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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 6 – Al Maida and Al Anaam

June 11, 2016

Juz 7
The end of Suratul Maidah and beginning of Suratul An’aam (Makki Surah).
Laws of Shariah continue and ends with story of Isa (as).

Verse 82 (Al Maaidah)
Praises those Christians who recognize the truth as they hear it.
“A person who believed in Isa (as) and then believed in Muhammad (saw) will have two rewards”

Verse 89
Breaking of oaths

Verse 93
Intoxicants, gambling and sacrificing to other than Allah, casting arrows and trusting Shayateen should be avoided!
Immediately after this prohibition Allah says there is no blame on those who believe for what happened in the past.

Verse 94 – 100
Laws of hunting, ihram and prohibitions
Allah makes permissible the game of the sea. “Its water is pure and its animals are pure.”
Unlike for the Jews.
Don’t persist in excessive questioning – you could make things haram for you.
All the food was haram for Bani Israel except that which they made haram for themselves.
Food – Everything is Halaal unless proven Haraam.
Verse 105 – 108
Allah clarifies wills and inheritance

Verse 109 – end
The table spread? May Allah send a table spread with food?
Isa (as) followers asked for this as a gift from Allah (swt) – Isa (as) made dua for this and Allah granted it.
Musa (as) followers were ungrateful after Allah (swt) sent manna and salwa to them from the heavens.
Isa (as) glorifies Allah and denies telling the people that they should worship him as god. Allah knows this but this is part of bearing witness. Isa (as) is the victim as those who made this claim against him.
Surah Alan’aam revealed all at once! Along with Jibreel (as) accompanied by 70000 Angels! It went from the heart of Muhammad (saw) to heart of Ibn Masud all at one as well.

This Surah spells out Allah’s oneness, longest and first of the Makki Surahs.
All praise is due to Allah! Allah is stressing is Tawheed. And also stresses His (swt) creation. Allah is the only one worthy of worship.
How many generations were destroyed before them (the people of Makkah)?
Shubuhaat and Shahawaat (Pride and desires) veil them from the truth. Nothing will unlock their hearts. Not miracles, not difference in revelation etc.
Allah addresses Muhammad (saw) and says that the prophets before him were mocked as well.

Verse 22
Speaks about judgement day and those who worshipped other than Allah. Allah will gather them and they will be questioned about those they worshipped and about the claims they made against those who brought the truth. They also denied resurrection.
Asaateerul Awalleen – Fiction of the people who came before (an insult to Muhammad (saw).
The people of the book for the most part believe in life after death.

Verse 36 – Verse 42
Allah mentions the animals and plants use their natural instincts to worship Allah by running their course, who are you to deny Allah with such arrogance!
Verse 43 —
Do not be deceived by this world! Turning yourself away from guidance turns you away from good – enjoy the world… Aakhirah is not for you! Be pleased with Dunya, it does not last forever.
Surahtul An’aam also focuses on Ibrahim (as) and his natural inclination towards Allah.

Verse 74 —
People of the book and People of Makkah both honor Ibrahim (as). So Allah tells us the story of Ibrahim following his inclination to worship one Allah. After seeing the stars and the moon and the sun….it’s not possible for these things to be Allah.

Verse 80 – 82
Ibrahim (as) was divinely inspired with the argument that he used. Elevated Ibrahim (as) from his people and protected him against them. Ibrahim (as) is the embodiment of Monotheism.
Allah mentions many prophets and says that they were never on any path but motheism and tawheed.
“The vision perceive him not, but Allah perceives all vision…”
Just because you don’t see Allah, Allah sees everything!

Verse 108 – 110
Don’t insult those who worship others when you call them to believe in Allah! It won’t be productive. Be beautiful and gentle and use wisdom.


AI: Summary © The Bible is discussed, including the acceptance of certain laws and the importance of fasting for disposal of oats. The history of criminal laws and the loss of hundreds of people are also discussed. The importance of acknowledging actions of the media and giving the ability to eat and drink water is emphasized. The segment also touches on the loss of previous leaders of Church and the misunderstandings of the message of Messiah's death. The segment emphasizes the importance of not insulting people and not calling people with their religion.
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So now Mike Welcome to lightning but account so everyone here I am in a hotel room in Boston hamdulillah just got in so I know I'm a few minutes late

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this time I'm not gasping for air that would have the last time fully refreshed. But I am a little worried about the hotel Wi Fi. And yes, I have T Mobile and it's not the best of service song shuttle I'll make their app for the service. For it to stay connected. Hopefully we won't have any issues with with cutting off on the live stream or anything of that sort. spinout hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. While only he was lucky to be here, well, Manuela. So we actually come to one of my favorite portions of the Quran and this is just seven and just seven is the end of certain amount EDA and the beginning of sort of an arm. So it starts at certain depth from verse 82. And it

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goes to certain Anam verse one turn, now, certain money that is still within the Madani breath. So it still has the same concepts the same ideas are being revealed in suits of Nikita where you have a

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you have the concept of law constantly being alluded to in fact the laws get more mature as sort of the money that goes on so it goes on from the from the laws of the the meat slaughter to more laws and so on so forth, in regards to oats and regards to intoxicants and gambling and sorcery and, and, you know, all of these different sophisticated laws that come in Medina. So it's sort of continues along that same breath that we've already been seeing in Silicon Valley. And then of course, it ends with with the story of a Saudi Islam, the story of Jesus peace be upon him and the table spread, which we'll talk about. And then Switzerland is actually a mucky surah. So it's going to be the

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introduction of Mexico. And as we're going along with the plan is the first time a monkey sort of shows up in the cauldron and it's a glorious, glorious, glorious suit on of course all of the plan is glorious, but you'll see why an iron is so powerful in this regard. So sooner than not you definitely get into it from verse 82 onwards, we see that a loss of Hannah hoods out of praises some of the Christians that recognize the truth as they hear it will either send me your own mountains Isla de la basura de todo Are you know whom tofield Amina demaree member our filming that help your co Luna Rob Donna Amanda flexibler, Masha hidden, that there's a group of Christians that when they

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hear about the Prophet slicin, and when they hear about Islam, they recognize that this is indeed the awaited messenger that this is the continuation. So right away, they say, Oh, well, you know, their eyes swell up with tears. And they say, Oh our Lord, we believe so write this down. From amongst those who bear witness meaning writes down from monks, the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And this is at the occasion of according to some of them of

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some of the the priests that were sent by a joshy and Abyssinia to meet the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, that there was a group of priests. And when the prophets lie, some recited the poor answer them, they all started to cry, and they recognize the truth, the same way that the joshy also cried and recognize the truth when he heard the message. So this was a group of Christians that were waiting for the Prophet slice on them. When they heard about the prophets lie, Selim, they immediately accepted it. So last panatela mentioned that the lab, the reward for these people that recognize the profit slice element that accepted the profit slice element that believed in the

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previous profits, and saw this as a continuation, and in fact, there's something very beautiful the profit slice of them said, that a person who believed in he started his Salah, and then believed in the prophets lie Selim, then he would have to rewards he would actually have double the budget for believing in Jesus peace be upon him and then believing in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So there's a special reward for the one who acknowledged their side Islam acknowledged Jesus peace be upon him and then moves on to acknowledge the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as well. So then we move on to the new laws. So in verse 89, for example, a loss of hundreds Allah mentions the

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breaking of the oats. And he mentioned the kafala, he mentioned the expiation, and I know that a lot of us are accustomed to if we say what law he and what's wrong, that we fast for three days, but Allah subhana wa tada actually mentioned Islam last I saw the Messiah keen to feed 10 poor people or to close 10 poor people. And if you're incapable of feeding 10 poor people, or clothing 10 poor people, then you fast for three days. So usually when it comes to expiation, you start off with fasting and you go to charity, but when it comes to the oats, you start off with charity and then you move to fasting as a as a last resort.

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So we go in now to verse 90 to 93. Last pantai says, Yeah, you allow the nominal income and 100 meter wide ensemble well as lamb Listen, man, I'm going to say Barney, first any boo. Lala come to the corner last pantai says oh, you who believe very early in toxic

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Kids and gambling and sacrificing upon, you know, sacrificing in a way that's inappropriate, you know, basically to other than a loss of Hannah Montana and a lot in arrows, you know in a way that you're casting arrows and you're trusting the shower clean. All of these are from the deviations of the shape on so avoid them so that you may be successful. So the first mentions of a loss of hundreds and telling everyone to avoid all of these things. Now, obviously, when these things were legislated in Medina, a lot of the Muslims felt a sense of stress. Why? Because we were accustomed to drinking, they were accustomed to gambling, they were accustomed to an unsolved with Islam, you

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know, the sacrifices, and especially the arrows and things of that sort. So this was very stressful to them. So when it came down, a lot of them started to puke out the Hummer that they drank. And they started to try to get anything out of their system that they felt like was inappropriate. So So Pamela, it's very beautiful. In verse 93, immediately after the prohibition, last panel, China says Lisa and alladhina amanu Amina slightly hottie do not one female flymo, either Mexico, Amman. huami, no slightly hotter. There is no blame on those who believe and do righteousness for what they've consumed in the past. They don't have to worry about the harm that they've consumed in the past,

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whether that was in the form of inappropriate food, or whether it was in the form of alcohol consumption, which was the real concern for the people, the followers of the prophets like them, because they drinking was a part of the culture at the time. So for the prohibition of hominids to come. They were very scared, so lost kind of kind of puts them to ease right away in verse 93, and tells them that they won't be charged so long as they've actually made that change in their lives. That last country's not going to hold them accountable for that which they've done in the past. Verse 94, to the verse 100, you see the laws of hunting, and how long and Hajj anomalous. So

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particularly, more laws are being developed. Now, as you know, in regards to how to uphold the sanctity of the Canada, the sanctity of the head, arm, and when hunting is prohibited.

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Lost pens are also in the middle, this is 94 to 100. In the middle of these verses, he says we're headed like completely batty, so alarmed, makes permissible, you know, the game of the sea. So so you know, fishing and so on, so forth, eating that which comes from the seat. And the profits by some, of course, said that its water is pure, and its animals are pure as well. So see, life is pure for you, as well. So Allah makes the some prohibitions as well as expressing the permission for the believers to eat from the sea. The reason why this is important is because

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many of the Muslims saw this connection to the people of the books. So they assumed that the laws of hell were really following exactly in the laws of kosher so there was a fear that eating from the sea would actually be prohibited as it is in some ways in the court in kosher law. So las panatela made it clear that a gift to this oma is that all that is that comes from the seat is Hello. And then Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you heard the nomina this is now verse 1012104. Yeah, you heard the nominal lattice Allah and ashia in took the test calm Oh, you who believe don't persist in questioning the way that the people who's on Islam did the way that burning Islam ended. And if you

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know because if if you keep on asking things are going to be shown to you and they will distress you what that means is that you know if you keep on asking and persistent asking the profits licensing you make things how long for you? And if you remember in certainly saw a Lost Planet, Allah says that the food was all of the food was held for Benny disloyal except for that which they made harm on themselves. So there was a there was added strictness, when it wasn't necessary, that made things difficult upon them. So Allah subhanaw taala says, It's okay if Allah subhanaw taala has made things hard for you, then stick to it. Don't persist in questioning in a way that you're going to make

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things difficult. Allah I just looked at the comments, please don't ask for wives. While you're while you're chatting on on this thing.

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Please take your marriage pursuits elsewhere. That's part of the hot I'm questioning right now too. So yeah, so anyway, things are hard for you.

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unless they've been made hot Um, so last pantile says don't go into details, the way that the people of Messiah Islam did and make things around for you that aren't hot off for you in the first place. Then you have the laws of the will and the final testament. So verse 105, to 108 las panatela clarifies some of the questions about the will and the final testaments. And finally, from from 109 until the end of the day, you have the story of Asante sana, the story of Jesus peace be upon him. And it starts off with if God How are you? How are you and when

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disciples said yeah, he said no monogram Hagia Sophia or a book and Eunice zero Elena either Terminus Anna, is it possible that you can ask your Lord to send down to us a table spread with food from the heaven. Now what this refers to is that Isa is some towards the end of his life. He fasted with his followers for a period of 30 days. So they asked at the end of that fast of a loss of hundreds Allah could send them some special food for them. So they asked a sigh some Is it possible that your Lord can send us some food from the heaven? Are you sorry Salaam says it temple law in Quinton, what many in fear Allah if you are believers, here's the thing. He's not a slum. He

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understood the question as being one of doubts. But they clarified to a side a slum saying that no, it's not one of doubt, you know, we just want to eat from it well, and and it'll also put our hearts to eat ease. When our animal anklets are nocturnal and will be even more affirmed, reaffirmed in our faith that you've indeed told the truth to us. So we're not asking you for doubt. We're just asking for a gift from a loss of Hannah Montana. And Lisa understood that so he made their act to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala sent upon them, a beautiful table spread with all types of food and so on, so forth. Now the gem of this in particular is compare the disciples of Christ, the disciples of Jesus

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peace be upon him, to the followers of musante his Salaam, when the food came down from the heavens for them, they were completely ungrateful. They have full doubt they mocked Musashi Salaam, they mock the food that came down to moussaka, his salon, recently, his ceram, this group of disciples, they're grateful, they fully understand that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sends food, they do such the to sugar, they prostrate out of gratitude at the end. So this is a completely different quality of people. So Allah is praising this quality of people, in the disciples of a Saudi Islam, the disciples of Christ, as for those that went astray after Christ after Jesus, peace be upon him.

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Last time I mentioned the end, the last four or five hours of the surah, where he's at and he has Salaam is being raised on the Day of Judgment. And he's being asked, Did you tell the people to take you as a god besides Allah, you are your mother as the god beside Allah. And he Saudis lamps, the soup harnack Maya quantity and accord them and

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how perfect are you? I could I would never say that which I don't have the right to see if I would have said that *er diameter, because you would have known that Oh, Allah tanomo. Murphy enough. See, you know what's inside of me? I don't know what's inside of you. You are allowed to be the Knower of the unseen. So are you sorry Salaam, first of all, distancing himself from the claim that he is a god. Or that he is that you know that he is a partner with a loss of Hannah Montana. And then he started his salon, saying that, you know, look, I was a witness upon them now to feed him well, as long as I was amongst them, for lonato a feat any but once you took me back, Oh Allah, you

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were the one who was lucky you were the one who was who was observing them and watching over them and so on so forth. into them, if you punish them, they are Your servants. And if you forgive them, then you are the all wise and the all knowing. Or, you know, this is this is a Saudi his Salam Jesus peace be upon him saying that, Oh Allah, you know, I did not teach them that, you know, that Oh Allah. And of course, the last kind of time knows that. But it's part of the bearing witness on the Day of Judgment. And in on the Day of Judgment, the victim is asked, as opposed to the one who's who's, who's the oppressor. and in this situation, Ace is known as the victim of having a claim

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associated to him, that he never made it his salon. So that's the end of certain not either. It is one of the very last sources of the Koran. it coincides with the farewell of the prophets lie Selim. So in fact, some of the last eight out of 90 that also are the last iocked that were revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then we move into Surah Al and ham, circle and am is again the first mechi surah and the order of the port and the beauty of it, the glory of it, it was revealed all in one shot. It came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accompanied by 70,000 angels, all of them praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah glorifying the last panel into the scholars say

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that an AMA is the sort of that mentions Allah Subhana Allah to Allah almost more frequently than almost any sort of, and so because of all of the glory of a loss penalty in this sorta it came down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gibreel Allah His Salaam surrounded by 70,000 angels glorifying the loss of Hannah Montana and this entire school I came in at once. And so how long it's such a powerful sort of, it's a very long sword, that when the prophets lie some recited it to Eben Masood, or the alarm animal for the first time even miss Ruud memorized it right away meaning even miss Ruth or the alone time who

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So struck, just as it came to the heart of the prophets, I some it went from the heart of the prophets lie, some sort of heart had been Massoud, he memorized it in the first shot. So it's a long, powerful, glorious suit of the Quran, Subhan Allah, and it's the first dose we get of mecu Koran. So naturally, there's a shift of tone, it goes to what we're more accustomed to, and just I'm not and so on so forth. And the last just but in a very long discourse of Allah subhanho wa Taala spelling out his oneness and the belief in the hereafter and so on so forth. So it's, it's the longest of the mucky Surahs and it's the first mucky surah that appears in the Quran. And Allah

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Subhana Allah just like we're accustomed to in Mexico and immediately Allah subhanaw taala focuses on his oneness, it starts off Alhamdulillah Hilda the Holocaust somehow it will out well Jalla lumati will note so Melina cafaro, will be here. And you know, in the last panel, Allah says that All praises be to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who, who created the heavens and the earth and who made who made who made the darkness and the light and he says that Verily, those who disbelieve equate others with their Lord. So last parents, Allah immediately starts to stress his oneness and he starts to stress, his creation, who Allah the halaqa completed, he was the one who created you from

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there from dirt. And then Allah subhanaw taala Kaaba agenda last panel to Allah specified a term and a specified time that's known to him and Allah Subhana Allah says Tom and tom toms are on, yet still you are in dispute. So it starts off with that tone that we're accustomed to in Mexico and Allah stressing his oneness, and, and clarifying that he is the one who creates he is the only one worthy of worship and unconditional obedience. And he is fully unique to Canada to Allah in His names and attributes. So this is Mexico. And we also see in verse six as opposed to focusing on the people of Moosa or the people of Isa or anything of that sort. Allah subhanaw taala says lm your outcome,

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economic poverty human in Parliament, Matt can Nahum fill out of the mallam? No makin. So last panel, Jana says Madam namek, in luck on the last panel to Anna says, Have they not seen how many generations were destroyed before them that people have added in the mood and so on, so forth. This is the people of Mecca, as well as Benny saw in in those nations that were established in the earth in a way that you were not established. And the last times I mentioned the different things that were sent upon them to destroy them. So this is more than likely referring to the nations that the people of Mecca were able to observe the destroyed

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the destroyed nations that were observable to them, particularly in the area of Yemen, and we're modern day Saudi Arabia, so zero to the above the people of adding more than some of the original Arabs, the ruins of those nations. So lost contact draws attention to them, as well as the nations that are mentioned to us, obviously, in Switzerland, Bukhara, and Saudi Arabia and Iran and the certain amount of those that were destroyed before returning back on the covenant with the loss of Hannah Montana. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions them verse seven to 10, Allah subhanaw taala says no matter what he would have sent or how he would have sent the message, or what miracle was given

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to the profits by seller, they still would have rejected him. Why is that so important? Because you saw it with the people of ERISA. You saw it with the people of Moosa. You saw it with the profits of any Islam, he, no matter what was sent to them, they still rejected because they had the diseases of desire and or pride. So one of those two things, or both of those things, obstructed them from the truth. And there was nothing that could have been different about the message that would have changed that in any way whatsoever. So loss of Hannah Montana says that these people, the people of Mecca, for example, they're saying that how the loss of Hannah Montana sent an angel, why didn't

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Allah send an angel, instead of a man in the prophets lie Selim? Why didn't the last parotitis send an angel with the plan, and then we all would have believed and Allah subhanaw taala says, even if an angel was to come, and he had the book in his hand, and he were to touch those pages, you still would have said how the Sahara and Moby, you still would have said, this is nothing but magic and sorcery. Because you have a disease in your heart. And if you have a disease in your heart, you're blocked from the truth. I felt I have to double it on and on, and I could open up Fatima are they unable to comprehend the answer? Do they have locks on their hearts? So last time, I was saying it

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doesn't matter what miracle is given to you. So whether it's the honor splitting the moon, or whatever it may be, a person who does not want to accept the truth will not accept the truth. We see this with bending a slide the things that were given to them of miracles. All they responded with was how the session will be no disrespect to their prophets, and saying that this is nothing but sorcery and magic. They dismissed it. So lost consciousness as to the profit slice on in this discourse that the other prophets have stood Zia. They were they were mocked as well as things that was done with them as

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Well, you're not going to be any different out of school of law, they're going to mock you and they're going to deny you. Just like they denied the other profits when they came with their miracles before then a loss of hundreds if we go to verse 22, Allah subhana wa tada says, well, Yeoman natural engineer, and the day that we gathered them all together, all of these different people that worshipped all of these different things that denied a loss of habitat and all of these different ways. from Morocco, Lula, Deena Ashleigh ku, and we say to all of those that worship partners besides Allah aina Shura Council. qumola Dena Quinton, does everyone, where are those?

00:20:34--> 00:21:12

those partners that you used to claim belong to a loss of habitat? Uh, where are they now? So last patch I mentioned is bringing them all back together, gathering them on the Day of Judgment, saying, Where are those partners today, those that were worshipped besides the loss of habitat. And in verse 25, we see the first occurrence of a term that's very frequent in Mexico and that they dismiss the poor Anna saying that this is nothing but a South little within the insults of the prophets lie. Some, as they said, this is nothing but the tales of the old. These are just fables and fictional stories of the people that came before. They're not real. The message is not real Messiah was not

00:21:12--> 00:21:48

real. So it's not real. so on so forth, all of these messages are to be dismissed. And they're nothing but fables. And they go to the point of saying that, we'll call you in here. Ilaha tuna dunya. The only life that we have is our worldly life, we're not going to remember everything and we're not going to be gathered, we're not going to be brought back to life. So it's Pamela they're saying this after our last pints I mentioned the day that we will bring them all together. And we'll say Where are those gods that you're used to worship besides Allah, and here last quantize mentioning, it's like calling to their memory when they're standing on the Day of Judgment. Remember

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when you said that these are nothing but fables and an old fictional tales and stories, and none of this is real, and so on, so forth, remember when he used to make those claims, and of course here you can tell it's being addressed to the people of Mecca because the People of the Book don't deny the hereafter the people of Mecca, were of the very few peoples that had the audacity to say that once we die, we are not brought back to life. Okay, amongst the people of the book, for the most part, there is a belief, of course, there were the Sadducees amongst the Jews that denied the belief in the hereafter. But for the most part, there was an acceptance and acknowledgement of the

00:22:23--> 00:23:11

hereafter. These people completely denied being resurrected after death. And so Allah subhanaw taala very beautifully. In so if you go to from verse 36, to about verse 42. And in fact, there's another mention in verse 38, Allah Subhana, which Allah mentions, the, the animals, using their, you know, using their natural instincts to worship a loss of Hannah Montana, and in verse 59. So 38 Allah mentions the animals and 59 last kinds I mentioned the plants, that all of these follow the course of nature that Allah subhanaw taala has written for them, how can you be so arrogant, when even the the animals in verse 38 and the plants and verse 59, even they glorify Allah subhana wa tada in

00:23:11--> 00:23:43

their way, they run their course the sun, the moon, the stars, so on so forth, all of these things, run their course, glorifying Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in their own way. So you know, how can you be so arrogant? And a lost contact says, Are you deceived by what's been given to you of this world, the ease and the goodness that's been given to you in this world. So forget about just the people that have been destroyed in the past. And in the past, think about your own life. Lost pants, I says. So this is verse 42. To 50 you sort of have the Don't be deceived by this world.

00:23:44--> 00:24:26

threat. Last pants ISIS fella and that's human Tokido de la him a bla bla clearly say that whenever when they forgot that which they'd been reminded of when they turned away from the guidance that came to them. Last pantai says we opened to them the doors of every good thing. So we didn't punish them with with, with lightning strikes and with earthquakes and so on, so forth. A lot punish them, by letting them dwell in their ease. You know what you want this dunya take this dunya take the world. And that's why the Sahaba used to fear that when things were too easy in life, they feared that it was too large that it was a loss printout reeling them in, that it was a sign of a loss and

00:24:26--> 00:25:00

kind of town is abandoning them. Right that go ahead and enjoy every aspect of life that you want to this is what you want. You're turning away from guidance. You're not heating the remembrance fantana ellingham Ababa coalition that we opened for them all of the doors of good hat, either 30 habima or two, until they were pleased with everything that was given to them. I have now one bug that either horribly soon, we snatched them suddenly and they were left in despair. So even if you felt a sense of joy and invincibility at one point here, you

00:25:00--> 00:25:41

are now either you found despair because you realize that when the doors of the dunya open to you, it wasn't all that it was made out to be. So it wasn't worth rejecting purpose and divine guidance for the sake of it, or a death came to you before you could even really enjoy those things in the first place. So last time I took you, and you were completely left in despair. And somehow What a beautiful transition point we have here to introduce makiko an Allah subhanaw taala focuses on the Prophet that really ties Medina and Temecula that ties the people of the book to the people of Mecca, that ties all of these people together. And that's Ibrahim, it is so certain and Adam focuses

00:25:41--> 00:26:23

on Ibrahim alayhis salam and Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, his journey and his natural acknowledgment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If the animals recognize it, and the plants recognize Allah saying, use your fifth law, use your natural instincts to come to the conclusion of God. So in verse 74 to 79, we see about Hema Islam who is honored by the people of the book, who we've just been reading about for over 150 pages. And we see the people of Mecca now, who also love Ibrahim acknowledgeable. on him it is Salaam in a way because of the caliber, so Allah Subhana Allah says, you know, giving to us Ibrahim Ali Hassan Ibrahim arguing with his people, when the sun discipline with the stars and

00:26:23--> 00:27:03

the moon and the sun, basically, every time he saw the stars, or when he saw, it'll come out or when he saw chumps. When he saw the stars, the moon and the sun, he told his people, he said, This must be our Lord, look how bright and beautiful it is. But then once the stars went away, once the moon sets once the sun sets below him, I use them each time. He said that this can't be a loss handler to Allah because Allah subhanaw taala does not disappear. These are clearly things that are running their course as a loss of data created them to run their course. So I don't believe in these things being God. So bohem Isom was arguing with the natural instincts you know that look, how is it

00:27:03--> 00:27:45

possible that these things are God? So Allah subhanaw taala mentions the hedge of Ibrahim against this people the proofs that he employed against his people. And the way that he argued against this people common sense using nature's course to say how could there be anything but a Lost Planet Allah creating this and managing this entire sophisticated universe? The sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the animals, everyone runs their course in accordance with the way last pentire created them. And the last answer says what tilaka who jet tuna. This is 8282 now with Ibrahima Islam that this was our argument attina Ibrahim Allah call me he we gave it to Abraham to use against this

00:27:45--> 00:28:27

people meaning Ibrahima Islam was divinely inspired with the argument that he used. And he says, Not without without a doubt, and that we raise who we want Manasa we raise who we will, by degrees, meaning we raised the bohemianism above his people. And he says in that I'm Becca, Hakeem on adding barely your Lord is all wise and all knowing. So he inspired Voluma Islam with wisdom and with knowledge and he protected about him and he elevated Ibrahim alayhis salam from his people, when they when they rejected him, so Allah uses Ibrahim as the transition point between madonie and mechi. Because he is the father of the Abrahamic faiths, he is the one who is acknowledged by more

00:28:27--> 00:29:09

people than anyone else. Pamela, he is the unifying factor below him It is similar that we have then after that last Pentecost says it will. Not only was it on him, it is set up. Not emotionally. Not only did he not associate a partner with God, and somehow, across the board, no one could ever make the claim that Abraham associated a partner with God. Ibrahim represents monotheism. He is the embodiment of monotheism. But alas, hundreds added then mentions in a beautiful discourse from verse 83 to 87. He mentions almost 20 prophets, he says, tell me which of these prophets was upon ship Ibrahim is happier or newer, is that good enough? Yeah, here he says, so on so forth, a lot starts

00:29:09--> 00:29:34

to rattle off the names of all these prophets and says, Who amongst them was on anything but this who and you say to the profits Eisen as Alfredo wilin these are the fables of old he is in the long line of divinely inspired prophets that have called people to oneness. So lots of times I says, none of these people were pagans, none of these associated partners with the loss of Panama to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala. Once again, he calls to the attention of

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

the listener, some of the things of creation and the be you know, the the proofs that have come and how could a law have a partner? How could a loss of power to add to have any one share with him and his dominion Subhana he is perfect lot in verse 103. It's a beautiful beautiful, beautiful verse last contact us law to the recorded episode, that the eyes perceive him not vision perceives him

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

Not well Who are you Who are you three could have a slot but a last panel into either perceives or vision. So vision perceives him not, but his vision perceives all well who and luckily Phil hobby, and a loss of Hannah Montana is ever subtle yet ever acquainted. Pamela so just because you're not seeing him the way you're seeing the idols or these images that you've drawn, or these paintings or whatever it is, realize that your vision does not encompass him, but his vision and his vision encompasses all vision, and a loss of habitat as ever subtle, yet ever acquainted. Finally, you know, the way that this just ends, actually, verse 108, to 110 a very important lesson interfaith

00:30:40--> 00:31:16

for us actually, and in talking and doing demo. Last times, I says, you know, don't insult Well, at the sub, don't insult Alenia Runa Min dunlea those who invoke other than Allah subhana wa Tada, don't be insulting when you call them to this common sense, and you call them to a loss of hundreds and they are Subala they will turn back and curse Allah and they'll curse your religion. If you insult their religion and belittle them and belittle their religion. They're just going to turn around and belittle your God and belittle your religion, and it's not going to be a productive conversation. Instead, call people with wisdom, and with common sense and with reasoning and with

00:31:16--> 00:31:56

beautiful preaching, hopefully, then they'll come to a loss of Hannah Montana. So it's very important for us last franchise telling us as we're making these arguments with the people to employ civil t as my Islam was very civil with his people. Yes, he called them to the worship of a loss of hundreds Adam, but he used beautiful preaching and methods, as opposed to insults and so on so forth. So don't be insulting towards the people, or else they'll simply turn around and they will insult your God and insult your religion. So that's just 700 us with it and as a glorious, glorious, glorious aura if it came down with 70,000 angels in one shot to the prophets lie Selim. Imagine the

00:31:56--> 00:31:59

reward when you start to read sort of than an ounce. So think about it. How many melodica comes