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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah I'm the shaqiri in WA Salatu was Salam O Allah say he didn't want saline so you didn't know whenever he know what have you been? Mohamed Salah la de who Allah and he was like to be with Selim Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina. Muhammad, let's just jump straight into the questions in chat a lot.

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Do people with mental illness, have those mental illnesses because they are not religious and reading and not reading the four? And it's an important question. And the answer is no. mental illness is of different types in different categories. So there are certain mental mental illnesses that people are born with. And it could be due to a change in their blood chemistry. It could be that their mother or their father genetically also had mental illness in their family history. And therefore it's a genetic

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gene that has been passed on to them. mental illness is like any other illness, it is something that can be cured and that clinicians are able to help with some

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that will require medical intervention in the term in the in the sense of pharmaceutics and medicine, or sometimes it can be just a counsellor and a therapist. In other cases, more severe cases, when it's in combination with other things that relate to harming of others, or self harm. It may require a blending of different services to come together. One of the things that does help in any aspect of life is of course, faith in Allah. There is another aspect that relates to mental health, which could be things like depression that we've all faced, it isn't clinical depression, it's not depression that has been with you for two weeks or longer. It's not a depression that has

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had a physical effect on you. But it's something where you feel sad, and you feel depressive and you know, things are not right, and you just don't feel your your best. And that is Islam and religion in general. faith in something bigger can help with those feelings of being overwhelmed and not being able to cope on your own without a community. So why is Islam helpful? Well, one, Islam is a communal faith, it requires that you go for a solo to do more and pray, so a lot of the Gemma and the masjid and that you attend, or an classes and you get involved. So belonging to something bigger than yourself helps you to push through number two, it allows you to do good for others, and charity

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and and you know, belonging and doing committed committed things towards helping others is one of the best ways of feeling good about yourself, and removing yourself from a state where you are unwell, unhappy, and in the state of beginning of stages of depression. So you want to get out there you want to assist others, you want to provide help towards others, because it'll make you feel good that you saw Yes, there are people who are struggling, like you're struggling, maybe more, maybe less. But number two, that you can be a solution. And if you can be a solution to others, then others can be a solution to yourself as well. Number three is to act and to get up and to force

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yourself to get out of your PJs to change your clothes. And even if you know even if you don't have a job to go to that you change your clothes, you get yourself in a state where even if it's just you're gonna walk outside, around the block and come back,

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that you've done something you've acted, you've committed towards something, we pray that Allah subhana wa tada allows you and I to be able to fulfill, you know, things that can assist others with their depression. What I will say as well is to check in and have others check in for you. So check in with people and say I'm delighted I'm doing a little bit better. I was feeling a little bit down last week. So check in with your local Imam, check in with your friends, check in with your family, let them know you're okay. Let them know that you did have a rough patch and things were not always as they seemed and that you did need support and ask them to support you in the way that you

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require. But number two is Don't feel shy when people check you out on you don't feel shy when people ring you up and say how you feeling I know you went through a tough time and this and that. Except that you will make that call for others at some point in time. Every single one of us needs that phone call, there's always going to be something that happened that may require somebody to come and assist us and provide that kind of counseling and that kind of service. So mental illness is not simply because a person is not faithful in practice. Third thing that I want

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They say is there are states of being discontent, unhappy when everything seems that it should make you happy, you're unhappy. And there's no Baraka in your life. And that's where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, The men out all the time, they could be the one who turns away from my remembrance, the one who stopped there, Sloboda who doesn't pay attention to the foreign and it's teaching for intellectual mainshaft and Duncan, the sum of their life will be one of unhappiness. And that's true. LLB, Vickery laptop, my email, Hadoop, how can a heart find tranquility except through remembering a law that there's something bigger and greater than me that when things are bad a law

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is still in control when things are good, it's not just me that made it for myself or provided for myself? There's some power in the world that is beyond myself. I don't take all the blame and I don't take all the credit. A lot is the one shot Allah. That's why we say Masha, Allah, may Allah has willed this for you, Allah has blessed me with this.

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So May Allah subhanaw taala, allow us to recognize him. Know that without the Koran without your prayer, the world and its wealth will never be enough. The contentment that you find through a connection to a lot cannot ever be replaced with any material thing, or object. And you will find that some of the saddest, unhappy people are not necessarily those who don't have large homes. Sometimes they live in mansions and drive. You know, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghinis. But that does not buy happiness. I'm reminded of a documentary that aired about a month or so ago about Paris Hilton, who you know, the word Hilton, the Hilton Hotels, well, she's one of the Harris's. She's one

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of those who inherits that, that kingdom of wealth. And she says, you know, there was this interview with her, she had shoes and clothes and cars and prestige, and anything she wants at any time can be provided. And she has the means to receive it. But she was sat there crying, and it actually breaks your heart, that there's somebody who could do so much good with their wealth, but they always looked at themselves first, that you could see why that they weren't happy, because the people that are around them are vultures trying to take from them trying to use them, and not being genuine them for who they are. Because sadly, they constructed a life of material, not a life of the heart and

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the Spirit. And I prayed that you can find the spirit as being the center of your life and my life into the future. inshallah, we'll take one more question beating the Lady Diana.

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Is it wrong to mourn over non Muslims death? No, of course, sadness is normal. And to mourn for someone is very, very normal. Anyone who says not is is unknowing of our faith. There is a famous Hadith and incident in the life of the prophet SAW Selim, he was sitting with his companions, and passing by were a group of Jewish people who were carrying,

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you know, one of their friends who had died a Jewish man. And as the prophet SAW the janazah come, he said, stand up and everybody stood up, as the funeral procession went by. And then when it left, he sat down, and they said Yasuda loss or I said, let me know who you are. Who the that was a funeral of a Jew. Why do you stand up for it? Why do you acknowledge it? He said, lm Taku nefs la la satnavs. Is it not a soul? Is it is it is this person, not a human being to be acknowledged that, you know, he's gone to that which is prepared for his next life? God is the one who he stands before today. You and I are able to provide levels of respect and to mourn within the boundaries taught to

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us by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was sending him what prayers can we offer to a non Muslim was passed away. We do not offer the same prayers that we would to a Muslim because those are river reserved for Muslims. And that's very natural. I wouldn't expect the Catholic to do my to do last rites for me as a Muslim. That's lecom Dena komaneka Deen. So the prayers that we make is Oh Allah, whatever you know of them, give them what they are deserving of. I don't know what this person's life has been what they knew in their heart what they believed in, Allah give them but I'm not going to say Allah for level 100. The prayers will love grant them forgiveness and send water or power

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them and feel they're great would like the way I would make that drive of the profit for a fellow Muslim. And that's normal. That's not something that is of contempt to the soul of the person who has passed away, who is a Muslim. That's just a basic understanding of our faith. And it wouldn't be something that I would be expecting from others. I don't expect Jewish people to mourn me by offering Jewish prayers for me, or Catholic prayers for me. I would expect my Muslim brothers to offer that janaza prayer in the drop for me and limited to that, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala except from you and I the little good that we do and fill our homes and hearts with love and

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contentment a lot mean or suddenly love No sending was it what Radek Allah saved now whenever you know Mohamed Salah love it was Selim akuto holy how there was stuff that Allahu Allah the mighty everybody, welcome. So how Nikolov morbihan decrescendo let you lay lanta stuff for quite a while Aiko Solomonic one