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Az-Zariyat 1-60 Tafsir 11-19

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And Medina, those people who whom they are feeling rotten in a flood of confusion. So who's their heatless? They think they're very intellectual. But what is the reality they are in hombre. Rama is from the roof letters rain me Ma. And allama is basically used for error, confusion, heedlessness and hamara Sakura. What are they the pangs of intoxication of that the pain of that Why? Because it overcomes a person. It overcomes his abilities his faculty, so he's not able to think he's not able to speak, he's able to listen. Similarly, when a person is confused,

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when a person is confused, then what happens you can't make a head or tail of what he's talking about. He's confused. So hombre is used for confusion.

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summarization also used for ignorance, just general ignorance that covers a person's intellect and keeps him unaware, keeps him unknown as well that people even don't know about him. And Obama is also used for deep water, whose bottom cannot be seen. water that is so deep that you can't tell where the bass is. You can't tell from the surface. It's very, very deep. And it completely covers the place that it is on. Like, for example, you go to a swimming pool. At one point, it's very shallow. You can see the tiles you can tell very clearly Okay, it's only this much deep. But as you go towards the other side where it's deep, very, very deep, you can't tell exactly where it ends. So

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this is what a camera is confusion that a person does not know what the reality is. He is in a state of heedlessness, he is in a state of ignorance. He doesn't know unawareness. So alladhina homefield amati, those people who are in hoffler, in general, in Arma, blindness, with regards to what with regards to the matters of reality, with regards to the matter of hereafter,

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if you ask them about the Hereafter, they're in confusion. sanghoon once were heedless, negligent sanghoon is a plural of Sir, sir him and this is from the root letter seen her well, and someone is to make a mistake. Why out of negligence, because of being distracted from the real purpose? Such the setup, what is it? The surgery that you have to perform at the end of Salah if you have made a mistake in Sala, why do you make that mistake because you're not using your mind you're not paying attention? You're being heedless. For a moment you're distracted and you don't realize you don't remember which record was this? Which such though was this? Did I just go down to the second session

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or the first session? For a moment you were distracted and you lost track? So So is what heedlessness. So those people who are within a flood of confusion with regards to the Hereafter, and they are heedless on top of that. They're oblivious to the matter of the hereafter. When they think about the hereafter confused, no idea. Do they care about the hereafter? No, they don't even care about the hereafter.

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Imagine These are the people who are hostile who are making guesses, who are considered to be very knowledgeable. But when it comes to the major realities, they are in doubt. They are confused. They're heedless. Yes. aluna. They ask a Yama, Yama, Dean. When is the Day of Recompense when it comes to the Day of Judgment. They're completely heedless. Instead of being concerned about what they should do to prepare for that day. They ask, okay, when will that day be? As if they're very intellectual? They really want to know when the Day of Judgment is going to happen. Yes. aluna Ayanna yo Dee, they don't worry about preparing for that day. But they asked when will it be into a

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cafe a two to three we learned for Carl caffee Runa handshake on rd, resurrection, something very strange. Either meet in our corner Robin, lonely culture and buried that's impossible, that can never happen. And we see that the more lost a person is Indonesia, the more he will fall prey to this heedlessness to this humbler to the south. And the more he will think that he is very intellectual. Isn't it strange? That, for instance, this belief of atheism, it's on the rise? young people, they go to school, they go to university and they have the confidence say I don't believe in God, by the way. It's as if it's become a trend. It's become a fashion.

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And when it comes to any matter of Dean, instead of taking it seriously, what do they ask? Okay, so when is it going to be 1400 years ago, you were

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All day of judgment will happen. When will it be? There is no Day of Judgment. This world came about as an accident, it will finish as an accident and that's it.

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And constantly there's evolution, things are changing, and they try to prove it through different ways.

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Unfortunately, people take religion as a choice, whereas it's not a choice. What is it? It's a reality. So they're in Hama their sanghoon. And when it comes to serious matters, they say, a young a young routine so when is it going to be?

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Allah says, Yo Mama, it is on the day, when home they Island nursery on the fire, youth to noon they will be tormented. Right now they're mocking. Right now they're joking. They don't take it seriously. They're lost in this world, enjoying themselves. On that day, they will be tormented over the fire, use ternoon from the root letters fatter and fatter and fatter than it is to burn or to heat gold or silver in fire. Why? In order to cleanse it in order to mold it for different reasons, but basically it is to burn to expose to fire to heat up from the same root as the word fitna. What is fitna?

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A test a trial because in a test in a trial as well it says a person has been burnt. So over here you afternoon is being used in its literal sense. So what does it mean? They will be exposed to fire. They will be burned in that fire yo mahoma Island nadie afternoon. In the dounia there caused a lot of fitna for others. How a fitna to the man of others persecuted them for their email, and in the Hereafter, they will be made to suffer in the fire. Do COVID netta home it will be sad taste your fitna. What does it mean by this do offer it's not a con, meaning taste. You're either experience or punishment fitna means punishment you're burning

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your torment and Dooku fitna Docomo has also been understood as this the fitna that you initiated in the dunya meaning test its consequences taste its Recompense.

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Because of the Hurrah soon, how much disaster they have caused, how much disaster they have contempt fitna they have got, the people are persecuted for their Deen.

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So the whole fitna taco all the persecution you cause in the dunya. Now taste It's and today tasted recompense today, Heather Levy, this is that which country you were before it does third June, you always sunny. This is what you were hastening for. When you are warned about the Day of Judgment. You said a Yana Yama Dean. So this is what you were listening for. Insert assura 18 we learned yesterday looby han Latina law you may not be here. Those who do not believe in it are impatient for they keep asking when will it be when will it be? So on the Day of Judgment they will be told this is what you were hastening for.

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On the other hand inamoto cleaner indeed the righteous Where will they be fee Jannati they will be in gardens, where are you in and also in springs are used as a plural of rain, fountains, springs, water springs or various types. So they will not be in fitna. But no they will be in Janette and uryu orchards and springs.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to gardens, the utensils and the contents of which are of silver, and to gardens, the utensils and contents of which are of gold.

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Jonathan inomata Hanafi genetic, where are you?

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And in Jeanette, are you Kadena accepting, receiving taking? What will they be taking? Marta Homura boom, whatever their Lord has given to them. They will take whatever their Lord gives them. Meaning whatever blessings Allah gives to them in general, they will take it happily. They will receive it happily. There is nothing at all that they will refuse. You see, sometimes you go to somebody's house, they offer you some food. Do you accept everything? No, you refuse some things? Why? You don't like it? It doesn't suit you. It doesn't look that great. Or you feel shy? You feel embarrassed out of the color of you say No thank you.

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But we see that in general. Ed, no matter how horrible whatever Allah gives to the people of Ghana, they will take it. They will take it. Why? Because it's so good. There is nothing you want to refuse. And besides who's giving it a loss apparently, everything is so special. Everything is so beautiful. It is so enjoyable. It is so perfect, that the people of general will refuse nothing. And what else does it show that they will never get tired and bored of the enjoyment of gym.

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You see like for example, you go

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Go to somebody's house. They've made a very nice dessert. You have one piece, you have another piece eventually, right? That's it. No matter how much you want to have it, you can't have more. But the capacity to enjoy in general is increased. So as Idina mirta, hula boom, whatever their Lord will give them, they will keep taking it, they will keep receiving it.

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And it's a part of being grateful as well, that when someone offers you something, you take it, you accept it.

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And it shows how much they're enjoying, that they keep taking it, taking it taking it without saying no, without any hesitation without any reluctance. Halina merata, hombre boom, receiving whatever their Lord gives to them, whatever blessings He bestows on them. And besides anything that Allah gives, it is worth accepting.

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When can a person receive the blessings, the enjoyment of Jenna

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when he has been accepting, whatever Allah sends his way, in that

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we learn that a YouTuber has said and when he recovered from his illness, Allah subhanaw taala calls to call upon him, locus of gold, and he started connecting them to Allah subhanaw taala asked him that have I not made you so rich that you don't need to take all of these, but he said, Oh, Lord, I cannot do without your blessing, meaning anything you give me, I will take it. Anything you send my way, I will take it. So anything Allah gives it is worth accepting. And a person can only receive he can only accept the gifts of Allah in general, when he accepts in dunya, whatever Allah sends his way, whether it is a command, or it is a decree Kadena merata, the servants of Allah accept whatever

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Allah sends their way out of gratitude. Whether it is a disk, or it is decree, or it is a commands, anything Allah sends their way they accept this Submit. This is why they'll be able to accept in general

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whenever you find something difficult to accept this tell yourself, I want to receive good things in general, it's difficult for me to accept this right now. But I want to receive something better in general, in order to receive that I have to receive this today. In the home indeed, they can Oh, they were covenant alika. Before that mercy Nene wants to do your son.

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Meaning before they enter gender, they were already more than they were already doors of good in dunya if you think about it, your son, what does it mean? to do good to bring quality to your actions to do something in the best way in a most beautiful way.

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One is to do something just to get over it and the other is to do something with beauty with perfection with accidents, this is what air signs

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and axon is also to give more than the hug something is not necessary to give but you give it anyway. Like for example, a person has to submit their art project or let's say an assignment. Now one is that a person just you know takes out prints out the paper and the paper is all crumpled up and you know they've written and dirty writing messy writing and they submitted like that Okay then, but what is xR? That the paper is nice, clean crisp, everything is written very neatly, very clearly in blue ink. Briefly to the point whatever that is necessary. This is excellent.

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So, in the homecare, no coverage alika Marcin in there whatever actions they did, they brought quality to their actions they perform them very well. And remember axon is towards Allah and their sentence also towards people. So the one who has a morson look at his reward in general.

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Kadena merata hombre boom in the home can Kabbalah Delica worsening

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ganhou they were Alina a little meaner lately of the night may have your own that they would sleep you had your own is from the roof letters. Her gene I in Hydra. And Hydra is to sleep by night. It's specifically sleeping when,

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when during the night, it's not an app that a person takes during the day. So this is specifically talking about nighttime. So can Oh kalila mina lady Maya Jerome, this AI has been understood in a number of ways depending on how you look at the word man, and each meeting is very relevant. It's something that we should take seriously. Some change that we should bring about in our lives.

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Man first of all has been understood as my off muscle giving the meaning of that which Soekarno they used to karela mina lady a level of the Night Manager own that they would sleep meaning for only some part of the night.

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They would sleep. They would sleep only a little during the night they wouldn't sleep a lot at night. Rather, they would visit themselves in the worship of Allah. In seeking His forgiveness.

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Can Oh Khalid Amina layli Maya Jo. Secondly, Maya has also been understood as much of nothing more giving the meaning of not. So can you call Ilan. They used to a little meaner lately of the night. That ma not yet Jerome they would sleep. In other words, they use not to sleep for a little of the night, they would be awake for only some part of the night.

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It's the exact opposite meaning

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can Oh karela milele, Maya Jerome, only for some parts of the night, my German they would not sleep.

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So what does it mean that they will be awake for some part of the night only, and that time is the early part of the night.

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So between Muslims and Russia,

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they will be awake, and the rest of the time they would sleep and then they would wake up again for the purpose of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Again, so basically only a very small portion of the night they would be awake.

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And that is the early part of the night. What is this? another prophet sort of Allah said, and when would he go to sleep? After midnight?

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after Isha?

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What do we think? You know, I should pull an all nighter, stay awake all night. Do my studies now prepare for my test right now? Do my assignment right now in the night. But the fact is that when you're trying to work at night, what's the speed of your brain?

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Very slow. You're yawning, your eyes are closing. You can't get any work done. You become so slow. So if you stay awake for only some part of the night, meaning your prayer is shot and you sleep, and then you get up early, and then you work at that time. Isn't that more efficient? It's much more efficient.

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So can Oh kalila man, a lady May or June. They didn't use to pull all nighters or stay up too late. No. They slept early. And they woke up for some time of the night. And then they began their day early. Thirdly, my again has been understood as my nephew. So what does it mean then can Oh kalila meaning there were a few

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can Oh kalila and there were a few a minority not the majority.

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The people of Jana Kadena Mata hora boom in uncanny valley Kumar, sunny weather the majority no a minority

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a minority only a few people will mean a lelee in the night may have their own who would not sleep

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rather they will be awake in order to do what in order to worship of last parameter.

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Because if you think about it, the majority of the people who stay awake during the night What are they awake for?

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movies, okay. Similarly majority of the people who sleep when do they sleep early part of the night? No. They stay awake at that time they sleep very late and then they sleep and they keep sleeping so that they miss the time of sahab. And when they can seek forgiveness, they miss the time of budget when they can pray. They miss the time of worshipping Allah soprano. So can Oh Colleen and they were a minority only a few people mean a lady May or June will be less hairy. And in the hours before dawn homea selfie alone, they would seek forgiveness

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as how plural of Sahel and Sahara is the last part of the night hours before daybreak pre dawn hours. So at that time, they would busy themselves in seeking Allah's forgiveness.

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Because if you think about it, if a person sleeps early after Isha,

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then that sleep that he gets his quality sleep. You know why? Because you're naturally.

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Even if you force yourself to stay awake at that time, you cannot stay awake. No matter what you're doing. You start yawning, your body starts to wind down. This is something natural. So if you sleep when your body wants to sleep, even if you sleep for a few hours, it's sufficient. And then you can actually wake up early, you can actually wake up at the time of service. You can actually wake up at the time of fudges

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and when you wake up at that time because you've had a very restful sleep, you'll be fresh. You'll be fresh, you'll be awake, you'll be able to do something. Why is it that we're yawning in the morning and we can't get anything done because we slept at the wrong time. We slept late. We slept eight hours we say But still, that's not good because that was not quality sleep.

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So Bill as Harry whom he has tofu, they used to seek forgiveness in the late hours of the night, last part of the night hours before daybreak, because this is the best time to seek forgiveness. We learned that jacobellis lamb when his sons asked him when they requested him that please seek forgiveness for us. What did he say? I will seek forgiveness for you. And it is said that he wished to seek forgiveness for them in this time, why? Because this is the best time to seek forgiveness. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah subhanaw taala descends each night, the lowest heaven when the last third of the night remains. And he says, Is there anyone who has

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repentance that I may accept as repentance? Is there anyone seeking forgiveness so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone asking of me so that I may grant him his request?

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Is there anyone who wishes to do Toba? Is there anyone who wishes to see forgiveness? Is there anyone who wants something, ask and you'll be given.

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Just imagine, and many times we see that we are awake at this point. Why? Because naturally, our body begins to wake up. Or for instance, you have to go to the washroom. Or for instance, you're getting up in order to keep fast. So you're doing your so who you lie in bed, and you cannot go to sleep, why just sit silently, lie down silently tossing and turning in bed, or as you're making dessert, who all by yourself alone in the dark, or in the kitchen, while other people are sleeping and they will just come at the time when they have to eat while you're standing while you're cooking while you're laying the table. Busy yourself in so far.

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Because Allah says Is there anyone who wants forgiveness that I may forgive him?

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Will as Harry whom he has grown? So when you're up at that time preparing Soho, you're lying in bed, what should you do? seek forgiveness. The best is definitely that a person gets up he prays and he seeks forgiveness.

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There is Hudis mentioned in when Kathy said that mother Sleiman told Solomon Allah Salaam, that all my son sleepless, because sleeping much will live. And then for clever young

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person, it will live

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on the Day of Judgment.

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Because if a person sleeps more, then he cannot do more.

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And if you don't have proper sleeping habits, you can really not do much during the day even because if you haven't rested, well, you cannot perform well.

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Was he and while he him and in their world have gone is a right for who listen in for the one who asks, well, my room and the one who is deprived

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in their wealth is a heck of a share a right for who, for those who ask and those who don't ask. In other words, they give up their wealth regularly as if it's the right of the other person.

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Like for example, a person earns money. He works somewhere he gets his paycheck. Half of it goes in rent, for instance. Why is he spending all that money in rent? Because it's the Hulk on his family? Isn't it? There is no question about it. It's the Hulk of his family. The money will go anywhere without any question. He doesn't want to but it will go. So what does it mean? Was he aware? Do you have only Sally Wilma home? That they regularly regularly spend of their wealth on who? Those who ask a sale? The person who asks and also the one who is my home? Who is mushroom? The mushroom is the one who does not ask. My home is literally one who is deprived from the word Hold on. So he's

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deprived meaning he doesn't get he is excluded. He's kept away. So he is deprived? How that because he doesn't ask due to self restraint. He doesn't get the letter. Silas Who? He who asks when he asks he will get something ma who is one who does not ask so when he doesn't ask Will he get no will other people find out about his knee? No. But these people, the people of Jannah that Allah subhanaw taala is describing over here. They give up their wealth to those who don't ask even because they recognize them by their science into little Baccarat. What do we learn 34 one bc man whom layers alone unless and have you recognize them by their faces, by their marks by their appearance? Like

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for example, so many companions, that was horrible so far, especially the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would recognize that they were hungry, how? By their expressions, a Beretta leader who so many times he would be hungry so many times and the prophets are allowed instead of you would recognize him and he would give him so mushroom is the one who is deprived. How

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That he doesn't ask. But the people have gender. Allah describes them that they recognize them or home despite the fact that or as they recognize them. Secondly, My home is also understood as the one whose animals are the one whose orchards or whose property has been struck by some calamity from the earth or the sky. And as a result, he has been deprived of his prophet like we learned the Quran, that instead of column that the people of the garden right when they went to the garden, and they saw it all ruined, they said, in Nanaimo Ramon bollettino masamune, but rather we are mahalo moon. So who is my home, the one who invests in a business, in a piece of land or in his farm, and

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then he is deprived of profit? Meaning he doesn't gain anything out of it? So we're family and how can we say really, when we're home?

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Sometimes we only care to spend on those who ask and those who don't ask, we say, Oh, they don't need

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but what do we learn that we have been told not to beg This is better that a person must not beg others he must not ask from others. Now for instance, people will do this that if they go to a particular Masjid for example, where there is a fundraiser going on what will they do? They will get over there. But if you go to another Masjid where there is no fundraiser there is no asking they will not give anything. Is that right? No. The person who has been mentioned over here is who the one who is very careful very conscious, I'm using the masjid I'm benefiting from the masjid so many activities are going on there are expenses just because they don't ask doesn't mean they don't need

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doesn't mean I cannot contribute even if they don't need can I contribute Of course I can. So whether the other is asking or not when I can give I should give Wolfie and while him How can Islam Allah come with regards to silent mushrooms I was referring to the ongoing Food Bank program within these best days of the ledger if anyone before all of us are more conscious of bringing this that way we can reach out to the mushroom and for the side. I just want to remind everyone that we're our eat fest is coming up. So whatever you're actually going to contribute whether it is a gift donation item that you bring from home or you're cooking up something and contributing for the food, all the

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funds raised are going to go to some side how because Alhamdulillah these funds are going to go to the Alma Institute main donation fund from which many of the students who come and who are unable to afford their books or their fees they're all say they come to us and they say we're unable to but we want to study Quran Can you help us out? So all these funds are going to go there so inshallah remember that these are the days of doing this Hassan so hasten in that response heavily and inshallah May Allah preserve your rewards.

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And you see this word, How can any it's the others, right? They deserve it. Because sometimes we think that this is my money. I deserve it. I should enjoy it. Why should I spend on others? But what is Allah say over here? It is a help for who? The saddle Anima who the one who asks and the one who doesn't ask.

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We listen to the recitation.

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