Wael Ibrahim – Story Of Coming Back To Islam

Wael Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I'm joining me, brother, Ibrahim, all the way from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia. And voila, we really appreciate your time and your effort that you're spending here. Many people may know well Ibrahim for his very Mashallah informative and effective videos on how to overcome * addiction. But there's something about brother word that not many know now I've known brother well for quite some time. And I know that before you got into the Tao, or before you got into the public speaking before you got into the helping the youth overcome * addiction, you used to be in the music industry. Now I really want to know, what was it

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like, I was a musician, singer, music composer. I actually I had no passion whatsoever in my entire life, other than making music singing, earning money through this industry. My ambition was to compete with big, you know, names like big stars. So that was my ambition. I wanted to be one of the top singers have the law says know anything about Arabic musicians? Alhamdulillah, I don't know. So, while I was in the music industry, I decided to leave the country. After I met my Filipino wife, and she was a Catholic, a very devoted Catholic girl. Now moving to Hong Kong, I had no idea what am I going to do and what what kind of work? I'm gonna, you know, do in Hong Kong city, I don't know

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anything except music. So I started to form a band in Hong Kong city again, in LA.

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Then we hit the market, singing, dancing, and so on, so forth. And I used to earn a lot of money every night. So what? Yeah, what made you just give it up? Was it just a random? There are a few few incident incidents that took place number one, again, as I told you when I was in Hong Kong, okay, after earning money, and so on, so forth. I wanted to be famous, I wanted to be on the top. So I asked who's the most popular singers here and show me Who is that popular singer so I can compete with him. So if you told me it's a person by the name of Leslie Chung. All right, so I start studying his music and so on and so forth. I want to reach this production company to give them some

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ideas so that we can work together and compete with him. In the middle of all this planning. Leslie Chung committed suicide.

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He killed himself the person you're trying to be like, Yeah, he's famous. He's wealthy. Every actually he was known to be the they used to call him the Asian biggest superstar. People would flow from all over it was like, Yes. Yes. And he was so young, so handsome. Everything I wanted to have, he have had, yet he gave it up all and threw himself off one of the hotels, very popular hotels, himself off of a hotel. Yes, the hotel room, the top, you know, very high floor and he was dead instantly. Now this, this incident shook me a bit. And I was asking myself like, Why in the world, someone like him in his position would kill himself. I wanted to be like him. But you do know that

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he's not the first musician. Yeah, I came to know later, because I was blinded. At that time. I was blinded, but Allah Subhana Allah, and he opened up my mind and heart at that particular incident, but Whom do you know that there are many, many celebrities? I'm sure a quick Google search will give you tons of celebrities who had the fame. It's, although it's very sad. It's a lesson for us Muslims to really, really, really say 100 therefore what we have come to know that the happiness we have the content that we have no, and handling our money. So at that time, when I when I heard about Liz Lee's death, I was left at shock. And I started to reflect and think why would he Why would someone

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like him do that? And I started to have nightmares and I would wake up in the middle of night scared because I would jump off the bed. My heart beat would be pumping. I don't know what it was. But I was really in a very, very difficult state for a few months after this incident. One day I remember because at that time, my wife as I mentioned, she was very, very devoted Catholic

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from the Philippines, so she will never miss any mass of foundation. That is that is like you know, so she invited me to come with her. Now. I love her. And because I love her, I had to go with her. I used to line up during the you know, the Holy Communion thing they call in the priest to give me that biscuit, where there is a cross, engraved on that piece of bread, and even seen the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit and I would take it, but deep in my heart Yaki. I feel that there's something wrong with this year. I didn't know what to do.

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The famous tapas

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commits suicide now you follow your wife's footsteps to the church now when did you give it all up? I said I wanted to pray one night I woke up and I said I you know I'm fed up with going to the church I'm fed up with with this you know bothering thoughts that comes after the incident so I I said I wanted to pray so I woke up in the middle of the night one one night I performed my will do and I started to pray no Qibla direction nothing just I wanted

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to Yeah, I don't know what it was these two rock are three rock I I don't even remember. And all I prayed and I cried to the last kind of time and I made a lie any relief my heart from that pain and that confusion. I really I cried to Allah so much after I said a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah in this particular prayer. I got scared. You know why? Because my wife was at the back. She was actually watching me all the time. You know what my wife told me that night, she said, I wanted to try the prostration. But I don't want to become a Muslim. I just want to try the Muslims and pray. And then we ended up praying together next to each other. And I gave her a printed form of the

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Salah, and when she hit the ground with her forehead, and nose, I heard her crying. While I heard her crying, she was crying. And she said, Well, God is worthy of being praised and worshiped like this. This is the way we should worship. She didn't know and I didn't know at the time that even Jesus Christ peace be upon him in the Bible, prostrated to God Almighty. She didn't know what I didn't know at the time that even Abraham, Moses, Joshua, all these, that's how they all pray. Yes. One day we were watching, we were listening to a tape about the purpose of our existence. And she was shouting in the cloud, like, are you so arrogant to acknowledge that there's only one God? Are

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you so arrogant? Or are you ignorant? Because if you're arrogant, then Allah will deal with you on the Day of Judgment. But if you're ignorant, then here you are. Now we are telling you to accept one God. And during this lecture 40 people I heard, have accepted Islam and we heard them reciting the shadow the shape. My wife was one of them. She was in her room, and I was at the far distance and I saw her moving her lips with the Shahada. So I went up to her and told her Isn't it time you need to acknowledge Come on. We've been in this for two years, and you so many books around the tapes of Ahmed deedat. And all she said, I already did.

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I said, What what, repeat again. And then she took the Shahada in front of me that day, and will lie since then, my wife became so thirsty to learn about Islam and so thirsty to share the knowledge that he that she learned about Islam, but guess what was the next surprise? Five months later? We are in the cabin. We are attached. And that changed every word what a story.

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for being with us, what's amazing story like how many of us are being held back from the Shakedown? How many how many out there right now? That is still listening to the Nicki Minaj is listening to their Drake's listening to this listening to that, when at the same time they don't know where they could be right if they just leave this rubbish. Leave all of this

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much better. Zach Hello Hello. salaam aleikum for having me shukrans

A Beautiful Reminder.
The Story of How Shaykh Wael Ibrahim Left The Music Industry And Started to Live According To Islam and Started Preaching Islam.

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