complain, blame. So on Aleykum it will be the same for you.

00:39:29 --> 00:40:00

What will be the same for you, your sub and your jezza your patience, your tolerance and also your intolerance. It will be the same for you Why? Because if you are patient, it's not going to bring you any reward. If you're impatient, you can never annoy the husband of Hellfire and then get out. No sour on our lake. It will be the same for you. It's not going to make a difference in dystonia. What happens if a person is suffering from a difficulty and he's patient eventually

00:40:00 --> 00:40:25

What happens that difficulty is over, he just has to be patient for some time, eventually it is over. But in Hellfire, even if a person is patient for millions and millions of years, that patient is not going to bring an end to the punishment. His Will oleta Spiro Sowell, gnarly, calm. It's the same for you. In either case, you're staying here you're not getting out.

00:40:27 --> 00:41:06

Similarly, a person who was in a jail, who is being punished, perhaps he can do something to get out, he can hire a lawyer. He can appeal again. Perhaps his family, perhaps some NGO or someone will fight for him, will fight for his rights, or he will do something from inside. But we see that the people of Hellfire no matter what they do, no matter what request they make, they're not coming out is Spiro Oneida. smil Silva owner Aleikum and this is not injustice. This is not unfair, because Allah says in limited rizona indeed you are being recompense for what content are Malone for what you used to do.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:15

This is a just Recompense. This is recompense for what you used to do because Allah is not unfair.

00:41:17 --> 00:41:50

In this dunya a person no matter what difficulties experiencing, with difficulty comes is eventually there is relief with cyber. But in the Hereafter, there is nothing like that. Nothing like that. Once a person is suffering from a difficulty, that's it. There is no end to it. There is no getting over it. There's no getting used to it either. is Bill Ola hospital. So we're on our legal in Nevada, Arizona mercon Tom, Tom Malone, you're being recompense for what you used to do.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:53

Well listen to the recitation.

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At-Tur 1-49 Tafsir 1-16

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