Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 289-93 (Page 14)

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Let's get started here third quarter.

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Who do we learn? Hey Nina shape on you Raji Surah Baqarah while I'm

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home kita boom in de la

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mina de la he moves on De Lima Morocco McCann who means power do your stuff the goon worker who mean lujah stuff the who

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the NACA who

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mouthed awful cough out to be Falana to law here are you calf ed in

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the semester though I will be he foresaw whom I work for Ruby

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log who belt Leah beam

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log who belt Lian eight as soon as Zillow law will sell believe me sell me here I

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mean everybody

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will be lobbying Ba ba

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ba ba ba ba narla wall Baba. Wali lil Caffee de nada boom Mohini waddle Caffee de nada Mohit what either key let

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me know

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what either Can you let

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me know we'll be

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logged who called who? All who know me know Vemma

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Zilla Isla in

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Zilla you now I work for owner Bhima or

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Bhima well all whoo hoo I have two more slide deck on me man I hope all funny Mata go to do

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law him in Waterloo in boon to meaning while pada

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Musa billed by ye naughty zoom to more

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rd. So, Martha Hall to Moodle region. I mean Bardi Berardi he wants to move on the moon. What is

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Mita Paco Moraga naffaa will call Gumo to walk who do who do ma Dana

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who it was who all who serve here are now our slain our whoosh really Whoo. What was she movie? Oh Louie Mueller ADA be to free him.

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Who will be Samaya moocow be he eemaan will come in to meaning