Ramadan Read-Along – Fatiha 11-7 & Baqarah 21-30 (Pages 1 To 6)

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AI: Summary © The speaker recaps a song and discusses various topics including sleep, a law, and a "ball" (the word "ball"). They also mention a "naughty be" and a "naughty be". The transcript describes various false and inaccurate statements made by various speakers, including a brief advertisement for a bouncy music box, a distraction from a phone call, a law, and a "back door" involving drinking coffee. The transcript is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a series of disconnected sentences and phrases.
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We're about to start our recitation. It is about putting yourself into the recitation do your best that's all I request. Will do we learn immunoassay you plan your body are all bIllahi min. Ash shaytaan your Raji.

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Bismillah here Walkman you Rahim Al hamdu the Lai here have been I mean, oh Walkman yo Rahim muddy Kia will meet Dean iya can our boo iya canister every day no sleep at all one was Delpy sleep at all Lavina

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II him lady Mailloux vrna moil or li

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Bismillah you rock man you Rahi Addy, la Love

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Me him

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that he can kita Bula ye Buffy who did a little more dirty

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than you can kita Ebola why Buffy who the reveal more 13 Lavina you may know gonna be logo Ebay you will see Mooners one that I want me Mao was up on now who mewn fuchal

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What ladina you me? Dona Bhima

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Zilla elago I'm

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Xena top elec or Bill Irati whom you will know and wala EAGALA who would

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be him

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ICA whom will move to y equals Sarah on the line you America please silence your father take care of their heem Have a wonderful evening

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in a levy Naka Thoreau's

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gnarly him

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zero hope I'm loving tools your home lie you with me? No Cortana Allahu Allah Kulu be him more Allah some re him while sloty him Malaysia

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one of whom are the golden Alim Wamena and NASCI my goal guru

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he will be the

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key one

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meanie you hold your own law how a loving man who is the owner e

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l it

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full circle Mwamba yes rune feel good to be him my fossa humo more law one of whom are the board not one hour my job on either an evil be my gun or the moon

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what either de la whom, you know karma ye Doughty La La whom you reference what either the law whom love to see do feel or the ball who in Amana know mostly hone

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in home home or remove see Lonavala key liars rune what either Thielen mean or gamma

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orlu or do meno gamma

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Mana sufa Ha ah

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in Negombo sofa ha

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Walla ki lie on the moon a one in the chatbox if you're still with me and can keep along and are following along while Akela on the moon excellent Jr you're finding it beneficial

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I will be learning to shape body and body

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or either local ladina

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Galuh now either hollow inertia Queenie him although although in

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in Amana normal stuff Z on a log whoo yes Z OB him y mo do goofy to Yanni him Jana Hoan feito Lea nee him Yama Hoon hula you can Levinas Tara wood wood block will ball will Bala Derby Hooda firma or be had the firm our be healthy doubt or to whom deja Ron to whom or mark and who more daddy warmer can who daddy hola Eagle the national one another bill Hooda from our lobby had the Java to who more American who macdaddy

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method who matter Lou whom can lead this they will call that out or fell

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off at Maho level they have a law who be naughty him they have a law who venuti him whatever aka home field lumati law you will sleep rune Sloane

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book more no new Fairholme lie our dear own Oh Cal Slyke you beam Mina sama

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up here Hello. To do a battle. Yeah Jaya Luna al slobby I home yeah jayawardhana else lobby I home fee hee hee

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yeah Jai Luna yadgir I Luna as law is law be i whom fee Can you hear me now slower are you at the head? Oh one mode whoa who here?

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Bill Caffee 18 Why ecommerce set off to everyone just joining us

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yeah can I do a bow or whoever else all of them yep awful elbows law whom? Those law whom? Guru Lama

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all measure Wolfie he was either.

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Lamar lay him on. One Oh SHA Allahu La. Ibiza, marry him whatever sloty him in Allah Allah Coolessay in for the

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word equals Salam Rahmatullah.

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Yeah a Johan nurse or Gu Rob Baku, Lady Hola, como Lavina Mian Polycom La La comme Khun and NaVi John Hola, como. Warfield Losch Oh was

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B na. Was

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Avena Sabina

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then I mean s

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e ma.

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Zan Amina, some

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JBE Rajavi Mina some outlawed it is unethical. Vallarta Gerardo de la dee da dum dum Donna moon. We're in Khun tomb fi Oh AB me man as Zana Allah Aberdeen to be sue me myth me. What me Miss Li Li Liang Khasra DDD wonder oshada

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Dooney laggy

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tombs all up in

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the fog who won that fight who shut up now Lottie worku doula

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age John hey John worried that new caffeine popped into who re ovary or is that that that little caffeine at

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well machinery levena Am Anwar amino Swati had the M Allah whom Jana 30 mil takhti

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Gu llama guru Lama Rouzier coo coo llama Rosie Oh mean Mia thermo rotted whiz bang Todd who all who had a levy Rosie upon mill Bob whoa to be here motor Shabbiha what or whom fee ha as wide or how to walk home fi have all you do

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in Allahu Allah is Da Ye al de Obama Salah mother or glutton for found if I will call him

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mullerian man who they are and Moon will help me Rob be him. What? Melody NACA roofer guna mother

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the law will be hard masala you will Willowby he Cathy Oh via DV deal on Walmart you will leave low V fast up

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I love you and I am although not the log immune Gardi me selfie here why Apple Car oh why Apple blah oh no

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I'm out I'll log will be he he also on a us on our UFC donor fetal hula Iike who will horsey you rule gay for tech for wanna be law he worked on two

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young cool so meiomi to consume my your yikun so you know you hate over general rude.

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Who are levy haulout Paula

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Matthew all worldly Jamie so must Allah you know. Yes.

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You first so.

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wha hoo I'm equally che Nani

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Manik was after losses to perveen and family. We are were all celebrating Ramadan together either having started today or being in the process of preparing for Tada we for tonight.

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I will be learning I'm going to show you Banyuwangi

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so no matter in the United States it's Wednesday and Thursday. It's it's every day every day is no Milan so no worries.

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How many people still with me want to tread on you want to do and stop? Is this too much? Are you ready to keep going let's roll this boat friends Come on 20 pages 15 pages. What is all out our book and

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get it in Niger Ainun feel our rudely Akkad ephah all who? Tada Luffy you see Doofy ha may you have sudo fi Why is pico de ma na no new sub b Who be hum DECA one oppa this oh like all in me. Love uma dollar Moon

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Allah in me Allah move

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