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AI: Summary © The importance of finding a person who is not evil and can guide others is emphasized, along with the need to pay attention to finding a person who is not evil and can achieve success. The speakers stress the importance of finding a person who is not evil and can achieve success, while also emphasizing the importance of learning from actions of others to improve one's life. The importance of fasting, staying at home, and reciting the Quran and SunGeneration is also discussed. The importance of offering small animals and not bringing happiness to people is emphasized, along with the importance of not cutting or removing hair or skin during busy events.
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You know how

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to avoid a when to be learned even sugary and fusina women say Dr. Medina may yet be human da, da, da da,

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da, da da. Wash had one. ILA Long, long walk to the shady Ghana, wash, hello, and Mohammed Abdullah, who was a Muslim law while he was in them, or prays for law. We praise Him. We thank Him, we asked him for his help. And we ask Him for His forgiveness. We seek refuge to the level to honor from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our actions. Whoever is guided by law, that no one can be Skyped in and whoever is misguided that no one can guide them except for lawful data. I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that warhammers Beauvoir, what he was done is his final missing gem I bought this device and I want a comb or a hunt, why would I care

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analyze the sisters, the topic that I've chosen to speak about today is about seeking Nina's to Allah subhanaw taala, in the 10 days of Egypt.

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And so Panama these days, until now, many Muslims are not aware of just how great and how much blessings are in these days, like we see some Hannelore that when Ramadan is coming, you find the massage is full, you know, coming to the lessons and being concerned about how to get close to a loss of hands, Allah insha Allah Ramadan, and part of the reason of that is because the parallel that the days of Ramadan, obviously are attached to the one of the pillars of Islam, which is the CM the fasting.

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But as for the title of the hedger, the 10 days to do hedger, our people, and to now not aware of just how much virtue is in these days to the levels of Hannelore that, that, that, in fact, these days are more greater in reward, and more greater in virtue than the days of Ramadan upon a lot. So this is why we should be just like we think we were worrying about when I'm avanza, approaching how to get close to a loss of bandanna. Similarly, we should be, you know, very concerned about how to make the most of these 10 days in sha Allah, and also to Panama, just First of all, to reflect upon, you know, something which he that is that Subhanallah how Allah subhanaw taala from the generosity

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of a loss of Pantheon, because a lot of data First of all, as we know from his beautiful names, is he is Al Karim. He is the most generous supporter, he's the most generous to his, to his servants. And from that generosity is that he has created certain times and certain places, which are filled with Baraka, they are filled with Baraka and they're, you know, a wild Allah has multiplied the rewards done in those times and this is truly a generosity from a loss of hands Allah because, you know, Allah Allah knew that not everybody is going to be able to live very long in Islam. Not everybody will be blessed with having a long life span also from the generosity of a lot of hands

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Allah is he's made certain times and places that good deeds done in them are multiplied, you know, far more than you know, then than usual we know that in usual times just doing a righteous D is multiplied from 10 to 700 times but in these special times where the but there is so much about our cat you know through the field, we've got our cat, then a lot a lot more alum help, right is the reward in fact, as we're going to come to see, that there is no deed done in these days of the heater, which is more loved, or greater to Allah. And then a deed done in in these days like there's no deed which is done, which is more loved and greater in reward than then a righteous deed done in

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these days of religion, as the messenger of a law sort of lohana he was so upset, so we can we know that alone Donna has made certain times and places which are filled with blessing. And from this from from these times is these days of the hedger. The days Ramadan are blessed all the days of Ramadan are blessed, but the greatest blessing in Ramadan are in the nights than the last 10 nights from Oban. These are the greatest in virtue and and they are the most FUBAR and they are the best nights of the year. But as for the days, then there are no greater days Subhanallah than these these then these 10 days of nature, this coming short lobby that starts on Monday be the law. So we have

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you know, we should pay our utmost attention to trying to get the most out of these days. So what I'm going to do today inshallah, basically start off speaking about the virtues of these days and then

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Shannon moving to what we should be trying to concentrate on doing in order to save Nina's to Allah subhanaw taala during these days because there are specific things that's been mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah of things we should, you know, try to pay attention to be in the night Allah.

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Okay, so from the virtues, like we were saying, the thing that shows you the virtue is like, for example, there's a Hadith, he didn't even hit ban. It's a Sahih Hadith, in which the messenger of Allaah so long line it was sent him he said that the best days of dystonia are these 10 days. So these days are the best days of his life, they are the best days of this life, they are the best days in the year, that's how much we should be, you know, paying attention to to realize, you know, there are days passed by you, then these 10 days of glitches upon a law. And as you can see, I'm saying 10 days ago, he just so includes eight days, the eight days, still a day of trying to seek

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Nina's to Allah, like a lot of people forget about that on a lot of people fall into scenes that we hope and just forget about it. And you know, just, they just, you know, think that it's a day of just pure enjoyment and forgetting about a loss of pantalla. But that's not how easy it is, then that's the beauty of Islam, that we have days of celebration, but there's a balance, not like the disbelievers, their data celebration are complete, you know, indulging in every lust and desire and forgetting about a lot in the next slide. Whereas in Islam, we've got that balance where Allah says, enjoy the Hillel that I had bestowed upon you, but at the same time, there's, there's there's still

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the remembrance of Allah, that's a part of it, you know, just because you're in debt, you know, you're allowed to enjoy the blessings which Allah has bestowed upon you of the Hillel things. But that doesn't mean that that doesn't mean I forget about a law and just go into a state of health law of his business. So that remember that the 10th day, which is a lot, huh, that's still a day included in these 10 days of seeking meaning to Allah and trying to perfect your, your righteous actions to please Allah Subhana Allah inshallah, so just want to add that point. So, you know, how do you think Buhari, right if I even pass the Messenger of Allah sort of lohani he was sent on, he

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said, that there's no days, which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah, than these 10 days. So some of the Sahaba they asked him, not even Jihad for the sake of Allah, not because, you know, we know that jihad is the pinnacle of Islam, someone going out, you know, it's the panel all ready to give up their life and their wealth for the sake of a lot of this is from the pinnacle of Islam to this, this, this amount of, you know, sacrifice for the sake of a law. So the messenger of Allaah sort of love it was said, and he said, not even Jihad for the sake of Allah, except for that person who went out with their lives, and they will and didn't come back with any of that. So now I know

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where they get everything for the sake of a lot. You can't, you know, no one can make that date. But anything lower than that supanova Let's help virtuous and heavy in the scales, righteous deeds in these 10 days. So that's why we should not waste our time in these days, we should try to fill them with as much on that as thought he had as much righteous deeds as we can you shot a lot like put a program just like you're thinking about program for Ramadan. Same thing you should be thinking about, what am I going to be doing in these 10 days? What what are some other things I can do to make a program for myself, we should be thinking about that. And there's also another headache

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similar to this, which said, there's no D which is more precious in the sight of a law nor greater in reward than done in this day. So it is similar Hadees that mentioned, just emphasizing how great are the other righteous deeds done in these days? Okay. And from the things that indicate the virtue of these days is all data into the fetch? He says, Well fetch weather Yeah, you Nash was chef very well, once. So they thought, you know, saw the professor in the people of Pepsi, they said, What a yachtie Nash, like some of them said, this is a lot of swearing by the last 10 days or Oban. But some of them said, this is varying by the days of the job. And from then was even at best radi

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Allahu anhu. He said, for example, that a chef figures the losses as a chef say, Well, what so he says, By the even and the odds, so he said, What does it mean? If someone asks you what is it mean? And he said, if it's a chef, there is a night of alpha, which is the knife and and what is the night of

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the night of a human that I'm okay, but let's just go back to what we're talking about regarding these virtues just to emphasize to you how great are these days. And so from the things that shows you how great are these days, is that these that are made these days, the days of hatch, you know, Allah has chosen these days from the days of the year as days of Hajj. So you find the Panama, all these millions of people coming from every part of the earth, for the sake of Allah together at the house of Allah subhanaw taala for the purpose of the pilgrimage Subhan Allah so this is again a sign of the signs of a loss of pantalla of the greatness in these days.

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And also, we know that the messenger of Allaah sort of long line is sent. And he urged us in many a Hadith, you know, to increase our righteous deeds as much as possible in these days. So all of these things are showing you the emphasis on these days. And from them also, you know, well, I'll come to that after but you know, how much we should be focusing, in particular, on doing a lot of Vic in these days, which I'm going to come to inshallah, so the message of the law, so the law money was sent in right if it hadn't met the right Bob to live and online, he said that there is no days greater in the sight of a law and which righteous deeds are more beloved to him than these days. So

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during this time, increase in your saying of La Ilaha, Illallah, Allahu Akbar, and Alhamdulillah. So it shows in general that like, one of the main things you should be trying to do is focusing on doing a lot of big wherever you go in the car, picking up your kids from school, dropping them off somewhere, sitting in a doctor's surgery, try to focus a lot of data as much as you can. And you know, the best dick is recitation of the Quran. So that's why we know that I'll come to that again after but just in general, speaking from now, that focus on Vicar feeding the days of with the global lots of hands, Allah, a lot of times is where you will live up a year in model maths, a lot

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of data has mentioned in the Quran in surah baqarah. that these are days to make the Kaaba law in the days which are known, he says and mentioned your Lord in the name the days which unknown, they learned days and these known days, I am in Madden that other day, 10 days.

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Okay, from the things that shows you how great are these days, okay, is the fact that within these days is the best. And greatest of these days is the day of arafah, Yeoman alpha, which is the Knights of the hedgehog. This is the greatest days of the year. For Panama, this is the greatest days of the year, because in this day, a lot of data frees more people from the fire than any other day. And you remember in Ramadan, we know that the last 10 days, you know, especially in the last 10 days, you know, but some highlight in the month and hold on. But Pamela in particular this day arafa Allah subhanaw taala frees more people from the fire than any other day.

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And this hadith is narrated in Muslim, in which you know, the Messenger of a loss of a loved one in the center. He said there is no date on which a local data frees more people from the fire than the day of arafah. So this is something to keep in mind on the day of autofocus and the virtues of arafah. So imagine that RFI is included within these nine days. Okay, so let's I want to just talk a little bit about the virtue of Dave arafat's just show you how great are these days. So what you can think what you can think about with these days is a kind of basically dude off. It starts off, you know, with the normal, you know, eight days and then as the night comes, it becomes really great,

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like these days become greater and greater in enormous Lee in the desert shoot, you know, there's a panel on the ninth day

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of life, which is the art of the day of arafah. This is the day, where's the panel I use? In the hatch. All the older, you know, the pilgrims who judge, they're all they owe, staying in the land of arafah, you know, crying to Allah subhanaw taala, begging him forgive, forgive for his forgiveness, humbling himself to a loss of pantalla you know, making as much drama as they can, you know, this is this is that day, you know, Panama, so this is a day also his mission was to learn how on this day Allahu Donna descends in a way that fits his majesty and perfection. And he supine a lot. He expresses his pride to the Malacca of that scene on our part because of how many people are gathered

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there their sincerity in how much they want to be free from the fire and how much they want Jana, and how much they want this forgiveness of a loss of pantalla. So he expresses his pride to the net, he cut off this scene. And he says what do they want and of course, he knows most what they want to penalize them and he can say all they want is to be given and should be free from the fire. And so he says the panel law, you know, they had indicated that they will have that as long as they went there sincerely. So we don't know how many people sisters come to land of arafa covered with sins, but they leave as pure as a dated their mother gave birth to them. I mean, RSI is the main time of

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it is the main part of Hutch is the main pillar of hedge. And it is the most you know, it's the most important days you know of the hedge besides the day of not which is the following day. So we see how the Messenger of Allah spent that day if you look at the Sierra and you study what the residual Lord did on this particular day, you'll see that he didn't leave a moment except he was raising his hands and drop even someone off

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For him to drink on your sofa to see if he was fasting or not. And even when he was drinking, he didn't even let his other hand go down. Like he drank, but he left his hand staying up in dry. That's how much he was dying, raising his hand in Doha. And that's why the sooner for the person in hajj is not too fast for that day of arafah. Why? Because the scholars said I've witnessed the wisdom of that is I need as much energy as they can to make as much as they can.

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But for us, we should try and bust out of fat because as I was going to come to, we know that fasting is mrfr is expiation of sins for the previous year. And what's this of the of the following year, right so, but for the people who's in hajj, it's not enough for them to fast on the dead artifact, but what I was trying to demonstrate right now is how much the Messenger of Allah was focusing on in the day of RF especially, but from the time after you pray go unanswered. At the end of alpha, spend the rest of the day as much as possible enjoy it, and Vicar and it's still far until until the sunset. Okay, so it's upon a lot from the virtues of this day of alpha as well. This is

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the day when Allah subhanaw taala completed a slam upon the Prophet SAW Assam and the oma. And then the verses of the Quran came down in which a lot of Allah says Allah yo Ma, a canal to LA comme de la comme what's meant to Allah whom Nana T one of the two lakh who is Lana de la, that this day, I have perfected religion for you. Um, what it's meant to Annette Konya Murthy and I have perfected You know, I've completed my favor and blessing upon you. Well will lead to local Islam Edina and I have been pleased with Islam for you for your region. So this is this isn't a virtue. This all happened on the day Arosa. Another thing that happened on the day of arafah also sisters, this is

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the day when subpoena law, a local diner.

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He took that from the Benny Adam, he took the covenants from the Benny Adam and he said to them, LS to be walking home. And everyone said, Bella, so the Hadith about this is the writing. Nobody been our best buddy Allahu anhu that the prophets that are worldwide it was said on he told us that alone, Donna, he took the covenant from all of the children of Adam, on the araca is that is that, you know, he like?

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How can I say to you, he brought forth from the loins of Adam, all of his descendants until Yokoyama. And he made them all bear witness that he is a Lord so that everybody will be born with a natural instinct to know a lot and wishing him alone. So that no one can say I didn't know anything about it. Because before coming into this world, we've all taken this covenant with Allah. Allah said, and that's to be wrong because he said, Am I your Lord, and every single soul book will witness the law. They all said yes, they all testify that that is their Lord, because you worship alone. And that's why everybody has a natural instinct to know Allah Subhana Allah. Right, that's

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from the that's from the fairness that Allah created human beings. He didn't, you know, he created it's fairness that he did. Everybody has a natural instinct to know a lot by their own stubbornness and arrogance that they turn away from it.

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That's also from the greatness of this Dave arafa.

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Okay, another thing that shows you

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the greatness of this day is the best drama isn't it on the RFR the best drama is on the day of arafah so like, from the time to get your draft accepted, is the draw on out of fun Yeah, that's not just for the people in hajj, a lot of people think or you know RFI is just people in hajj not even for us, we know from the status that they would persist in drama on the day out especially in the afternoon, you know, as you're coming towards

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you know, after after you know like that time to really persist in making a lot of drama on that day. And the Messenger of Allah Satan has written in Timothy who said the best of da is the DA on the day of arafah and he also said that the best of the Jaguars to say in another narration he says the best of or the same duration continues on said the best of

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his advice was sent by me and the other prophets and messengers, which is to say that either her mo ba who wants to hula

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hula will hunt wahala coalition buddy. So this is this is one of the best drugs to to repeat that over and over again, you know, try as much as you can, like, you can make normal twice for yourself for the athlete or for your family, whatever, but also try to save them, you know, take a longer walk dollar Shadi Gala. Lahu mon kulambu, hunt wahana coolly shamed for the same again as much as you can try to get tied for the sake of Allah to show that getting Nina's like that.

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To judge sisters, they're in a blended arafah in a state of tea from day begging a loss of hands, Allah, you know, and just that the fact that they've left their homes and left they, you know, everything for the sake of a law, that is a sacrifice that they're giving to a law like in order to be saved from the hellfire. We haven't made such such sacrifices by staying at home. So what do we do as sharing with him, we fast that day, as long as we're able, and you know, whether we're able not able to fast we make a lot of big and try to make a lot of drama as well and show love to try not miss out on also being from those who are insha Allah, you know, safeness by obedience to Allah.

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Okay, and as we said before, for the virtues of this day of arafah, is the fact that the person who fasts it, the Messenger of Allah told us who have fasted and arafah is they get the forgiveness of Allah for the previous year, and the years they've dug off. Okay, so that's regarding the ninth date, but then we come to the 10th date, we should add her and like I said before, a lot of people think oh, you know, once a tick nine days are over, they just see God's emails, and it's okay, we can just forget about righteous deeds, but then realize that it says 10 days, all the happy said 10 days doesn't say nine days is 10 days. Okay? So we know it's, the whole 10 days are included in the

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virtue as far as being blessed and having your rewards so greatly multiply. This is the greatest of all days for the people in hatch, the 10th day is the greatest of all days. Why because this is called Yeoman.

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It's called the day of sacrifice, like, for the people in hatch, they, they sacrifice their heavy, which is like the sacrificial animal that is part of the Hutch for us at home, we have to all try to do the oath here, which is also a different type of sacrifice for someone who's a resident, like they haven't traveled to hatch. But you know, what makes the day of not the greatest is because of all the acts of worship that are combined together on this day, so because on the day of na, or you know, for the people in hatch, the day of na all the main activities of Hajj take place like you can't you've come back from was daddy for so now they go and stone the divots. They do the love they

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do to athletes, Allah, they do, I didn't allow for doing I say, you know, the positive the sacrifices are done for the heavy, you know, so so all these different and and the vicar of a loss of pantalla. So all these different acts of worship, also, you know, the, the cutting or shading of the hair as well. So all these different acts of worship are taking place on this day, like, there's no day, you can look at all the days of the year, there's no day with so many different acts of worship are all taking place on the same day. And, and even for the rest of us. You know, this this day is a day of Eden festival for Muslims all over the world. And you know, as your is the eight

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pray, that is the decree of the last panel that's taking place, there's a hook by the federal aid, there's the odd here making a sacrifice. So it's the parliament. So this is showing you the virtue of the day of Aadhaar. And there's a hadith in there in activity with a messenger of a law civil law. One it was said and he said today about our farm, and the day of sacrifice, and the days of a tertiary or a festival for us Muslims, and they are the days of eating and drinking and remembering Allah. So just to save you to that. So you've got the day of arafah, you've got the day of enough, right then I've had and then the three days coming after the eight, the three days coming after the

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eight. These are also days when I'm gonna fast when I want a fast one to three days coming out of the eight, okay, and these are days also of remembering a lot of hands on I'm gonna come here and speak to you about how this special special we're doing deep in these 10 days and in these last three days, especially ways of doing the that's been mentioned in this format. Okay, so now we come to, as you said, you want to know like the Panama hamdulillah like it was written for us to do How does she So what can we do to stick needles to a loss of pantalla in these days in these in these magnificent Blizzard days? What What can we do? So it's the Panama like we said there's no better D

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that a person could have done except for you know, for example, hygiene on MRI because the Hajj accepted Hutch. The reward for it is, you know, the accepted hatch. There's no reward for it except for for Jana. And even as another narration that mentions the hijab rule that, you know, except the Hutch, you know, the person, you know, could become purified from their sin, just like the day a mother gave birth to them. So, obviously, first of all when approaching these 10 days, okay, how should our approach be? First of all, dear sisters, we should start these days by making Toba to Allah if we want to be guided to righteous deeds.

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In these 10 days, then we should start by making Toba because Toba is a door like once you you know, humble yourself to Allah asking for forgiveness that's a way for Allah to open up the doors of higher for you it's a way for Allah to guide you to the good and to you know to guide you to righteous dig but if we if we're coming to these 10 days with sins in our heart and you know, the persisting on sins, then that those sins can be a barrier from us getting closer to a lot in these days Okay, so that's why the priority first of all is to start off Houston see total loss of hands data and then our plan obviously, before thinking about doing the landfill things like voluntary

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acts we should be worried about our fun things you know, like your your your five prayers just like you already know hold on your five prayers and stuff like that paying them on time and all those things that should be a priority. How do you expect to get close to Allah with all these extra deeds if you're not even worrying about your your actions, which allows me obligatory upon you so you first of all, you know, worry about getting your five affairs, you know, your your obligatory actions, any major sins, try to you know, get rid of those inshallah. Okay, so coming to the specific thing that's mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah from the ways to get close to a line these

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days. So from the ways we know that the messenger will last a long while he was saying he used to fast the first nine days he used to foster says nine days and of course it's how long it's forbidden to fast on the 10th it's also how long they've been in too fast on the three days after the other half so it's not allowed to fast on these days unless you're you know, you're in height and you didn't take your head Do you know there's exceptions we we had about four people here

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we are not at a fast on those four days and of course especially the ninth day like we say you can't fast the first eight then you try your best not to miss the ninth because like we said look at the look at the reward for that for fasting a nice okay and then from the other the other righteous deeds which which I mentioned in the plan is sooner Like I said before, a lot of time says well yet guru small law he fee a new model that, that and to mention the name of your, of your of your Lord in the nine days. And the Hadith, you know, there's a hadith that mentions

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about how you know, the miserable last day like I said before, about how we should be trying to you know, make a lot of Delhi which is saying lair Illa de la, and tech v Allahu Akbar and to spear sapan Allah so you, we basically from from the moment that these 10 days coming sisters, you should try to feel your every moment as much as you can, with things upon a loss halaqa for a lot of stuff a lot, also to say a lot. I've got a lot of work by there around the law, but *, what do they have. So to say this as well, this is called tech bit and law. Tech law means is the general taxpayer. So in these 10 days, just to make something clear, there is something called the taxpayer

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and law. And there's something called that, you know, like the type B, which is like this specific type B. Okay, so starting off from these 10 days, when they first enter, at all times of the day and night, you tried to do a lot of, you know, remembering a loss of panelized stuff a lot, like every moment trying to feel the day with the and as we say for like, what's the best big ultimately is recitation of the Quran, okay, but when you don't recite the Quran, you do all of your cooking, whatever you're doing changing the baby or whatever. Yeah, you just drink coffee. Okay. And it's mentioned about how, you know, even online alcohol, right or your loved one will they actually used

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it, you know, how beautiful it used to be at the time as the harbor, that they used to go out into the marketplaces. Or look at the marketplaces. Now, everyone's just like, all they worry about is they're doing, you're running after you're flying all day. You know, they're doing your things and the music's going and no one's thinking about Allah subhanaw taala. But at the time is to harvest upon a law, they would go into the marketplaces, and there was a law, but a law went for La Ilaha Illa law along with bollocky in marketplaces, and a people hidden and everyone was remembering a loss of pantalla like that would make the marketplace which we know the Messenger of Allah told us,

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the marketplaces are the places of the share theme. They are the one of the main places where the devils gather because there's no remembrance of a lot of those places. So that would actually make those places alive with a decree of laws pantalla Subhana laws that just shows you the difference between their time and our time that you know, we are, we are deprived people getting in his time but may Allah subhanaw taala make it up for us and show love because Jani doing Dida this time is harder, you know how it's hard to fly so Shahla our reward is greater because we didn't get our feet now. So doing good deeds, this time with our feet now is great and rewarding Charlotte enough. Okay.

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So we talked about the general the general tech be right and general the cover a lot of thoughts from the beginning of these 10 days. And this general tech bit, it looks like this was different sunset, it finishes on the 10th, which is the day of Aha, some said it lasts all the way up to the end of the third day. Okay, so that's the general day in general, just filling those whole days with the cover law. Now we come to this specific technique, right? What happens is on the day of arafah, which is not these shoes and shoes after, after stretch, so after you pray every prayer From then onwards, you see after your prayer, you say a stuff or a lot of stuff, or a lot of stuff a lot in

00:30:43--> 00:31:25

this so not to do that alone that enters the name for me because Sarah, Tibet off the end of January crime, as normal, as we always do, right? And then we say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the, you know, law, a lot of law. But what do you learn? you hunt? Okay? We did it three times, like we just say it three times after every single fight prayer, it starts in the day of budget of alpha. Exactly. And you do that for every single fight prayer. Throughout the day, I refer to the day of either two or three days coming after a laptop, you continue to do that. But the last time you say it, is on the third day after eat, the last three essay is acid free. Because why? Because remember,

00:31:25--> 00:32:09

you said that once Madrid comes, that's the start of the new day that comes after it. So that's what we don't do after mulgrave on the third day after eight, okay, for the people in hatch, they do that specific tip for them. It starts on the day of up half after though, so it's different for the people in hygiene for us. Okay, so but we'll worry about us. Okay, so now from the other things that are specifically mentioned, as far as you know, what we can do to get close to a loss pantalla in these days, is to offer an odd here. Now, in general, the odd here, which is like a sacrifice on behalf of every family, okay? Now the odd here, it's considered to be a suitable academic work, I

00:32:09--> 00:32:48

confirm sooner. Like majority of scholars, they say to confirm some of it some sense of the word you've even said shows you how emphasize it is as long as someone can afford it, that every household should offer a good here, which is basically normally like a sheep on behalf of family. But I want to mention something here true that it doesn't have to be just one shape you offer. Like, maybe the wife has money and she wants to do on behalf of herself. For example, the leader of the household is their responsibility to offer the audit here on behalf of the family and obviously normally they are the household is the breadwinner, which is the husband right? But just say the

00:32:48--> 00:33:26

woman had money and she wants to do it or tier two, there's nothing wrong with that. But in fact, it's it's it's very nice to have been very encouraged to offer Edward over here. I think that maybe alone and if you were here last week to the ship probably explain to you a few things about the woods here but I'll just go over because not everyone was here. If you're planning to offer an odd here the sacrifice yourself, not your husband yourself. Whoever's the one doing the odd here says it's your husband doing it. Okay, so he's not allowed to cut his hair or remove any skin or cut his nails from the from the beat from the first day of the job. He's not allowed if you're going to

00:33:26--> 00:34:07

offer a sacrifice, so you can't go get a haircut. You can't remove the the sort of victory or like you know that he's supposed to remove under him here. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said how do you think Muslim? When you see the new moon of the hijab and one of you wants to offer a sacrifice, the neck can refrain from removing anything from his hair or nails in another narration his hair or skin now what is the wisdom behind this if you think about it, when a person is in Iran in large part of the era when you go to Hajj and you're in Iran, part of the Iran is not allowed to renews hair or nails or skin intentionally. Okay, it's a violation of economics someone

00:34:07--> 00:34:47

does that without an excuse. Okay, so we are by offering his oath here we are sharing with the people in hearts something uniting us and bringing us together like they can offer their heavy sacrificial animals we're gonna show off for our own here and as well as that we're not going to remove our hair or nails and skin just like they're not doing that in the wrong okay? And part of that the sponsor said is because of that you're not supposed to touch your nails or hair or skin until your sacrificial animal has been slaughtered right so once your your animal has been slaughtered, then it's okay to cut your nails or hair or skin so even on day eight you should wait

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

until say example the night before you cut your nails and hair skin. They said part of that reason he said it that that sacrifice reaches Allah. Why do we do sacrifice? What do we do it because we want to seek needs

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

Two allies that you want to read, send yourself from the fire with this wood here, right, you want to save yourself from the fire, it's a way of getting close to a lot of really good here. And also you hope that by giving us that maybe alarm shala will save you from the fire. So if you want to be saved in the fire, you want all of you to be saved from your fire every piece of you, right? So that's why that's the reasons of why we don't take from the hair or skin or nails. So that's basically regarding the Odia. And besides that, on the day of odd half

00:35:31--> 00:36:07

we have all the righteous deeds of the eight prayers so we shouldn't miss out on the eight pray, no matter what we see how much the message of a law civil law was and emphasized the eight prayer even the woman who's in her menstruation, you know, she's even urged to go out even because in the time of the Messenger of Allah not make amazing use of up that much. And we have you know, that is because some of them didn't even have outer garments, because I used to always stay home that anyone had an outer garment to go out in because never go out of the house. So he says why he said so low, it was seven, let her borrow one from her sister, like she hasn't got something to wear, let her

00:36:07--> 00:36:45

borrow something from her sister so she can come out and witness the day of eight. So that's part of how we are trying to seek newness to allow like soda, obviously, especially on the day of age to make soda, you know, charity, and you know, remembering a lot doing a lot of the code on the day of listening to the hotbar you get rewarded for instance the hope is not it's not YG to listen to the football of eight sisters not word you but it is definitely something you get rewarded for so like as if you know that this is from the if you know that it's the 10th day that good deeds done in these days. You know that there's nothing more beloved to Allah than good deeds done these days you

00:36:45--> 00:37:24

want to try it every everything at any moment any opportunity comes up to do a righteous date, then you don't miss it and especially as you know ag in general is about senator Ryan maintaining the blood ties all right so that's not that's one very righteous deed to allowed to maintain those Blood Ties make up for people with people who you've had a fight with, you know, ask them for forgiveness you know, go to the aid prayer with it with a smiling face of course not two brothers a smiling face your sisters only tried to you know smile with your husband your children make make bring happiness no one should try No one everyone should avoid being grumpy on AIDS it's not from the manners of

00:37:24--> 00:38:04

Islam or it's not something love to a law that someone is being not you know, arguing or something like that and a no eight should be a special day where there's no arguing everyone's been really kind and and bringing their happiness to the hearts of the Muslims around them inshallah and spreading the love you know, hugging each other need to hug the lobby now me calm. So just all about that all those things are all righteous deeds is Allah loves Allah loves, you know, he loves us to have love for each other. For the sake of Allah, He loves us to have, you know, to bring love to our families and happiness to our families. So don't overlook any any righteous day, on the day of of a

00:38:04--> 00:38:44

lot. Hmm. And like I said, I don't think that a lot of people think honey, I'll just go and shake hands with men and wear some colorful clothing and who cares if I wear my high heels to the mosque and my my mascara and my false eyelashes and things like that. And then I realized that subpoena law like in these times, when deeds are multiplying huseynov you don't realize that sins directly in these times are also worth sins, sins done in times with where there's, you know, extra multiplication of hatena since then these times is also worth so it's a panel we don't want to be from those people who you know, may have ticked off get the anger of a lot of pantalla by doing

00:38:44--> 00:39:02

things in these righteous days. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all to fear, success be denied to seek newness to him in these 10 days in sha Allah, wa booty all the hair that was stopped for a little while he will come with a panic calmly hum de la ilaha illa and stuff Luca wanted to relate