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I mean, what are you wanting

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to do with that being said I'm about a karate kata Sudhakar Mohammed in Salalah while he was only he was willing to Salem Cathedral so inshallah Tada. Tonight we're going to do the last reflection properly on sort of Rahim and I'm going to be possibly discontinuing the nightly reminders for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. That doesn't mean I'll stop all reminders we still have the first on Tuesday, and obviously on Friday By the way, if you've noticed the Juma I'm actually doing it from the lawn of the masjid at 330 Eastern inshallah tada weekly.

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So I might, I might just make the reminders, a little less frequent, but we'll see bit the night on so I'll keep you all posted in Shell over the weekend. But I did want to talk today about this particular reflection of one last panel it's assets with a kid home via yam Allah so last pantai says what happened also now Mousavi a Tina and athletes coma coming on automatically the Nord whether kilham be a yam in LA in Nevada, iniquity, salt bath and sugar. We indeed sent Moses with our sign saying lead your people out of all forms of darkness into light and remind them of the days of Allah And verily in that are Signs for everyone who is so bad in Chicago who's patient and

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grateful. And then the next eye is almost that he called me a guru near amatola he didn't come in gentlemen early for only assume when it comes to a ladder with a behind a napkin, we're still human. And he said, Oh, come on, you've already come out on the road become IBM. So the next verse Mossad, Islam is saying to his people remember a lost favor upon you when he delivered you from Pharaoh, who inflicted or afflicted you with a grievous punishment, slaughtering your sons and and humiliating your women. And in that was, it was a terrible trial from your Lord. So this particular usage a yam Allah is something that I think is very profound, and inshallah I hope we can all take some some

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benefit from it because it really is beautiful how it's used here. Now, I want to start off by saying that the days of Allah there are two opinions from Nova city about what they refer to and then there's a third one that sort of combines the two ways. One of them is based actually, on a on a narration that some of have classified authentic to the Prophet slice and look forward to the Prophet slice Allah, which is a yam Allah refers to near Mila. It refers to the blessings of Allah the days of great blessings upon you. And so we're coming up on Ashura. And obviously, as we've mentioned, we're celebrating the victory that Allah gave to Masada Salaam over the Pharaoh, and

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Allah subhana wa tada would remind the people of morsani snom remember when you were about to drown, or you were about to be killed and Allah subhana wa tada saved you from the grievious punishments and Allah Subhana Allah blessed you with victory and so the reminder of a lost favor upon the people of most it so upon Benny slightly, and that logically connects to the next idea, which is why I read the next idea where most Isom mentions the favors of Allah subhana wa tada upon bunnies I use So remember, when you were saved by Allah from the Pharaoh, remember when you thought you had no way out. And the last point I made a way out for for you. The second opinion of the Mufasa ruin, is that

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this is referring to the opposite, actually, which are great events in human history

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that involve punishment or catastrophe. And so a reminder that those days of hardship could come upon you as well that that retribution is cyclical that all of these things that have happened in the past could happen to you as well. Remember the great floods remember the great tragedies that befell a people that disobeyed a liar that did things, horrible things and transgressed? And so how do you combine the two at least for the sake of benefit? I'll say that, by the way, from, you know, the first opinion, because there's a narration that appears to have enough authenticity and it matches the next is probably the stronger one, but to at least extract benefit and shout lots out

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from both interpretations, the days of Allah, how many times were you in a situation you that you can look back upon and you thought that there was no way you were going to get out of the difficulty that you were in? You were in a tough episode and you thought that you're not going to make it past that episode.

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You were in some sort of great difficulty you face the hurdle in life and you thought that

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that hurdle was going to permanently permanently paralyze you so that you would not be able to move forward. And you called upon a loss of Hannah Montana and Allah made a way out for you. It's important for us to go back and to look at those moments and you know, maybe in those days there are days that happen in our lives are things that happen in our days of our lives that we did not attribute the relief to Allah we attribute the hardship to Allah but we didn't attribute the relief to Allah which is in gratitude with a loss.

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Remember that carry on a Salaam as he called upon Allah subhana wa Tada. And he mentioned well, and I couldn't be happier. I've never asked you for anything Oh ALLAH and felt empty handed felt disappointed. You've never left me amongst the rushed amongst the wretched as a result of calling upon you. For certain other the asset for certain Allah the ssrb upon a new Timex anahola. Haven is one of the great imams said that he asked Allah, who was generous with him in the past, to be generous with him in the future, as he called upon Allah and was blessed with Gianni Hassan john, peace be upon him as a son, even in his old age. So it's important for us to reflect and to remember

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the times that Allah saved us to remember the times that we overcame a very difficult situation to remember how we barely passed, how, you know, we barely escaped this hardship, or how this one, you know, twist in our lives in our favor, allowed us to get to a place that we are because sometimes, people that are highly blessed and highly privileged, forget the source of their blessings. And then forget how humble they were when they were asking for those blessings. And so now when they have it easy, they turn back on a loss of hundreds on it and disobey Allah subhanaw taala. So, a young fella to go back and to remember those days and those blessings and those things that Allah has given you,

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right, the times where you thought that you were going to drown the times that you thought that things were over for you and that you had no way out. And Allah Subhana Allah made a way out for you.

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That is a profound means of granting, Southern and sugar, right, because the sub bar in Chicago, a person who is patient who is extremely patient steadfast because they know that Allah will get them through it again. And a person who is grateful for the blessings of the past, which allowed them to contextualize properly the present and the future. Okay, so that's the primary I think way of reflecting on this idea, but the second one are episodes of human history. How many arrogant nations thought that they would be able to remain in a place of power, but everything was taken away from them. How many tyrants thought they were invincible, only to be drowned like the fit our own, not in

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the exact manner but in a way in which they lost everything how many times were there people that thought that they would not be given victory that they were completely defeated but a loss of habitat gave them victory? Right I'm hesitant enter to the general alumni article methodological Holloman public comments that one best at what Laura was what law was easy to write last hands on mentions these people that came before you that went through extreme hardship. I talked about hobgoblin and a lot of the a lot of talent who when he came to the Prophet slicin um, and he said to the messenger of a loss of life, some Allah attended Allah, Oh Allah Teddy relena with a sponsor,

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Lana, aren't you going to pray to Allah for us and the prophets, I'm mentioning the people that came before and what they went through, right how they were sawed into to for saying that Allah Allah, so history repeats itself. And tyrants are eventually humiliated, arrogant nations are eventually brought to their knees, and the oppressed eventually rise, and even those that are, are killed or those that are harmed in the way of truth, then Allah subhana wa, tada has a way for them, which is the way of blessing the hereafter. But the point is to reflect on human history and to see the way that history repeats itself, to see the cycles of history. And you know, when they say that you want

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to be on the right side of history. So I've had a lot of what what moments of history we're reliving right now. Right? Think about, you know, 2020, you know, in particular, what moments of history are we living right now the political turmoil, the pandemic and the uncertainty with the pandemic, the era of technology that we are in which, you know, people are more polarized than ever, all of these things? What did you do, as this history unfolded, not in front of you, but with you in it. And so remember the days of a law and make sure that in these days of a law, that you are connected to a loss of habitat, and on a path of righteousness and truth, even if you are against a strong currents

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of falsehood. So May Allah subhanaw taala preserve us make us amongst those that patiently persevere

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And that always remain sincere and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to meet any currents of falsehood with the strength of the truth and always make us people of truth. And may Allah subhanaw taala make the best of our deeds, the last of them and the best of our days the day that we stand before Him subhanho wa Taala I mean, does that mean well, Hayden was said on YT comm what happened to live