Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 6

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 6 – Al Maida and Al Anaam

June 11, 2016

Juz 7
The end of Suratul Maidah and beginning of Suratul An’aam (Makki Surah).
Laws of Shariah continue and ends with story of Isa (as).

Verse 82 (Al Maaidah)
Praises those Christians who recognize the truth as they hear it.
“A person who believed in Isa (as) and then believed in Muhammad (saw) will have two rewards”

Verse 89
Breaking of oaths

Verse 93
Intoxicants, gambling and sacrificing to other than Allah, casting arrows and trusting Shayateen should be avoided!
Immediately after this prohibition Allah says there is no blame on those who believe for what happened in the past.

Verse 94 – 100
Laws of hunting, ihram and prohibitions
Allah makes permissible the game of the sea. “Its water is pure and its animals are pure.”
Unlike for the Jews.
Don’t persist in excessive questioning – you could make things haram for you.
All the food was haram for Bani Israel except that which they made haram for themselves.
Food – Everything is Halaal unless proven Haraam.
Verse 105 – 108
Allah clarifies wills and inheritance

Verse 109 – end
The table spread? May Allah send a table spread with food?
Isa (as) followers asked for this as a gift from Allah (swt) – Isa (as) made dua for this and Allah granted it.
Musa (as) followers were ungrateful after Allah (swt) sent manna and salwa to them from the heavens.
Isa (as) glorifies Allah and denies telling the people that they should worship him as god. Allah knows this but this is part of bearing witness. Isa (as) is the victim as those who made this claim against him.
Surah Alan’aam revealed all at once! Along with Jibreel (as) accompanied by 70000 Angels! It went from the heart of Muhammad (saw) to heart of Ibn Masud all at one as well.

This Surah spells out Allah’s oneness, longest and first of the Makki Surahs.
All praise is due to Allah! Allah is stressing is Tawheed. And also stresses His (swt) creation. Allah is the only one worthy of worship.
How many generations were destroyed before them (the people of Makkah)?
Shubuhaat and Shahawaat (Pride and desires) veil them from the truth. Nothing will unlock their hearts. Not miracles, not difference in revelation etc.
Allah addresses Muhammad (saw) and says that the prophets before him were mocked as well.

Verse 22
Speaks about judgement day and those who worshipped other than Allah. Allah will gather them and they will be questioned about those they worshipped and about the claims they made against those who brought the truth. They also denied resurrection.
Asaateerul Awalleen – Fiction of the people who came before (an insult to Muhammad (saw).
The people of the book for the most part believe in life after death.

Verse 36 – Verse 42
Allah mentions the animals and plants use their natural instincts to worship Allah by running their course, who are you to deny Allah with such arrogance!
Verse 43 —
Do not be deceived by this world! Turning yourself away from guidance turns you away from good – enjoy the world… Aakhirah is not for you! Be pleased with Dunya, it does not last forever.
Surahtul An’aam also focuses on Ibrahim (as) and his natural inclination towards Allah.

Verse 74 —
People of the book and People of Makkah both honor Ibrahim (as). So Allah tells us the story of Ibrahim following his inclination to worship one Allah. After seeing the stars and the moon and the sun….it’s not possible for these things to be Allah.

Verse 80 – 82
Ibrahim (as) was divinely inspired with the argument that he used. Elevated Ibrahim (as) from his people and protected him against them. Ibrahim (as) is the embodiment of Monotheism.
Allah mentions many prophets and says that they were never on any path but motheism and tawheed.
“The vision perceive him not, but Allah perceives all vision…”
Just because you don’t see Allah, Allah sees everything!

Verse 108 – 110
Don’t insult those who worship others when you call them to believe in Allah! It won’t be productive. Be beautiful and gentle and use wisdom.