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Al-Baqarah 104-112 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu una sola larosa Hill Karim Amma Bertha with a below him in a shade lanova Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish roughly assadi were Sidley under the water of death and melissani Yakubu Kohli urban scenario in the

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next lesson,

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lesson number 16 Surah Al Baqarah Ayah number 104 to 112

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yeah you heard or alladhina those who know they believed love do not Deku you all say are in a pay attention to us was and Hulu you all say own Sapna, look at us was Maru and you all listen was and lil Katharina for those who disbelieve, or there been a punishment or Lehman, painful

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man not yoga do he loves a Latina. Those who care for all day disbelieved men from at least people Al Khattab of the book, Waller and nor Alma shakiness those who associate partners with Allah and that Yuna Zilla era sent down, la come upon you, men from hiring any good men from Rob become your Lord. One law who and Allah doesn't. He chooses he selects bureau Smith he with his mercy, man whoever Yeshua who he wills will law who and Allah Lu possessor I'll follow up the bounty Aleem the great man whatever none sir we abrogate men from a attain any verse Oh or known see her we cause it's forgetting that we come behind in with a better men her than it. Oh four middly her similar to

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Bella did not darlin you know, unless that Indeed Allah Allah, Allah upon Kali, every chain things are their own always are able. Adam did not darlin you know, and that Indeed Allah, Allah level for him. molecule, Dominion a semi word of the heavens while up and the earth warmer and not Luckily for you, men from dooney other than Allahu Allah men from Walia in any clothes protecting friend or Allah and nor mislead in any helper

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and or duty do you all want and that does Alou, you will ask for solocom your messenger come in just as So, he left he was asked Moosa moosari his salon main from kabu before woman and whoever yet but then he changes alko for the disbelief bill a man with the belief so called then in fact, Bala he lost sour straight A Serbia the way

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what the he wished casier on many men from athletes, people elkie tab of the book low if only Yaro dunican they could turn you back men from birdie after email Nicole your belief cofell on as the disbelievers has done due to jealousy men from or in the near unforeseen him themselves men from body after mass that thereby Jenna it became clear their home for them and help the truth. Fair Food so you all pardon was for who and you overlook had until yet the year he comes. Allahu Allah be empty he with his command in Allaha Indeed Allah, Allah upon godly every Shay in thing, audio on always are able to

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work a move and you all perfectly establish. oscillator does Allah what else

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too and you will give as the character does a care warmer and whatever to cut the move, you will send for lay and forsake home for yourselves men from hiring any good that you do who you are will find it in the with Allah He Allah in Allaha Indeed Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do bursledon always all seeing waka Lu and they said learn never Yehuda he will enter Elgin notice the paradise Illa except man who can he was? Who then I do. Oh, or NASA. A Christian tilka that Amani your home their wishes.

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Oh, say hello to you all bring bohannan acoem your proof your evidence in if condone you were saw the ones who are truthful. Bella, rather? Yes, man, whoever a slammer he submitted. He surrendered. What you who his face lilla he for Allah. Wa Hua and he more Sinan one who does a son one who does utmost good fella who so for him a judo who his reward in the with Robbie he his Lord Wallah and not how often a fear or lay him upon them. Wallah and nor whom they the afternoon. They shall grieve.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Yeah, you

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have been home

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do we all do?

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DLR will be

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the movie.

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De La

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La habima

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