Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 284-88 (Page 13)

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, pastor of dignity are all do we learn immunoassay on your Raji what is Namita? Baku Mala does V guna Dima Kumala two three Runa full circle

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full circle mirror Dr. ecom to come up or two more and to do so.

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To sum

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it up or to Luna full circle what to create Jonah 30 Call

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what to free do on a ferry calm Ming meal? Dare him taba Runa him believe me you all do

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what he to come whoosah To fly to whom well who are more how Rommel gnarly well who am O'Hara Munna? Aiko, Raju? ephah? To me no gonna be badly Kitabi what duck funa be bound by my jazz

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will me follow the holly coming

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in laugh is your fetal hayati duniya why a woman at ama do not do not

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shut the Lada wanna log will be law feeling Matt

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stuff you log in all the hula you can let the nurse Tara will hire the dunya Bill Kira Salah you will have one hula hula hula muse or rune wala cada Tina Musa al Kitab our cough

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or de Bill Russell. Well attina is Maria MALBA ye na you are a guru he will produce ever cool llama

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rasuluh Dima Allah Who

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foo como stack bottom FIRFER you can debate to Matauri

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taco to walk all who Bona who is Bella Anna humo law who will be goofy him by

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law will be goofy him self or Lila?

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You mean