Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 26

Yahya Ibrahim
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set them on a more elemental lie on a couch with your brother. Hey, Brahim with another daily tafsir and hamdulillah. We're doing a juice a day. And we're at juice number 26 Willa Hill and just number 26 begins with sort of a half and a half is a sort of that begins with the majesty of the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. And evidence of this is the intricacy of the heavens and the earth. And the beauty of it in the concept of Zoho is it means the beautification, the ornament of it and the heavens and the earth Are full of the Orman ornaments of the stars and the constellations in the sky. Allah speaks about the truthfulness of this revelation and the truthfulness of the one who has

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received it. Mohammed subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam as its conveyer and Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentioned the importance of our parents in our life, to be dutiful, to them, not to be dishonouring to them, and not to be from those who turns away from them unjustly. A law speaks about sort of a calf, which were the people of who then a lot speaks about them, being deprived of the blessings that they would have received, had they not strayed from the path of prophethood and prophecy. And therefore you see that a loss of Hannah Montana, you know, ties our spiritual state with our material state. And that's one of the underlying themes of this sort of how you are with a

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law determines very much also how you will be in your terms of your contentment and prosperity in your joyfulness success, as well as happiness. A law speaks about the unseen creation, the jinn, and that they are from those who were able to rationalize, understand and follow the Quran that they're obligated to it, they were able to debate with the prophets I send them and after a sitting or two they were able to accept from it, some of them were accepting, and others were rejecting. And they are from those who come in belief and others who turned away in disbelief, the surah ends with a loss of Hana with Allah, inviting us to be from those who have a love of the hold on and practice of

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it, to be from the people of belief who command what is good and, and fulfill and fulfill it and who abstain from what is evil and order others to observe patients and to be distanced from it. It's a way of Allah subhanho wa Taala, inviting us to the truth of jedna and its reality through our good conduct, and to protect ourselves from the punishment of the day of judgment and May Allah protect us from the punishment of hellfire. And Allah says that eventually there is a compensation for those who are righteous, and there is a retribution for those who are sinful. sodoku Mohammad, which is the next sort of, it's also referred to as sort of clicked on meaning warfare. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala here speaks about the battle against the unbelievers in the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salim. And Allah says to stand up for that which is true for that which is just, and to not turn your back away in fear, to confront adversity, to speak truth to power to be from a person who's willing to risk everything,

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at that, at that big quest of Allah subhanho wa Taala to save, even if it is but one soul and that which is moral and true. It's a very powerful sutra, in that sense, contains also in it descriptions of rewards for the believers on the Day of Judgment, almost as if it's an inspiration, in terms of the rivers agenda and the happiness agenda. And it speaks about, juxtaposed to it contrasted is the punishment that sets await for the people of lacking faith. Allah subhanaw taala describes those who come away from truth after knowing it as being people of desire that they follow their however, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from this. One of the special interest groups mentioned in the

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sutra in particular often are the hypocrites, and Allah speaks about some of their traits that they turn away from battle when they should be defending truth. They spread mischief amongst the ranks of the believers. They turn away from evidences that are found in the book and in the tradition, as if they're deaf and blind to them. They do not pay attention to the statements of the whole on, they are from those who are willing to engage in the footsteps and follow the traps of the shaitan. They have far fetched fantasies and find it very difficult to accept the real realization of the omnipotence and power of a law in the sun. They are those who have a disease in their heart. Allah

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subhanaw taala also speaks about the power of the believers. And the description of them comes at the very powerful way Allah says that they are those who obey a law. There are those who will listen to the messenger Mohammed's eyes tell them, they do not lose heart, and they're not weak or cowardly. They will be those who are rewarded fittingly by Allah on the Day of Judgment. And they are those who limit their disobedience of a law even though they may fall prey to it at one point or another. And Allah warns us at the very end of the surah that if if

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We dis obey Allah, that he will replace us with a people other than us who will not disobey Him in that regard, the very next sort of salt and fat meaning the conquest and the opening for you, oh, Mohammed in Nevada, Mo Vina, it's in the past tense that it's already been given to you, although the conquest had not yet happened. And here Allah speaks about his victory. And it's a very hopeful, joyful sutra. And that that fear not Oh believers, the outcome is always going to be in favor of those who work righteous deeds and do that which is pleasing to Allah. Allah speaks about the blessing of faith and entering the concerns of the believers cools their heart, Lord speaks about

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the Treaty of anhedonia and the incident of who they are, where the prophets iclm made a pact with the Sahaba at 1300 of them under the shade of a tree by one in alpha davia. To avenger of mamelodi Allahu anhu, who was falsely stated that he had been killed in assassinated by Hersh and Allah says, or the Allahu anhu modeled one, that Allah was pleased with the Sahaba and they were pleased with him. And that's a seal of approval to that pious blessing generation of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam early, he was happy he was sending him and salted odorata ends with mention of the prophets. I said, Mohammedan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Lavina

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mahieu. And those who are within the collection of those Sahaba, who Allah already established or the alarm, I know what I'll do on that they are those who are strict in their fulfillment of the truth and pushing back against the aggression of the unbelievers at the time. And they are those who have Rama and humility and compassion amongst them as a cohesive mela join us with him and all of them in general fifth dose alarm. I mean, the next era is sawtell hoogenraad, which means the chambers and it refers to an incident it begins where a man was calling out the name of the privatized element people used to just call out Yeah, Mohammed Yeah, Mohammed. They didn't have the

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respect and etiquette that they should have had with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So Allah says letter Pharaoh swatter. confocal salty Navy, don't elevate your voice above the voice of the messenger Muhammad Ali salam, Allah tala who will code and don't be loud in your address to him the way you are with each other. This is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This surah is about social ethics and social behaviors. It speaks about the importance of being careful

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with some of the great scenes that a lot of people fall into gossip, backbiting, slander, vilifying others, brother, accusing another brother fighting with each other. It speaks about what it is to have the character of a believer it speaks about the reprehensible nature of racism. And it speaks about a lot of guiding to faith, those who seek it, and those who turn to it with a pure heart. And Allah says to when we speak with a prophet etickets with the prophets, I sell him to not go before he go in a place he hasn't gone which teaches us not to enter into bitter, and heresy and so on. It's not to call out to Him with rude statements, and not to mock each other. Allah says then about

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general ethics, not to mock each other, not to pick faults with each other, not to spy on each other not to use bad names and nicknames to each other that are disliked, to avoid suspicion, and to avoid backbiting, to be noble in the treatment of one another at the end of it to like to recognize in economical Mengele, Hitchcock was the most virtuous of you in the sight of God is He who is righteous and has piety. The final sort of of the chapter is total talk of this juicy number 26 sort of cloth, which is a singular letter. It speaks about the signs that are found in this world. And the law speaks about, you know, different things like the heavens and the earth, the vegetation,

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water, dead land, law speaks about different prophets who preceded us new and the people of raw as highball Rossi with a moon that people have ADD fear around loot. All of these are people as tabula aka all of these are nations that are mentioned by Allah as being given as evidence to us not to stray away from a path of truth. And then Allah gives us the second part of this order, which reminds us of our mortality, which etc, to the military will have the pain of death comes with its reality. Now I'm going to be questioned. And Allah ends this order, by letting us know that jahannam will be filled, but we can escape it if we give our attention to the Koran. If we recite it and we

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fight practice. It's teaching. The veil of truth will be removed from a heart so we can accept it has a lot to accept it from us alone. I mean, this is your brother Yeah. Hi Rahim with another daily tip. See if this was the tipsy of Jews number 26. were sort of cough and the beginning of sorts of that yet begin it was Selam Aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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