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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of traveling in order to acquire knowledge and learn is crucial for spiritual health. It is crucial for sharing experiences and learning from the Prophet's teachings during prayer, as it is crucial for the health of the soul. The importance of learning from history and taking time out of work to make accommodations and learn is also emphasized. The speakers stress the need for students to be aware of their emotions and respect teachers and teachers.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem. I'm about for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish strategies slitherio were silly MD. Let me lasagna Coco Lee probenecid.

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inshallah we'll begin from Bab 25. Channel. But before that somebody has to question one of the online students, we learned about the importance of or the virtue of traveling in order to acquire knowledge. And we learned that one of the companions he traveled for an entire month to ask about even when Hades to learn the knowledge of even when Hades. So that shows to us how important this is. And we discussed the benefits, the advantages, and what a person misses out on if he does not travel. So one of the students they asked that they're an online student, so they're not traveling anywhere. Are they any less? Are their efforts any less? Or are they not at the same level? The

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thing is, we have learned in the Quran earlier that layers they will carry doona middle meaning

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very liberal and those who do not face Aveda, there is definitely a difference between who those who go out and those who stay at home. There is definitely a difference, isn't it Oh, and Allah subhanaw taala has said that that for the Mujahideen, there is a donnager there is a level above those who don't go out in the way of Allah. So there's definitely a difference between the two. However, we know that both are good. In the Hadith, we learned that the strong believer is more Beloved. And it's better in the sight of Allah compared to the believer that is not that strong, however, we're equally high. But in both there is good. So a person must do whatever he's able to do. However,

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there's definitely a difference between those who have been given the opportunity to travel and those who have not been given the opportunity to travel. And you can just remember this at this time, in which the prophets of Allah said I'm not certain this we had to do those companions who were poor. And because they felt as though they were remaining behind compared to those who were spending in the way of Allah and getting ahead. But those who were spending in the way of Allah got to know what those are. And they also started saying them and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What did he say then, that this is the father of Allah, that He gives to whomsoever He wills. So, what we can

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do in this situation is avail whatever opportunity we have, okay, avail whatever opportunity we have, we should definitely make use of that. Secondly, always have that desire always have that intention, because Allah subhanaw taala is very generous he also rewards for what for the intention for even the desire. So, this is something that we can do inshallah, that you keep firm you keep making dua and Allah will also give you the opportunity, that we should also remember the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that there are people who got the same reward as those who went out in the way of Allah, you know, any value crossover with you in that reward. And the only

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reason why they stayed behind was because there was a genuine reason that prevented them from going forth. However, they had the desire to go the intention to go so Allah rewarded them. Okay, let's continue bapta healing obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the Lacey Allah will email I will remember where you've been room Amara home, that chapter really the hail is from how what were her really mean? What does however you have little daddy I mean, to encourage. So the religion obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the encouragement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he gave to who was the delegation of abilities of the case, Allah upon meaning he encouraged them to and that you

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follow, they should preserve they should protect? What should they preserve an email in their email wilhelma and knowledge will you be true and they should inform man whoever is what or whom behind them. These people had come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they asked him any questions. He taught him any things and the prophets are allowed to sort of encourage them to remember what he had taught them and also to inform those people who were back home who had not come Wakanda and he said who Malika blue Wade is Malik even Hawaii's he said, Alana, he said to us who said to us and Abu Saud Allahu alayhi wa sallam somatic even know who it is. He said at the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu Sallam he told us in return, Isla alikum to your families, for a limo home and then you will teach them the chapter headings. What does it show to us that it is necessary that a person when he learned something, he must teach those people who are back home. So when you go home, don't forget to share what you are learning over here. Don't forget to share with the folks at home. Why? Because you have been given the opportunity to study something full time however, everybody

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He has not been given the same opportunity. You are coming here learning every day there are other people who are going to work, perhaps we're going and studying something else. They would like to study this, but for some reason or the other, they're unable to. So just because they have some other responsibilities doesn't mean they should be deprived of knowledge. know, when you have been given the opportunity to learn, then when you go back, you have to share with them so that they don't get completely left behind. it's incumbent on those people who are knowledgeable to take other people along with them, that they should also inform those who do not know anyone Maliki mentioned

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over here, the statement of medic Abner Who is he is a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And the Hadith is not mentioned over here, but in one Buhari has indicated to it. This Hadith is recorded in Sahih Bukhari as well. It is recorded in a web server to Salah it's Hadith number 785, in which we learned that Mulligan Hadith he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with some of his companions, and they stayed for approximately 20 nights. And while they were in Medina, they learned obviously a lot from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well as you know, observing the people observing the Muslims observing the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when they were leaving, the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed them that when they go back, they must teach their families. When they go back, they must share the knowledge with their families. And he also said to them that pray, as you see me praying, I'll just read out the Hadees to you the English of it, so that you have an idea of what happened exactly Malik will provide is he wants that his companion Should I tell you about the prayer of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will kill whoever said that it was not at the time of the prayer. So he stood up and he didn't mean it wasn't the time of prayer. So he just demonstrated them how to pray. So he stood up and he did record and said that

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that beat and raised his head and stood for a time and then went into such that he raised his head for a short time and prayed the same way as urban saaremaa. Our shift in the head is basically a few things I've mentioned and then Malik provided, he said, so he showed how to pray and then he said that I know how to pray like this, because of how I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam pray. So he said, we came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and stayed with him. And he said, If you return to your family's prayers, such and such a prayer at such and such time and pray such and such prayer at such and such time, meaning he instructed them how to pray and when to pray. When it is time for the

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prayer, one of you should give the other one and the oldest of you should be the man. And then he also told them that when you go home, then you tell the people about what you have learned. So Molly Coronavirus, he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us if geroux illa alikum Farley Mohan, him and his companions had come the entire tribe had not come. The entire city had not come only a few people had come. But while they were in the company of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they learned many things amongst them how to pray, when to pray, in what method if you read the Hadees, which tell us about how to pray molecule where he says her This is the most common one is one of the

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most common ones. So he learned the method of prayer. And when he went back the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that you teach your people. Now imagine, it's not that you go tell the people pray Salah.

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But you tell them everything that you have learned even the little, little things. If you think about it, we generally think of what Shane was the people Oh, we should have fear of Allah. You know, we should be very honest, we should be very truthful. Yes, very important. But little little things, which are also practical, we should also share those with them. When to pray, how to pray, why, for example, raise your finger in the shadows, you know, you could share the Hadith with them something that you have learned. Because the thing is that when we learn the Hadees, the evidences, and we base our actions on that it's easier for us to do what we're doing. And if we tell other

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people, you know, when you sit in the shower, you should do like this, because it's the closest to the sun. They don't know the Hadees they haven't heard it. But if you share with them, and you don't have to open the book and read it out to them, you just have to paraphrase it, you have to share it in your own words, isn't it going to be of benefit to them? It is. So don't just vaguely pass on the information, but also specifically, also the small details. Even they are very important. Because think about it. Every time a person follows a suit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam does he not get additional reward? He does. So if you're benefiting from that, then your family members, people who

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have not been given the same opportunity as yours, should they not get the same advantage as well, of course, and if we truly love them, then we should definitely share these little little things with them as well. I hope primarily refers to the family. It refers to the families, but you could imagine that back then when people lived, you know, in smaller communities very close together. And obviously anything that you did in your house, your neighbor would also know about it. So people who are close to you, you should definitely share with them. Let's look at the Hadith

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Had this no Mohammed Abu Bashar in Kala had done a wonder or had done a Sherpa to an AVI Jota farrakhan to he said, without GMO a Buddha he said I used to translate without GMO from baina between Abner Besson in Arbus ouabain unece. And between the people he used to translate what even above or below or who used to say to to the rest of the people perhaps the rest of the people, they did not know Arabic for color so he said meaning of the weapon or bass he said to him that in our little case at a wouldn't be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we have read this Hadees before so I'm just going to read the Arabic for color so he said Manila was do oh my color beer for color. Marhaba

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bill calm. Oh, Bill West. La la casa Willa, Anna dama pilu Inanna decom and chocolate in Merida tin. shuttin burrito. What does that mean?

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A long difficult journey. This is how we come to you. Were Bane and now we're a knucklehead. Hi human cafe remodel. Well, Anna, Scotty rue, de aka Isla Fisher in Holloman from Old Navy Amylin knows better be human. We're Anna, Navajo Ruby Hill Jenna for Mr. Hamby Arbor, one went to her home and Arbor. Mr. Bill, Imani Villa here as the agenda was the who all has to do una mano a mano biLlahi wahoo pallu Allahu Allahu Alem Allah Shahada to La ilaha illallah wa ala Muhammad Rasool Allah, what you call masala. what he thought was oka was sama Ramadan. wildturtle homo seminal Magnum. When I have whom I need to bear he will handle me well masa Fatty, Allah Sherpa to rob Mr.

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Carlin Akira, or Obama current makaya para fo who will ask me Rahu Manoir, accom, preserve it, don't forget this knowledge and inform those people who are back home. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the delegation of the place that when you go home, you share this knowledge with the rest of the people. What is the choke, the obligation of spreading knowledge on who those who have knowledge, the people of knowledge are not to keep knowledge with themselves, but they have to spread it. And charity begins from where at home. So this is why start with the family members start with the people who are closest to you, and then grow your circle gradually. Because it's not right,

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that a person knows something, and he acts on it. And the people who are around him living with him, they are in darkness, this would be unfair. Generally what happens when we learn about something, and other people around us don't know about it, we look down on them thinking they don't know. And we know. And sometimes we also pass comments on their ignorance. But in fact, when a person behaves like this, he is being ignorant, ignorant of his major responsibility, that the knowledge he has he should be sharing it with others instead of keeping with himself and passing comments on the ignorance of other people. This should not be our way. Whatever we learn, we must also share with

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others so that we are in light, and also they are in that light as well. And also one should remember that whenever he is teaching somebody, he should teach and instruct, according to their level, the worst of our bouquets when they came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what do we learn in the Hadees that he taught them, he commanded them for things and he forbade them for things. He told them practical, relevant stuff that was important. That was relevant, that was beneficial. It wasn't a lot of information that was given to them that they didn't know what to do with it. No, it was stuff that they could actually implement, that they could act on. So similarly, when we are

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teaching something to others, we should make sure that it is according to their level, they can actually grasp it, they can understand it, it is relevant to them. Because many times it happens that we start sharing something with our family members, and we get very disappointed because we say oh, they're not interested.

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They don't want to listen, they're not interested at all. And that's it, we stopped sharing anything with them, probably because of what we were sharing with them. Talk about things that are of their interest that they like to know, you know, for example, if you know that somebody is not that interested in the details of Salah, okay, and you know that every time you tell them pray they get irritated. You know, people are like that, especially children, especially young children, they're like that. So instead of telling them about, you know, we learned about this Hardee's in which we learned that if a person doesn't breathe and such and such, instead of sharing such things, we

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should talk to them about stuff that they can understand, you know, their heart is intuitive that they actually like it. Once they like listening to you, then they will listen to anything that you tell them. So it's about how you pass on the information. In what way i'm not saying that telling about salary is not important. It's very, very important. However, if you know that they're not going to absorb that and

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permission, then start with information that they will absorb, that they will be interested in. And we learned that tonight if I see when he came to Medina, and he does to the prophets that have autism in several ways, didn't he? And one of the things that he wanted to do was he wanted to see the seal of the Prophet hood on the profits or loss items back. And it is said that he was behind the profits or losses that I'm trying to look. And the profits or losses hadn't figured out, and he lowered his shawl so that he could see it. So he gave him what he wanted to see what he wanted to know, without even some minor Pharisees asking him. So you see what the other person wants, what

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they need, what they like, what they're interested in, you know, at this time, he could have been told, do you doubt the Prophet heard? No, but it was something that he was interested in. So this is why it was shown to him. So we have to remember the audience the people who are in front of us always talk about things that are relevant to them never ever overlook their state never ever overlook their you know, their weakness or their strength always be concerned about that. Let's continue burb a reality traveling film us Ella t four and massala What is a masala a problem and NASA and NASA the one that has arrived meaning a new issue a new problem or a question a problem

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that a person cannot figure out what the solution to it is what are leaving and teaching and he has family a person traveling to find out the solution to one problem and then coming back and teaching his family we learned earlier about a crude oil is this the same thing?

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crude we thought of it that is general okay. And this is specific, this is more class that a person is going out to find the solution of one problem in particular and that is the person is traveling to gain knowledge. There is no Mohammed who cottolin I will Hasani color foreigner Abdullah Allah Akbar narrow motobu Serie B Hussain in our head the city of de la hypno a beam will ekata and rock bottom near heresy. That unknown who indeed he meaning Earth burden and how does he deserve wotja he married even at the daughter of Li ob he has been the daughter of a booty have been disease for adulthood. So she came to him who came to him in a woman Sorocaba. He married the daughter of a

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booty have and a woman came to him for Charlotte and she said in me indeed I thought in fact are there too. I nursed rock bata Raka wala T and the woman who has a Weatherby her he married. I have nursed both Aqua as well as the woman whom he has married for Carla. So he said to her goodbye to Aqua he said to her, Marla mo I did not know unlucky that indeed you are Bertini that you nursery, Walla and north of bottini, you did not also tell me I had no idea that you had nursery obviously who would remember and you never informed me either. You never told me later in my life that you had nursery for Akiba. So he traveled This is from Roku blue cube is to go on a mount to go on amount to

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travel on a mount so rocky where he traveled in our solar lights are Allahu la Salama bill Medina t. So he went he traveled to Medina fussa Allahu, so he asked him that what am I supposed to do? For Karla? So he said, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kafer how what are the Tila? And in fact, it has been said, meaning how can you remain married to her? How can you continue to live with her? When it has been said that she nursed you and her? How is it possible? In other words, you cannot stay for farakka so he separated from her who broke by two rubber Wanaka hats and she married zodion a spouse or husband right or who other than him. So the woman also she remarried soon after. What do

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we learn this hadith? We see that the woman came and UCLA when he found out that Okay, there could be a potential problem with Monica. He went to the profits that allowed him to find out the solution to one question, one problem one issue, but does that show to us that if a person has even you know, one problem whose solution he cannot figure out, then what should you do? ignore it. He said, Forget it. I don't know about it. So Never mind. A person should find out even if it requires traveling from him. These days Alhamdulillah. We don't have to travel. All we need to do sometimes is what write an email. make a phone call, drive to a center maximum. Make an appointment.

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That's all we have to do. A person must not be lazy when it comes to learning knowledge. When it comes to finding the answer to even one problem, when it comes to finding the answer to even one problem, don't be lazy over there. Generally, we say it's okay. It's no big deal. Nevermind, okay, I'll figure out, maybe I learn about it. No, be inquisitive, it'll be greedy for the answer. Don't let it go. Find out about it. And one thing that you can do is, you know, for example, make a separate notebook, or make a certain file or, or anything that you want to do, and write such questions that you come across, and you cannot find the answer to them. Okay, make a note of them.

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So that you don't forget about those questions, the next time you have an opportunity to ask somebody about it. Make a note of such questions. And whenever you get a chance, find out you know, it happens, for example, you come across a an issue and you cannot figure out you ask somebody they don't know. And then you're so busy, that you forget about it, you know, something that you could learn, you could possibly lose that opportunity. So what should you do make a note of it so that later whenever you have the chance, you can find out? I remember when my mother's teacher when he came to visit us, and my mother had a whole notebook in which there were so many questions written.

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I remember she was brainstorming with somebody, you know, these are the questions that we can ask, they were writing all of the questions. And when he came, you know, they were asking one question after the other, you don't have this opportunity every day. But whenever you do have the opportunity, you should be able to benefit from it. So every single question, give importance to it, because you never know, it might bring a lot of benefit to you or to other people who are around you. Then we also see in this Hadees that one woman's testimony was accepted. One woman came, and she said that I have nursed both her and him. She wasn't asked to bring any other witnesses, any

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other people to testify to bear witness No. one woman's testimony was accepted. What does it show to us that a situation an issue or a problem that women are related to? Okay, their testimony in those matters is sufficient. For example, when it comes to rodar, right, when it comes to nursing, when it comes to breastfeeding, every woman knows if she has nursed a child or not. This is an experience that a woman cannot forget. So when it comes to this matter, that woman's testimony is sufficient. But when it comes to, for example, financial transactions, these issues are generally not always but generally related to who men, and they're mostly male dominated as well. So this is why in those

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situations whose testimony is required the testimony of men. But it's amazing how in this case, even one woman's Shahada is accepted. It's a very personal issue. So it's quite possible that she's the only one who's aware. Or she's the only one who remembers other people might not remember what she remembers very well. She knew that she had nursed both of them. And the couple did not know, perhaps other people also did not know because if they did, they would have prevented that Nicole from taking place. But she had that knowledge. And she came and spoke up she didn't say oh, my god, they're already married. So forget it, I'm going to ruin their marriage. No, this was, you know,

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going against the laws of the shed era. And she was the one who had knowledge about that matters, she came divorce. First, when the judge nullifies the nikka neither of these took place. Why? Because these three occur when there is a valid nikka Well, this was not inika it was not a valid nikka. So all that was required was for both of them to separate. And whatever happened happened out of ignorance. So you know, this is something that they were not held accountable for. This was not like Xena, no, because it happened in ignorance and nor nothing whatsoever. And this is why it has been said when aka hydrogen available. So talak first, they only take place when there is a valid

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nickel. This is not a nickel. So they separated them.

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He didn't say you know what else and somebody? Maybe we'll find out? No, he traveled all the way. And he found out the answer. Amazing how they they accepted the answer of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they applied it immediately. And look at the woman she got married.

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Because generally what happens people are very hesitant in accepting such a command, especially if it affects their family affects their No, it shows their mistake. They don't want to accept it. They weren't looking for a way out. They accepted the situation they accepted their mistake. And look at the way Allah subhanaw taala made a way out of them. And that woman also got married soon after. It's not divorce. It's not Palak Pharaoh cough is from separation. So he separated from her. And even if you look at it as divorce, I mean don't take it as technical divorce. Take the meaning of the English divorce as just separation between

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The man and the woman, let's continue Bab, Atlanta will be filler at me at an hour, then our job is to take turns in doing something new nwaba to take turns to go one by one. So, now we're taking turns filler in, in gaining knowledge. Sometimes it's not possible for let's say all members of the family to learn to get knowledge at the same time, there may be some responsibilities, there may be some, you know, problems or some situation that prevents one or two people from learning from going out. So, in this case, should all the people be deprived? No, or should even one of them be deprived? No. in this situation, what can be done is people can take turns. So for example, one year

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the mother can take the course and the next year the daughter can take the course or the daughter in law can take the course so that neither the house gets affected the family the children they don't get affected and at the same time neither of them are deprived of learning. Similarly one course the husband can take while the wife is looking after the children and the next course the wife could take while the husband is looking after the children so taking turns so that both can learn not that one is going ahead and the other is remaining behind that's not fair. So both can continue like this by taking turns had this an earlier money or even earn his v hat other Abdullah he will call up New

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Haven Aparna unison unicycle and she had been under Obaidullah him near of delay him to be sold in our dealership near Besson aroma powder. He said, I'm one of the lower and who said can I continue? I was and I were jaren and neighbor leave for me middle on sort of the unsolved fee in bunny oh my goodness Aiden, we used to live were in band aid. We're here and it was men from our well, Medina that are wildly off Medina. What does he mean by that? Our rally is basically it refers to a particular area, especially in the east of Medina where it's certain villages or populations where that's where people used to live. So it's towards the east side of Medina. So Ramona Lauren, who is

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saying that myself and my neighbor, one of my neighbors from the Ansel, both of us used to live over here, in this vicinity in this area. Okay, you can say like, for example, the person says, we used to live in downtown, which live in, you know, by the highway, it's just to describe the location. Okay, so similarly, they used to live in this area. And why was it called the one who may even saved because the vanilla? Yeah, they were the first ones to live over there. What corner and we used to meaning both of us used to nutana Babu, we used to take turns in what a new zoo in descending in coming to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The word nasolabial doesn't mean coming down

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from above, literally, but it means arriving it okay going to. So we used to take turns in going to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in order to learn from him. yanzhou Yeoman, he would go one day, one Zulu, and I would go Yeoman another day. So we would go turn by turn for either. So when nuzzle two I would go to who I would come to him Bihari with news with information of their local young of that day. Meanwhile, he of the revolution will ID and other than it so the day that I would go whenever I would come back, I would share with him whatever I had learned of where he or any other major event any other major thing that happened I would come in share with him what he did. And when he would go

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for limitless Alec, he would do similar to that Fenella, so he went sahibi my companion I'm sorry, the Ansari companion yoma No, but he on the day of his turn. So one day when he had gone for his turn, when he came back for Baba, so he came and struck Barbie my door. Barban Shadi then a very severe blow me and he came knocking at my door very loudly for Karla so he said his thumb there who are he? Is he there? Some means there. Everyone's a little insane either at some or it means there. So for color a sama? Why is he there? meaning is there for 402 so I was terrified. I was afraid for Harajuku. So I came out lie to him for corner. So he said, in fact, had it happened ungrown earlier

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when something very major Lehman great something great happened. Connor he said for the * to so I came upon me to learn who he went to who I have sought to have saw who was the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the daughter of or model leader. So he was told something major had happened. He went to his door

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His house because that was one of the first places where he could get the news from right. And obviously news that was correct for it. So there she was here she tabookey she was weeping she was crying. So he found her crying for all too so I said, Bala Hakuna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has he divorced you, meaning the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam Paula Akana has he divorced all of you. Allah she said that he I don't know. This is referring to the incident that we have learned in sort of

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some then the whole two I entered Allah upon an abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam for called to so I said, what an aka even while I was still standing, I said of a doctor, have you divorced Nyssa aka your wives, your women, Allah He said Law Faculty. So I said Allah

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Allahu Allah is the Greatest reading with something else then inshallah things should be okay.

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So what do we learn in this Heidi's that are mostly Darren and his companion, they used to go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam insurance, why? Why not both of them every single day, they had houses to look after families to take care of right businesses to take care of. So this is why they could not go every single day. But just because they had work to do, doesn't mean they should be deprived of learning. No, they made a deal with one another, you go one day, I take care of your stuff. And you learn and you come back and you teach me everything you've learned, I go one day, and you take care of my stuff. So this way, their work was done. And at the same time, they also got to learn, they

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made accommodations for one another,

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they cooperated with one another, they helped one another. And in this way, both of them got to learn. And both of them their work also got accomplished. Just because a person is working full time doesn't mean they don't need to learn, or they don't have the opportunity to learn, or they cannot find an opportunity to learn No, there's always some way or the other that a person can make that a person can figure out so that he doesn't remain ignorant when it comes to the religion of Allah subhanho data. You see some types of there are

00:32:21 --> 00:33:04

other types of in what are they felt, if I when it comes to falsify, okay, if some people don't go forth and learn all of that stuff, it's okay. However, when it comes to further aim, for that a person has to take time out, a person has to make accommodations, a person has to figure out, you know, what this family members with his friends with his coworkers how you know, something or the other can be arranged so that he does not remain ignorant. Because if he doesn't give this a priority, learning the knowledge, then his Dean will be affected, his Dean will be affected. And this is a major concern that a major problem. So we see that omotola anhu and his companion, they

00:33:04 --> 00:33:40

both supported one another. And both of them got to learn in this manner, that people sometimes they will do part time job and at the same time, they will continue their studies so that in the same amount of time or slightly more, they can accomplish both things together. Or, for example, if you have something important to do one day, then what do you do, you ask your friend if they can make up, you know, at your work, and you can be elsewhere and they can be at the workplace, you know, you adjust your schedules, so that the work also gets done. And you also get to learn. So for example, your siblings or your parents or your spouse or whoever, if they need to learn something, and it's

00:33:40 --> 00:34:15

necessary for them, then you figure out some way to get help or, you know, offer them that, you know, for example, I will keep the kids or I will pick up the kids and drop them off or I will deal with this problem. And you go and take this course and you go and study this so that the family doesn't get affected, the work doesn't get affected in the same time both can learn. This cannot be done unless and until a person is motivated himself. You know, another person can make all the accommodations for you in the world. They'll tell you, you know what, I'll cook, I'll clean I'll keep the kids I'll do this, I'll do this. You just sit and learn. You just go and study. But if

00:34:15 --> 00:34:52

they're not motivated themselves, then no matter what accommodations are made for them, they're not going to benefit. You know what happens? For example, mothers they will say to their children, you just focus on studying I will take care of everything. And the mother the poor woman she is you know overworked but still the children what's their problem, they're not motivated enough. So a person cannot do this unless and until the drive is from within. And we see that are motivated are noise companion. They were both learning in a way part time not full time but part time. But whatever they missed out on they made sure that they you know took the notes or they listen to the recordings.

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

Okay. Got the gist of obviously it's not in the literal sense. You know what I mean? You know, a person must keep learning, okay. Whether it's

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Part time, full time, whatever opportunity he gets. And if you think about it, you know, sometimes we ask somebody to, for example, look after the kids so that we can go to a party, you know, keep the kids that we can go to the mall, we can take a nap, why not do this so that we can learn? Why not, you know, if people are willing to help you take that help. If people are willing to cooperate with you, then take benefit of that opportunity. Don't miss out on it. We see a buddy system over here, that two people they're studying together. And when two people are studying together, then you know, they keep each other on track, they keep motivating one another. And this is why for example,

00:35:37 --> 00:35:53

in grammar, or introduced I believe, as well in the field, or in grammar, at least, you know, partners were made. Why? Why so that, you know, both can help one another. You get to discuss things with each other, you get to share your reflections. There's a lot of benefit in studying with a friend.

00:35:54 --> 00:36:26

Let's continue. Bab a lotta b phillimore illa t What are limi either Ah, ma yaku a lot of anger, filmer wherever, in advising, what are leave and in teaching era when he saw macro what he dislikes, meaning if the instructor if the teacher sees something that he dislikes, while he is advising people or while he is teaching people, is he allowed to show that anger or not? Yes, he is. We see that where gentleness is required.

00:36:27 --> 00:37:11

firmness and strictness are also necessary. Just like children, if you're teaching them something, at one occasion, you ignore their mistake. At another occasion, you point out to it in a very nice manner, very lovingly, in a very affectionate manner. And at another instance, you show a little bit of anger as well, why both are required, both are necessary. In fact, all three, sometimes you have to completely ignore. Sometimes you have to say very nicely. And other times you have to show with a little bit of strictness all are necessary. Because this is what keeps a person keeps a student you know balanced. If you keep saying very nicely, then they will think that they are the best people on

00:37:11 --> 00:37:59

this planet. You know, if you're very, very strict with them, then they might run away. If you keep ignoring them, they will end up learning nothing. So you have to keep a balance. You have to adopt all these three ways, when correcting the students. And we see this in the Quran as well. Sometimes Allah soprano Dada, he encourages people by mentioning reward. And sometimes by mentioning punishment, he also warns us so and sometimes we see that the style is very loving. And other times we see that the style is very strict. And both are necessary. Sometimes, you know, it melts you sometimes it makes you ashamed. Sometimes, you know it makes you afraid. So all these styles are

00:37:59 --> 00:38:42

necessary. The similarity when a person is teaching when a person is instructing all these ways are necessary. And we see that sometimes there are some metrics for which anger has to be shown. I mean, if somebody is doing something terribly wrong, you can't just say, my dear, please don't do this. Why? Because they're not going to get the message. Sometimes a little bit of toughness, strictness has to be there. Why? So that people take that matter very seriously. So that the student remembers, and then he doesn't forget. It really affects him. Because you know, when something affects you in your heart, then you don't forget about it. If it has impacted your heart, and if it's something

00:38:42 --> 00:39:20

that has not reached your heart, then you're going to forget it very soon. So it's necessary therefore, that sometimes anger is also shown. And a student if ever, they are dealt with strictly, you know, for example, the teacher shows a little bit of anger the students should never ever take offense to this. Why? Because they should remember that if the teacher has been angry at something, especially when it comes to the knowledge of the deen then this is not anger for the sake of one's knifes but this is anger for the sake of the religion of Allah, for the sake of Allah isn't at all. Because if you're sitting in your living room with somebody and they're sitting in a very casual

00:39:20 --> 00:39:59

manner, it's no big deal. But if somebody is sitting in the madness of in a very casual manner, it is a problem and they have to be corrected. Similarly if a person is not taking what you're saying to them seriously, in a casual setting, it's okay. But in a gathering of knowledge, if a person is not paying attention, if a person is not observing the proper etiquette the proper other he's not taking that knowledge seriously. Then this is a serious matter. Because you know when it comes to defending ourselves, we become very, you know, emotional over there, but when it comes to defending the religion of Allah, then our emotions should also come over there. Okay, we should also take that

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

Seriously, and also a student, if ever they are dealt with strictly, they should never ever take this, you know, personally, we get offended. And we think, Oh, this was very rude, or this was not fair. And I'm never coming back again. No. Think about it. Who would you yell at a stranger? Who would you show your anger to somebody who you don't care about? know, somebody whom you are concerned about, somebody who you care about. So if your teacher pointed out to you corrected, your mistake was a little tough over there, then be happy that they care for you. I remember all those times when my teachers ever corrected me whether it was in public or in private, and believe me, I

00:40:48 --> 00:40:59

can still hear those words, and they still drive me today, they still push me today to do what I have to. And if it was not there, you know, scolding with her yelling,

00:41:00 --> 00:41:43

perhaps I would not be as motivated today to do what I'm doing. I remember once, there was something that was supposed to be done. And my mother, she was there. And she said to me, you're gonna do it. And I said, No way. And she said, How La quwata illa. Allah never say that. And she was for a minute, I thought she was joking. But she was actually very serious, and I got scared. But anytime when I'm allowed to say no to something, I can as though picture her, I can hear her, because it really affected me. Similarly, once in class, I was moving a little too much. And she pointed out and she corrected me. And till today, I remember, I cannot forget that memory. So if ever we are

00:41:43 --> 00:42:19

corrected, never ever take offense to that. Never, ever take offense to that. If the teacher ever shows any kind of anger, correct yourself, immediately learn from that, and keep that lesson with you forever. The problem is that, you know, there's a distinction that is made between parents and teachers, you know, that we think that the teacher is somebody who's passing on that information to you, and not necessarily teaching you other, or doing your therapy, where we see that teachers, they play a very important role in that. If they're ever, you know, teaching something, if they're ever doing therapy, this is their responsibility. This is something that they're supposed to do. You

00:42:19 --> 00:42:56

know, manners are not just taught by parents, but they're also supposed to be taught by teachers. So it is important that we teach our children to respect their teachers and to accept whatever their teacher has given them. You know, obviously, those teachers are those who are teaching and Dean. So we should teach them this other, you know, to have some respect for their teachers. And this way, if their teachers ever correct them, then they will not be offended in Sharla. And always remember that statement that ultimately you'll there will be no higher, he will kill every if our killer comes over there. Why are they talking to me like this? And who are they to point out my mistake? And who

00:42:56 --> 00:43:15

are they to tell me they're not my parents? They're younger than me. Then everything we'll do, it will get wasted. knowledge will get wasted. It will not stay with you. And Shall we will conclude over here subhanak alone won't be handy. kenisha Lega. illa Anta Mr. Rocha, when it will be like I said, I'm already coming

Lesson 29 – Chapter 25-27 Hadith 87-89

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