Sit On The Floor To Ground Yourself – Vlog 10 – 40 Days To Umrah

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As salam ala Talal Peace be upon you around you and made emanate from within you probably can't see much out at New landed at Newark Airport had a wonderful flight on de la going to take

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take the car over and get settled before tonight ah rd program today 10 I thought we would work a little bit more on physical

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look, the whole day went by I got a whole bunch of things in a lot of footage got lost, but I know that this was meant to be captured with Allah subhanaw taala His mercy I made it here to the HRD program, my voice was a little bit quiet. So I wanted to get something warm. So I stopped by this dunkin donuts out here in Somerset, New Jersey, right next to the venue and walked in. I guess I looked pretty Muslim and the guy was like you miss them? And I was like, Yes. And he goes and he just stuck his hand out. And I thought it was gonna say a song or a comb or introduce himself. He was like, I'm really sorry about all the stuff that's happening to you guys. And it's just the

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sincerity on the guy's face. His name is Jay. This sincerity was huge. I shook my hand. He said I saw something on Facebook. And it was it's wrong what happened. So I wanted to catch that story. He kept my my warm drink, got my throat nice and ready. So may Allah subhanaw taala, guide all of us and just keep, keep pushing out there, there's a lot of hatred, and people feel entitled now. But if you're on your way to Oberon or even just following the vlog, I think it's about forgiveness and about sharing that forgiveness. So thanks a lot, Jay. And I will catch up with everyone.

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So in Omaha, I'm up next I have to speak. So, in Omaha, you're gonna be sitting on the ground a lot. I don't know. I'll seem a little, were lopsided, but you'll be okay. So I want to see if you can make it a habit as we've been barefoot walking, we've been taking three conscious breaths a day. Today, I'd like to make a conscious effort for you to start sitting down.

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And I want you to be able to sit on the ground and feel grounded a lot of us a lot of tension in the hips, right? So I want you to get comfortable in the hips. And then also feel free to open up your legs when you sit, a lot of us have a lot of tension right to try to get that quote unquote Indian style. I don't think you need to do that as much as you need to get comfortable by

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being able to open up your gait to some to some extent. And what happens naturally your body part will fall because you want to be able to just imagine you want to be able to go all the way across you're sitting in my Nabawi from us or to Maghrib Isha or Zara to McGraw however, like you want to just go to that's much nebo in Medina, but you want to go to enter the Haram Maka tool, mocha Rama enter the sanctuary. And then just I hope you can get this, get comfortable posture sit and then look at the GABA. But key factor that we got to talk about here is how can you get comfortable, I got a kink in my back, my M too tight here in the groin, and hips, my knees won't touch the ground.

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External stillness going to lead to inner stillness. So let's start here, the key factor is to let your pelvic bones rest on the ground. And then see if you can feel both of them. After that you'll feel the in your groin, you'll feel your knees, try to sometimes it'll feel like oh, I can't go any more here, three or four places will bring your knees down. But what you're doing over time, so here I have my legs stretched out towards you. So first thing, always make sure that you're cushy in your pelvic bone that you're nice and snug. And see if you can come out and touch the toes. See if you can come back. Remember, it's not about squeezing, it's about folding together, reaching for it. So

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think about that. So you can start that way. Now bring the legs back in and now try just a little bit more. And I'm not really doing anything more than just putting some pressure. So if your knees are up here just slowly and then butterfly, it should never hurt. And the goal is we're starting it now on day 10. If we start opening our gate now, and by the time we start rolling things out, you will be very comfortable come on right time. So if you're finding this let's try this for three days or so. If you're finding any pains lower back, start to tilt a little bit you need to put a pillow a cushion, but all you're doing maybe 10 minutes a day, sit on the floor, make thicker smile, color,

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you're gonna get a little writing table and color on the ground. Do something that your body parts can start to

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Ground. Speaking of grounding, how are those habits coming along? Right? A lot of times, you're like, oh, this wasn't as easy as we thought. So I want you to start writing down the things that you enjoy. Let's leave your habits. If you can write down the negative things that you find in your life, keep doing it. But continue for these days. If you don't feel like catching the things that are tough, right, three things that you got every day, or sit down and say, Subhan Allah, and think of 33 things that were amazing, say Alhamdulillah 33 times or, as many times as you can think of something worthy to be like, I'm grateful. I'm thankful Allah Hamdulillah I feel fantastic.

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Alhamdulillah try to see if you can be in awe and think of the important things in your life and say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. These things are important, but God is greater my, my passions and pursuits in life are the things that drive me but Allah is greater. And if you can keep engaging with amazement, subhanAllah gratitude Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar as the ultimate reality, you'll start to see that there's a lot more joy in your day than the one or two bad habits. Yeah, I'm already trying to downplay it. I'm only trying to squeeze the energy out of the sense. Keep writing down the things you don't like at the end of three days. If you have something we'll go from there.