Taraweeh & Juz A Day Summary of the Quran 11/05/21

Yahya Ibrahim


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Allahumma Sanjana mediana Mohammed Inca masala tala Ibrahim on early Rahim

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Allah from a vertical Yama from many early Mohammed in camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim Allah early wa Haemophilia lemina in neck hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed in kemosabe tala Rahim Allah early Rahim Allah homothetic Allah Mohammed

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come about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Allah early Ibrahim mobilier lemina iNec hamidou Majeed Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed in cameras on later Allah wa hemo Allah early Ibrahim Allah Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed income of Ark tala ra hemo early ROI Haemophilia lemina inaka hamidou Madrid la Hamas en Liana Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed income isolate Iran hemo Allah Ali Ibrahim, la whomever Ricardo Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed in camera Baraka Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim phenol Amina in NACA hamidou Majeed Allahumma salli ala Muhammad

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Ali Mohammed income as on later Allah. Rahim Allah early varaa.

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Allah, Allah Mohammed

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Mohammed income about Okta, Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Filomena in Naka, hamidou Majeed Allah we ask you in these final last 10 days of the month of Ramadan in the final two or last two or three days of this blessed month to accept our month of Ramadan from Allah except in our fasting our Roku I was subdued our solar to you are hamara meal

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Allah we are those who acknowledge their mistakes throughout the year before you ask Allah as we did last Ramadan to once again grant us you forgiveness grant us your

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your mercy and your part in your hamara mean Oh Allah we ask you all of the good that was asked of you by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask you to protect us from everything that the Prophet asked to be protected from sallallahu wasallam Allah we ask you the highest levels of goodness, we ask you your hammer, I mean to make us from those who entered him that or those man never you know so do you know what Shahada was? signed him? Allah we ask you to make us from those who are turned away from the punishment of jahannam on account of our righteousness that we perform this life. Oh Allah we ask you to lead our hearts to you we are hameroff mean. Allah we ask you, you

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are the Turner of hearts turn our hearts towards you, Allah, Allah we ask you to make the order and the light of our eyes, the spring of a heart, the remover of our heart of any harm and illness and distress that we may be in the love. Allah we ask you to make the message of the poorer and more beloved to us than any other message out tomorrow. I mean, Allah forgive us the sins that bring down your wrath Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to forgive us the scenes that earn you're angry at Allah. Allah we ask you to forgive us the scenes that remove Baraka from our wealth yet Allah, Allah we ask you to remove the sins and to help us overcome our sins that take away from our health and

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sustenance. Allah, Allah we ask you to remove the sins that limits our risk to Allah. Allah we ask you to remove the sins in our life yahama rahimian that erode the joy that we have with our families and spouses yet Allah

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Allah we ask you to purify our eyes from that which is haram and to purify our hearing and our speaking from that which is sinful. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to build positive relationships yet Allah we ask you a hammer I mean to allow us to build positive relationships with others that is built upon the way in the student of the prophets. I seldom Allah we ask you to turn our hearts away from seeing any morality make it something that is distasteful to us. Yeah, Allah. Allah, we ask you to make the halaal more beloved to us than the haraam even if the harem is greater in its desire in our heart to love Allah we ask you to turn us to that which is Hillel into open to us the doors of

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all good yeah are hammer I mean, Allah we ask you to assist us as you assisted those who came before us assisted them to righteousness. Yeah, Allah. Allah give us good in this life good in the next life protect us from the punishment of jahannam or benenati nafi Jr. has an awful Aphrodite has no Athena either but now,

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Robin attina Jr. has an awful lot he has no Tomoko nada now Robin attina Jr. has another woodfill Aphrodite has another mokena have enough rubber Philly Valley Valley they are the Philly Valley Valley they all lager incoming forgiveness and and that of my parents. What do you mean to holla at me and and to anyone who enters my

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Home into my life as a deliver will mean that will mean attend to the believing men and women. Whether it is in volume in a lot of era I know Allah bring ruin to those who rebel against you. Yeah Allah, those who go to extreme and go too far and seek to push people away from your path yeah Allah will only leave you to be the one who sets them back towards themselves their love of Allah there is so much oppression in the East in the West but in particular at our brothers in saya Allah, Allah we ask you to strengthen our brothers in Masuda Afsar who are Morabito and who are there holding firm Yeah, Allah we ask you a lot to open our hearts to support them in their families. Yeah, Allah

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Yeah, I mean,

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we asked you to assist them yeah, Allah. Allah there's throwing at them concussion grenades. Yeah, Allah and tear gas Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah they're seeking to expel them from your house but this is your house of worship Allah. Allah Allah for every home that there is, there is the Guardian that that guards at Allah, Allah Allah gardella say Allah we believe that the promise is true. We believe that that your promise that this Islam will remain as it always has been yet Allah, Allah we ask you to open the hearts towards it. Yeah Allah

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to assist us to defend it with our wealth and our health and our bodies and our intellect and our pen and our writing Allah. Allah we ask you to raise from the home of Mohammed all those salaallah alayhi wa sallam who will stand firm and do that which is good Yeah, Allah. Allah help us to attain that which is righteousness in in our heart and in our being yet Allah that we can move forward towards righteousness in our dealings with others yet Allah.

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Allah although we acknowledge our mistakes before we we know that we are the ones who are sinners, Allah we ask you to turn our hearts to you and not make our hearts distracted from you. Yeah, a lot. A lot of vanilla tours of Palooza Nevada if had a tener Oh Allah Don't let our hearts deviate from you. After they will let you

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know or have a Romania Walia. mustafi Yeah, Allah Yeah, man we are I mean, we ask you a lot to make us from those who are successful in this dunya and atheria. Allah, we ask you to make us from those who hold on to firmly the path of our Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Ballina a mo learner indicator well, Rahim Allah you are a master we ask you to accept our repentance. You are at a web Rahim You are the one who loves to accept repentance Allah we make the of the prophets I sell them we ask you to make it for us. I do that we have said in the lay little other than that it's expected It's expected and accepted from us yeah Allah.

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Allah making the chi foo into a Buddha half of half an Allah made nikka for winter April I for for unknown Allah homemaking NACA for winter Evo LA for five for an hour long You are the one who forgives him pardons we ask you to forgive us some part in this Yeah, Allah. Allah you love to forgive him to pardon you are the forgiver and pardon our forgiveness and pardon us yeah, Allah, Allah Khomeini nikka. fo Oh Allah you are the forgiver in the pardoner to a Buddha if you love to forgive in part in fact for I need fat for I Neha Allah forgive me Forgive us yeah, Allah, Allah Allah we ask you to expel all of the sins from our record yeah Allah or I'm better than him net and

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for center or Allah we acknowledge that we are sinners before you were in limped off Elena What are Hamner if you don't forgive us if you don't show us your mercy linna Kuda, nominal has been Allah we fear no one more than you Yeah, Allah we love One No One more than you Yeah, Allah. We have hope and nothing or anyone other than you, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah then Allah, Allah in that entire often I wanna know Avi kwinana, Allah, I deca, deca soltana. Now though, because I've been shuru Reema Sonia and I went up there ametek aleyda

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for Nobunaga with the novena dolphin learner in the hula Phil unova event along with Elena denorfia Allah so the rehab work heavy rehab Julie her word okay Dhaka higher or hammer I mean, Allah forgive us the sins it's mean during its minor the large and the small of it Yeah, Allah. Allah woman and Dr. Lim will be human now you know our sins more so even than we do. Yeah, Allah, Allah keep our hearts firm upon you. And now we're Nia firm for you he Allah make us from those who push away from the excesses in the dunya and seeking to have a place in the eyes of others. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you to Allah what I had to follow when I'm in an ephah Allah cleanse our hearts from hypocrisy,

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where I'm Elena Mina Ria and cleanse our dealings and actions with others from hypocrisy Allah, Allah we ask you to make us from those who is blessed and Ameen and the maintenance of blessing permeates with them in this life and into the next year Allah, Allah mustard, our atina we're Emerald Latina, O Allah

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guard our chastity guard our folds guard our reputations, and we ask you to remove all of the fears that we may have alarmist like Linda Dean and a lady who is meant to mirror our law set right our affairs through our religiousness to you yeah, Allah and our devotion or lawmakers from those who are devoted to you alone. Yeah, Allah Allah Filipina or Hamnet. wadena Divina. Allah we ask you to forgive us, to show us your mercy to guide us and to guide other through as well. I feel that was our law. We asked you to pray for us and protect us and to give us an increase in our such sentencia Allah.

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Allah home in Santa Monica Salah motovlog Torah dilated until early will Ekrem although you were the giver in the possessor of peace share your pee send your peace upon us yeah Allah make us from those who live peacefully with our neighbors and our friends yeah law but make us resilient and able to push back when push is necessary. Allah Allah we ask you to protect us from the moon karate Allah follow me now will become a monk karate laugh laugh will Amelie will aware it will adware Allah we ask you to protect us from undesirable immorality and the deeds of immorality from the desires of immorality and the diseases that may stem off Allah. Allah in narrow there'll be a roadblock I'm in

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Sahaja Kona Oh, they'll be more emphatic I mean robotic Allah we ask you to be content with us so that your raft does not descend upon us and that we you cleanse us from our sins through your mercy and forgiveness yeah Allah.

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Allah may not know the becoming a min lion for a woman called me Nyasha a woman I'm in love that man or woman in law use man or law protect us from a heart that is not able to rest with you a lot. We ask you to protect us from anger that permeates yeah Allah we ask you to give us happiness in this dunya and our hiroya Allah but we asked you most to save us from the punishment of jahannam Allah in no other becoming other woman other but you have no Allah we ask you to protect us from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of jahannam we ask you a lot to protect us from the fitness test in life and in depth of love. We asked you to protect us from fitna Tillman see the

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jell O Allah protect us from his feet near our camera mean

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Allah we ask you to grant us the highest levels with our Navy Mohammed Salah Salim to make us from those who follow him in this life and be led by him into the next life that we are shown our place of residence and our delight that is extended to us by Allah. Allah we ask you to continue to send your choices blessings upon the prophets, I sell them while early he was. He was held into Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi we know whenever you know Mohammed in filler William was Oliver Salim was guava Rick is at now heavy we know whenever you know I'm reading film Allah Allah Allah. Yeah, hammer I mean, Allah hum I live NEMA Johanna middle hora and

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I've been working them in oh man we've seen up a lot my father now what was for dinner where dinner last

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half hour after that awareness and Al Hamdulillah here up behind me and also Lila Hama wa Sallim wa barik. Allah said, you know, Habib, you know whenever you know Mohammed Salalah while he was with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.