Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 047I Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 106-109

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment video discusses the concept of "whiteness" and the punishment experience of faces entering Hellfire. The punishment experience includes physical body temperature, the use of the symbol "the bubble of Islam" to symbolize success, and the punishment of physical body temperature and the use of the symbol "the bubble of Islam" to symbolize success. The video emphasizes the importance of not being in a state of Islam and not procrastinate obeying, and reminds viewers to remember the Day of Judgment and not be discouraged by the reality of it.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Yama Dobbiaco whoo hoo. What does what do would you

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on the day when some faces will be white will be radiant and other faces will be dark? They will be blackened. Yoma which day is this? The Day of Judgment. And notice the word Yeoman. This is an object to it means oath Cordova recall mentioned remember the day. Think about that day when some faces will be white. There'll be a blue from their letters bear year but by Uber bail by Ober, right, whiteness, white and baileigh is used for an egg. Alright, in particular the egg of an ostrich as well. So we see that it gives the meaning of whiteness

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and the big blue, it will be white, it will become white, what will be white, would you When would you plural of the word watch face. So some faces will be white on the Day of Judgment. This whiteness doesn't mean literally they will be white, but rather it means that they will be radiant, they will be glowing.

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When does the face of a person glow? When do you say They're glowing? When they're looking very beautiful? Yes. But what's the cause of beauty? Is it just superficial makeup? What is it? What's the cause of that beauty? inner happiness, isn't it so excitement, contentment, happiness. This is what makes the face of a person glow radiate shine, because a person could have a very fair complexion, but because they're unhappy, you can see the darkness and the gloom on their face. Likewise, a person could have a dark complexion but when they're happy when they're excited, you can see the radiance, the shine the glow on their face. So Yoma who would you one? On the Day when some

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faces will be bright meaning radiant, glowing with happiness, glowing with excitement and joy. Yo Mata Viago would you what does what do would you and at the same time, other faces will be darkened this what do from the letters seen? Well, the suit, which means blackness darkness, so other faces will be dark, meaning they will be covered and gloom, they will be unhappy. Now the reason behind this darkness behind this radiance Allahu Arlon. But we see that it will be due to the news that people will be given on the day of judgment. Because when the people will rise up on the day of judgment before even they're taken to their final destination, the experiences that they will have

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in the hasher they will tell them what their destination will be. This is just like, if you're traveling somewhere, and you know that you're going economy class, and it's one of the worst aircrafts, then the moment you step into the airport, you are unhappy, because you know what you're going to be dealing with for the next few hours on flight. But if you know that you're traveling on the best airplane, alright, and on top of that, you're traveling in a good class, then what will happen from the beginning you'll be happy and excited.

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So likewise, on the Day of Judgment, some faces will be white, happy, radiant, because of the good news that they will be given. And on the other hand, other faces will be dark, unhappy, upset, sad, covered and gloom.

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Allah says for a mala Venus what that will do home. Then as for those people whose faces will be dark, whose faces will be blackened. They will be told a can 14th Birthday Imani come. Did you disbelieve after your iman? This is a question did go forth, don't you disbelieve? BARDA Imani come after your iman. Meaning Allah made you a believer Allah gave you Amen. But you left that Iman and accepted gopher. Earlier we learned while at a Mutanda Illa were unto Muslim own do not die unless you are in the state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala. So when a person leaves submission to Allah strays away from that righteous path, then what is he heading towards, towards disbelief? So

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when a person leaves Iman turns to Cofer, then such a person will be severely reprimanded on that day, he will be given the bad news of punishment. And moreover, he will be reprimanded, you know, think about it. One, you know that something terrible is going to happen. And secondly, people are also yelling at you. You know, for example, you failed a test. And then your parents are also upset with you. Do you want them to be upset? No, that's the last thing you want. You already are so upset, and then you are being reminded of your mistakes. You're being reminded

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Have your failure. So on that day, the suffering of such people will be very severe. Firstly, their faces will be darkened. Secondly, they will be reprimanded. Did you disbelieve after your email for do colada, therefore taste the punishment be my contact for rune because of the cover that she used to come in, because of your disbelief now taste the punishment. And notice the word that has been used for experiencing punishment. What is it, though goo from the root letters, then well off, though Coke, though, is to taste and taste, if you think about it, what is it when you put some food into your mouth, then you taste its flavor. So you can say it is the initial feeling of the flavor

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of something meaning you experience the flavor. But then as you keep eating, what happens, the flavor gradually dies down. It's like you put in a really nice, strong flavored, you know, chewing gum or something like that in your mouth. But then after a few minutes, the flavor dies off, right? But notice the word Dooku, meaning taste, and keep testing and keep experiencing. Also, if you think about it, though, when you taste something, then you know it to be true, isn't it so? Then you have no doubt about it. Like for example, let's say somebody brings you some food, and you're not sure if it's turnips, or let's say potato

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because it looks so much alike. Then what do you have to do? You have to taste it, to believe it. And once you've tasted it, then you know it's reality. There is no doubt about it. So for the other day is the punishment meaning this is a reality for you. Many people assume that once a person will enter Hellfire he'll get used to the punishment then he won't experience any pain anymore. But this is not true. For the cooler other experience it it will be a reality for them something that they cannot escape for do cool either. And also remember that though taste is something that you experience at your tongue, but not only the tongue, though in the Arabic language is something that

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is experienced by even the body. Okay by the body by the heart, for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, the Cathar ml Imani man rebel, your biller here have been their cup. The one who is happy with Allah as his lord has tasted has tasted the thermal image meaning he has tasted the flavor the sweetness of Eman who the one who is happy with Allah as his Lord. So for duchal Other days the punishment experience it and this kind of punishment is that which is physical of the burden. This is punishment that will be experienced by the heart suffering that will be experienced by the knifes be my quantum that full moon the consequences are severe. On the other hand, we're

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Amma Lavina br dot Would you go home? And as for those people whose faces will be radiant, whose faces will be white?

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For few Rahmatullah then they will be in the Mercy of Allah. Because obviously, their faces are radiant, because they're happy because they have been given good news. Good news of what of the Mercy of Allah and what is the Mercy of Allah, His reward, and on that day, especially his mercy is His forgiveness. And more specifically, it is his Jana, Allah subhanaw taala said to Jana and Dr. Murthy, you are my Rama, you are my mercy on Hamas, Viki, Manisha, I show mercy through you to whomever I will, meaning whoever is admitted into paradise and Allah has been very merciful upon him. So fulfill Rahmatullah. They will be in the Mercy of Allah meaning they will be in Jannah, who

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those whose faces will be white, whom fee her Holly Dune, and they will abide there in eternally never took them out of Jannah.

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Now, we see that in the previous verses, Allah subhanaw, taala, gave us certain commands, and he also prohibited us from certain things. And right after that reward is mentioned and punishment is mentioned. So what does that mean? Those who follow what Allah has commanded, for them, there is reward, meaning their faces will be bright on the day of judgment. And for those who do that which Allah has forbidden, which Allah has prohibited, that obviously for them is punishment, their faces will be darkened on the Day of Judgment. So if you quickly review back to number 102, what is it that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded, that we have to do so that we can have radiant bright

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glowing faces on the Day of Judgment, so that we can be happy inside out on the Day of Judgment

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What is it that Allah has commanded? First of all, it took Allah have Kottakkal to fear Allah as you should fear Him as is his right to be feared, meaning do what he wants you to do have some regard for him. It the Kola haka, Ducati, then we see that a prohibition has been given and what is that? Well after Mutanda Illa were unto Muslims who do not die unless you are in a state of Islam meaning submit now do not delay do not procrastinate obey now,

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then we see that another command has been given and what is that? In the next verse? What's the command that has been given wirelessly mu be heavily Lehi Jamia and hold on to the rope of Allah all of you together and what is the rope of Allah the Quran? So hold on to the book of Allah, every single one of you collectively.

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And then a prohibition has been given and what is that? What's the prohibition? Well, at the Fall, Roku do not be divided up. You can have differences, but don't be disunited. don't oppose one another, don't have biases against each other, that your main focus becomes refuting the other instead of working for the cause of Allah. Well out of luck, then another commandment has been given and what is that was cool. And remember, remember what the blessing of Allah upon you. So remember the blessing of Allah and then

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another command has been given which is well document come on Mattoon, yet Aruna eel Hi, where Morona Wilma or roof way and Hona Anil Mancha. So do all of this call to goodness command that which is right forbid that which is wrong. And then another prohibition has been given, which is when the Cuca Latina De Falco worked on a food Don't be like those people who divide up who differ amongst themselves instead of staying united. They are disunited, instead of loving one another, they hate one another. So to summarize, those who do what Allah has commanded over here, meaning they fear Allah, as he should be feared, they hold on to the rope of Allah, they remember the blessings of

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Allah, they call people to goodness, the command that which is right, forbid that which is wrong, then such people, what will be there and on the Day of Judgment, what will be there and what will be their state, their faces will be bright and radiant and glowing, they will be happy, they will be successful. And on the other hand, those who don't care about the rules that Allah subhanaw taala has given and as a result, they die in that state, or those who divide up amongst themselves than such people. What will be their end on the Day of Judgment? What will be their consequence, their faces will be darkened.

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If there's ever

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a spot, or something like that on your face, do you feel embarrassed? Yes, people feel so embarrassed, which is why we see that women, they'll spend hours you know, checking themselves in the mirror fixing up their faces, right, covering up every blemish every spot with you know, Allah garland what? So we spent so much time and effort in beautifying our faces in this world. And we're so concerned about the perfection of our faces, that we will keep checking our face in what in our phones, right. And I've seen many times girls are looking up at their phones, checking their face, checking their makeup, checking their hijab, in checking out their hijab looks going to the washroom

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again and again. Why? Because we're so concerned about our image about how people look at us. We're so concerned. Now imagine the Day of Judgment is when we meet who Allah subhanaw taala

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the Day of Judgment is when we meet Allah, that is the day of the meeting with Allah.

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And we have to prepare for that meeting. We should better have we must have our best face on that day, our best appearance on that day. And it cannot happen unless and until we do what Allah has told us to do, and we stay away from what Allah has forbidden us from.

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So on that day, some faces will be bright, other faces will be dark. And those whose faces will be dark they will be asked did you disbelieve after your Eman? This the punishment because of your cover? Allah says DeLuca is to Allah. These are the verses of Allah, not Lu ha alayka will help we recite them upon you in truth meaning this is truly from Allah. So don't have any doubt about the reality of what has been mentioned over here. This is a fact. Net Lu

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hire alayka will help warm Allah who you read Lunalilo enemy, and Allah does not at all intend any injustice for the people of the world's. Notice the word of God do is from Iran and Iran is intention. Allah does not even intend to commit any injustice against you, against the people. If he does not even intend, then will he commit injustice? No. So in other words, injustice is something that can never ever be expected from Allah subhanaw taala This is the reason why out of the justice of Allah, that he has revealed these verses DeLuca IR to Lagna to harlech of ill health, that he has informed us of this reality. Because if we were not informed of this reality, people had no idea and

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on the Day of Judgment, they show up with their faces dark and isn't their fault.

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One might argue that that's injustice. No, Allah is not unjust, he has made the truth very clear. Well Allah Hema is somehow worth it when I fill up And to Allah belongs everything that is in the heavens and everything that is in the earth. We're in Allah He told Jarrell OMO and all matters at the end they returned to who to Hola Hola, como por la so all matters all problems all affairs all matters of dispute and difference no matter what it is. Everything returns to who Allah subhanaw taala for what for final decision as well as for recompense for award or for punishment. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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yo Mata

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done to

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the door

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well, I'm

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God, don't

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be me. Well.

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So in these verses, what's the lesson?

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First of all, we learn about the importance of remembering the Day of Judgment. Because when you remind yourself of this reality that on that day, my face will either be dark, or it will be bright.

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When you remind yourself, when you tell yourself, either I'm showing up on that day as a beautiful person, or a person who is ugly, then what happens? It moves you to do something. Such realization, such reminder moves you to repent, to seek forgiveness, to better yourself, to do what you were neglecting to leave what Allah has forbidden. So in other words, this realization moves us to be more submissive to Allah subhanaw taala. You know, we learned earlier Lattimore, tuna Illa and to Muslim moon, and for that fear is necessary. And what is it that brings fear in us remembering that day, then we also learned over here that the spiritual state of a person in this world will be his

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physical state on that day. It's not possible that a person is living a life of sin, disobedience, and he dies in that state. And on the Day of Judgment, he shows up with a really bright and radiant face, know how a person is in this dunya he will be on that day, the way a person dies, now, he will rise up on that day. So if we want to glow on that day, then we have to grow. Now, if we want to be happy on that day, we have to be happy now.

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If we want to see a good end on that day, then we have to do that good. Now, it's not possible that we reap something that we have not sow, you reap what you sow, you get what you have done.

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Then we also learned in these ayat that Allah subhanaw taala does not do any injustice at all. Allah has forbidden injustice upon himself and also upon us also upon the people, which is why he does not hide the truth. And likewise,

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is we are not allowed to hide the truth either.

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And the previous verses we have learned about the obligation of commanding that which is right for bidding that which is wrong, calling people to goodness. And when a person has that truth, meaning he knows what is right, he knows what is wrong, then he cannot keep that knowledge to himself alone. He has to tell others about it. And if he doesn't, then what is he doing? greatest injustice? Because who is more unjust than the one who hides the testimony as from Allah, we have learned that at the end of the first just so hiding the truth is injustice. Remember that. And once we know something, then we cannot keep it to ourselves. Once we know that something is wrong, we cannot just

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let other people do it and say that he or your choice. I mean, we learned about the etiquettes of American marijuana here and monka don't get me wrong over here thinking that any random person you see on the street, you think that you're obligated to stop them from wrong? No, it's about those whom you can stop. So for example, your family members, people who are close to you, people whom you can speak to. So if they're doing something wrong, we cannot just let them do it. And if you let them do it, you don't tell them about that which is right than This is injustice, depriving someone of knowledge that they deserve to know is what is injustice. So panicle long will be handy. Kenisha

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de la ilaha illa into the Sofitel covenant to winning a ceremony

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