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AI: Summary © The speaker describes how people began to differ in prayer when they moved to Medina, and how some people had a few minutes earlier or sometimes later. The speaker also mentions how some people suggested they had a bell or horn to gather companions before the prayer. The speaker describes how the prophets used these words and said "by the way of singing the praises of Allah" to enlighten the hearts of believers until their day.
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When did the end become the call to prayer?

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I'm gonna Leilani describes then when people migrated to Medina, they started to differ over when the time of prayer would be, it'd be five daily prayers, but people sometimes had a few minutes earlier or sometimes later than the other based on the position of the sun. Until the prophet SAW sent him a gathered all of the companions so that they could choose a call to prayer, what would be a way to gather everybody? So some people suggested that they have a bell, like the Christians, or others suggested to have a horn like the people of the Jewish tradition at that time, until people disagree and say no, this is not from our own tradition. What should we do until a man by the name

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of Bob Dylan, his aide came forth and said Yasuda law old messenger of Allah, I had a very beautiful dream. I saw a man in green clothes, teach me the words to say to be the call to prayer. And he said to the prophets, I said, these words, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that God is the greatest until the end of the verses. And when the Prophet saw and heard this and all of the believers, they smiled and celebrated this beautiful way of singing the praises of Allah in order to bring people to prayer. So the prophets I said and told Abdullah and his aide to teach below the line who these words and below the line who went up to the top of measure the number we on top of the roof, and he was start to say

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this beautiful prayer that will continue to enlighten the hearts of believers until our day

When the Muslim community migrated to Madinah, they faced all sorts of new questions – like when exactly is prayer time over here?
So the Prophet ﷺ gathered the companions to discuss the matter. Some suggested using a bell like the Christians, or a horn like the Jewish community, but neither were from the traditions of either the Arabs nor or the Muslims. A man then came forth and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I had a very beautiful dream…” Shaykh Hasib Noor discusses.

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