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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine, this is your brother Imam Ibrahim Verkehr imam of Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. In 2019. I was visiting one of my brothers in Indiana and I am found I found this brother and his children are watching videos for shift gears are called the it was about the Syrah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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One month later, I also was visiting another brother in Chicago. And I found also this brother and he was mashallah Imam beer, and his children and his family are watching the same series, the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then I asked this imam who is the chef, and why all these people are watching his series 1000s of views about the same thing. The CEO of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he told me this is the best chef who is making this topic, this era of our Habib Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is making it in the best way. When after that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen I started following the videos of Chef Yasser kabhi and I enjoy it a

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lot. And subhanAllah months ago, I came here to Arabic mosque to meet with JPS of Kobe, that was great meeting and I realized why all these people are loving chef yes and Kobe. He invited me to his masjid and also I invited him to my message in Kansas City.

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Two months ago, I started watching a lot of videos criticizing the views or some views of Chef Jacobi

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when I contacted the chef yesterday, and I told him, there is a lot of criticism. I want from you to clarify it because I want to understand and know the reality of all this criticism. Can I come to you? And can you please clarify this for everyone? He said, Of course. This is why I'm here in Arabic mosque. Let us meet She also called the an interview him Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alias IBMa mine. We are here in Arabic mosque or epic Masjid with Chef our chef heavy duty Kobe. We're going Inshallah, to meet him we're going Inshallah, to ask him, we would like inshallah to let him be the light Allah clarify all this

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criticism being the light Allah will come as a surprise Sam I feel like I've had a library cam that elaborate so happy to meet you. I just said the story how I knew you how I recognize mashallah your videos and watch it and just check. We will start a little bit with the criticism, which there are videos talking about something from your views, check before you jump into criticism chef Kenny, because this is something I need. Obviously, it's a bit awkward for me and also I'm agreeing to be interviewed by you in this regard. But chef, I think the viewers also should know who are you and what is your background and where have you studied and so that we understand that journey you also

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are coming from in Sharla place of knowledge and whatnot. So I'm sorry to flip it around quickly. But Jana, you're you call for an interview, I said Yola, Bismillah whatever you want your cannabis I also want to before we do my interview, quickly do your interview. Okay, inshallah just Hamdulillah I graduated from Al Azhar Sharif and I have master's degree with the Ottoman Quran and also I studied in Saudi Arabia for 15 years mashallah with the Allama Masha Allah Allah might fit in there in Saudi Arabia mashallah My dad also was there as a Taliban which have been has been there as a main shift and then all these Masha Masha Allah so your father is a chef you and and now is the

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president of the scholars in Europe workshop in Denmark in Copenhagen and Masha Allah the community there, mashallah was your father I know that he was one of the main figures of founding the generator to fill in the eastern Quran Kareem is the one who spread the Halaqaat of Al Quran in the entire South Masha Allah Masjid in Saudi Arabia and he's also mashallah students of many of the Messiah directly students of shake up north I mean and the hidden Masha Allah and he was also attending the Halacha to shift the husband does Masha Allah also he's so close to Sheikh Saeed The Misfit and Masha Allah and you also grew up with this pretenders. Yes. I can't forget when I was

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attending one Holika from Jacob north I mean Bashar Al haram right?

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Shall 1994 I have the time eight years old Michelle I was reciting some from Cynthia sin I couldn't forgive this because he also shared with me and encouraged me to continue my show.

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And he told me that one day this salt this voice will be so

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dunya Masha Allah is going to be resounding in the whole world

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to me, I wasn't before check Internet before mashallah, mashallah Subhanallah and inspiring from me. After that I went to Egypt I learned

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I have actually two political political fit here. Now, just to recap, we did it

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in academia

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so your Bachelor's was in aroma Quran? Your Master's is in the Masters is also in the sciences of the Quran. And now you're doing a PhD as well as in aroma Hollanders Alright, inshallah you're going to submit in the shadows soon you will be limited to Allah Dr. Inshallah, back here from Eliza mashallah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah coming to you today living hamdulillah so check again because it's very awkward for you but to be very clear, and I wanted the people to know this this idea is from you know, and and you're the one who is asked me multiple times I said yellow Bismillah I don't mind anyway. I felt it it's helped on yet okay for no proper audience. Okay, no prob the reality

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because there is criticism agreed. And people are wondering, and I was also wondering, when I watch some video, I was wondering what's going on, in Jacqueline faster koombana been for who has said, If any facet comes with bad news or bad thoughts of your brother, solidify it thereby you can alter that but if it comes to the source, the Muslim, ask him, let him clarify, defend your brother in Islam and this is what we are doing the show with our children in sha Allah Allah so Allah if last word if there's any mistakes in sha Allah when Elsa and if there's anything to be corrected in sha Allah, this was before I started, I have one issue and I want to from you also to declare it, what

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about if you find yourself generally you did something wrong? Do you have any any stigma to clear or to clarify it and to declare that you were wrong and you share something, just to start with this

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insha Allah assign of humbleness and philosophy that every time a truth is becomes apparent that you should then accept the truth, this is a shorter sign of humility. And actually, if you look at my my life of Dawa, actually it is known that I have a major transition, I was one of the main icons of a particular movement, a particular interpretation, I was teaching and preaching, and I have moved on from that and publicly clarified, and it has brought me a lot of negative attention which I understand a lot of criticism, which I understand from the people that are you know, are of that movement. So I hope that inshallah it shows that I have changed my position and it has come at a

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great personal cost to me. Some of the people say that I changed for popularity, to which I say I wouldn't I say colors refuge from that. Secondly, what are you talking about popularity? It is the change that has caused the criticism. Is this a reason why there are so many harsh attacks is because what I'm saying is nothing new. A lot of people are saying it, but someone like me has not said it, ie someone who has studied 10 years at Jemison, Amelia and has Michelle like I do which I still respect and I thank Allah for my Jemison me. But because I have now you know, moved on I keep on saying moved on. I have not saying any become a critical thing moved on from that. Obviously, the

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people that were a part of that they feel betrayed, I understand and they feel a hurt that how could somebody who has these types of credentials have these views so to this, I say I hope Insha Allah, whenever the truth is clear to me, that I will accept the truth wherever it is from it is a sign of insha Allah sincerity, and I hope as well that insha Allah my track record is clear to this regard. Actually, now you clarify one from the Shabbat or one from the criticism that

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if he is true, truthful person, Does he accept to change his opinion, if he finds that happy? They think that if you know that you did something wrong, you want clarify, now you prove to us I hope? We hope that's that's where we ask Allah azza wa jal always to one of the other ends the process from is what's that and until you know how close we're gonna table right? Then we want to see the health as health and we ask Allah as we should follow the health when we see the health Okay, before we start this criticism, let me also know the opinion or the view of sheffey asset about ad tech fear or AR RT them before we start, we wanted to know what the mean of al Qaeda was, someone says

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that you have Zell or Person A or person we have problem in his party that what that means, what that means Arpita and what that means that this person has facade in shape. You're asking somebody whose speciality is actually there. So you're asking me to answer in two, three minutes something that I have spent 25 or 30 years studying, My Majesty

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It is an LP The my PhD as an athlete, the Mitel hustles. My actual speciality that I feel confident in presenting new views is actually in Arcade and the development of academia. So people, I will try Inshallah, so the term actually that actually is not found in the Quran and Sunnah in the first place about to this reality. The term aapke means to be firm. And that's why for example, in the Quran, to a man, you make your your oats firm in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. The term Aveda to refer to the concept of Islamic theology, what we believe is actually something that began in the third or fourth century of the hijra, Yanni for 300 years, the term athlete that was not common to

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discuss what we're not talking about anyway, the terms that were used were Iman, or they would use GitHub Asuna or even other groups who would use email column. So there were other terms that were used in the round 300 Hijiri, 350 Hijiri, the term athlete they could talk it harder, they help the house get out here too hard right. And market

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maturity has this as well. And also the attendees they have, you know, kicked out with the RTL card also that they had to call the Lella guy has solidarity accord, but at all what they mean is that which is firm and non changing that which is not Amelie, but Imani. So Phil is that which is Amyl based, actually there is that which is in the heart and what you believe about Allah about the kind of Eman and it is not supposed to change, that's why it's called activator. So Africa is to be firm. So they say okay, therefore is that witches should not you know, whatever you believe about Allah azza wa jal about the messengers about the Archaea This is active. So, we are attacking the people

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that we have for cellular. So, of course, this is a deeper issue, who who is going to decide whose data is correct or not? This is a bigger issue. So you have many different interpretations of Islam. You have even within Allison you have many many strands as well. You know, you have the authorities the HANA biller and even this is a spectrum. This is a Miskin mistake to think that there is simply one law, there are key the of the HANA biller and the attorneys themselves which one are you talking about? Is it even to me that is one interpretation is it had been paid? Is it even though Josie is it even as a Huni there is an entire spectrum even within the HANA villa, then you have the machete

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strand and even this is a spectrum L by hockey is not like folklore, the mineralogy, for example, then you have the maturity and even this summer Conde is not like so if there's any, you have a spectrum here. So the people who speak about this, when they say that he has facade, then I'll tell you there is no not either I understand this point. What they mean is that I am no longer following a particular actor that that they think is the correct one. And I respect their opinion, I simply point out that is an opinion that they have. There are other interpretations on other odema as well, the who are also believers in Allah and His Messenger, their interpretations are different than the

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interpretations of the first group. So I want to be very clear that I don't intend to defend our other Biller, my honor, as much as I want to educate the people that when somebody says so and so has a problem in Al Qaeda, you should ask okay, so according to which acleda Are you making this problematic, right? So they will say for example, I take as my reference Phoolan Ibn Taymiyyah ibn Abdullah, voila, you say Jade. So this means anybody who disagrees with Ibn Taymiyyah becomes more familiar. We have to be very clear here. Anybody who does rather because we're there, so you have made the religion therefore around a person.

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This is a problem and had been Tamia himself would find this problematic. Even Taymiyah himself would say don't make me as the criteria. No, even Tamia is an Adam shareholder, Islam I respect him, even though he is a scholar of Islam. I don't see it I disagree with Tony but I respect him as a human being as a chef as an alum. He produced something, but I am not obliged to follow neither Ibn Taymiyyah nor even Abdul Wahab or Fakhruddin, Rossi or Azadi law, we follow what Allah azza wa jal revealed and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam So the point being, it is their opinion that there are problems in my Arcada I respect their opinion, they have that right to say that, but let

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us go into detail. What do you mean, according to whom, where have I gone against what Allah has said or where the messenger sola Selim has said, this is the point we'll have to bajada common countryside again, I seek Allah's refuge from ever opposing the book of Allah or from ever rejecting anything that a Prophet SAW Selim said. So now the sources which we will go based on the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. This is our source. These are the primary sources great, no doubt, no doubt. Okay. Let me start with the first criticism. Okay, please open your heart Bismillah Bismillah when it comes to LGBTQ issue, do you support LGBTQ political rights? This is

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just a direct question because the criticisms is j is that you are supporting these people. Jay, we just wanted to clarify it for you and I will give you so I have given multiple lectures about this issue and honestly, I speak I say respectfully,

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I don't think anybody who has listened to my prepared lectures, I have three or four prepared lectures on this can have any, you know, misunderstanding about what I'm saying, We do not believe that acting upon same sex inclinations is permissible, we think it is a major sin, it is haram, we are very, very sad and to be honest, and even morally disgusted at the level of promiscuity that we see in our societies and our culture, we feel that it is not healthy for us, our children, and even for broader society. Even if the people are not Muslim, we say to them, that this is harmful to you and to your children. And it is sad that legislation is being passed that has normalized this and

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other types of fascia. Now, what the misunderstanding is occurring? I'm very clear morally, we are against this. And politically, we don't want it now. The questions that, again, have been, you know, read into because I don't think what I have said, is

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it misunderstood if you listen to it within the context, and I repeat it again, suppose a politician has certain good in them and certain evil, and you think you think the good outweighs the evil by you allying with this politician? Do you automatically affirm the negative and evil? This is a separate question of whether it is evil or not. Now, you can say that I don't want to ally with this politician good for you. But can you say that a Muslim organization or group that supports a politician for the good becomes evil for their evil, this is what you're calling guilt by association. This is making political loyalties into theological issues. And this is where I said,

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as a person of knowledge to understand, at the end theology, don't open the door to make fear or to make to deer based upon politics. You know, there are tyrants in the Muslim world, right? Some are Allama. May Allah and you know, forgiven guide them. I don't agree with this. Personally, they have decided the lesser of two evils is to work under the tyrant and to at least preach and teach. By the way almost every Muslim government and olam was done, right. Some are gonna make this decision. Now those who are unaware who make this decision, all we're going to say, and they're not saying it is halal to kill and what they're just saying, for the lesser of two evils. We're just going to accept

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this, or we're going to say that they are supporting the tyrant. By the way, we're not talking about the one who gives a fatwa that is halal to kill. We're not saying the one who gives a fatwa that LGBTs Khaled clearly that is haram and it is Cofer. But the one who says I'm going to have political alliances for other causes, not for LGBT, not for so again, is there any politician that is saying that we're going to shut down? The pubs and alcohol? No every politician? Is there any politician that is saying that we're going to ban Zina and make Zina something that is illegal. No, it is the default. So when you ally with the politician for cause X, and that cause X is good, ie foreign

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policy, stopping the invasion of Iraq, boycotting AIPAC or whatever else you're doing, and you think cause X is good and positive, and Islam says it is good and positive. But this politician also has caused why and cause why is evil, whether it is LGBT, whether it is any other evil that they might have, and you weigh X and Y, right. And in your opinion, why is more than x, that's your opinion, my position is you cannot make this person a Kaffir, or multimedia, because of this assessment will lie. My speech is very clear brothers and sisters, political alliances can be mistaken, don't read in theological affiliations, we do not support the political rights of drinking alcohol, but it is

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there, what are you going to do about it? We do not support the political rights of we don't think it's good, but what are you going to do about it in the world that we live in? If somebody says it's the lesser of two evils to ally with this politician for a reason for a cause? That is not haram? Then it's their opinion. As for me, by the way, and again, to be clear, I have never supported a political candidate. I have never endorsed a candidate. I have never told the Muslims to vote for a candidate. And anybody who says otherwise. Yanni, they have to, you know, find the evidence for this is simply not the case. All I'm saying don't conflate political alliances with theological opinions

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and that's very, very clear that Allah azza wa jal knows best. So the second criticism that

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the criticism is it is Schilke to go to grave and pray there and have like

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prayers there and make have that was sold there. Then you were very clear when you said that it's not sure. It's haram leads to shank for now the criticism is it should while you said it's not sure it gets haram leads to change. So again, so this is an interesting switch from LGBT to real problem.

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This this criticism of

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A my view we have to be again clear here, it's not my view. It is the view of the vast majority of the ummah.

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What I am saying is the default view of the vast majority of the Ummah, which is that sometimes Sajida is an act of worship when you do it to Allah subhanaw taala. Or when you do it to what Allah has commanded you to do, Allah has commanded us to do such that to him in the direction of the gab, it becomes an act of worship. Sometimes the same act can become haram and bitter but not sure. So for example, if somebody if somebody were to bow down to a human being out of respect, it is haram, not allowed in our Sharia to bow down to him even out of respect but it is not yoke and if somebody bows down to an idol, it becomes shirk and they doing it everybody to that idol. The same goes for

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the aleph. Sometimes the office a bother sometimes offers haram and bitter and leading to shake and sometimes the off issue to other than Allah subhanho wa taala. The same goes for calling out to other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the default position of the majority of the ummah. So when a person says oh, yeah, so called the saying that it is no longer Schick gently I say actually, this is the position of every single shift and Adam outside of that one movement that says a t shirt. Can you give us examples for our time leads to show in our times the best article that I have read is by Mufti Talia with money who is one of them of these of Buxton, one of the great aroma of this of this

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OMA go read his article he has a very, it's an English is translated to English. And you can just Google it move to Tokyo with money and whatnot. And I think as the author and whatnot, he has a very nice, beautiful academic article about this also,

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many of their odema In fact, this is the default of the position of the dual band, the default of network Rolla ma This is the default of many as heavy machinery as well they just say the same thing.

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Can we have examples for shareholders now, if you ask now, here's where we get again the time is limited, if you ask me, my position and the position of many of the aroma who have studied Ibn Taymiyyah is that even to me his position is also what I have just said, The problem comes that most of our brothers and sisters have the salary that our and movement they have picked and chosen certain snippets of it but to me as fatawa in which he makes no distinction and he says it is should and it is true, he says this, but there are other places very clearly in much more fatawa the collections Volume Two I forgot the base 345 And also in his book around Albuquerque is harder What

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are evergreen and also his book. Mahalo for the actor, the actor la Salatu was top team in which he very very clearly says that calling out to other than Allah subhana wa Tada is sometimes beta and sometimes shirk. Yeah, the IMA Bidda are in mushrik. Now, how can it be either bid out or ship in another place? He literally says it is that ei ILA shirt or shirt, it is either a means to shake or a tissue. Now, this is my position exactly what you said this is exactly my position to show it is exhibit sometimes sometimes. Exactly. Sometimes it is. So for example, when you so yeah, I have a much longer lecture, you can listen to it hours, it's three hours, it's called on the nifty that way

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you can listen to it. But the hurrah satirical summary of it is, when does asking someone something become the type of dua that you should keep? We all know we can ask someone something we all know I can ask you something. Right? According to many scholars of Islam, you can ask even the Prophet system in the grave this is even Kodama and mainstream. Remember I disagree with this, by the way, but you want to open this door we listen to be clear, they said you can ask the process of them to ask Allah azza wa jal in the grave you go to him and they base was on the verse in the Quran, right? I don't want to get to all of these arguments. But if you want to open this door,

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don't say yes or called he says, say the majority of the owner says, say another we says say given and if you ask me, shareholder Sam Ibn Taymiyyah also says that merely asking other than Allah does not become dua until conditions are met. What are those conditions, you believe the entity you're asking is able to give you independently when you think a Nebby or Awali or an angel is able to grant you forgiveness or risk or life or death. You have made an ILA other than Allah this is Rob that you are worshipping. It is the essence of ship this is you you don't agree about it and you take ship to ship this year but when you think that if I go to the process and is great, so ya

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Rasulullah ask Allah to forgive me. Right? So now you're asking him to ask Allah. I think this is wrong after his in his in the cupboard and I think it is no chick. You're not making him a goddess.

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

Who said this based on the concept of it goes back to definitions. It goes back to what his dua dua is about the no doubt but

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The one who does this will say I'm not making two hour Why are you calling this to I'm not making exactly what they said the central salatu salam said

00:25:07--> 00:25:17

yeah so it is a bad but what is dua of course dua is hereby the when does asking become Da Vinci said that just to ask this is nobody says

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this even they don't say this I can ask you to help me get groceries I can ask you to lend me your car even they don't say this no, because just the the so let me ask you this Do you believe it will be okay asking Okay, who who controls the keys of Jannah? Who allows people into agenda? Allah Subhan Allah? Does anybody share this privilege with Allah? Allah Allah knows, okay, hadith is a Muslim are often the MO of the prophets and when the process was that what do you want? What did he say as a Luca more or Falco jakka filled Jana, Luca and Luca maraca Imogen did raffia I think that the keys to gender belong to the muscles that are he should say as Allah modificata future so did

00:26:01--> 00:26:06

raffia I think that the Prophet system of course he was so happy so what is going on here?

00:26:07--> 00:26:13

The feeling itself or the believing itself? So raffia once the prophets are set up to ask Allah

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this is Hello. In his lifetime, Villa Sula, rasool Allah is Allah Allah is highlighted in his lifetime. Everybody says that even the selfie status Helen in his lifetime in his lifetime, the salah if you say once he has moved on to the island, Baraka becomes shirk. Others say It's haram, and others say it is halal. It's historically it is what it is. So when my critics point this out, we simply gently say, Yeah, okay, it's not the asset quality versus the aroma of the ummah. On the contrary, it is one small strand of the followers in Abdul Wahab versus the rest of the Ummah big Mary he. So what I am preaching is mainstream Islam. And all you need to do is historically look at

00:26:52--> 00:27:28

what other Omar said, When will it become shared, when you believe this entity is independently powerful to give you what you want? Yes, this is shirk. But if you believe that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to ask Allah on your behalf, and he can hear you in the cupboard, I say this is wrong, and it's opening up the door and your slippery slope and we should not do this. But to say it to shirk has repercussions. And it has dangerous repercussions. And if you listen to my lecture on Thursday that I go into these repercussions when they when our scholars have an itch, then I respect them, when even though we'll have to respect him as a person. When he

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went down this road. He had to make defeat of the rest of the entire ummah. And that's what he did. And he said, the Ottoman Empire is worse than the Qureshi of Makkah. And everybody who agrees to the Khilafah of the Ottoman Empire becomes a calf you're monitored hella dumb, and he began killing people. And he considered the Imams of the haram to be kofod Martha dune and, and and so it's a very dangerous position. When you say the person is committing shirk, and you make fear of the bulk of the Ummah, you are opening up a can of worms, and this is what caused me to rethink through definitions. Actually, this was the criticism number three, that you criticize the Sheikh Mohammed

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Abdullah so now you are declaring Why you so sighs I am not the only one Imam I show Kenny. This is my the criticism of Ashok honey, the criticism but a son Annie, I have said in my lecture on Thursday that I will I said don't just say me quote a son Andy and Ashok Kearney they both liked certain things about him or outdoor hub but when they saw the reality and the tech field and the bloodshed the both of them for the art criticizing this specific yes yes do you do this victim they do it and no doubt then no doubt or criticizing this point that it went to extreme it's like it's not like our he went to extremes and again, I have said this multiple times you have the right to

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disagree, but I firmly believe Shaco Sam even told me years Aqeedah was different than the RP that women will have this is my research and I can prove it and I'm writing an article about this as well as information for everyone shift Yes, of course he is the first one here in America translated the books or the majority of the books of Chicago have it well no, no, everybody knows. I know I know we're gonna do hubs books inside out and with utmost I've said that with utmost respect to my critics look at my resume and CV I could tell it to hate the first one to do it he shot he should go hardcore either but I know all of this stuff and I studied with aroma and I still respect my Allah

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ma I have never once criticized but I've simply moved on and I respect their upon good but some things they have they need to be corrected or said okay, let me clear this now chef. Yes, of course it is respecting Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him. But yes, of course he is criticizing one thing that Ashok can himself criticized. She has some army himself criticized for just only this part. If yes, of course he is criticizing Israel, which is the issue of mastic fear and then the issue of

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waging war against fellow Muslims. I have no problems if somebody says that

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making dua to other sorry, caught so here's the problem terminology. Everybody says making the right to other than Allah should everybody says this, even the Muhammad Abdul Wahab says this that making dua to other than Allah issue. The question is what constitutes to when does a request become dua this is the point. So the one who is asking the prophets of salaam directly saying Ya rasool Allah ask Allah to forgive me go to him say, Why are you making dua to other than Allah? He will say stop for Allah. This is not da. I don't consider this to ah, so his Nia is not to worship other than Allah, what am I doing the outside? So how can you accuse somebody of committing shidduch when even

00:30:48--> 00:31:06

if he's wrong, his Nia is to worship Allah and nobody knows the near nobody. And so when you open this door, and you accuse chicken Cofer, you get literally you get ISIS and you get these tech fees, and you get these crazy movements. So we have to be very careful of this regard. Okay. The third question is

00:31:08--> 00:31:54

why we have to listen to someone it changes his opinion. Well, number one, they accused you that you want to change your opinion. Now. Oh, you changed your opinion? Why do we have to listen to someone changes? So to be clear, I have never called anybody to listen to me. I say listen to the share, whose opinions and ideas your heart finds comfort in the average Muslim is going to be more Khalid Yanni blindly follow. The average Muslim should stick with his scholar or share that he believes is the one that is upon the truth. If somebody feels that there's a problem with me, I have said publicly, no problem. Allah will not punish you. If you sincerely believe that yes, I've called the

00:31:54--> 00:32:30

is ball model, because your chef told you so no problem, your agenda. And NOD is not dependent on your hokum upon me. It is dependent upon your Ibadat and your rituals and your Teskey and your taco, and how much you adhere to the Sharia. So if somebody believes that the so called is misguided, that's their position. And if they are sincere, Allah will reward them for that opinion, no problem. But if somebody knows, and has studied in, they should come to me and ask me one on one. So we differentiate between the army and between the Taliban or the Adam. As for the Army module, no problem. As for the Taliban or the island, I have no problem explaining my views. But please

00:32:30--> 00:32:40

understand this isn't like a defense of the persona of IQ. It's understanding why I'm saying what I'm saying. Right. So if somebody is criticizing, why has he changed his opinions?

00:32:42--> 00:33:20

What can I say to this? I think it is not a criticism. I think it is not a criticism coming from a person of knowledge. Let me just say this, a person of knowledge understands that opinions change over time. There is no island in the world, except that he has evolved and changed over time as examples you've given to me You gave by in a Sufi tariqa in the Kadri Polyakov is somebody gonna say that he remains with you for the rest of his life? Come on. Ibaka. You look at his earlier books versus his later books. Imam Shafi look at his opinions in the beginning and in the end, okay. Albert has entered a shady what was he? What did he become? This is the sunnah to life. You have to

00:33:20--> 00:33:54

hit that when you're young, you're impressionable. When you're 2025 years old, you are going to make tech lead of your Messiah you can you think the whole world is wrong except your Messiah. Because your mind is still young, it's soft, it's impressionable. It's just going to absorb but as you grow older, you will start thinking on your own and you're going to say okay, this is good, even if I am said this famously that I know what even Tamia said, but I'll have to call a YouTuber, I would rather follow the heckler in the position of my scholar Ibn Taymiyyah know, a little bit Mukalla with his show many times, not a little bit, there's actually I have in my house, I have a

00:33:54--> 00:34:34

dissertation PhD about our argument. I'm gonna claim that he disagreed with Edmund Tamia. And if I'm not mistaken, there's like 150 or something like specific points that have been used to follow even Taymiyah in this regard, then what did they tell me a past soymeal claim became his own ship. He has disagreements on many issues. Shikibu premier himself he found a 17 mistakes or for the family militia. So it's one on he did he he criticized opinions of cuckoo it says Oh, please. Yeah, so again, any show for us every time he had disagreed with us 50 positions? 50 No, he and the CRC? Yeah, he did. He said that he said made me sick. Yeah, well, people it is well known. It's there any

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

but again, it is allowed to criticize political positions and filthy positions, and he didn't criticize job so you have to be careful. He didn't criticize the persona. He said he was mistaken is exactly the Bucha Yeah, exactly, exactly disagree. The knowledge of Shaykh Abdul Wahab is 100 times that the knowledge of Chef yes of course, let me say so. Okay. The knowledge of Alumina we thought it is more than 1,000% that the knowledge of anything

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

And and we're allowed to disagree with one opinion and respect the person to disagree with an opinion is not disrespecting the person. Now exactly you are imitating your shift you can Islam and not not just this all of the scholars of Islam you wouldn't be a scholar you wouldn't be give be giving something I should seek carefully Okay, and he clearly, I'm saying you wouldn't be a scholar stuff but I don't consider myself to be an item and not wait a bit. But even as a Toyota Baron even as a student of knowledge, you cannot Jonnie go and preach and teach and do something useful for the Ummah except that you have to present in a different manner with a rethink through issues, this is

00:35:36--> 00:35:41

every item and what made him different, what made him different. And you know, we

00:35:42--> 00:36:20

even hedger, even Taymiyah, khazali, they have to do something different to benefit the people of his time. So Allah has blessed me to be born and raised in a certain land and to have studied in a certain land. So I have certain things that any ALLAH blessed me with. So I have to teach my people, the lwml Islam in a way that is conducive to them, I have to think through issues of modernity in a way that is useful to them. So again, it is up to the people. If a person feels that so and so is misguided and wrong, and they sincerely believe this no problem. Follow the chef you think is rightly guided, but don't get involved in refutations you are a person who's following a chef. When

00:36:20--> 00:36:59

you follow a chef, you should not be debating or the shoe. Okay. Okay. Design number five that you are there in Ireland. You haven't to talk about that. So number one, what's the difference between there Yeah, so I never claimed to be on him or shareholders tomorrow. If you mean Ireland. Any famous state famous incident so Fianna thought he was said Yeah, on him. He was somebody called them you're on him. He turned around he goes, and a lady Yasha Allah azza wa jal in Nima Yasha, la Hamid, anybody? Mo right? So if you mean by and what the Quran says to have Kashi of Allah, Who amongst us can claim this? And I'll be the first to say I will be Law No way. We are all sinful within Naveen.

00:36:59--> 00:37:42

If by them You mean a person who has mastered all of the room and can quote you all of the books and has his shareholders now in the hole and insolvent and Bilasa and fear can interfere with the biller? No way we are net we're sitting at the feet of inventory. And I know we've been hijacked. But if you mean somebody who has spent 2030 years full time studying the dean, and has a good knowledge of all of the classical sciences enough to understand the sciences, and has mastered some of the sciences, in sha Allah, I hope to be amongst that group. But you see, is recognized by the people of Yanni, I am not a doctor. If 10 doctors were to come and show me their surgeries and

00:37:42--> 00:38:22

whatnot, I cannot tell the difference between they're all the same to me. But if a doctor who has studied now sees these 10, he will say Oh, this guy, amazing. he'll appreciate because he has the mastery. So I say to the table and that listen to my lectures and you decide. That's all I can say. A toilet will and will appreciate a federal Tyler Perry Atlantic trade authority who has studied the field. Now go listen to my library chats about these last 1015 average as you go listen to any series I've given the Zero series, go listen to my buddy doc series, go listen to my heaven and hell series a Shopify series go listen to any series I have given and you be the judge. And if you feel

00:38:22--> 00:38:57

that there is nothing of benefit, no problem is not going to harm you on the Day of Judgment. And if you feel there is some benefit and humbleness from ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah and Allah has blessed me as a result of it all is from Allah azza wa jal Canada there are talks about Archaea there in Ireland. So what is he going to give Dawa? To what do I don't understand this question? A Daddy will be calling to Allah azza wa jal, those who are criticizing you, we consider you as their island. Then they said he is there i He hasn't to talk about J. That's I mean, that's okay, that's having to talk about our peoples maybe that's their opinion. Yanni. I have studied my Magister and PhD as an

00:38:57--> 00:39:29

outfielder. What more I mean, again, it's difficult to say this because when you say this is appears as if you are boosting your credentials, we're putting other people down, I don't know what to say. Shekinah. Yanni, I studied in JAMA Islamia. I was number one of my two five when I applied to the master's program, and I was number one in the master's program, and they were sure Rudy's and Kuwaitis and Mauritanians and whatnot, lesser degrees than me, one of my and I don't like saying the show, but you have to say something that was one of my one or two, no, one of my one of my colleagues in that doofah, my colleagues and I don't want to mention names, one of them made to

00:39:29--> 00:39:48

create a meet in class in class in front of the show. Do you know why? Because I said that the Earth goes around the sun, and this is my room and your cleaning. And he said this is Cofer to say that the Earth goes around the sun is Cofer, because Allah says in the Quran that

00:39:49--> 00:39:50

worships Trump's decision that

00:39:51--> 00:39:54

that hoorah, we shall tolerate

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

a heavy sort of gap, and we're chumps and this is this is Cooper.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

He didn't you know the aroma that said this right. So he said it is a little goofy. So it is the shrimps that is moving not the earth the earth is no more stalker The Earth is now let me finish. So he said I'm going against the Quran and Foolad in front he quoted Allah ma. They said it was cool for now listen to this. This colleague of mine was a different national who served the nationality. I'm not 30 this colleague in a few years, became a full professor of Akita. And in two years after that became the East Pismo Akita in JAMA Islamia, the president of the department, the head of the department of al Qaeda, same track, migraines are higher than his actually. Right. But because my

00:40:42--> 00:41:02

agency is multileaf, and so he goes down this track. Now what are they going to say? Any so what killed What do you mean to say? So this guy thinks that I'm a coffered because this the Earth goes around the sun, and he became the ECE customer Arpita for many years. And he's my colleague, and actually not just my colleague, I am any he was what made any changes his opinion. I hope he has changed.

00:41:03--> 00:41:45

I don't know what my point is that people they they have this romanticized view of him and Ruda and too much any he actually all of them are human beings have just lost industry experience. How do you handle the loved one the elderly who and me? Well, yes. If you know, if you have one area you are in today, now you are entirely me, you have nothing but you have one area, you should, based on this hadith to make better for this. You agree with me? Of course we're supposed to preach and teach to the people and Allah has blessed me to study Islam full time for almost 30 years now. We only I don't understand. What do they want me to do to not preach and teach because I have views that are

00:41:45--> 00:41:57

different from their one strand of Islam. I mean, I am saying to them you preach and I preach in May Allah azza wa jal put baraka and all over Dawa, this really very simple. We want to effect the OMA. I also believe Shekinah that

00:41:58--> 00:42:39

people's mentalities are different and different people are attracted to different Messiah. I don't have a problem with this. Let certain people find comfort in one group of aroma, let other people comfort in another. And if you couldn't finish it, allow it to as long as all of them have the broad basis of Eman and Allah and belief in the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim and Archon and Islam and wanting to read the Quran and wanting to worship Allah. I believe these differences of opinion don't need to bring about such hatred and animosity, I believe the OMA has bigger problems than the spectrum of interpretation. So even if I have moved from being one type of the only understanding of

00:42:39--> 00:43:13

Satanism, to a broader minded because I haven't flipped and become another strand. On the contrary, I view all of these interpretations from a different angle as if you only they're all fee him flat fee him good. I don't carry a card of any one of these. I don't consider myself a member of any one of these strands, and Phillip and interpretations rather frequently unfair, and I look at the good and I tried to overlook the bad and don't make tensions between the OMA so this is my overall methodology and manage myself. This is my criticism. Number six, I have to shave, look at the camera because it's a big one. And I have to

00:43:15--> 00:43:56

know what's going on with these people. The criticism number six, unfortunately, they said for the accused GFS is that you are sheffey Asad doubting the preservation of the Quran. And you said clearly that the narrative has holes narrative has holes. Yeah, that's what I said. Number one, did you say that? The I said the narrative has holes, but about what about what exactly about the preservation of the Quran, arugula, arugula. My interview is very clear. And also I said that, you know, sometimes it didn't review don't use the best words. And I said, that no doubt just stopped for a lot of the words weren't the best. But I was not speaking about the preservation of the Quran

00:43:56--> 00:44:18

or rubella. It's very clear what it was about one of the most technical issues which is out of and Karachi and the reality of Battlefield karate, as you have your master's and PhD is an aroma Quran out of all of the subjects of a little more Quran you know, as well as I do that I have is the one that I need to hire. It's a little cool that Runa Ma was so super.

00:44:19--> 00:44:27

Oh, cool. I am one of the most confusing issues of Illuma Quran is hardly cluttered. And all of the Masonic supplement, please.

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

I know. This is the problem. Yeah. So there are a hadith mutawatir from the prophets of salaam that the Quran has been revealed in multiple The Hierophant seven, right? And we also know that there are multiple recitations of the Quran that are you know, codified the 10 the seven the 14 there are codified. So, what is the out of and what is the relationship of the karate with the Okay, this is the means that the way yeah, like Huff's. Awesome sharp, here, yes. Okay, now, this is one

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

The most complicated and dense questions that Rula ma have written about a sealed deal is 40 opinions in a let's call and write a show Kenny also lists them. Our the teacher of our teachers shall treat you the one who wrote the old world by young. Right? He was asked what is your opinion about it? And he said, my opinion about the roof is that I don't have an opinion. This is a shot at. He's so confused. I don't have an opinion about this, right? So I said, Oh, by the way, and the level of the knowledge of shipment, some was even higher, some was even higher. Now. My point is that certain issues arose about my position about a harmonica that other people who perhaps haven't

00:45:44--> 00:46:15

studied as deeply, they found very problematic. And they accused me of becoming more tender or a ball or even cafard because they didn't, you know, so these issues had to be clarified. So I said, you know, the majority opinion of a hierophant karate, I don't agree with it, and the narrative has holes in it. I agree. I shouldn't have used those wordings as stuck for a lot of them. It's very painful wording, the kuffaar and even some of my critics, they began saying Oh, he is saying the Quran I have to clarify.

00:46:17--> 00:46:51

A shock for the Quran. Koufonisia Usabilla. A shock filled Quran Khufu the biller in DECANOATE I have to learn how can anybody accused another Muslim Anisha I don't like say this I'm a half of the Quran. Everyday we read the Quran I have ijazat and multiple criteria for somebody to come and say I'm doubting I will do bla bla bla it's painful. Aisha, I agree it wasn't the best wording. But look at the interview Allah He it is crystal clear. I'm talking about how to declutter out of the reality of our heart of the reality of his relationship with the Quran. I have an opinion I have a position. And I don't mind teaching it to anybody who has studied and we can we but you cannot explain it in

00:46:51--> 00:47:30

two minutes online and share. Again, I don't like saying these things but you know, one of the critics of mine. And again, may Allah bless and forgive them. They haven't studied these issues. They haven't. And when they hear an opinion that they've never studied, they think you are the catheter loan balloon. So he said to me, your position is scuffle. And I'm going to get a fatwa from the Kibera ulama. I'm going to get a fatwa that you are cafard because of this opinion, I said before the Bismillah, but just one any addition, make sure they also make feel of the Howey and I will find the Razzie and a Shafi and I mentioned five or six people. He goes, What do you mean? I

00:47:30--> 00:48:12

said, my opinion is exactly the opinion of falafel and I mentioned the whole list. He goes no way. They said this, and I quoted him, look up right now book up. Hello circuit he didn't know what to say. And Masekela they don't even know. They don't even know other opinions. At this point you Exactly. We're imitating a bunch of Alama starting from 100%. My opinion is nothing new, nothing new. I agree. It's a minority opinion. No word is what you used me it was exactly no other words are used was wrong. But I'm following in my opinion, but I have no clue. I'm following many of them. Now, no problem you disagree to further or no problem. But please understand, I'm not bringing

00:48:12--> 00:48:22

anything new. It's not something that like I have an opinion that is a minority opinion. And I can back it up and I have no problem was discussing with people at random in this regard. So this was the whole colossal

00:48:24--> 00:49:07

shareholding took in any way about the preservation of Quran Kareem he wasn't talking about the Quran will kill him he wasn't talking about out of Sabah, and this big issue between glamour and Chef just was imitating a bunch of Alabama is starting from Sherif Ali Mamata how are you? I'm all louder that Right exactly. That was number seven we will change a little bit yes, we will talk now about Yeah. And there is criticism and this criticism is you try to make unity which Yeah. So this is Colombia Jamal, it is a speech that is ambiguous What do you mean unity? I am been very clear that we have different athletes different beliefs, I have been very clear that I am Sunni and I

00:49:07--> 00:49:42

respect the Sahaba and anybody who just respects the Sahaba I cannot respect that person as an individual actually, I will not pray behind such a person who curses the Sahaba I will not pray behind them. But does this mean that we go and start killing other bombing their shrines? Does this mean we start civil war between them? So I have never called for unity actually Iranian TV press TV interviews online and they asked me point blank, do you think there should be one message I said no. There should not be one message historically since the beginning of time there have been two masajid for the Shia for the Sunnah and let it be. Why

00:49:43--> 00:50:00

because the differences are too much. You cannot expect somebody who curses I will bucket and I shall the Allahu Allah anima to to Yanni beside that we're going to be silent as such a person. Let there be organic difference, but there shouldn't be too few

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

You, there shouldn't be bombing. There shouldn't be violence, we have to agree to disagree in this dunya and let ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada decide our affairs and the ACA. And I've also said, we will unite for the greater good, ie, there is an Islamophobic candidate running for office. Right? We need votes to push this guy out. Yeah, hey, I'll get the vote of the cafe to vote this guy out. Simple as that. I'll get the vote of anybody to if somebody wants to ban our massages. If somebody wants to shut down or massages we need to get people to help us in this regard. Yes, we're going to come together for the greater good is the unity which human so the Unity for the greater good which

00:50:40--> 00:50:45

is the Khurana unity, what are our no added ability what Taqwa what I will do for

00:50:47--> 00:51:20

me, I let you connect our with anybody assured we're going to feed the poor cannot bring the kuffar and help us feed the poor. If you're going to build a hospital cannot make our winter comfortable. The hospital Wallah, whoever view you have to kill them. No. I don't view the biller. That's not me. Does this work with the sizing we have this made that's their methodology. I think it's wrong and dangerous and evil look, you haven't to sit, you haven't to laugh, you should attack them and they're ready to kill kill them. This is there. So I have said from the beginning, there is a time a place a language and methodology to teach these sectarian differences. I have never said we are the

00:51:20--> 00:51:57

same. Actually. Interestingly enough last week, I have a big Facebook post. There is a very evil movie that was released about London about London. Yeah, I have a whole face. I'll post a very evil walleye very evil movie. I said, this movie is public. It's correction needs to be public. But when we correct, we don't make Tamim we don't generalize all the Xiang or kuffaar know anybody who believes some of the doctrines of that movie has committed go for no doubt about it. If you believe that you only I shall they allow him to poison the process them to death, which is the movie shows this right now with Ebola put poison. How with a builder, I was a biller, you're going to believe

00:51:57--> 00:52:35

this actually, this is only beyond the pale of acceptability, you know, so I said this in my Facebook post. So what do you need? Are they talking about? But should we now make duck feet of all of the Shia? Should we say with that we're going to bomb their shrines and kill our villa. So there's a middle ground here. And when I tried to argue for that middle ground, some of our brethren they they think that this is ignoring the mistakes that they have. And I said no, the average Muslims should not be taught to hate another Muslim, we can teach the correct view without teaching hatred of the other view. I can teach my people to respect the Sahaba without teaching them to go

00:52:35--> 00:52:56

bomb the one who or to make tech Fito though because again, what again, this is a technical issue when discovered occur. It's disrespecting a companion is fiscally it does not refer to be very clear. disrespecting a commit now to disrespect the Prophet system is called for note about that one question or cursing the Sahaba

00:52:57--> 00:53:11

had a feat of cursing the Sahaba it is what requires a bit of a distinction The default is that it is Fiske it's not covered in and of itself, but it might be if you are

00:53:12--> 00:53:28

for example in particular for example oh Booker is the one Allah says in the Quran is the according to Sahibi and you say he is not of the Sahaba integration it wasn't he wasn't Yeah, their integration Yeah. And so we open up a very plausible Yeah.

00:53:29--> 00:53:30


00:53:31--> 00:54:14

So this opens up a very dangerous door and we will correct these mistakes we respect the Sahaba are the Allahu Allah Allah and you clearly now say that you don't agree about the unity which bring some people cursing the Sahaba to be with you in one masjid or something? You are not with this way? I think I heard this from your hotword Yes, I have. allow anyone comes down to the member I'm not going to allow if I am in charge, nobody who is cursing the sahabi should be preaching. But if we unite for another cause Sophia? Yeah, it's very good. If we unite for another cause, not for our the biller. He the person who has this deviancy should not be teaching Islam, to my own children to my

00:54:14--> 00:54:48

community. I understand they will preach to their community. What are we going to do about it again, people get they get frustrated. I'm trying to be practical. What do you want to do about it? What are the what what do you want you want out of Allah want to go kill them? Some of them say yes. What are you going to do with one from those who criticize you? He believes that you should if you have a chance to kill these people you should make that that's his view. I think it is haram and and Islamic and I follow here. What I did on the Allah Juan's politics was with the coverage. The first house marriage the first house that is that broke away, right. He tried to convince them with his

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

talk with him and Abbas he made any back and forth with them when they refused. It's well known you look up any book or body of nicotine when they refuse What did he say? They said and I let him help

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

We have no right to force them to do anything, as long as they don't harm us. And he let them be in their camp until they began killing, then he attacked them. He gave them the freedom he gave them the freedom to be a little bit I know that sounds harsh to some of the Salafi brethren but it is the truth Yeah, he as the Khalifa of the Muslims, he gave them freedom to be a little bit out are you more righteous than added to the law when in doubt and conferred by the way in a land of non Islam? Are you more righteous that somehow you want? What do you want to do? Yeah, okay. Look, I'm Dino Cambodia, Dean and Lahoma, homefield. kawalan, Anna hanok, Amanda, and we have our ideas and filter

00:55:40--> 00:56:20

as well. Okay. It's pragmatic tolerance, Jonnie Rama and fina, we have no option except to say, you have your way of teaching. We have our way of teaching, and we will disagree and agree to disagree. But there is no benefit. Yes, yes. We see sectarian violence in the Muslim world. We see people bombing other people and people killing other people that are Muslims. Where does it come from? It comes from the mouths of Messiah of both sides, who keep on teaching hatred, hatred, hatred, hatred, what's going to happen when you teach this hatred, it's explosion is going to become a bomb. So I am not following that path. When I don't follow it. People think that some of my critics think that I'm

00:56:20--> 00:56:23

ignoring the differences No, not ignoring will lie not ignoring.

00:56:24--> 00:56:36

Okay. Criticism number eight, which so dangerous also, that you describe the sun from the Quran and the Sunnah thickest as a problematic ticks, and you literally said, bizarre.

00:56:37--> 00:57:17

Again, this is something that we need to be, again, multiple angles to look at first and foremost, first and foremost, if and this is I'm teaching this as a simple principle. If there is a preacher, a teacher, a person who has many, many lectures, if you find a clip that seems to go against everything he's preaching, Yanni, you should have some personal one. What is going on? What did he mean? Okay? Unfortunately, what we find is that sometimes some of our brother and May Allah guide them and forgive them. They take an ambiguous clip, such as this one, and they use it to negate hundreds and 1000s of other clips and explicit statements. And this is why it's as if Allah azza wa

00:57:17--> 00:57:55

jal is saying that yet Tiburon, Emma Tisha Berman, if the whole fitna, with the heart that we did, Allah says of the Quran of the Quran, forget the so called the speech of the Quran, Allah says there are people that will find ambiguous ayaats and they're going to read in to cause fitna ignoring the clear ayat so there are always going to be people that do this I seek others refuge I speak to this critic I say yes, yeah. Okay. Please listen to hundreds of hotel bedrooms and lectures Insha Allah, you will find some love of the Quran and Sunnah. What did you show this? So so first thing I want to begin with this is the one you find something like this. Yeah. And he understand first, secondly,

00:57:55--> 00:58:36

the story of this issue, because also again, and I seek refuge if I made a mistake. Let me explain what is intended and what is going on. So during the crisis of ISIS, ISIS, the fitna going on, and America was on high alert. And there was legislation in 22 states attempting to ban the Sharia. I don't know if you know, this is before you came to America. Oh, yeah. 22 states attempted to ban the shooter. Islamophobia was all time high during this timeframe. And one city I forgot were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No, that was one city, for the first time got the city council to come to its if thought to its

00:58:37--> 00:59:13

annual event and the mayor to come. And they invited me to be the keynote speaker. So the first time the non Muslim delegates are coming, and the mayor is come. And you know, they said this is we have never managed to get them now. And there's some talk of, you know, some issues against the Muslim community. We're coming. We're asking you to come and clarify what is going on. So the bulk of my audience were non Muslim, you have to understand this point. Now. Sometimes when you're in front of a live audience, again, you have to think of words and sometimes not the best words come up. So again, I seek refuge if the phrasing was wrong, but what was the intent? The intent is not

00:59:13--> 00:59:52

problematic at all. Maybe the phrasing could be better, no doubt. But again, when you put on the spot, sometimes you say things that you wish you could prepare the speech. You're not so somebody asked me about ISIS taking slaves? Something like this, you know, and doesn't the Quran allow slaves and slavery? Okay, what I wanted to say, and maybe the wording wasn't best, but the concept is 100% clear and I'm gonna explain it and I've explained it in the past. I actually explained this multiple times is the following, that every faith community has issues that it has to struggle with. Actually, Allah says in the Quran, sativa and ecology, how they were were created who are who are

00:59:52--> 00:59:59

called Hola, como, Allah says in the Quran, some things you find difficult, okay, this is factually correct, that there are

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issues that you find problematic. In fact, our Allama wrote books about the problematic issues of Quran and Sunnah Ibn forrec Right Bushkill Bushkill mashallah Hadith of the how we shall mushkil Athol right? Explaining the problematic a hadith This is 1111 volumes, your shareholders 1111 volumes, the explaining problematic ahaadeeth Is Mr. McCullough, how are we saying oh, the biller or the biller? The Quran is problematic the process, he is saying we have problems understanding, it is problematic for us to deal with this. We don't have a solution. We're struggling to get to the solution. Right. So this was my point and trying to explain that look, we all have issues that we

01:00:45--> 01:00:51

find difficult to explain, that are problematic for us. This is something Yeah, it is

01:00:53--> 01:01:33

even hedged on every enemy. And even agile, I remember reading a comment recently, he goes, Well ha that hadith Bushkill. He says this, this hadith is problematic. And I don't know how to resolve it actually, but the height height of Adam right to do so. It goes this hadith is problematic. And I don't know how to reconcile between archaeology. What he says, Oh, by the way, 101 from the bestow Allama, who explained to the Hadith, whether we might go so. So what I'm trying to say is that the phrasing was, again, maybe not the best, but the concept is every faith community, right, there are babcom that they have to struggle with.

01:01:35--> 01:02:09

And then we have to understand how so it's relevant in our understandings. Yes. So what do we do with the issues of slavery? Wallahi every one of us anyone we go through a phase? No, no, the Quran doesn't actually allow milkier means we have to go there with Oh, it does actually know, what do we do with that? And it's something we have to go through and you have to understand I invited Dr. Jonathan brown slavery in Islam as a whole lecture, listen to that right. And even he has a good book on this as well that he as a Muslim had to you know, undergo would How do we understand these verses? It was problematic for him as a Muslim. It was problematic for me as a teenager when I first

01:02:09--> 01:02:48

came across the verses right? So the problem or would have been is not in the Quran and Sunnah. The problem is in our hikma and lack of hikma our struggling with it, and the context clearly shows us in any case, I seek Allah's refuge if the wording wasn't the best, but I also gently say to my, my, my critics that actually Please listen to my hundreds and 1000s of lectures about the Quran about the Sunnah about the zero about harm defending the Sharia, then you come across 10 seconds right at the time and a place and a location that you don't know. Please have some personal life. I have defended the Sharia and the Quran and the Sunnah and the Sierra for my entire life. Now you come

01:02:48--> 01:03:24

across something vague, may Allah forgive me, maybe it wasn't the best wording, but the concept was I'm trying to explain because the question was, doesn't the Quran allow slavery? Yes, you're a non Muslim in two minutes. How do you give Dawa to them? When he asked you about slavery? I had a hikma I had a methodology. And I don't see a problem with that. We say look, this is an issue. Yes, we as Muslims, we have to understand maybe we're gonna have some issues with it now and move on to the hate to something else. So how do you explain to a non Muslim audience immediately he is asking milk I mean, does your Quran allow milk You mean right? How are you going to explain to a non Muslim

01:03:24--> 01:04:02

disregard and in a way that you move on to something more important I employ a tactic with utmost respect to those that are finding this problematic themselves go and give that hour and find me a better way and I'll follow it but I employ the tactics that even you as Christians, you have things in your book that you don't know what to do with you then you as Jews, you have things in your book, you believe in it, but it's problematic for you. This is the point we as well as Muslims, right? We have a camp Allah says in the Quran, you're going to find this difficult, but you must do it. Okay, we are doing the same thing. So the problem is in our own trying to understand the Heckman so clear

01:04:02--> 01:04:43

now. Okay, we still have two criticism in this inshallah part criticism number nine, which talking about elude share to be accused you that you are rejecting the Hollywood or you said that dude, it's not proper to be active in this time? No, again, again, I want people to listen to the entire lectures, I will be like, again, this is something that, again, maybe a lot of a standard. I don't know what to say this is an incorrect summary or misinterpretation. I have been very clear. And again, with utmost respect, one of the one of the the problems that we're facing in our times, let me take a step back here. One of the problems we're taking to facing in our times is people who

01:04:43--> 01:04:49

don't have room have taken on the responsibility to find the mistakes of people who have

01:04:50--> 01:05:00

and they spread what they consider to be mistakes amongst other people who don't have. So any alum or share who

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

Listen to what I have to say. I don't expect them to at all find anything I said problematic in this regard. But when you don't have it in and you are hunting for mistakes, you will think something to be a mistake when it is not a mistake. And you will make a big drama and create something out of it when it doesn't deserve anything of this nature. What I have said is standard mainstream amongst many of the folks who have our times. And I've always said that, again, with utmost respect, it appears as if you only the people that are spreading these types of things they don't study. The such the shady are also the shady out, there are two separate chapters, one of them is the book of

01:05:39--> 01:06:16

fic. And the other is CS or to Sharia, the book of filk very clear, we have the Gam the hood we study them, and we understand this is what it means the punishment punishments. Yeah. Now the issue of when and how to apply and when to manifest. This is a separate topic called C asset to Shediac will be accused as of today. So well, that's their perspective. And this is a bit Tamia has a book on this and everybody knows this Yanni. Yeah, so fic is the books of fic are not meant to be a constitution for a Muslim country. The books of filth are taught to understand

01:06:17--> 01:06:58

how and when you take the account on a political level on a societal level is a separate science of fifth, which is a more advanced science, and even many basic students of knowledge. Don't study it, because it's not a basics as a very advanced science. Now, what is well known and it's not just me that is saying this is that in given our world that we live in, and given the reality of nation states and given all that is taking place. To what level can we rethink through the application, I have never said are with a biller that we're going to make nests of the application of the dude, I have never said the abrogation I have never said we're going to consider the books of fear

01:06:58--> 01:07:27

conditionally our ability to be bolted up the question arises that what can we do in a modern country in Malaysia, in Pakistan, in Libya, in Tunisia? Let me give you a simple example here to my critics here. Is there any item in the world in the world that is calling for Jizya upon Allah Zima in their own countries? Do you know any item in the world that is saying nowadays, why?

01:07:28--> 01:07:57

Why should Why is no out Allah says in the Quran, hatha yoga to Jesus yet And yet denwa himself is in the Quran. And I can the jizya in every book of every book of film. So when an Adam and this is again what frustrated May Allah give me patients what frustrates me? Well, like I utmost respect. Many of my critics really haven't studied there. Is this an ISIS group? ISIS Yeah, they're not really my by the way, they are self because

01:07:58--> 01:08:03

I never ISIS never had actually renumber ISIS has been

01:08:05--> 01:08:09

self taught to wait a bit and any mean for you for every

01:08:11--> 01:08:27

so why is why is it that Obama of Egypt or a number of the medulla carcinoma of all the lands? Why is it that they're not calling for Jizya? Right now, why? Because they understand that okay, given the current circumstances, right, the Sharia allows us to

01:08:28--> 01:09:06

not do the job is any of these rules are gonna say that Jizya was bolted in the Quran or with the villa nobody's gonna say this, the Allah revealed in the Quran. So the same thing, you're sure every mainstream item is saying that, unfortunately, a layup the home, these Yani, you know, critics of mine. They they're not even aware of what it is. It's as if I have said something new. It's as if they've never actually occurred. This is the default of every single chef that is active in the real world and the public in the political scene. I have spoken to Jacoba we directly one of the senior alumna of the Western world he passed away move to Baja Koran. People are aware of him in South

01:09:06--> 01:09:43

Africa, one of the senior them I had a long conversation I still have his WhatsApp messages on my phone. I went over this issue as well as the shift Do you also agree with me that when it comes to blasphemy and when it comes to the types of issues, modern Muslim countries can rethink through to what punishment they apply? Maybe not execution we can send to jail for example, right because we don't want any this to be Kampala, but at the same meaning sub of Allah and His Messenger, but at the same time, can we think through a lot I can read? I can, you know, you know, some of Allah, His messenger in the modern state. All I'm saying can we rethink through for a temporary timeframe. I'm

01:09:43--> 01:10:00

not even saying I will do biller always will I never said that. You know the books are filled or bottle and cover out the biller. Nor am I saying this is permanent, I'm saying in the current climate just like Jizya another question I have which Adam is calling for Rick and herb booty and welcome

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

mean right now other than ISIS, other than ISIS, nobody why Allah says in the Quran and the Prophet and their camp, which book? It was. So it's every book of faith has a camera, every camera means slavery and whatnot, every book of why is it not being applied now? Because 100 years ago, a movement began in Muslim lands. By the way, this is an interesting story as well, even in Muslim NAS there was back and forth. And some earlier I said, How can you make haram what Allah has made halal, and the other elements are we're not making it haram. We are saying right now in the current world, we should abolish it. If we're not saying it is how long we will pay homage nor are we saying it was

01:10:35--> 01:11:15

sinful for the people have in the past, but we're seeing now car certain car social area, right. We have to abolish Can you a little bit talk about the Tesla as well, philosophy? Yeah, so mentioned for cars. So again, these are topics that unfortunately, exactly how to even fall in love and end before the students here at our university in Amazon. It was so advanced, that's the point. So So Shariah means there is different there is FICKY I can like the book of book. And there is a book of a CS Ashara. Applying the year in modern times. So advanced it Yes. And people cannot differentiate between them. And this is what unfortunate and this is why we live in a time of fitna where a person

01:11:15--> 01:11:28

who doesn't know it and is given a platform on social media and able to confuse the people that oh, look, he's going against fake No. Come a car, sir is different that I can figure out what I'm talking about a car, sir. Not.

01:11:29--> 01:12:12

So yeah, CRC, I did a political application of these loss, right? And honestly, it's so basic and that is why no Olim will find what I said problematic no item, because I am preaching what the Roma taught me. This is exactly what the Roma have taught you is that CRC to Sharia is different than but what we have now is a lot of gel, and also a lot of zeal and Hamas, Allah to have overzealousness where it's basically Mahali when they see Islam becoming very, very, very liberal, which it is I agree with this. Anybody who preaches something they think is in that direction Halas he becomes liberal and modernists, no, you don't understand what is liberal and modernist in Islam in the first

01:12:12--> 01:12:52

place. You don't you don't have the tools to know that not every easy opinion means is becoming liberal law. Yanni, Sofia and authority so famous there was this kind of guarantee, I forgot to say famously said that Facebook is not one to preach the strict opinion, everybody can preach the strict opinion, Phil is one to preach the lenient opinion. And that is the correct one. That is where real Phil comes in. So the real key is not the one who follows the strictest opinion all the time. No. So again, all that I have said in this regard. Wallahi I don't know what else to say it is mainstream, it's not problematic. But people who haven't studied and they haven't heard it in English, and

01:12:52--> 01:13:32

they've only studied basically Poka Yoke, they find it problematic, actually, what I have said is the position of every single major scholar of every Muslim man, and that's why they themselves are not calling for return or booty. They're not calling for Jizya they're not calling for so many things. No Muslim land today, no Muslim land applies. This should be 100%. Why even so they're even why why? Because they understand see asset of Sharia is different than the books are fake. That's all I'm saying. Nothing strange in this regard. Last to criticism, and this part is why she acid is supporting Sheikh Al Qaradawi shift use of alcohol. So I'm not a blind follower of any share. But I

01:13:32--> 01:14:08

respect your views were called Baba and I respect them does and I respect you when I say me and I respect what happens to him alone aspect although the Messiah, each one has something to benefit the OMA and I believe that's useful for Bowie overall. His methodology is something that appeals to me but it doesn't mean I agree with every single opinion. And the reason why I sometimes quote his name is because my critics sometimes make it out as if this opinion is I'm the first person in human history or the only person saying this. And I'm just quoting, one of the most respected and senior Allama in the world alive today. May Allah azza wa jal protect him and what even if you disagree,

01:14:08--> 01:14:46

and there are many who disagree with him, even if you disagree, just understand that he he Are you going to deny his right to which t hat? Can anybody say that? He is not in which the Hillary times? Yeah, they said it's he is not Ilm. He makes a lot of things halal. You make double Halal halal, okay. So that's their, that's their opinion. Some people said that will kill Bella, we might shout out with Ebola with Ebola. So that's their opinion. I don't I cannot respond to that level of Jehovah, that level of ignorance. If you're going to allow with Ebola, call an alum killed like this. And you're right, somebody wrote a book of their group, and it just published I am aware of

01:14:46--> 01:14:59

this book, right. I don't even want to respond to this. In my opinion. ShareFile Carl Bowie is one of the greatest odema of our era. That's all I'm saying. One of the greatest and Sheldon bass was also one of the greatest by the way

01:15:00--> 01:15:10

I shared with him he's one of the greatest and I just studied and I studied Wishart with me and enrolled me at Ischia and I studied wisher when bas meaning I should not say study I attended shambles and I

01:15:11--> 01:15:17

met went to his house multiple times share with me I studied with I am I consider myself a mind your mind your mind, Jeff Ruka

01:15:18--> 01:15:53

he's there and and I consider and I consider chef who on earth me to be one of my main spiritual mentors, even if I respectfully respectfully disagree with some of his opinions, but my love for him has not changed at all. And I really think he is what he mean only Allah azza wa jal and I think he has been by yourself I think he's member he's one of the remnants of the setup and I saw with my own eyes his a bodysuit, the stock but what has this got to do with having to agree with every opinion of his can we not understand you can respect this year and disagree with their opinion? I love him and with me alone, how would I hope to be resurrected your shoulder in the company of the righteous

01:15:53--> 01:16:34

and I hope he is amongst them. But that doesn't mean I gotta say we Chicago we I met him multiple times. I have an interview with him on recorded and I asked him some very deep and interesting questions about him and whatnot. And I respect him. And I have said publicly that when I was in my 20s my mind gravitated more towards entertainment and Ibn VAs and an element of the Salafi movement. And as I grew older, without any anybody influencing my own mind, now I am more towards the type of Seeker the type of methodology that one finds the show I'll Cordoba with that's what I have said. It's not that I'm a blind follower of any of them I respect all of them but to my own maturation I

01:16:34--> 01:16:44

have gone from this to that my critics have the right to criticize as their business by the way sugar Murthy me and said literally about Khalifa just says it's much good also yes he also said this

01:16:45--> 01:16:49

hadith of Muslim she could not have Muslim Yeah.

01:16:50--> 01:17:18

And I have read this yes postings yet before I in this part. There is it's like secret about chef Abdulaziz bin bears. I know this literally that he read the book of Halal haram Qaradawi and he was respecting ation of Colombo so much and he wrote with his hand that this book is great except the five photography she had been best doesn't agree about only five photography from Kitab and Halal haram of Sheffield collarbone which is

01:17:19--> 01:17:49

there is group of people they call it hello Halal means that Qaradawi said everything is halal. They accuse him in this way. But the great chef chef members said literally and he wrote this with his hand that Kitab halal or haram is great Kitab except five MSL just as any cover I have to say it um inshallah maybe later Allah we will continue all this criticism which is jealous of Kobe, but inshallah Nick is part of this video BarakAllahu li calm or Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi.

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