Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 10

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The loss of life and houses due to storm and pride and faithfulness are porridge, and the loss of their houses is a result of their mistake and permission to enter the holy site. The loss of their houses is a result of their mistake, and they are not allowed to do anything with their names. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam's rule of being only a partner and not a victim, the use of shaming and pride, and the use of shaming to deter evil behavior. The speaker also touches on protecting believers from violence and the use of "the Great thirteenth month" in Islam's culture.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. It's your brother Abraham with another daily tip, see it. We're now doing juice number 10 with Linda Hill Hamed, we're continuing near the end of salt Hill and fat which is the eighth chapter, which is the eighth chapter of the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah Allah continues speaking about the Battle of bed, and the Battle of bed that it was intentional to bring peace to the believers who were always worried what would they do when the enemy came to attack the people of courage, and the loss of Hannah and to Adam, Yeoman called German, the decisive victory was with the believers and that strength in their heart, it also brought to bear the

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punishment that the people of porridge would eventually see. And it began in the Battle of bed, their chiefs of Cuba, and Abu JAL, and otbi were all killed on that day. And it was a sense of demoralizing defeat for them even more so spiritually, then this sort of begins to speak about how to gain a loss assistance, the loss of Hannah went to Allah. He says, Yeah, you had levena Amano either locally to him. When you find an enemy when you find difficulty when there's strain that's going to you're going to face whether on the battlefield or in the battlefield of your life fest butuh with guru Lucha, kathira be firm and steadfast and be make mention and remembrance of Allah

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often. Like him to fly home and in that way, you will find the success that you need. While to LA Sula, be obedient to God and His commands and his messengers allow it was seldom well attended for text shadow, whatever anybody who can be obedient to Allah and His messenger and don't dispute and disband from each other, hold on to each other. Be firm with each other at every one because if you do your energy and your efficiency and your strength will depart was beautiful and be patient be firm there's going to be things you have to be patient in disputes you have with people who are you're supposed to see eye to eye with and you have to be patient in this one attack uno que la Vina

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hora Jomon dare him and don't be like those who exit their homes going out for a noble purpose, but they ruin it because of pride and arrogance and showing off and boastfulness at none of that will be pleasing to Allah subhanho to Allah. In the end result what is taught is obey Allah, His Messenger and be brothers, who knew Juana be brothers to each other. This is how solo to unfurl comes to an end, the ninth chapter of the Koran, solo Toba, Allah subhanho wa Taala begins it and it's a chapter that there's agreement amongst the scholars were saying best meta Bismillahirrahmanirrahim should not be recited because this sort of descended to affirm a loss, wrath and anger against those who

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were who were renegades against the prophets. I sell them from the people of courage from the non Arabs who did not believe and more importantly from the hypocrites, who lived with disbelief in their heart but showed an aspect of faithfulness in their outer being. And the soul has different names. It's called sort of Toba repentance, and barah, meaning disavow moment and disavow Allah has disavowed and therefore there's no mention of mercy at the beginning of it. It begins by discussing the peace treaty that the Prophet had with the people of porridge, that it would be honored up to the date that has been set. And thereafter, the there would be no more treaty. And therefore it

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would be something where the prophets I send them would take action. And this is where the prohibition of idolatry to be practiced in the realm of the holy sanctuaries of Mecca and Medina and so forth and so forth were brought to an end valaria Tolan Masjid al Haram in the army him However, after that year, they are not to enter into the holy site to do their idolatrous act of worship. And that was a commandment set by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah then speaks often in this sort of about masajid. And there's going to be one Masjid which is called dirar that will come in the next Jews. That is set as a Masjid that was ill intentioned, but Allah initially in this Jews in Jews,

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number 10, speaks up about

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the message, the message that is honoring to Allah, it is a place where his name is mentioned and praise, hypocrites have an allergic reaction to this. They dishonored and they're dishonored because they don't have a love and an affinity to the house of Allah. Allah also mentioned in the data show here in the live now I shot a shout out on peaky tabula, that the month of the calendar year or 12 minute out of Baton huddle, four of them are to be treated as sacred or violence and war and sin should be abstaining from in even particular regard. And there's a virtue that is set for the early Moha, jurien and mohajir, on those who made hedgerow to the Prophet early on, cannot be made equal

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to those who stayed behind and even the unsung

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Our nazzaro who received the Maha jurien are not unequal standing with them. Allah speaks about defending the believers, and that there is a call and a time to bear arms and the prophets I seldom is told how to do it the meaning and sort of let them fail and sort of the Toba raise an army and raise a strength and deter violence against you by positioning yourself strategically and in a strength, strengthening pose, and that the believers those who have faith in Allah are those who struggle in the path of truth are those who commit their Jihad that Allah Subhana Allah requests of it of their life and their wealth, that you have to stand up for the greater purpose and defend

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those who are weakest amongst you, and then a loss of power and went to Allah has bestowed nobility upon those who are martyred in the cause of defending others in in their path of truth. And those who give their life and their give their energy and they give their wealth for the service of others, for the assistance of others are those who are the most noble of people, a lot also continues by speaking about the categories of the cat. And there's a lot of financial discussion in this surah where Allah speaks about zeca, which is being made to be seen as different to general charity, and a law separated general charity, you decide how much you gave to who you gave when you

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gave, when, if not to give that general charity it's up to you, but is a cab and nimasa car to live for Cora visa is to be paid to a certain category and types of people. And those types are listed in verse number 60, there's no choice in it. You don't decide when to give how much to give or to who to give. It is determined by a calculation set by Allah Subhana home, what Allah, Allah also speaks about the hypocrites wanting to hoard their wealth, and that their wealth that they hold to them will be a source of punishment for them on the Day of Judgment,

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that they will be asked to bear its burden. hypocrites are those who seek profit even from that, which is haraam. And these are all highlighted in their solar, there are those who are harmful to others unethical in their business dealings. And there are those who forget the share of the needy and the poor. They are compared to those who are righteous, who give freely in the path of a law, and the law returns it to them. Often, a law then compares the hypocrites of the time of the prophets, I send them to those nations that were perished and destroyed in the past, especially those who had a clergy that were clear, that were greedy, and coveting of wealth, and money. The

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great underlying theme of the surah is that there are hypocrites amongst the believers, and that those hypocrites are those who won't stand up for truth, who won't bear arms to defend it who won't hold the prophets I said lemonis steam and all although they'll stand behind them in prayer in their hearts, their suspicion, malice and anger, and they're trying to profit here from all of this to make wealth. They belittle the believers at every, at every turn. And they look down at the contributions that the believers gave a lot juxtaposes that to those who are true in faith, that they are those who are courageous and giving and even when they don't have they gave enter spend

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thrifty and generous in the path of a law. They are generous and willing to do. What is beyond even their means at times. And these two groups will always be found within the oma of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that kind of brings an end to the Jews. Number 10. And I hope you'll join me in sha Allah for this ongoing series. Have a juice a day as a part of our daily tip. See, it's your brother. Yeah, hi Ibrahim was said Mr. D come off mental ly he was about a cat.

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