Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 12

Yahya Ibrahim
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Said I'm on economics, a lot of work out. What's your brother? Yeah, hey Ibrahim, once again with another daily tip, see, we are doing a juice a day and then

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we're at juice at number 12. And we're past the third of the line and the beginning of juice and number 12 is in the second page of solitude. And the area that begins is a magnificent area where Allah subhanaw taala says, We're mom and dad but in philology Illa, Allah Allah has called her and that kind of sets the theme of the surah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is omnipotent, meaning that there is no creature that walks the earth except it is upon Allah subhanaw taala to provide for them. And therefore you see that this a loss of kindness to Allah in this sort of speaks about its Granger His Majesty, about who he is and what he he has provided for us as human beings and for

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everything that exists in this beautiful earth that he has created for us soprano Tiana, in this order law speaks about three essential themes, His Majesty, the vastness of his knowledge and him being the Razzaq, the provider subhana wa tada and never to fear to go without, with Allah azza wa jal, a lot also speaks about the hold on as being something that is

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a miracle that is sent by him to humanity. In other places in the Quran, Allah says bring something similar to it. If you can't bring 10 sutras similar to it. 10 chapters, if you can't even just one chapter, and they can't, the time of the prophets, I sell them they were at the height of Arabic culture and poetry, nothing could be brought to rival the Quran. And therefore the sutra is set as something that talks about the Dharma and the preaching of the deen and using the resources that Allah has provided us. The first resource is the book of Allah. And therefore, when the prophet SAW Selim was asked about these chapters in the Koran, he said, che Yeah, Bethany who do How are the

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chapter hood and its sister surah has made my hair turn gray gave me gray in my hair, because it's something that shows the obligation of being a person who is going to be accountable to a loss of Hannah to Allah. So a law establishes the book and a law speaks about the job of the one who preaches it. Then our law speaks about examples of the past. And the loss of Hannah to Allah gives the prophets I said limit as if a cross training course and a technical framework he speaks about so many prophets in this order. Subhan Allah, Allah speaks about Newell, and who would ensalada and Ibrahim and Luke and tribe and Moosa, all of them are named in this one chapter, and many of them

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with great detail. The first prophet that is addressed with great detail is not a solemn now law speaks about the relationship between your hands rebellious people, and then a last segment one of those rebellious people as being a person from his own family, his own son, and his own wife in Morocco at ANU, who both disbelieved in him and began to fulfill and deal wickedness in the land. And Subhana Allah, Allah sees new Alia salon through this storm, and new witnesses son drowned in front of him after inviting him to believe to get on the ship of salvation, his son says that we illegible rather my father, I will climb up a mountain. And he said, no one will protect you except

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a lot. And therefore we learn the power of that our love for Allah must transcend the love of anything else, even our beloved children, know, who is a central figure. And this is where the soul gets his name, who Allah is Salaam, the greatest story that is mentioned about him is the power of his father, and who is constantly inviting his people to turn back to a law, ask him for forgiveness. And if you do so Allah then shows that there are two gains that you can have through his default and material physical blessing in your life, where you will be given material wealth and happiness and success. And it's default can also it will also increase your spiritual contentment

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and increase your position with a law on the Day of Judgment. And therefore That's powerful. It only strengthens you to humble yourself to a law. A law also speaks about who then all the other prophets in terms of their patience and their token, trusting law. And it's a secret it's an implicit way a secret way of saying to the Prophet I sell them, I'm going to shake the feet beneath you. So Mohammed Be patient, come out sabado odle as as others who came before you were required to be patient. And therefore you see other prophets that are mentioned Dr. Ali Salam. It shows this lambs care for financial responsibility and fiscal management, and that we shouldn't be corrupting in the

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land and treating people with inequity. A loss of planning with Allah gives the example of loot of sexual immorality and the conduct of people that steps out what is the biological norms and going beyond it in cravings that are seen as sinful within Islam? Allah gives the example of Ibrahim as being a tempered prophet who has goodwill and hope

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Even though he's rejected from every group of people that he sees, and finally Allah speaks about the power of Allah to subjugate someone as tyrannical as Moses. And finally the last section of the surah Allah speaks about connecting to Allah. And in the end the loss of planet Allah says that if you establish sada alcumus Allah, establish your prayer, and if you remain steadfast and if you're a person of patience and perseverance and you trust the law, you will be from those who certainly do and a lot in this ayah what Amala Venus or a do feagin as for those who find final true happiness, contentment in life, they will find themselves in Jeddah, the Jews event transitions into chapter

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number 12 which is use of Allah Salaam and this is the 12th Jews as well. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about use of in great detail, and a lot of refers to the surah as acid and causes the best of narrative stories that can be told that you can extract blessings from it. In this story of use of our you know about being tested in life, about being tested, and then blessed that if you are tested and your patient, you'll be blessed about humiliation and if you're black, and if you're tested with it. And if you remain patient and true, that you can be brought back to honor it from enslavement to kingship and to be an authority in the land, from division and separation from your family to being

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brought and made whole and united from grief of the aku Valley is Salaam at the loss of not one but two sons and the treachery of his elder sons. But at the joy of reconciling and having peace at hardships transitioning into ease and that the ease washes away the feelings of hardship and of denial to affirmation and accepting one's errors of the past to free oneself through repentance and acceptance of sins. The beautiful story a sobre Jamil and this story is about love use of Elisa lambda chapter it's great a theme is love and the love of a father to a son the love of material wealth, the love of attention, all these different, not righteous loves and immoral loves are all

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found the love of any infatuated woman. The love of seeing all of those are addressed in this sort of, but it's broken down into three important parts. The childhood years of use of the youthful years of use of an adult years of use of holly is sent out with many lessons to be learned. All throughout we see the miraculous ability of use of Elisa them to interpret dreams and to foretell the future by the knowledge provided to him by a lot. In use of childhood you see discussions in the early part of the chapter. And in the late part of the Jews about the dreams that he would see the dreams that the king would see.

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And how it was interpreted by his father interpreted by use of the dreams that the prisoners would see and use of would tell him even what would come of food the next day. jealousy of brothers and jealousy within the family is something real and sibling rivalry is addressed in the whole and that you know the hostility can lead a person to making irrational judgments that can push a person further than they initially thought or wanted to go. And all of it comes back to use of La Salaam being prepared for something great and that when you are put in hardship and you are put in fitna it proves your mettle and your gold rises and you become worthy of it, then use of transitional story

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is that he's given beauty and he is attempted to be seduced by a mistress of his home, one who is higher than him in wealth and status and orders him in menial jobs. And this seduction is a great test, where a lot of the handmade behavior and maybe how he protects himself from immodesty by requesting from Allah making to be imprisoned or besieged. You know, I have both LA and this shows the consciousness of use of but also shows that use of it a salon made a drama that had he chosen other may have given him greater protection. It's at this moment that the dreams of the king come to be to bear and use of interprets them and gives freedom and what was destruction now becomes an

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uprising. And that's where Jews number 12 ends with the woman who was accusing us of finally admitting our guilt and taking ownership of it and repenting to Allah subhana wa to honor this your brother Abraham with a daily tipsy of Jews by a juice a day and this was used in number 12 was set down moto moto moto la he or cat

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