Rolling Out Our Tissue With The Lacrosse Ball – Vlog 11 – 40 Days To Umrah

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The host of a video gives instructions on Day 11 for working on the routine, starting with a basic step where they will start slowly but steadily. They recommend starting with a general routine and then slowly moving to the second part. The speaker also suggests working on the ankles and knees together to see if the process is working properly and gives potential opportunities for a professional shower and coffee appointment.

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Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah here. wabarakatuhu Peace be upon you around you, and may it be within your thoughts, your cells, within your gut, within your routine and within your genes to come for generations As salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah friends, welcome to Day 11. Somehow, it seems to be count, it has to count a little bit more now. So I'm gonna head over to the airport, once we get home. on the warmer side, we'll do we'll work out a little bit today.

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Alhamdulillah, we I got back home and took the bottom three outside. And we ran around the complex several times, which gave us again, it's not important on how many miles you run. But if you get 40 more steps, we definitely got 40 more steps where we were into, like, closer to miles, hopefully, you you're getting up there, again, you're eight or nine miles minimum and muckety muck aroma, at least for the walk, think about it, the walk in itself is a mile off is approximately a mile. So give yourself that chance to get refreshed and start moving a little bit more than you did the day before.

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All right, it's been a couple of days coming, I'm sure it probably came in the mail, if you ordered it, this is your lacrosse ball. With this, we're going to do multiple things. But I would like to start because this is why I'm asking you to move a little bit more when you start moving, then you'll start feeling the parts of your body that are tense or where you have some toxins build up. So if you can catch one of these balls, you can find them like three $4, get one or two. And we're going to start with the simplest part. So I'll show you but if you have gotten this, just start to you know, really, the idea is to roll out the tissue in our body, we have a lot of sores in our

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body. And if you'd like to look into this more, our emotions and the excess toxins from our stress, or anxiety or depression, our inadequacy, that toxin, the chemical reaction that happens when you feel depressed, or any of those other emotions, it gets left in in our tissue. So when you roll out some of the lumps and those clicks in your elbow that we've been talking about, you'll start to get an enormous amount of growth, you'll get exponential growth in terms of your strength, your relaxed feeling, and the pain will go up. So let's move straight away to the feet. And I think that'll help you out a lot.

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So you can do this sitting in a chair or standing. Let's assume you're sitting in a chair, I want you to bring your foot out. And the key factor that I want you to see is can you see the digits? As you can tell, I'm still working along here. So can you see, just like you can see the digits on your hand, can you see 123, kind of four and I can see five, most of you may not see this at all. And on the second part, I want you to start here and just see if you can highlight those and say, hey, look, I have those two. And as you start doing that, you'll go back and forth any of you feel a little bit of you feel tension here between one and two, because a lot of us have this, what would

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consider almost like a bunion, this is thicker, because we're not getting the full bend in that toe. So if you could just start rolling that back and forth, you can go five to 10 seconds, you can do it during zikr the hola wala Quwata illa Billahi la li la Haldimand. As you can tell, I've been doing it for a little while so I get I can get a little bit of a roll. The idea is seat look, there's a little bit of tension here. So what am I gonna do, just roll that out, like, come on, you've all done a little breadmaking routine making or making some some something that you had to roll out. Just make sure you're getting a good even take and if it's your first time it might fit, your ball

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is gonna pop all over the face and you'll figure out that some of your toes are bent. They're kind of slightly reaching for the ground. So I want you to get used to pushing the toes into the ground slowly so you can start getting your the knuckles if you will, and getting the toes a little bit more active. We're going to progress forward and eventually move to rolling out your heel. We're gonna talk about the heel a lot moms and dads who have been wearing shoes for a while this might hurt. There are spurs at the end of the heel that may be causing a lot of pain. There may be pain at the bottom here. We'll work on that together. But friends you think it's awkward to stare at my feet

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now, trust me, you're going to be squeezing your feet after a walk of Oma. So those are the first stage right? We're just rolling out if you're sitting on a chair, you can keep it under if you're sitting

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Now to catch, you know, to watch a lecture or anything, just go ahead and roll both of your feet out. If you do one foot, you must do the other. Naturally, you can also start doing your hands, you're doing your hands to practice. So I'm pretending this is my foot, you can do it on your desk, just practice, see that? Trying to get the EEG even knuckles to come out, right there in the middle, get comfortable with it. And once you have been doing this exercise, because I liked you to give them have them in pairs, then please feel free after the salon, interlace your fingers into the foot and then feel free arm Do you see that? Feel free to start rolling it out? Well that mean that

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intense that maybe your wrist is healthy too. But do you feel the band? Do you feel your entire foot activating from here as one person described it and make it so your toes look like they're running away from each other? And yes, I don't have full health here and this but I slowly see that the toe is moving a lot more can you do this, as uncomfortable as this might have been friends is going to mean a lot to you start rolling this out most of you are here, your foot starts here and you can barely move the end of this. Let's free this up. As you let's imagine this is my foot. As you start to open up the foot, you know what's going to happen. These last two toes are going to be taking so

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much more weight. The last two toes are taking more weight naturally, your lower back your knees, it's going to open up so much by allowing more of your body to ground to touch the ground when you walk, your health is going to increase exponentially. And also you'll be that much more prepared for O'Meara.

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All right, so you have your lacrosse ball and possibly you've gotten a foam roller and if we're a few more possibly weeks out and you're ready to make a commitment, I believe between 19 and $29 on the 20 and $30. It's called the door gym, I want to start opening up the joints. So if we're working on the feet, that's going to automatically you're gonna feel wonderful in your lower back you're gonna feel your knees are gonna bend giving you a little bit more, more strength in your stride. When you walk, your knee will bend a little bit more taking, giving you more ability to spread your body weight. I also hope that you can get a foam roller for your back don't skimp don't if it cost

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the foam roller cost 18 $19 Don't look for the $6 one if they're generally going out that solid arratia Okay, find that

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lacrosse ball.

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Try your best to do the door gym if you would like to start stretching out you do not have to the foam roller will help a lot. Hope to see you. I think this will be it for tonight. Maybe we'll catch some milk before we sleep. But I'm going to praise latricia day 11 Finally, like you don't know how long I wanted to do this but I didn't know if you'd be into it. May your feet ground to the earth and you have a different level of health this evening. I will catch up we'll do some sort of milk over at my dad's place.