Surah Baqarah Verses 21-25 – Journey Through The Quran

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Now for the first time, and most people see this as a complete topic change. No, I introduced what my what the book is going to be about. Then I told you there's no doubt in this book. Then I told you there are going to be three type of people who read this book, those who are multi those who disbelieve in it, and those who play like they're going to believe in it. And now I'm going to address for the first time in the entire book. Yeah, new Han, Tsar Budo This is the first time these records these sections have been completed. And the message of the Quran so beautifully comes not JoJo Alladhina Guevara, not yo yo Latina amla now, Johan African, not you guys wavering in the

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middle who pray Juma sometimes, oh mankind, worship your Lord. Give yourself in servitude to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, Johanna Sorbo look at the perfection you couldn't organize this book any other way. All mankind worship your Lord why? Who created you? Okay, and he created those before you.

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Why did he create those before you button sisters? You're gonna love this. Why men publikum Lala come the phone. Why did he create those before you so that you could get righteousness so that you could get Taqwa. But you're not any average student you now know what Taqwa is, so that you could be fearful of the Wrath of Allah hopeful of His mercy, and conscious of the Creator all around you who created you, you're conscious that He created you. He created the people for you. Lala contact upon you get that point. Allah subhanaw taala then clarifies the next point if I created you and created the people before you so that you could be fearful, hopeful and conscious of me, then worship none

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but the one alone who has now here's the next proof I created you. Maybe you think that's not a big deal. Worship Allah subhanaw taala in parentheses, none but the one who alone has made gyla Hola, como el Berthier Asha, who has made this earth as a philosopher, a furnished habitat. Imagine trying to carve carpet, every square foot of this earth, Allah subhanaw taala has done it with some type of landscape he has carpeted it, he has carpeted the landscape he has made the earth and remember this is Medina and Quran so not going to talk about John Hola, como. We're not going to talk about Jeevan Oh, tada waffleh kinako as Raja it's not going to list things that are going to build your Eman.

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This is going to be Hey, Allah, Samantha created you created the people before you and guess what, where they live, he created that to who alone has made the earth and furnished it for you, and who alone has made the heavens a shelter and edifice, if you would, a shelter a place for a canopy, I think is a possibility for us to use Allah subhanaw taala made a place to rest and a canopy and who alone has sent down from the sky water there thereby he brought forth with it a variety of fruits of the earth as a provision for you. Therefore you shall not fall now based on the fact that you have fruits, vegetation, you have a photosynthesis system, you have a canopy over you this the sun is

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placed far enough that we don't melt therefore you shall not set up any rivals to Allah subhanaw taala therefore Furla dejavu Lila he under don't want them Darla moon, therefore, you will not set up rivals to Allah subhanaw taala when you know well you know already because He created you created those before you created the heavens created the earth created the rain, the sustenance come down, created the system that the rain would touch the earth and produce fruit. He created this and you know that that such deities do not exist, you know that there's nothing else. Anything that you can see could not have put this into order.

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But we pause here and the next verse changes the topic to the normal perception. All of a sudden you're looking at verse 23. And you're like okay, we had something going on about the thunderclap. Then we had something going on about all mankind. I get it. Why are we going to read verse number 23 I'm going to read it then you will reflect on it together. And we're in quantum field I Eve and if you are in doubt about the divine origin, if you don't feel it be me man as Zanna Albertina felt to be Surah Timothy, and if you are in doubt about the divine origin of what has been sent down to our servant, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now why why did last month our point is out here.

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They said we're in Medina know what they say? Could in a Jewish rabbi come with this? We know the book better than you you can even read on a salatu salam couldn't someone have come down with angels? Could someone come down at least more than that? So that was some split to see. Could we have come down with something No. If you truly have

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A an issue with that which Allah subhanaw taala sent down to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then bring forth a single and I'm putting that in parentheses why? I'll discuss that in a second. A Surah like it. Moreover, call your witnesses apart from Allah subhanaw taala don't say yeah, I'm getting what he too Did you notice that after resource Allah Hassan came after some period of time what happened? People start Oh, I get what you need to what? You can just start the same No, where are you getting this from? Because why would Allah Subhana Allah choose one rightly guided Prophet and then send another to disagree with him? No phone call someone other than Allah subhanaw taala to

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prove your claim in goon Tom saw the theme, it is a very brushed off to the sideway if you're telling the truth, because you do claim right But alas, once I just told them, that you know that there is no other deity that exists in quantum sadhana and if you think now several things we have to reflect on. If Allah subhanaw taala can send us water from the sky, it can produce fruit we can eat it and our bodies benefit.

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How is it so difficult for Allah so for us to comprehend the fact that God Allah subhanaw taala would send a messenger who bought divine speech hood that contained was contained in a book and that was nourishment for our soul. Take a step out of the box for a second, where's your body come from came from the earth? Where does the food for your body come from? The Earth? Where did your soul come from? Allah subhanho wa Taala where will the nourishment for that soul come from? Allah subhanaw taala it's not that hard to digest. So take another step. Why did we add the word single? Surah This is the third time that this challenge has come. So anyone who's saying no brother we just

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started this is the first time in the revelation of the Quran. This is actually the third time we saw him admittedly, that third time that the challenge of producing Quran like it why when we were in Makkah, Allah Subhana Allah said if it's fake, then bring something of Quran like, yella that was too difficult for us. Allah subhanaw taala then said bring me 10 zeros like, class No, no, I'm too busy writing poetry about women and fish. Okay, Allah Samantha says, look, it's Medina. We're at least 13 years into the show here people wake up if it's fake Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was brought brought something that he made up even though he couldn't read the surah Timothy bring

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something like it one surah and we can make reflection here. What is the smallest surah in the Quran? In

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Girls cell we couldn't produce one line like this. So now if Allah subhanaw taala has put out this challenge it has not been met. No one has called their witnesses besides Allah subhanaw taala In Kuntum sada team now look at the look at the way Allah Spano was putting it back really in their face for him to follow and if you can't meet this challenge or Allah

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and you will never meet this challenge Fat Duck now rod Lottie whoa do Hannah so what Hey, Jarrod. So but if you do not end you will never meet this challenge foot takuna Allah subhanaw taala is here saying using the word Taqwa fear, then be fearful, be conscious of the Fire, whose fuel is going to be men and stones or that will carefully prepared for the disbelievers. Why come at men because I don't want to go to hell. But why throw the word stone in there? And it's very, very forward. What are they worshipping besides Allah subhanaw taala? What are they staking? filata Gerardo de la he and dad don't want them down the moon from verse number 22. What are they worshiping the worshiping

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stones? So Allah Samantha says Guess what you end your stones are going to be the starters of the Hellfire who are the dill caffeine, but on the contrary, and you will you will see this in the next 6000 Plus verses till the end. Not once does Allah mentioned Hellfire without saying what was she did Medina, Manu. But those of you who realize no one's going to be able to meet this challenge for those of you who realize that yet if you cannot do so, and you shall never do so then fear the Hellfire of whose fuel is people in stones at fire prepared for the disbelievers but give glad tidings Oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam to those who believe and do righteous deeds and we're

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going to define that what is belief in righteous deeds, that for them there are gardens and not integer demon ductile and herb gardens of Paradise awaiting in the hereafter beneath which rivers flow whenever they are provided from it have its variety of heavenly fruits. They will say as a provision they will say it's been given to them to the enjoy, they will say could Lama Ruzicka minha me

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In some or at least one pod who has a lady reserved in public, they will say this is just like the stuff we got on Earth. Rosette Nam in public. Whoa to be him with a Sharpie. It looks like an apple. But it doesn't taste like it but at least I can experience it. It's not a metaphysical world brothers and sisters, when Allah subhanaw taala talks about heavenly provisions when Allah subhanaw taala talks about it's enjoying Muslim Newsela mineral or food or human entertainment per provided by Allah subhanaw taala is that a metaphysical white light? Is you enjoying the fruits looking at them. So this is roast beef, it looks like roast beef, it looks like that which I wasn't allowed to

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have, or that which I had difficulty acquiring. They will say this is in appearance, like what we were provided before in the life of the world, and indeed it shall be brought to them in full read resemblance. So the fact that you will have these body parts and that you will have a done now with a door and a house and windows and the ability to comprehend and feel and think about the concept that you only use 3% of your brain to comprehend things. Can you imagine Allah subhanaw taala opening up and opening up the ability of the cells so that you can experience Jana at an at another level. I mean, you can pop a pill and you can start to see sound. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't have

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the ability to do this. And we'll explore this more when we talk about McCann Quran, and indeed it shall be brought to them in full resemblance, yet being far more delightful, if yet being far more. How else can we say this that be far more enjoyable? It might look like an apple, it might look like a golden cup of wine, but it will be greater and more delightful.

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Yet being more more enticing. And so too shall they have in these gardens of delight spouses who are ever pure and they're in shall they abide with them forever. And this concept that you constantly hear on the on the Quran is it's bombarded it's attack that Oh 72 virgins 72 Virgins know this much brothers and sisters in a time and a place of To Catch A Predator in a time and a place of child molesters and of Disney Channel and various other shows that make us feel uncomfortable when we see young children. Let us not be the ones to pass a judgement on a people who even their non the non believers had a sense of shame between the man and the woman. So this concept of purity is not being

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flaunted as something as we look at in a movie, but something as impure as in comfort as in tranquility ever pure and they will abide in there forever.