Resistance Training With Adhkaar – Vlog 2 – 40 Days To Umrah

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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you around you and men it may emanate from within you bloggers Youtubers, it's day two Omer uprep. I'm here at the airport headed to Little Rock Arkansas clip but today and the mustard has a wonderful program in the evening, looking to catch up with everyone but to continue on yesterday's conversation barefoot walking, getting active and becoming aware. So we've got our first 24 hours of our intention, just become more aware of the physical activity you have. And today, I'm going to try to work on see if we can get a little bit of resistance training. And so the first two phases that we're going to go through is becoming aware of our cardio how much

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we walk around. Omaha can be up to eight or nine miles a day. Yes, if you have an effective trip to Makoto mocha Rama could be friends, you don't want to be suffering all I'm tired, you're only there for a few days. So let's spend a few minutes today on the when I get to Arkansas, we'll do some resistance and some cardio. And we'll do some resistance training. I'll talk to everyone on the other side. So Toka half today Friday, so I'll be with you soon.

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All right guys got my cardio in. I'm hoping you got a chance to read Soto calf. Here's what I wanted to do on day two. And you I know you're more aware of your body, your posture, your breathing, I thought we'd introduce a single ticker symbol like La ilaha illa La, La ilaha illa Allah,

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you can add in Mohammad Rasool Allah, but for now I'd like you to say La Ilaha illa Allah. Now if you can use that as an anchor to ground yourself, I'd like to start with some basic posture holding. So I think from here, you can comfortably See, I want us to work on a lot of grounding exercises. So when I say hold a push up plank, I want you to be real aware that you're using all parts and all five fingers and that when you put your hands down, you can see your knuckles completely. So feel free, I know that we're going to be able to do this together for a few days. But I want you to even if you're if you're on your knees, it's okay. But I want you to start pushing down as if you're

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pressing into the ground and turn your hands in just a little bit, a lot of us are going to put our hand flat, but then never realized that we don't use our wrist as much. So turn them just slightly so you feel a little torque in your hands. And then from here, you again, the same thing with your toes, you're going to turn them into the best of your ability. And here 10 La ilaha illa La, La ilaha illallah become aware of your breath, La ilaha illa Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, you're not locking out your elbows and your goal is to get to 10 La, la la la, la ilaha illa Allah, and from here, bring your knee in so that you can hold your body. Again, what's the focus here, the focus of

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grounding is not to make bigger muscles. But I hope and I hope that throughout the first 10 days, we're unlocking our joints, we're getting comfortable in the postures of dua in the postures where our wrists are locked up, our elbows are going to click and pop quite a bit and our shoulder is just not catching we're not utilizing it at at it's at the joint. So in order to do that, we're going to start grounding together. Let's see how comfortable you get with this. It's holding a simple push up, but really focusing on getting all of my wrist down to the ground. Now my forms not perfect but I'm focusing on getting all of the body parts grounded including these last two fingers which we

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don't engage a lot. This is the road to OMA I'm hoping that you can find yourself in a car in a comfortable place. Practice this the best of your ability. And guess what? We got another 38 days to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Zach Lowe. Hello, everyone Take good rest. I think I'll try to wrap it up now or get you a few clips from the evening program.