Yasir Qadhi – The Wisdoms of Pain and Tragedies

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including struggles with bloodshed and the need for a negotiator to avoid it. The loss of the largest group in history, the loss of houses and social power, and the importance of the " morality of failure" and " morality of failure" messages. The importance of remembering the history of Islam and passing on the message of peace and peace to others is emphasized, along with educating oneself and finding one's way to achieve their goals. The return of Jesus Christ and the Galatians are also mentioned, and the need to be present in the present moment to achieve their goals.
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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whoever is misguided cannot be guided except by him. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Jalla Jalla who, and I bear witness and I testify that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet, and his most perfect worshipper. I swear it follows Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has reminded us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says, Yeah, are you 100 Adina Allahu Akbar to Walter Mouton.

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Illa, one to Muslim moon. Do your Muslims in the sixth year of the hijra, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and a group of Sahaba decided to undertake a standard routine journey, a journey that 1000s 10s of 1000s of people had undertaken a journey that, according to the laws of that time, were sacred sanctified. And this was a journey to perform their own rock during the sacred months, the Assura aroma, and according to pre Islamic law, according to the law of Jah Helia, that had been in effect for 1000 years. Plus, no one could be denied access to Makkah when they're coming unarmed during the sacred months in the entire history of the Quraysh. Even if they were at war with other

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tribes. During the sacred months, the thresholds around, all wars stopped, and there was peace in order to perform the rituals. And the Quraysh had never once stopped any person, fool or friend, enemy or ally from coming and doing O'Mara. During the sacred months. They understood that this house is the house of Allah, and they understood it is not their right to prevent anybody from coming. But in the sixth year, the Quraysh went against their own rule, as we're all aware, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Muslims made their way unarmed, wearing haram. And they came to perform Ramadan, the Quraysh refuse them access and entry. They went against the law of the

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land. And for the first time, and frankly, the only time in all of pre Islamic history. They decided to prevent innocent people from praying in the Haram simply because of an animosity and a hatred they had for Islam and the Muslims. And they forced a treaty to be enacted, known as the Treaty of the BIA. And in this treaty, any fair observer would feel the Muslims got the shorter end of the stick, the Muslims were treated unjustly. Any fair a neutral person would feel that's not fair. You're being unjust towards the Muslims. But the Prophet sallallahu Allah he was setting them agreed to any condition that would prevent bloodshed and would allow them to remain and return back the

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next year. And one of the most unfair conditions was any person from Makkah, who goes to Medina, accepting Islam, you will return him back to us, we will torture him. That's our responsibility. And anyone who comes from Medina to Makkah, we will not return back to you.

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The Muslim said, That's not fair. But the negotiator said this was a necessary condition. And as they were debating this condition back and forth, one particular Sahabi by the name of Abu Jandal, who was being tortured currently in Makkah, he was under lock and chain. He was literally trapped and locked in his own house. His own father was the one torturing him. And for months, the bruises on his body, the blood, the iron change was clear. When he heard the Muslims were outside waiting, negotiating. He somehow got rid of that chain, and rushed out thinking that once he got to the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending him once he got to the Muslims house, he is free, he won't

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have to go back. But lo and behold, as soon as he got there, that's when this very condition was being negotiated. And lo and behold, Allah has cutter. Who is it that is doing the negotiation, none other than his own father? If this is not Allah's other being manifested, if this is not Allah's powder being manifested to show us the reality, to give us so many lessons, to allow us to

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contemplate how can it be out of all the people in Makkah, it is his own father in negotiating, but that is the reality. So one even though my yeah his father and abou agenda, the Muslim son Safwan, the Quran she torturing Abu Jandal, the Muslim sahabi, who has converted, and Abu Jandal comes and someone sees his son in the distance, and he turns to the Prophet sallallahu I think he was sent him he's not a Muslim at this time. And he says, that person, my son will be the first one this condition will apply to.

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The Prophet says Adam said, we haven't yet agreed. We were still talking. And someone said, No, this will be the process. He said, But we haven't still signed he said, No, I'm not going to compromise. And he went back and forth 4567 times, every time pleading trying one's best. In my reading of the Sierra, I have never come across any other incident in which our Prophet sallallahu Sallam attempted so many times over and over again. Give me this one exception we'll be going after him allow him for me so many times he tried that Allah other it was had had been anybody else most likely he might have but it's his own son. And he said no, I will not budge. I will not compromise. Even Omar

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Abdullah Tarboro the Allahu Allah and he is seeing the blood. He's seeing the chains tortured his body of agenda, its body and our Madonna hot tub in front of everybody. He says y'all Rasul Allah, how can we accept this? How can we accept this? Are we not upon the truth and they upon the Balton? Are they upon the untruth? How can we accept humiliation in our own religion? And he cannot His blood is boiling when he sees Abu Janda torture and marks and he is saying we're going to hand them back to the Quraysh How is this possible? And the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, he was seldom had to come over than Abu Bakar had to calm down. And the prophets Assam said, I am Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, and Allah will not misguide us, Allah will take care of us. In other words, this is a divine plan. I don't know what else to tell you. I have to put my trust in Allah. I don't know. But Allah is telling me to do this. Subhanallah sisters and brothers, can you imagine? Can you imagine how traumatic that incident would be? And this isn't between two nations of our times. This is between the Prophet saw some himself and Abu jehlen his camp on the other side, you have in your own midst, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you see him, you're talking to him. And still he is saying, I can't do anything now. And he makes dua for Abu Jandal. He makes us all I can do or

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gentlemen, may Allah make a way out for you. May Allah help you. That's all he can do. He cannot physically the treaty was signed abou agenda and was handed back for the time being. And then of course, history goes on and I've gone over this and others have gone over point being Can you imagine being in that environment, seeing this type of reality? If that is not a test to your iman at that time. In fact, Dare I ask the question, can you imagine being Abu Jandal

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just for a millisecond, put yourself in his shoes.

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He is literally one hair's wit away from being freed. He sees the Muslim he sees Rasul allah sallallahu sallam. And even the Prophet says Adam has to turn him away and say Allah will take care of you.

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Imagine the test of Eman of Abuja.

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And I say all of this, because what Allah what we are seeing now it is but a fraction of those tests. We don't have the prophets or something on one site to literally say others would allow can this be happening? We don't have that. We don't have the likes of obika. On our site, we have nobody like them.

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And yet still, these trials and tribulations are painful for watch for us to watch, the humiliation, the loss of life, the deafening silence of our rulers and leaders, so much pain for our hearts. And so in today's hutzpah, a brief reminder of perhaps some of the wisdoms and benefits because in this battle in this treaty on the way back, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed one of the most optimistic verses in the Quran when the Muslims thought this is nothing but defeat when the alarm saying how can we accept humiliation, this is a loss for us. And on the way back, they couldn't perform in Omaha. They went all the way to three weeks walking the only to be turned back and they see Maccha

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Can you imagine how they felt and they know they've had to turn back up agenda than all of them. How do you think their emotions were? And at that moment of

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Pain frustration. Allah subhana wa Tada revealed some of the most powerful verses in the Quran in for Dianna laka. Forget him Medina, we have given you your biggest victory. This is a victory for the Muslims. And look at the Imam of the Sahaba talks about the Allah the same one who one hour ago was saying, How can we accept this? As soon as he heard Allah azza wa jal is Revelation we have given you a miss a victory. He asked the process and yada sunnah Allah Allah is revealing this incident as a victory. And the prophets have said yes, this revelation has come down to it as a victory or whatever, it'll help offset Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. He didn't know how

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the victory was, he didn't understand how can this be a victory, but the mere consolation from Allah, don't worry, this is a victory. Don't worry, this will turn the tide for you. That constellation changed his entire perspective. That's what you call Iman, not even being told the explanation of how and why simply to know that Allah azza wa jal is going to give a victory that was enough for him to say Allahu Akbar, this is a victory and indeed, as had been his house and others comment. In the next two years, more Muslims embraced Islam than the entire 20 years before that point in time. In the next two years, the Muslims gained the upper hand politically, economically,

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socially, yes, that one incident was a setback that one incident was painful, but Allah azza wa jal works in ways beyond our comprehension. And if we do things right, we put our trust in Allah, then every single incident is always a positive, every single Cadet of Allah azza wa jal, we must accept it and move on, and know that the positives will outweigh the negatives. And subhanAllah it was barely two years, when they thought that we're at the lowest of the low when the Muslims came back, entering MCCA, conquering Makkah, with barely any bloodshed, the Quraysh had been decimated their power, their infrastructure two years ago, they felt so powerful, they can block Muslims from

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coming. And if you read the CNN, we went over it Subhanallah within two years, a complete collapse of their infrastructure, their social power, their social capital, their PR because the Arabs heard how can the Quran be preventing people that was a very, very negative campaign, and the same people who said we're not going to return the your Muslims to us, the same people had to go beg the prophets, Allah send them because of internal issues, yada, yada, yada. Please take these people away from us get them off of our hands, they literally had to go and beg them to take them away. My point being sisters and brothers, no matter what happens, and no matter how painful The tragedy is,

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and no matter how tragic the images are, our emaan the Quran, the Sierra, it keeps on reminding us that we must always have the best thoughts of Allah subhanho wa Taala we must always be optimistic, we must always understand that the positives shall outweigh the negatives. What are some of the positives that possibly might come out of this debacle that we are seeing? What are some of the positives of 3500 people being killed the stock for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, a million people being removed from their houses? Again, this is not to justify or whatnot, but to see what is the reality? What are some of the positives of the positives brothers and sisters, without a doubt have

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the greatest positives is the recentering and the reframing of the Palestinian cause and a Masjid Al Aqsa in the entire Muslim world and frankly, even non Muslim world? Once again, we are talking about a pain and a tragedy that goes back 7580 years yet, unfortunately, it had become distant in our mindset. Unfortunately, people have forgotten that reality. Now look, everybody is talking Muslim and non Muslim. And for the first time, for the first time many non Muslims are seeing beyond the height not all, not even the majority. But still, this is the long term battle. For the first time many people are saying it's not this simplistic. It cannot be why are these people so angry? Why are

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they fighting for the first time they're hearing authentic representation about the realities of 80 years of torture, 80 years of imprisonment, 80 years of humanitarian crisis, 80 years of being treated like a subhuman. Now they're seeing this reality. And even if we don't justify it, even if we don't have to excuse every tactic, without a doubt, we can sympathize with the cause. Without a doubt, the cause is one that every decent human being will sympathize with. That is a massive positive, you cannot ignore that positive of the positives as well of what is happening us here and across the world, the Muslim ummah we feel a connection not only with Al Masjid Al Aqsa, but with

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our religion. Every one of us we've, we feel a sense of responsibility. We feel a sense

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It's a duty and that duty motivates us to be better to be stronger to be more spiritual. And this is one of the greatest wisdoms sisters and brothers almost Slim's through pain through suffering through tragedy Eman is built. I repeat, through tragedy a man is built. Let's be honest here when life is good when the money is flowing, when when the world is lacks what happens to our iman, our prayers go down. Our spirituality waxes and wanes, our connection with Allah with the masjid becomes lazy. But when tragedy strikes, when there's a national or personal issue that affects us, all of a sudden, our iman is revived that revival, do not underestimate the power. It is a tidal wave that is

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coming from the entire ummah. And in fact, the Quran explicitly mentions this as one of the wisdoms of pain and tragedy, one of the wisdoms of calamities, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran when the calamity came down, when they tasted all of this pain and suffering. Why didn't they turn back to us? Why didn't they rediscover us? Allah is questioning the the kuffaar the Quran, why didn't they go back to Allah meaning if we turn back to Allah, that calamity has a wisdom that tragedy has some benefit, we turn back to Allah so many times in the Quran, we sent upon them Besa undara, calamities and trials La La homeo, to do your own, so that they can come back to me so that

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they can return to me, this type of tragedy, the least it should motivate us to do is to be better Muslims, every one of us we have the freedoms to pray the freedoms too fast, the freedoms to be righteous. Our brothers and sisters are being slaughtered, they don't have those freedoms. How then can we not take advantage of those freedoms, that is a massive positive that comes out our iman is stirred up our sense of religiosity is awakened. And this is one of the goals of pain and tragedy of the wisdoms of pain and tragedy of the wisdoms of suffering especially for those that are actually being inflicted upon this is so that the ranks are raised up and that Allah azza wa jal blesses some

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amongst them. Now we don't look forward to death. This is human nature. We don't dissolve your useless martyrdom we don't just rush in and die for no reason. But those that have passed away, we console ourselves that Allah azza wa jal chose them. You see, there's a difference when they're alive. We protect them as much as we can. We don't do anything foolish. But once that happens, then Allah says in the Quran, when the battle that took place, Allah azza wa jal says, don't think this is bad. Know where the ILM Alladhina amanu. Were talking to them in come Shahada. Allah wants to test your Eman and take shahada from amongst you. Allah mentions this as one of the wisdoms of the

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tragedy of Word, or what was also a setback. Over 70 Muslims were killed. The uncle of the Prophet system was mutilated the Prophet system himself was wounded three times, three times he was wounded. And Allah says don't think it is evil. No, there's wisdoms, and of the wisdoms. I want to test the people of iman. I want your Eman to be better, stronger, more perfect. And we see this happening across the Ummah and especially especially amongst those people, that generation that shot that entire group of people who have been tortured for 80 years. Look at how strong their Iman is. I swear to you, any other faith community that would have lost their faith, what type of God is this

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that is doing this, but look at what is happening to our fellow Salini brothers and sisters. Well Allah He the mothers are happy The fathers are accepting Allah's father, a young child eight year old is giving shahada to his six year old brother who's dying say after Mi La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah what, Eman is this? Where does this Eman come from? How can this generation of 80 years torture still have such strong Iman that it puts people like us here living in comfort to shame? Where does that courage come from? This is the reality of Iman and Allah says in the Quran? Well yeah nama Medina. Ahmed, Allah wants to see the Imam from the people of Eman and Allah wants to

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take shahada from amongst you. So there's no question that this group of people they're being refined they're being raised up. They're being honed, they're being fine tuned their Eman. Their courage is being raised higher and higher. So that when the time comes, we will need that email. And we will see that eemaan Brothers and sisters do not understand do not trivialize this point. Allah azza wa jal is preparing and Allah is choosing this is not an excuse for us to do nothing. It's a constellation for what is happening. Also sisters and brothers, one of the realities we learned from this era as well is that no matter what tragedy occurs, no matter how painful it is, we do not

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understand the wisdom of Allah and we must trust that wisdom. Once again we go back to the Bible of origin. Once again we go back to the Battle of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam initially there was a winning victory initially the Muslims not the Qureshi expelled who

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Lo and behold hotly debated when he comes back surprise attack 200 180 Muslims are killed the process and himself has to flee for the odd for the for the for the cave on the top of the mountain, and three wounds come as you're aware a javelin, and a knife and a sword and an arrow, three different instruments wounded prophets, Alyssa Lim, and as he's wiping the blood from his face, no battle was he wounded worse than the Battle of aura, and the blood is coming down of his face, his beard is wet. And as he's wiping that blood, he remarks how can Allah ever forgive these people after what they have done to their Prophet? How can Allah ever forgive these people? Human remark,

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how can and we have the same anger, the same emotion? How can this happen? How can this how can Allah azza wa jal ever allow this? How can Allah azza wa jal forgive these people? And Allah reveals what earlier Imran very powerful reminder, this reminder was revealed. When the Prophet system himself was wounded when he was bleeding. And Allah reminded him, lay silica mineral Amedee Shaban.

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This matter of what happens, you are not in charge of it. Even though you're rasool Allah, even though you're the best human being the Hollywood Ambia you are not in charge of what is happening. You are not in charge of who's guided who's not guided, you are not in charge of who's going to be forgiven, who's not going to be forgiven. And then Allah azza wa jal says regardless of whether Allah azza wa jal punishes or forgives them for in a home Vani moon they have done wrong on to you meaning even in the thick of tragedy or Profit System was taught a lesson from Allah azza wa jal, a lesson all of us should be aware of, we are not in charge, Allah is in charge. We are not in charge,

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Allah is in charge. And Allah has a wisdom that he knows the Battle of erode once again, turned out to be a massive victory, multiple things happen because of the battle of words that would not have happened otherwise. And it turns out in the long run, that this minor setback actually turned out to be a massive victory. Another positive another pro that comes out of a tragedy is that once again, this reality of Allah azza wa jal using mysterious ways beyond our comprehension, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions of the wisdoms of the Battle of aura than the setback, Allah says, so that you may know the hypocrites amongst you. Well, yeah, and the medina Nafa, who you may know the evil of this

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group of people. And so when you most need help, when people whom you thought could help you don't help you, when you most need help, and the one whom you thought was an ally, turns his back on you. That is a lesson you will never forget. And you need to know your friends from your enemies for the real battle ahead. You need to know your friends from your enemies. And Allah tells us in the Quran, one of the biggest wisdoms of the Battle of Orford, so that you can see your real enemies. So I say, and I've said it before, look around and see who is an enemy right now to us from within our own ranks, who is betraying one of the holiest causes of this ummah, who is turning their backs upon Mr.

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OXA. And don't forget, because the time will come, when we're going to have to know our friends and our allies. And at that time when these people who have betrayed the cause come wanting some type of truce, some type of reconciliation, let us learn the lessons from the battle of overheard. And let us realize, at this point in time, if you turn your back to the OMA, then when the OMA becomes reserve, we don't need you at that point in time you are showing your true colors. And so sisters and brothers remember, we don't know when that time will come. But remember this reality it is one of the Divine wisdoms, also of the Divine wisdoms, and this is without a doubt for all of us here of

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the Divine wisdoms is to remind us we have a higher cause a greater goal, a higher cause and a greater goal. Remember, sisters and brothers won the battle of Ohio took place, one of the most tragic realities of that battle, a rumor spread that the prophecy ism himself had passed away. Now again, put yourself in their shoes. Can you imagine hearing? That's it, the process is gone. Can you imagine hearing that you know what happened to that army amongst the Sahaba some of them through their swords away and sat down. So what's the point? And I think most of us would have done the same thing. Some of them literally said what's the point? There's no point continuing? Losing the

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prophets I said them made them so demoralized and others said no, even if he's gone, we still have to move forward. Then Allah subhana wa Tada revealed Of course, it was a rumor it turned out to be not true. Allah then revealed one of the most powerful verses about the reality of failure once again, the reality of the perception of failure. Why am I Mohammed Illa Rasool how the herdsmen Kabila here Rasul Allah a matter of putting in CalOptima calbiochem. Know that Muhammad wa salam and Allah calls him by name of the Quran.

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Only four times. This is one of the times Allah calls him by name. Know that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is batata soon, many are those who have gone before him, if he were to die, or when he is when he dies, or if he were to be killed, will you turn away and turn your backs to the message? Now this is really powerful. Because what this verse is showing us, there is a purpose and a message. There is a cause that is so important. It transcends even the life of the prophet system on this earth are you guys following this verse, you understand this verse? Allah is saying, When the Prophet system goes, you're going to turn your back when he dies, is at the end of the story for

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you. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life and his death, there is a cause that is bigger than that. And that is the cause of Allah, the cause of Islam. And this idea was needed by the Muslims because when the Prophet of Islam died, Abu Bakr had to quote this idea. He literally quoted this idea that we have a mission to do what is that mission? That mission will go on? In spite of every tragedy, no matter the losses, no matter how many babies have been killed, no matter how many bombs have been dropped, no matter how depressing the situation, is there anything more depressing than hearing the process of has died? Can you imagine anything more depressing, Yet Allah

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revealed? There is a cause bigger than that? What is that cause that cause for as long as we live, that cause is the cause of our life. It is the cause of our death. It is the cause to preach and teach the truth. It is the cause to be beacons of morality, it is the cause to show mankind what is the meaning of the Kadima La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, what is the meaning of truth? What is the meaning of justice to be a virtue of ethics a beacon of light in a world of darkness? That is our cause. Quinto higher on mountain origin the nurse you are the best on my why? Because you command what is good, you forbid what is evil, you believe in Allah, a little corner, shahada

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and a nurse your job is to be witnesses to mankind, sisters and brothers do not allow a tragedy to cause you to stop in your tracks do not allow a setback to let you lose track of the bigger picture, the bigger picture we all have a purpose on this earth. We all have a nobility for which why we are here a cause that transcends any tragedy, even the tragedy of losing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam very painful tragedy but the mission is broader than that. And that mission is what as long as we live, our job is to be witnesses to mankind. Our job is to embody the prophetic character even if the prophet system is now with Allah azza wa jal, his message remains his legacy remains his

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teachings remain. So my job and your job to carry that legacy to carry those teachings and to pass it down to the next generation. My job in your job to embody the prophetic message to embody the Dawa rissalah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to teach Muslim and non Muslim to demonstrate to the rest of mankind what it means to be a believer in Allah subhana wa Tada sisters and brothers after the Battle of Orford, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada consoled the believers and Allah azza wa jal says Wallah he knew wala has no one untouchable.

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Meaning do not give up do not falter, you shall be victorious. If only you have Iman, when the Muslims felt the lowest of the low when they fell down when 75 of them had lost their lives when they were trying to make sense of things. Allah said Wallah he knew wala has no one to mull alone. Do not give up and do not grieve you shall be victorious if you put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala let us put our trust in Allah let us not falter let us not grieve and let us realize we all have a job to do we will continue to do that job for as long as we have life in this world may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you were going through the Quran and May He make us of those who is

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versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness, He was will ask him for his love of food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed, and he hears the prayer of the week. As to what follows for the last few days, I've been constantly asking every single one of us to realize the tide is changing. And yesterday a survey was done about different age groups in this country and their perception of that reality of what is going on over there and as to be expected those above the age of 5060. The elders their perception was skewed a high percentage of them sympathize with the apartheid regime sympathize with the oppressor, but Subhanallah and I have been saying this for

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so many weeks and days. And yesterday the poll came out the millennials generation

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Jin z the youngsters, the tide is exactly opposite, and over 50% of those below the age of 30, the next generation, their sympathies are not with the oppressor, their sympathies are not with the apartheid regime. They understand that this is a complex situation in which it's not an equality. It's not one side attacking the other for no reason. No, they understand one side is the oppressed. One side has been subjugated. One side is fighting for its freedom. And even if they do things they should not do, the cause is legitimate. The goal is legitimate and human beings. Muslims, people of faith and Taqwa have to support that cause the tide is changing, every one of us should get involved

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in the narrative. Again, this is a reality. I said this last week, I say it again, without a doubt, we have a media campaign going on that is extremely vicious. We now know for a fact there have been academic articles released that Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and others of these massive corporations are actively targeting accounts that support the Palestinians, they are literally either banning them, or using their vicious algorithms, making them unseen. You won't even see a tweet that is pro Palestinian, a lot of times their own algorithms are trying to change this. This is not a battle where we can just allow this to happen. You cannot remain silent at this stage, you

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cannot not afford to get involved. So I challenge every one of you wisely to get involved in this campaign. The tide is changing. We cannot be involved over there. Nothing we can do. But we can be involved over here. I said it before I'll say it again, there are two battles going on. There is a battle of the bodies May Allah help them May Allah protect them. We can't do anything. But there's also a battle of the minds. There's a battle of media, there is a battle of perception. And in that battle, every one of us can become an effective foot soldier, we can get involved and we can help change people's perceptions. It might be a long battle, we might even lose this particular battle.

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But as long as the war will be won, even if a battle is lost, that is the goal and sisters and brothers, we have no doubt that the war will be won. We have no doubt that justice is going to be established. This is the Promise of Allah and the Promise of Allah never falters. It's not the first time we lost fell asleep. It's not the first time last time the Crusaders came. And for almost 100 years, three generations Muslims did not pray an ox saw three generations at most humility and there were attempts after attempts after attempts but the OMA did not lose hope the Ummah knew that Allah azza wa jal would would return OXA to the rightful owners, and that is indeed what happened. But now

00:32:42 --> 00:33:20

we're being tested again. It has not yet been three generations, it has not yet been 90 plus years close but it's not and not that 90 is a magical number. Maybe this time might be longer, maybe it will be shorter, but without a doubt. AXA and the people of that land will be free because the Promise of Allah is true. And Allah azza wa jal as promised is always shown in manifest Allah says in the Quran, who will lay the outside on a sunnah who will Huda where deen and healthy you will hear or other Deen equally he will record what will carry alfalfa corn will carry health care if you don't, it doesn't matter about the haters, this religion and the light of Islam will continue to

00:33:20 --> 00:34:01

shine you cannot extinguish the light of Allah it's not going to happen. So sisters and brothers the religion of Islam is safe but me and you are we doing our job me and you will we have what we need to say to Allah on the Day of Judgment Yet Allah I tried. Therefore, again, I appeal to you. Number one, educate yourself educate facts, know your history, this reality in that region. Again, you don't need to be an expert to understand that I've given lectures many people have given lectures, so many material tomorrow again, tomorrow evening, again, we'll have a mini summary once again about the reality of that line. Number one, know educate yourself. And number two, with wisdom with tact.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:37

I'm not asking anybody to do foolish, I'm not asking you to resign from your job. I'm not asking you to do something that's going to cause you to be fired with wisdom and tact amongst people whom you know and trust. Try to start changing perceptions. That's all just to change their perception. Make them understand this reality online as well. Facebook and Twitter in particular, those people in charge, you know, they are Zionist, you know, this is the reality, okay, that's their philosophy. We will show the world their hypocrisy. They said they wanted freedom on the social medias multiple. Multiple reports have shown that they're not wanting freedom, they're not wanting equality. But

00:34:37 --> 00:35:00

guess what, if all of us come together, we can beat their algorithm. It's a computer algorithm in the end of the day, the more we share, the more we retweet, the more we spread news that is positive and correct. The last that algorithm is going to take effect how can we remain silent in this war? Every one of us has to do our bit to be active in this regard. And in the process sisters and brothers we might

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

not see this battle being one immediately, but like I said, the long term war it will be one and Allah azza wa jal will record my name and your name as having contributed as having done that we can I conclude sisters and brothers with reminding myself and you have a verse that came down when the battle of order took place, and the Muslims were feeling down. What did Allah say with this verse I conclude, Allah says, what typical a Yamo knew that we do have a nurse, these are the days we give it in cycles to the people. In other words, it's cyclical, some days you will have the upper hand some days you won't have the upper upper hand. This is what Allah said, not to me and you to the

00:35:40 --> 00:36:19

prophets are sent to obika. To Omar, he said to the best generation, you win some you lose some but don't worry. In the end, the ultimate victory is with Allah subhanho wa taala. Understand, our ultimate goal is not victory in this world. It is the pleasure of Allah and these tests, these trials, they allow us to show Allah that we want His pleasure. They allow us to do whatever we can so that in the day of judgment, we can say, Oh Allah, I didn't just sit silent. I didn't do anything I tried. In that trying is our salvation in that fight that we do and yes, it is a fight not a physical one, a mental one, an emotional one, a verbal one in that fight. This is our struggle. So

00:36:19 --> 00:36:56

everybody get involved everybody do what you can and insha Allah Allah Allah, the future shall be ours. That is the Promise of Allah, Allah many Dinefwr aminu Allahu Allah that I feel has given me them but he loves Africa, Wanda Hammond Illa for Raja Wallah Dana in local data when I'm de la ilaha. Feta wala I see Ron Illa yourself Allama fildena What is one in Elysium? Hakuna Bill Iman, what are the Dr. Phil Kuruman unrelenting Medina Amano. Robina in Nakuru for Rahim O Allah, we ask you Jaco Aziz to help our brothers and sisters and brothers. Oh Allah, Oh Allah, send your Rama your sukeena upon them, Oh Allah, Oh Allah help them with your powerful help of Allah. O Allah ate them

00:36:56 --> 00:37:32

with your powerful H O Allah, O Allah send the angels to help them O Allah, O Allah, those that wish to destroy innocent lives those that wish to destroy the innocent the children, the women of Allah show show us the power that you have over them Oh Allah, Oh Allah show us you are the Kuwait and the disease of Allah. Oh Allah help the week of Allah accept their shahada Oh ALLAH feed their hungry Oh Allah Oh Allah give them water they have no water give them food they have no food of Allah allow the world to sympathize with them. Oh Allah allow us to be a mechanism a catalyst to bring about head and good Oh ALLAH. Oh Allah we put our trust in you for you are the coal you are the disease

00:37:32 --> 00:38:07

and we are the alpha a lake or servants of Allah. Allah subhana wa Tada has reminded all of us to send our Sadat and salam upon the one who has chosen to Bahama to the island I mean for the Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran in Allah Hamada Calusa Luna Nebby Yeah, you are Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma salli wa salim robotic. Well, I love the Quran sudo Mohammed why the early he was such a big marine everybody Allah in Allah to Allah motivate oddly what exactly what is the ideal orba Wayan Heinle fracture I will warn you about if you're either coming to either come to the Koran or the Corolla had come wash Kuru who Yes it did. What are they

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called White Alchemist Salah

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go gonna

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told me what to feed

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