Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 11

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The title "Okden" in Koran is used to describe individuals who have been living in cities and seeking guidance from the Prophet. The title is used to describe individuals who have been living in cities and are seeking guidance from the Prophet. The importance of Islam's stance on men and women, including the use of symbolism and the desire to see a message, is discussed, along with the themeLaying" and the use of the title to encourage people to use faith in Islam.
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said I want to go to law one or two. It's your brother. Yeah. Hey Ibrahim with another daily tip, see if we're doing a juice a day and then I'm doing a dive where a juice number 11. This is near the middle and end of sort of a tober, which is a chapter in the Koran that we don't recite the best manner. We don't begin with saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. It's a surah that has three main important purposes. But the most important theme of it is that Allah will suffice His prophets I send them and Allah is enough for our newbies, I send them in the home of the prophets, I send them. There are instructions initially in how to deal with those who are abroad from you to the prophets,

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I send them who don't believe in Him who are contesting him in warfare, and who have broken peace treaties with him who, you know, have done certain things that have brought a level of agitation. The second is how to deal with those who are living amongst you, as hypocrites who don't believe in God, don't believe in you or Mohammed, but who are pretending and they're seeking for a moment of weakness that they can pounce on you. And the third it speaks about those who value your messenger of Allah, the Sahaba, the Maha God and the unsought. So this job is just number 11 begins where Allah Subhana Allah classifies the people who are living in Medina, that there are the Maha God and

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they're the elite and then there are under them the unsought and Allah Subhana Allah says was said to hoonah a well known amin al Maha God now one of the for for most, and the first of those who are more hygiene than the unsought. And if you put this verse with other verses in the Koran, for example, and sort of tilaka where Allah classifies the believers on the Day of Judgment, he says a Sabbath una saddlehorn. So it's the same word. So Allah is referring to a very select group of people may have lawmakers have them and reach their level along I mean, there are those who have given and struggled for the path of a law and in defense of Mohammed so I send them the answer, then

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Allah speaks about allowed or allowable I should Dooku from when he found that in your surrounding tribes of the Arabs, that there are those of the Bedouins some of them are very strong in their cofra in their hatred of truth and monotheism. And there are others who are law speaks about in praiseworthy terms. And then there are the hypocrites who are found in and around Medina society. There were more than 70 of them group together who would mock the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in their privacy, and Allah would relate to him what was said, and Allah would confront some of them pilu intimate goodness, a hoodoo and Allah, we were just joking around and we were just

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making jest. It wasn't serious in our condemnation of you or Mohammed so I sent him another transition point is where Allah speaks about Mr. de la. That these hypocrites they tried to set up a Masjid that rivaled the first Masjid built by the prophets I sell them which was built husi Salah taco on a foundation of piety which is measured Koba, may Allah allow us to visit it, the one who visits all that makes will do in their home before attending to it, they get the reward of the Amorites magnificent reward. Measure the rod was msgid although it's a message dedicated for the worship of Allah, the intention behind it was false. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Well attack on fee

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Abba. Don't ever stand in prayer in it, oh, Mohammed, even though they've invited you, there's a vested interest in it. And there's a prohibition to pray in it. And this teaches us a very important element in principle in our faith in them an Amen to that actions are judged and are implemented on account of their intentions. That's very important. So we don't just look at the building and the structure, but what was it raised for and what are the things that are aims for it? Allah speaks about those who he's he has sold.

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He has purchased them in a large storm in Medina and fusa. Why lm, Allah has purchased from the believers, their lives and their wealth uj do a feasibility law they struggle in the path of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah also speaks about those who die in a state of hypocrisy. Abdullah hypnobabies cellule his son came to the prophet SAW Selim, when he was a righteous son, came to the Prophet he was a good man a good soul hobby and said, My father's died, please make draft for him. The Prophet stood at his grave and made a law forbids him. Well, Article nine our company don't stand in his grave and don't make draft for him.

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Because they are unbelievers, and we get that ruling that a person who has died in an agitated state of unbelief and disbelief in Allah Subhana Allah, that they're unworthy of prayers of mercy from the believers, and

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that is something settled in the Koran that will last 100 to Allah speaks about Toba and about the Toba of the three who stayed behind. There were three men at the time of the Battle of tabookey was in the summer months, and they didn't want to travel with the prophets. I send them they made excuses. And three of them regretted it. There were so many hypocrites who made excuses but three righteous believers the

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Prominent of them capital the Allahu Allah. he regretted and even tried to catch up to the prophet SAW Selim. And you know, Allah was very decisive in his words, that they were ostracized from the community, no one spoke to them not even their wives would say a settimane come to them. And it was they were cut off until their repentance to a law was proven, and they had done what was worthy of their repentance. And you get an element of the chapter sort of the Toba coming from this, the closing verses are about attaching ourselves to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you see, this is a great theme. So the merits of the Sahaba the first ones to come to faith, the ones who

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felt the weakness of others, the ones who took on the burden of carrying faith to us, were only Muslims on account of them conveying it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, and the closing verses of surah. Toba is an admonition of the love of the prophets. I sell them for his oma and the love of the oma of those who value him back for him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This brings us into sort of Uranus and saw that Uranus is a majestic surah subhana wa Taala in honor of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And basically the theme of sort of use of is that

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you're going to be given much revelation. And a lot of it is going to require patience, and you need to look to those who came before you for inspiration, or Mohammed and Mohammed, in Surah tuners. It's very science rich, and I use the word science in a very qualified unqualified manner. It speaks about a tech Queen and the creation of the heavens and the earth. And there are three main sections that you see in the surah Allah speaks about tauheed monotheism, the signs of a law, the creation of a law, the reward of belief, the punishment of those who disbelieve in the mercy of Allah subhanho to honor, you see another section where a lot speaks about the attitude of those who oppose the

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first group, and that they will be from those who affliction will befall them, and Allah will turn away from them and laws punishment will eventually arrive to them. They asked for miracles and they asked for a new

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follow on to descend upon them and what makes you worthy of it, oh, Mohammed, they ask about parallel. You know what's going to come in the next life and the law gives the parable of this life in comparison to the the hereafter. They're told about Jen Nana, Allah speaks of agenda to inspire the believers and to show that disbelievers that there's something that they can aspire to. And that the world worldly life is is a place where you try to earn your way with Allah subhana wa tada that Allah subhanaw taala is real and that you can find Allah subhana wa tada evidenced in the creation that surrounds us a lot of debates with the unbelievers and gives them example after example and

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sign after sign that the Koran is full of advice and mercy a cure she fat when the mouth is subdued, in it in the verse, it is a cure to that which ails the heart. It's a source of guidance he Daya and Allah speaks about Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah hoefflin Allah him without whom he has a known and levena m Anwar Kenyatta hone. Those who have befriended Allah and Allah has befriended them are those who will have no sorrow and no fear. They don't feel it because they trust a lot and in the next life, they will they will be assured of his magnificence and his happiness. They are those alladhina amanu wilcannia taco and they are those who believed and they are those who worked

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righteous deeds through piety and righteousness had taqwa and fear of Allah. And the challenge of Porush of speaking about the Koran and the miracles of it, it all comes and is answered in this beautiful chapter. The final section of saltiness. Which brings it into this juice is a lot of begins to give examples of previous prophets, Dr. Nabil Mohammed, so I sell them as practical examples. And Allah gives the example of nor halia, Salah musala Sam and her own and Allah speaks about Eunice, which is where the chapter gets its name, that don't be like Yunus, who left his people and he was frustrated that they wouldn't come to faith. So we tested him and then we returned

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him to them. We showed him that even without him, they came to believe meaning Oh Mohammed, I sell them you're a tool for me to use in calling people to good and if I wish to remove you yourself here Mohammed I can still bring people to accepting faith in their home a Jonas except the people of Eunice met Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. make us from those who are like the people of Yunus obedient to Allah and His Messenger, so I sell them even though we haven't seen the prophets I seldom and met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, male lawmakers from the earlier of Allah. And I hope you join me again for another daily tip. See, this was Jews number 11 it's your brother

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your hair Brahim was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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