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Fatwa Night w. Sh Waleed

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Everyone who's joining us on social media welcome estidama Illegal when I hold the light today is the official second day a little Milan 360 with a mug of Institute and Insha Allah we are going to be starting a little bit early today. It is now 4pm PST and we're going to be doing our famous fatwa nights with God but Sunni Shia Khalid is our vice president at emulgel Institute and he is mashallah one of the senior scholars in the United States of America. He's a very respected personality and he's what we look to for our Islamic Guidance and answers. So inshallah you guys will benefit immensely from having him here with us as we start off today's But one night and just take a look at

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to everyone who has been ready and raring to go and shall be starting in just a couple of short minutes. Just a couple of reminders before we begin, if you guys are not yet registered for Ramadan 360 Please make sure you do so through the Ramadan three sixty.org website. Inshallah. That way you guys will get links ahead of time you'll get access to the q&a form to submit questions earlier there is a Google q&a form that we will be utilizing throughout today's session to collate all the questions that are coming in. I know there's a lot of different channels that we are live on. So inshallah we will slowly drop the link to the q&a forum for you guys so that you can submit your

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questions for today's but when I in sha Allah Now keep in mind Alhamdulillah we have been at a maga Institute answering a lot of these questions year after year and make an effort to make sure that the commonly asked questions that we get every Ramadan, we tried to collect them and have our shield answer them in recorded videos so that they are there for you guys as a reference constantly. And that is done through faith IQ, which is our q&a website or platform for amalgam Institute. So please head over to faith iq.org And on there you will be able to see 101 videos where there are commonly answered questions on the topic of Ramadan and the fic around Ramadan. There's a lot of things that

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come up, you know, year after year when it comes to menstruation when it comes to, to you know, issues around that are we in the Quran and stuff like that. So we try to make sure that we are consistent at answering those questions and providing you with those answers. And just take a look here to everyone who's saying their salons in the chat here on Zoom. And to those who are joining us across social medias. Please say your salons in the chat. Let us know where you're coming in from in sha Allah and just a reminder we will be having our regular Ramadan 360 programming continuing after today's But one night so after we complete our session for about an hour we will be jumping into

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Ramadan 360 Day two and we are very blessed to have with us today to have their Nasser Jenga who is one of our instructors and also of course the head of Urban Institute and he's going to be speaking on he appointed a king that is going to be his topic and of course we will have have back with us just sad to sleep right after for our ad reflects sessions which a lot of you mashallah enjoyed very well yesterday as well so jam packed schedule for the next few hours. Please do

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let me just make everyone is muted, please for those who are joining us on Zoom, make sure that you get comfortable and get ready to have your cameras on one of the best things about Ramadan 360 was in the past few years having all these familiar names and faces that we got a chance to connect with throughout the month so I know we're all fasting or retired. But it really makes a great experience when everyone joins us on screen that shout out to Dr. Gina mashallah, who's been the first to do so with us. And before we jump in, I do want to give a great big thank you to our amazing friends at you know at our charity sponsors who have made this experience possible year after year this year we

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are partnered with H H rd in the USA we have Islamic Relief in Canada and we have forgotten women in the UK there are links will be dropped every single day they're in the description of the length of the

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of the sections on social media of your video. And they are also going to be dropped on Zoom and shot as well. So please consistently make sure that you're supporting them throughout the month. And actually as a reminder, there's also the link to the fact when I in the description of your videos as well the link to the q&a forum if you guys want to submit any questions, we'll do our best to get through as many as possible. It's always an amazing experience when we get to do these and we're going to have these weekly inshallah every single Sunday at 4pm PST which will lead so without further ado, I see that the chef is with us Alhamdulillah As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah chef Walid

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How are you doing this fine Sunday

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah wa cat. I'm doing fantastic and hamdulillah it's so good to be back to Ramadan. And

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it's amazing how the reaction of the community coming in full fledge mashallah the mustard are full and every man that I know saying the same thing and I hope everyone in this call also feel the beauty of Ramadan and after the pandemic and being not able to gather and the Lord number for so many of us before. It's really a blessing and 100 layout of delicate hands. We're grateful thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for this blessing

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you know just witnessing the month of Ramadan ism is an amazing thing every time every

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member what Josie Rahim Allah says he said the people in the cemetery would have been asked

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what would you

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love to go back to the slide they said just to one day from a life just to witness one day and Allah

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and hamdulillah Allah give us the life give us the strength the health to be most of us to be able to pass this month and to enjoy so

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I'm not I'm not freezing I'm I'm warm

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and I just don't go out there for that beautiful start shift. Yes we just noticed a little bit of of lag for a little bit inshallah we'll monitor it but just wanted to let you know it pause just for a second there but 100 enough you're ready for somebody from Albania. Oh, that's very nice. Actually.

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Who is it from Albania? Mashallah, let me see. I don't see anyone from Albania. That's very nice.

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I see Tennessee I see a lot of Canadians I see a Scarborough I see Toronto I see Florida Chicago. a loved one you know that's Albany Albania. Ah, you got excited. Oh no, it's Albania, isn't it?

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Someone clarify for us in the chat and actually that's a great reminder please everyone who's coming in through zoom every single day all like all Drona so

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show love please take a second

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to join our session but I do that as well if you should do this as well as your locations right next to your name so that we know which corners of the globe we have represented here and that we get a chance to celebrate you guys as well. I know some people are waking up super early in the morning New York City Yeah. Oh Nigeria in the house mashallah New York City or do this Sharla cold

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yeah, you came late Manchester Oh

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beautiful beautiful it's lovely to see so many corners of the globe represented Masha Allah

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shift we're still we're still experiencing some freezing is it possible to switch up the the source of your internet just to make sure that I'm not speaking over you or that we can see you see you and hear like hear you clearly throughout the session

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All right, and while the shift does that just a welcome and a reminder to everyone that this is going to be our first spot one night this Ramadan inshallah we'll be having three in total on the next few Sundays. But I see a lot of questions have already been submitted mashallah and are still being submitted to our q&a forum. So I don't want to spend too much time we will jump into it. And we will take your questions coming in. Once again, those were coming on social media. The q&a forum is linked in the bottom of your description box. So please go scroll down to the bottom and catch the form to submit your questions. Alright, are you ready to go?

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Mila alrighty. Bismillah awesomesauce. So the first question that I have here is could you please clarify when exactly we can open our fast we bring a calendar home from our local machine and we follow their sunset and if there are times, however, my mom says to wait two to three minutes after the event. We live in the west so we don't have a gun on loudspeaker instead we have one of those event clocks.

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Okay, um, so, basically fasting a start. And as a last pannacotta said, We're Kulu shabu had the value another common high upon

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us 30 minute fetch to Tim Maaseiah in a late so basically, this verse telling us that our fasting start from that

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that basically the beginning of the

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Fajr until the night comes, okay, the darkness of the night comes. That's why the B cell Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah subhanho data.

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The process Salam said, don't eat and eat and drink until they've been only Mattoon called that, because he called it and then when the fetcher comes so on the federal comes that basically when you stop eating, and when the moment of time comes that where you stop eating, and then the other then somebody like she's saying, we don't have anyone calling or that

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some of them are not accurate. Some of them maybe call them before time or after time. You know, so it's not in most of the if you know that the data is accurate and call on time, like the heart and stuff like that, and you know, madcap, yes like system helps. You hear that and then you call because

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They are very caring about this most of the masajid in so many Muslim country do that, but some of them might not. So what is you need to do you need to go based on that timing and the timetable that you have. So you said your

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community provide you with the timetable for the salah for that no matter what time and for Asia or fajr What time you just follow that there is different methods of calculating when fetcher is and when motivate motive is everybody agreed upon there is no I don't remember seeing any differences but rather is where you can find some differences but the methodology that I recommend following is the methodology of the North America

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Islamic Association isn't that

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they have more accurate my opinion

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way of calculating identity federal

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and that's something you'll find it in every app when you when you set up your app you'll find that which method you follow you just say choose Islam or North America

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they're very more accurate in other methods that is calculating the federal my opinion and I have tried that myself go outside check it out. And sometimes the difference is like quite different like 1015 15 minutes sometimes 20 minutes and fragile so

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in any case, so when do you open your fast when you see the data of amount of time comes so that says let's say 741 or 740 You can eat there's no need some people said oh my mom told me to stay to three minutes or my dad or my family or somebody no they're either wait when the time comes call us and hamdulillah the only time you're not allowed if you see the ad telling you something then you look outside and you see that the monitor was not there yet

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see very clear daylight in this case no you don't follow your follower eyes. Okay, but since we living in urban sit in Urban's and cities and stuff like that you can really see that when the sun goes down on the horizon i will see out on the beach console you see the sun goes down you break even if it is before what's the abscess since you know before sunset if you see the night comes from here, and you see the day going from their hollows and the sun coming going down to the west so the night coming from the east and they going away from the west side past this time the process of Tosai this is when you break your fast yes

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so I'm assuming that's a yes to yes means answer a question clarification in the chat as well as is it okay if you just follow the sunset visibly as well? So if she sees it and she can do it right yeah, but inside the city you can't because you will not be able to do that buildings will prevent you from seeing it going down unless you're by the beach or something. And you see the sun goes on on the on the sea. Awesome sauce. The next question is can you also please clarify at what time we stopped eating so where is it right when the event starts? Or can you continue eating until the event finishes some even continue after the event finishes saying that tip is to be relaxed and not

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to take it to heart and your intention matters?

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As I said the Quran is very clear until federal cups so on the federal comes you should stop Okay. When we say federal

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is that means when the first and then when it's first call? Or can I wait until the advanced finish or in the middle? One Exec.

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The general rules we say when the hinted that then you should stop because the process I'm said and eat and drink until I've been MCDM cola. So I'm going to call that and then you should stop. Okay. They there is another Hadith, Hadith, Miranda that that said that the prophets of salaam said if the ananas called on something in your hand, eat it or drink it finish it.

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There is a debate over the authenticity of this hadith. But this concept was reported from several companions that they said like mustard and others that if he had finished what you have in your hand, so let's say you have a cup of water and then comes that's fine. You can finish it up. I have no problem with that. Also, if somebody let's say wake up and then just now is calling now was calling you run. Somebody give him a water to drink. Yeah, I mean in a matter of seconds, because then it takes like what, two minutes to be called during that two minutes. You know what, two minutes and a half, three minutes, you know in the time of the done and that's it's not a very

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it's not going to break your fast

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If there is need for it, there is food in front of you and that's what you need. One of the reason I'm saying this because McCrone is a blind person, okay. So, he will be waiting and Sahaba will see the feather coming. So they will go to him said US backed us by fragile came. So he will go and he will call that

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so that means from the time that they saw the Feds upcoming until they call him then he went to the place he goes to the place of the event then you call that these are like a minute or two at least at least.

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And Nevis asylum did not stop him from being the responsible for that did not invalidate the fasting of people at that time. I actually told him eat until he called that and that

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and also most of these apps that you have there always have a buffer time of like two or three minutes just to be on the safe side when it comes to malware most of them

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anyway, there is no need to be strict what is we need to be strict about I see some people after that and then a minute or two they still drink or is it all under this okay? Not a big deal notice you should stop or no need for you or for example, starting a meal

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while the event is called you know wake up early but to eat and some of them like stay for 45 minutes. That's not correct.

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She's there for that clarification shift. The next question is is there a real distinction between our weekend gamma Laila and Ramadan is soon after Isha slash before midnight? The preferred time for that? Are we for those not going to the masjid Is it okay to take a nap after the former guys have thought of a shot and then wake up later for cam and will this be equal in reward?

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Okay, these are very these are different descriptions for the same thing. So, when we say Tawi pmla It meant it means that tearaway is a specific name for the night prayers that is done during Ramadan.

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The amylase is a general description for the night prayers for the night prayers. Okay, that can be in Ramadan or outside Ramadan, but we don't call the salah that Salah outside Ramadan, we call up Tara we became a like a name that can now like a very specific description to that night prayer. That volunteer prayer that we do during the month of Ramadan. It was called tarawih comes from a Raha which breaks because people used to take breaks in between the four waka so for example, in Mecca after for rocker, these to take a break, then people will make the off seven times around the cabinet. Then they come back and continue another for like our eight records. So I used to have

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breaks. Because it's such a long, it used to be a long prayers. So that's why it was called telawi. Okay.

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And some other also reasons behind the names. But this one of the most famous one,

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a taraweeh. It's a night prayers to emulate it means to stand up in the night and to pray. You can stand up in the beginning of the night in the middle of the night and the end of the night.

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And the Sahaba or the Allama and Omar Laval the way they did taraweeh they did it after Asia. So the prediction then the predictor away. That's how the Sunnah of the Sahaba or the Allah I know from the time of Roma or the Allah on all the way going on. And even earlier on the alarm. But and that's something like well documented in the books of heaviness. So they used to do that or we use it after Asia. In the Bissell Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the nights that he prayed Torah we saw this night I saw veneration said it were actually at the end of the night before, like last third of the night.

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So and he prayed with some of the components of all the Alon on what are the bar

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the way that you go because it's a night prayers. So if you as a message as a community, we should create our away after Asia. And if somebody want to pray more, when the Imams say As salam ala Rasulillah sorry for The Witcher you stand up and you make one more worker.

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So you make the 11 for example, you make them 12 Or 13 you make them 14 And if you pray 21 You will make them 22 Why I'm saying that? Because if you're going to pray later on in the night, you want to pray with the Imam until the Imam finished because then nobody saw them said whoever pray with the Imam until the Imam finish it is as

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If you prayed the whole night, and some of the automat said this hadith actually approved that a lot sooner, because this hadith, we could not unseat apply to any other than taraweeh there is no any other scenario.

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In any case, you go praying the night you praying the third last night which one is better, to pray alone

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and the last third night or to pray with the community and taraweeh prayer outside to pray with the community to grow the community because that's the sooner that the Sahaba the Allah anon revival. But that doesn't mean that you don't pray in the last third of the night, even if Torah that's the whole time you still can do if you want to delay your waiter or even if you made waiter in the beginning of the night, you still can pray to raka in the last third of the night if you want and

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not the best format, but it is allowed in the visa Salama simpering to occur before Fajr even though he made his with an earlier

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as reported by an ambassador, they allow on in any case, so that's my recommendation when it comes to that. If somebody cannot focus in the midst, or there is be there in this mustard or something like not according to listen, you know, some days just to keep the unity of the Muslims and being part of a television Gemma has a different taste. You know,

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especially after the pandemic, you know, you didn't know maybe one of those people on the Salah, saying mean Allah subhanaw taala except from him, and because of that person or him or her, Allah Subhan Allah except the drop of that night. You know, being in the company of righteous and good people, something you're not going to get when you're by yourself. So you don't always try. Always try not to put yourself in a position. It's this one or that one. Okay.

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You always try to combine between the hair, the goodness, I hope that help answering your question. Beautiful just like a fair shake. That was very, very clear. And that was a lot of extra questions answered in that and a lot of gems as well. Mashallah. Next question. Actually, someone is also asking about that always someone a male is asking if you're a man and you have a sports injury on your foot. Is it still allowed to do that? Are we in the masjid?

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Can you repeat that? So someone is asking if you are men and you have a foot sports injury is it still floats to do that? Are we in the masjid

00:22:36--> 00:22:39

so now the Torah has not fought so tarawih is just a recommended

00:22:41--> 00:22:45

button so Salam settlement karma Ramadan, Eman are wacky cyber warfare Allah Almighty.

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Those who stand up in the night and pray the night prayers are from Amman, ALLAH forgive the sense so it's highly recommended for you to care about it male or female. And in the masjid would be good because also the time of the Sahaba though I know woman used to pray and the must and so on generation that tomorrow the law has made so many women that that are not appointed

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will be in the cab to lead them in Salah and there is an imam leaving the woman and Salah and there is another Imam leading men of Salah

00:23:17--> 00:23:26

for the sound to travel that far it's kind of hard. So he appointed for them and Imam just to pray behind it so they can enjoy the Halloween too.

00:23:27--> 00:23:28


00:23:29--> 00:23:35

that shows you that. Yeah, it is similar and it is recommended for people to do that.

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If you have a sports, foot injury, you can pray sitting okay, if you can go to the master handler pray while you're sitting. May Allah subhanaw taala heal you and heal all sick one Amenia The next question is a lot of people including my family in the local mosque started fasting on Saturday However, my husband goes by the siding of the moon so I started fasting on Sunday with him fasting is fun. So would I have to make up the fast for Saturday or am I okay to follow my husband?

00:24:08--> 00:24:09

Where does he live? Where do you live?

00:24:11--> 00:24:11


00:24:12--> 00:24:25

It doesn't say unfortunately, if the person who asked the question they said they're going to be live if you can clarify in the chat that would be lovely inshallah. But she depends because the moon was cited in so many places in the UK.

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00:24:28--> 00:24:29

I don't know where which

00:24:31--> 00:24:58

I don't know but when America we saw the moon like we have like so many Moon sighting for the moon and also in Saudi Arabia in Egypt with three four places the saw the moon and Iraq and Palestine. I mean a moonless Ah, I know excited but decided on Friday. Okay, so Saturday was the first day by Moon sighting under percent.

00:25:01--> 00:25:06

You know I don't know if it was cited in UK but UK is always like

00:25:08--> 00:25:13

I mean the so cloudy I don't know in UK the even side the moon

00:25:16--> 00:25:58

and how about citing the moon there is a village it's a very good flight. So the people were going out with the Emir the prince just kind of long time ago, them going out. And at that time they only have like one card in the whole city. So the gentleman that like truck and they go out, like okay, we're gonna save the moon. It's totally rad like outside the city. There's nothing in the city anyway. It's just but they're they go to like a mouse on the way they hit a sheep on the road. So that I'm here to tell them hey, come back. We have to go back to this thing said what they said she couldn't see the sheep. Oh, you're gonna see the moon. Just go back.

00:25:59--> 00:26:00

That's true story. By the way.

00:26:05--> 00:26:24

Going back to the point, the moon was cited as I don't know what based on what you do that? Because if you don't have a good bass, you can just make that your own. Unless you fall on Imam masjid. And the master told you no, it's not. And this is trustworthy.

00:26:25--> 00:26:26

There's something

00:26:27--> 00:26:34

that's one answer. But if you just I didn't see the moon, I didn't, you didn't do your homework, you didn't do your work.

00:26:35--> 00:26:42

You have to make up that day. And Saturday is the first day of Ramadan, and you have to make it up. But let's say you follow

00:26:43--> 00:27:15

and the Imam or the local community who decide the leader of the community decide that no, we're going to start on Sunday. If this is the case, how I started on Sunday, but for you you asking should I follow my husband or my family? Your your your parents and stuff? I would say follow the husband and not because anything but because you live into them in the same house and the kids go with their parents. But that's such a sad until your husband he is.

00:27:17--> 00:27:29

That's not right what he did. Because no scholar ever said that it is allowed for a Muslim to be divided this way. That's not allowed

00:27:30--> 00:27:38

to be divided this way, where people in the same city okay, can start fasting in different days.

00:27:39--> 00:28:04

Alhamdulillah those who proven to be Moon sighting and proven to the global loan signing is a very strong opinion among liberal power and Allah, it should be followed to unify the Muslim or the people of the global follow the other opinion based they have to come together and to make an agreement those levers and I will not follow a leader who break the community.

00:28:05--> 00:28:17

To that to break the community in this level. You know, what if the community leader cannot come to an agreement? Yeah, I would love that, but there is no agreement nothing I will go with the thing, which is the safe side

00:28:19--> 00:28:22

in this case, and the safe side is to start assignment

00:28:23--> 00:28:25

especially with this

00:28:26--> 00:28:36

any large number of people have seen the moon or country providing the moon, also the people of calculation, decide that this is the beginning of the move to

00:28:37--> 00:28:52

in unless you live in a country like for example and Jordan. They decide Sunday is the first day of India, Muslims in India, not sure about macstaff Besides, let's say Sunday,

00:28:53--> 00:29:00

because for them, it's very early in the East Coast almost possible to see currency live in a country that has a leadership you follow the country.

00:29:01--> 00:29:43

But those who live in a non Muslim country, like our situation in UK or USA, this things has to be fixed. Yes, it is out there for that public service announcement shift. Actually, it was funny because Saudi Arabia announced it on Saturday very clearly early on or on Maghrib time. And someone was messaging me like how's it Did you see the moon? Like no, I didn't see it myself. And they had me running around the hot I'm trying to look for the moon, because they're like, but if you didn't see it, then you should wait. So some people take it very seriously. Somebody saying that San Diego saved the day for us. Somebody like that. Save the day for us? Uh hum. De la, local global cider. I

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

just wanted to know, sister that Sunday we did not save the day for you. Only because the moon was cited way before San Diego. In Houston. It was cited in two different locations. In Dallas. It was cited

00:30:00--> 00:30:07

Also, and in Ohio, and several places actually decided and recorded.

00:30:08--> 00:30:18

I want to tell also that there is something about some of the people who sighting the moon. And they have some of them have very strict

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Like for example, some of them would say, uh, one of them was telling me it has to be seen by the naked eye cannot be seen by a binocular for example. I know it was funny, because no one was telling me that he was putting glasses on. So I said would use if you see it would should we accept your moon sighting? He was like pay attention. He said, Yeah, I'm the light and I was I said no, we cannot because you have glasses on.

00:30:51--> 00:30:56

Yeah, that was the same concept glasses magnify things binocular, among other things.

00:30:57--> 00:31:12

You see, so, this the case you have to take your glasses off, I will take the gloves off, you cannot take your shahada because you're not seeing any more clearly. You know, so just just for me, it is not a very strong argument to say that

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that's number one and also the football heart in the old days have something similar to the binocular and they talked about it that the permissibility of especially among the Hanabi already mentioned this specifically.

00:31:26--> 00:31:29

Another thing some of them are even have

00:31:30--> 00:31:38

a worse type of conditions that I saw over the years notice that some of them only accept to people who are from their own people

00:31:39--> 00:31:48

or somebody out of their own people they will not they will argue they will push they will not take it they will and I have seen that I have witnessed that person.

00:31:49--> 00:32:00

If it's out the circle of certain group of people, it will not be accepted especially if there is a desire not to follow and that's very sad.

00:32:02--> 00:32:19

So I just want to say this because this is also need to be changed. I'm all for having local mon siting committees and you know and so far but but some of the practice that is exist in the western world today really need to be

00:32:21--> 00:32:32

need an honest open mind and review for and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this happen. And the

00:32:33--> 00:32:42

next couple of questions we have on the topic of missing fasts so one person is asking do you have to make up missed fasts for menstruation before the next Ramadan begins

00:32:53--> 00:33:07

I'm just disturbed by some of the comments become complicated because it is one two days and we cannot fast on a no Carlos if you declare your fast with if you start your fast with certain

00:33:09--> 00:33:18

country or following certain methodology or with a scholar that you trust policy follow those people done? Yes.

00:33:19--> 00:33:49

But if you did not fast according to this just outer on like Jihad and you're not qualified for that. Now you should make up that day of Saturday later on because I didn't see them that's why I decided to do that. That's up to you. In this case was Saturday was Ramadan and you have to make up that day later on. And you follow the people who started Saturday from now on on eight and you have to make up that day even if we fasted 30 days

00:33:50--> 00:34:01

Yes sister say that again. Your question? Sorry. No problem. The question was on the topic of menstruation investing and they're asking do we have to make up missed fasts for menstruation before the next Ramadan begins?

00:34:02--> 00:34:11

Kind of too late for this question right now. Yes, you should. I should have I used to make the mistake and Sharma that means you need to finish them before Ramadan star.

00:34:12--> 00:34:26

Absolutely. And some of the elements said if you did not you have to pick a funnel, which is feeding a meal per person. So it's seven days you feed seven people seven meals or one person seven meals. Okay.

00:34:28--> 00:34:33

And that's basically the sun plus fast fasting these days next year Shawn

00:34:35--> 00:34:54

it's reassuring to know that I showed on how also made up Miss fast and Sheva. The next question is also related they're asking if I couldn't fast all my dates from last Ramadan by when do I have to pay for them or make them up? So can they make them up after Ramadan by any chance? Or do they have to? You can do it right now.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

You can do it right now. I can do it before next Ramadan comes

00:35:01--> 00:35:04

Okay so sorry from now until next time a lot

00:35:05--> 00:35:15

if someone missed from last year yeah we have an extra year to make them up or another because yeah because they are yes from now until next all along

00:35:16--> 00:35:48

for this year's Ramadan fast right I just want to clarify so people No no no last year in 2021 You must update your menses Okay, now what two things you need to make to make them up make them up after Ramadan and you have from after Ramadan all the way to the next trauma to from a lot of 2023 you can make up the seven days and anytime between this Ramadan 22 and 23 and the penalty you can do it from now this day until the beginning of next normal one before the beginning okay

00:35:50--> 00:35:56

the next question is can a woman was menstruating sit in the masala to listen to the Imams to our

00:36:00--> 00:36:02

if there is a place outside the masala will be better

00:36:03--> 00:36:09

if there is a space in the masala and in the end of the message you just set the Muslim that's fine

00:36:11--> 00:36:38

but I don't recommend that because the Muslim should not sit in the masjid before praying to Raka and he cannot do that duty rudiments and also it can open the floor for some people who are ignorant coming and tell you being rude in the way that you should not be here why you are here is the only way you have your menses you not supposed to be an investor. So there is no I will not recommend that unless you know the community are very open and understanding

00:36:41--> 00:36:48

and there is no other options for you to be outside listening to the Hoekman example community hall or something like that. Or maybe online

00:36:51--> 00:37:04

next question is Is it essential to make an intention in the heart for each fast or is it okay to make it once it's obvious that when someone is up doing somewhere that the intention there but quite often we forget to make a formal intention

00:37:06--> 00:37:09

I don't know what the formal intention means but

00:37:12--> 00:37:39

intention is basically is the t know in your heart you're going to be fasting tomorrow. That's what intention is in Malou MiniArt okay. The deeds are based on intention so as long as you have in your mind that you know what I am tomorrow have that any I'm planning for fasting tomorrow that's the intention okay

00:37:41--> 00:38:00

that's that's what it is. And you have this intention in the night there is a narration that those who do not have the intention from the night the CM is not valid it's it's not a hurry about the from the Prophet sallallahu sunnah but there's a statement which is from that companion

00:38:02--> 00:38:04

which is half solid Allah on how Autobahn

00:38:05--> 00:38:08

there's debate over the desity open glossy I'm aluminum huge amount of blood

00:38:10--> 00:38:27

so what I do believe that just just eating so that means you are fast you know tomorrow Ramadan now you know tomorrow Ramadan and the night you know so that that's the intention it just that you have the intention to do the intention and the night comes comes

00:38:28--> 00:38:35

the need for this discussion comes in the following scenario. If you don't know tomorrow is Ramadan or not.

00:38:36--> 00:38:46

So you go to bed and you don't have a clue tomorrow's Ramadan so you don't have the intention for it. Then I tried to do what they told you Hey, it's Ramadan

00:38:47--> 00:39:14

here where is the condition isn't is that intention a condition at that point or not? Because you never had the intention to festival limit another one tomorrow your flight flying out traveling and travelers they don't fast all the faster to them in the night you never had any clarity or fasting or not fast that's can be a problem for sort of upset

00:39:15--> 00:39:45

because you have to have the plan on tomorrow again faster and faster. I'm doing surgery minor surgery I'm going to faster not sick people can break their fast so these this scenario word the night intention is so important. Are you aware of it? Are you thinking about Are you determined about or not? But as for Milan not every night when he makes all you pray Taraweeh you know tomorrow so much so and unless after the I said you know what? Tomorrow I'm not sure we're gonna fast it all

00:39:46--> 00:39:49

out in your mind. That means you don't have the intention.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

But you know, that's why I see even the debate. I have the intention to shut up the fast any what Ramadan comes. In my mind. I'm trying to

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

First the whole month. So this is not sufficient. Or you have to have that thoughts in your head every night. I mean, for me, this is just more theoretical and practical. Because practically everybody knows that tomorrow. I'm fast.

00:40:13--> 00:40:14


00:40:15--> 00:40:23

Perfect. The next question is, at what point should a pregnant or breastfeeding Oh, no, sorry, another another scenario a sister in menses.

00:40:24--> 00:40:26

She's at the end of her menses.

00:40:27--> 00:40:33

And she might be finished with her period before Fajr. And she might not.

00:40:34--> 00:40:47

So she never had the intention to fast. Let's get your wake up and she find her mentors. And can she just started that intention? I don't know. That's, that's where the point of intention in the night is so important.

00:40:48--> 00:41:00

Can she say? Can she say, if it is done? I'm fasting. If it's not done, I'm not. I'm going to be kind of like if it's tomorrow. Ramadan, I'm going to fast

00:41:01--> 00:41:17

Detemir I'm a lot of anatomy in general, if it means that it's allowed. I lean towards that opinion, even though the majority said no, because it's not clear intention. But I lean towards the permissibility of that. I'm sure lots of Yes, reflections that go through for the clarification shift.

00:41:18--> 00:41:32

The next question is, at what point should a pregnant or breastfeeding woman fast I read that the default is to fast unless there's a reasonable concern for the mother or child? But in my experience, it seems that many think that the default is not to fast, please advise.

00:41:33--> 00:41:35

Not the default but she

00:41:36--> 00:41:45

said the default is this depends on the situation. So if she can offer faster and there is no harm for her or maybe she fast

00:41:48--> 00:41:53

it's not like by by default, it means even if she fast is not going to accept it's not going to work.

00:41:54--> 00:41:54


00:41:56--> 00:42:05

So if you are able to fast and nothing like is not a burden for you, or

00:42:07--> 00:42:08

harm for your baby.

00:42:10--> 00:42:18

You fast and you must fast. But if it is no you break your fast. But what's the harm? What the burden, any level

00:42:20--> 00:42:23

it will be acceptable. This is determined by you.

00:42:25--> 00:42:41

Perfect. The next actually also on the topic of pregnant women. They were asking for clarification based on the response to menstruation and making it fast do you have to also pay your compensation video and make up your fasts? Or what is the difference for the rulings on pregnant women?

00:42:43--> 00:42:58

For pregnant woman, yes, we're missing they're fast in Ramadan or who have domestic pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman there is a debate over this between the scholars what they should be doing the opinion that I support and I lean towards

00:43:00--> 00:43:26

for a woman who have several years missing like two years or three years, okay, because of breastfeeding, pregnancy. So that means she has 60 days 90 days stop like like some woman even have 120 days because she has two pregnancy right after another because breastfeeding script lasts for two years. And pregnancy is one year so that's like long, any

00:43:27--> 00:43:29

long period of time.

00:43:30--> 00:43:39

This is the case the only thing she needs to do is to feed a meal pair a day and there is no need more than that. There is no need for anything more than that.

00:43:40--> 00:43:43

Many of the vocab said she only make up the days

00:43:44--> 00:43:59

majority even if it's too many, but as long as she can. That's also a strong opinion but I lean towards the opinion that you only and that's the federal model the law and I'm not biased in one relation and others Yes. If

00:44:00--> 00:44:11

the next question is if someone knows prophetic and Quranic laws in Arabic yet they find it hard to do personal eyes in Arabic And they feel more focused in their own language institute. Is that permissible?

00:44:12--> 00:44:13

Yes recap.

00:44:14--> 00:44:18

Okay, absolutely. Next question because not a condition

00:44:19--> 00:44:21

it's not a condition Yes.

00:44:22--> 00:44:30

And the next is if one is fasting a man or a woman and they have a wet dream during their sleep does their fast break and are they required to make wasn't

00:44:32--> 00:44:44

no it doesn't break because in the case of Saddam said raffia al Qaeda more Antara why not and he had a step that will not be held accountable for their actions. Three people and among them the one was asleep.

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

That's why if you're on sleep and you so in your sleep but you forget it's not Xena that you ate any drink didn't break your fast. Even if you had a whole sheet drink that will not break your fast

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

Same thing. And for that wet dream, it is not something in your hand to have control over it.

00:45:10--> 00:45:29

So it's all given. Yes. Perfect. And she if there was a question earlier, I lost it. But someone was asking, what is the, I guess the punishment or the payment that needs to be made for a couple that does basically break their fast and like have sexual relations? What is the the punishment for that? Or what is the payment for that?

00:45:30--> 00:45:32

For one behalf to

00:45:35--> 00:45:41

those have to repent a lot harder, because it's a sin, a serious sin.

00:45:43--> 00:45:46

And they make it so far and they make to ensure that this will not happen again.

00:45:47--> 00:45:54

That's number one. And number two, that the comfortable This is too fast.

00:45:56--> 00:46:03

60 days, consecutive 60 days or two.

00:46:07--> 00:46:13

They can't for medical reasons. After that, they can feed 60 People

00:46:14--> 00:46:31

60 meals basically a meal per day. If we cannot afford the faster the 60 days, some scholar said no, it's an option, this one or that one, the either the fastest season or they feed 60 people.

00:46:33--> 00:46:39

Both are optional. So these two opinions are exist among the scholars. And I

00:46:40--> 00:46:54

I don't have any preference really over to the two to two. But I would say if you can offer the 60 days, which will be better, if you can, but it's hard. You can show a lot.

00:46:55--> 00:46:59

But the serious the most important thing for me is to make sure that you're open to a lot

00:47:01--> 00:47:36

of lunches, a fair shake. And just a reminder to everyone we are closing off near the end of the hour. So we'll take a few more questions but the questions on your the q&a forum have been saved and Insha Allah we have a fun night coming up every single day. Sorry, not every single day, every single Sunday for the rest of the month, inshallah don't want to commit the shift every single day at the same time. So inshallah we'll have many more opportunities to ask questions. The next question is, if a young girl under 10 has started her Menzies', but she or her cycle is not regular. And she's still childish, does fasting become compulsory for this child?

00:47:38--> 00:48:01

It's not a compulsory, it is highly recommended for a child to fast. Another lesson children like shouldn't be Salaat Siyam should be dude like solok, a 10 years old up became very firm and making sure that you pray. But it's not obligated on them yet, but should encourage them. Like today, my daughter, who was like 10

00:48:02--> 00:48:13

workup and Mr. So so she took like a quick break food in the morning. And she said I'm gonna fast the rest of the day. so fast that first day we wake up.

00:48:15--> 00:48:36

So it should encourage them, you know, and the younger one was like five or six, like, okay, she stopped from the middle of the day. Next day, she started like a book, the day after that, maybe in the morning, you should encourage them as a model Viola and start also piano and also woman. Our kids are fasting

00:48:37--> 00:48:45

and the during the daytime. So this is something that is good to encourage them and to inspire them to fast.

00:48:46--> 00:48:55

Perfect, but it's in that specific situation where her menstrual cycle has begun, but it's not consistent. Would it still apply equally in that situation? Or is she now considered mature?

00:48:57--> 00:49:03

know if she had her mentors even once she became an adult and she has to pass? Okay, just

00:49:05--> 00:49:17

the next question, okay. This is causing fights between husbands and wives but someone's asking my local mosque and app says who are time is 5am. But my husband says it's 4:35am. Who do I follow? All the

00:49:18--> 00:49:32

calculations matters. That's the most accurate one. Yes, sounds good. The next question is, my question is could you please clarify the difference between Islamic Islamic Society of North America

00:49:35--> 00:49:47

the next question is could you please clarify the difference between Ethel slothful Doha and slotless shock I usually pray Iraq 30 minutes after sunrise but some people refer to it as though her to be prayed two hours before the door

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

and Ramadan mubarak. No, it means the daytime and that include 30 minutes after sunrise is absolutely possible because well

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

While you pray you pray during the daytime. Yes, perfect. The next question is what is forbidden time to pray at sunrise and sunset when compared to prayer times on an app? If Mulder is at 730 for example is it is forbidden to pray seven to 10 minutes before moment?

00:50:18--> 00:50:27

Yes, 10 minutes before Mara 10 minutes before sunrise Fauja that's what it's like the most. That's what's for better.

00:50:28--> 00:50:31

20 minutes, 15 minutes I mean, the one hour

00:50:33--> 00:50:44

father, you go after acid in general, the persons that don't pray after us and don't pray after. So you're not supposed to pray. But this became dislike, highly dislike as you go closer.

00:50:46--> 00:50:54

But the moment of the sun goes down and the most god of these 10 Five minutes, whatever, five to 10 minutes, the solar became absolutely hot.

00:50:57--> 00:51:03

Perfect. The next question is, can you please talk of the ruling of using toothpaste or mouthwash during fasting?

00:51:05--> 00:51:06

I just use mouthwash.

00:51:09--> 00:51:11

It is allowed you're allowed to

00:51:12--> 00:51:14

have mouthwash to brush your teeth.

00:51:16--> 00:51:24

Because you don't want the breath to be smell bad especially if you're around your family and community and new people and people are on Do

00:51:25--> 00:51:48

you know the scholar some of them said make sure that you the toothpaste will not go inside your mouth. I mean, I mean, seriously, how many times you guys when you brush your teeth eat your toothpaste? You don't just do it then you know brush your teeth then you spit it out. That's it. It's nothing like really make sure that no pieces comes in and if it comes in by mistake and

00:51:50--> 00:51:52

you try your best not to do that.

00:51:53--> 00:51:53


00:51:54--> 00:52:24

she's a fair shake for using mouthwash and making your breath fresh for us online before the session. The next question is Is that a week in the masjid? That's enough for a woman as well? Yes, I answered that and I said the Sahaba Amato there are more coming. Yes. Okay, perfect. Sorry I missed that the next is is it better to give scheduled feeds are on the last day of Ramadan? I live in the US and local Masjid is taking donations for God they'll be there early so the machine has enough time to distribute it on

00:52:26--> 00:53:10

Yeah, that's fine. You can give it three four days before Ramadan the end before eight start it's sufficient inshallah some of that said from the beginning of Ramadan like I think we're gonna go a lot but I lean towards the Jamaat the maturity said two to three days before because it's a new model their lines beginning from about there is need so to some massage would be calculate like a million dollar like something like huge amount of dollars like that that's became like or like hundreds of 1000s of dollars I don't know a million dollar knows maybe over years but hundreds of 1000s of dollars so it became very hard for them to distribute it over a course of two days

00:53:10--> 00:53:17

especially want to make sure that that poor when eight comes they are happy because the money the celebrated you know

00:53:18--> 00:53:22

so I see no harm shallow or giving it before that

00:53:24--> 00:53:39

perfect we'll take a couple more questions inshallah before we close off for today and we'll save everything else for the next one I inshallah The next question is if there's a separate room for mothers and kids to pray would that count as part of the masala or can a woman who is menstruating sit there as well

00:53:41--> 00:54:12

that's part of the masala any if it is designed to be a prayer time your prayer place for sisters with mother mothers with children it is part of the masala and as I said woman with menses the majority said should not enter the masjid but I do believe it's a lot of there is need for her to go to the mosque. Yes, perfect. There is another question a little bit higher up someone was asking and this comes up every Ramadan we discussed it yesterday as well. But someone is saying during Ramadan, is it permissible not too fast because of exams.

00:54:14--> 00:54:37

Exams are not excuse for you not to fast. But if you are in the exams or studying for an exam, and you became so tired, like exhausted, like, like really tired, like sick, throw up like can in this case, you're about to break your fast because of the sickness, but not because of the exam.

00:54:38--> 00:54:40

Same thing with sports and whatever.

00:54:41--> 00:54:44

And, you know, I'll tell you something, this between you and Allah.

00:54:45--> 00:54:57

It's not my business, not anybody else's. I'm telling you, the end of the day you have to be the Mufti for yourself in this kind of things. And who decide I'm really tired, and this is out of the ordinary.

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

And I'm really getting like you

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

are very sick because of not eating a drink. You only one can make that judgment is you? Not me. That's why Allah will judge people on the Day of Judgment. This is one thing that you will be judged for.

00:55:14--> 00:55:51

Yes. Okay. Really quickly. I see a follow up on that. And this is an important clarification I guess. So someone's asking last year my daughter fainted during her exam while fasting. She had to break her fast. Unfortunately, this year, my other daughter will be taking some important exams. Can she miss a fast on the days of her exams? She does not want to miss her fast but would I be wrong if I told her not too fast on the day of the exam? Yeah, you wouldn't be wrong. If you tell her to don't miss her. The dev exam as I said, you know, she, she tried she take all the precautions before she make a good soul. She drink things that keep people hydrated during the fasting. Okay. A

00:55:52--> 00:55:59

like coconut water and stuff like that. You know, electrolyte electrolyte in the water.

00:56:00--> 00:56:13

So, get good dates, which due dates before you start your class things that all share and if she became so sick and she's about to reach that level of pain, she can't handle

00:56:14--> 00:56:43

just Zakka la FareShare fleadh Sorry, we always jump from topics and talk it we put you through the wringer but hamdulillah you're patient with us and Masha Allah very thorough in your responses. We appreciate your time this Sunday and inshallah over the next few Sundays as we try to navigate this month and do everything in a way that is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah may Allah reward you for your time as well but bargain your efforts and your ABA and your service to the community me final words before we close off for today and jump into Ramadan 360

00:56:45--> 00:57:16

Just I want to say one of the best things you can do during this Ramadan is to increase your vicar Subhan Allah and him going to allow at ALA in the lower mo it's such an easy act of worship, but the amount of reward that you get out of it, it's just unbelievable. So make sure that you take advantage of this easily by the law may Allah mention easy so make sure that you take advantage of that Ramadan is short, so don't fall short.

00:57:17--> 00:57:28

That's a great one. Mashallah, that's a that's a t shirt coat right there just just like a letter once again, we'll see you next week and we're probably going to see you in Ramadan. 360 as well for now take care, and I sit down with anyone.

00:57:30--> 00:58:03

Already just a quick reminder for everyone who did not get a chance to get their questions answered that insha Allah you will have several opportunities not just through the tonight's although these will be a great one in sha Allah, but you will have an opportunity as well through the sessions that we have throughout Ramadan 360 So Don't be dejected. If you did not get a chance yet to get responses inshallah we will make sure that when bit by bit we get everyone clarification for their Ramadan questions, you do not need to resend the questions they have been saved and if you're already registered through Ramadan, three sixty.org Then you have the access to the one night q&a

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form consistently on your portal under the raised hand function. So just hit that button and you can always submit questions that you think of throughout the week. So bear with me I don't want you guys to be worried I'm going to stop the recording here on zoom just so that you guys can separate the photo night from the Ramadan 360 for everyone who's with us on social media we are about to jump into Ramadan 360 But give us one second just while we restart this and get us

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there we are perfect and we'll start it once again so that you guys have access to this separately

00:58:35--> 00:59:11

from the Rila we are in motion design Hello there everyone who is joining us for day number two a verbal on 360 with a mugger Institute it's such a pleasure to have you guys back with us I see many coming through those who are confused we just had a weekly date night for the first time which I will leave this unit for this Ramadan. It is a way to get all your Ramadan questions answered so that you feel confident in your Abeta throughout the holy month and we will be having them every Sunday at 4pm PST inshallah for today we have a similar schedule for Ramadan 360 inshallah you guys will get used to it very quickly. Basically we're going to be starting for the next 45 minutes or

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so. We will be having a session are on our on our theme for Ramadan 360 on the 30 start stories of the unnamed in the Quran today's topic is going to be he appointed a king with shift of their NASA Jenga followed by after about 45 minutes we'll have Chef satis lean back with us for our Quran reflection session on just number three which many of you are going to be covering in that are we and shall lead tonight just as we're getting started please do get ready to be on camera and to connect with us online Mashallah. There's so many there's hundreds of you coming through in the in the zoom session as well and there's so many of you also on Facebook and whatnot that are watching

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those who are watching on Facebook make sure you register through Ramadan three sixty.org But if you guys are here, please do turn on your cameras get your hijabs on and get your beards combed and walk not waxed off but

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your pursuit your portal on Ramadan 360 We tend to post the recording soon after the sessions begin or close so inshallah you will not be missing out on anything. I do want to give a quick shout out and a big thank you to our amazing amazing amazing friends at our partners in the US Canada and the UK we have in the US we have H H rd. Helping Hands for relief and development we have Canada Islamic Relief and in the UK we have forgotten woman they're doing so much essential work for people on the ground who don't have the ability to support and to take themselves out of very difficult situations. So please take a minute and make sure that you do donate generously to the campaigns I'm

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yesterday as well please see your salons and let us welcome you properly and of course those who are coming in on Zoom Please also take a second to rename yourself add your locations let us know which corner of the world you're coming in from so that we can properly celebrate I know mashallah in the UK you guys are almost posts that a week right now coming in I know in Malaysia and Singapore it's about Fajr time are right around you just finished your sewer you got Las Vegas in the house you got pockets What's What are you doing in Pakistan right now guys? What time of day is it for you? I see us it from Peru mashallah flera from Albania Of course, we have Farhat we have let's see people who

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for today's session DMV area is long mashallah in the house, why they can sit down one on one with the law. And then Virginia we have let's see who else Yes, Michelle. Everyone's asking each other to visit and to connect to mashallah if you do know people in your local or you meet me

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our on reflection sessions, which shifts that to look forward to right after that. Another lens I think that's the first message I've seen from the Netherlands. I could be wrong if there's anyone else from the Netherlands in the house, please let us know in sha Allah and I hope that you guys have had a great start to Ramadan along with Ramadan 361 of the really awesome things that you don't have to attend live but that's happening in the among the world is that we are having a amazing series that shaker Monisha Cree recorded while he was in much of the Aqsa called the Maryam series and it will blow your mind not just visually, but in terms of inspiration in terms of gems, please

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do check that out on YouTube on nomograms YouTube channel inshallah that is launching I think every couple of days so you have the first episode already out there and I hope that you've been enjoying that Yes. Novena saying the first episode was amazing. It blew my mind. I'm used to so many amazing things are coming out with but I always like gobsmacked so I hope that you guys take a second to check that out as well and to share that with others while you're trying to multiply your awards and benefit as many people as possible Maryam from Sri Lanka saying it's so beautiful Masha Allah Yes, the actual footage from there is mind blowing, it hits you completely differently. And Alhamdulillah

01:06:49--> 01:07:23

that Chef Amar was able to be there for the blessed voyage and record that for us. That was an amazing, amazing thing to see. So I hope that you guys keep up with that series as well in sha Allah give me one second. I'm just waiting to make sure that chef is able to make it smoothly into our session. If he's in and I haven't missed him please let me know you guys are usually much faster at checking this out and catching them than I am so please let me know if you see him on screen. But otherwise, inshallah we're just going to wait for a couple more minutes as we kick off our session for today. At

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at a few minutes inshallah at about 10 minutes I pass the hours inshallah Oh, I see him I see him at hamdulillah that's awesome sauce. I was searching with under the wrong name. I think I had a and j because I'm so used to seeing ship and day. But I think she other NASA is with us. Alhamdulillah JazakAllah fer for your help everyone. And Bismillah let us jump right in day two of Ramadan. 360 with amalgam Institute's our topic again is he appointed a king and we have our respective instructors who have their Nasser Janka with us as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah chef, how are you doing today? Well, ACHEMA salam ala carte you're doing good

01:08:03--> 01:08:12

Alhamdulillah it's lovely to have you back you always put me to shame with your background I hope that you have been well over the past year what's been new with you and call him chef

01:08:14--> 01:08:34

Alhamdulillah we for the first day of Ramadan we moved into the new campus Alhamdulillah Allah it how's that been? I think that's been long awaited mashallah it's it's been amazing and I am getting wow I didn't even know this was possible. I'm getting a whatsapp voice call on my computer from from Ali.

01:08:36--> 01:08:38

Yeah, he's in he's in Hold on let me tell him to stop

01:08:41--> 01:08:53

it's probably because I didn't see you in earlier as well. So he's probably calling you for that reason. But yes, that's possible. Now now they can do anything on the computer. They can WhatsApp you call you telegram you Facebook Messenger call you it's crazy this year.

01:08:54--> 01:09:13

But I see that mashallah columns doing a lot of things for Ramadan, as well, I'm sure that you've been very busy. So it's such a pleasure to have you on the second day of Ramadan. 360. We've already taken a bit of your time, so I don't want it to take any more Inshallah, we'll jump into today's lecture and then hopefully, if we have a little time, we'll do some q&a at the end. This unless if the stage is yours,

01:09:14--> 01:09:59

hey, Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah you Allah Allah, he was really admired in A salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. So what we are going to be discussing today is one of the most fascinating stories that is mentioned in the Quran. And it fits right in with the theme that we have here as well. of, you know, people who were not maybe exactly specifically identified by name within the Quran, but nonetheless, it is in spite of that, in spite of there not being you know, a specific name that is mentioned. It is

01:10:00--> 01:10:46

One of the most fascinating stories that is shared with us here in the Quran in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And what particularly makes it fascinating is something that I'm going to come to later on. But and you know, this is something that we know about in general, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in an authentic narration of Sahih Bukhari. He tells us that you that you as Muhammad Ali said, um, you will follow in the footsteps of Bani Israel in step by step and we understand that aside from the we understand that as a prophecy, we understand that as a warning, but we also understand that as kind of a an interesting

01:10:47--> 01:11:19

you know, principle that helps us understand Why did Allah talk about Bani Israel even so much in the Quran? Right like you think about it for a moment right? That sort of Bukhara so huge the whole first Jews is all just bunnies, right? Yeah, Bani Israel in Yeah, Bani Israel in, right. It's Albany, sorry. And it's kind of like, we're right here. Right. I thought the Quran was for us. Why just talking about that.

01:11:20--> 01:11:28

But the prophets a lot he some helps us understand. The reason why I like talking about them, is because you're going to make the same mistakes.

01:11:29--> 01:11:59

You're going to commit the same errors, you're going to trip up the same way that they did. So the prophets are some another Hadith another narration he says, Uh, sorry, do Manoir AWS add that the fortunate person, the Blessed One, the kind of like what we say the lucky person, obviously, we don't believe in luck. But the fortunate blessed person is the one who learns from the mistakes of others

01:12:01--> 01:12:36

who learn from the mistakes of others. And so that's why there's such just so much of an emphasis on bunnies throw in. So overall, everything that happened in the past, you know, mirrored something in the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, but specifically, what we are going to be talking about today, this story from the Quran has a very powerful parallel in the life of the prophets, a lot of the some deathmatch up almost, exactly. All right. And so that's what we're going to be talking about. So, um,

01:12:38--> 01:12:59

even though the verse number, I'm gonna redirect everyone in terms of verse numbers, because I want everyone to kind of get a running start here and be able to follow along in sha Allah. So we're going to go to verse number 246. All right, we're going to go to verse number 246. And

01:13:00--> 01:13:33

I'm sorry, I didn't do this beforehand. But I just was rushing home from class and so Hanalei just walked in, literally as we were starting, so I'm just pulling it up here real quickly. This will just take me a second. And yes, we are good to go. Alright, so I'm going to share something with y'all here. All right, I always like to just kind of share it so that we can kind of follow along and we can read it together.

01:13:35--> 01:13:53

It's better you stare at the Quran and stare at my face. Alright, so Allah subhanho wa taala. And I've chose two translations here. This is kind of a little bit of a nerdy thing I'll share with y'all. These are two English translations that I personally am very fond of.

01:13:54--> 01:14:03

The first translation there I put that one first because it's easier to read for y'all. It's the translation done by the professor of Bill Helene

01:14:04--> 01:14:56

who is a very notable scholar mashallah, he's been a professor of Quranic studies for a very, very long time. He is at so acid London these days, and mashallah very knowledgeable and he conducted he did a translation of the Quran. It's called the oxford university presses these little translations, everyone's usually seen it. Okay. The second translation is a personal favorite. I understand I am well aware of the fact that that is not how people talk. Okay, but that is how people used to speak. You see what I did there. Alright, that's not how people talk. But that is how people used to speak. And I'm a bit of a nerd. Language is one of my things. And so I really love the translation of

01:14:56--> 01:15:00

pickle. Marmaduke picked off plus he was a fascinating person.

01:15:00--> 01:15:24

And you should read about his life. really remarkable individual. Anyway, so these are the two translations we have there but let's go ahead and dive in. Allah says, LM, Tara ll Mullah Eman Bani Israel Elim embody Musa, did you not look at did you not consider did you not think about the leaders of the children of Israel bunnies saw even after the passing of Musa

01:15:26--> 01:15:49

so what happens? Musa Ali Salam passes away Haruna au Salam passes away. And then who basically takes over is there is you shall be known Alayhis Salam, the Prophet you shall be known. He was. Many of the scholars say that in the story of Soraka Huff, there's a young man who's traveling with Moses with Manzanita.

01:15:50--> 01:16:05

That young man was you shot. So he was made a profit as a hadith Sahih Muslim tells us and then he led Bani Israel into the conquest of we were just talking about in Jerusalem

01:16:06--> 01:16:19

that led to the conquest of Jerusalem. So he was able to lead bunnies raw eel and reclaim Jerusalem, the Holy Land, from the people that were occupying it there at that time.

01:16:20--> 01:17:14

Now, 300 years ago by Okay, give or take, Allah knows best about timeframe, but typically, what, you know, the historians tell us that it was about at least three centuries. So three centuries go by, but it's not even it's still there. They still are resident residing in, they still have control over the goods being locked this Jerusalem master that saw that whole area, but obviously over the hundreds of years, they've become weak over time. And so now what ends up happening is outside nations start to creep in and encroach upon them. And they're trying to snatch Jerusalem from them. There is a prophet at that time. The name of the Prophet is said to be Simba Isla slim wa eel

01:17:15--> 01:17:23

in the Bible. In the Old Testament, it mentions his name as Samuel Alright, a little bit easier to pronounce for us, Samuel.

01:17:24--> 01:18:12

So they go to this prophet but the thing is this prophet like you know, when we read in sort of Madame about the Korea, Islam, the prophet kriya, he's very old, he's very elderly. So similar, even Samuel is also very old, very elderly. So he's not really he's a prophet of God, but he's not like a warrior Prophet, at least not anymore. Because he's an old elderly frail man exactly how they sound was. So they go to him it's already in a vegan. Lena Villa home, Eva Isla now Mulligan no Patil feasability now, give us a king. Give us a general give us someone that we can follow into battle, and we can fight in the way of God and we can defeat these enemies and defend the Holy Land and

01:18:12--> 01:18:49

defend Jerusalem. Kala Hala Zito in good Shiva aleikum wa Ketola to Cthulhu he's a prophet he says something very wise are put onto something similar to this as well. What did he say? He said that is it possible that if you are told to fight then you won't want to fight? Right now you say hey, send us into battle we want to fight is it possible at all? That if you're told to fight then you're gonna say yeah, I'm not so sure we want to go into battle anymore. And the Quran says something similar it says putting Baliga multi Talu Wahoo Akula calm

01:18:51--> 01:18:59

you are now being told to go fight. Remember 13 years in Macau no fighting for a vehicle keep your hands to yourself.

01:19:00--> 01:19:04

Now you're in Medina. Now you're being told go fight. Well, who Akula

01:19:06--> 01:19:28

but now you don't want to go fight. Right. So is that possible? So they say well, Marlena Lando partida fishability lightworker the original media in our Ebola in they said why would we want to fight these people are oppressing us. They are tormenting us, they are harassing us. They are making our lives difficult. For them equity value will be taboo. Well, no.

01:19:29--> 01:19:57

Guess what happened? The Prophet was wise. When when they were finally told to go fight and then what did they do? And he said yeah, we're not too sure we want to do this don't know they turned away in luckily let me know. Except for some a few amongst them and we're going to talk more about that. Well Lavoie Alima midvalley minion Lanos best who are the wrong doing?

01:19:58--> 01:19:59

So now it continued

01:20:00--> 01:20:02

We're calling Allahumma Begum.

01:20:03--> 01:20:10

So the Prophet Samuel he then said to them in the Lucha for the varicella, Kampala, Luthor Melaka

01:20:12--> 01:20:14

God has revealed to me

01:20:15--> 01:20:17

that he has appointed for you.

01:20:19--> 01:20:25

A he has appointed for you a king who is that King Palu dilute

01:20:27--> 01:20:43

dilute is the individual who in the Bible in the Old Testament is identified with the name Saul All right saw as a URL right from from Jersey then you know that name really well saw All right, so

01:20:45--> 01:20:47

I couldn't resist myself, right so

01:20:49--> 01:21:37

but his name was said to be saw now, what was his name? Because normally there's it's very close, right? Musab Moses Harun Aaron Ibrahim Abraham, right but this one seems like a left turn. It's like followed Saul. So what's his name? Well, Allahu Allah, Allah knows best. We're going to go with the Quran over what we find in the Old Testament very frankly speaking. Okay. However, however, some of the scholars of the Quran have said it is possible that he did also maybe multiple names, we see that the Quran tells us Yaqoob the Prophet yaku had another name. What was the other name of the Prophet yopu? So, all right, so sometimes prophets had multiple names. Okay, so that's possible.

01:21:37--> 01:22:03

Some also do say that Palu is more of a description of him because of Quran doesn't really get into naming people specifically, it's more of a description of him because he was a huge man right? He was like, seven feet tall us huge right? He was like Shaq right huge man. Okay and saw was more maybe more of his like birth name is given name. Anyways, Allah knows best follow Allah formula. goolka Elena.

01:22:05--> 01:22:23

So the Prophet, they came to the Prophet and they said, Please, we want a leader want to general who can lead us into battle? The prophet comes back to them and said God has sent His message. It will be dismantled loot. What's the response? How can he be our leader?

01:22:25--> 01:22:59

How can you be our leader? When minimal human who we are actually more suited to be the leader than he is? What have you done? Tsaatan Meenal Mal? Wealth. It's always about money, isn't it? It always is about money. It always comes down to money. They said that he doesn't even have a lot of money. He's not even rich. How could he be our leader? Because when the hearts become corrupted,

01:23:00--> 01:23:03

then that is how we gave an estimate the value of people

01:23:05--> 01:23:07

on the in the law stuff ah who

01:23:08--> 01:23:48

Aleykum God chose him. The Prophet said Allah chosen was other who Boston fill me. Well, Jason, and Allah has increased him abundantly in what in knowledge and in physical stature. That's why I said he was his huge colossal man. Well, Lahu T mukha. Who mania shabu wala who was who and Ali? Alright, Allah grants, Kingdom leadership kingship, to whomsoever He wills will Lavoisier on alim. Allah is Most vast in all knowing. Okay.

01:23:50--> 01:24:03

Now, next thing we're all 11 to be you, in your time will come Wilkie and yet a tear Kamata root, okay. Their profit then says to them, that

01:24:05--> 01:24:59

their profit then says to them that the sign of him being the leader, over all of you, is a yachtie achimota boots, he will bring to you the ark, Felisa Kena to mirabito. And in it, it contains tranquility from your Lord will be your tune, and it contains the remnants. The historical artifacts Minmatar, aka Abu Musa that was left behind by the family of Musa Ali Sami was a staff. I saw Musa the staff of Musa were Aalu Haruna and it was leftover by the family of our own and some say that it was also like the shirt of Harun Ali salaam Tamina who al-mulla aka the angel rule comparing this arc

01:25:00--> 01:25:30

To you, in the Vatican II telecommute meaning, this will be the true sign for you that he is the appointed leader appointed by Allah. If you are believers, listen, don't play games. Don't play games, Allah will send you a divine miracle, Allah will send you an example of miraculous sign. But then don't play. All right? And what is this talking about? You see this here in the translation as well, the Ark of the Covenant.

01:25:32--> 01:26:17

So this was literally taboo means a chest, this was like a chest that contained all it contained the original tablet, that the 10 commandments that the Old Testament was written on. It contained the staff of Mosaic contain like, other of these kinds of like, ancient artifacts from the prophets of the past and all these miraculous things that Allah had sent. Okay? And the thing was that when this ark, the angels wouldn't be carrying it, because mere mortals, human beings like us, could not carry it, when the angels would be carrying it. And when they would go to battle, they would bring this art, they would place it down, and immediately they would have victory.

01:26:18--> 01:26:19

It was like a secret weapon.

01:26:20--> 01:26:30

Do put it down and poof, the enemy was done. Okay. I don't want to make an inappropriate reference. Alright.

01:26:31--> 01:26:46

It's a dose of Quran we're talking about the Quran is a month of Ramadan, but I don't know maybe somebody recalls, right? My generation you have to be in my age group to know this. But some might remember Indiana Jones, right?

01:26:47--> 01:26:53

And so in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, of course, that was all fictionalized, right?

01:26:54--> 01:27:19

But the whole like, subject of that story was that Ark of the Covenant. Alright, so anyways, Allah knows best. So but he said that the Prophet said sin why even Samuel the prophets as Saul Quaaludes is your leader? What's going to prove that when he shows up the angels are going to bring the ark of the covenant? Okay, phenomena festival dilutable jeenode. Okay, so now they all accepted Him.

01:27:20--> 01:27:46

And so now Talu says, Let's march out and face these enemies, that have been taking away Philistine they have been occupying the lands of Philistine of Palestine, and they have been murdering and, you know, just ransacking towns and villages of believers of the Muslims of that time beneath or even. And they have been massacring them. And they've been making their way and now they were right outside of Jerusalem.

01:27:48--> 01:28:06

And did that was their next target. So now Talu basically, he gathers the forces together and they go out to face this enemy. He says Allah in Allah mobitel Egon Bina Harun. He said, Allah will test you with a river with a stream.

01:28:07--> 01:28:13

Okay, what does that mean? We will march and we'll reach the stream.

01:28:14--> 01:28:29

And when we we will cross through that stream, and the enemy will be on the other side. And we will achieve victory there. Allah has already promised us that we will have victory on the other side of that stream. But here's the thing.

01:28:30--> 01:28:36

When we get to that stream, don't drink from the stream. That's a test

01:28:38--> 01:28:39

no matter how thirsty you are.

01:28:40--> 01:28:45

Right? It's kind of like think about it, right? The connection to fasting, the mouth thirsty, you are

01:28:47--> 01:29:17

now going to have to dry your mouth gets, right. Especially considering that when you don't have like a second year of talking, you just talk like this all the time, like our dog, right then after a while you're really thirsty. Okay, so, but don't stop. Don't drink from the stream. Except for maybe just take one or two scoops of water. Just to kind of like we say wet your beak, you know just kind of wet your mouth to wet your lips a little bit. But keep walking.

01:29:18--> 01:29:36

And whoever ends up stopping and drinking from it will not come with us will not join us. Only those who had the strength of Eman and the loyalty and the obedience to Allah who walk through and don't stop and drink. They will continue on with me to face our enemy

01:29:38--> 01:29:59

for Munchetty buffet now who lays for Munchetty more meaningfully 71 millimeter movie Nagamine illuminator for wolferton via the he could just take like a little you know in the hollow of your hand Monica, take a little bit in your hand for Shetty booming who they all started drinking from the string no

01:30:00--> 01:30:07

listend Illa kalila Minho. Except for a few from amongst them

01:30:09--> 01:30:10

only a few.

01:30:11--> 01:30:13

This is where something very cool happens now.

01:30:14--> 01:30:40

A variety of new hires him out of the Allahu La the Allahu taala. Hanuman I'm sorry companion, who is a prolific narrator of Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu taala. in Sahih body, he narrates a hadith where he says he mentions these verses is in Kitab, with of seed inside Bukhari. And then he says, Guess what? He says that there were 313

01:30:41--> 01:30:46

who crossed the stream with followed with Saul.

01:30:47--> 01:30:50

Just like, there were 313 and

01:30:53--> 01:30:55

there were only 313

01:30:57--> 01:30:59

who cross the stream with balut

01:31:00--> 01:31:07

just like there were only 313 Brothers. So now you see the life of the process of synchronizing with this historical event.

01:31:08--> 01:31:25

So now what happens follow my jaw was a who who are well, Davina Amanullah ago, then went ollut cross stream and those 313 cross the stream with him. Ba Lu, they said la ta catalana Yama, BJR, Ludo God,

01:31:26--> 01:31:33

they got to the underside of the stream. And there they saw the biggest army they had ever seen in their entire lives.

01:31:35--> 01:31:54

And his army was led. There's a difference of opinion whether he was a leader of the army or he was kind of the, like a warrior, like a prized warrior in the army. In any case, he was a showpiece, he was on display. Alright, so they say that Goliath and this army?

01:31:55--> 01:32:06

We can't be them. We can't overcome them. Are you kidding? They're looking around 313. Right. There's probably more people at the masjid for taraweeh last night than that.

01:32:07--> 01:32:11

Did you ever? Did you ever think about that? But then

01:32:12--> 01:32:17

there's more people at taraweeh at your motion tonight than they were in butter.

01:32:19--> 01:32:21

Now wild, think about that.

01:32:23--> 01:32:46

I quality versus quantity. It's never been at greater display. Right? We got all the quantity in the world. But the Sahaba had that quality. Inshallah, may Allah grant us quality as well. So they get across and they look at this army and they're like, Oh, no. What are we going to do here? What are we supposed to do here? Paul? Alladhina Luna and the homeowner por la.

01:32:47--> 01:33:31

Right. But there were some individuals from amongst them who had real Eman. You know what they did? They said those people who had really mind they were certain that they would meet Allah one day. They said, Come, men, fee attend kalila tin color but fee attend Kathy rotten. Be in Illa how many small tiny little groups of people have dominated, defeated and overcome huge armies. This has happened in history time, and time and time again. The underdog

01:33:33--> 01:33:37

has come out victorious time and time again. This is not a new thing.

01:33:39--> 01:33:49

This happened. It's about to happen here with Thor loot and Saul and Goliath in that army. It happened in budder.

01:33:51--> 01:33:55

So be in the lab but this only happens with the permission of Allah

01:33:56--> 01:34:09

will love him I saw between Allah is with those people who are patient. But you got to be patient. You got to stand firm. You got to stand tall. He can't be scared. You can't back down from fight.

01:34:10--> 01:34:13

What am I borrow Zuniga? luta what you know the IE

01:34:14--> 01:34:17

when they met Goliath

01:34:18--> 01:34:19

in the army.

01:34:20--> 01:34:42

They make dua they said Rabbana our Lord of real Alena sovereign, pour down patients upon us with a bit Akadama gonna make our feet firm against our enemies. One so now our opponent caffine and help us against these disbelieving people.

01:34:44--> 01:34:59

For has more than I had 251 Allah says, so the believers bunnies throw him they defeated Goliath in his army. The 313 defended the hordes of 1000s sound familiar?

01:35:00--> 01:35:01

It's your

01:35:02--> 01:35:15

brother once again, better 313 Different defeated 1000. So they defeated them. But always remember, we even Illa by the permission of Allah. Well, Katella wudu Jalota.

01:35:17--> 01:35:18

And there was this young boy

01:35:20--> 01:35:39

amongst those 313, who listened to what the leader said, what followed what Saul told them, Don't drink from the stream. There was a young boy who said, Yeah, I'm gonna listen, I'm not gonna drink from the stream, and he crossed through the stream with the army.

01:35:40--> 01:35:59

And when it was time for them to face the army, and they made this dua and the battle was beginning, they would have more Barraza like they hadn't been there as well. Like they hadn't bothered as well. What's Movado saw that some people step up from both sides of the Army, and they face off against one another.

01:36:00--> 01:36:16

In the Battle of brother, it was always the two Hadith. And Hamza bin Abdullah. And Oliver Vitalia, facing off against earthborn or br, or ban shaved by the sons of Russia, and odd person will lead.

01:36:17--> 01:36:38

And what was very interesting, if I may, right, I get kind of, I get kind of excited about this stuff. So when the three from the operation side came out three young and Saudi, right, Abdullah bin Raha was one of them, they jumped up and they went out to face them. So the three leaders operation said, Who are these peasants?

01:36:39--> 01:37:01

Send us out people of our own caliber. We don't know who these people are. We don't care. Okay, get the riffraff out of here. Send out somebody of our own status in our own stature, very arrogant. The process and called the unsought back and he said Good job Allah reward you for your bravery, your courage, but then Allah said, Yeah, or beta.

01:37:02--> 01:37:06

Yeah, Hamza? Yeah, Ali, and I say be careful what you wish for.

01:37:08--> 01:37:10

Right? So then they stepped forward and they went out there.

01:37:12--> 01:37:16

And basically all three of the enemy were killed.

01:37:17--> 01:37:24

What there was Aveda to Mohammed who was a cousin of the process. Unfortunately he was Shaheed unfortunately, he was sure he

01:37:26--> 01:37:29

but hums that Allah the Elana took care of all three of them.

01:37:30--> 01:38:01

And then the battle commenced. So same thing they when they go for the MOBOTIX I hear that Goliath stomps out now Goliath isn't it doesn't look like a man. It's like a Frankenstein. Right? This monstrosity of a human is just as creature, this beast, and he's armed from head to toe. And he's holding like, you know, the biggest sword you've ever seen. And he's holding like this gavel, swinging it around. It looks like a death machine. Right? And he stomps out there.

01:38:03--> 01:38:23

Right? And it's really interesting. At another battle in the life of the process of my leader, the Allahu Talana went out to face off against said like a big warrior who came out like this. And he said, You know, I'm ashamed to even kill you. And Oliver the Allahu Taala under said, but I'm not rushing to kill you.

01:38:24--> 01:38:32

And so Oliver the Allahu taala. No, did ended up defeating him. So, so this giant Goliath, he comes out.

01:38:33--> 01:38:41

And this young boy who was amongst the believers, he looks at our loot. And he says, Let me

01:38:42--> 01:38:43

says Bismillah

01:38:44--> 01:38:49

right. There was something there, he felt something like this boy is not some ordinary boy.

01:38:50--> 01:39:36

And so he stepped out. That would Alehissalaam the hence the famous story of David and Goliath. Right? And then the biblical version, of course, talks about the slingshot and everything Allah knows best. But nonetheless, Allah made the end of Goliath at the hands of doubt, doubt at least around Khattala that will degenerate though the Elisa Lam kills him. Well, I would love to and then the whole army is defeated. And the believers win. What happens with that boy, that boy grows up and after some why even Samuel passes away. prophethood is bestowed upon that boy, as a grown up now, and it becomes the man that we know is that would Alayhis Salam, the prophet that would Elisa? Well,

01:39:36--> 01:39:52

I tell her love and mukha Allah gave him Kingdom will hikma wisdom prophethood while nama whom, in Maya SHA, Allah taught him everything that Allah will to teach him. Like the Quran tells us that though dallisa would even communicate with animals.

01:39:53--> 01:39:59

Well, oh God, Allah giving us about the homie bobbin and how Allah created this system that he uses

01:40:00--> 01:40:36

Some people to repel other people left facility out of the whole earth would become ruined and destroyed and corrupted. Well I can Allahu fuddling Allah Allah mean, but Allah subhanaw taala rather, is most kind and generous and compassionate and merciful and bountiful upon his servants, no matter when they may be where they may be. And to conclude beautifully Allah says tilaka IATA lucky These are the signs of Allah. These are the verses revealed by Allah Natsu How are likeable Huck, they are being recited to you in truth,

01:40:37--> 01:41:00

what in NEC aluminum or saline and you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are for surely from amongst the prophets. You are one of these messengers. So the same great prophets that reading about that whole tradition culminates with Muhammad wa salatu. Salam in all of this has come to us from there. So this is the story.

01:41:02--> 01:41:05

Very remarkable, very beautiful, very powerful.

01:41:07--> 01:41:21

I get sometimes so caught up and just going through the verses, word by word. I'm just going to quickly just drop a couple of bullet points, because I'd be remiss if I did not, because it's important to reflect on these things. Lesson number one, right?

01:41:22--> 01:41:48

You know, it's lip service is very, you know, the lip service, like what we call lip service, just talking a big game, but not backing it up. You know, we say put your money where your mouth is, you know, walk the talk. That's what he called them out there like we want to go fight. He's like, Whoa, easy, easy, easy. If God tells you to go fight, then you have to, then don't don't back out of it. And guess what? Allah says they backed out of it.

01:41:49--> 01:42:02

So we got to remember put our money where our mouth is. We got to back it up. Big talk. That's all it is. Just talk. Right? So you got to back it up. Number two, secondly,

01:42:03--> 01:42:14

that look at their value system, unfortunately. And it kind of tells you why they were losing to their enemies. Why were they suffering so much? Is because look at their value system.

01:42:15--> 01:42:19

When Allah appoints a leader to them, they say, Oh, well, he's not rich.

01:42:20--> 01:42:22

How smart can he be?

01:42:23--> 01:42:24

He's not rich.

01:42:26--> 01:42:47

But rather, look at his piety. Look at his knowledge, look at his wisdom. Look at his righteousness. Look at his devotion. Look at his dedication. And again, if you're talking about battle, then talk about something logical syllogism. Is he strong? Yes, he super strong is a big old, tall, strong man.

01:42:48--> 01:42:53

So at the very least, look at that, but y'all are talking about just how rich he is.

01:42:55--> 01:43:05

That's your value system is corrupted. So there's a powerful lesson here, about how what our value system is, right? What do we value as people?

01:43:07--> 01:43:36

Another very powerful thing that it tells us is that these, you know, these these blessings from Allah. For them, it was, you know, taboo, he he Sakina Tungurahua, it had the remnants of Musa Ali Salam, like it had the original tablets that the Old Testament and the total was written on, right, that that was more powerful than military force. But that reminds us of we have our own version of that, in our own version of that is

01:43:37--> 01:44:02

our version of that is the Quran. Our version of that is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If we have Eman, if we pray, if we obey, if we give charity, if we follow the Quran, if we follow the example of the process, nothing can defeat us. Nothing can overcome us. You know what the processing did before the night of brother, he prayed all night.

01:44:03--> 01:44:17

At the place of Baghdad where the battlefield above that is, there's a masjid constructed there commercial Irish, Irish means tent. It's literally built on the spot where the tent of the process wasn't where he made dua all night long.

01:44:18--> 01:44:20

And then they had victory the next day.

01:44:21--> 01:44:28

So it's a reminder of the fact you won't win the fight simply on the battlefield. You got to win the fight on the prayer rut.

01:44:29--> 01:44:34

Right? That's a Rama chef either from the love data. He said, see how a lady Lottie

01:44:35--> 01:44:42

right that the the there's the arrows that are launched at night, always hit their mark, da da,

01:44:44--> 01:44:45

da da.

01:44:46--> 01:44:49

Right. So that's another very powerful lesson from here.

01:44:50--> 01:44:59

The next lesson that we get from here from number 249 is do what you're told how you're told when you're told where you're told

01:45:01--> 01:45:07

In granted that kind of obedience only belongs to Allah and his messenger salami son, but that's the kind of obedience we need to learn.

01:45:09--> 01:45:15

So Lu Kamara eight Mooney, who suddenly the process of didn't just say praise it pray like I pray,

01:45:16--> 01:45:23

pray like me, who do I mean when I say can we didn't just say do Hajj is a do Hajj exactly like I'm doing.

01:45:25--> 01:45:30

So there is this element of obedience with the prophets, Allah, the sound factory, oni you

01:45:31--> 01:46:06

follow the messenger, and now God will love you. So you got to follow the advice of the profits are some very specifically and reminds us of that. And then of course, you know, the very powerful statement here. Government fees are typically Latin, Oliver, three attentively rotten been the lack of Allah Masabi how many tiny little groups of people have defeated huge armies, by the will in the permission of Allah. And Allah is always with those who are patient towards steadfast. So it's always remember important to remember that. I don't have faith in numbers. Strength is the strength in numbers. Nope.

01:46:07--> 01:46:18

We don't believe in that. We don't believe in strength in numbers. Right? We you know, what we what do we believe in? We believe in strength and faith.

01:46:20--> 01:46:26

Our strength is in our faith. Not in our numbers. No, not at all.

01:46:27--> 01:46:35

And then it shows them making dua in the battlefield. And then how it teaches us that without a son was a child that that time,

01:46:36--> 01:46:55

right? So never judge a book by its cover. Never underestimate things that come in, you know, small packaging, right? So whatever that small means, even figuratively speaking, never underestimate never overlooked. Anyone. Just don't do it. It's a bad idea.

01:46:56--> 01:46:57


01:46:58--> 01:47:11

Allah gives victory to whomsoever He wills house wherever He wills. And at the end of the day, the reflection ended with a reminder about IR to load the Quran, we're in a condominium or serene and in the profits of the Quran and the Sunnah.

01:47:12--> 01:47:49

Right, that's ultimately what's going to save us at the end of the day. So, Zack gonna love him. Vertical Orpheum I really appreciate y'all paying attention and being attentive. But I'll hand it back over to our halftime show. JazakAllah khair, Schiff and Jays had a lot that was beyond anything that we ever expected we're gushing about it in the small group chats as well as the panela not only was it like you know, enriching, historically, but is inspiring as well Miller Where do you immensely for that Insha Allah we are going to be jumping into the Quranic reflections session in a bit I feel like we just did some Quranic reflection so we're getting a twofer one today at

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hamdulillah for that and inshallah we'll be closing off but for now just look out for being part of the modern Ramadan 360 programming. We will see you soon in sha Allah on your platforms and hopefully again on our budget and take care of the likes of your about your efforts and your work for the community this Ramadan. I mean, you're up and they reward you and your family for all your efforts as well. I mean, until the season s&m, well I don't want to lie about it.

01:48:15--> 01:48:51

I hope that you guys really enjoyed that treat a session at hamdulillah with the shift A and J in sha Allah, we are now going to jump into the Quranic reflection. I wasn't kidding Subhanallah I feel like we got a twofer one today on 100 Allah, that was so amazing. I hope that you guys get a chance to experience more of his works and inshallah we'll share some links as well in the Ramadan 360 telegram group, make sure that you have joined that as well from your student portals. But we are now going to jump into our Quranic reflection I'm going to see if she said is with us, but we have a couple of quick reminders before he does Jump On In sha Allah. So we'll jump into that the links

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inshallah have been dropped into the Zoom chat, but we'll also we'll also drop that someone can also drop them again, for those who have come in a little bit later.

01:49:01--> 01:49:02

That would be lovely.

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Perfect inshallah. So we're starting to enter collections now for those who missed yesterday or those who are coming in for the first time as well to Ramadan 360. This is a bit more of an interactive portion of our daily programming. We'd love to see you guys in sha Allah join us on screen so get your camera's on and engage with us. The link for the Ramadan 360 telegram I will drop as well here is the Omega 360 telegram actually in sha Allah and someone else can drop that for me as well if you catch it faster than I do. And there you are, if you are watching on Facebook and YouTube, unfortunate you do have to register for the free program in order to get access but that is

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a quick one to to do though so so please return HOLD ON THREE sixty.org to do so. So today what we're going to do is we're going to cover a verse from just number three was just sat in sha Allah for Ramadan, Quran reflections, he's going to be giving us a brief reflection initially and then he's going to be jumping into that of SEER

01:50:00--> 01:50:34

of the IRA and I'm going to share the IR right now so that you guys can pull it up on your screens as well. And that way you'll have that ready to go once the shift starts the session in sha Allah. We will also before we jump in, I just want to give you guys a couple of quick reminders. One is that all of these sessions are recorded I always get people coming in late and worried about missing it and whatnot on highlights available on our social medias and for lifetime access and to have it all collated into one place. They are available under the recordings tab of your portal on Ramadan 360s. And when you log in, there's a tab in the top left hand corner that says recordings when you

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click on that you'll see each session uploaded within 24 hours of the class ending and that's where you can find that you also have some additional resources that link some of the verses in the IR that we cover throughout the program. So please make sure that you check out your resources tab that is right next to your schedule as well. I see the shift has joined us so I want to inshallah jump into the session whenever we see you on screen we will jump in as well a big great big thank you once again to our amazing friends and our partners at Islamic Relief in Canada at h h rd in the USA and at forgotten woman in the UK who make this entire experience possible in sha Allah and shift I

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see that you're on with us as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu How you doing today? Why don't come sit down we'll have to leave but I got to I'm well in hopefully the sound is good today. There's no echo and how everything's looking or sounding amazing. So everyone if you can confirm for us in the chat as well, but I think we are good to go. For cron reflects the shifts. I was just telling everyone we got kind of a cron reflect just now we shift the messaging that we've got spoiled today and how but we didn't get to reflect now it's our turn. Inshallah, inshallah. Alright, to start us off, you've already shared with us the verse it's a Surah Al Imran verses one tonight

01:51:57--> 01:52:35

and we'll drop that in the chat as well. This one to nine is a little ambitious. I'm going to try and get to as many as I can. What happened today was, as I was reflecting on these verses, I kept going to the next verse and the next verse, And then I was like, You know what, we should cover that verse in that verse. And I literally had to force myself to stop at nine. So but that is a little bit ambitious. Let's see how it goes. Inshallah this meant that all right, let's just read it. Absolutely. 100 level Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was so happy when my Allah Allah Houma, La ilaha illa ma Lambton in until Alleman Hakeem Allah ma Lim now my in fair owner when

01:52:35--> 01:52:49

finally my LinkedIn I was in an era but I mean Allah Medina haka was looking at diva what an adoptee that about you know, it was organized she never was set up on a camera with the lahi or what a cat do if you're following along.

01:52:50--> 01:53:40

We are tonight is the third night of Ramadan well, and I know there's some parts in the world where Ramadan started on a different date. But for I think most of North America if I'm not mistaken, I apologize if you're Milan is off by a day or so for me, but for me tonight is the third night of Ramadan. So tonight in the masajid many massage there will be reciting Jews. Number three are the third portion of the Quran. The third portion of the Quran covers sort of the Bacara from the verses from verses two from verse number 253 till the end. And then also the beginning of sort of earlier marohn, which is verse number one until 92. So, for today, what I wanted to do in sha Allah was to

01:53:40--> 01:54:19

cover the beginning of sort of alien Milan, like I said earlier, want to get to nine verses, but that is a little ambitious. And let's see how far we can get in sha Allah. Since we do have quite a bit to go over today, I'm going to say please forgive me, I'm going to skip over the student recitation in childhood data. So we're just gonna get right into it. Are we loving the SharePoint rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, sort of Alleman begins with the letters and if me now, I'm not going to go into too much detail here but similar to Susan Bukhara. These are the letters that begin

01:54:21--> 01:54:48

the surah. And basically, the scholars have discussed the significance of these letters. And really, there are some different points of benefit. But one of the main points of benefit that a lot of scholars mentioned regarding these beginning letters of certain sources in the Quran, is that this shows us the miraculous nature of the Quran, that it is and what does that mean? That means that the Quran is made up of a language that we have access to. So

01:54:49--> 01:54:59

the the Arabic language is the language that we can speak. We know the letters we have the Arabic language, we have access to this language yet. If we tried to

01:55:00--> 01:55:42

cannot write or compose anything like the Quran. And that is that shows us the miraculous nature of this book. And also some scholars have mentioned that it is an indication of Allah who is penalized to Allah, that we that this book is accessible to us. So it is not a book that is just beyond our understanding that we cannot access that we cannot understand. Rather, this is a book that is made up of a language that is spoken to date is learned today is taught today, and is accessible to us. And that's just some of the meanings that we get from these beginning letters of some of the chapters of the Quran. Then Allah who's panela to Allah in the second verse says, Allahu Allah in in

01:55:42--> 01:56:26

the whole Havilah Yun, that Allah, there is nothing worthy of worship except him and hate Allah young, the EverLiving and the ever sustaining. Now, as I mentioned yesterday, we're going to try and implement some of the principles of reflection. In this series during the summer Mabon in sha, Allah, Allah. So one right off the bat, one of the first principles of reflection, is to pay attention to the names and attributes of Allah. Who's pinata, Allah, Why did Allah use a particular name? At the end of this verse, and not a different name? Or what is the significance of this name? A lot of times, you know, we come across the names and attributes of Allah at the end of verses, and

01:56:26--> 01:57:03

we kind of, you know, just pass them really quickly. And almost sometimes I feel that even when a translation is given, oftentimes a translation is so difficult that some a lot of people don't even understand what it means, right? When you say the Beneficent, right, so what does that what does that really mean? In like, like, normal, everyday English, no one says, That person is beneficent, right? So we hear these words, and a lot of times they don't have a lot of meaning to us. But obviously, every word in the Quran has meaning and is significant. So one of the ways we reflect on the Quran is to ask ourselves the question, what is the significance of this name of Allah? So right

01:57:03--> 01:57:45

off the bat, I'm going to ask you to think about this a little bit. So Allah begins with, as we said, Elif Lamin, and this is really an indication for us and in context of the message that we're going to get to a lot is referring to the Quran, right? So we see and oftentimes, when we have you know, these letters in the beginning of chapter it, what is after it is usually something that tells us the significance of the Quran. And if not mean, then you can kita loughrea, Buffy the elephant, I mean, the that is the book, there's no doubt in it as sort of Bukhara starts likewise, and I don't want to give this away. But there's similarly an indication to the significance of this book. So

01:57:45--> 01:58:31

Allah says, Alif Lam, Meem Allahu La Ilaha, Illa haYom. Allah, there's nothing, you know, the shahada in Allah, La ilaha illa, who will hire him there's nothing worthy of worship except Him, the EverLiving and the self sustaining. So the Ever Living I want you to think about that I'll highlight. What that really means is the perfection of life, life that is unlike our life, life that has no beginning and it has no end. There is nothing restricting Allah who's Penwith to Allah we are restricted in our life, but Allah was counted to Allah is not restricted. That's why it often gets translated as the Ever Living. A une the self sustaining. Basically what this tells us is, Allah

01:58:31--> 01:59:18

whose penalty to Allah is not in need of anyone or anything to sustain a law rather it is Allah, who, who sustains everything else and everyone else. And so everyone is in need of Allah and in reality, Allah is in need of no one and like Allah who's fine with Allah says, you know, unto modificado in Allah, or people or mankind are human beings, you are in need of Allah, will Lahore have any will Hamid, that Allah is free of any need, and the money really, you know, actually means rich and wealthy. But what the meaning here is, Allah is free of any need and Allah is praiseworthy, right? So we know that when Allah says Allah yom, that means that Allah is not in need of anyone

01:59:18--> 01:59:36

sustaining a lot. Rather, everyone else is in need that Allah sustains them so and height and volume. What is the significant significance here in this particular verse Bismillah. Raise your hand. How does this relate to just a few words that we have covered so far in Adenium, Ron, just mean that.

01:59:38--> 01:59:59

This means I think about these names and hey, the EverLiving right, as we said, There's nothing before Allah there's nothing Lisa O'Shea. There's nothing after Allah. Allah is not restricted to life in the way that we are restricted to life. So Allah is the EverLiving. And a young Allah is self sustaining as well. And Allah sustains me

02:00:00--> 02:00:11

anything else? So what does that have to do with the when Allah says Allah? Right? Love it is Allah. There's nothing worthy of worship other than Allah Bismillah. Let's hear

02:00:13--> 02:00:22

how so do you see anyone with their hand up? Yes, I see my hair from Calgary. So let us have you share with us versus a gentleman or go right ahead and unmute yourself.

02:00:23--> 02:00:24

Oh my god.

02:00:26--> 02:00:48

Yeah, so for this, I was just thinking about, like, the other types of diabetes that people worship. So like, you know, some people worship like a Silius Anam, or they worship idols. So it's like no other dieties like they can't, you know, they will die or they can't sustain what like other people so I think I just like that reminded me of that. So it's like only Allah Samantha.

02:00:50--> 02:01:26

has these characteristics where he's, like, never gonna die? And he's the one that sustains us. Absolutely, absolutely. So when we say you know, and that you know, in the law and usually gets translated as there's no deity, worthy of worship other than Allah and deity is deity is one of those words, I think we hear it a lot. I don't I don't know if everyone understands what deity means. Deity is basically like a god or something that is worshipped right is referred to as a deity. So that's fine. Some translations. It'll say that, you know, in who there's no deity worthy of worship other than him, but we can say there's nothing worthy of worship other than him. Why is

02:01:26--> 02:02:06

Allah the only one who deserves worship? Because everything other than Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has some restriction, right? And they are reliant upon Allah. So when we say Allah is all sustaining itself, so Allah is Allah Umed everything relies upon Allah. So how can you worship anything other than Allah? Right? And And likewise, ever living? The life of everything else is reliant upon Allah who's Pamela Diana? Right? So very good reflection there. 100 Enough, very good. That's, that's a good point. I want you to think about this more in childhood data, but we're gonna move on to the next verse in verse number three, the next verse, Allah who's Penwith data says, knows that I can

02:02:06--> 02:02:27

Kitab I've been help that he has sent down or he has revealed to you meaning the prophets, I send them the book with truth. And as I said, we're the topic we're getting to the topic of the book, meaning the Quran, Nasrallah, Allah Kitab will help. Musa definitely Medina, your day that he has revealed to you are Muhammad, so send them the book, in truth.

02:02:28--> 02:02:41

Bill has meaning. There is no doubt in it, as we learned in the previous surah in the beginning of the previous Surah as well. So the Bukhara Allah says, Now, right Buffy there's no doubt in it. The ultimate truth lies in this book.

02:02:42--> 02:03:29

Lima Albania date, right and confirming what has come before it well under a TATA will in June. And Allah has also revealed the Torah, and the NGO, the Torah and the Gospel. So now if we look at one of the themes of sort of any Imran, it deals with the people of the book, and in particular, there's a focus on the Christians, right. And so Allah has wanted to add and now is referring to the previous revelation here and the total, the Torah which is revealed to Musa alayhis salam, and the Injeel, which is revealed to Isa Jesus peace be upon them all. The two points that Allah is really making here, when Allah is saying that he sent down this book to you, oh, hummus, I send them it is

02:03:29--> 02:04:11

the truth with truth. And it confirms or affirms that which came before it, or that which has already been revealed. And then Allah mentioned the Torah and the Injeel. Number one, that it is Allah, Who has sent all the books, so all of the books came from Allah whose parents era number two, is that the message has always been the same, right? The message of the Torah, the message of the engine, the message of the Quran is always the same. If you see that there is a different message, you need to figure out what's going on. Right? So now if you're reading a version of the Torah, or you're reading a version of the Injeel, then know that if and this version is saying something other

02:04:11--> 02:04:56

than not, you know, hadn't allowed just mentioned in the previous verse, as we said, There's nothing or no deity worthy of worship other than Allah, then know that something is something has gone wrong, right? And so and so the message has always remained the same. The next verse, Allah who's pinata Allah says, Min oven before meaning and you know, some scholars that connect these two verses, ones that are under a terracotta will injeel mean oven that Allah revealed the total and the gene before meaning before the the Quran or the revelation of the Quran, who then leanness as a guidance for people or guidance for mankind, one's Ellen for gone and Allah has revealed that the

02:04:56--> 02:04:59

criterion we talked about, for cod actually yesterday, those of you who are

02:05:00--> 02:05:46

This yesterday for call is basically that which tells us the difference or that which distinguishes between right and wrong. Right right and wrong. That is what unfor con is, in the medina Kefar will be a Atilla Muhammad, Abu Chedid. And those who reject the ayat the verses of Allah, they will have a painful punishment and ALLAH protect his will Lucha Aziz don't calm and Allah is the mighty, or Allah is Exalted in Might. Right, then to calm the owner of retribution. And really, now once again, I'm going to have you think about the the name of Allah who's Petaling Allah and the the attribute that is being mentioned here. So the name of Allah that has been mentioned here is Aziz, right? Aziz

02:05:47--> 02:06:37

is the one who is you know, we say mighty or Exalted in Might, the one that no one can overcome. The one who has power over everything, Allah is more powerful, and Allah has power over everything. And therefore Allah is a disease, then DICOM in DICOM, is retribution. And then DICOM is the owner of retribution or the one who brings about retribution. And now retribution is basically punishment for a crime. Right? That's what that's the record. Yes, the intercom that we're talking about here, this is also referred to as the sedges that were, Allah says, in Milan would remain and when K moon that we are, indeed we are from the criminal, we we from the criminals, we will take retribution, right

02:06:37--> 02:07:19

and this is one of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, that this is something that, that Allah will cause to happen. And really the way Allah subhanaw taala can take retribution. No one can take retribution, because we also know that Allah is all fair. And Allah is all knowing and all the other attributes of Allah subhanaw taala means that when Allah takes retribution, that retribution is happens in a way that there's no injustice that takes place. So I'm going to ask you once again, mentioning the is Allah, mentioning the might of Allah has power to Allah and mentioning the retribution of Allah that Allah is the Owner of retribution? What does that have to do with what we

02:07:19--> 02:07:59

are talking about in this verse, and the previous verses that we have covered, if you want to connect it to that, I'll let you think about that as well. Right off the bat, we're going to do some Debu, some reflection, once again, Allah Subhana Allah and I'm going to do the translation again for this verse to hopefully get you to think about it. Allah says, Min Pobol before meaning the Torah and the engine, the books that were revealed before, who then the nurse, guidance for people and our scholars mentioned that this guidance includes the total and the ingenious, that they were also guidance for people and also and then for our now ALLAH has revealed the furqan meaning the Quran,

02:07:59--> 02:08:38

which is the criterion, that which shows us the difference between right and wrong, and that Allah says, and certainly those who reject these verses, these signs of Allah, that they will have a painful punishment. And then Allah mentions Allahu Aziz, Allah Who diseases Allah is disease, Allah is the Exalted in Might a lot, you know, as we said, the mighty don't come and the owner of retribution. Now, once again, raise your hand. What does that have to do with what we are talking about? Mr. manleigh? Do we have any hands up? Any hands up this mean that?

02:08:40--> 02:08:49

I see one hand, ah, I seen this. I'm from did not say where he's from. Because I will have you unmute and shout a lot and share your reflection.

02:08:50--> 02:08:55

Slowly go. I'm from Chicago, I set up a Chinatown in the house. Go ahead.

02:08:56--> 02:09:10

So Allah says, seasons and palm, in the context of punishment is that is the most powerful and is nothing or nobody that can stop that punishment. And hence is the most mighty

02:09:12--> 02:09:14

and even seek retribution.

02:09:15--> 02:09:24

Right, right. Very good. Very good. Excellent point here. So when the punishment of Allah has kind of data has been mentioned, right, so why does Allah mention his punishment, obviously.

02:09:25--> 02:09:32

So that we, we save ourselves and we protect ourselves from that punishment, right? That's, that's one of the reasons why Allah mentions his punishment. Well,

02:09:34--> 02:10:00

if someone says, I'm going to punish you, and we don't think this person is powerful, or they're capable of punishment, and how much is that punishment, like what does that really mean to us? Right? And so Allah mentions Allah who are Aziz, Allah is Mighty right? Mighty in a way that nothing else is mighty, nothing can overcome Allah subhanaw taala Allah can rather overcome everything else. And then we would say, you know, when we're talking about punishment,

02:10:00--> 02:10:38

punishment has to be in retribution for something right so no one is punished for no reason. And this speaks to also the justice of Allah whose product Allah person may say, well, it's not fair that Allah will punish those who reject the verses of Allah or reject the signs of Allah. Well, they people will only be punished May Allah protect us all only be punished for something that deserves punishment. Right and that is why the indecomm the RetroPie retribution is being mentioned. You're very good. Excellent, excellent. We have a couple of more hands out Let's get one more person yet rather than shot a lot from Florida rugged. Please unmute. Inshallah, let's hear election.

02:10:41--> 02:11:24

Yeah, I was just gonna add to that, that everybody that came all the prophets, all the messages, all the books are about Tawheed and worshipping Allah and going back to Allah and the previous books, they've messed with it, they've changed it. They've all had a chance to go back to Allah to worship Allah and the ultimate sin is disbelief and Allah is rejecting Allah's message is, Cofer as, you know, being becoming like an atheist or something, rejecting Allah. So that's the ultimate punishment is when you reject Allah, all other sins can be recompense, you know you can you can be forgiven you can be except for the disbelief in Allah. So that's why the ultimate punishment has to

02:11:24--> 02:12:07

be for that ultimate sin. That is a beautiful reflection had that Illa always warms my heart to hear these reflections handed in as Allah subhanaw taala says in the law, Allah young Pharaoh, are you sure? Cabaye Well, young Pharaoh, my Duna daddy kadhimiya Sha, Allah will not forgive that one worships other than Allah associates partners with Allah. But Allah can forgive anything less than that for whomever he wills and to reject a lot to disbelieve in Allah. Is is is not less than shirk. Right, it is on par or it can even be worse. So that is yes, the ultimate sin right anything other than that Allah subhanaw taala can forgive. So likewise when Allah mentions the severe punishment

02:12:07--> 02:12:10

here, very good, excellent, excellent.

02:12:11--> 02:12:22

Excellent reflection here. That makes me want to hear another reflection. Let's get one more Let's get one more on this person shall see Xena has got her hand up as well Xena, feel free to unmute yourself inshallah.

02:12:24--> 02:12:27

Okay, salam alaikum. I can sit down.

02:12:28--> 02:12:30

Okay. I also

02:12:32--> 02:12:47

see it in the context that some persons might feel that, while they, like their own, for example, might felt you might have thought he was like, very good at punishing people.

02:12:49--> 02:12:53

Allah addresses people like these who think them.

02:12:54--> 02:13:08

They give out like the insane or the most sadistic of punishment that I can even top that. So if you think you can punish in a very horrific way. It's nothing compared to what Allah will do. To those.

02:13:10--> 02:13:52

Right, very good. So that is the relationship we can even say the relationship between the Aziz right? The might of Allah has penalty Allah and the retribution of Allah whose power to Allah right? So no one is no one can overcome Allah, no one has the mic of Allah has power to Allah. And once again, I want to emphasize here, the issue of the justice of Allah subhanaw taala, you know, when a human being takes retribution or revenge, oftentimes, dare I say, most, right, but at least oftentimes, people go overboard, right? And that is why, you know, we have to be extremely, extremely careful. You know, when we say an eye for an eye, and so on and so forth. Well,

02:13:52--> 02:14:17

subhanAllah, as soon as you cross the line, you could be the Lord if you could be the oppressor. Right. And that is why forgiveness is such an important aspect of our deen. But what Allah who's panela to Allah? There, there's ultimate justice. Right? And so that's an excellent, excellent point handler. I have another question I want to throw out there, but I'm, I'm not going to answer it. I want you to think about it. And I think maybe tomorrow I'm going to give the answer to this. Unless somebody knows the answer. That's fine.

02:14:18--> 02:14:24

So actually, you know what, I'm gonna leave this I'm gonna leave this if there's time at the end. I'm going to I'm going to bring this this point up.

02:14:26--> 02:14:59

Yeah, well, we're gonna be just playing chess. Okay. Next verse. The next verse is in the La Jolla, la he shaped on fin, shaped on film out of the will have his summer, that indeed from Allah and nothing is hidden on earth, nor in the heavens. Once again, the next verse after that is in Allah, Allah, Allah he she fell out of the water this summer that indeed from Allah, nothing is hidden on earth or in earth, nor in the heavens. Now, I'm going to ask you to reflect up and this actually, by the way, this is the first verse that I picked, so

02:15:00--> 02:15:38

When I was doing my reflection, I came to this verse I was like, Okay, this is a good verse we should reflect on this together in the Quran reflect today in sha Allah. But then I, I said, we got it, we got to talk about what's before it. And actually we got to talk about what's after as well. So I want you to know, also relate this to what we the verses that we have covered before it. So Allah says once again, certainly Allah, nothing is hidden from Allah, nothing on earth and nothing in the head heavens is hidden from Allah. The principle that I want you to apply here is a principle that we covered yesterday, and that is to be curious. So ask yourself, why Allah use a particular

02:15:38--> 02:15:50

word or why a particular wording. So in this case, in this verse, Allah says, in Allah, Allah, yeah, nothing is hidden from Allah. Why? So Allah could have said, for example, I could have said,

02:15:52--> 02:16:20

you know, I'm not, I'm not speaking on behalf of Allah. But I'm just saying here that Allah could have used different wording. Allah could have said, everything is known to Allah. Right. Allah's knowledge covers everything, but rather Allah chose a specific wording of nothing is hidden from Allah. What is the significance of using those words? Bismillah I see a couple of hands up. So let's take Xena and then Anya in sha Allah Xena go right ahead.

02:16:23--> 02:16:25

Salam Alaikum. I think

02:16:26--> 02:17:15

the significance I see from this is that, as human beings, sometimes we think that what we know is confined to what we know and we are able to hide it, you know, we actually are able to hide things from other human beings. But Allah is someone who's all knowing. And, you know, even if we try to hide it in sometimes, you know, we think of things and we don't utter it. And we don't verbalize it. And we think that, okay, no one knows this. Or we do actions that we think no one is watching us. But there is this supreme power that is always around us watching us. And you know, the idea of accounting for every day that we do the hereafter thinking about the hereafter, we are accountable

02:17:15--> 02:17:17

for everything so so

02:17:18--> 02:17:47

the human brain can try to hide things, but we must acknowledge the fact that Allah is actually observing, he knows, you know, and I link it back to the idea of intentions in the marshmallow beneath that. So even the intentions that we have is recorded, Allah knows it, why we are doing things and there is no way no matter how we tried to hide, there is no way for us to hide. And absolutely no

02:17:48--> 02:18:26

one before. Yep, absolutely, exactly. Okay, so this idea and scissors is an excellent point that you mentioned, this idea that sometimes, as human beings, we have this false sense of security that if I know something, but people don't know it, like I'm good, right? Like, if it's hidden, it's good, because people don't know it. But here Allah is saying that nothing is hidden from Allah has panner data, right? And that's why that wording becomes significant. And also, you know, this idea, the concept of, you know, open and secret doesn't apply to Allah, it applies to us as human beings because of our limitations. You know, we talked about, you know, earlier talking about limitations

02:18:26--> 02:18:48

that don't apply to Allah Subhana Allah right. So once again, this concept of things that are open and things are secret, this limitation does not apply to a lot. Let's take another hand in sha Allah. What else? Awesome. So that was Xena from Singapore, let's get Anya from 2020. Do Ramadan, 360 Let's hear from you in sha Allah, and then we'll have Christian Abdullah from Belgium, if we have time for my econ. So

02:18:49--> 02:19:15

law mentioning the heavens and the earth, he's highlighting the power that he has, if we really think about, you know, what's going on in the heavens, we don't know in this moment. And if we think about the Earth, we don't know what's going on, in every part of the world. Right? On Earth. Hold on. Pause, pause, pause. That was gonna be my next question, actually. So why did Allah not say just everything rather, Allah specifically mentioned the heavens and the earth? Right. So.

02:19:17--> 02:19:47

So so so go ahead, go ahead. That That answers that the next question. Our next point of reflection I had for you says, go ahead. Um, I would say there are the complete opposites, you know, we somewhat have an idea of what's going on Earth, but then again, we don't know what's going on every second. And yet we're completely unaware of what's going in the heavens. And so in this manner of, you know, highlighting what's you know, that he is aware of what's happening in the habits and what's going on on Earth. He's reminding us of the power that he has, because

02:19:48--> 02:20:00

so by being told about the power that he has, we are reminded that he knows what's within us, sorry, what's within us as well in our hearts because we can claim to truly believe or claim to reject

02:20:00--> 02:20:36

but really only He knows what's in our heart. So essentially, it's kind of like I guess compared comparing our soul to the heaven, or what's around the world. We don't know what's going on around the world, you can't really tell you we only get to know what we see on social media or like on on TV, and the same with the galaxies and you know, the heavens. So I would use that to compare it back to our hearts and our seeds in believing in Allah subhanaw taala. Absolutely, absolutely. So, you know, there's, there's the heavens, and then there's the earth do we know everything that is happening on Earth? That's a good question. A person can say, you know, with social media, and the

02:20:36--> 02:21:10

internet and technology, and so on and so forth. Like, you know, in another, whatever, 100 years, we're gonna know everything. Well, there's a there's a very interesting thought that I had when I was thinking about this, Pamela, and I was thinking about how I was taking this psychology class, and I don't want to get too much into like psychology and philosophy and stuff. But my professor was, you know, a little bit. He's a postmodernist, so he said, he said, you know, he's like, look, one of the things that he said to us, he said, there's no objective truth. And we're like, What are you talking about? Like, he's like, No, there's no such thing as objective truth. Because truth is

02:21:10--> 02:21:28

based off of your perception of what's happening, right? And, and how, and you're limited to your perception. So two people can be looking at like a black wall. And they're, it's, you know, what, what is what really is black? It's, it goes back to,

02:21:30--> 02:22:04

you know, one's perception, but Allah who's fine without it. So yeah, in a sense, and I don't completely agree with obviously, there's objective truth in the world. But you know, the idea that we are limited to our senses, we are limited to our perception, that is not something that applies to Allah who's panel data, so even if we could look at everything that's happening on Earth right now, let's say in 100 years, there's some type of technology where we can just witness everything happening all the time on Earth, but we're still limited to our perception of it. Right? And and two people can be looking at the same event and they may get two different ideas of what's happening

02:22:04--> 02:22:16

right. So so once again, that limit does not apply to Allah subhanaw taala and then the heavens How are the heavens significant? I'm gonna let you I see some hands up I'm gonna let you maybe think about that. Go ahead. It's been

02:22:18--> 02:22:22

awesome sighs I see because of the life they want to reflect inshallah on this. We had you guys next guard had

02:22:25--> 02:23:16

this salaam aleikum. Wa Rahmatullah. Okay, so my name is Abdullah, Chris is next to me. So, my reflection is actually in the beginning, it's actually very simple. I was reflecting what the link is between with between this and the previous ayat. And I was thinking, Allah, nothing is hidden from Allah for Allah. So and knowing that the Quran is confirming what has been written before. And we also know that the text before the Injil, and the Torah, it was changed. And and now Christians and Jews, they let it seem as if it was the original, but now Allah says, No, we know what was hidden. We know what you hide, we know what the real text was, and what you're hiding. And as an

02:23:16--> 02:23:36

effect, as an extension to this. If I also think about AI that are coming about people who want to change, even though we'll get to that, we'll get to that we'll get caught up on that. Because they're very, you're right, it does tie in and you know, it ties in these work together. That's, that's a beautiful, beautiful reflection. We may and just to

02:23:37--> 02:24:12

bring this point home, right, exactly love it. But to bring this point home, and maybe this for what I understood from from the brother's reflection, which I think is brilliant, it's amazing that a person may look at the total and indeed, and we don't know like, what has been changed how it's been changed. Or a person may say, How do you like can you it hasn't really been changed and so on, so forth. But that is not hidden to Allah has kind of data, Allah knows exactly what it revealed, Allah knows exactly what has changed. And likewise with the Quran, the Quran, right? That which tells us the difference between right and wrong. Likewise, Allah has preserved this message so it does not

02:24:12--> 02:24:45

get changed. Right. And that is within the capability of Allah has packed data. Excellent, excellent point of reflection. We are running out of time, so I want to move into the next few Ayat as well. So thank you, to the people who have their hands up, please. At the very least, I want to know that you at least write down and benefit from your reflection. If you don't get to share it with us. In this live session, at least share it with a family member or friend or someone you know, because these reflections will lie. They're beautiful. And as I said yesterday, this is part of our relationship. This is how we connect with the Quran. That's why these these reflections are so very

02:24:45--> 02:24:59

important. So the next verse, Allah who's pinata ALLAH says who are lead the US so we'll continue our hammock a fascia that is he who shapes you or forms you in the wounds meaning the wounds of your mother's however, he will

02:25:00--> 02:25:44

let you know who there is nothing worthy of worship except him. Aziz and Hakeem and there's a lot to unpack here and you know, we can pay attention to the names and attributes of Allah Spano Tata as well. But what I'm going to pick from this verse is a lot of power to Allah says when they use a widow company or hammock, a fair shot that he gives you shape or shapes you in the mood and the wombs of your mothers, however he wills what is the significance of that particular wording? Here's once again, you know, being curious about this aspect of a law giving life right and loving life in the womb in the life shaping us in our wombs. What is the significance of that to what we are

02:25:44--> 02:25:49

talking about? Bismillah go ahead and raise your hand.

02:25:51--> 02:25:54

from Sri Lanka, let's hear from you, Marie, I'm in sha Allah.

02:26:00--> 02:26:01

AsSalam alaikum

02:26:03--> 02:26:25

wa Rahmatullah. So looking at the part where Allah says, kaliesha how Allah has failed? Yeah, I think as humans, we most of us, not just start mostly it's women, actually. But I think it exists in both men and women, where we are constantly feeling insecure about our physique, you know, how we look and about every part of

02:26:27--> 02:26:35

every part of our body? Literally, yeah. So as much as women verbalize it way more than men, it does exist in men too. So And

02:26:37--> 02:26:51

anyway, when you put forward in the way, you know, when someone points out to you and tells you that, you know, aren't you being a little bit ungrateful for the way Allah has created you, when you put it forward in that way? And when you think that, no, I'm never going to find

02:26:52--> 02:27:20

any flaw. I'm not I'm not never going to find any mistake and how Allah has created me, I'm not exactly pointing towards Allah's creation. But technically speaking, that is what we do. So even though we do not intend to find fault in Alaska creation, extracting how Allah has created you, is ideally portraying to making effort for you to combine between your intention and action.

02:27:21--> 02:27:56

Absolutely, absolutely. And, you know, what you've done is you've applied the first principle, which we covered yesterday, which is personalize the message, right? So how does this verse relate to me, and you know, and actually, these principles of reflection, they all go hand in hand, they all work together. So thinking about this wording that Allah shapes the love forms us in our, in our mother's wombs, you know, connecting that to our personal lives and for our, you know, like our body image and self esteem in these issues that you brought up are extremely relevant for us, right? That it is Allah, it happens by the will of Allah expand into the form and the shape that Allah has given to

02:27:56--> 02:28:31

us. And even, you know, you can think about, you know, children who are born with disabilities, and so on and so forth. It all happens in with the will and the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. And there's always a reason for it, right? We may or may not be able to recognize it. And yes, without a doubt, you know, it has challenges and so on and so forth. And the way Allah has shaped us has challenges, but it happens by the will and the permission of Allah subhanaw taala in and there is some there's some goodness, and there's a reason in that for us, and it really just takes us contemplating and reflecting upon that. Very good, very good, what else what else?

02:28:33--> 02:28:38

It symbol to get a new voice inshallah. And as well symbol from New York, feel free and have yourself

02:28:40--> 02:28:41

a cinnabar in a column.

02:28:43--> 02:28:46

Just to add on to what sister Miriam had said,

02:28:47--> 02:29:37

we don't complain about how we look. But we, we don't refrain from commenting on others looks, for example, we use words like oh, the short one, the tan one, the one with the pointy nose to describe others. What kind of descriptions are these because they tell more about the describer than the one being described. And we should remember that no one chooses their own skin color, height for gender and things like that. So when we complain about someone else's height, skin color, or even about ourselves, we should remember whose work we are criticizing, because it is us choice, and he has created us in the best way possible. So who are we to comment on our criticize about those things?

02:29:38--> 02:29:59

Just like a lesson and what really stood out to me from everything you said was beautiful handler. But when you said that, the one who is criticizing their criticism says more about them than the person that they are criticizing, which is an amazing point. It's a panel reminds me of a story of an incident that involves a person who was beloved to me, one of my close friends should come out and McKee

02:30:00--> 02:30:03

I think he had and he has a session right? This little bond inshallah.

02:30:06--> 02:30:26

Inshallah Yeah, hopefully he's speaking one of these days. He's a really good friend of mine. So, if you have ever seen me in person, I'm sure. Okay, so I'm five, four. So a lot of times what I get is someone comes up to me, like when they meet me in person and and they'll say something which always stands out but like I hear it all the time that someone says,

02:30:27--> 02:30:53

you know, i i some like, you know, I I thought you're going to be taller or I imagined you I you know, I thought you're taller. I pictured you'd be you'd be taller. And check Kamal is not super tall either. He's taller than me, but still not that tall. And I was I was talking to fit come on lucky about this. And he goes, Yeah, I get that too. People will come to him be like, Oh, I thought you're gonna be taller. He goes, I just say to them, yeah, and I thought you're gonna have better manners.

02:30:55--> 02:31:19

So, look, shake come on is both right. I don't have the guts to say that to someone. But it made me think about how you know what, yeah, like, that's, you criticizing me has more to do with you then than me? Like, I've I've been this hype for a long time. Like it's not, you know, it's just me. It's, it's how I am 100 the way Allah made me. But it just made me think about one incident, Allah, may Allah forgive us. Okay, let's see. Let's see, let's see.

02:31:20--> 02:31:28

How much time do we have? Because I actually want to cover? I think we can go for about 15 minutes inshallah we Okay, okay. Okay. Hamdulillah.

02:31:29--> 02:32:08

So I wanted to, you know, and there's a lot of, there's a lot we can reflect on here and this verse as well. But moving on to the next verse, which is actually, to me is a was an extremely, extremely important verse, especially when we talk about issues of doubt, and so on and so forth. I think especially, you know, today with the rise of atheism, and so on and so forth. This, this verse is extremely relevant and important. Actually, wait, before I get to that, one of the points that I did want to mention that and I'm sure somebody was reflecting upon this, when the last panel to Allah says that when they use a widow company or hammock, a fair share that he gives, He shapes you in

02:32:08--> 02:32:53

your rooms, and your mother's rooms, however he wills, you can also think about connecting it to the previous verses, and the people in the book and so on and so forth. So Allah, you know, Allah is the One who gives life, right? And Allah can give life even without, Allah can put life into the womb, even without a father. So an example of that is, he said, he set up. And so once again, it is a law who is putting that life in so how could someone worship one that Allah has given life to right? And so that can, that connects us also with, you know, addressing the People of the Book, the key tab, in terms of it is, it is, you know, one of the reasons that people may worship a sigh that he said,

02:32:54--> 02:33:33

is that because of the way he was born, right, he was born without a father, the, you know, the virgin birth, right? But once again, it is Allah who's kind of he can put life in the womb, however he wills. And so that's something to think about as well, a lot, but I do want to mention that point. So the next verse, Allah has kind of led to Allah says, What are the unzila la Kitab Minh, who is to Muhammad who know Makita. So the next verse, verse number seven is actually a little long and I want to go through it in sha Allah. Allah says, He is the one who has one of the ends of Radek Akita, he is the one who has revealed this book to you or sent down this book to you the book being

02:33:33--> 02:34:19

the Quran, and obviously the speaking the Prophet Muhammad I send them. And then Allah mentions Minh, who is to come at that amongst or from this book, there are verses that are, we can say precise, or very, very clear, who knows when will kita they are the literally the mother of the book, but what that means is they are the foundation of this book, they are the foundation of this message, meaning, the foundation, the core, the crux of our faith, is contained in the verses that are clear for everyone to understand clearly. And then Allah says what Oklahoma with the shabby hat and meaning there are other verses that are not precise the way the other verses are, right? They

02:34:19--> 02:34:59

are not. The meaning isn't precise for everyone, the way the other, the the comma, the comma, the clear, precise versus, and then Allah says so Allah is not telling us here and this is why Subhanallah when it comes to reciting the Quran or reflecting upon the Quran, and and you know, I mentioned this yesterday, but knowing that to see it and the understanding of the Quran is so very, very important because we don't want to fall prey victim to saying things about the Quran that are not true or they're incorrect. So Allah then says that a Medina fie Kulu became zaev that those people have some deviation in their hearts meaning

02:35:00--> 02:35:30

They're already dealing with their own problems, their own issues, their own biases, how do they treat those verses for you to be your own Amata Shabba min, they follow only those verses they rely upon only those verses that can be interpreted in different ways, right? That the verses that are not exactly precise. So now you know a principle that that I mentioned earlier is personalizing the message right and personalizing the message means as I said earlier,

02:35:32--> 02:36:13

thinking that Allah is or feeling that Allah is speaking to you write, Allah is addressing you that what this means is that when Allah praises someone, we ask ourselves, can Allah be praising me? Meaning do I fit the characteristics that can put me in the category of being praised or the opposite of that? When Allah is reprimanding someone or blaming someone, we have to ask ourselves, can I fall camp perhaps Am I falling into this category, that the category of people that Allah is reprimanding? So when it comes to these vert when it comes to this portion of the Quran, we can ask ourselves, Am I one of those people that I approach the Quran with some type of deviation in my

02:36:13--> 02:36:14

heart? Meaning

02:36:15--> 02:37:00

do I am I reading my biases into the Quran? Or am I allowing the Quran to dictate right and wrong? Right? So Allah subhanaw taala. And that's personalizing the message here, right? You really think about that. So Allah says, if I'm Medina equal to be himself, but yet to be your own Amantha mean that those people who have some deviation in their hearts that they rely they follow only those verses that are unspecified. Why, Dr. Fitna, because they're seeking to they're seeking some fitna, they're seeking some problem, they're seeking some deviation, what the law, really, they're seeking a very particular interpretation of the verses, meaning they already had their conclusion. And they

02:37:00--> 02:37:31

want to apply that to the Quran, right? And I've seen people attribute all types of things to the Quran, and I'm sure you have seen this as well. People already have a preconceived notion. They have their own sense of right and wrong, and then they'll take it and then apply it to try and force it on the Quran. You know what, the Quran actually says this? Where did they say this verse? Well, no, that's not that verses. No. But if you really think about this verse, This word can mean this, which means this and then they'll make all these connections that are connecting dots. And if you've seen that meme, where there's a guy and he's got all these strings, or whatever, he's connecting all

02:37:31--> 02:37:51

these dots everywhere, like doing all this stuff. He's like, trying to connect things. This is how mela protect us. This is how some people approach the Quran, right? Without knowledge without understanding and this is what Allah addresses. what not? So then Allah says, Why am I Yeah, and then we'll get into how in the law that there are certain portions of the certain parts of the Quran that is only Allah?

02:37:52--> 02:38:33

Who knows their complete meaning. And one example that our scholars give this, by the way, are those who wrote at the beginning of the verses like and if and I mean, cough, cough high. Yeah, a inside that the exact meaning we don't know, right, we have we have a certain idea of the significance of those letters. But only Allah knows the complete meaning of those verses, right? I've done that that verse about what is the significance of those letters? Only Allah knows the complete meaning, right? So we have to say there's certain aspects of the Quran that will say, Look, I don't know what this if Allah says it, I believe it, I affirm it, right? But what exactly it means? I don't know. So when

02:38:33--> 02:38:35

Allah subhanaw taala mentions

02:38:36--> 02:39:15

that houses under which rivers flow, a person can say, well, I don't know man, like how can you have a house that's floating on top of a river and this and that, or whatever? Or how is that going to be? It's on and so forth? We say no, you know, we know we are we believe that the Quran is from Allah, which kinda went to Allah, the exact how of it, we don't know. Right? But we know that Allah is capable over all matters, right? So Allah says, Why am I yeah, let me know in the law, that it is only Allah who knows their complete meaning. And then Allah says one raw scicluna And there's actually two ways of looking at this. The the mainstream way of looking at it is that you connect it

02:39:15--> 02:39:59

to the next portion. What was the holdup in the end Miyako, Luna, Amanda, he couldn't have been, that the Ross horn offender and people who are grounded in knowledge, right? And and rasa is actually to be, you know, rooted deep rooted in knowledge and you can even if you have time, think about the significance of Allah using that particular word. Across the horn. People were have deep roots, right? They're grounded in their knowledge. People who are grounded in their knowledge, how do they approach these verses? They say, Yeah, coluna Armin navabi We believe in it couldn't Lumina endeavor Bina. It is all from our Lord, that the the precise and clear verses are from our Lord and

02:39:59--> 02:40:00

the verses that I

02:40:00--> 02:40:38

I don't completely comprehend every single meaning of it. They're also from my Lord. And another way of looking at this is that some, some scholars have mentioned in some depth see if they say, you can, you can it can be recited, why am I, you know, why am I here and then what we know in law, Allah wa rasuluh know, that there are certain verses that only Allah knows their meaning, and those who are grounded in knowledge, they know the meaning, but actually, both interpretations can be correct, because there are certain verses that only Allah knows their meaning, and people have knowledge know their meaning, yet still, then there is a higher higher level of meaning that only

02:40:38--> 02:41:14

Allah knows, right, so that you can think of three levels now, there's a level of knowledge that is only with Allah. And there's a second level of knowledge that is with Allah, and with those who are grounded in knowledge. And then there's a third level of knowledge that is with Allah, with those who are grounded in knowledge and people who don't have a strong and those who are not grounded in knowledge, meaning they're very, very clear. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala says, a famous Allah establishes a prayer, you don't have to be a scholar to know you know, that means establish the prayer very clear for us, right? So three levels of knowledge here. So once again, Allah says on

02:41:14--> 02:41:55

rosulip, and I saw someone make the odd to say, May Allah make us amongst them, Allah me, alum me, they say, it is all from our Lord. I'm an OB, it is all we believe in it, it is all from our Lord. And then Allah says, We may have the Kuru in Oulu, Al Bab, and none will be true, like, it is only people who only it's only the people of reasoning, who will understand this, right that when you really get to the heart of the matter, when you really think about it, you're going to this is going to make sense to you. Right, that there are aspects of our deen that, you know, you can say, this is why it is so important for the in our dean, you know, reflecting upon this verse it is so it's so

02:41:55--> 02:42:20

important that we are comfortable saying I don't know. Right? And because we will always be limited in knowledge, you know, obviously, compared to Allah subhanaw taala. But also, there will be people who know more than us, right? And that is why it is important that we say no and no, no, no, I don't know. Allah Who item Allah knows best. Right? And that is why some of my teachers they would say that a that a,

02:42:21--> 02:42:58

an indication of a person's knowledge is their comfort level with saying let a DD I don't know. Well, lo. And Allah knows best that people have knowledge are very, very comfortable saying I don't know. Because their knowledge gives them that confidence and being humble and and humbling themselves before of course Allah who's fine with that and also other people of knowledge as well. Lastly, and I'll end with this insha Allah Allah, verse number eight, I don't know if we're gonna be able to get to nine, well we'll stop at eight in sha Allah, Allah says a banana.

02:42:59--> 02:43:46

And then Allah tells us of this. So I've been allowed to Zico lube and they've had a turnip what happened and I mean, they don't Kurama in the intro hug, this is a DA who says this The rasa Hoonah pill and they say this, right. And also, we who may not be a loss of hope in the end, we always ask Allah to keep our hearts clean, and keep our hearts guided. So blood burner our Lord, not to Zylka lubaina Do not let our hearts deviate by the date and after you have guided us. And unfortunately, this is a fitna for a lot of people that after they have the guidance because of wrong interpretations of the Quran or certain doubts that someone brings or whatever they may deviate,

02:43:46--> 02:43:50

Milla protectors, their hearts may deviate from the message after they have been guided.

02:43:51--> 02:44:36

Habla anomala Donica, Rama, Grant us your mercy. And actually I'm now remembering last year we reflected upon this verse three, eight, so if you want I'm sure there's a recording of that. I think it's on my YouTube channel. I'm sure it's on another channel as well. We reflected upon this out in this verse ago. So go check that out in the Content Hub. The last point of reflection I'll ask you here is Allah has kind of data saying Indeed, we say to Allah, certainly you are. The the giver, meaning the giver of all bounties of all blessings and so on and so forth. What is the significance of mentioning in NACA until Wahab that you are the basically the one who grants the one who gives

02:44:36--> 02:44:42

all bounties? What does that how does that relate to what we have talked about so far, we'll take maybe one or two people in sha Allah

02:44:43--> 02:44:56

Smilla any Bismillah if you've raised your hand previously, feel free to lower your hand to make sure that it's for this reflection, and let me just take the first person I see on my list of Shazia such as you please go ahead and unmute yourself and share.

02:44:59--> 02:44:59

So many come

02:45:00--> 02:45:22

It was actually just about the previous if I could, if I could just say something about, I just thought I just thought. So be careful. Sometimes you don't feel that the Quran applies to you. You know, you may feel intimidated, but the fact that there's three levels I sort of saw between I felt that there is for you. So whatever level you're at, is for you. You mean you can relate to it and personalize it. And

02:45:24--> 02:45:48

because there's ambiguity, and I think, the fact that there is ambiguity in it, you can interpret it, obviously, in the way you said you should, but then it's then it is for you, in whatever in wherever you take it. Absolutely, absolutely. And that's it. That's a very important point. Actually, that's part of our athlete. That's part of our faiths part of our creed. That yes, when we say the Quran is for everyone we say absolutely. The Quran is for everyone, it is accessible to everyone.

02:45:49--> 02:46:21

But there's levels of understanding of the Quran, right? So there's a very basic level of understanding which is accessible to everyone. And then there are things that you can look at a verse in the Quran and say, You know what, there's, you can just base off with the language, it may mean two things. Well, that's when we need knowledge. That's when we need proper understanding of what this verse means. That's when we need to see that's when we want to say, what are the processes and them say about this verse so that we don't have any misunderstanding of this? Excellent, excellent reflection was like, Okay, we'll take one more, one more inshallah. Okay, I hope that

02:46:21--> 02:46:30

everyone's lowered their hands. It was for the previous one, I think one, I think, Oh, dear, I saw your hand a couple of times. So let's see if we can have you unmute and share. Bismillah.

02:46:32--> 02:46:33


02:46:34--> 02:47:26

So this is regarding the about the rifle incident. Yeah, correct. Yeah. Bobby. Yes. So you can you can do that. Yeah. Yeah, go ahead. Um, so yeah, I thought that, you know, the verses really is very relevant in our modern day sort of Islamic dynamic. Because we, like you said, we do have a lot of people try to take interpretations, new interpretations that are is from things that are established longtime within. So I think that that verse is sort of calling attention to that, that there are sometimes ambiguity, sometimes it's not even ambiguous. But when there is that ambiguity, the rest of us can follow. And the people who have the knowledge are the people who should go back to for the

02:47:26--> 02:47:46

clarity, not, you know, layman's interpretation of picking and choosing that thing. So I think that's why it's there mentioned next to each other. And so you're saying when something is not clear in the Quran, we should not go to tick tock influencers? Is that what you're saying?

02:47:49--> 02:47:51

I couldn't hear anything.

02:47:55--> 02:48:29

About tick tock influences, it feels like in this day and age, everybody's speaking about everything, right? He knows that knowledge. Just because someone gets famous, for example, on tick tock, we assume their personal knowledge, but that we know that's not necessarily the case. Right? Exactly. Okay. That's an excellent, excellent point that you brought up and this is you're right, it is very, very relevant for us. And that is why I hope we can reflect on this even more Inshallah, to add and I encourage you to reflect on your own on this as well. And I think that's a good place to end. It's a it's a good point to end. Today's session. Like I said, there's so much and that's, you

02:48:29--> 02:49:03

know, the Quran SubhanAllah. There's, there's so much that we can reflect upon. But I wanted to take a little bit of a different approach today. Yesterday, we did one verse today, I said, Let's go through, like a passage in the Quran, you know, eight or nine verses, we ended up doing eight verses, but just to see how the verses connect together as well. And another way that we reflect upon the Quran is tying the message together, right? So looking at one verse and see how it applies to the next verse and the next verse, and so on and so forth. That's another principle of reflection. Tie the message together, right? Tie one verse, to the verse that is before it and the

02:49:03--> 02:49:27

verse after it because the meaning is always connected because we know the order of the Quran is also from Allah. Right? The words of the Quran are from Allah, it is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. But the order of the Quran the order of the words are also from Allah who's Panama's data. And Allah knows best Subhana Allah Himo behind ik a shadow Allah Allah and Esther critical Dilek resiko la Hara was Santa Monica Warahmatullah he or

02:49:28--> 02:49:59

she's come to love their ship for an amazing second session of Quran or Flexicon Allah that was mind boggling and 100 lights, it's honestly there's so many opportunities that we have to listen and to learn in Ramadan. It's really nice to have a community that's contributing and mashallah the high quality of contribution and contribution so far has been amazing. So thank you for bringing that out in a shift in Shell looking forward to the rest of this series. And we'll see you again to actually we're not going to see tomorrow tomorrow we have shift what are you taking over in sha Allah? Very excited. We have Chef woody

02:50:00--> 02:50:39

enjoy enjoy having faculty he is awesome. And especially his reflection on the chrono are amazing. So enjoy having him here. Like I said yesterday, asked him to recite his recitation mashallah is is beautiful so make sure you ask him to recite, and you want to miss out on with Allahu medica and inshallah That's it for today's second day of Ramadan. 360 does that compare to those of you been with us all the way from the fatwa nights until now, it's been a heavy and beneficial past three hours inshallah so just a reminder tomorrow we actually have with us she was our Imam was Sam Sharif who is our star from Quran revolution one of we are also going to inshallah get him to recite as

02:50:39--> 02:51:11

well mashallah one of our most engaging and empowering instructors as well. He's talking on the platform of good and shifflett even shall have followed is going to be following him with the Quran reflections circles. Tomorrow is going to be a great day please do make sure you join us that's going to be at 5pm PST to roughly about 6:45pm PST inshallah as well and this recording will be up for any parts that you didn't miss. For those who didn't catch the football night you still have the form on your portal so you can submit any questions that you have left over for next Sunday and fellowship will be will be back with us to answer more questions on Ramadan and the thick of Ramadan

02:51:11--> 02:51:28

does that clutter for being with us once again, for this entire experience? And one final shout out and a thank you to our amazing friends at helping hands for relief and development in the US Islamic Relief in Canada and forgotten woman in the UK. Please do consistently support them throughout this lesson month. We'll see you tomorrow please