The Beginning And The End – EP 50 Shaytan’s Dua

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So we established that shavon is a disbeliever So the thing is now why would Allah subhanaw taala answer his drop when he says por la la be found litany you know your iPhone he says oh my lord, leave me or grant me respite or respect if you're British grant me respite until the day that they are resurrected polyphor inika mean on one body. So last pantai says you are amongst those who have been granted respite. Now,

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a lot here, which is respite or respites, which is to be left alone. First of all, you know, why is a lot answering shavon right, number one, you can see here that Siobhan is calling upon a loss of hundreds out of property he's saying he's saying My Lord, okay, so he's not associating a partner with a loss penalty. But what is but Allah knows why shaitan is asking for this and what he's asking for this time to be left alone, so that he can recap it so why would a loss pinata answer him and assure him Allah to Allah and his tafsir he says that that was a loss plan for him anyway, and he simply made him aware for aware of it so Allah subhana wa tada was planning to grant him that

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respite and to grant him that time, because his agile His death was already written, you know, at a certain time, but Allah subhanho Tada made him aware of it and answered that we find, you know, half of the Roman Catholic anatomy day when he goes through the different opinions of the Sahaba as to one shape bond would die. The most correct opinion the strongest opinion being with the first blow of the horn, meaning he would live all the way through those signs of the day of judgment and the slot you caught the painful blow which would which would take the lives of the worst people that exist at the time would also take shape one's life as well. So it was a loss planned for him anyway,

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for his wisdom subhanho wa Taala to leave shape on and grant him that respite but Allah was making him aware of it. But it's also not impossible that Allah subhanaw taala answers is because at least has and this is where the beautiful wisdom of Rahim Allah comes in. It believes has something to bring to the table when he makes it out to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because the last palletizers were either said about the undefended party or G with their with their either their unfairly StG bully while you're you know Bill allomi or stone loss panatela says that you know, I answered the call of the caller when he calls so let them answer my call as well. So when you do good deeds and

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when you answer the call of Allah subhana wa tada it makes your job more answerable. Okay, so one shape on calls upon Allah subhanaw taala here, he's got 1000s of years of evod 1000s of years of worship. So he brings something with him to the table when he calls upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. So whether it was that a lot entered his do, you know, because of what he's done, or a loss of habitat, that was his plan for him anyway, so it wasn't a form of ecotourism. It wasn't a form of benevolence that Allah subhanaw taala answered his door and it wasn't really his job in the first place. The point is here shavon is granted respite, he's granted this long period to be left alone. Now that

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brings us to a very interesting question. Well, does a lot enter the door of the cabinet of the disbeliever because he's clearly a disbeliever we've already established that the mom even told me about him a lot to it he said that Allah subhana wa tada answers the door of every Muslim and disbeliever that calls upon him solely. So if you call upon a lot properly, then you're has a chance of being answered. Okay. So when you call upon and what's the proof he uses several proofs so he says when a last contact says a menu D will multiply either there are actually four so when the last pencil says For example, who who is the one that answers Alamo Patil, the one that's in need when he

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calls upon him, and he said a lot did not specify the believers. Likewise, the last contact tells us about the disbelievers when they're drowning. What either mushiya homodyne calverley that when they are drowning in the depths of the ocean when it's dark, and they're out in the sea, and they're drowning Darryl Allaha mcculley, Selena Houdini, they call upon Allah subhanaw taala. Sincerely not attributing any partners to them, phenomena gem but then when Allah saves them, meaning a lot, enter, they're there. Okay, because they called upon Allah subhanaw taala without ascribing a partner to him. Likewise, we find from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, it tells me

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that with a mobile loom, fear the dura of the oppressed for in Li Sabina however, being a like Egypt, there is no veil between Salawat powerful uses. There is no veil between the two of the oppressed and Allah subhana wa Tada. It's a direct connection to a loss of Hannah Montana and in some narrations, the prophets licenses will ocana Kafeel

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Even if that oppressed person was a disbeliever fear that they're out of that oppressed person, meaning if you're a believer and you're oppressing a disbeliever, Allah might answer the door of the disbeliever against you, so long as that disbeliever calls upon Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. We also find that when someone is seeking guidance, you know, when you're doing damage to someone, here's what you do. You say at the end of your day, you say, look, here's what I want you to do. I want you to go home tonight. Call upon a law call upon God alone. Don't call upon him ascribing any partners to him, call upon Him alone and ask him for guidance. say, God, I'm calling upon you alone,

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and I want sincere guidance. That's what the prophets lie some did with Hamza, the Alon, because Hamza initially accepted Islam as a form of you know, as a form of pride. You know, it was like, you know, I just wanted he was upset that his nephew, that the Prophet sly son was insulted the way that he was and he came to the Prophet sly sound like I don't know if I really accepted Islam or not. You know, if it was sincere enough, the Prophet slicin told them we'll ask Allah to guide you ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance. So you tell someone, look, go call upon Allah alone, and ask ask Allah subhana wa tada to guide you. Okay. Now, of course Allah would not answer the the, you know, the

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death of a disbeliever if the disbeliever called for salvation in the hereafter while insisting on their disbelief. So it also have to be something that's within the realm of what's called what's acceptable, what's, what can be done for a person in that situation. The point is here, that as you know, if a person calls upon a law, no matter who they are, if they call upon a loss of hundreds, alone, sincerely not attributing a partner to him, Subhana Allah to Allah, then Allah subhanho wa Taala would answer their their app. And of course, there are different degrees of what an answer to your atmosphere job is. So you know, there are different positions that you'd have to be in in

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different situations, but still, we see that that's something that's very much so possible. Now in the case of shavon it's amazing that Allah knew what shape on was going to say and do next. And shake on knew that Allah subhanho wa Taala wouldn't break his promise to him. When Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran wondering that you are amongst those that have granted respite because say Tom could have just said right after our last panel data said that you are amongst those that have been granted respite shake on you know, could have said okay, and you know, kept it to himself that he planned to lead mankind straight. But he knows that a loss of Hannah hoods on his promise is

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true. Why is that so powerful? Because on this, you know, on the day of judgment, when say bond speaks to the people, that he's misled, he says in Allah, how are other Kumar they'll help? Allah made you promises and those promises were true. A lot doesn't break his promise. Well, I took them fast enough to come I on the other hand, when I make a promise, I break my promises. So shaytaan knew even at that time, even as he was disobeying Allah subhanaw taala that this is a Lord that does not break his promises that this is the Lord that is merciful. And this is a Lord, who is just

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