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AI: Summary © The speaker is leading a group of people to a breathing activity called the "bystander's breath" that involves watching the breath and identifying the natural connection between breathing and one's actions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of breathing in achieving spiritual well-being and offers tips on how to do so, including breathing in a quiet, relaxed way, and using a valve to achieve spiritual well-being.
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Salam, Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, we're on what I consider the most important mindful activity. And that is the process of watching your breath. I love the opportunity to get to do this in front of such a beautiful tree. So I'd like you to make a simple connection today. Every time you see a tree, especially something that's beautiful, I want you to recognize that out of you comes their food. And their breathing is made from the carbon monoxide that you have. And the oxygen that comes out of these trees is what you live off of. There's a natural connection to you win everything around you, but you can't absorb that fact until you learn to

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follow your breathing. Now, however this been for you, maybe you've never done it on a video, maybe you've never watched your breathing or maybe you thought this was hokey. So as hokey as this truly is beautiful. I'd like you to try your best to take part in this activity. To do a simple activity. Some of you want to place your hand on your chest and on your belly. The key factor here is your chest will never raise but your stomach will expand. So if you take a deep breath in with me draw the air towards yourself.

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Hold it at the top. Now you're gonna your stomach has expanded I want you to consciously bring the air out of your nose for five seconds

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into the nose again

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hold it at the top. I'm holding for five

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and breathe out through your nose slowly

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in through your nose

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It's hard with all the noise right? Find a quiet place hold it for five. Now consciously open a valve and let the airs trickle out the way a tree would give it off

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I hate to sound cliche, but the inner peace that we've all been seeking is really underneath our nose in sha Allah. I'll see everyone soon. Let's try to refocus for Ramadan. One breath at a time was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.