Shed A Tear, But We Depart – Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 10

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and just like that day 10 is upon us and the HUD vlog for 2019 completes itself This will leave you halfway so let's remember there are 100 days after such

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one hour, I can now pop it over my feed or one hour.

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One more soon Katie and do either a year or even more in the Congress or any

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must be nice and warm like a mom's belly. Yes.

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salam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah. Good morning. Good morning. Good afternoon. It is one of our last days here it is Thursday, and you better believe it. My first full day in Madina Munawwara. And no, I didn't pray all night. And no, I didn't stay in the masjid or lead a tour group. I took time I rested, and I slept. Very happy to have that extra rest of Hamdulillah. I feel really good. I'm glad to have taken the rest. And now I'm going to take the date. And one of the points I wanted to touch on today, which I have we haven't done before on the blog. It's the in between time, it's been a good roommate, learning to stay clean, as long as so much of Islam is about cleanliness. And it's

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funny that we come for Hutch and our room is dirty. We leave everything like I'll just call it housekeeping. There's got to be a line where we draw to say this is hudge and this is where I'm gonna let some of my luxuries go. So the AC is not working. It's something you should complain to an engineer about. But whoever can stand the heat and cold Medina talamona What are the hundreds Jana? So the line between what is patience? What is service and what is the city of Medina to the Mona Lisa, and our etiquette, our mannerism and it is something I wanted to cover today. So I hope the day goes fantastic guys. I'm headed over for a talk. It has been sensational. Today was that day. I

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got to come down. I woke up for Fajr prayed Fajr went back to sleep. I think I slept like four and a half five hours full like it was rejuvenating. And in the days of hudge it does a lot. So I'll see you guys soon. I hope I look as fresh as I feel. And you all can get that energy. May your light shine this much tea outside. iridescent? May Allah subhanaw taala make your life beautiful. I'll see you guys as we go through the day. Yes, we're going to clean the I'm going to show you how I keep my room clean how I pack and repack and keep that process going. And that constantly leaves you in the state of cleanliness. And then to 36 hours when we leave said it's here but I'll be ready

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along mafia fie Bernina along my Aki Nafees seminar in La ilaha illa. And something I really like about the two, the two buildings that get connected. You saw this last year, this is my thing. To have this, the two towers haram tower and Medina tower and the Movenpick are connected by these circular bridges on seventh and 11th floor. It's a really beautiful thing. Let's go into my room. Let's see how we can make our hands experience a blessing for everybody else. How we can create our HUD experience and make it comfortable for everyone. Here's our room. What's the first thing you're going to do even though you have the key?

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That's what you need to do.

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Number two once you've not even if there's no one here

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that's why they call more Rahmatullah salons as you come in. Greet everyone. If there's some

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thing to be done. Treat it like your room don't have grown older guys so dirty. Look around first thing, see what are the things that you can clean up? What can you put away? Because guess what? 123 And that's my bed up against the wall got the floor area going. It's a lot of stuff for a lot of people a lot of things are going to be there look half my editing equipment all down there. This is not exactly as clean as I want to keep it. But for us for guys, this is the cleaned up version. Please, when you wake up, it sounds rhetorical. No, in the city of Medina, it's not that simple. Get up, make your bed. Even if you're going to sleep in it in five minutes. Make sure your stuff isn't

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on someone else's stuff. Watch out for the spillover. You know how easy it is to leave these bags out. Put your bags away. And then we'll have to get to some bathroom stuff a little bit later. But if you can quarantine yourself as guys, I understand. We can make piles and be happy with it. If you are someone who wants to go the extra step, then maybe make it neat and clean. Lastly, guys love doing this garbage around the garbage sisters don't they leave their clothes around the hamper. Right? It's like yeah, it's almost there. Guys, this is where it is. And check out our kitchen area. Make it a fact we use it. We use a fridge we use everything but what do we do? Everyone looks after

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each other not out of even being polite. It's the city of Medina doing Munawwara postage. I think you get it. And so I've been inspired to discuss a little bit more cleaning. Be a mindful roommate. Maybe people aren't used to you walking around in your shorts shirtless with all of it jiggling around. I mean that would love but maybe you're things that you're used to you can make an abbreviation because it's still a shared space. And I think as Americans or Westerners sometimes we're not so used to a shared space experience. Let's make this a beautiful day about cleanliness, personal hygiene, hygiene for the hijab, and making that transformation postage, to say, You know

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what, Oh Allah, I want to be clean, and I want to carry cleanliness with me postage. A Salam, Aleikum. Warahmatullah friends Been a while for us to get a new project going. But with six kids and social media, essentially taking over everything we do. I thought it was time to discuss look at a wonderful new book that's coming out about the usages of social media. So it's not the dangers but the usages of social media. Check out the book, listen to the voice over. And let's get the word out there a new projects on the way. Thank you for everyone who supported me. And thank you for taking a look at this brand new way to communicate with our kids in a new culture. Not telling them

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everything's how long, but showing them how to use this tool. Don't you remember, I guess I'll switch over to guys and girls who are in my generation. Remember how TV was haram? Right? And it made sense to every parents that It's haram. It's gonna destroy your life. But at the same time, you understood that it could become a tool. And now we all do it right. We all watch TV, and it's a tool to help us. So let's not deem anything forbidden yet. Yes, US are the let's use the text. And let's go through it together. And I think we'll learn to curate our social media, to our liking. And there it is friends hudge 2019. A beautiful experience. Thank you for coming along with me looking at the

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book, checking out the launch good and sharing in these moments. I'll see you all as we continue