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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The generation after the COVID-19 crisis faced challenges including mental health, mental health disorders, and relationships. People often try to avoid symptoms but can use their own experiences to motivate them. The negative impact of heavy lifting during pregnancy and the associated mental health issues are discussed. The importance of protecting one's health is emphasized, along with education for achieving maximum intellectual potential and positive mental wellness. The speaker also discusses the need for emotional and positive mental wellness to achieve healthy mental health and wealth.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah hit me he bothered me. While I have we by the quadratic salat wa salam O Allah see the Libya he will want to study in WA early was Harvey was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira cathedral. A murder photo Villa humanize shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Nolet assumere Rohilla Hillel Homolka Fionn. Sarah Kola will Azim My dear respected Allah ma scholars, elders and brothers, we are living in an age in which there are many different challenges. And every age has had its challenges. Just two days ago, in the same budget, we spoke about the gender identity crisis in the LGBTQ crisis. Today, I would

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like to focus on another crisis which has reached in many ways unprecedented level of compared to earlier times. And that is about mental health, mental illness. It has perhaps been exacerbated because of our situation because of the stress that we are living with. And it is a reality which we need to deal with. And Islam, which always gives us solution to all our challenges or our issues, has also given us guidance with regard to mental health. Now, just a few things. Firstly, I must also make mention that I'm no expert on this. So I'm not speaking as a psychiatrist or as someone who is an expert in mental health. But someone who had just done a wide bit of reading with regard

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to this, and offering some guidelines which

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in which is in our Quran and Hadith. The first thing is, just as someone sometimes feel unwell despite not having serious illness, sometimes people may experience poor mental health without

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proper or full blown mental illness. Mental health is about our mental well being, and includes our emotional psychology, psychological and social well being. It includes psychotic disorders, personality disorders, impulse control disorders, it determines how we deal with stress, how we relate to others, and how we make choices. mental health disorders exist in broad categories. Sometimes it comes in the form of anxiety disorders, sometimes in the form of mood disorders. Sometimes you have what to call bipolar, what is bipolar, two different polls. So one poll, you have someone who is on a high, on the other hand is on a low, so experience, varying degrees of moods,

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and of course, in relationship that is perhaps one of the most difficult to deal with. And that is why you find people having great degrees, great degree of difficulty in relationship when one of the partners or both of the partners might have Bipolar, then you have anxiety, excessive worry, which may result in panic disorders. How do you deal with anxiety? How do you deal with emotional stress? How do you deal with challenges that come up from the worldly point of view, and sometimes there is depression, low mood or just for as long duration? Now the difficulty we have in today's time in our society is the stigma. So these are stigmatization of this disease largely unrecognized, therefore,

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left untreated, and people hide it, one of the reasons why we will fight in traditional societies and traditional families, we will deal with people who will say, you know, people will say hi to Gandalf, and that's the way we look at it. So, even if a person does show this type of symptoms, we tend to not deal with it and not treating it reminds me of a summit you know, numerous incidents, they say, you know, once upon a time there used to be a Governor General of Pakistan by the name of Ghulam Muhammad, he used to be you know, the governor general. So, one day he came to a satanic satanic Ward, or what we used to call like, you know, a major hospital used to have stepped foot in

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each other in in our area. So, one day he came to this particular place and as you walked in, the people say, if or one more came, so he got very angry, he said, May Pakistan, Governor General roll out the Governor General of Pakistan. And he said We also used to say the same thing.

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So these this whole particular stigma which is attached to it, when we hear anyone want to play a depression, how do we respond most of the time is no depression is only in your head. What are you worried about? Allah is in control over things. That does it mean that you don't have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala Why are you depressed? Why do you worry?

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This is time how we deal with it. It is almost like telling a diabetic patient, pull your pancreas together, it will create insulin.

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You don't tell a diabetic patient patient that you don't tell a patient who is

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Got, for example, you know high blood, pull yourself together, you know, your blood pressure will come to come, right? Sometimes there is an illness which needs a diagnosis, which needs you to go to a doctor. Why do we, why do we change that particular situation with regard to depression, sometimes there is an imbalance with regard to serotonin. So we know we tend to undermine it, which exacerbates the situation, then sometimes we have the value factor. Anything that is wrong with a person, anything that comes in a situation it is Jaggu bernucci, you must have read this whole particular situation, a woman became pregnant, so she went to one of the animals. Now luckily, that

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Amil was someone who knew little bit about medical aspects also. And he also knew with regard to what is a pregnancy, so she said, I'm not feeling well know, someone did something to me. So, you know, he looked at it, and he said, No, there's nothing wrong with you. And he uses Gujarati phrase, burden manipulation under Bucha is not something to do with outside is something to do when you say to a pregnant, but for us anything even symptoms of pregnancy, we tend to equate it and say that is Josue. So what we need to understand that it is not to do depression is not lack of faith. You know, it's not something that you say you don't have faith in Allah, therefore, you have depression. There

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are reasons there are situations which we are not aware. And we have to be very, very careful in making these types of judgments which unfortunately we do.

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In the Quran, there are many instances, who Allah Tala has made mention of great personalities, who had great amount of challenges in their life. And they will they were, they had situations of sadness. And you know, worry. One of the most amazing things that you will find is as a party,

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when Miraculously, she was about to give birth to us at this restaurant was salam, she conceived

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miraculously, as a jewelry blew into a sleeve and she became pregnant. And then when she became pregnant, she went out to the city. And of course, she was worried how I'm going to face the community, of being pregnant without marriage. And Allah Allah in the Holy Quran has ordered anxiety

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in such a words,

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that sometimes it is so

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you know, it's something for us to think Dr. Leighton emit to Kabbalah hada if only I had been I had died before this,

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and I would have vanished and have been obliterated, and I would not have been in this if

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if only I would have vanished I would have died before this day. What made her say that it was a worry that how I'm going to face the community with regard to especially coming from such a noble background, how am I going to face the community with regard to this? And then when eventually she did come to a community Allah recorded in such a beautiful way? Yeah, after her own Magana. Okay, Maura, so America Oh, no, Cuba. Yeah.

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Oh system, her own mother was

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immoral. You Out America will Kimora so, you know, and your family is not from a search of that ground. Wow. Have you come with a child and being pregnant without marriage? For ashadha delay. And what did she do?

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She she indicated to the small child as a de salud Salatu was Salam. And he from there, he announced the what what did he say? In the Abdullah I am the servant of Allah. He gave evidence with regard to the morality and the chaste nature of his mother. But when she said those words yeah Nathan even to being Cavalier, let us

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keep it even a legend and see why you worry. Allah consoler ALLATRA Don't worry, called at ya later even to a couple of other work of another HMI data alert that has led don't get said

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Don't get worried. I have made arrangements for you. You go and stay here is clean water. There is a date palm shake it you will get fresh dates. I didn't say why are you worried? Why are you making mention of these things? Allah Tala consoler. Do we do the same and someone shows and give symptoms and expresses his feeling that I'm worried I'm anxious. Do we console or do we dismiss it? Why we don't have faith in Allah Tala that you are worrying. Allah Allah didn't tell her that. Allah subhanho wa Taala consoled her as a young Coblenz Salatu was Salam to consider in this way naturally, the Holy Quran was here that a woman a host

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his eyes and his sight became crowded because of sadness of the disappearance of Azusa Peninsula Tosa, what was that? Let me agree Mr. Allahu alayhi wa sallam cried many times with regard to the anxieties that he faced in this world. There is one year in the history of nebula Kareem SummerSlam, which is known as

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the year of sadness, that particular year in which he lost his beloved wife as a Khadija, and he lost his uncle Abu Talib, who was a pillar of support. So these are things that we have to grow up with, we can't dismiss it. And what is very surprising is that we stigmatize something, when in reality, we were the pioneers of dealing with this particular type of mental illness. The first psychiatric ward, known as Daru, shifa was built by a Muslim physician in the eighth century, he dealt with matters in a holistic manner, which I will go on to explain how we were kharazi, after he studied medicine constructed the largest dedicated psychiatry ward. And in that he used to have a

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holistic treatment. And part of that holistic treatment was speech therapy, get people to talk about the difficulties used to have sound therapy. sound therapy used to be that they used to have sicker and eschar with a particular melodious ways, way way to able to treat the depression of people. Then you have fountains going look at all earlier Islamic architecture, you always had fountains, the running of water treated a situation, which was part of sound therapy to be able to bring relief to people who have tension. Can you one of the most amazing things that I read was Abu Zaid al Buckley, he wrote a book in which he diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder, almost exactly is described by

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modern psychiatry. And one of the things that they found was that after the people went out of these wards, they used to give them a stipend.

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We were the ones we Muslims were the ones that when people got released and discharged from those particular words, they were given a stipend, which in today's time, it is part of what is called relapse prevention strategy.

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Can you imagine? You know, unfortunately, today, we have restricted Islam. And I'm not saying we must become modernists in terms of our thoughts and our ideas. But at the same time, Islam was progressive Islam was those that brought, you know, whether it be medicine and whether it be any other things. We were the ones who were there, the people who showed people that will, unfortunately in the last one or two centuries, and unfold that, unfortunately, we must say, exacerbated by our thinking about what religion is, we have regressed. And one of the amazing things with regard to Islam when it deals with this whole particular issue of mental health, it always deals with it

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holistically. And it always tells us that you cannot deal with mental challenges. Mental Health in isolation are only one aspect of your health. So it's said that for you to be able to achieve optimum mental health, you have to be engaged in wellness, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. It is only when you become wealthy in all of these four spheres. Will you be able to gain mental health that we briefly make mention with regard to in first physical health? The health of our physical body is essential to our well being. They can be no wellness without physical health. My dear respected weathers I can't overemphasize the emphasis Islam has given to protecting

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your health. We agree Mr. Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, protect your health before illness overtakes you.

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And what have you let me a cream sauce from say a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer believer. When you are strong, you'll be able to do more, when you are when one thing you do.

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Sometimes you might be able to have all those times, you know, used to play tennis with one person Moromi Brian via you know, we used to play tennis with him so many times when he used to go to the ball and he couldn't go because he was becoming old. And you see the mind is there the body is not there. So we have this type of situation. You have to be physically well, to be able to Achieve Wellness. She has set it up mentally as within a very basic incident. You know, Chef Sadie was also a very amazing poet, a Persian poet, I did one year of shall start his poems. So in one of his beautiful incidents he makes mentioned that the king was going out on Expedition and hunting

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expedition. So when he was going out in this hunting expedition, there was one person who was complaining. They had to go in

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boat had to go in a ship. And he was complaining, I got sea sickness, I got this illness I got that illness. So someone, one wise person told the king How will relieve him, I will kill him. He said how he says Leave it to me. So what he did, one day that person who was complaining took him he threw him into the ocean.

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And some other he threw something with it, so that he could come back safely to the boat and to the ship after they never complained. So the king said, How did you come upon such a way to relieve and stop him from complaining? So what a remarkable answer he gave. He said he underestimated this safety of the boat in the middle of the ocean. When he went into the ocean, he realized the safety the boat was providing. So then she started to learn it gives us insulin and he says this, many times people don't value health until sickness overtakes them.

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Brothers look after your health, I hope I can be able to say this earlier. But this is a reality when you are young look after your health. You know, there was a very great person in our community, Maulana toorani, you know, and I used to stay with him a lot and I used to I learn a lot from him. And one day he told me as he told us, he told his children and he told people very amazingly, he said Allah in the NAFSA let them with the hottest Mariska no one will die until he completes his risk, Kota, his quota of risk. So to see you, why do you finish your quota so quickly, but over eating

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while you're finishing your quota so quickly, which of course have other health repercussions? So that's one of the things the other has three aspects with regard to wellness is intellectual well being. You know, there's so much of emphasis with regard to affiliate the brutal Quran, war to ponder over the Holy Quran, heavy intellectual stimulation. Keep yourself busy intellectually, you know, in Surah Arafa Tara in the Holy Quran says well under the Rana the Johanna Mata Filomena GIF, I will fill Jahannam with many human beings who will lie of Kahuna behalf. They have hearts, but they don't understand. They have eyes but they don't see of obviously they see but what do they see?

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Sometimes they see naked woman they're not supposed to see them. They're supposed to see something else. While Omar you know, let you see when

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they have used but they don't hear

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karate, or Judo or Quran.

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When they listen to music, they dance and when they listen to Quran they fall asleep. So as that Allah in the Holy Quran has made mention, that those who do not use the internet to reach the truth, they are called an army by whom they are worse than animals. So as that Allah tells us to use our intellect, that's the reason why Islam is placed so much emphasis upon education. The very first verse in the Holy Quran was about education.

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And education is the most important factor in achieving maximum intellectual potential, our brains, our intelligence, just like our body needs exercise, and it needs intellectual stimulation to prevent dementia and to prevent the loss of our intelligence and our thinking, but who things like that? One of the reasons therefore an Allah Tala in the Holy Quran tells us representative Wilma, when I increase my knowledge, one of the reasons why alcohol is haram because it takes away your intellectual faculties to faculty of thinking, I have a friend in the legal field. And one day he told me a very amazing thing. He told me he said he saw a very prominent, respected judge at the end

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of the year party. He was done. He was slurring his speech, he was talking nonsense. So suddenly I realized what Allah has made him call haram, that a person who has intellect, he has lost his intellect and part of our whole wellness. Part of our holistic wellness is to have intellectual well being. The third thing that we are supposed to have is emotional well being lack of emotional well wellness also lead to deteriorate deterioration of our health. Islamic text acknowledges acknowledges the validity and validity of negative emotions and offer guidelines on how to deal with them in a healthy way. Maybe a cream saucer have told us. The pediatrician also also had episodes

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where they were saying this there was emotional challenges, many times maybe extreme sources and buried his daughter has a Jaina, the eldest daughter, he went in with a paper he cried. And when he came out to the cover, he was smiling. So

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I was at another school and what is the reason for this? So when I went into the Tamarama, dua to Allah, Oh Allah, my daughter, this daughter of mines, this eldest daughter of mines went through tremendous struggle for the sake of Islam, who will now you forgive her, and I went into the copper crying. And then while I was in a cover letter revealed to be that I have elevated the status of your daughter, I came out smiling, let me get him so seldom Had this not only with regard to his children, he went to see sad when I've been abused was one of the pillars of helping him source them in Medina. He saw him on the last stages of his life, and maybe it was awesome crime, just have a

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ride with him. Let me get himself some head emotional challenges, but maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always taught us how to deal now that's a different subject on his own, how to deal with emotional challenges. But what I'm saying is part of holistic wellness is to have emotional well being. And part of having emotional well being is to have a positive outlook in life. And the dream Salah will ever Solomon said, what an amazing he said hoping for good and positivity is also an act of worship.

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And what greater What greater example can you give with regard to be positive, that will be a dream source and set be positive till the end of time. And that hadith of Nebia Kareem sauce from comes to mind, either hearted Musa failure, Brazil phocoena phocoena utter failure Risa, if you hear that trumpet of Kiama blowing, and you are planting a seed, don't say who's going to benefit from this particular seat who's going to benefit from this plan, who's going to benefit from the three it is Yarmouth, coin, plan, the three

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be positive till the day you die go into something that is positive. And lastly, you know, part of you know our wholeness and complete holistic wellness, spiritual well being. The role of spirituality is an essential part of both prevention and treatment of mental illness. There is a systematic review of multiple studies that showed that increase level of spirituality Ibaadat and rich religiosity correlated with better mental health. While of course it is beneficial, we never say that it is intended to minimize minimize the other forms of treatment. This is part of the treatment, that you have a Taluka Allah Allah related minute Hello, in the remembrance of Allah will

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help us find contentment. You can have everything else, you can have the best home, you can have the best amount of wealth, you can have the best of cars, but it will not bring you contentment and satisfaction. Allah has kept satisfaction is something else. Allah is our Creator. You cannot use any gadget against the manufacturers you know way of dealing with it. Otherwise, you know, you take a fault and you go against what the manufacturer or what what they have told you how to use it you'll be able to use and you will be able to have maximum with regard to your phone or any other things. Allah is our Creator. And as our treaty he's telling us, I have not kept your contentment

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and satisfaction in wealth. I have kept your contentment in the remembrance of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala therefore to be a teamster, Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to say the coolness of my eyes. That means my satisfaction licensor that he used to tell beloved, many times OB there'll be so much difficulties we are encountering so many challenges are recognized

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or below give us contentment go and give the

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give the Assam, Bihar Krishna. So when we have these four wellness in our life, you know wellness and our physical body wellness intellectually emotionally and spiritually. Then you will have the holistic wellness which will inshallah will bode well for us and will grant us complete health both physically and mentally. We Allah subhanaw taala given the topic of understanding has been mentioned from the very beginning mental illness and mental health, depression is a reality. How do we deal with it? I have given you certain ways melta Accept May Allah give us the topic of making profit?

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