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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala CD mursaleen Allah and Muhammad

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Ali he was happy he woman Subang bear son, Isla Yomi Deen robot spective brothers and sisters Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to another episode in the life of no other Abu Bakr Siddiq of the Allahu anhu, the Beloved of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, and whoever is beloved to the Messenger of Allah Subhana Allah alayhi salam is ultimately beloved to Allah subhanho wa taala. In the last session we were speaking about the amazing story of Khalid bin Walid Radi Allahu anhu, embracing Islam. Today, we will carry on with the life or Caliban varietal of the Allahu Anhu shortly after Khalid embraced Islam.

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The Muslims are required now go to a battle. And the background to this battle was that the prophets Allah Allah Allah was salam sent one of his messengers to give a message and call people toward the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when he goes towards Sharm a leader of a tribe called Hassan should be bin Ahmed, who is a Christian but an Arab, he decides to capture the message of the Prophet Allah Salam and kills him. Now in those times or at any time, you know, one thing you don't do is diplomatic Noam is that you do not kill a messenger, but he killed the messenger of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam now prepares

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an army to take revenge, this army that the Muslims have prepared is 3000 strong. So it's not a very large army.

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The historian mention that this was the army of the prophets, Allah. So let me prepare the 3000 army just to fight this arm. But what happens is that the Byzantines also send an army as well. So now you have the Arab tribe of Glissant. And you have a large army set by the Byzantine Christians. The historian mentioned that the army is a Muslim, who are now going to face was many, many times the size of the Muslim army. Some historians have said minimum minimum, at least 10 times the size of the army of the Muslims, but somebody has said it was far greater than this. So the problem is Allah said I'm prepared this army and he sent it and before he sends it, he gives them some guidance. He

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said the general of this army will be saved in the Hadees. He said if they is martyred, that Jaffa of diabetology if Jaffa is martyred, then it will be Abdullah bin Raha. Now, who are these people? Subhan Allah, Zaid Bin Hadees was the known as the beloved of the prophets Allah Salam. He was so beloved to the prophets, Allah Salam that the Messenger of Allah loved his son as well. Or Sama, because of his love was eight. Whenever there was an issue that the eminent Sahaba the major sahab the Sahaba were closer prophets, Allah Salam would send either Osama or Zaid to intercede on the issue. That's how much the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah Allah Islam loved Zaid, the second person

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is Jaffa with Jaffa. Jaffa is the cousin of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. He's the famous Javed who stood in for tuna Joshi and gave his speech, you know who changed the Josh's outlook on Islam. The Prophet Allah some love Jaffa when Jaffa came back from Abyssinia, the Messenger of Allah was Haber. They have just defeated and taken

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the fortresses of Haber, the province Allah synonyms for Java, Jafar he stood up, jumped up, embrace Jaffa and he said I don't know what gives me greater pleasure that Jaffa has returned or that we have defeated the army of Haber. Now Subhanallah amazing lesson we learned from this is what the message of Allah Subhan Allah and he was salam for the sake of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala was ready to sacrifice his own family. He never left his family behind. If it was for the sake of deed because ultimately the point is Allah Allah Allah wa sallam knew that Jana was waiting for them. So Subhan Allah, then the third person was Abdullah bin or wa he was an Saudi Sahaba the poet

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he would defend the prophets Allah Allah Allah He was alone with his poetry.

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The Jews said, If Mohammed is a true prophet, and what he has said that if they this martyr than Jaffa, Jaffa, his martyred and Abdullah. He said if he's a true prophet, none of you are going to come back. All three of you are going to be martyred. Subhan Allah. When Abdullah bin rah rah the Alonso heard this, he thought, okay, the army will

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First and he thought, let me pray the final Joomla behind the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah Allah ism. So he remains behind. The Messenger of Allah comes in. He's giving the hotbar and he sees Abdullah bin Raha and he said Omar Abdullah, what why are you still staying here? How come Do you ever go with expedition? Send a message if Allah last Juma wanted to pray behind you? The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam said, oh Abdullah, you will never ever be able to attain the reward of those who have already left in the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. So the Muslim Now they leave and when they reach their their reach muda they realize that the army is far far greater than their

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number Subhan Allah so now they're deciding some are saying, let's go into form the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah Islam. Obviously the message of Allah didn't know that the army we are facing is so large at least 10 times our number, but I'm gonna be the rah rah the Allah and who said no, he said, Listen, let's go forward. It's a win win situation martyrdom Jana, or other three way either way we win. If we're martyred we get Jana. Otherwise Allah subhanaw taala will give us victory and they line up and the battle starts and Subhan Allah z is martyred. Jaffa takes the flank. They cut a one arm of Jaffa he takes the other arm they cut the other arm and Jennifer has a flag like this is

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a holding game on his chest. And then he is martyred.

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Then Abdullah Rwanda the Allah on who takes them flag and he is martyred. Now the Messenger of Allah Allah someone said if all three of these are martyred then you choose a man from amongst yourselves now they've got no general they're gonna leader. So thought bit bill come picks it up. Bizarre he doesn't want to be the general so he's looking around and his eyes fall on no other than Khalid bin Walid are the hola Andrew and he said Khalid take the flag. The Khalid was a general everybody knew the military achievement or had been the leader of the Allah and no but the humility he was this. He said no, no, he said you slabit are a buttery Sahabi How can I take the flag when you are amongst

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But Sabaton of the hola Anna was insisting and everybody now united on the fact that Harley should take the flag. So Harley Roddy Alana now takes the flag and Harley Roddy Alana on to inspire the Muslims. He says, Oh believers

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go forward. For the doors of Jana had been flung open. And then he said husband, Allah wasn't able to keep a car it was a leader is a leader. And you know what proof on the fact that he was a leader on that day, Harley grow the Allah and who broke nine sorts. Can you imagine with with vigor, ferocity, Harley must have fought, he broke nine sorts.

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The Muslims managed to push back the enemy. And then nightfalls. So what is Harley do now Harley was a military genius. Now Harley knew that the numbers and the odds were very difficult for the Muslim to find. So how do you know the Allahu Anhu. Now what he does is in the darkness under the darkness of night for why he does is that he sends one regiment. And he says Go and hide behind the hillock. He sends another regiment and he goes, You go further afield. And then what he does is he changes he puts the right flank to the left flank, and he changes the left flank on the right flank. And then he gives them new Flex. So in the morning, when the Army's lineup, they see this new Muslim army

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reinforcements with new flag. They think this new army with new flags, they look at the other side, new flags, new faces. So they're thinking yesterday, it was difficult to find a handful of these guys.

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Now they got reinforcements. They call it he commands the regiment that he said behind the hillock so that they come out as well. And they think more reinforcements. And then the other group that he had said far away. He told them though, right in circles, make dust fly. So they see the dust from a distance and the enemy thinks that there's more reinforcements. Subhan Allah while they're in this confusion, and you could say state of terror, Khalid bin will either the Allah and who tells the Muslim to attack and they attack and they push back this enemy army, which is far far greater than their numbers, and then call it the Ilana when he sees that there's an opportunity that the enemies

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have been pushed back

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He slowly withdraws his army and they retreat back to Medina

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La ilaha illAllah. When they reach back to Medina, they get taunted the people start saying to them, you fled from the battlefield, you fled from the battlefield. The prophets, Allah Salam said, no, no, no, these were people who attacked and attacked and they were victorious in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. The beautiful thing about this is when this battle is taking place, the Messenger of Allah is sitting in Medina with the Sahaba of the Allah and home and then all of a sudden his eyes begin to flow and he begins to cry. And the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, he was salam SADES Zaid has been martyred.

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And then he began to cry again. And he says, Now Jaffa has been martyred. And the prophets, Allah Salam said, I saw Jaffa flying in Jana with the angels and Allah had replaced his arms with wings. And then he said, Abdullah bin Anwar has been martyred.

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And the prophets Allah is crying and he's telling of the story. And then he says, now a sword from the sword of Allah has taken the flag. And then the problem is Allah Selim says, Now the battle has begun to reach Subhan Allah Now Khalid's come into the scene, so that this, you know, was a great victory for the Muslims in the sense that they saved themselves for such a large enemy, but tell you what the greatest victory of this battle was. The greatest victory of this battle was that it created the sword of Allah. Say for Lahoma slew the unsheath sword of Allah subhanaw taala was created in this battle. And this is where Harley bid will equal the amount of the greatest general

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that ever lived after the Ambia LM subsystem started his journey, no other no other general was as great as Harley Ben will need Robbie Allah and we will discuss this inshallah as we go along the next battle,

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in which Harley there are the Alon who participated was the conquest of Makkah. Now, what is the background to the conquest of Makkah, this is a Jeep, you know, when the Muslims came to perform their Amara, so they come to perform their aamra Good Horace Allah Salam had a dream that he is performing Umrah, so 1400 Sahaba the Allah on come to perform Umrah but when they reach there they told sorry you can't perform ombre you can come to next year but this year No, we the people of Quraysh people of Makkah are not gonna allow you to enter into muck. So this is what happens. So the Prophet is Allah, Allah, Allah, he was a love now goes back. But at that time, on that occasion,

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they make a treaty with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that for 10 years that the Muslims will not fight the people on Makkah, and the people of Makkah will not fight the Muslims, and anybody who has a allegiance and alliance with either party, they are also not to be attacked. So the people of Makkah had an alliance and allegiance with the bunny buck. The Muslims had allegiance with the bunny Kusa. So what happens with the passage of time with the passage of time is that the bunny bucker attack the bunny Husa

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and some of the people crazy including Nkrumah, etc. Also were involved in this attack. So they attack the bunny backer and they kill many of the Bugs Bunny backer some narration they killed them in the Haram.

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So now this gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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an opportunity to bring this up with the Quraysh the Croatia was of young who was very arrogant about the situation said he said, We don't care what you think about this situation. So the Prophet is Allah, Allah, Allah He was salam. Now he performed prepares an army Subhan Allah, I just want to go back

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to the sooner or the Be. The sooner the idea was a time when all the conditions went against the Muslims. The Muslims are so distraught, they weren't allowed to perform Amara, they were apparently humiliated. But when they were going back Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verses in Fatahna Laka tan bobina

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we have given you a manifest victory.

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This was the manifest victory. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam now pays an army to go to Macau. The people of Makkah had basically given up they saw the numbers the Muslim numbers have swelled since soloed should they be so they decided it's not worth us even trying to fight these individuals. So they allow the muslims or muslims

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entered Makkah in from five or six different ways. So they all entered. Only one group of people decided to be an obstacle for the Muslims and that was where Khalid was gonna come in from. So with the direction the candidate was going to come in from, which was the back of Maccha, his best friend Nkrumah, remember a chroma was

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with a colleague on the other flank of the cavalry at the battle on when they afflicted the Muslims. So a Chroma is highly best friend, and he stands not allowing cloud to enter into the other person was the one of the Omiya, who is the brother in law have hardly been willing to have the Allah deeds with a group of men said, We will not allow you to enter into Makkah, we will stop you.

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So clearly, Ben will neither the Alana being Khalid Subhan Allah, He attacks them.

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He attacks him with so much ferocity that 24 People from the Quraysh are killed, and four from the body of Hussein. Now, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam is watching this.

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So he's seeing this and because of the sacred nature of maca, the prophets, Allah Salam really didn't want any warfare. He wanted it to be taken without any bloodshed peacefully. So what happens? What happens? Even the boys Allah said, I'm watching from a distance, he sees the sparks of swords striking each other. And he gets in reached, he's very upset, because everybody else has entered into Makkah, peacefully, but that direction, there's been bloodshed.

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So the prophets, Allah says, I'm not angry, he's angry at Khalid, when Caliban would either the Alana came to the Messenger of Allah and he explained to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, that is fine. And he understood the explanation of Khalid bin Walid about the Allah. And shortly after Fatima cut, the Muslim prepared an army

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to find two major tribes, the horizen and the Bonita team who both lived in and around five. Now, the Muslims Subhanallah by now the numbers have really swelled up this 12,000 Muslims, and there are 2000, out of which 2000 are convert, so it's a large arm, they take you to the bunny, I was. And on these occasions, the law of Kabbalah the Muslim because they will numbers are so large. They're saying to them said cells once a hobby said, you know today will never be defeated.

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On occasion before we were small in number as Allah said, Walcott, NASA Kamala Antonio, a villa

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that we assisted you, and we helped you a brother and you were small in number. The other meaning of asila is that your enemies regarded you as insignificant and the lead. They thought you were nobody. So you had that. And on every occasion the Muslim God lesson number today, they are far bigger, larger number, they're larger than the enemy. So one of the Sahaba said today, we're never going to be defeated. So what happens?

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They're on their way.

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And they ambushed and the bunnies are given the bunny, who was it? They were warrior tribes. But they made ability to find was that they were expert archers. So what the when the Muslims will go into the valley, they ambushed them. And they started shooting arrows at them. And the Muslims were all confused. They were startled. They began to run in all different directions until only 10 people remained with the Prophets Allah Allah Allah He was ALLAH. Highly Blue Leader of the Allah on this occasion was in charge of a covery of 700 people.

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And he falls off his horse and he's injured badly. And Holly road the Allah Allah Allah jumps back on his horse, although he's injured very badly. And then eventually the Muslims get the upper hand from the tribe and and they Alhamdulillah they get the upper hand and they managed to defeat them and manage to push them back.

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But Allah Subhana Allah says something just amazing here, he says, But he says we assisted you when you were small in number. Here Allah reminds the believers laka Nasir Kamala the more authentic a theologian, were Yo Ma Her name is our job but Catherine Allahu Akbar.

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He said that we assist you in many, many occasions. But remember her name

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when you ma

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Our world over your numbers. When your numbers impressed you.

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And Allah says on that occasion, your numbers didn't really make any difference if it was not for the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala hardly been auditor the Allah Anna was badly injured after this battle. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam went into every single tent, to find Khalid bin Walid showed that the love that the prophets of Allah Salam, and the tension at the Messenger of Allah paid to Caliban will either have the Allahu he went into every tent, he eventually found Khalid or the Allah and who knows and he paid special attention to him rather than sisters what we learned from this

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is Allah does not look at quantity Allah looks at quality government kalila Rolla but fit him cathedral, nila, how often a small number of people who are loved by Allah, who have the help of Allah with them defeat a large group of people who, number wise are far larger. Thus Allah looks at quality and not quantity and this is the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this reminders on the battle of Romaine where numbers were huge, impressive.

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But Allah doesn't look at numbers. Allah looks at this. Allah looks what's in the heart of the believers. May Allah give us a trophy to understand this.

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The prophets Allah Allah alayhi salam after Fatima aka game Caliban will lead through the Allah and responsibility of destroying two major idols locked blood was second to the Kaaba for the for the Arabs. Latin was in five it was a major idle

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the people after after the car but this was the most revert idle that they had hardly been bullied or the alarm was set to destroy it. And the other one which hardly been bullied or the Alana will be set to destroy was Oza. So to wager idols of the Mushrikeen halibut with either the Allah Allah was given the responsibility to destroy it. You know, subhanAllah in the 10th year

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of hijra, hardly been willing to throw the Alana was sent to nudge Iran. Now, Khalid is known as what Khalid is known as a military man.

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He is known for slash slash, destroy this army and destroy that army on this occasion. The prophets Allah Salam did a center for that. The prophets Allah Salam sent him to nudge Iran with 400 men for Dawa so have you been with either the Allah stayed in the Iran for six months doing what chemic down?

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This was Subhanallah the nature of highly being will either delay was that he was a very diverse individuals, very intelligent individuals. You know, sometimes when you speak to youngsters, they say we want to be like to be moody, we want to be like strong men.

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Brave men hamdulillah all of us should inspire to be like these individual but remember something Khalid and Omar were also very intelligent individuals. They were very they were people what you known as Roger and Carmel

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holistic individuals, real men calm will Mel Holman. That's what they were. Sometimes we have

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a person who is brave enough to see the how they've been bullied or the Allah and who he's brave, but doesn't have much intelligence. The Alomar define this half a man that he's brave. But because he doesn't understand the situation, he can't read the situation. His brain reacts, he gets him in problems and gets everybody around him in problems. So it's raw bravery. Islam doesn't want raw bravery. Islam wants a individual who has both these qualities. So they could define Dodoma define this as half a man. The other person is who understand the situation you can read the situation who knows what's happening about around him, but that person is not brave. So you can read the situation

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but doesn't have the get up and go the drive to make a change. Or about also define this person as half a man.

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And then who did it who who's a real man, a holistic man

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who this man or a woman would say is that person who is brave was get up and go, but also has the intelligence to read the situation

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and know the situation and be impactful wherever they may be? Brothers. The problem is

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Allah sallam said

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that Allah subhanaw taala loves a strong believer. The narration means physically strong.

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Allah loves a strong believer more than he loves a weak believer.

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But understand, although Allah loves a strong believer, but understand that at the end of the day the thing which makes the biggest difference is not the muscle but it's the brain. Look elephants

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can destroy, but don't have the brain to create and make. So although both components are important, but overall, we should be people of intelligence should be people who have a get up and go people who are driven for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala makers amongst them that Allah Hayden salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Zakum Allah Hayden for watching and please do not forget to watch the next episode and inshallah with your walls they will be plenty more history series coming very soon Baraka Luffy come salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.