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The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a holistic approach to advancing Islam, finding a middle ground for achieving spiritual health and success, promoting Islam, setting up events to support Muslims, and donating. They also stress the need for engagement and support for individuals to build personalities and finding a partner to support them. The success of the brochure for donating 500 pounds is highlighted, along with the importance of empowering and trade for Islam. The importance of forgiveness and caring for one's family is emphasized, and the training program for 10,000 Muslims is expected to involve learning, networking, and professional discussions. The importance of protecting against Islam's "unsighta venture" and finding accuracy in information is emphasized, and the holy spirit's importance is highlighted. They emphasize the need for unity in the Islamic culture and the importance of pursuing one's goals in order to achieve success.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and friends, and welcome to the seventh Ramadan live stream of Sapiens Institute sapiens, which means hikma. It means profound knowledge. And this is exactly what Allah tells us to do in his book when he says that we should convey to the way of Allah to the path of Allah with hikma with wisdom, with profound knowledge, with sapiens, absolutely, and this is exactly what we're trying to do and elsewhere and sort of Yusef Allah says the same thing. He mentioned in the Quran, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to say that I call to Allah with, with what basura deep insight and wisdom. This word is a

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Quranic word, we're motivated by the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The other thing brothers and sisters, Today's theme is on building the future. Yes, absolutely. This is exactly what Ramadan is about. We plant a seed in Ramadan, and we will see that seed grow in the ark era. And we want to see it grow in the dunya because Allah says what Allah contact upon in order for us to attain God consciousness. That's our vision for Ramadan. So brothers and sisters,

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please support Sapiens instant is noble endeavor, Sapiens nc.org, force, forward slash donate live, it could be the night of power today, it could be and I don't want you guys to miss on all the amazing reward because Sapiens is dedicated in building the future for the Dow in what way by providing training and education for the dots. So they can go and give Dallas all the Shahada is that they get and who the hearts to transform can be linked back to the engine. That's why be strategic with your sadaqa and support the dollar today support the engine of the dollar support the builders of the future. And this is so significant brothers and sisters, because we are in

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unprecedented times. And we need organizations of the Sapiens Institute to convey the call with hikma with wisdom and to train others and to motivate others to do the same. So as you can see right now brothers and sisters Ede has come early support is here for some reason why Allah bless him and grant him jointer for those. So just to repeat, brothers and sisters, we're talking about building the future of the tower. And the way we're going to do that. We are going to train and develop the art. And by the way, since last year, may we trained just last year, July actually, technically, we trained over 6000 Muslims to be able to articulate Islam, and to defend Islam academically,

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intellectually. And our plan for after Ramadan is to train over 10,000 Yes, over 10,000 so imagine each of these people who are trained to defend this area, some academically and intellectually, they go in their lifetime 100 Shahada, which is very possible if you train people, what's 10? What's 100 times 10,000?

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That's the million right. Yes, absolutely. Yes, a million, you became one of the reward. So it's best to support those who are building the future, being the engine and driving $1 forward for the future for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we're gonna take some questions as well on this topic, because the whole point today is building the future of the dollar and your role in it. What is your role in the dollar? We want you to get involved, we want you to join our training, we want

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you to know what we're going to do after Ramadan so you can support it right now. So you don't miss out on the reward. We don't want you in six months a year time to see the amazing work that we planned and you like if only I gave my sadaqa time, if only I supported Sapiens at that time. So without further ado, let's introduce our amazing beautiful, beautiful brothers, Mr.

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Adnan Rashid and savour Achmed. So I'm going to talk to us as our brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, welcome, all of you will come to this stream on the 25th Night of the month of Ramadan, which may well be Laila to color. We don't know we are all loaded in sha Allah by the grace of Allah. And we cannot miss out the opportunity to support a noble endeavor like this, as where the Hamza was already explaining earlier. What we need is leadership. What we need is intellectuals defending Islam throughout. Okay, why do we need to defend Islam? What's the need was the necessity Why is it so urgent? Because rather than sisters, Islam is the most attacked faith in the world. Let

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me repeat that without hesitation with confidence with responsibility. Let me state this again. Islam

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The most attacked faith in the world. And it is being attacked by politicians, by journalists, by intellectuals, and academics. And basically people from the street, everyone feels that it is open season in Islam and what is the solution? We like to talk about solutions. Okay, we have highlighted the problem globally. The problem, the question is now, what is the solution? The solution is exactly what we are proposing tonight. Exactly what Sapiens has been doing for the past year. And this is the solution, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims in the next year. We like to talk about solutions. Remember, we are a positive people, we are a pragmatic people. Okay, we are optimistic.

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So solution is empower and train over 10,000 Muslims complete a book on doubts that addresses all sorts of doubts, and gives us instructions as to how we deal with them. publish a website responding to leery and leading anti Islam websites, I repeat,

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put up a website that responds to leading anti Islam websites. I can mention some of them without shame. Okay, you know, all these websites that are pumping into the hatred against Islam, and Muslims, you know, Robert Spencer, Jihad watch, and the list goes on. I don't know answering. I don't want to promote them. But this is the situation replacing by the use of user pointers or star user will be joining us tonight. And I will ask him to go through the statistics again, every seven minutes, if not quicker, every seven minutes. There is anti Islam content coming up online on website. What are we going to do about it? This is the response the solution? Let's start the

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solution. Let's stop thinking and start doing publish your website responding to anti Islam website, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service for one to one sessions, or one to one interactions between a Sapiens expert and the person who has doubts or who has questions or who need guidance in general, or leadership and needs confidence in Islam also professionally filmed 10 free courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. So we'll be we'll be putting up 10 free courses when we say free free of charge no charge. So these will be courses teaching us how to defend Islam intellectually on a number of different topics, then also publish two new books on Islamic thought

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and proofs of Islam also produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts, commenting on them to philosophical issues, and providing a strong case for Islam and engage in poor academic discussions and debates, at least for this is by the way this plan is for the next year. Okay, this is our plan for the next year. This is our solution. This is our pragmatism, this is our optimism. This is our response to hate and Islamophobia. This is how we're going to deal with it. Start a new podcast as well. This is also we're going to this is also something we want to do within the next year. So brothers and sisters, look at this list I just put in front of you. Okay, this is overwhelming. We

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haven't had this. We haven't had this. I don't think anyone else is doing it. If they are I salute them because they are looking forward. They are progressive. They are looking to find solutions to our biggest problem in the world today Islamophobia. It is open season on Islam, what are we going to do about it? This is a solution. So are you going to support is the question it is the 25th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be a lot of other there is that reward. Also, reward in supporting this cause supporting the dean, when it is being attacked is a lot higher than supporting a dean when it is when it is in power. Let me explain. Or let me repeat very quickly. You know, the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the best sadaqa is done in hardship or the best support is given when no one else is supporting. Let me explain. You know why aboubaker status is so high in Islam. Do you know why aboubaker is the second most important person after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself.

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Among the companions of the Prophet, he has the highest rank. You know why? Because he was with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the time when most people could not be with him. He was in the cave with the professor muscle and protecting him against islamophobes against those who were attacking him, though were those who were looking to kill him. You know, the incident of the Lord Thor, the Cave of Thor which is mentioned in

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Surah Surah Surah Tauba chapter nine of the Quran verse 100, if I'm not mistaken, when Allah mentions the incident of the cave, you know, when both of these individuals the Prophet salallahu Salam and Abu Bakar were in the cave, right? And Allah said that Allah supported him with forces that could not be seen. Okay, so I sided frozen no problem.

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We have you said wonders. Salaam

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Alaikum. Salaam Hamza. It's frozen.

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Subhanallah? Yeah,

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we haven't been hacked. Okay, so the point I was making earlier brothers, my brother's My beloved brothers was that the best support as far as allies concerned is given in hardship in difficult times, when no one is supporting today. Islamophobia is the biggest threat facing us who is supporting causes like this that are confronting Islamophobia through education, through compassion, through love through mercy. Okay, we are not haters. We don't we don't respond to evil with evil. We respond to evil with goodness. What is our goodness our goodness is education. We will educate the people we will show them what Islam is how beautiful it is. Who wants to support in this difficult

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hour. Who wants to support this Deen in this difficult hour if you want to do it, brothers and sisters one there is reward for Ramadan. Two there is potential for Laila Takada tonight three. It is a difficult time to support a cause like this, because hardly anyone is looking this way. Hardly anyone is thinking about Islamophobia and responding to it. And we are doing it. So support this cause by donating on the link Sapiens institute.org. forward slash, donate live. Donate live brothers and sisters. This is your chance. This is your opportunity to point some score literally points, some scores with the last one lie. You know, it is easy when Islamic civilization was at the

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peak when Muslims were the best scholars best points best militaries best best government, the most organized and civilized cities in the world like Cordoba, like Damascus, like Baghdad, like daily, medieval daily when Muslims had all of this, you know, I'm sure many people wanted to support the Muslim civilization. They wanted to come forward and say okay, it's already something established something so powerful. But today, we are on the receiving end. Globally speaking, Islamophobia is a reality, and we are responding. And we are fighting back intellectually, academically, compassionately, lovingly, we are defending our faith, who wants to be part of this endeavor? I am

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looking for those fortunate people, please.

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Known as frozen. So absolutely, as he was saying that we're looking for those people who want to support this oma, we're looking for those people that are going to be helping the embryonic stages of this very important institution, you know, 10 years down the line when they are hundreds of 1000s of

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all across the world internet. They are many, many people who have accepted Islam through the efforts of the Sapiens Institute, when so many of the intellectual doubts have actually been dispelled, and there's been articles written and inshallah through all of the efforts collectively that can be done through the staff and through the volunteers and through the different people involved. You know, when all of this stuff is there, somebody is gonna be looking back and thinking why didn't I just make that investment 10 years ago? It's like, they're or Amazon 20 years ago, why didn't I just invest in Amazon? 20 years ago? Could I have a time machine? Well, this is investing

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for your hereafter, but we're giving you the chance this year. Sapiens Institute has only been around around nine months. And already you can see if you're smart enough from a business perspective, where we are headed, so definitely donate and go to the website donate Sapiens institute.org for slash donate live, and I do want to remind everybody that your charity is not decreased. You'll

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wealthy has not decreased rather by giving charity. So wherever you give for the sake of Allah, you will get back.

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anon you back with us. Yes, I am. Can you hear me, though? The doctor has a goodbye. Don't forget brothers and sisters, we're going to be having some of you on so we can answer some of your questions. And I want us to stick to the topic, which is the future of the Dow and your role in it. Because as you know, Sapiens Institute's strategic focus is to focus on developing creating and empowering the future leaders future to art to be able to show you some academically and intellectually This is the future. We need this all around the world when it makes the greatest impact. So we have planned to train over 10,000 not just trained but develop and train 10,000 people

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after Ramadan in just one year in sha Allah, we have a learning platform, we gonna have 10 in depth courses on a range of topics dealing with Islam suka share, share it intellectually and academically. We're going to talk about Christology, history, philosophy of science, philosophical naturalism, atheism, and so much more. inshallah,

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we're going to produce a book on doubts in a website, dealing with most of the doubts online and offline. This is, this is a noble cause. And I've told people you could take me personally to account if we don't achieve this. And if I don't give you a reasonable and justifiable and provable excuse, or validation, then you can basically expose me, this is the kind of leadership I want to offer because we need transparency to the penny, we need transparency, we need an openness. And we want to show you that we are dedicated to this noble cause. So I am dedicated to we are dedicated as a team to actually doing what a non listed what we want to do after Ramadan in just one year in sha

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Allah, and with your help it can happen and don't miss out on the gravy train. This is the gravy train, this is the reward, right? That we're going is going at high speed you're going to jump on, are you just going to watch, you want to jump on so you can get all of the reward brothers and sisters don't miss out on this amazing reward in sha Allah.

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Absolutely, absolutely. And as I mentioned earlier, don't forget that the best support is given when it is actually needed. You know,

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there is an there is no there is no to point, Muhammad Iqbal

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an intellectual thinker, par excellence, those of you who know him, they know him, you know, he said in one of his lines, that it is easy to support people when they are standing. But the real helpers are the ones when they support someone who's falling, right. So come to support something that needs your support, right? There are hardly any other organizations out there Muslim organizations that are specifically dealing with Islamophobia head on intellectually and academically. Okay. There are many lame, you know, responses out there martial arts, robotic Allah, may Allah bless all the Muslims who are attempting to give good responses. And they are working hard in writing books and

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articles and producing content. But we are talking about giving responses with solid evidences academically and intellectually, right? Because we are not only working ourselves on this point, but we want to work on others to train them empower and train over 10,000 Muslims. Okay, this is creating 10,000 Muslim leaders, we're not talking about anybody. We're talking about 10,000 Muslims who would be empowered enough to defend Islam, to stand for Islam and to take Islam to others wherever necessary, right. So these 10,000 Muslims, we plan to train within the next year, they will become leaders in their own rights, they will be leaders in their respective fields, right. So we're

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talking about creating leaders. This is the response to Islamophobia. Okay, they are putting up new content every seven minutes online against Islam. We'll put up one Muslim train die, every few minutes. inshallah every few minutes, if we break down 10,000 Muslims, what does it come up to every day? Someone wants to break it down every day. 10,000 approximately, that's like 1000 every month, right? I'll get the calculator out yet, then 10,000 divided by 12 or 12. They did it by day. So it's 27 a day.

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For me, I said it's 27 a day. 27 a day. It's about 27 a day. Okay. 27 a day. That's almost one day. One day our leader, one intellectual one academically trained Muslim, every hour, every hour, at least we can do that my brothers and sisters that islamophobes are putting up content online on websites on YouTube on different

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platform's every few minutes by the use of has the statistics and it should bring it out each other in due course. So we will be producing among other things insha Allah by the grace of Allah by the permission of Allah one Daya, one trained Muslim every hour. On average, this is the average outcome. Okay, we aim to do this for 10,000 Muslims within the next year, within the next 12 months. In the last nine months, we have done it 6000 Muslims have been trained by sapient Institute offline and online, offline and online. This is phenomenal work, who wants to be part of it is the question Where are those brothers and sisters who will tell us that they have donated tonight to encourage

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others. So if you have made a donation of 1000 pounds, or 2000, or 3000, or 5000, whatever it may be, let us know that we can announce it to encourage others because when we don't announce it, people think everyone sleeping, so they don't wake up as well. So we want people to wake up by looking at others examples. Right? So let us know. When you make a donation. We will announce it so that we can wake others up in sha Allah. This is phenomenal work. This is a phenomenal vision By the way, right? 10,000 Muslims every year. That's 27 new 27 Muslim to add Muslim intellectuals academically trained brothers every day, almost one every hour. That's a lot. Believe me. That's a

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lot once we have 10,000 Muslims globally trained academically to defend Islam against Islamophobia. Islamophobia will be on the backfoot Trust me Islamophobia will be on the backfoot insha Allah so we want to really really push this Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link brothers and sisters tonight is the 25th night may will be later to Qatar and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Manorama

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muncom Allah Allah call cadre Eman and YT Salman ofera Allahumma Takata momento me anyone who stands in the knighted power in local culture with accountability and firm faith,

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his sins will be forgiven. Okay, what about the reward? What about the reward, the prophet said, any good deed done in the month of Ramadan will be multiplied 70 times. So you are effectively making donations towards producing Muslim leaders who can be confident look the islamophobes in the eye and defend Islam and also promote the loving and compassionate and merciful fate of Islam at the same time. Okay, we don't respond to evil by evil because Allah says in the Quran, respond to evil with that, which is good, right? This is the principle This is the motto we follow. So help us to help you. Right. There are 2 billion Muslims in the world. There are hardly any leaders talking about

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Islamophobia and defending against it. This is what we want to do. This is this is a vacuum. This is a gap we want to fill in Sharla over to you start on the

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muted i think is here for knucklehead. Absolutely. And you know it's not just about Islamophobia, brothers and sisters, it's not about just defending it's also about advancing. So it's about pulling people to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh, Elizabeth Arabic call to the Seville the way of Allah with hikma with with good preaching and discuss with them in ways that are best. And it's very significant brothers and sisters that we actually realize not just about defense, it's also about articulating a positive robust case for this amic tradition, trying to wake that we awaken the truth within people to use different ways to unclouded people's fitrah. To awaken the truth within this

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can include intellectual arguments, it can include existential approach a spiritual approach, we have a very new it's holistic strategy and how to give dollar unfortunately, and this is what I call what you call a we have fallen down the epistemological lizard hole, because all we do is focus on abstract rational arguments, but this is the greatest immaturity, we have to understand that human beings make decisions about the worldview not necessarily based on abstract arguments. So, yes, we have understood that you know, the human being is made of the roar, the fitrah, the color with the alcohol in the oven is a function of the fitrah and so on and so forth. And we have to address the

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human being as the human being is not as how we think the human being is, and even in modern cognitive science, they have understood that human beings are not only motivated by pure rational arguments, they are also you know, there's so many existential psychodynamic, psycho spiritual social influences getting your vote. So the filter can be clouded for many different reasons. So we have understood that and we have tried to treat the human being as Allah has created, the human being will not treat the human being like an abstract AI machine.

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robot that you put some code in, you put input all of a sudden there's output No, we have to have intellectual spiritual maturity. And this is why I like the work that brother Yusuf is doing with regards to nihilism because nihilism is not only necessarily about having robust philosophical deductive arguments, it's also about just engaging the heart like the whole idea of meaning. There is no really good deductive argument to prove that this meaning that meaning is necessary for well being. But there are kind of areas in philosophy, which is continental philosophy that deals with these understandings to get people's experience going to awaken and experience or to awaken a

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certain drive, or to make sense of whatever is intuitive, and whatever is physically within them. So this is why I really like the team that we're building and the approach that we're developing. It's a holistic approach, because we're trying to treat the human being not like an abstract artificial intelligence machine, but to treat him as a human being, and to understand that he has existential concerns, concerns concerning spirituality, and philosophical and intellectual concerns as well. But we have to be sensitive to that too sensitive to that approach to human being as that particular human beings should be approached. And usually, it's not just abstract arguments, is getting into

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their heart into the soul in a way that is conducive to awaken that truth within and that could be different for so many different people. So the point is, we want to advance the Dow in the best way possible. And that's why when you see the Sierra, when you see the Quran, when you see the history of Islam, over 1000 years, people became Muslim for so many different reasons. They needed signs of prophethood. Others wanted to hear the Quran. Others just wanted to see the face of the Prophet sallallahu. It was something that he they knew he couldn't be alive. Others needed a spiritual experience. Others needed Yes, an intellectual argument, what we want to do, we want to basically

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encompass all of those approaches within our methodology. And you see that, for example, you see essays on prophetic mercy, you see an essay on, you know, a robust philosophical argument for God's existence, you see an essay on meaning, you see an essay on net nihilism, and so on and so forth, and all of these kind of topics. And this is the best way of approaching the dour. Unfortunately, what we've done, we've fallen down the epistemological lizard hole, which is we just have to be so abstract and abstract rational, which is good, and we shouldn't use it too for sure. But there are so many other ways to unclouded the fitrah of the human being to awaken the truth within. And this

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is exactly what we're advancing a holistic approach in dealing with the human and to understand the human as Allah created them, not as how we think they are, because they're kind of, you know, modern approaches to the human is a functionalist approach. And this is why in our advanced our course, if you go and listen to a dance, Now, of course, we make a difference between a functionalist approach and a holistic approach a dour holism versus dow functionalism dow functionalism. Back in the philosophy of mind, you treat the human being just like a computer, but that will holism you treat the human being as a human being. So

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it's about advancing and please brothers and sisters, go to the description books and click on the link donate live Sapiens Institute. org Donate Life, donate live, you listen to what we're about you you've heard what advance and in terms of what we've planned, after Ramadan, and let me just list that for you just in case you just come on board and just in case you didn't hear it properly. The things that we have planned to do after Ramadan within a year in sha Allah is as follows. And these are some of the things and power and train over 10,000 Muslims competed for complete a free book addressing all the main doubts against Islam that can be found often online, most of the doubts,

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publish a free website, resorting to leading anti Islamic websites, expanding a lighthouse mentoring service, professionally filmed 10 free courses with slides notes and a new free learning platform, published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam, produced over 660 new videos addressing doubts, commenting on field philosophical issues and providing a strong case for Islam. Engage in full academic discussions and debates and start a new podcast, a lot of work about and you could take us to account on this issue. If this is something that you want to see next year, it requires your support brothers and sisters build the future for the dollar go to Sapiens Institute

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org forward slash donate live use of buy.

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yeah, so I'd like to expand on what you were just saying. I said, a lot of the time people go down either one extreme or the other. Either. They'll focus so heavily on abstract thought and you know, rationality is the the best thing ever. And it's so wonderful that they end up neglecting the heart and elements of that. And then you get the others that are just like no, no rational thinking at all. You just got to use your heart and nothing else and like this is it. If you think you're you're doing something wrong bubble, and you know, there needs to be an understanding that there is a middle path, and that there is a connection between these two elements and that one effect

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see other. And if you want to engage on a rational exploration of things that you need to work on your heart as well, you can't neglect that. And the example I gave in the webinars for Sapiens Institute was that of like being thrown into a pond, and you're under the water and you're thinking you need to do something, you need to do something. And so you're kicking and moving about, and you're trying to figure out the best way of getting out of this water. And all you end up doing is you kick up mud, and you make it harder to see what's going on in the water, you can't see beyond your own nose, because you're, you're doing too much. And often the time is, first of all, to stop

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doing certain things. And that is this process of purifying the heart. And so you take a leap of faith, not so much in the belief of God to begin with, or within the rational arguments. But within, for example, the the sort of practical elements of Islam, like giving up alcohol, not drinking, not taking drugs, and, you know, avoiding bad speech and fasting, becoming, you know, fasting instills a sense of gratefulness for the things you have. And all of these these things, it's most of the time is the lack of the action, which would the analogy is to stop kicking about under the water, and to allow the dust to settle, and for the water to become clear. And then you can start once you've done

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that engaging in the rational side of things, exploring the arguments, looking reading into the Quran, looking into the life of the Prophet Mohammed, Salah Salem, until after the companions, may Allah be pleased with them all. And and once you've settled the heart, this process becomes so much easier. What you find, on the other hand is many people, especially the young, like the the MMA enthusiast who's never had a fight in his life, he's like, I want to become an MMA superstar. So the first thing I'm going to do is pick a fight with your next man who's a heavyweight, and has been training for 20 years, and this is how I'll become a boxer, they get into the ring, and they get

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battered. And you know that with that you've got all of this anxiety, you've got a lot of issues that come along with that. And it's characteristic of an impatience, or a lack of patience. And these are important, and they're often neglected, because of this emphasis on rationality and reason. And these are important. But they shouldn't be the only focus, there are other elements, there needs to be good etiquettes added patients, you know,

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you need to get rid of these things that it so cooked so much of your time in life, like if you're smoking or taking drugs, or drinking alcohol, the amount of effort involved in trying to facilitate these type of things, chasing women, this sort of behavior, man, it's going to absolutely soak up the hours of your, your life, which could be spent doing much more productive things, much more practical things, much more beneficial things. And this is all you know, set out within the path of Islam, it's there, and you can take a leap of faith into these practical ways of living, and you'll see the benefits as they

00:33:09--> 00:33:22

manifest in your life as a result of walking along this path. And seeing the wisdom within the religion itself. And then obviously engaging with the intellectual side of it as well. But there has to be a balance, there has to be a middle path, you can't

00:33:24--> 00:33:29

jump and give all focus to one at the neglect of the other, that the heart is just as important as the mind.

00:33:31--> 00:34:19

Absolutely, absolutely. And I think you know, these types of insights are the sorts of things that do ot who've been in the field for many, many years, it takes them a long time to realize that themselves and then to be able to teach it and articulate it and actually really push out this type of view. So you know, Sapiens Institute is not a virgin Institute, from the perspective that it's got a bunch of people who have ideas on what they'd like to do actually know is time tested, it's things that have been worked on for a long time, actually, all over the internet, you will see going back to the early to the not to 2010 2009 all the way up to now so that's a good 1213 years in which

00:34:19--> 00:34:59

we will you will see activities of some of the speakers sequences to create and what not to and you can see all of that experience is being put into an institute so that other people all across the world do not have to go through those same mistakes. In fact, many of the speakers inshallah that you will see in 20 years from now on the internet or whatever is going to be better than the internet by that time will be inshallah influenced by Institute's like CPC has to do so please go to CPC institute.org for slash donate live. Can we get an update in terms of donations? So if you've if you if you've been making donations, please actually

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

Comment below so that other people are motivated to donate. And also do match funding. So if you if you're going to pull out a challenge and say, I want to give 100 pounds someone else gives 100 pound, then let's get this Hello competition going, because we really want this message

00:35:18--> 00:35:20

was very powerful. He said use of Mumbai.

00:35:23--> 00:35:25

Yes sir. No, sir.

00:35:26--> 00:35:32

Yes. Yeah. Which is like the proof for groups, isn't it for his book? Yeah. So

00:35:33--> 00:35:42

what was the context of the ayat when Allah subhana wa is addressing the Manasa pain, and then he's addressing the believers? What battle

00:35:45--> 00:35:51

was obviously about, you know, the Battle of the ditch if I'm not mistaken. And

00:35:52--> 00:36:33

one of again, we're hesitant in coming forward. Yeah, and the ones Allah praise are the ones who are there basically to to support the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Yes, yeah. So when they believe is so the enemy Alliance, they were coming from all around, right? Yes, correct. Yeah. And then Allah says, Allah says that the believers say, this is what Allah and His Messenger has promised us, the promise of Allah and His Messenger has come true. And this only increased them in faith, and submission. So there was an interesting number here, from the point of view that, you know, the Manasa pain, they saw things not going really well, they saw the enemy Alliance coming. And they

00:36:33--> 00:36:52

were just finding any excuse to turn their back and say, you know, the profit is only profit promising us delusion. But when it came to the believers, the hearts was such that when all of this was happening, it only increased the emaan. So there's a bit of a double head to anchor off what you said, with regards to

00:36:53--> 00:37:28

dealing with things like doubts, and just Imani in general. Whereas it's very interesting that I was speaking to a chef yesterday on the live stream, and we're having a discussion on this particular issue. And he was saying, When, when the Sahaba had experiences, he only reaffirmed that he might increase the amount and reaffirm them. And when for some people when there was an excuse to doubt because of negative circumstances, for the Sahaba that was only a means to increase the emaan Hello.

00:37:29--> 00:38:12

And the way he discusses the Shrek was basically saying from what I remember, is like having a mango, if someone gives you a mango, and you taste and it's so sweet, you can have deductive rational arguments to prove that the mango is better, or the mango is salty, or the mango is is is not three, those arguments are not gonna do anything to you, because your experience of tasting the mango, it's so first person, it's so real, that if the whole world would come and say that mango is not sweet, you just laugh at them, because it will just increase in your conviction that mango is actually sweet. So there is a tasting of emotion that is required. There is a tasting of the dean

00:38:12--> 00:38:54

that is required. And this was alcohol. He was actually talking about his alcohol. He was like, you know, the archetypical skeptic, if you like from a kind of Islamic perspective, but yet he wrote to have a Dalit philosopher, he wrote all of these books and the Jews of the Quran and you know, and so on and so forth. And he came to the conclusion that you need to be on a path of tasting the de internalizing the Quran and Sunnah de becomes rule for you that when these things, you know, are so called sources of doubt, they actually increase your Eman just like the Sahaba. You know, the manof. Again, when the enemy alliances were coming, it decreased them in any mind. Actually, they had no

00:38:54--> 00:39:25

eemaan from that perspective, and they said, Look, the profit is only calling us to delusion. But for the Sahaba It was totally the opposite because they had tasted eemaan so much that even when there was circumstances where maybe normal people would doubt increase them in eemaan. And this is an amazing to show that you have to combine it with the experiential, existential internalization of the values of the deen and so on and so forth. Just

00:39:27--> 00:39:51

Just before that we've had a 500 pound donation by Atif Sharma who is basically challenging and if anybody else can actually match it that they're going to donate 500 pounds so then we have 1000 pounds. Can that comment please be highlighted is by active Sharma. This is what we want. We want much funding. I want to come forward and donate to the Institute. What time stamp

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

4741 741

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

41 Okay, wait.

00:40:05--> 00:40:49

Okay, anyway, I announced it. If we can find it, then we'll put it up. But it's here very quickly. This is a line of a lot who has come forward to encourage others 500 pounds, we're going to match it. And if someone wants to match it with 1000 pounds or 2000 pounds, there's nothing stopping us the 25th night. It may well be Laila to Qatar. I just want to keep reminding you, brothers and sisters, don't take this course lightly. We you know, why bother. Hamza mentioned the incident from Liverpool, because he shows those who are true believers. true believers are the ones who stand for the hug when it is needed. Not when the heartbeat already in power, not when the hug is already

00:40:49--> 00:41:08

dominant. Okay, when the hug is being attacked, day and night, when the truth is being attacked, then those who are there to defend the truth, or to untarnished the name of the truth or demystify the truth than they are the true believers as far as

00:41:09--> 00:41:12

you comment, there we go this comment, sorry.

00:41:15--> 00:41:22

If Sharma has put out a challenge, yes, I have given $696 equivalent to 500 gb,

00:41:23--> 00:42:07

please match it and make my donation look tiny, you will never be tiny, your money Your donation will never be tiny. You know why? Whoever tries to match it now you're going to get the reward for them as well, without them reducing the reward without them losing any reward. So this is the spirit we are looking for tonight, my brothers and sisters, we want those who are thinking, we're still in two minds or they're hesitant. Don't be hesitant. This is progression. This is how Islam will make progress in this day and age by having intellectual by having thinker by having minds that can with confidence, stand for the truth. Okay. And as brother Hamza said, it's not only about defense

00:42:07--> 00:42:50

against Islamophobia, it is also about Dawa. It is also about calling people to Islam, telling them about telling them about Islam, telling them about Allah, why they must worship Allah, why they must recognize a lot and give them intellectual reasons for that. Give them academic reasons for that. Okay, so the more we are educated, the more eloquent we will become, the more empowered we will become, the more confident we will become in our data. Right? This is the spirit we want. And this is the solution today, brothers. I don't know about the past. I don't know what's going to happen in the future. But this is one of the solutions we need today. This is progression. Okay. Not

00:42:50--> 00:43:03

regression. This is progression. This is how we will make progress in Sharla. We have too many doctors, too many lawyers, too many businessmen, you know, well, I thought the Muslim Muslims are some of the richest people in the world.

00:43:04--> 00:43:16

Then why is Islamophobia on the rise is the question. Are we not using our influence, our finances to respond to defend the truth? If we're not, then

00:43:17--> 00:43:22

sorry, Citgo, please, not hold that thought for a second.

00:43:24--> 00:43:58

Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar cidco. Has Alhamdulillah have donated 550 so far, so May Allah bless you said And may Allah bless the brother forgot his name, Dilma May Allah bless brother Sharma And may Allah bless said who is going to match these two lines of allies The question now Okay, they are encouraging Allah Akbar pledge and in $60 Bismillah May Allah bless you or pledging 30 pounds sorry Why sorry Why are you saying sorry man a peep show

00:44:00--> 00:44:07

you know even this allow for this this story because he got the dollars mixed up with the pounds now cuz

00:44:08--> 00:44:52

I bought it because he donated $30 man, anything at this time? Well, I cannot be belittled cannot I have a question though that's bugging me. Yes, we will come to them. No problem. You can come in and ask your question. And may Allah bless you said for making that donation. So we will be answering questions inshallah today, but we want to encourage every 25th Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be Laila to Qatar. Who knows? Look outside I don't know, look outside if there are signs that it may well be a local product and if it is, Allah said in the Quran, Rama Rama competitor, what do you know what the night of power is? You the Muslims? Goes read the Quran. What do you know what the

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

night of power is? You cannot know. Know this much. We can tell you this much that it is better than 1000

00:45:00--> 00:45:28

months, it is better than worshiping for 1000 months, which is more than 83 years. Allah is telling us, if you were to worship Allah or if you were to do a good deed in this night, it is done as if you've done it for more than 83 years more than 1000 months. That's phenomenal. On top of that, what are we doing on a non? If we are to the comment at 747 by rodon?

00:45:30--> 00:46:11

It's not me. It's brother Yousef, you can do YouTube, you can go set. There we go. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. We don't want this train to stop. We don't want this train to stop. We want this. brothers sisters. What are you waiting for? Look, look what's happening. One person that brother Sharma comes forward and he encourages others. And there we have it. There we have it. What are you waiting for? Everyone has listened to right. Listen to us right now. Whether you are an elite our channel whether you are an EF tower, whether you are my channel Adnan Rashid, or whether you are on Sapiens Institute's channel, on my Facebook account, share this live feed right now with those who

00:46:11--> 00:46:54

cannot watch it because you you're not sharing a chair, press the share button right now and start chatting. And we want this train to continue this, this train of donations. We don't want this to stop all night. We want to receive these donations. The more the merrier. The more we have the more Muslim leaders we are training, to have confidence, to have knowledge to have academic excellence so that they can defend this faith, this beautiful faith, the hug the truth of Islam, Allah Islam, Allah always produces his people in every single generation. Do you want to be those people? Is the question. Allah always brings about his own forces, forces that defend the truth, that defend

00:46:54--> 00:47:07

compassion, that defend love that defend mercy. Are you from the force of Allah? If you are, then come forward and show us what you can do? And let us know that you've done it so that we can encourage others? May Allah subhanaw taala

00:47:08--> 00:47:53

commented, I love Sapiens Institute. So do I. That's right. Yes. And we want to see that love manifest. Tonight, we want to see that love manifest Sapiens Institute is not only about defending Islam, against Islamophobia, and islamophobes and hatred, and those so called academics and pseudo intellectuals who really want to tarnish this beautiful faith. It is also about taking Islam to others. It is also about presenting the case of Islam intellectually, it is also about giving Islam to people as it should be given brothers and sisters. It is it is many folds, you know what we're doing our strategy or methodology is many folds that are so many benefits and you are making

00:47:53--> 00:48:32

donations to all of that benefit. Okay, those 10,000 Muslims will be training next year you have a share in that those books will be writing, you will have a share in that those websites we will be creating by the permission of Allah, you will have a reward in that those lighthouse mentoring service will be doing for the next 12 months, you will have a share in that those 60 new videos addressing doubts and commenting on to philosophical issues, you will have a rewarding that doubt those four academic discussions and debates we plan to do in the next year you will have a sharing that okay, we will be starting a new podcast to encourage our youngsters and give them confidence in

00:48:32--> 00:49:07

Islam. You will have share in all of that. What more do you need from Allah? What more do we need? So come forward and start making donations and shout out let us see what we can do as a as an oma today inshallah, we need to defend our faith. Okay. I don't want to leave Islam, but my mind is full of doubts and questions. Absolutely. We will answer your question no matter where there's nothing to worry about. Brother Omar, there's nothing to worry about. And this is why we need support brother and sister those of you watching this brother this youngster who just commented he's that he has doubts he doesn't want to leave. There are many like that who don't want to leave because internally

00:49:08--> 00:49:52

within the spirits they know this is the heart but there are questions that are bugging their minds. And we are providing answers through our work through our videos our articles or research or webinars or seminar or Debate or discussion podcast, you name it. Brother sisters, who wants to be part of it the question come forward and let us see 25th Night of the month of Ramadan and Allah will open the doors agenda for all of us collectively inshallah. So, jack Hamza, tell us why people must be named tonight, apart from the fact that it's Ramadan, and that it may well be Laila from Qatar and so many people are watching us, right? Tell us Okay, another one l match 150 pound

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

donation insha Allah Musab has said someone who donates 150 pounds he will match it who wants to do that?

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

Can we have that line of Allah or likeness of Allah? Both men and women? Okay Allah in Surah to treat Muslim men and women equally. In verse number 35 Surah 33 verse 35, Allah says those believing men and believing women, okay? And Allah goes on. Throughout the verse talking about men and women equal in reward, we want our lions and lionesses to come forward. Okay? I've donated over past week but only a small amount doesn't matter Nothing is more. Nothing is more Let me tell you something. Nothing is more the province or lattakia nominal model, which is 101 takakkaw. A virgin Polly. Do not belittle any of your good deeds even smiling your brother even smiling at you, brother. You know

00:50:47--> 00:50:51

when I smile at Hamza even though I don't feel like it. It is there is a

00:50:54--> 00:51:33

lie. I love it. I just you know, when you love Tom, you really you know, you're always poking them and you're always making fun of them and all that. Yeah, he knows I love him. He's frozen for now. He's frozen on my screen. I don't know. Okay. So don't belittle your deeds. brothers sisters, who is going to match that? 150 pounds from 150 pounds. Donate if someone makes a donation. We want this good competition. Allah says in the Quran, first topical hierarchy. Okay, compete with each other in goodness. This is what we want tonight. Okay, we want to support this cause we want to have more movement trained to defend Islam. We want to have more confident Muslims who can give Dawa I don't

00:51:33--> 00:51:59

have any money so I can't donate. No problem. Raise your hands. Raise your hands. Raise your hands like that. And say Allah give Sapiens Institute's success. Give them success at the mission or law enable them to do the work they want to do. This is your power. This is the power of a believer if you don't have money to donate, no problem Raise your hands. At least you can raise your hand or at least click the Share button

00:52:02--> 00:52:06

to be go to the comment 753 by a team Sharma

00:52:07--> 00:52:16

Yeah, what's one of the other they've donated another another 150 pound because of the challenge because of the other Musab

00:52:17--> 00:52:38

mela May Allah bless you Sharma brother Atif. May Allah bless you, I'll open the doors of Jennifer you may well covered and if it is your loaded man because we just had another we just had another person accepting the challenge or brother Musab by agreeing to I believe is 150 pounds. So that's just coming to

00:52:40--> 00:53:25

allow our brother most of mela bless you for starting this again and we want more people coming forward following further achieve and but the most of we want to continue with this tradition. So let more people come forward and let them say okay, I will challenge 1000 pounds who wants to match it? I will give 2000 pounds. I raise my hand as you said please. Okay, you're you're you're an early Tao fan. So am I okay? Am I am also an Elisa pan. And today actually tonight We are broadcasting on his channel. He's very kind mela blessing May Allah give him genda in return will lie Look how people brothers are supporting the cause. Okay, this is a well supported, coordinated cause. So you

00:53:25--> 00:54:07

cannot be left behind brother sisters or teeth. For praise. May Allah reward him Absolutely. May Allah reward a teeth. May Allah open the doors of Jennifer Yachty Sharma and brother Muslim and all the others have followed them and said look back to their call. We want more brothers and sisters coming forward. Maybe putting up more challenges maybe 500 pounds or 1000 pounds or 2000 pounds, whatever it is. The more the merrier. The more we have, the more we can do. What are we raising funds for in the next 12 months. This is what we want to do in the next 12 months empower and train 10,000 Muslims that like one trained academically intellectually empowered Muslim every one hour

00:54:07--> 00:54:45

This is what Sapiens Institute wants to do within the next 12 months. Then complete a free book addressing all the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. publish your website responding to leading anti Islam website, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, providing one to one sessions and guidance to those who need it professionally will tend free courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. This is the game to empower and to give our published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam produced over 60 new videos addressing doubts commenting on to philosophical issues and providing a strong case for Islam.

00:54:45--> 00:54:59

Engage in for academic discussions, dialogues and debates. Okay, and start a new podcast. That's the nominal work. Those of you who make making donations tonight you have a share in all of that. You are facilitating all of that. This is what Sapiens

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

Institute aims to do within the next 12 months, who wants to be part of it? Who wants to be part of it? Come forward inshallah and put challenges out. We want someone to come forward and say, Okay, I will give 1000 pounds if someone can match it. Okay? And watch what happens. Watch this oma common action, right? Watch this on my mobile eyes. Okay? If you cannot donate, definitely do not forget them from your daughter. Absolutely. Don't forget your daughter, every single one of you watching, if you cannot make a donation if you don't have the money, what you can do is make Doha and ask others to support is the training done online, online and offline? Okay, this training will be

00:55:38--> 00:56:04

online, through webinars, through seminars, through other means, and also offline in person, like Sapiens Institute did it for Blue Mosque dollar team, the Blue Mosque has access to 4 million people every year, 4 million people are visiting the Blue Mosque. Every year, this dollar team was trained by Sapiens Institute personnel, and they will be potentially giving out to hundreds of 1000s of people. So

00:56:05--> 00:56:15

you know, the actual you know, the funny thing is, the blue most dour was actually done in Turkey. But it was done online. It was really funny.

00:56:16--> 00:56:39

And we also went to see them in the office and I met the some of the volunteers. And it was so beautiful because there was a Ukrainian system that we took the Shahada that day as well and I met professors to the Mandarin, who helps manage the blue most team we did the Shahada was at the Blue Mosque Alhamdulillah so the training is done offline and online Alhamdulillah.

00:56:41--> 00:56:44

So yeah, so metal, bless every single one of you, and

00:56:46--> 00:56:50

we're going to show a very, very quick video, and then we will back off this video inshallah.

00:56:55--> 00:57:39

People move a lot, but they go nowhere. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the opposite. He was always moving forward, achieving the best results, yet he did not achieve success on his own. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam developed the Sahaba to be able to share Islam with wisdom. In other words, with sapiens, yes, that's exactly what the word means. This process culminated in Islam rich intellectual and spiritual heritage. This is why we at Sapiens Institute are dedicated in following this prophetic method by not just providing free academic content, but by pro actively developing intellectual activists and academic leaders. Your donations will help develop leaders all

00:57:39--> 00:57:57

around the world, create academic activists to intellectually share Islam and educate others to do the same. Remove doubts spread by false ideas for generations to come. In sha Allah, it's critical to continue this important work together. Be a leader, be the first to donate donate now.

00:58:13--> 00:58:20

Sup ahead, brothers. So I'm gonna I'm gonna be off for about 1015 minutes. I'll be back in 15 minutes usual. Okay.

00:58:22--> 00:58:29

Angela, brother Hamza. And we hope by the time you come back, we would have raised another 234 1000 pounds. Let's have a target.

00:58:30--> 00:58:44

Before you go before you go, before brother Hamza comes back. I like challenges. I want to be able to raise 3000 pounds, at least 3000 pounds. Okay. And my brother Hamza, that doesn't mean you just pay for two hours. Yeah, until we raise 3000.

00:58:49--> 00:59:19

Okay, so what is this, this is the challenge before but the Hamza comes back to live feed, whatever it takes 15 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever. We want to raise 3000 pounds who wants to help us achieve that? Okay, before he comes back, the clock is ticking. He might be back in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes. 3000 pounds. I know it's a bit of a high challenge. But we can do it. We can do it this Omar can do it. And as brother job in that video clip stated that it is about the intellectual

00:59:20--> 01:00:00

and academic legacy of Islam, the Muslim civilization. Don't forget the Muslim civilization was the best thing that happened to humanity. One of the best things, you know why? You know what we produce for over 1000 years. Don't forget that if any islamophobe if any islamophobe speaks to you, and tries to put tries to put you down, don't let them put you down. You know why? Talk to them about the achievements of the Muslim civilization. Talk to them about the libraries that taught them about the libraries of Spain. Talk to them about all the work in the field of science, philosophy, literature, poetry, theology, and all

01:00:00--> 01:00:47

The other intellectual fields, Muslims, pioneer and master, ask them, where did this come from? You islamophobes you bunch of hatred? Where did this all come from for over 1000 years? It wasn't because of the Quran. It wasn't because of the Prophet, or his legacy. How did this come from a vacuum? Did this come from a vacuum? Did this come this legacy pop into existence itself by chance? No. It was produced by the Quran and the prophetic example. So talk to islamophobes and tell them about this legacy we're talking about this is the legacy we want to highlight to the work of Sapiens Institute. Okay. A brother, someone I couldn't read the comment. Okay. Our brother wants to donate

01:00:47--> 01:01:27

from Pakistan. What's the procedure that go on the link and make a donation inshallah brother make a donation? Can you imagine? Can you believe it? Pakistan, is going through economic crisis, and there are people who want to make donations from there. I'm not saying Pakistan is a poor country, there are multimillionaires, they're billionaires in Pakistan, right. But most people in Pakistan are struggling financially because of the crisis, global economic crisis, and someone more wants to make a donation, this is a donation that may weigh heavy on the scale on the Day of Judgment, so my brothers and sisters, we want to meet that challenge 3000 pounds before but 100 comes back, I want

01:01:27--> 01:02:09

to hit that challenge I want to hit the target may take us 15 minutes, 20 minutes, but let us know if you made a donation, let us know that that so that we can count inshallah this will not donate now. Yeah, that was Ali Dawa is also supporting Allahu Akbar. All of us all the channels my channel are without a doubt. This is a coordinated effort. Why do you think these Big Brothers Big channels are supporting sapiens, because they all believe in this cause? They believe this cause is a noble cause which is much needed. We need leaders now. Enough is enough. We can't have more people crying that there are no leaders to defend Islam and Muslim. We need leaders. So what do we want to do in

01:02:09--> 01:02:39

the next 12 months, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims to be able to defend Islam? And not only that, to be able to give Dawa intellectually academically lovingly compassionately, mercifully, right? This is what we want. We want those kinds of leaders. Right. And it doesn't come for free. My brothers and sisters, we need your support Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, this is your chance to make a real difference tonight. So chef used to tell people to hit the target.

01:02:40--> 01:02:44

ambition. It is very ambitious. But we'll do it. It is

01:02:45--> 01:03:24

why it's imperative. One person can do it. One person, I know that there might be someone listening right now. Someone might come forward, it's okay, here's 3000 pounds, I want to donate to us what you want to do in the next next 12 months, as I've already mentioned, okay, I'm going to mention again, but over to you for Nigel. Yes, it's important, it's because we're like I've repeated this in the previous streams as well, we are going against the behemoth with regards to the Western media, the picture that they're painting of the Muslim community of Islam, how, whenever it's mentioned in the news, 3% of the time, Muslims are self representing 21% of the time, Trump is representing the

01:03:25--> 01:04:16

journalists over 60%. And then 8% is other and that 3% that considers what they're writing down as Muslim isn't even necessarily the Orthodox Muslim, it could be anyone from, you know, any of the spectrum of those who self identify as Muslim. And on top of that, you've got the the over representation. So when there's, like 12% of, and this is in journal articles, as well, by the way, on just as quarterly, I think it was called. And when Muslims commit 12% of the terrorist attacks worldwide, they receive 50% of the news coverage. When you know, there's over a period of seven years, I think between 2005 2012 there were 59 articles written about domestic abuse, and the

01:04:16--> 01:04:25

attacks on women and things like that, in general. So just on that subject in general 59 articles, and one Muslim man

01:04:26--> 01:04:59

who was identified as Muslim, he murdered his family. And this on this one incident alone, there was over 60 articles written compared to generally with the countless amounts of domestic violence and abuse that happened to women in general, over a period of seven years. There was less articles written about all of these different cases than they were on this one case where a man who was identified as a Muslim who'd murdered his family. And the question arises here like is it is the purpose of this is

01:05:00--> 01:05:37

This is a Is it because they care about the the safety and the well being of women. Because if it was, you would surely see a consistency here you would see, it wouldn't just be this one case of this man that happens to be identifying as Muslim, being represented with the majority of articles out there, you would see that it would be consistently every time there was something like this, there will be just as much attention given to it. And obviously, you're cross referencing this with the fact that, you know, 12% of the terrorist attacks are Muslim. And yeah, they get 50% of the media, a white non Muslim attacks, a

01:05:39--> 01:06:23

synagogue, or a black community or anything of that nature. If he's white and non Muslim, he gets much less media attention, he has around 2% of the media attention, content, compared to what if, obviously, the perpetrator happens to be a Muslim, and especially if that person happens to be Brown has always it's disproportionate, and there has to be an explanation for that. Why is it that is it? Is it that they're trying to be impartial? Or are they trying to paint a particular picture of the Muslim community and affect them are trying to make Muslims look like the barbarians? returned? Okay, this is this is what they will display them in the return of the barbarians or something like

01:06:23--> 01:07:09

that, okay. This is why they have magnified Muslim crimes, or even with a Muslim name will commit a crime he becomes certainly he becomes the representative of Islam. They paint them as if they represent Islam, these criminal who happened to have Muslim names and criminals belong to every single society, every single community. Right. As you have, as you have shown, that academic research shows up, that Islam is being misrepresented this proportionately on mainstream media, Islam is being represented or misrepresented, rather disproportionately on global media. Why is that is the question? And these are the type of questions we want to ask. And these are the type of

01:07:09--> 01:07:53

questions we want our people. And they will only are when they know about. And they will only know about it, when they go these when they go through these our training courses and empowerment courses, where they learn all these things, it is very important to know these things so that you know why there are so many attacks on the Muslim. How was Hitler able to dehumanize an entire community for them to die in such large numbers without any, any anyone batting an eyelid? I mean, of course, there are people batting eyelids, but not enough for these people to be protected. In Germany, a catastrophe took place in the 40s when Hitler killed millions of Jewish people. Okay, how

01:07:53--> 01:08:33

was he able to do that? He was able to do that by dehumanizing them by taking the humanity away from them. This is exactly what's happening to Muslims today. Right? We are being misrepresented disproportionately on mainstream media as by the use of as given statistics, right? This is not a joke. We're not playing games where we're not making things up. This is happening. If a Muslim man commits a crime that is covered 50 to 60% more than if a white man goes and sprays someone in in the US. There was a guy in Dallas, or if I'm not mistaken, from for my hotel room with a machine gun. He sprayed into a crowd like of 1000s of people. I don't remember that. I mean, how long did we hear

01:08:33--> 01:08:35

about that people have forgotten already.

01:08:36--> 01:09:18

Brilliant. Okay, killed who killed close to 100 people in a massacre in Norway? How many people talk about it today? How many people talk about it today? Okay. But the Muslim crimes for some reason, they keep getting mentioned again and again. So the people don't forget. So the masses Don't forget. So this is a well planned idea and strategy, dehumanize Muslims, why is a huge question. You can read academic books, why Islamophobia? Why are people spreading Islam? You know, hatred of Islam and Muslims on mainstream channels? These are very interesting questions. But what do you do ask this question. The question is, what are we going to do about it? We don't want to get too political. We

01:09:18--> 01:09:30

want to educate the people rather useful. You want to say something? Yeah. So the article that I mentioned is there now I've just pulled it up. So why do some terrorist attacks receive more media attention than others, and that's just as quarterly so this is an academic article.

01:09:31--> 01:09:33

This one more than that, as well. So there's another one here

01:09:34--> 01:09:59

by Meghan stone, sneaking stranger media coverage of Muslims and refugee policy. And here it outlines a number of really interesting points. So there was not a single month where TV news stories with Muslims as a protagonist was more positive than negative in for employment more than 40% of those months. negative stories outnumbered positive stories by four to one or more. aces are served as a

01:10:00--> 01:10:17

protagonists in more than 60% of all Muslim centered stories. So whenever you're hearing a story, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, films, cartoons, whatever it is, more than 60% of the time ISIS is serving as the protagonist of the Muslim

01:10:19--> 01:10:22

archetypal example for Islam and Muslims.

01:10:23--> 01:10:32

Yep, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, it's like, imagine if we did that with the white people by showing everyone like, aka

01:10:34--> 01:10:35

Hitler was a white man.

01:10:37--> 01:11:17

Yeah. All on a white slave slave holder from the south, from the 19th century. If that was the image painted for every single white man in the world? What do you think? How do you think they would feel? Or let's say, if we were to paint like stereotyping every single community in the world? Well, from the worst examples they might have in the community, right? I still don't know. They don't represent Islam. Everyone knows that. By the way, all of these haters, these politicians, these journalists, these academics, they know that, that the Muslim Omar, the Muslims of the world, almost 2 billion of them have this owned and rejected ISIS, which was a reaction to geopolitical events in

01:11:17--> 01:11:57

the Middle East, or possibly will produce that some claim. Some conspiracy theories claim that they were actually systematically produced. Without getting into that. What is the solution? solution is education. solution is compassion. solution is mercy. solution is love. That's the solution. solution to hate is love. This is my theory. And that's why Sapiens Institute, hence, Sapiens Institute and his work, what are we going to do in the next 12 months, and I'm still waiting for those 3000 pounds by the way, even if you can't do 3000 pounds. Let's start donating 50 pounds, 100 pounds. And let's see what we can get before Hamza comes back. I want to see what we get before

01:11:57--> 01:12:38

Hamza comes back, but let's start making the richest 25th Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be later, of course, so don't belittle it. Come on, guys. Let's donate will be the AMA. Thank you so much for encouraging. Let's donate guys exactly. Let's donate 5020 3010 five, whatever it is 100 500 let's see what we can do before brother hunter comes back and give him a surprise given us presence by alhumdulillah Master 500 bucks donation during one of your sessions a few days ago. Alhamdulillah just received a bonus from work that I wasn't expecting. I'm therefore redoing the matching Allahu Akbar. Can you believe it? You see, this is the beauty of making connections. When you donate in the

01:12:38--> 01:13:19

path of Allah relying on Allah, you don't know where the money is gonna come home and cry. You want to try it? See what happens. Make a donation. And most of us have problems by the way, you know, some of some of us have we have we have health problems. We have problems with our children. We have businesses us we have education issue, we are workers, you you want to remove your problems, make donations in the power of Allah and Allah will remove your problems. Okay. And we're not selling solutions. We're telling you what the Prophet told us as sada Karbala, okay. sadaqa removes calamities, it removes trials, all of us. We are facing trials in our different capacities in our

01:13:19--> 01:14:05

different situations, right. We all need them to be removed. So someone wants to make a donation of 500 pounds less he wants to match it. Okay, what we want is 100 pounds, 50 pounds, 30 pounds, five pounds, 500 pounds, whatever you can donate. Go ahead, start making the difference you can make is the 25th night in Sharla. And what 100 people donating 30 pounds each will hit the target guys. Absolutely. A foreign con said it rightly. 100 people donating 30 pounds each will hit the target and right now. I think we have close to 500 people watching I'm pretty sure I will match the first 100 pounds donation. Thank you, Mohammed, Mohammed Sam. Thank you. May Allah bless you who want to

01:14:05--> 01:14:09

strike the first five. The first five, okay.

01:14:11--> 01:14:43

Allahu Akbar, okay. I will match the first 500 pounds donations that means this brother will give 500 pounds. So we need five people to come forward as soon as possible to give 100 pounds each so that we can have some surprise for the Hamza when he gets back in Sharla. Who wants to do that? 100 pounds within the next few minutes or seconds. We need five people. Let us know when you've done it so that we can match it further. Mohammed has said he will make match those 500 pounds donations with a 500 pound donation. Okay.

01:14:44--> 01:15:00

The disbelievers get 1000s of pounds of donations and we cannot donate 50 pounds each. No we of course you're right. You're partly right, that when some of the disbelievers or let's say Christian missionaries are raising funds for the Trinity

01:15:00--> 01:15:38

to spread the Trinity, they get millions of pounds or dollars, right. But at the same time, there are people making donations tonight of hamdulillah. Many people have come forward. Okay. Someone said, brother Muhammad said our kids are exposed to tons of atheistic material. Again, Satan and his Halla allies are working diligently to stray believers. It is our duty to counter these efforts. I don't see this as optional given given the sake of absolutely whether Mohammed is absolutely right. Satan is working around the clock around the clock just donated 500 pounds me Alexa Allah Akbar Starling

01:15:39--> 01:16:23

May Allah bless you share tala Salut Allah bless you. sada Lamy has donated 500 pounds May Allah accept from you and brother Muhammad you can match that now someone is Oh Allah but I have donated 2000 pounds in previous stream already. But I'll match the brothers 500 pounds who else allow a bill all this is a new challenge by the way. Furthermore, how much challenge has been met by solid? Brother solly on Amy. May Allah bless you. He has made that this is a new challenge. Now. This brother below has donated 230 2000 pounds already in PVC. You know why these people are donating? You know why they are donating? Because they know how important this causes. They know what we're

01:16:23--> 01:17:03

dealing with here. They know the magnitude of the evil we are facing in the world in the form of Islamophobia as brother yous have already highlighted earlier with statistics. You have no idea what's happening out there. And some of you do and that's why you're making a difference May Allah bless you all. This is what we need. Let the train move forward let our vehicle or vessel move forward. I have donated 2000 pounds in previous streams already but I will match the brothers 500 pounds. Who else now who will match brother Bill all 500 pounds we want someone to come forward and match Brother brother Bill adds 500 pounds and I think we will get our 3000 pounds but he uses

01:17:04--> 01:17:06

there's nothing wrong with them budget this is what

01:17:07--> 01:17:19

they nothing wrong. And there's nothing wrong with being ambitious and believing in this oma Of course trusting in Allah Most importantly trusting in Allah and believing in

01:17:20--> 01:17:53

Okay, I think brother Hamza is still not gone for more 10 minutes and we are nearly there. We're nearly there. Allahu Akbar. So I want this competition to go on. Okay, who wants to match 500 pounds or below will not allow awkward Alhamdulillah the 500 pound match done? Male accepted. So Pamela, thank you. So because brother salia Namie made a donation by the Muhammad met that 500 pounds. Well Allah bless you. But we have another challenge we raised now as well.

01:17:56--> 01:18:11

No, no, no. Let's stick to our target. I think we're nearly there. By the way. I think we've we've already done nearly 2000 pounds, but only done nearly 2000 pounds. I wanna Yeah, there you go. What was took? Why did you come back so quickly?

01:18:14--> 01:18:21

I will match brother Bill all 500 pound gorilla cover solid Navy. Let you well open the doors of your novel your

01:18:24--> 01:18:57

brother's body already matched someone's as someone else's 500 pounds. Okay. And now he's matching brother billets 500 pounds. May Allah bless you shake solid by the Navy, wherever you are. May Allah bless you, man. Well open the doors of general is later to cut it. Okay. So panela 1000 more left. Okay, we want 100 is already packed. But let's do it anyway, let's do it. The point is not whether Hamza comes back or not. The point is we want to hit the target. Okay. The target was, by the way, this was phenomenal Hamza, you are gone, but people just suddenly woke up and you need to go

01:18:58--> 01:19:00

more often. Maybe I should go again.

01:19:02--> 01:19:32

We need more people to talk to people. We really need we really need people to realize what we're dealing with here. Okay. This is a serious matter of law when you are responding. May Allah bless you all. I love this competition. Allah says in the Quran, compete with each other in goodness, first topic on hierarchy. This is the this is your Lord. This is Allah subhanaw taala your Creator speaking with you. First of all, it will hire out compete with each other the avenue albir kocowa

01:19:33--> 01:19:59

waratah Ave Alice me one on one. support each other help you there you go donated three pounds what we do today same to Iraq. Go ahead. Absolutely. sister organization, beautiful organization doing amazing work grassroots power. Okay. Very well done. on camera. mela bless you. Thank you so much for your support and assistance. Don't forget, there's also I hear a live stream in about 25 minutes. So make sure you join

01:20:00--> 01:20:44

I hear a live stream as well to support the great and amazing work please do that please do it. Absolutely. Absolutely. And let's continue with our call because the train is moving full speed humps are we going the bullet you know the bullet train in Japan that's the speed we picked up Mashallah and we really want to keep up that speed. This is how Okay, I have donated $200 is all my allowance. I will donate 100 who else allow walkabout? Okay, so check this out. Bill all mahama does, he has $200 that's all his allowances. And he's making a donation of $100. Now Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar. You know, this reminds me of Abu Bakar Norma, you know, when the Prophet sallallahu

01:20:44--> 01:21:31

Sallam asked for support aboubaker brought everything he had. And Omar brought half his wealth. He brought half his wealth and he thought he was going to beat aboubaker today, no way that Abu Bakar will beat Omar today, but Omar was shocked to his shock absorber can drop everything. So below you have just reminded me of that example May Allah bless you and may Allah give you hundreds of 1000s of dollars through halaal means in return for this generous donation you have made you cannot imagine how Allah subhanaw taala returns favours handsomely you know, trust in Allah trust in His invisible power trust in his you know strength and is it potential to multiply your donations by

01:21:31--> 01:22:11

manifolds and you will see it happen Thank you brother Muhammad Thank you brother below thank you shake saw a brother saw a kick. Thank you Sharma. Thank you all the others and brothers sisters who have been made medic making donations May Allah bless you all for making this difference. And we are still looking for more people to come forward and start making the difference we should be making tonight 25th Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well be Laila to conquer And if it is, we are loaded Subhan Allah, we are loaded. How are we loaded? Because the Prophet said muncom la la patrie Eamon and the cyberwarfare, Allahumma Takata when done by anyone who stands in the night of power,

01:22:11--> 01:22:51

standing means doing a good deed or doing an act of worship, which is like even donation. You know, when you're donating, you're worshiping Allah, this is an act of worship, right? You're facilitating worship, you're facilitating other people to come to Islam, right. So this is one of the best things you can do in the month of Ramadan. Nevertheless, so anyone who stands in the night of power with accountability and firm faith, Allah will forgive his sins. Right? At the same time, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that all good deeds you do in the month of Ramadan and multiply 70 times many folds, right? And then what are we giving money to work? Why are we donating? Why are we

01:22:51--> 01:23:37

donating to Sapiens Institute? This is what we plan to do in the next year. Okay, we have already achieved similar results in the last year, last nine months, we have already achieved similar results. That's why we have the confidence to achieve higher results in the coming 12 months. And what am I talking about? I'm talking about here is the list. Here is the list what we plan to do empower and train over 10,000 Muslims to defend Islam and to give Dawa. Okay, that's the purpose. Number two, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to anti Islam leading anti Islam

01:23:37--> 01:23:37


01:23:41--> 01:23:41

Let's see

01:23:43--> 01:23:45

where we go. And you're on mute.

01:23:49--> 01:24:32

You got to unmute yourself. We lost our hijab sorry our man by so yeah, so as normal is saying this is exactly what we're planning for after Ramadan to happen between this Ramadan and next Ramadan in sha Allah. So we're going to train 10,000 Muslims, okay. We want to empower them and train them to be able to share Islam academically and intellectually compete complete a free book addressing all the main doubts against Islam, publish a website dealing with anti Islamic detractors expand the lighthouse mentoring service professional from 10 new courses, free courses with slides and notes of support on our learning platform. published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam

01:24:32--> 01:24:47

produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts commenting on field philosophical issues and providing a strong case for some engaging for academic discussions and debates and start new podcasts as some of the things is more things. But that's some of the things survived Allah. So Allah

01:24:49--> 01:24:59

Allah bless him, he said I will complete brother $200 on his behalf inshallah, like accepted, I mean, not accepted sha Allah. May Allah grant you and your family the best and

01:25:00--> 01:25:02

Life in the best in the life to come. I mean,

01:25:04--> 01:25:15

so if you guys want to get the reward in this stuff when we will what we've planned to do, then brothers and sisters, don't delay, just don't delay, donate today

01:25:16--> 01:25:46

could be the night of power. And you don't want to miss out on this reward you don't want to see us achieve these things with the with the willing to help of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you basically regret not giving and supporting, giving us your donations and pointing today. So further cut doesn't diminish wealth, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and the points on the line while he was sending them, he said that if you hold someone to something good, you get the reward of that good. And that includes supporting

01:25:47--> 01:25:49

something that is good, you get the reward of

01:25:50--> 01:26:37

getting the reward of training 10,000 Muslims, and those 10,000 Muslims get like what 100 Shahada is in their lifetime? How many Shahada is that on your visa? What's 100 times 10,000? That's a million. That's right. That's a million. That's right. These strategical Yasaka give now, I don't know myzone insha. Allah, you feel it? Would it be the engine driving the dollar forward? And us to basically build the future for the dollar in sha Allah? Absolutely. Come to us. Yes, I was talking about the list. Did I come? Did you complete the list? Or shall I completed? I did Yeah, you did. So brothers and sisters. As brother Hamza was saying, These strategic look at what we plan to do. This is not

01:26:37--> 01:27:02

small, every one hour a new Muslim trained academically, intellectually, to defend Islam and to represent Islam to not only defend but also to represent Okay, both are necessary. We need to defend at the same time be progressive about Islam. Okay. So represent Islam in a beautiful way. Every one hour Sapiens Institute

01:27:04--> 01:27:35

plans to aims to train one Muslim daiya every one hour for the rest of the year, for the next 12 months. Until next Ramadan, we want to train 10,000 Muslims to be able to do Dawa, and at the same time, represent Islam. Okay, and defend Islam and also have a solution to anti Islam websites. Go online right now and put Islam I'll do it right now. I'll do it right now in front of you. Okay, put Islam what comes up?

01:27:36--> 01:27:45

Okay, Islam Wikipedia, very negative. I'm pretty sure Wikipedia is not like, you know,

01:27:46--> 01:27:50

very, how can I put it a friendly entity, right?

01:27:51--> 01:28:02

Then we have Britannica. Okay. Then we have history five pillars, right. Then we have Pew Research. Then we have u ri. Then we have BBC, right. Okay.

01:28:03--> 01:28:04

Then we have what

01:28:06--> 01:28:11

mostly made the British Academy, one part, but there are so many different

01:28:12--> 01:29:06

outlets that have articles on Islam. And believe me, we have lost count. Now. We have lost count as to how many anti Islam websites are out there. They run into 1000s they run into 1000s. Okay, internet is infested with anti Islam websites. Internet is literally You know why? The Islamophobia industry is working day and night to push people away from Islam. They cannot because they know Islam is such a powerhouse. Islam is such an intellectually satisfying faith. Islam is such an intellectually powerful challenge to islamophobes. Okay, they know this, they know that Islam is very attractive, it is spreading like wildfire, okay. In, in all around the world, the whole planet

01:29:06--> 01:29:53

in the entire planet, right? That's why they are putting out so much content so that they can tilt the balance, they can basically prevent people from joining Islam. But what are we going to do? We are just simply going to create one website, or maybe two or three, and they will do the job. Because even those who visit Islamophobic websites they know this is all the costs and propaganda and what they do want our responses. How many? How many anti anti Islam websites do we have there? How many anti anti Islam website do we have there? How many antidotes we do have they out there? You can count them on your fingers again. So what about after next Ramadan? Someone asked the question,

01:29:53--> 01:29:59

wait, and see in sha Allah, that's all we can say. It's gonna be even better than this. Let me assure you

01:30:00--> 01:30:47

Insha Allah His mother Hamza has put his life on line. He is currently leading the project he has done. He's done. Amazingly with IRA his track record, if you check his track record, how he led IRA, how the production of iron ore, the productivity went up by 500%. Okay, is it 500? Or 5000? No, the finances were about a 500 the operations were 1000 Allahu Akbar. So the productivity of an organization, led by well, Hamza went up to 500% and 1,000% in, in operations. So my brothers and sisters, let me assure you, by this time next year, we'll be inshallah aiming to achieve even higher goals. Okay, and how much remains?

01:30:48--> 01:30:54

The whole night remain solid, solid Namie May Allah bless you, brother, Allah, wherever you are.

01:30:56--> 01:31:34

I'm assuming you are in one of the Arab countries. May Allah bless you. We'll be I mean, I mean, I mean, the Arabs were blessed with Islam, and they brought Islam to us. And you are still supporting Islam with Hungary Allah May Allah bless you all, shake salia brother salia Namie how much how much remains as much as you can, as much as you can do in sha Allah May Allah bless you already done so much. You've already done so much you have donated twice 500 pounds. If you want to do more, if you can do more, no problem. Go ahead. I'm sure you have family I'm sure you have friends, get them involved, send them the link and tell them to make donations to this very excellent Cause you know,

01:31:34--> 01:31:37

why for the solid? This cause is actually

01:31:39--> 01:32:18

it's a coordinated attempt to raise these funds, you know, why? Because we are on our channel, we are on EF our channel, we are broadcasting on my channel, we are broadcasting on Sapiens Institute. So this is a coordinated effort. Muslim Brothers Muslim channels have come together to support this cause because they understand the necessity they understand how understand how important it is. So go ahead. Encourage others actually, but the sorry if you want to start something start a competition. I love competitions, Okay, come forward and say okay, I'm going to do this who wants to match it and watch people match it inshallah. Okay, so let's start another competition who wants to

01:32:18--> 01:33:00

start another competition? I want to see someone else come forward and start a competition and she saw a brother sorry, you're more than welcome to start another competition. If you want inshallah. Wright Brothers, sisters, those of you watching. Don't hesitate 25th Night of the month of Ramadan. It may well it may well be Laila Kolkata, who knows. And Allah said in the Quran, Allah Allah Masha Ganga regimes, Rahim in the law who feel a little ahmar Kamala toccata modra Kamala lopaka Laila to curry favor min ultra sharp, it is better than 1000 nights. One One said you need Ali Dawa here to confirm if all of this stuff is legit. So how do you think we are broadcasting on his channel? Have

01:33:00--> 01:33:01

we hacked it?

01:33:03--> 01:33:11

All you need to do is go to his channel and he's being broadcasted. And the only way that can happen if you give us his email and his password. And then Simple as that.

01:33:13--> 01:33:16

Happens is some next level hacker I'm talking to

01:33:17--> 01:34:02

brother or sister unknown entity go to our channel right now. Okay, there are only two possibilities either his channel has been hacked by Sapiens. Or he has, he has willingly given his channel for this broadcast. And that's it. Hey, I am excited. What can be better than this? Absolutely. What can be better than suppose supporting Islam supporting the cause of Islam supporting our supporting the defense of Islam, supporting the vision of the Prophet? The life vision the life mission of the Prophet Rasulullah sallallahu earlier solemn. This was his life mission balego Annie Hello via believer and Romney will go and deliver from me even if it's a sentence. And we are trying to do

01:34:02--> 01:34:17

more than that. We're trying to convey the entire Quran. We're trying to defend the Quran and we're trying to respond to the islamophobes. And this is how we're going to do it. I read the list earlier, brothers and sisters. We cannot belittle this. Okay, who will be the next champion Exactly.

01:34:19--> 01:34:59

Up to ask this question, Who will be the next champion? Let's see who is the next champion who puts out a challenge in Sharla have 1000 pounds or 2000 pounds or 3000 pounds whatever the challenge maybe I guarantee you we will meet it inshallah. Join the link yet. Join link. Okay, maybe we need to share the link again. But the use of the link I'm talking about is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. That's the link we need to make donations on right now. Go to the link and start making donations so that we can see this oma is still awake, maybe potentially on the night of power. Lay a little further and if it is a little further than all of us.

01:35:00--> 01:35:47

Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with another night of power for us to worship Him. Because right now as far as I'm concerned, myself, as far as Youssef was Hamza, we are in a form of worship supporting this noble cause. Okay, as long as our words are said for a good cause, as long as our deeds are, you know, our noble and our we are sincere. This night is a blessing. Nice night for all of us. Okay, so there you go. alida just sent a message, this will or donate now. Okay. holida if you're watching, you need to come and join us right now. If you're watching, okay, you need to come and join us. Join us now because we are using your channel. Okay? I'm sure you know about it,

01:35:47--> 01:35:49

because you're the one who gave us the details.

01:35:50--> 01:36:19

Okay, so come and join us and encourage your audience on your channel. Specifically, right? If thou May Allah bless you for allowing us to broadcast on your channel. You're doing a great job in Dawa. Allah bless you, we have our thank you so much for allowing us to do this noble task or to accomplish this noble task. May Allah bless you. Okay, well, Sapiens Institute and now I seem to have a my ghost seems seems to have a common I'm hearing point of view. I didn't comment that by the way, I

01:36:21--> 01:37:06

was commenting on the part on behalf of all of us, right. So May Allah bless everyone brothers sisters, okay. Sapiens Institute is also donating or sorry, commenting. So my brothers sisters, we want the competition going. Okay. I think it is. Is it? Is it the third time or travi time in the UK? Yeah, we've got not yet 10 minutes for me in Manchester. Okay, maybe people are getting busy getting the food ready. But we look there is a third time in the UK. Not in Kuwait. Not in Qatar. Not in Canada. Not a USA, not in Singapore. Listen, I'm going to show a very special video Hello Come on. Okay, God, God. Oh my God, Salah al Namie. Allah grant you gentle for those you and your

01:37:06--> 01:37:11

family and May Allah bless you and your family, your loved ones with the best in this life. I

01:37:12--> 01:37:20

mean, he said another 1000 pounds on behalf of everyone who wants to donate but can't afford Let's see who matches Allah. Allah Akbar. Allah.

01:37:22--> 01:37:42

Absolutely they go if anyone donates five GB now I will match it will show a little chart con. This is a second challenge. By the way. We have two challenges now. This is the second challenge. Okay. first challenge is from salia Namie. He has already donated 2000 pounds if I have not lost the account, because he donated 500 can have to keep accountability.

01:37:43--> 01:38:20

Guys guys are not because it's just been so far in the UK and we have a lot of UK followers. There's a special message from hijab Mohammed hijab. I want you to listen to this. You've you side of hijab you've never seen before. Everyone, listen Bismillah so I'm going to tell you a story that I haven't really ever shared before. When I was young, I remember watching athma deedat and other preachers and died. They were just mesmerizing. They had a deep impact on me the absence of a physical father figure in the house, the bowel became the replacement policy. My love for Dawa and my school experience actually led me to suffer from a lot of doubts. I remember some of my teachers in the

01:38:20--> 01:38:54

school as well were slightly new atheists trying to push that kind of worldview, these kinds of things would actually have an impact on me, I came frustrated because I didn't have the intellectual tools to deal with all the doubts. This actually all started to have a spiritual effect on me. When I started learning classical Arabic my mom who is an Arabic teacher, this was the key really in accessing the tools not only deal with adults, but share Islam effectively a key milestone in dealing with my balance was during Ramadan when I was about 17 years old. I'm from Alexandria, Egypt, we went and there was a beautiful kind of Ramadan experience we had and I remember I made to

01:38:54--> 01:39:09

I when I was in sujood, in that Ramadan experience, and I said, may Allah test me with anything except for doubts. I never want to be tested with doubts ever again and Subhanallah sometime after that, that was it. That you know, was how I was done really

01:39:10--> 01:39:45

know when I'm actually confronted with these doubts now, all these kinds of misconceptions actually raises me in the mountain humbler. My path towards dow has now he could say accelerated. Every decision I made, every step I took, I would always think of ways I could benefit the doubt. So even if I'm in education, etc, I would be thinking about that. I believe that this has to do actually with my mother. Now we all know the power of a mother's diet. My mom tells me that she wasn't getting pregnant for about seven years. So she went to Alberta one time I lost she was drinking Zamzam. She made to have a son who would be a Diane she mentioned some of the things in the diet. So

01:39:45--> 01:39:59

then after that I was born. I credit everything, actually to my mother's day. I've had Jordan support throughout these years because she is my inspiration and actually my role model. I would not be the person I am today without her. May Allah bless her. When I got married, actually got married. I was 20 years old.

01:40:00--> 01:40:34

I was involved in the Dow, but I needed to be able to support my family. So I wanted to get into teaching. So I considered this this occupation because of my interest. So I already had the kind of the channel at the same time, many of you may remember I attended a right wing protests at a time, the Tommy Robinson, free freedom protest where you are. And unfortunately, after that, I lost my job. And this was like two or three weeks before I would actually get the Qt s so I didn't get the teacher's license. And all of those years while I was trying to get the teacher's license in order to get into teaching was gone in a moment after that, though, I was tutoring a freelancing and kind

01:40:34--> 01:41:11

of working in different kinds of things for scraps, it was a matter of survival. At this point, I started to take the Dow even more seriously so I don't have a master's degree in Islamic Studies. And another one in applied theology, I realized that things like philosophy of religion, which I spent a lot of time focusing on, are needed in the Dow, like for example, improving God's existence, the arguments for God's existence, etc, theodicy, all these things. So handle after that, and I applied for the PhD program in the philosophy of religion to further my work. And that's why there is Muhammad hijab now the value of not Mohammed hijab, the history digital life, I feel I understand

01:41:11--> 01:41:48

why Allah made me lose out on being a history teacher, he did so to guide me to teaching people about Islam. What's amazing about my story is that I started with doubts. And now I'm trying to answer the doubts. So Subhan Allah, how Allah has blessed me to be part of Sapiens Institute team, which is this institute which we share and defend Islam academically and intellectually and empower and develop others to do the same. In under one year, we've developed and trained over 6000 people to intellectually share and defend his lab delivered over 33 in depth webinars, delivered 10 courses and seminars published three books, a launch statement thoughts, and produced 30 videos launched our

01:41:48--> 01:42:07

lighthouse mentoring services is a one on one service for people that like x Muslims, and people that have doubts when we actually go through their vows and much more all for free. If this story has inspired you in some way, please support this noble work and start your monthly donation today. charlo The link will be found in the description box, or Santa Monica.

01:42:18--> 01:42:19


01:42:20--> 01:43:02

absolutely emotional and amazing and how I still remember her job when he used to come to speaker's corner as a young man and he was giving Dawa. And he came to me a couple of times. And he said, Have you watched my content? Give me some feedback, if I need to improve. And I used to think at the time that had a lot this youngster because it looked very young at the time and he's still very young. Mashallah. But at that time, I'm talking about nearly five years ago, six, seven years ago, something like that. I don't remember. Okay. And he has come so far. Allah bless him. And you know it all it's all about taking the initiative taking the step. Allah likes brave people. That's what

01:43:02--> 01:43:31

Allah likes. Allah likes courage. Allah likes people who like to take the step for his sake and trust in him. That's the point. You take the step. Allah will protect you, Allah will open the doors for you. And when you take the step you might be you know, it might look like you're you're gonna fall in a ditch, right? But it's actually not a ditch. You trust in Allah and Allah will make you float Allah Allah will make your blood so this was a very emotional story man made me emotional looking at job a lot less than

01:43:32--> 01:43:43

and the power of his of his mother's do. His mother has been so key and central to his development because as he mentioned he didn't have a father present father figure presents at home

01:43:44--> 01:44:33

and he said the Dow became a the Dow became a the father figure what's interesting he was motivated by mudita I'm a DD imagine the person who gave him a DD sadhaka Well, la he this person. Because think about this, his influence I'm a DD has influenced not only people like me, everyone around the world, but has also influenced that even the next generation like hijab and others, because of that motivation, and that ability to be courageous. And imagine supporting ama Dida all those years ago and not sadaqa now it started kajaria all the way to the dollar today. And this is why so many was cpses you we want to continue that effort continue that legacy in a contemporary way and move things

01:44:33--> 01:44:50

forward and develop many many more leaders. And this is why you know it's important for people like a job and others to share these stories because they're very powerful. And when you look behind in your past you like so parrilla who, who connects the dots, you know when you connect the dots like

01:44:51--> 01:44:52

one job.

01:44:53--> 01:45:00

One job one, one guy. He's smashed into pieces, one of the biggest Islamic

01:45:00--> 01:45:03

Going forward in the world, okay, currently, okay.

01:45:04--> 01:45:45

When I say one of the biggest I don't mean big, big in status or stature, big in the sense of misguiding people is misguiding a lot of people 1000s of people, okay? If he's, you know, and a job smashed him in a debate, he looked like a mouse in front of a job not physically, but intellectually in terms of arguments. Anyone who watches that debate, will know exactly why it is so important to confront Islamophobia and at the same time, represent Islam beautifully. Okay. We need to show confidence. We need to show knowledge, we need to show courage and we need to show generosity in supporting this. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam promised Jannat it was the man you know why? Because

01:45:45--> 01:46:33

was man supported the Prophet when he was going to defend Islam? It was about defending Islam, and the Prophet asked for support. I know someone gave 100 camels with logistics laden with logistics. And the professor was man, Jana is promised to you or this man, he stood up again and he said jasola, another 100 camels with logistics. The Prophet said again of man, Jana is promised to you again, as monstered up again and he said you're the sort of light as 100 camels. And three times the Messenger of Allah promised us man, Jana, Allahu Akbar. So my brothers and sisters, when it comes to South Africa, supporting the defense of Islam there is it will weigh heavily on your scale on the

01:46:33--> 01:47:16

Day of Judgment, don't hesitate. It's the 25th night. And also on top of that we have the competition. Remember, for the salia Namie, he made a donation of 1000 pounds and he said I want someone to match it. He wants someone to match it. And we want to see that person to come forward to match it. How many people want to match it? Maybe 10? can maybe five can maybe one can so let's see. And then there's another challenge that came that came forward from Dilshad Khan. The shot Khan put up a challenge of 500 pounds. So we have two pending challenges, challenges that need to be met salia Namie salia Namie and also the shotgun who put up a challenge for 500 pounds, we want to meet

01:47:16--> 01:48:03

that challenge okay. So if you want to donate towards that challenge, maybe 100 pounds or 50 pounds or 20 pounds or even 10 pounds, do so. Okay. And Elias bags are is saying donate match it. Okay, exactly. Please make a donation and match the challenge of goodness as Allah commodity in the Quran. Was topical hire out compete in goodness to my brothers sisters. We're still waiting for that challenge to be met huge challenges pending. Okay. hamdulillah. The first challenge we met handsomely. When Hamza when his boss Hamza went away, we put up a challenge that we need to raise about 3000 pounds and will lie to my surprise. We seem to have done it hamdulillah and now Sally and

01:48:03--> 01:48:49

Amy who made that challenge possible well, but who helped us accomplish it? He came back again and made another donation of 1000 pounds and he wants someone to match it. So don't hesitate. My brothers and sisters match the challenge of Sally and Amy and Bill Shao Kahn, Talia and Amy has given a challenge of 1000 pounds and Deadshot Khan has given a challenge for 500 pounds we need to match it collectively inshallah so let's start making donations 100 pounds or 50 pounds or 500 pounds whatever you can let's contribute to meet the challenge okay gents invest in your children. Furthermore almaraz honors you with in finite returns I say that to say this I will invest a further

01:48:49--> 01:49:32

1000 gb inshallah charity does not diminish what Allah Akbar Mel accepted from me. May Allah bless you may like SAP from you. And it seems that brothers, Brother salia My aim is challenge has been met la como la hakuba Amazing, amazing spirit tonight. May Allah bless you all man 25th night of Ramadan, and if it is local color, Allah Allahu Akbar. That's all I can say Allah, because Allah said 90 pounds donated by what time Ali will be live. Okay, that's a good question. Let me ask him. Ali Dawa. If you're listening to me right now, please come live. We want you to be live. Okay. Where are you? Where are you? Let me send him a message so that we can get him.

01:49:34--> 01:49:41

So brothers and sisters, please continue to match the challenge. I think we have met the challenge

01:49:42--> 01:49:47

of shake salia and Amy, now we want someone to meet the challenge of Dilshad calm.

01:49:50--> 01:49:59

So I have just asked Alibaba to come and join us. Hopefully you will join us Khalid Khan. Allah bless you and Allah accept from your 90 pounds donated. Now we

01:50:00--> 01:50:27

Want more and more people trying to meet these challenges? Okay, can we have 10 people make a donation of 100 pounds each at least 10 and maybe tend to make a donation of 50 pounds each. And then we have both of the shot cons challenge standing till now 500 pounds who is going to match his brilliant, beautiful challenge? Who is going to do that? And what are we raising funds for by the way?

01:50:28--> 01:50:39

Let me explain very quickly, what are we looking to raise funds for? We are raising funds for a mission we have throughout the next year in the next 12 months in sha Allah.

01:50:41--> 01:51:26

I just want to read this to you. Okay. Imagine tonight is Laila Takada, and you decide to support our work, training and developing over 10,000 people to intellectually share Islam. Imagine how many hearts they will transform, imagine the number of shareholders supporting us and supporting the engine that drives the Dow forward. And these are some of the things we seek to do within the next 12 months. Number one, empower and trade empower and train over 10,000 Muslims within the next 12 months. That's one Muslim every hour. Okay? One Muslim, every hour is being trained on average, to defend and share Islam to defend and share Islam intellectually, academically, through our content

01:51:26--> 01:52:13

through our courses, through what will follow inshallah, point number two complete a free book, addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites. also expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, which is a one to one service between a Sapiens expert and someone who has questions about Islam. Also professionally filmed 10 free courses with slides and notes on our three learning platform also published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. And furthermore, produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts, commenting on to philosophical issues, and providing a strong case for

01:52:13--> 01:52:55

Islam and engaging for academic discussions and debates, at least for Okay, and start a new podcast. This is exactly what our plan is for the next 12 months. Who wants to be part of it is a question. Okay? We have so many challenges met Allahu Akbar. So many challenges have been met my brothers and sisters, then shot Khan's challenge still stands. Okay, who wants to meet that challenge? 500 pounds. Okay, brother Good shot Khan has put out a challenge that he will make a donation of 500 pounds. Who wants to match it? Let's see who can match that particular challenge while we wait for other brothers to join us in Charlotte Allah. Okay, so my brother sisters Sapiens Institute has done

01:52:55--> 01:53:34

phenomenal work in the last nine months. Sapiens Institute has trained 6000 Muslims in the last nine months. And next year, we want to do 4000 more, and the year after it will only increase because hopefully our support will increase, you will continue to support our work we will continue to do this work in sha Allah and the brothers who are involved in Sapiens Institute are professionally trained in their respective fields, as you saw for the job, Mashallah has a master's degree in Islamic theology and is looking to do a PhD in the philosophy of religion, where the Hamza has a master's degree in philosophy.

01:53:36--> 01:54:20

And brother subu is a PhD student on the philosophy of science show dr. oz one Latif has already done his PhD in history, and he is doing his postdoc, which is like a second PhD in social sciences. Okay. And there are other brothers involved Assad's use of martial law, he's also qualified in his field, he's doing excellently in the field of power. So we have professionals, we have traders who are trained in their respective fields, this is the kind of work we're doing. So we want you to come forward and support this work, okay. And do not hesitate to make destiny. So I want the competition to continue going, right, the competition is we are still waiting to for someone to meet the

01:54:20--> 01:54:57

challenge of the short con, we are broadcasting on four major channels I mean, not major but you know, my channel is not major but there are other major channels like whether it doors major channel, watch a lot of our huge channel doing a lot of good our work. Okay, my channel is broadcasting Sapiens Institute channel is broadcasting We are broadcasting on my Facebook page, may Allah bless you are the least you can do by the ways to share the live feed, start sharing. We're gonna come to your questions as well later on in sha Allah, and we will start answering some of your questions. We will let you into the feed as well so that you can join us live, talk to us and

01:54:57--> 01:54:59

encourage others to make donations in sha Allah. So the

01:55:00--> 01:55:39

like brothers and sisters is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. That's the link. Continue to make donations so that we can continue with this noble work. You know how many Islamic phobic websites are out there? You have no idea. Okay, every few minutes, every few minutes islamophobes are putting up new content against Islam, attacking Islam tarnishing Islam, spreading misconceptions in some cases, outright hatred, outright hatred outrightly Islamophobic content is being put out within Europe with impunity, okay, without any, you know,

01:55:41--> 01:56:22

anyone restricting it right? So it is open season in Islam, unfortunately Open Season. What are we going to do about it? It is open for us as well to defend Islam. Nobody's stopping us. Internet belongs to all of us, right? Social media is there, YouTube is there and we will be doing this work I listed in front of you in the next 12 months. So who wants to come forward and support this novel work Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link my brothers and sisters. I'm still waiting for someone to meet the challenge. They'll Shahrukh Khan had put out a challenge for 500 pounds solea name his challenge has been met. May Allah bless check Salyer nymi and the brother who

01:56:22--> 01:57:04

met the challenge well Allah bless you all for doing this amazing work you guys are doing by encouraging others to make donations to this noble cause. And inshallah we will continue will continue to support this cause. And, you know, brothers and sisters, the best sadaqa The Prophet said is given in hardship, when you yourselves are going to hardship. And that's how the car really count for the last panel dollar not that others other car does not. But when you give some other car, when you yourselves are pressed hard financially, Allah subhanaw taala returns it handsomely trust in a lot come forward and give some other kind of part of Allah subhanaw taala support this

01:57:04--> 01:57:48

noble cause, support the education of your children, your youngsters, so that they can have confidence to defend Islam and to represent it as well. It's not only about defending, it's also about representing so trust in a lot to tackle in a lot and make a donation and you see you will see it will return okay it's a noble cause and it's the month of Ramadan. By the way 25th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be a lot of color. And if it is, then it is like you know, I'm not gonna say winning the lottery, but it is like you know, being very, very, very, extremely fortunate. Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it, Allah said it, it is better than 1000 months. You will

01:57:48--> 01:58:29

not live 1000 months most of us will not live 1000 months, which is like 83 long years. Right? So brothers sisters, try to understand that this opportunity will not arise every single day. The month of Ramadan doesn't come every single day. We have to wait. Okay, and you don't know who's going to die when I lost one of my uncle's the other day, literally less than a week ago. My uncle died due to COVID. May Allah have mercy on him? Allah give him genital for those. He died in the month of Ramadan. I was speaking to his family and I comforted them. And I told them that he died in the month of Ramadan. Allah will give them Jana because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said is Zsa

01:58:29--> 01:59:10

Ramadan foot they had a wobble Jana was a part of wobble Gnar was so fed that the shell team when the month of Ramadan comes Allah opens the gates of Jannah widely. Allah locked the gates of jahannam tightly and the shayateen are chained. This is the blessing of Ramadan. I told my uncle's family that don't worry, he was a good man. He built a machine he built a mother Sir, he left so the kajaria behind him. Allah will give him Janna Allah will forgive him and that's why Allah gave him death in the month of Ramadan so that Allah can insha Allah take him to Gemma so we don't know if we were going to find collectively speaking we don't know if we're going to find the next month of

01:59:10--> 01:59:49

Ramadan we have no idea we don't know how long we're going to live. So give Allah the incentive to send you to Jana inshallah. Tada This is your chance the month of Ramadan 25th night Shall I make a donation The link is there rolling on the screen Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life and I want someone to meet bill shotguns challenge I'm still waiting for those 500 pounds, maybe five people can do it 100 pounds each five people can do it 100 pounds each and we would have raised or we would have basically met the challenge of the shotgun okay. So we have met already few challenges by the way May Allah bless all these people who put out the challenges and those challenges have

01:59:49--> 01:59:59

been met. We want build Shahrukh Khan to meet sorry we want did Shahrukh Khan's challenge to to basically someone to meet it. So who is

02:00:00--> 02:00:43

He's going to do that 500 pounds, maybe five people can do it, maybe 10 people can do it right. So if 10 people make a donation of 50 pounds each, we would have met the challenge of the chart icon. And we would have another 500 pounds with Sapiens to continue the work the noble work, it's doing brothers sisters, none of this work which we seek to do within the next 12 months is free. It's not free, we will be providing it free of charge. We will be providing these services free of charge. We're not charging people, we are simply asking for support, right. But this does not come free, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims number one number two complete a free book addressing all of

02:00:43--> 02:01:22

the main doubts against Islam and that can be found offline and online. Number three, publish your website responding to anti Islam websites. Number four expanding our lighthouse mentoring service. Number five professionally filmed 10 free courses free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six publish two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts commenting on the philosophy, philosophical issues and providing a strong case for Islam. Number seven engage in for academic discussions and debates and dialogues. And number eight, start a new podcast none of this comes

02:01:22--> 02:02:05

free, it will come with your support. So I want someone to meet the challenge of the shotgun you're watching in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia. Or let's say in the UK. I don't know if it's a third time I think it's a third time. That's why Yusuf and Hamza have gone to open the fast they will be back soon inshallah Tada. But in other places, it's not a third time. So let's continue this tradition of making donations to this noble cause. We are broadcasting on a number of different channels. This is a coordinated effort Alhamdulillah we have the blessings of F Dawa we have the blessings of Allah das channel we have the blessings of Sapiens Institute and

02:02:05--> 02:02:49

myself, my channels are also broadcasting this. So do not hesitate to support Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live. So I think I want to take some questions now and answer them so my brother and sister those of you who already able to post your questions, post your questions in the comment section and I will start answering before she starts use of and to start thumbs up, join me again inshallah for the for the feet for the live transmission. So if you have questions, please put them in the comment section and I will answer them I will try my best to answer them. In the meantime, I will continue to encourage you to meet brother the shot cons challenge of a 500 pounds

02:02:49--> 02:03:01

donation, who is going to meet his challenge. Maybe five people can do it. 100 pounds, each five people can do it and we will have the challenge met in sha Allah. So are there any questions? Please

02:03:03--> 02:03:49

put the questions in the comment section and I will answer them. Someone asked Amina asked isn't there a q&a session today? There is a reason I'm asking you to put your questions in the comment section. Okay, and then I will answer before we start. Use seven thumbs up come back. Muhammad asked a question do you think the Song of Solomon prophecy about Muhammad peace be upon him? is a valid prophecy? I am I'm guessing that's your question. Yes, I've been told I although I haven't done my personal study into that specific prophecy in depth, but the one who has done it, but Zakir Hussain who is a daiya who has debated Mashallah major Christian theologians. He thinks it is a very

02:03:49--> 02:04:20

powerful prophecy about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the book of songs songs of Solomon, A Song of Solomon, Song of Solomon, is a book in the Bible in the Old Testament. And according to Zakir Hussain is a very powerful prophecy about the province of Islam. But I believe personally that Isaiah 42 is the most powerful prophecy about the province of Islam in the Bible. Okay, I have a question about your book comes up Go ahead. Hamza is back.

02:04:22--> 02:04:28

Post your question and I will answer but the Hamza You seem to have frozen again. Can you hear me?

02:04:31--> 02:04:32

Can you hear me thumbs up?

02:04:35--> 02:04:40

Yes, I can. Let me just post the link for the stream so people can come on one second. Okay.

02:04:43--> 02:04:43


02:04:45--> 02:04:59

Okay, so it seems to join us about 1130 or 12 inshallah. So this is announcement, Ali Dawa will be joining us in about What's the time now at in the UK.

02:05:00--> 02:05:12

Seven minutes past nine. Okay, sound pay minutes past nine. So alida might join us half 11 in sha Allah, but I can ask him to

02:05:18--> 02:05:23

Okay, so I'd Mumbai who asked the question about the book? Do you know the name?

02:05:25--> 02:05:27

There is a comment in the comment section.

02:05:29--> 02:05:31

Hussain Ali no

02:05:32--> 02:05:38

more I have a question about your book comes up. Can we do okay? Okay, let's bring him on salary compensation.

02:05:41--> 02:05:44

So my question is like, Can you explain to me what

02:05:45--> 02:05:47

physical in American Museum is?

02:05:49--> 02:05:49


02:05:53--> 02:05:53


02:05:54--> 02:06:02

Yes, hello. We can hear you. I think that's frozen. So what was your question? Go ahead, ask your question and He will answer inshallah.

02:06:03--> 02:06:06

My question is, what is the physical natural?

02:06:07--> 02:06:13

What is the physical What? naturalism like that belief that was in his book?

02:06:15--> 02:06:16

naturalism, can you hear me?

02:06:18--> 02:06:24

Now? Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Yes. Okay. Good. Yeah. So philosophic connection is basically

02:06:25--> 02:06:32

a kind of metaphysical worldview. It's a first principle is like a lens that people put on the eyes in order to understand the world.

02:06:33--> 02:07:14

And he has the following beliefs. Number one, that God does not exist. Number two, that there is no supernatural, there is the there is no non physical. And number three, that everything all phenomena can be explained in reference to physical processes. So that's philosophical naturalism. That's their starting point. That's how they see the world. That's the lenses that they put on their eyes to see the world there's no God, there's no supernatural, there is no non physical. And all phenomena can be explained by physical processes. It's a very easy claim to break because all you have to do is show one thing that cannot be explained by physical phenomena. And you have to show

02:07:14--> 02:07:28

one thing that actually is actually non physical cannot be explained by the physical, and then the whole worldview is dismantled. And we know that's the case because of consciousness, which we can't go into right now.

02:07:29--> 02:07:29


02:07:31--> 02:07:47

hopefully, that answers your your question. And that's actually discussed in the book is actually defined and explained in the book. Is that okay, brother? Yes. Yes. Like One more. One more question. Like, how was the irrational? I couldn't understand that part. Okay, good.

02:07:48--> 02:07:58

That was a tricky chapter, actually. Well, the reason is irrational because philosophical naturalism basically says that all phenomena are based on physical stuff or physical processes.

02:08:00--> 02:08:13

physical processes are blind, and non conscious, meaning there's no intentional force directing physical stuff or physical processes anywhere. So if our minds that have the ability to reason that we can

02:08:14--> 02:08:54

see into a conclusion, we have a rational insight that takes premises and last season to a conclusion, how can that be explained by blind physical processes, because our rational insights are no blind. That's the whole point. It's like, let me give you two scenarios, a taxi driver picks up two passengers, and he puts a blindfold on and he thinks is going to take them to the destination, he's going to crash. The other example is, the taxi driver doesn't have a blindfold can see and has two passengers, he's going to take them to the destination. Likewise, when we make rational insights, we take say two premises for example, and we take them to a rational destination or

02:08:54--> 02:09:22

conclusion. Whereas that can only make sense if the world has some kind of intentional force behind it. If the world doesn't if it does by based on blind physical processes, and physical pros don't have any intentional force, then how can they direct themselves to anywhere that's the basic general nutshell of the whole argument then yes, I go a bit more deep into evolutionary reliable ism and I go to other issues but that's really the the crux of the matter. Does that make sense?

02:09:24--> 02:09:30

I'm starting to get the gist of it. Alicia lebra Mela make easy Okay.

02:09:31--> 02:09:38

Take a look at Abdullah Abdullah he wants to come in next. Can I speak to Brother Hamza next, Abdullah we let him in inshallah.

02:09:40--> 02:09:59

At the same time, brother sisters, don't forget the challenge. From bill shotgun of 500 pounds I need five people to make a donation of 100 pounds each. Let's not stop the donations. Donations must continue Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. We will be answering some questions but at the same time, let's

02:10:00--> 02:10:16

not lose focus for the tonight's fundraising appeal. Tonight we are raising fund funds for the next 12 years plan for Sapiens. And that plan is I've already stated it training at least 12 months

02:10:18--> 02:10:23

12 month plan not 12 years plan 12 months 12 months Did I say 12 years?

02:10:25--> 02:10:30

Oh my god, I'm sorry. It means I need some sugar in my system. Okay.

02:10:31--> 02:11:14

So 12 months plan brothers and sisters 12 next 12 months plan, training at least 10,000 Muslims to defend Islam intellectually and academically and also to represent Islam. Okay, so about Dawa, as well as defending Islam. Right. And we have already shown you the list and we will continue to read the list of the you don't lose track of what we're trying to do. And this short con put out a challenge of 500 pounds, that anyone who matches it, he will match it inshallah, and brothers and sisters did you opportunity to come forward. So whether it's a donation of 50 pounds or 10 pounds, or 100 pounds of 500 pounds or 1000 pounds, it will go a long way. It will encourage others. So we

02:11:14--> 02:11:37

want someone to come forward and start encouraging others because it's going slightly quiet. We don't want it to go quiet when it comes to donations. Start donating, start making donations, whether it's 100 pounds, 50 pounds or 10 pounds, whatever it is, let's encourage people and let us know when you made a donation By the way, when you made a donation, let us know so that we can announce it to encourage others inshallah, let's go to the question.

02:11:40--> 02:11:41

Salaam Alaikum

02:11:45--> 02:11:46

wa rahmatullah.

02:11:47--> 02:11:48

Good. How are you?

02:11:56--> 02:12:00

I want to discuss some issues. The first thing is,

02:12:03--> 02:12:03


02:12:08--> 02:12:10

Yo, have we lost him? No, you're breaking up.

02:12:14--> 02:12:16

Before about,

02:12:18--> 02:12:24

about Kalam cosmological argument and contingency on all of these things. And he told me that

02:12:31--> 02:12:31


02:12:33--> 02:12:46

I'm Zach, can you hear me? If it doesn't bother you, you're breaking up really badly. You need to you need to fix your internet and then come back because you're very tired. Or type type your question of the lobby in the comment section.

02:12:49--> 02:13:13

And we'll answer we can't hear you clearly. You're breaking up. Maybe we should go to someone else. Is this someone else waiting for the Hamza? Yeah, the meantime, reminder again, the challenge from the chart con 500 pounds. I need five people to make a donation of 100 pounds each, we would have met the challenge 500 pounds, Dilshad Khan for Sapiens Institute for its work for the next 12 months, as already clarified. Next question.

02:13:15--> 02:13:16

Hello, Pfizer's?

02:13:20--> 02:13:22

Hi, I'm calling from India.

02:13:26--> 02:13:27

Good Good to hear from you, brother here.

02:13:29--> 02:13:31

I just wanted to share some screen.

02:13:33--> 02:14:06

So recently, in the beginning of Ramadan, a donated through Satan's Institute. And during those times, my grand grandmother, she got very ill because of Chrome. And I just wanted to share this experience with everyone probably just to highlight how amazing you know, donating and charities otherwise. So I need the donation and was done with a couple of days after that my mom came to my house, my room and woke me up and said that

02:14:08--> 02:14:14

she's she's not doing very fine, my grandmother and that's the lips note pronates. And

02:14:16--> 02:14:17

so I did the same

02:14:18--> 02:14:42

with the intention of her getting better. And literally after that second donation, she started to get really better and she, she's in she's discharged from the hospital and she's, she's she has recovered. So I really want to assure everyone to to go forward and you know, donate to the platform and stuff like that.

02:14:43--> 02:14:45

zaca her brother mela bless you and

02:14:46--> 02:14:59

protect you and your family and your grandmother, that she basically continues to improve in her health. And there's a beautiful story of sadaqa sadaqa prevents calamity it prevents calamity and

02:15:00--> 02:15:42

You know, even at night has a very powerful story. I don't know if he wants to share it or not, but he has a very powerful story concerning calamity and subconto are with I think, his firstborn, but they leave it to him another time but these everyone has these stories and modifies them and I bless you. And you know, this, these are the words this is internalizing the deen of Allah sadaqa doesn't diminish wealth sadaqa prevents calamity. And this is exactly what you have shown with your with your story and I hope it encourages everybody else to give sadaqa it's a barrier against calamity and in actual fact, the only increases so metal Bless you, Feisal keep safe and keep Well, I hope

02:15:42--> 02:16:07

everybody is what in India. Love Bless you. So I, I also wanted to say that I had applied for volunteer at St. Jude, the first time I donated I also applied for volunteer, and I haven't received anything yet. So I see you guys are very occupied or something. So we know it's not that but we have a very small team, I think we have around 600 volunteers waiting for us to get back to them.

02:16:09--> 02:16:46

We're going to this is one of the reasons to be up to be very honest with you is one of the reasons why we need fundraising. Because we need like an administrator at least even a part time basis, we need something because we have so many so much stuff to do. So many admin, as you can imagine running an organization requires a good administration operations team as well. So to know if if I'm doing the admin and the management and the research and the video editing and this and that, not just me, but others they have multiple functions, it's just going to drain them and we're not going to progress where we need to progress. So we need someone who's also dowel focused but can also help

02:16:46--> 02:16:59

and use this skills for things like managing all of the volunteers. So we saw an excuse, but it's a context and it's ready to be patient and we are going to get back to the volunteers inshallah. Okay, sure. Insha Allah May Allah bless you bro.

02:17:00--> 02:17:02

Thank you Allah

02:17:05--> 02:17:20

right now it's time for a very nice video. inshallah I had Mohammed he had to hit more how many jobs look fish one pound fish. Comment everybody now one pound fish. One pound fish. One pound fish. Three fish.

02:17:22--> 02:17:23

Come here, Governor

02:17:24--> 02:18:12

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02:19:01--> 02:19:05

Mashallah, that was a bit of an excuse for me to have some cake.

02:19:13--> 02:19:15

You want to have a cake you just play a video

02:19:21--> 02:19:21

I've got

02:19:22--> 02:19:25

I've got the giggles now. I really apologize.

02:19:26--> 02:19:28

So we need to see

02:19:36--> 02:19:40

as you can see, so my brothers This is wild brother Hamza is enjoying his cake.

02:19:42--> 02:19:46

So sorry. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ah.

02:19:48--> 02:19:57

You know, sometimes when it gets a bit hectic and busy, you just get overwhelmed. You either crash you cry, or you just laugh or something like that. Yeah.

02:19:59--> 02:20:00

To be very honest

02:20:00--> 02:20:01

The sugar rush is the sugar rush. So

02:20:03--> 02:20:05

under the law, right, so

02:20:07--> 02:20:08

someone just said

02:20:12--> 02:20:15

we said we're lucky that the cake is finished.

02:20:17--> 02:20:22

Okay, anyway, so Oh, so on. So it's good to have a

02:20:23--> 02:20:27

famous hobby of mine. Yeah, he was a boy named. I'm a

02:20:29--> 02:20:58

very, very famous hobby. He was actually one of the magicians as well. And he was like, almost like a gesture, gesture and a prankster if you read about his life, so panela it shows a lot about the tolerance of the person. And so sometimes we have this kind of ultra conservative attitude with our brothers sometimes. We have to have a lot of love and rathmell the Sahaba knew that this Sahabi was really funny as well. Sometimes they would egg him on and there's a really funny story of him taking a camel and slaughtering it

02:20:59--> 02:21:06

right the first time that the guy came out was was my camel whether it was getting slaughtered in the presence of loft and you know, who paid for the camel?

02:21:08--> 02:21:50

But yeah, have those of you beautiful beautiful beautiful Sahabi anyway, this is not this is not excusing my my nervous laugh But anyway, um Allah bless every single one of you that one of its profits uncle Hamza Who did this? He did this he slaughtered someone camel and the promises of them had to, you know, they have to pay for it. Oh, so we have figured Vickery says Why don't you let the volunteers do some of the admin, I have a master's in business administration or loved to take on some of the repetitive admin load if you find helpful, absolutely significally more Bless you, Ronnie the best in this life and thereafter. Best thing to do go fill up fill in the form by send us

02:21:50--> 02:22:17

a direct email as well go to info at Sapiens Institute. org. And that'd be fantastic. Yes, we do want to use volunteers time as well. But the admin is so big. He also needs some full focus as well, because when you're managing an organization, volunteers can only give you a couple of hours a week. But we still need a volunteer administration. I do miss miss administration team as well. Well bless you for that question. And yes, please be in touch.

02:22:18--> 02:22:29

So what are we doing today? Talk to me. We are raising funds for Sapiens is before you go, what time is it in Pakistan? It's a

02:22:30--> 02:22:34

half one nearly half one. Mashallah. Mashallah, hello?

02:22:35--> 02:22:38

How's everybody? Everyone's fine? How are you?

02:22:39--> 02:22:42

He's good. Mashallah, you may kiss for me.

02:22:43--> 02:22:53

So, okay, I will ensure you remember when I was staying in remember when I was staying in your room in Pakistan in the house? And then I had food poisoning. Food poisoning. Do you remember? Yeah, because you had the kebab. Do

02:22:55--> 02:22:56

you remember?

02:22:59--> 02:23:09

In the middle of the night, we became much public about yourself? Yeah. You ever in the middle of the night, you thought cats were being strangled, or something? Do you remember because it was so

02:23:10--> 02:23:15

hungover throwing up with full force, and I was laughing my head off because of the sound.

02:23:18--> 02:23:31

Instead of taking, instead of taking him to the hospital, calling a doctor, I was just laughing my head off was funny. And then after puking, he was fine. He was I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me. It just had to come out.

02:23:32--> 02:23:40

On an experience by I think it affected me for a few days. Subhan, Allah hamdulillah. Pakistan was a great experience. And you know,

02:23:41--> 02:24:21

you know, this work is global work. Because when we were just Pakistan twice, and we went to the private universities there, and you be so surprised that they want to hear in the English language, a positive articulation of Islam. We went to London, which is like the Oxford of Pakistan, which the private universities in the summer BOD and all around Pakistan, and everyone has this experience as well. A lot of them, they're still infected with secular foreign ideology. And they need someone even coming from other countries or even within their own country, because we, we believe that you have to empower the people within the country, but to develop them in order for them to provide a

02:24:21--> 02:24:57

positive case for the tradition. talk to you about some of the experiences in the Pakistani universities, bro. Yeah, I mean, Pakistani universities will willingly choose to do a lot of work there. Because unfortunately, secularism, and even atheism is growing. A lot of people are doubting Islam, because some of the professors are systematically brainwashing the kids, infusing the children into thinking that Islam doesn't have any responses. And just because they don't have the knowledge in the confidence, they fall prey to these, basically, you know, how can I put in these intellectual

02:24:59--> 02:24:59

What do we call them?

02:25:00--> 02:25:45

You know, hyenas. Literally they that's what that's what they are. They are scavengers, you know they're scavenging in Muslim universities, and they are confusing a lot of students and that's why our work is so important. It is a solution on so many different levels. Sapiens Institute's work is not only defending Islam against Islam of wolves is also giving confidence and empowerment to those youngsters who never had it before. Okay. And also now someone donated 50 pounds May Allah bless all your hard work you have done brothers inshallah, with our work we can take a next step and with everyone helping and donating we can be successful, absolutely revolution to revolution to put this

02:25:45--> 02:26:07

comment up 50 pounds donated May Allah bless you revolution amela revolutionize your finances because of this donation. Okay, in a good way. May Allah subhanaw taala return this donation you have made in many, many, many, many, many different ways, many folds. I mean, and May Allah Most importantly gives you Jana brother Hamza, are you still following the planet? So the plant base died?

02:26:08--> 02:26:14

Well, technically, yes. Because the animals are he on a pot on a plot based diet.

02:26:15--> 02:26:16

Yeah, so basically recently,

02:26:18--> 02:26:21

I basically have deviated slightly from my kind of

02:26:22--> 02:26:35

ethics concerning food, I'm going to get back on inshallah, after Ramadan, even even the last few days where I'm going, I'm going to adopt a plant based diet, a whole food, non refined food, plant based diet is the best date to have

02:26:36--> 02:26:37

with a little bit of meat.

02:26:39--> 02:27:16

And this is very important, obviously, not even to have much food, you know, even to have much food because the stomach, there's a connection between the stomach and your spiritual disposition. The person said that the one of the worst things to the stomach. And you know, one scholar said that, you know, though, tell me about those who have one meal, one meal a day, he said they are of the NBR. To those who have two meals a day where they have the solid in terms of those who have three meals a day, he said build for them a trough, meaning like the animals just built for them in the trough. So in our spiritual tradition, you know, breaking the two main desires, you get the sexual

02:27:16--> 02:27:52

desire, the lustful, carnal desire and the stomach. gluttony is very important. Because Allah he wrote in his ear here about those two main desires, because in the Islamic spiritual tradition based on the plan, the Sunnah, based on the content of Psalm and fasting, and all of these things restricting the stomach is is there is connection between your stomach and your spiritual disposition, which if you think about it, even animals all the time degrees, isn't it? And it makes you kind of just focused on the kind of these two aspects but Islam wants to elevate you, and when should you be in control of these kinds of desires? So, ya know, it's got long story short, I

02:27:52--> 02:27:56

haven't been following it that much, unfortunately, but I'm going to get back on inshallah exactly here. So it's

02:27:57--> 02:28:18

just a cyber knucklehead. Thank you so much for that question. I have a question for that non. So Katie, what's your question? Someone called Katie wants to ask a question. Okay. Let's find them. Are they on the on the live isn't Katie yet? Let's do this. Hello, Katie. So I'm gonna go ahead. So only Can Can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. Yes.

02:28:19--> 02:28:20


02:28:22--> 02:28:24

Brother, I have a question.

02:28:25--> 02:29:11

If If Allah already knew that most of the people will go to hell, then why did he create it? For example, if I'm a principal of a school, and I knew that such to me, surely failed. And why would I give him admission? How would you reply? Okay. Well, Allah subhanaw taala created us with a certain level of freedom. Okay, there's a balance between a lot of decree and freedom, Allah would not punish people, without giving them a chance to prove themselves. And the chance they have been given has a high level or a certain level of freedom, they exercise, otherwise, there's no point of punishing people or like not unjust to Allah subhanaw taala knows the outcome, but he doesn't impose

02:29:11--> 02:29:26

it. He knows the outcome. He has the knowledge. He has the knowledge he I'm not gonna say prediction. He has the knowledge, firm knowledge, Allah knows what the outcome will be. But he doesn't impose it gives the freedom to

02:29:27--> 02:29:59

the believer or the non believer to live their lives as they choose. And then based upon that, they will be punished or rewarded. But Allah has made sure that he has sent guidance. Allah hasn't left us without guidance to fetch for ourselves. Rather, Allah has made sure that we have guidance that we don't have an excuse on the Day of Judgment. Turn around and say that we weren't guided and there is reward as well. don't always think of punishment. don't always think of hellfire. There is paradise too. Right?

02:30:00--> 02:30:05

No, this is my answer. But do you want to add something very quickly on that? Yeah, no, no, no.

02:30:06--> 02:30:15

I'm sorry to interrupt. But my question was, if you already knew that, you know that the patient will surely disobey you, then why in the first place will create them?

02:30:16--> 02:30:33

But he could not all the creation is disobeying here. There are millions who are already obeying Him and they have a big problem with that. No problem with the creation of being a problem the creation obey, but what about those who will surely fail you Then why do you have to create them in the first place?

02:30:35--> 02:30:56

No, yeah. But you need to you need to you need to answer the question. the right question is for Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, create those human beings that will go to jhana and create those human beings that will go to help. And in that creation, he created within them a free will, that they will be basically a free agent within their control, to actually

02:30:57--> 02:31:23

lead themselves into gender or to Jannah or jahannam within the mercy and will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it's a little bit more multilayered than the way you're portraying it. The other thing you need to understand this as well. People Allah create people for his mercy. So people going to Paradise is a manifestation of the, the names and attributes of Allah. And people going to jahannam is a manifestation of Allah's names and attributes meaning he is the just right.

02:31:25--> 02:31:50

So, from this perspective, you it's not as simple as saying, oh, He created us, and He created us knowing they're gonna go to the hellfire. What's the point? No, this is this is a mistaken question. I think what you need to say is, Allah created the human being with free agent, free agency and free will, you know, to choose between right and wrong, and that would make them eligible for General jahannam? That is the more appropriate Question no.

02:31:53--> 02:32:08

Okay, not a satisfactory answer. But still, okay. Another quick question. You see, it's not allowed to marry bread, blood relation in slang. Also, the same student says there are complications. So how did the sons of Adams, sons and daughters are out of marriage?

02:32:11--> 02:32:54

Yes, so the there is no direct evidence from the quantum sun on this. So it's the there's a silence in Scripture on this issue. But there is another form of a source of Islamic knowledge, which has its conditions, which is called the edema of the oma, or even the Jamal dilemma, but in this case is the is the owner, which is there is an understanding that the twins of Adam alayhis salaam each one was made specifically for each other. Now, one thing that you need to understand is this is this is there is no direct answer, actually, postulating this but there is a causal type of consensus of the community, the Muslim community, that there was an understanding that each of the twins of Adam

02:32:54--> 02:33:25

alayhis salaam was specifically for each other. Now, this is what you would call based on what we see in the Islamic tradition, ethics is based on virtue ethics, meaning the moral variables, you can't equate it with. Now, you know, can you marry your own sister now? No, that's totally Haram. And it's also you need to understand that the moral variables are totally different, the social more variables are totally different. So you can't make a kind of moral equivocation, that would be a force of equivocation to make anyway. But this is an immediate Let me think

02:33:26--> 02:33:31

that what motivates these questions, because to be very honest, and I want to just really be authentic with you.

02:33:33--> 02:33:36

These questions do not undermine the truth of the Islamic tradition at all.

02:33:37--> 02:34:18

In any shape, or form, like literally has, they have no intellect. But let me explain why they will, they will maybe, you know, because of our liberal sensitivities, maybe make something distasteful to us. Because of our liberal sensitivities, or because of maybe an intellectual superiority complex that some of us may have. We were like, Oh, I don't understand it, and I feel uncomfortable. But let's be very rational here. Even if we couldn't answer these questions, even if these questions had question marks, would they undermine the foundations of the deen? Meaning? Does it show that God doesn't exist? Does it show that the Quran is from Allah? Does it show that the pastor Sam is not

02:34:18--> 02:34:38

from it's not the final prophet? In actual fact, he doesn't do that. So why don't we teach that in the possibility? I want you to stand in the possibility to find out what is motivating these questions. And now for some people who might be just genuine, they just want to really have a greater understanding. For others, there may be something else going on. So my question is,

02:34:40--> 02:34:50

do you understand my point here, because there are some questions that even if you can't answer, do not undermine the faith. And there are some questions more foundational. Do you think these questions are foundational?

02:34:52--> 02:34:53

Absolutely not. Okay, good.

02:34:55--> 02:34:59

Okay, so now I know you're coming from Yeah, so bro in terms of the answers

02:35:01--> 02:35:36

These are some of the answers that we can articulate for sure. There's especially the whole issue of other as well. You know, I follow the opinion that the whole issue is not supposed to be philosophically unpacked at all, because it was never unpacked in that way. Look at Amazon at all. It's supposed to have an existential effect on your life. Meaning Allah is trying to make you realize that the whole universe in the world and the things within it do not have any intrinsic power. The holder wala quwata illa, Allah is trying to make you realize that if the whole world were to come against me, they will never harm me unless it's the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if

02:35:36--> 02:36:14

the whole world with the common benefit mean they could never benefit me, and this is in line with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala this realization that everything happens because of the irata and qudra. Because of the wind power of Allah, this realization, internalizing this literally makes you a superhero. Now, like the Sahaba Yeah, like a real life superhero, because it's the hub if you think about it, they were equivalent of a village in Oldham, like this kind of area in Greater Manchester. And they after 13 years, one man and one book and a bunch of sticks, they took over the Arabian Peninsula, then it further increased to go over to Moulton and Pakistan and going to Spain.

02:36:15--> 02:36:22

And this was because they internalize this concept of Yes, sorry, you can continue with the answer to people are trying to come in.

02:36:24--> 02:36:25

And our

02:36:28--> 02:36:35

sisters can come back in and inshallah let them in. Join us in Sharla. So I'm going to kick a few people now. There's nothing First of all,

02:36:36--> 02:36:43

we just need to make space for Ali Dawa. And, yeah, so brother so So the whole point of the cadet issue.

02:36:46--> 02:36:46

So it's,

02:36:48--> 02:36:56

it's supposed to make an impact on your life, that you see the world and behind everything is the Willem paavola. So you know, these things don't have any intrinsic power

02:36:58--> 02:37:37

changes the way you act and a new realm of possibility of achieving what you can you think that I almost have an infinite realm of possibility to exceed what I can. And all these so called obstacles are not a valid excuse. And if I after trying my best, it didn't happen. It's it's because of the will of Allah and wherever Allah chooses, for a believer, you cannot choose anything else, anything better. That's the whole concept of code that is supposed to make you into that superhero if you like, but what happens to us we like to follow philosophize them. And I'm gonna be honest, in philosophy, and some people claim that they know how to answer this question and with all due

02:37:37--> 02:37:39

respect, they just haven't studied logic properly or

02:37:40--> 02:37:57

you cannot answer it properly. Because every example and thought experiment you give you are making something independent to Allah's will. If you make something independent to Allah's Will, that is, Kufa is Kufa right. So we have to be very careful when we try to

02:37:58--> 02:38:37

philosophize, and we have to be epistemically. Just we have to realize there are some questions we are never going to answer. Allah has the picture. We just have the pixel and the whole concept of cover is in line with Allah's reality which transcends ours. We don't we have epistemic limitations, cognitive limitations, and we need to be humble from our perspective and not being able to answer the question does not undermine the foundations of the deen I want all the brothers and sisters to understand that the whole concept of Qatar is not a philosophical one. It's an existential one to make you to a real life like the Sahaba because you see behind everything the power on will of Allah

02:38:37--> 02:38:57

subhanho wa Taala and only this summer Forbes or these enemies and all of this stuff, they don't have any intrinsic power from Allah bless you bro. We have now suppiler Allah He has come He is here we have the beautiful intelligent the gorgeous the amazing smile agenda here.

02:39:04--> 02:39:05

I was I was I was enjoying

02:39:13--> 02:39:14

it I like that because we

02:39:16--> 02:39:20

know our donation train has slowed down for some reason. Okay.

02:39:23--> 02:39:31

So we got the backup we got the ultimate backup doctors Malati and Ali Dawa himself.

02:39:33--> 02:39:38

Chapter that's why people should be donating here. You know? Yeah, before that.

02:39:40--> 02:39:42

Man, Chef,

02:39:44--> 02:39:46

man and the brother on the

02:39:47--> 02:39:54

my eyes. The bombers disappointed us. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. My eyesight is a bit bad.

02:39:56--> 02:39:59

Me Allah bless all of inshallah. Yeah, it's smart.

02:40:00--> 02:40:01

Got our marriage documentaries here.

02:40:04--> 02:40:08

If we if we list a marriage documentary I think we'll raise a lot of funds by inshallah. So

02:40:12--> 02:40:22

we got 1100 pounds from amo Mashallah, Tamara bless him and grant him janitor for those him and his family. I mean

02:40:23--> 02:40:25

come on, bro, how have you been

02:40:27--> 02:41:02

lumbered aside? 100 I'm very good. Well, I've been meaning to come to Sapiens so many times the song has come up many times then 100 100 handler, you know, like, Sapiens handler Will you guys do? And previously what you've been doing IRA as well handler was started at 90 100 you guys played a massive role in my dolla dolla shave the right way, I think the way I operate, you know, even the, the cost that you did, you know, I always mentioned this, I always remember about the whole, you know, even having a little pizza, you know, somebody, it's the thing about dow, we always think about how

02:41:03--> 02:41:37

people think, I want to start our own wasn't our house, our YouTube channel? And I was like, why do you think you need a YouTube channel? Why do you have a YouTube channel, but to you know, be informed that you know, even simple discussions about taking someone out to pizza, you know, and having that emotional connection with them, is profound. And I've seen this, you know, firsthand where, you know, when somebody was in America, you know, someone asked a question, and there was a brother there, and he was trying to answer it, like, academically, intellectually, Angela, and Angela, may Allah bless him for his efforts. But I think the personal, emotional piece, and I

02:41:37--> 02:42:11

realized that there was a massive gap where both of them were confused, because he was a monster in your questions, but and I was looking at the person who asked him the question, and they would generally come from an emotional place, you know, handler, so it's really important. I've learned a lot. And yes, even somebody started new, and it's doing amazing work off of a witness to that. And that's the reason why hamdulillah You know, I'm, like, sharing, like, we both have so much, because I believe in it, you know, I don't, you know, give my channel, you know, to everyone and a lot, you know, know that the channel is anything special, but I have to believe in the in what you guys are

02:42:11--> 02:42:16

doing. And I totally believe in what you guys are doing. And you just touched on model publisher. What was that about? That? Someone asked a question?

02:42:18--> 02:42:55

Yeah, this is the question about foreknowledge. And basically, I wanted to make the point that when you look into the crown, and the sooner, it doesn't indicate that this that we they wants to believe is to solve this in a philosophical way. It wants you to really understand that the hola hola quwata illa Billah, there is no true power apart from the power of Allah. So if the whole world were to come against you, they will never harm you, unless it was in line with the will of Allah, if the whole world were to come against you, or they will never benefit you women will never benefit on this line with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when the Sahaba internalize this, they didn't

02:42:55--> 02:43:33

internalize it in a philosophical way. It was an existential way, meaning for them, they understood that the enemies the Persians, the Romans, the mushrikeen, were not true. They didn't have true power. Behind that was the iraida, the will and qudra of Allah. That means they had a new realm of possibility to achieve whatever they can you Why? Because they don't know the will of Allah. Only Allah knows his will. He knows what's happening in the future. This lack of knowledge is not disempowering, it is empowering, because it means that you cannot have an infinite realm of possibility to achieve what you can. And after trying your best, it didn't happen, what you wanted

02:43:33--> 02:44:10

to happen, you're still happy because you know when Allah chooses something for a believer, you could not choose anything better. That is the mindset we should internalize from the whole cognitive issue. But unfortunately, we have fallen down what I call the epistemological lizard hole. We're going to this lizard hold thinking that everything is upon a lie. It's the equivalent of trying to philosophize the essence of Allah. You don't even have to think about the essence of Allah subhana wa to Allah. Allah is so transcendent. Lacy committed he Shea there are some things that is beyond the human mind. And not being able to answer them philosophically does not undermine the foundations

02:44:10--> 02:44:21

of Islam. And in actual fact, when you look into the Quran and Sunnah This is this issue is not a philosophical one, it's meant to empower you. So you become like this kochava Allah What do you want?

02:44:22--> 02:44:36

Thank you so much. I will request again from you so you can actually bro but if you had to, like your typical Mancunian to that way, I'm all passionate like, Can I add to that, please? I want the same energy. Oh my goodness, yes, he can I add to that.

02:44:37--> 02:44:39

Be so fast if I had to try.

02:44:42--> 02:44:59

To remind everyone why we are here tonight. We are here to empower the youth to be able to defend the theme with intelligence and confidence. Sapiens Institute seeks to do the following in the next 12 months. I want everyone to listen to this very, very carefully.

02:45:00--> 02:45:52

Number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims to intellectually defend and deliver Islam to intellectually defend and deliver Islam 10,000 Muslims offline and online through the work we will be doing, as I explained, what fall in what follows, right? So 10,000 Muslims in 12 months means almost one Muslim trained every hour, on average one Muslim, Daya trained and produced every hour Allahu Akbar. That's huge By the way, point number two complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Publish number three point number three, publish your website respond responding to leading anti Islam websites. Why number four,

02:45:52--> 02:46:42

expanding our lighthouse mentoring service that provides one to one service to people with questions with one of the Sapiens Institute experts. Point number five, professionally filmed 10 free courses, free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Point number six published two new books on Islamic art and proofs of Islam. Point number seven, produce over 60 videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Point number eight, engage in poor academic discussions and debates at least for and point number eight, start a new one. This is let me just let me just add to this. This is the plan for after Ramadan for the next 12 months. But

02:46:42--> 02:47:20

before but what we've done since May, we've trained 6000 Muslims to be able to intellectually academically share a song I think we we delivered in depth courses. So we trained this last year alone just under a year 6000 Muslims. So our goal for next year is to be 10,000. And all of the amazing stuff that we've mentioned. And we've got a relatively small team. And by the topic of Allah subhanho wa Taala we were able to train 6000 muscles, what I mean by train is not that we gave them like a 10 minute lecture, they It was a registration and an attendance on something significant like an in depth seminar, workshop, or course. And this all we've been doing, and we try to become the

02:47:20--> 02:47:59

engine behind the data. So the blue musk volunteers of Istanbul, they have access to food, 5 million visitors, we delivered this year advanced our training course and I want to take you actually visited some of them as well, I met Professor Suleyman during, and there was a Shahada, the Ukrainian sister, and there's amazing work what the brothers and sisters are doing all around the world. And we want to basically empower them, like we did with the various dark room, students from Medina, we went there to train them on, on atheism and other topics. And we just want to increase this and enhance this by the willingness of Allah subhanaw taala. And as I said, as I said, all the

02:47:59--> 02:48:41

things that we want to do, you could take me personally to account and say Hamza, did you do it? Why didn't you do it, if I don't give you a valid justification with evidence, then you can expose me, I'm I want to create a trend within the Dow sector, that there's utmost transparency in these issues. And when we say something, we try and do it best of our ability, even if it means the slides. And I've not know this, but we did in previous organizations and how we wanted to basically take the data center to the next level. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention this about nearly 300 of you here watching at this time, now I era is having a live appeal. Please go over to AI Eric

02:48:41--> 02:49:21

the live uphill and donate generously, donate generously, is doing some phenomenal work. And if you know the history of sapiens, ai era changes strategy, instead of doing everything they want you to focus on level one tower, and the board person told me and, and others by extension to go and create something else to continue to advance level tower and the advanced education, atheism, philosophy, liberalism, and so on and so forth. So, you know, there's the brothers in the Dow always connected. As you can see, Ali Tao has given us His channel, I don't know many people who give the channel like this, may Allah bless him Magento for those and invite him and his family, the best in this life and

02:49:21--> 02:49:59

the best in the life to come. So I want to want you guys to go to the IRA channel and donate generously. I'm telling you, and I could say this from the I was CEO for I era for about just under three years. They have robust processes. They have great risk management, I'm telling you, they have the best operations and procedures in any sector. We had external auditors come and they said they have never seen anything like this in the clarity sector. Yeah, so I'm telling you firsthand how amazing this stuff is. So you could trust them. Go over to IRA now to the live uphill, and please donate generously, then you may be fat note. On that note, I want to remind everyone

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02:50:01--> 02:50:02

I was to speak,

02:50:05--> 02:50:20

I said, I said there is a comment from ESET. Every dollar releases his marriage documentary, I will donate a lot. Hold on a second said, Come on Ali's marriage documentary. I don't think it's coming.

02:50:22--> 02:50:27

It's coming. It's coming in this time. You know, so long is this word loss? I don't think

02:50:29--> 02:50:47

you need that means you don't want to donate. So I want to see a comment now. Say, I will make da we will all Kalmyk collective da that May Allah give Ali Dawa tawfeeq to release his marriage documentary and by that what you will do to that actually make a donation inshallah, because

02:50:50--> 02:51:07

now, definitely, inshallah, I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to make statement because it was that 100 it says that we need to put him up on publicly you know, if he does, if he doesn't, you know, shows the results, and I have to put him up now publicly in front of everybody on the panel, because you know, if you go to your favorite,

02:51:09--> 02:51:25

please, guys, because we need to scrutinize now let's go to the 10th house, can I see that? You want to empower 10 pounds, 10 pounds? Isn't that true? Did everybody see that? Okay, well, yes, that is wrong. Because you should be 9999 because I'm the first person you need to empower

02:51:30--> 02:51:43

because I'm trying to sign up you know, why? Because, yeah, jokes aside because the thing is, like 100 I've seen a lot of your back I mean, now and I sometimes you know, we need to be up to date with certain arguments myself. And I do search different places that read both

02:51:44--> 02:52:23

books and me some videos, etc. But to have a hub where I can go and for example, he did the whole scientific, you know, areas serious and that was fun because it helps me my dad I'm up to date with what's going on and the latest arguments and so on. So that's the reason why I said you should make the $10 making 9999 because I'm one of the first people that would like to be empowered with what aliens does. And yeah, may Allah bless you guys inshallah, why want to do is because I started at night still asked me to come just for a little bit. I'm gonna join you guys properly around half 11 or 12 o'clock I wouldn't mind You know, my family's house and I can't really speak on there's a bit

02:52:23--> 02:52:30

of a noise in the back. Why don't you guys just to support but I'm gonna inshallah join around midnight or just pass off to Angela.

02:52:32--> 02:52:40

Angela, any any severe Roma bgms any severe Oh, man, the senator Can you can you can you I was gonna say anyways.

02:52:42--> 02:52:45

Ravi, Allah Rosie also Norwegian. Eva, Allah

02:52:47--> 02:52:48

tector. Allah, Allah.

02:52:49--> 02:52:50


02:52:54--> 02:52:58

That was our he came to express his support for

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02:53:02--> 02:53:47

Dreaming, my brother sisters, remember, the challenge hasn't been met, they'll shot con, I don't forget easily. I am here with a very specific focus tonight. We want support. As I said earlier, it is the 25th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be laid out or other. This is the right time to support causes like this, right. And as I mentioned, the best support is given in hardship in difficulty. When aboubaker was in the cave with the Prophet. That's when the Prophet needed that support. Not when the Prophet had become the ruler of Arabia. Okay. Then many people came to support of course, that's why they are they are called the ones who came to Islam later, a slobby goon Allah

02:53:47--> 02:54:28

Walloon are those who stood with the prophets of Allah when he was being thrown around, and he was being pushed around, and he was being tortured, and he was being attacked when they were putting a bounty on his head. aboubaker stood by him at that time, Sapiens Institute is defending Islam against Islamophobia against all sorts of different intellectual attacks. We are producing leaders, we put the list in front of you what we seek to do in the next 12 months. That's the vision or that's the aim we want to achieve in the next 12 months. Okay, right now is the time to support let's donate. Absolutely. That's what I like champion Johnny, he or she commented, let's donate.

02:54:28--> 02:54:59

Let's meet the challenge put by Bill shock on 500 pounds. Where are those people to meet the challenge? Okay, brother, Ali Dawa came to express his support share was mine Latif is here to express his support by the use of his 100 say these guys could be reading the Quran and praying for Ravi and maybe no avail is the 25th night but they are here as far as they're concerned. This is the this is the support for a noble cause in the in the part of Allah. So we can't let this project down. Okay. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala values, the donation

02:55:00--> 02:55:38

You don't in hardship shirtless man, we want you to encourage people tell them why they have to donate to this noble cause to this American I pray all of you guys are Well, I mean, this is this is the cause people this is the great cause. You know, I was reminded In fact, as Hamza was speaking and also added our about something really spectacular and that is this. Remember that the focus on epistemic limitations that comes was mentioning about when we say La hawla wala quwata illa there's no power no matter except with the will of Allah. This is not only something that we say, whenever we want momentarily, this is something that is ingrained in the Muslim consciousness is not only at

02:55:39--> 02:56:16

a specific time is the proper form. We will say this in fact, during Tiger Woods will pay Praise be to Allah dressed with his clothes, and mccrady how many will occur This is not from my power, but only with the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he would eat his food, he will say the same thing that I'm eating this food, not for myself, but only with the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'll tell you something else about the story of Dawa, the narrative of Dawa that's intertwined. In this two other we read La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. You might know that was a very famous Hadith on the authority of Abu Dhabi and one other thought was this was kind of a nomad. He just

02:56:16--> 02:56:43

arrived into my car one day he was sleeping on the floor in the in the harem, when the da e. Ali, noticed him. Now Ali made the point Alito made the point about the way that we give that away Is it only through philosophical argumentation, it is through face to face interaction, it is when hearts meet it is when characters meet. And so Ali says to this man, what are you doing? And he said, he invited him back to his home and he fed him food.

02:56:44--> 02:56:49

And food is formed this simple encounter that become Muslim.

02:56:51--> 02:56:56

Famous, he was instructed with seven things, he said all suddenly

02:56:57--> 02:57:02

my colleagues advise you with seven things. Number one, Mr. Ronnie,

02:57:04--> 02:57:26

the prophet commanded me to love the poor people who love poor people. Number two, commanded me to join ties of kinship. Number three, commanded me I never should fall the blame of the agreement. Number four commanded me the truth, even if it's better to speak, number five commanded me to join ties of kinship. And he commanded me

02:57:27--> 02:58:00

the seventh one is an offset to increase in saying of La hawla wala quwata illa Allah to increase in singleness, there's a in every Hadith you find there is a narrative structured around our that's a beautiful thing. I would remind everyone on this very spectacular night of what is potentially in sha Allah limited. This is a night of insurmountable importance of insurmountable reward when we speak about giving sadaqa we know there's going to be come a time when all of us when we're about to die, may Allah make our death beautiful death Allah what I mean.

02:58:01--> 02:58:36

I tell my mom, I tell my mom all the time I said so want to later my mom obviously, as we all do, we should have a feeling of some degree of fair you know, concerning the hour and moment But I say to my mom is going to be beautiful. I said, it's going to be so beautiful. That reminder of the words of Mr. McAfee when he would say well, what if he can Robbie Jamil and my impression of you Oh ALLAH is that you're beautiful. And I say I also make my n time beautiful, because my impression of you is beautiful. And so therefore Think about this. But at the endpoint Allah in the Quran tells us some people they will say or be my Lord, send me back to the world. And I will give sadaqa send me back

02:58:36--> 02:59:14

to the world and I will give something in the course of Allah send you back to the world. I'll give something of myself which Allah gave me in the first place to give it back for this cause. What is this cause remember, on Layla Takada. Whenever you Selim is coming down from the cave, who does he meet? Who's a first human witness? It's his wife Khadija, Allah be pleased with her. And she begins to remind them not to worry not to panic, not to fair, because he does so many good things. He says social output is social goodness, feeding the poor, good to the orphan, during times of kinship, but remember that Khadija was the one who invested everything in Islam, she gave all of her money in the

02:59:14--> 02:59:49

course of Allah subhanho wa Taala to support the business element to support the growth of Islam. I mean, that's the legacy of hijab in the most difficult, most precarious situation. It was Khadija who gave and spent and spent in the course of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is not spending for any, you know, superfluids reasons this is spending in the cause of Allah for the growth of Islam for the growth of Islam. The other day, you know, Shaka Nani was mentioned reminding us about your gamma deedat you know enough to do the my eight hooked by inshallah, I'm going to speak about Amma de that inshallah and the legacy of Madeira, because remember, you cannot have a speaking about the

02:59:49--> 02:59:59

fact that Emma D that he was inspired, if I remember correctly about from one book, it'll harden, Huck, that he finds in one old box or something, you know, but it was the inspiration. It was from that

03:00:00--> 03:00:42

motivation. And then of course his dour campaign grew and grew and grew. But ama data is not only one person I'm a data is a team, I'm a data is an enterprise, I'm a data is a legacy I have my data is all the people, the silent ones behind him backing him supporting him financing him supporting that cause and everybody takes a share in that reward. So in this night, therefore, in sha Allah in sha Allah lilla to the cuddle, even if it's not is one of the odd nights is Ramadan, the reward is in a certain image you live up to 700 times, but it's even more if it's the local liquor. Therefore, remember that the any small amount you give, even if it's a pound, 10 pounds, 50 pounds, the reward

03:00:42--> 03:00:49

is just insurmountable. It's just you can't calculate that reward. And so I would recommend everybody just donate in the course.

03:00:50--> 03:01:12

Dr. Murphy was brilliant, was brilliant, his sister fakhry. She just donated she donated 175 pounds a few minutes ago. And she was the sister who offered her volunteering services because she knew that we needed administration help but she's got a master's in Business Administration is amazing. Not only would they volunteer for cepres, but also funding savings at the same time. Allah bless, sister.

03:01:14--> 03:01:52

I'm telling you something, I'm telling you something this is growing this enthusiasm, this motivation, this alertness is growing, right. You know, I mean, we're getting so many emails, so many calls, people want to volunteer, they want to help them we can research assistance, everybody wants to do something. And this shows, in fact, the beauty of Islam. This is real. This is the real for Islam. You know, we have this amazing brother Mashallah of malleable photo credential amazing. He took on the three stooges, you know, in America, right? The Three Stooges, you can debate it with them. But I went on one of the channels today have one of these Stooges. And there's probably like

03:01:52--> 03:02:13

10 different videos we've already produced, you know, 10 pretty already. But I mean, there's also others who are busy in their campaigns, in the anti Islamic campaigns, right? They're busy in their work. They're being financed more work, and it's all boyfriend is all areas also. And this is true. This is this is this is true from what

03:02:14--> 03:02:27

we know, these people are a bunch of Stooges, you know, when they are on the screen, in the locked rooms, they are rolling like lions as if they are lions, or when they were standing in front of the shape.

03:02:28--> 03:02:52

Like they looked like as if there are mice standing in front of a cat, literally, you know, this is how they were behaving. They their voices with their demeanor, their body language was such that you could not believe that these are the same people when they sit in front of the camera, in the rooms in the houses. They're the same people in this is incredible. So that

03:02:55--> 03:03:35

is I want to shout out to Mr. sameena. Mohammed, I think just just Amina Muhammad. She said if I give her a shout out she will make a donation sisters Amina. That's your shoutout. May Allah Allah open the doors of Jenna for you. Go ahead, do the right thing. I mean, I mean, I tell you something and do something all these people nationally or donating now. Yeah, sure. Can. You mentioned before about the stadacona Walloon? I'll tell you one story. This happens in the collapse of Omar Abdullah on. Omar is the Khalifa, this big contingent of rojava all time, so how about they come to visit him. Amongst them are the poor ones who have a rooming Villa, you know, the old ones who were

03:03:35--> 03:04:11

slaves, and others amongst them who will like the nobility of the place above Sophia and and others. They all came together. Omar opened the door, and he and he swore below. And he pointed to him and he invited him in his house first. Now the others were quite shocked because they thought well, maybe they have a kind of a pride of place because they're the ones you know, who are in their ability to achieve 10s of macker. And and they begin to become angry. Right? And so Omar says to them, that why have you become angry? They said because you know, we we are the leaders of courage. And Omar said these beautiful words he says to them,

03:04:13--> 03:04:53

he says dial home or the item, the income or the item apart on he says that they will call to Islam and you will call to Islam and they will quickly in embracing Islam and you guys were slow in embracing Islam, how can it be the same for the ones who are quick and the ones who are slow and it was showing that even though below is below, so haibo saw him but the point is they were quick in embracing Islam. This is this is a work Alana Quran mentions a sad opponent a Walloon the first of the first aside akuna stadacona Allah ecohome makara born the first of the first year the closest to Allah subhana wa tada Allah May Allah make us of the first and all things in sadaqa in Salah in the

03:04:53--> 03:04:59

I'm in the Quran, in all things, and this is this is a big this is a big, big task, my brother I asked you please enjoy

03:05:00--> 03:05:22

Not all of you on this blessed night, when in the course of our last panel and you will see, you know one of the beautiful things about Sundance, I'll tell you something. One of the following of sadhaka is definitely Bella all abroad. It removes illnesses and calamities. It removes illnesses and anxieties and removes sickness and disease from a person who gets sadaqa.

03:05:23--> 03:06:01

You know, if you give it with that intention, all of us have suffered illnesses we know family members, friends, neighbors will give it without intention, Oh Allah, I'm giving this Oh ALLAH and save me from from illness save me from my son or my brother, my mother from that sickness, Allah subhanho wa Taala by His mercy and grace will answer your prayer. One of the rewards of sadaqa is that it's taught here on it's a purification for wealth. You know, we spend money in lines one times needlessly, right, you know, we should live by check comes as a module of cheap and cheerful. I mean, that's the way that we should live our lives and but the point is, is we spend that remember

03:06:01--> 03:06:41

that one day Allah will ask us unmarried men in Sabah, who were female and *a. Who about our money? Where did you? How did you earn your money? Where did you spend your money? What are we going to stand before Allah and allow us? Where did the money come from? How did you spend it? I mean, this is a good way to spend it. So home Allah, one of the one of the blessings of savoca is purification of the body, purification of a person's life. Allah Kemal, there's so many virtues on Sunday. Remember, it's more in this night, it's more in these remaining. I'll tell you one last thing is this. We're at the end point of Ramadan. And our Prophet said in the Medina within our team

03:06:41--> 03:07:07

actions are judged by the end ones. In a maybe we didn't do as much as we should have done in the beginning of Ramadan. Maybe we had these aspirations. Maybe we fought, we fell short. May Allah have mercy on all of us. But we're at the end now. And the way that we are at the end, that's going to make the difference. We are loved on all of us. Tofig made sure. That beautiful reminder, brothers and sisters. That's the point the point is giving support when it is needed. Not when

03:07:08--> 03:07:49

there are many people to support. You know, the reason why Asahi Koon, Allah Walloon were special because they stood by the prophet when hardly anyone had the courage to do so. is special because he was in the cave with the Prophet. His life was threatened, he would have been killed with the Prophet if they were found. But they aboubaker did not care. He was standing with the Prophet, he stood by the prophet, he was there with him in ease and hardship. This is what a lot of choirs offers my brothers and sisters, this is the time for you to make a difference. There are hardly any organizations out there like Sapiens Institute, hardly any right? Because we are doing intellectual

03:07:49--> 03:08:28

power. We're doing academic that we're we're doing empowerment of the youth. This is the kind of work we want to do. Right. And there are hundreds of establishments out there globally speaking, as we spoke earlier, they are attacking Islam on daily basis, every few minutes. There is new content coming up on Islam, on the net, on the net, every few minutes, they are updating the system and they're throwing a new attack. Okay, and a lot of our children, a lot of our kids, a lot of our youngsters get exposed to this stuff, because they are online. They are watching these videos. So what is the response? What is the solution? The solution is love, compassion, mercy, and a

03:08:28--> 03:09:13

collection of all education. Educate your people, let them be empowered. And this is the way to go. Sapiens Institute is going to do that for you. In the next 12 months, we will be empowering 10,000 Muslims 10,000 Muslims, empowering them with diverse skills with confidence with knowledge to be able to present Islam to deliver Islam at the same time defended against the onslaught of Islamophobia, neverending onslaught of Islamophobia, and this is what you're going to be donating towards 25th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be later to cover the Prophet said, Man comma Layla, Gregory EMA and YT Salman ofera logmar Taka Domine dombey anyone who stands in the

03:09:13--> 03:09:48

night of power in Laila to recover, stand stands mean doing worship, doing good deeds, anyone who does good deeds in the night of power, with a man and the sob with accountability and firm faith Allah will forgive his sins. Allah said in the Quran kamagra Kamala la causa What do you know what the night of power is? Just know this much. Hey, Roman Alfie Shahar Laila to agree Hey, Roman official. This night is better than 1000 months. 83 years is better than 83 long years. brothers sisters, why are we so hesitant? Mashallah, some of our sisters are donating something.

03:09:49--> 03:10:00

Bless you. And there was another sister who came forward and she donated 175 pounds to encourage others. We want more and more people involved making money.

03:10:00--> 03:10:42

Nations making this possible, making Sapiens Institute even stronger so that we have a larger team next year and the year after and the year after, so that we have a good defense of Islam, academic, intellectual, and satisfying for our youth. This is what we need. This is the need of the time, Prophet salallahu Salam did not leave doubts and challenges unattended share with man, tell us about what happened at the time of jihad. You're talking about it the other day, what happened, tell the audience as to why they cannot let Sapiens Institute down in a situation like this one, we are being attacked, left, right and center when we have to defend Islam at the same time present Islam to the

03:10:42--> 03:11:22

world. And the prophet SAW some, you know, when he was in the Battle of Ohio, he was injured, he was with his companions in a safe place and what happened when he was challenged? Tell us about that. I tell you something, Shannon, you know, this the work of sapiens, this is generational change. This is not changing. This is changing generation is going up today. Today in lighthouse mentoring. We had a 15 year old boy who came on a 15 year old boy movement while we wanted to change his life but wanted to be involved in dow wanted to know what kind of things to what to read, how to study how to give, this is about changing generations into the 10,000 people you're speaking about. That's a

03:11:22--> 03:12:01

generation that's inshallah going to change. inshallah, if you could impact the lives of 10,000 people over for us it is a paradigm because it's, it's instrumental in so many ways people think of over the course, there was of course, there was a setback I mean, there was archers that did the disobeyed and then there was a there was an effect that something you know, happened I mean, there was a the Muslims were martyred and corporate profits, Uncle Abu Talib was killed that first ambassador for Islam, why demand Jebel who was sent all the way to call the people to Islam and of yesterday, he was martyred in the Battle of 100. He was a DA he was a cola to Allah subhana wa

03:12:01--> 03:12:24

Taala. He had enthusiasm he had, he had commitment, determination. And he was martyred in that battle, and an abuser himself was injured in that battle. But I want all of us to know something, never feel as if you know, everything is finished. Never, never feel as if you know that everything the stakes are against us. It's not like that, and over there to remind them, because in a bad neighborhood, one of the things that happened that really touched me

03:12:26--> 03:13:08

when I woke up, and he believed himself to be so, so victorious on that day, he took a high position. So how about our alert downwards, and they're hiding behind this big boulder. And the problem is they're Boubacar O'Meara, their animal suffering shoutout, and he says, Lou hubel, you know, so he says, A fecal Mohammedan is Mohammed with you, and the person who hate what he's saying. But he said to a woman, he said, to GB don't unfold to him. And then he says, A fecal mobile kochava is abubaker with you, and the Professor todibo. Don't answer him. And then he says, a fake email account. Bob is almost there with you. And he says, lad, todibo, don't answer him. And then it was a

03:13:08--> 03:13:46

fianchetto. And he says, oh, no Hubble, how big and majestic is Hubble? And the Prophet says, A G. boohoo? Now you answer him. You see, you decide your own narrative. This is your narrative. No one's going to tell you a story for you. You decided the Prophet decided when he should speak when he should not speak. But when it's concerning Allah, now you all go to speak. Now everybody should be involved. Everybody should be involved in this. And then he says, he said, the learner knows he says, We have oza you have no visa, the data the worship, and the promises ijebu answer him and they said What should we say you're a sola and he said say Allahu Allah and Allah Mala Mala is our

03:13:46--> 03:14:25

master, you have no monster, right? It was a way of showing that you know, we're still in the game. You know, Islam is always at the at the forefront. And by the way, the verse that we all know from the Quran when Allah says while attaining Allah has no anthem Allah alone, in going to momineen this is revealing This was revealed at awkward. This is in the same context of the verses of overheard that even though there was loss, and even though there was you know, there was disobedience and problems happen, but Allah reminds us to harbor don't fare don't grieve, you're at the peak at the top in control, meaning this is short this condition if you are believers, right, and so therefore

03:14:25--> 03:14:59

we have the great pride of Islam we have the great this is Islam is is we should be proud to be Muslims, but all of us should play our role. And remember, you know, we have children, we have guardians, you know, we have nephews and nieces. They are there was a thing and advice for about one Netflix program. Maybe you saw it, I saw one clip about it. on Netflix, they have this some kind of a show a show or TV series, where they show a Muslim woman, right, a Muslim woman and and she's fasting and she's about to open how fast and she has a short

03:15:00--> 03:15:38

have alcohol, right? And the other the actor is saying, you know, like when it's time to open, reopen the fight and she opens her fast by saying Bismillah then she drinks the alcohol. You know, I mean, obviously for us we can see the stupidity of though but that is young people, young people who are who aren't doing their anything. And then they see and it confuses it confuses them what's actually happening, and therefore the industries, right that would use tactics like this are relentless, they're not going to stop their game. But it requires us to be mindful of all of these things, to have an Active Campaign to be to be working, to be writing, to be speaking to be

03:15:38--> 03:16:03

debating, this is our role, as was when I tell you something, there's nothing more honorable, in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala that you could do something to serve his or than his religion. Well look on all of us to affect to do that. I mean, I mean, in a lot of one on one has donated 500 pounds, Katie has invested 500 pounds, Allah

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Modern people thought this guy just

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03:16:53--> 03:16:56

Do you remember your record? Yes. Yes.

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Beautiful Names we had Sharma we are Sharma. So count Allah amazing, you know, a lot of this reward is going to Sharma By the way, I know the surname he upon Allah, you know, encourage the people to make donations and then there was an avalanche of donations. We want to start that again brothers and sisters okay to happen again. Right? This is your time to get involved. And this is the time of difficulty when Muslim Omar is on the receiving end, Islam is the most attacked faith in the word. Islam is the most unmiss understood faith in the world not because it's not clear is because the propaganda against it is unbelievable. It is disproportionately You know, it is disproportionately

03:20:53--> 03:21:00

high. It is very very high the magnitude is too high for us to handle. That's why we need more.

03:21:01--> 03:21:14

Yeah, yeah, so firstly, sorry about that countdown and the music there that wasn't I never knew that was gonna happen in terms of the music so we're gonna do when it might some people want to get some questions. So let's have a red pen.

03:21:17--> 03:21:20

So Ahmadi Coen Brothers Santa Monica to

03:21:21--> 03:21:22

me a lot of your

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brothers who do red pen.

03:21:26--> 03:21:27

Can you hear me brothers?

03:21:29--> 03:21:36

They've probably left a computer or something. So can you hear me brothers? Oh, yes, I want to come Salama Tula.

03:21:37--> 03:22:04

Yes, brother. May Allah reward you when you watch those brothers who donate. First, I want to make the announcement to my brothers in Middle East specially in Gulf Saudi Arabia. I would say Shame on you, they donate brothers, you have done a lot of money. I see you on Instagram, making challenging buying 30 iPhones, in buying stuff in recreations. This is your time to donate.

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Especially in that regions, that Allah give him a lot of wealth, a lot of money.

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And many of them you know spend it in a lot of things that is not unnecessary, which is can be categorized on cofra nirma. So this is the time when you will go into do for your deen

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you claim that you are sons of Sahaba sons of people who fought with Prophet Muhammad, you proud that you are live in that part of region, but you're not contributing for your religion?

03:22:49--> 03:22:52

So please, brothers, donate now.

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03:22:57--> 03:23:01

brothers, I'm also I have a question because I also debating

03:23:03--> 03:23:05

Christians, specially Arab Christians, you know, we have

03:23:06--> 03:23:11

a long history, you know, back then in both talk rooms, and, you know, with other brothers.

03:23:12--> 03:23:13


03:23:14--> 03:23:51

I just want to ask you, because I came to that conclusion, because, you know, there's a two type of Christian, there's the one who, you know, just want to attack Islam, when you ask him question about Christianity, he just jumped, you know, to the subject and Islam, you know, avoid answering the question. And then those who are, you know, humble, but yet, you know, they spend a lot of time quoting a lot of verse from the Bible, without, you know, anything in going around circle, we can explain, you know, even the trainee, so I kind of came to the conclusion that, okay, since the Bible, we know it's been corrupted. We know, we don't know, the anonymous writers. And there's a lot

03:23:51--> 03:23:52

of things and that's by

03:23:53--> 03:24:26

Christian scholars themselves, saying that the Bible has a lot of, you know, problems an issue. Therefore, I come to the conclusion, okay, before you establish your argument, let's talk about the Bible, you must prove to me, that is the word of God. That's why now I like to put that, you know, block that any Christian wants to quote, the Bible to me, I said, first, before telling me the Bible said this, in this, prove it to me, that this is the word of God. So I think when then they realize, you know, they have

03:24:27--> 03:24:33

no chance, you know, to speak to me anymore. Because I'm, you know, I'm, I'm taking that approach.

03:24:34--> 03:24:55

Because it's, it's wasting the time, you know, if you just if they just quoting the Bible, and I know it's not the word of God, and I don't believe so. I just want to ask you brothers. Is that a good way to counsel yet in approach with our, you know, with Christians in debates?

03:24:56--> 03:24:59

Yeah, that's one way of doing it. But I think that's a very good way instead of talking about this

03:25:00--> 03:25:35

Scripture verses you go straight to the foundations and like what Adlon said a few, a few livestreams ago, he was like, you know, someone was quoting him scripture and outline said a hidden meaning in a rude way. But he said, Look, with all due respect, you must be quoting Harry Potter to me, because you know, the current Bible today is not the Bible that's from this, this is not the Injeel it's not from God. So you in order for your statements that you actually get to the Bible to be true, you have to prove the Bible to be true, then the only reason we affirm some things in the Bible is not because we believe today's Bible to mature is because we believe in the furqan. We

03:25:35--> 03:26:15

believe in the differentiator, we believe in the criteria which is which is the Quran. So if you go straight to the foundations, it's much easier for you, I applaud you. But at the same time, my advice would be and my advice would be for you to understand that a lot of the Christians they are very spiritual, they think about love in a loving relationship with God, we need to go into that as well and get them to understand that Allah subhana wa Taala is maximally forgiving and maximally loving, in the in the name names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We believe that they are perfect without any deficiency and flaw. And we want to show them that the biblical God is actually

03:26:15--> 03:27:00

not maximally loving because he's not maximally forgiving. And maximum forgiveness is an essential ingredient of divine love. If you can't forgive maximally, then how can you be maximally loving? And you know, with my Latif has this ring and amazing and my literie dollar changing, apologetics transforming paper that's going to come up very soon in sha Allah. And he talks about William Craig's argument concerning the maximum perfection but the point is, from a layman perspective, talk to him about you know, allies, the Merciful his island where dude, he is the loving, and he forgives. And if you compare, for example, you know, as doctors matter typically the atomic

03:27:00--> 03:27:39

conundrum in actual fact, I want doctors manatee to talk about exactly what I'm saying here because mine talk about the dynamic conundrum between Christianity and Islam and how Islam shows that God is maximum forgiving them for maximum loving and what that can do to the Christians heart. Bismillah Well, I mean, before Seamus, mon comes to that I want to remind everyone Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate like brothers sisters, we have had so many people responding to our calls. I want someone to start another competition now. Please come forward. And this is the least we can do. I want someone to challenge put a challenge out they have 1000 or 500 pounds so that we can

03:27:39--> 03:28:22

encourage people to do the same what we did earlier. Okay, more challenges, more donations, more support, more reward more adjure more results, more trained Muslims more confidence, more Dawa more Islam hamdulillah lava right now get involved. And pro challenge I'll share with one over to you. Please. Allah, Allah, what I mean by this is exactly the thing. She comes as you're mentioning, you see, in reality, I mean, even Christians would argue that become Christian, in fact, would even affirm and say, we it doesn't bother us that much. In fact, if the Bible is not as fully preserved, as you might want it to be. William Lane Craig says, for example, that the Trinity isn't even so

03:28:22--> 03:29:10

much of an issue if you have a few problems with it. But what makes anything for them consequential is this idea of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, honestly, will lie he just yesterday and the day before, I've been thinking in my mind, of having some kind of a subheading in the essay, which is very long now about, you know, is the Jesus of Christianity altogether necessary, because remember, now for the Christians, when you speak about the love of God and the mercy of God and forgiveness of God, all of these paradigms may begin from the necessity in their minds of sending Jesus as a savior. Our story, our narrative begins way back from there. It begins with the first

03:29:10--> 03:29:47

human creation, Adam alayhis salam. Now in this, I think this is what I what I'm going to commit myself to do. In my dungeon with Christians. This is where our discussion begins. It doesn't begin with Trinity for me, does it begin with Jesus Christ? It begins with Adam, and begins with our first father. And I think that this has been a ruse. I think this is honestly it's a route. I think it's something that the Christians have deliberately downplayed, because I think they kind of, they're on the backfoot In this sense, because when they speak about concept of love, forgiveness, mercy, they speak through the paradigm of Jesus Christ as a savior. Right, not through the paradigm of God in

03:29:47--> 03:29:59

the beginning how he was with his first creation, Adam, now the Quran, you remember the Quran is more Haman and uname the Quran is an overseer, the coin has come to correct mistakes that were made.

03:30:00--> 03:30:38

by previous people, previous traditions, and the specifically the Jews, the Judaic and the Christian traditions, what does it say about our father Adam? If you want to know about if God is loving, wouldn't it make sense that our first impression of God right from the very beginning, that's something decisive? Who is God? In the beginning? How does how does God deal with our father, Adam, because if I if I know how he deals with them, then it gives me an impression of who he must be, how he must deal with me and if he's if that's how he dealt with my father, Adam. So Adam, of course made a mistake. We both agree he made a sin he ate from the tree, Muslim Christian both agree that

03:30:38--> 03:31:16

Adam was favored by God placed in a garden, a garden. We both agree that Adam and Eve, were tempted by the devil Book of Genesis, the devil comes as a serpent, Aquinas mentioned that but it says that the shaitaan tempted both of them. To Quran mentions they were both sinners, they both made a mistake. The Bible focuses on Eve, the serpent tempted Eve, then Eve want to give some of the fruit to Adam. And then they both became seen as the Chronos and say that emphasizes both of them. But then the key point of differentiation is right at this point, this is what you said, your Christian friends. At this point, things begin to change what happens in the biblical account, Adam eat from

03:31:16--> 03:31:58

the tree, and he's forever condemned. Dr. Luke and Bill William Lane Craig and others who are assessed very thoroughly in the essay. They they make point that what Adam undergoes is three types of damnation, physical domination, spiritual domination and eternal damnation and it's irrecoverable. There's no way that Adam could ever recover from that because it's his kind of upset the cataclysmic The Critic the cosmological, you know, order of things is up ended, the honor that's due to God. But look at look at the Quran. Look at Islam, how beautiful it is, how beautifully maximally perfect Allah is in his loving nature Lao Akbar. Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah Karim.

03:31:59--> 03:32:38

Allah is Semyon Karim caribou. Mujib, Allah is all herring, all clothes, all clothes and all responding to his servants. So Adam makes a mistake he slips. Now the Quran, of course calls it zelle he calls it a slip, the Christian narrative. It's called the fall in the book of Genesis the cataclysmic fall. But in Islam, it's a slip all of us slip in life. All of us stumble in life. When we leave our homes. What do we say that one of the ways that we read Allahu maniapoto Adela O'Donnell? Oh, Zilla was hell of a lemma over them a challenge otherwise, you review your law that I slip and that I stumbled on my other I called others to slip. I see graffiti with you and doing that

03:32:38--> 03:33:15

a beautiful narrative of I could just spend a minute or two explaining this, that once during the Gulf of Oman, there was a man who was always with the companion what was with the companions, he was always in the masjid. And then he kind of absconded. And Omar was so confused and he says that what has happened to that person, and they said that person is now indulging in a major sin, and he killed and this is a good advice for all of us in the month of Ramadan, the month of forgiveness month of mercy. Let's take this the story to heart. And so he says he's keeping away from us. And I normally says Go and bring someone who can write for us a scribe. And the man came and Omar says I

03:33:15--> 03:33:56

want you to write these words and say in the in this in your letter in this letter, mean Omar Abdel hapa Illa Fulani mana fallen from Omar mo kebab to this person's person. This is a man to man this is a human encounter. We are human beings, the prophets, all of the sons of Adam are sinners, and the best of them are those who make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says then right this one verse from the Quran circularbuffer where Allah says Allah is love it and then wakaba tobe should he Dilip kabhi, the total La Ilaha Illa Hillel masu Allah Subhana Allah describes himself as being the forgiveness of sins, the acceptor of repentance, and severen punishment, and Allah's blessings are

03:33:56--> 03:34:32

endless and everything, everything comes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then he says, stamp it, seal it, send it and they send the letter, the man began to read the letter again and again, reminding himself how forgiving Allah is, how merciful Allah is how loving Allah is. And then he came back, you know, and Omar asked the people afterwards what's happened to the man that we related to? And they said he's back with us Omar said these words he says, hacker that this is advice to all my Muslim sisters and stuff. This is my advice. Be like this. Don't be a cutthroat, right? Don't be someone who's going to make someone's life even worse. He says to the Sahaba he says hi Can I first

03:34:32--> 03:34:59

now either at a con la con Zelda Zelda tan wala to Kunal one share Pani la him. He said this is how you behave. When you see one of your brothers has slept and don't be shaped on supporter against your brother shaped on inspires hopelessness. He inspires depression. He inspires you lose hope in the in the mercy and love of Allah subhanaw taala we're allies encourage you as always to have faith and mercy

03:35:00--> 03:35:45

him, so therefore Allah describes it as Zelda. Zelda hamachi upon one hand, but that's not even for me the most beautiful thing was beautiful thing is this. Allah Quran then says furter locka Adam, Robbie Kalimantan, fatawa la, in order to abre him. Now this for me is Subhana, Allah nbme time I read this, I just feel we've missed something really big here. I feel we've missed something. So, you know, so consequential that I think this will just kind of this was shut the lid on everything. This is what I think that Allah in the Quran says. Adam was met with some words from his Lord. Right, Adam was met with someone So Adam in his position of vulnerability, he's a sinner, he sinned,

03:35:45--> 03:36:24

he is vulnerable. Right? And when we sin against our love, our most vulnerable items are his most vulnerable, he sinned. But Allah says, it's not just it's not. It's not that Adam turns first to his Lord, that we might expect that but it's that Allah transfers to Adam. That's, that's love. That's love. Allah turns first to Adam, right? Allah Allah inspired Adam with words to say, right? Because he doesn't know what to say. So Allah teaches them what to say that isn't that closeness? Isn't that love? Isn't that forgiving? And then the words the ultimate they say the other words in the Quran when they said Rob Burnett vollum nan fursona. Our Lord, we have wronged our souls. And if you don't

03:36:24--> 03:37:04

forgive us, and don't have mercy on us, we're going to be off the losers for taba Allah. Allah accepted the repentance and Allah is terrible Rahim Allah is always accepting the law laws are the Most Merciful. In the Battle of taboo is a beautiful verse in certain tober. And indeed, of course, it's called sorta tober for a reason. That innovative taboo Kala mentioned the three who were left behind who stayed behind the med excuses. But when they sought forgiveness, Allah didn't say that they want forgiveness, make forgiveness, Allah says, thumb metabo Allah him Leah tubu. Then Allah turn to them, so that they will tend to him, right Allah is the actor. Allah is a one and Allah acts

03:37:04--> 03:37:43

first. Right? Allah is the one that inspires forgiveness inspires that love inspires that turn of heart, in the heart of any human being. And then when they do and a lot of time to them, then they tend to Allah, then Allah is Allah is accepting freedom. Now we have this paradigm which is so powerful with the Christians, of course, don't have anything like that in the Bible, because it's very wrathful. In the Christian narrative, God is vengeful, and rough all and God would never accept Adams forgiveness, never accept Adams remorse in Islam, the promises are not matoba remorse is repentance. When a person in himself spiritually, right feels that sense of I need to go back to my

03:37:43--> 03:38:27

Lord October is a roju in a lie means to return back to Allah. It's another, the promises that is that is repentance. But in the Christian narrative, it's having to accept an event that took place where they are, goodness is so many problems with this, under me, I cover I cover these, you know, in the essay, but they argue, of course, that it was the Son of God, which of course, his God himself, who then paid the price for everyone sins, that means that God will never forgive unless a price is paid, and it has to be a blood sacrifice price that needs to be paid. And you can never be forgiven, unless you accept that that sacrifice event took place, you know, some 2000 years ago. You

03:38:27--> 03:39:07

know, I mean, that seems very unreasonable, unreasonable, as a way of coming back to your Lord to be forgiven by the Lord. And secondly, of course, it does not reflect the love of Allah. Because a loving God, a love, people can say can use love as an abstract, that God is very loving. What does it mean? What does it mean that you should ask people? What does that mean then? So how how would you demonstrate how do you demonstrate your love as a father as a mother? How is love demonstrated, if it's not demonstrated through forgiveness, through mercy, and that Allah subhana wa Taala in Adam's most difficult moment having sin, right, even Allah Krishna with the ability, of course to

03:39:07--> 03:39:47

sin, could not show His forgiveness and his love to watch his seven Adam, which then becomes an example for all of us as his progeny that we're all created with these temptations in life, we're going to make mistakes, we're going to sin, but always to know that we have a lord with Allah Karim, who is all close to his servants that we could call upon him at any time. Allah Quran says when my seventh as you concerning me, I'm ever near to them, and respond to him, of course upon me. And so I think therefore, that this is a very important place to begin with the Christian because they always appeal to these emotions, you know, of love. And, and I and I say that this is a joke amongst us,

03:39:47--> 03:39:59

but it's not it's not even even a joke. Race is really serious that the Christians they say this very famous verse in the Bible, john 316, For God so loved the world, that he sent his Son, you know, to pay the price for many of the verses.

03:40:00--> 03:40:40

equate the rest of the quote. But for us, really we should say that For God so loved the world, that he simply forgave Adam in the first place right from the very beginning. I mean, that's a demonstration of love. Isn't that love? Everything else is, is even a quagmire. It's confusing as a conundrum. Because all these atonement theories, satisfaction theory, substitution theory, penal substitution, perpetuation theory, all these emanate from simply not knowing what to do with God and Adam, right? So how do we how do we try and reason the whole thing? They can't, this is why they need Adam to be the type and Jesus to be the antitype the whole narrative is about Jesus. But Adam

03:40:40--> 03:40:46

is our forgotten father, sadly, but the grant gives him a very important much important place, you know?

03:40:47--> 03:40:48


03:40:53--> 03:40:54

That was very beautiful.

03:40:55--> 03:40:56

This is a truth.

03:40:58--> 03:40:59

This is this is Quran.

03:41:00--> 03:41:42

Allah is telling us everything. And I think that I think for me, this I think, for me, this is the most important narrative in this whole discourse of Christianity and Islam. I think it does not begin with Jesus and Trinity and it is a secondary thing. I mean, the thing whole point begins with our father, Adam, what happened to him? How was God with him, then we will learn who God is, is maximum perfection in the way that God was towards? Because they will they will derail the discussion? And they will say no maximum perfection, let's think about Jesus. Think about you know, the sacrifice and it is reflecting God's mercy, we should we should say no, we refuse the parameters

03:41:42--> 03:42:26

of your of your discourse. Let's go back to our starting point. Book of Genesis or Albacore are let's compare there for the narratives and see how how maximally forgiving maximally omnibenevolent maximally necessarily omnipotent, maximum necessarily omniscient, Allah is above, look at this, for example, not the Christians they say for example, Adam's sin. Now in the in the in the whole narrative of Anselm of Canterbury of candidates is the whole satisfaction theory. And this was believed for 900 years by Christians as as half of Christian history believed this was a dominant theory, that the sin of Adam was so consequential at besmirched the honor of God, reputation of God,

03:42:26--> 03:42:58

right? There's nothing that humans could ever do to repay that damage unless a blood sacrifice is paid. Now, look at this Allahu Akbar. Look at this hadith Christians again, without I think a Buddha is the narrator of this hadith. He says that Allah subhanho wa Taala you're a bad Oh, my servants. No, no Welcome, welcome. We're incircle majan. If the first of you and the last of you and the humans of your energetic view, if you all gathered in the heart of the most wretched Evil One of you, that will not decrease my kingdom and anything.

03:42:59--> 03:43:36

If you compare this, compare this, compare that to the narrative, and if all of you were in the heart of the most pious one of you, that wouldn't increase my kingdom in anything. Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Allah? Allah is Subhan Allah is Sorbonne, Allah is above Allah is Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah is greatness is beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are simply for karar, poor, humble servants who are in need of Allah's creation. What are the things that we do could simply upset the cosmic order of things that now we don't know? It's like, it does remind me in fact, a Frankenstein, you know, creating this, this, this monster, and then the monster wreaks

03:43:36--> 03:44:15

havoc and then Frankenstein is lamenting, what did I create in the first place? Allah is above that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is a Glory be to Allah, free of all imperfections. Allah created Adam with full knowledge, knowing Adam had limitations and Adam could send that Adam would sin, but it doesn't derail you know, to speak the plan of Allah. Allah is full of wisdom, full of mercy, full of knowledge and understanding. And Allah had of course Allah favored his creation and therefore we believe Allah subhanho wa Taala is Elijah Wood. Allah is full of love, full of love towards his creation, full of kindness full of mercy full of compassion, full of comes close to in these nights

03:44:15--> 03:44:34

What do we say we say Allahumma in the car for one hour Allah You're the one that pardons to him, for you love to pardon for Annie so pardon me, Oh Allah. Right. So that's how we find Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. And so I think that if we emphasize these points, I think it would make a big difference to our Christian friends. inshallah.

03:44:37--> 03:44:58

Bro, that was probably the most moving, touching thing I've heard concerning the whole Christian Islamic discourse. And it literally moved me to tears. So, you know, it just only should increase us in gratitude. immense gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala for blessing us.

03:45:00--> 03:45:09

Of being Muslim. Having the gift of Emad because some of us you know, sometimes we fall for the trap that we think we deserve it but

03:45:10--> 03:45:29

we don't see huge gifts. And what you've just said just basically highlights how important that we have to show people who Allah really is lockable. And I wish my parents could hear what you just said is phenomenal. People don't know Allah we have to tell them who Allah is not

03:45:33--> 03:45:35

so much okay.

03:45:43--> 03:45:49

I'm sorry. It was just so movie didn't This is? Well look, I'm so blessed to have you in the team.

03:45:51--> 03:45:52

I'm blessed to have you so one Allah.

03:45:55--> 03:46:32

This is the truth of Islam Allah block. This is the truth of Islam. And this is this is a work of sapiens, we want all of us all of you guys, please, let's donate for this list. Work inshallah, because this is this is the effort. This is the effort. This is kind of we are of course, you know, William Lane Craig has been saying these things for decades, I mean, decades, you know, but there's always been things that have been unchecked, really, in the in the whole discourse, anti Islamic discourse, and he says these things, but for us to have a very substantial, very cohesive, you know, rebuttal against the things Remember, this is not just for today in sha Allah, this is for

03:46:32--> 03:47:12

generations, this is we you know, the work in sha Allah is now being translated into Turkish into Spanish, we have team in we have you know, a brother in America, I mean, this is about growth, but growth, you know, so that the arguments the the essays, the articles, the work, this is not just for, for England, this is for, for all the entire world, you know, and remember, Christians alone are poor answers about them but you know, you will find people who are most closest in love to you to be amongst the Christians, those who are like the priests and amongst they have goodness in them. And Allah in the Quran, Allah I remember discussing this with with with Hamza, when our trip to AXA

03:47:12--> 03:47:46

ones that we was we were speaking about this verse in the Quran, where Allah says about them lay Sue so are they not all the same? They're not all the same. They're not all the same, you know? And Allah in the Quran says that, you know, some people, some of them that even when they hear the voice of Allah in the Quran, they begin to weep, right? Because they realize this is truth. It's common sense. What what seems better, to have a lord who in the beginning, right from the very beginning, from the get go, Adam makes a sin he makes a mistake, right? He doesn't even ask for forgiveness as yet. But Allah teaches him out to ask for forgiveness. Isn't that sheer luck? Or to have a God who

03:47:46--> 03:47:59

is unforgiving? wrathful vengeful, only accepting blood as a sacrifice, right? And then of course, Adam is condemned and you don't hear about him ever again. What happens to the poor, poor man?

03:48:00--> 03:48:02

What happens to the format is what got

03:48:03--> 03:48:41

you there's no place no place for him. But Islam for them a beautiful place, a beautiful place. Right? Even Adam made a mistake. Allah had a divine purpose Adam was settled in the earth would cultivate would nourish the earth, his progeny would grow would would create civilizations, you know, would grow, profits would come from his progeny. All these things were in the in a preordained plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah is allowed him and if we learn about the names of Allah because Allah reveals Himself to us through His names and attributes, learn about Allah. If you know about Allah, what else more I mean, just teach people about Allah. This is Allah. This is Allah

03:48:41--> 03:49:22

subhana wa to Allah. Allah is merciful. Allah is forgiving. Allah is kind, Elyse clemen. Allah is pardoning. Right. And if we teach these to our fellow, because the Christian sometimes they have a narrative, but it's scripted is a scripted narrative coming from the evangelical centers. This is what to say. And Shaka now knows much more than me, because he's engaged with these Christians he on stage is debated with them. So he knows himself, but it's just a scripted narrative. But if we stop the script, if we refuse the script and say, Stop, stop, right, let's start from a very human experience, human humanized experience. It begins from the heart. It begins with all of us as

03:49:22--> 03:50:00

humans, we want love, and we want to be loved. Right? And we want to know, at least that the God that we're serving, worshiping is a loving God isn't accepting God, we want to know that the Christians there construct a narrative where they would say God, of course, is love and God is forgiving, but the narrative is not Adam, Adam eccentric Adam centric, it's Jesus centric. But remember, Jesus only needs to come and then narrative because of the mistake of Adam in the first place, right? That's the only reason he has to come as a sacrifice because of Adam. If we say okay, let's go back to Adam then. That's what we

03:50:00--> 03:50:07

To say, let's just stick with Adam and think about that. Look at the difference. And I think Subhan Allah the Quran, it speaks for itself, the Quran is speaks for itself a lot more,

03:50:09--> 03:50:53

a lot longer and shared with one for that question in defense of Islamic position on God and God's mercy in love. This is how simple it is, you know, we're live just to understand the concept of loving God in Islam and his love, which is actually true. It's not abstract. It makes sense. This is why Sapiens Institute is needed my brothers and sisters, so that we can put these narratives and counter narratives out there. Just like chef McMahon was saying that it is a scripted narrative. How do we how do we respond to it, we have to create a counter narrative to show the Christian world that they have simply got it wrong. Unfortunately, the priests and the preachers and the

03:50:53--> 03:51:37

missionaries and their pastors are not being straight with them. They're not being straight with them. Okay. Why is that the case is a completely different topic. We don't want to get into that. But Sapiens Institute is creating narratives. Okay, how are we doing that? We're doing that through our work on the website, you can go and look at all the details of the work we are producing. We we have for them in the last year on hamdulillah in the last nine months rather, Sapiens Institute as train 6000 Muslims offline and online 6000 Muslims into how to give our and how to do it intellectually and academically. Okay, this is what we need to do the next year, empower and train

03:51:38--> 03:52:07

10,000 Muslims, that's one Muslim trained every hour, every hour. We're not talking about taking people for on a therapy session necessarily. We're not talking about sublease Tablighi Jamaat style outing with the Sapiens team because they're doing their own work and it has its own value. It has you know, the word completed your mouth is doing and other Muslim groups are Sapiens is specifically training these 10,000 Muslims

03:52:09--> 03:52:58

on how to defend Islam and how to present Islam intellectually and academically right. So, this is giving our with knowledge and confidence intellectually, academically, this is exactly what Sapiens pioneers for my brothers and sisters, you cannot possibly, you know, not support this, because this is a noble cause. It is life changing. It is history in the making. Okay, this is history in the making. Okay, how do we know that? Look at what we plan to do in the next 12 months and power and train over 10,000 Muslims, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and offline. Also, publish your website responding to leading anti Islam

03:52:58--> 03:53:39

websites. This is all we want to do in the next 12 months. That's our target. This is the aim in the next 12 months and this is what we're raising funds for. Do you want to be part of this is the question expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, expanding mean, even making it even bigger, okay. Also professionally filmed 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform, published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts commenting on philosophical issues, and providing a strong case for Islam. also engaged in for academic debates, dialogue and

03:53:40--> 03:53:50

also finally start a new podcast. This is a lot of work within 12 months. So rather, Hamza is back with us. He has been emotional because of what he heard from

03:53:51--> 03:54:10

your share of mind Latif and Willa he, we really need to feel feel it deep down inside us whether we want to be part of this noble endeavor or not. This is basically following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the prophet never left any answers on

03:54:11--> 03:54:55

any questions and answers. When the questions came to him. He answered them, he didn't push them away. He didn't ignore them. He gave responses to when Islam was attacked, like she was man give an example earlier, when he was taunted at the depth of what when it was about his personality and questions about his companions. He did not respond. But when Allah His name was challenged, or when Islam was challenged, the Prophet told his companions to respond that you don't have any helper. We have our helper with Allah with a lot of other sisters. This is your chance to make a donation Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is your league where you can make donations for the

03:54:55--> 03:54:59

hands up. I'm trying to encourage people to follow suit

03:55:00--> 03:55:39

Just like earlier brothers and sisters, we're making donations left, right and center. We want to encourage people what's the time in the UK? I don't know. Is it 11pm? Is it nearly is almost 11? Yeah, almost 11. So maybe people are coming back from Dharavi. Maybe people have just come home or maybe people are just relaxing at home. If you're watching a live stream, just know what Sapiens is doing. It is doing groundbreaking work. It is being intellectual with our academic data. It is giving confidence to the youth so that they have confidence in Islam and they can defend it. So it is not only about defending the boundaries of Islam, it is also intellectually academically

03:55:39--> 03:56:20

intelligently representing Islam. So this is what you are supporting tonight. So brothers sisters, go to the website and see some of the work that you have done. You will see brother Hamza book they're available free of charge, which he has written on atheism. It's titled divine reality, Islamic God Islam and the mirage of atheism. This book has been translated into Urdu into Arabic into Persian into Turkish into what other languages that book has been translated but Bangla is being transferred to French. We have Russian coming up, we have Bosnian coming up, inshallah Why?

03:56:21--> 03:56:27

We transition in Bangla? Yeah, they've already destroyed about 3000 copies, Allahu Akbar.

03:56:29--> 03:56:59

And this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Absolutely, this is, this is the work of Sapiens Institute. This is what this institute is doing publishing books. And do you know what this book can do? Do you have any idea this is one aspect of our work? We have a list of things we want to do in the next year in the 12 months. Do you know one book, what this one book has done? Let me explain. Let me explain what it has done. It has done so much that so many people are translated it.

03:57:00--> 03:57:38

People just don't translate any rubbish book. People just don't go and pick up Harry Potter and start translating it. Okay, even though there are some people doing it. But you know, this book has impacted so many people in so many different countries that they want this book to be in the local language. I met brothers in Pakistan who read the book, they said this has to be an old book. This has to be in Urdu. And they have done the translation. Bangla. I've been just shocked to hear that it has been translated in the language of Bangladesh, okay, because atheism is a big problem in Bangladesh. And now people can read the Islamic perspective and get inspiration and possibly come

03:57:38--> 03:58:16

back to the fold in so what we're working on in the next year, we're working on an a second edition. And the second edition is basically to expand it we're going to improve every chapter add more contentions, expand more details, provided detailed academic dependencies, because the book was designed for people who don't have a philosophy background and to build them into it. So when you read a chapter, it's summarized with an analogy with a few summary paragraphs, then he goes into detail, but there's much more that can be said as well. There's so many things that needs to be added. So we will explain what I'm trying to explain brother Hamza is that this is one aspect of so

03:58:16--> 03:58:58

yes, of course. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. We have a list of things we want to do. We want to train 10,000 Muslims, academically and until intellectually so that they can defend Islam and present Islam to things defend and present. Both aspects of their okay. We are talking about creating leaders, the eyes are came from different backgrounds, they may be from mosques, they may be from universities, they may be from, let's say from a company, this is empowerment. This is empowerment on a grand scale empowerment about Islam. They are empowered when they are convinced that this is the right way and we have to defend it. They get so motivated, they go and they start teaching

03:58:58--> 03:59:26

others. So imagine as brother Hamza was saying earlier, we train 10,000 people, just like we have in the last year 6000 people we train 10,000 people in the next year, these 10,000 people give our to, let's say 1000 people each they go online and do dow activity go they do speeches, talks lectures, Cottbus whatever they do, they have given power to 1000 people multiply 1000 with 10,000.

03:59:27--> 03:59:28

Was that

03:59:29--> 03:59:34

10,000 Bye. Bye. 1000 maybe that's 10 million, right?

03:59:35--> 03:59:37

I need to calculate for this one.

03:59:38--> 03:59:59

So imagine if that's what happens. This is what you're giving money towards? That's one aspect of Sapiens work. Yeah, 10 million. Yeah. 10 million, right. 10 million. That's 10 million. 10 million people empowered 10 million Muslims around the world and power the you know the kind of magnitude that can create. So brothers, sisters,

04:00:00--> 04:00:47

You want to be part of this is easy this click the link. Firstly make offers. Raise your hands it may be later to cover tonight. Most importantly, we're lucky Raise your hands and say May Allah give success success to these brothers who are working hard we're trying to make this is success. We're defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam. They are in an intellectual robot. robot is when you are defending the boundaries of the lands of Islam at night that's called a robot. That's called robot when someone is defending at night, the boundaries of the lands of Islam and you know we are the Morabito and we are the morava tune yeah Morabito Brava the word Ramadan is about to wake up at

04:00:47--> 04:00:55

night, and keep a God keep keep a watch, on the boundaries of the lands of the Muslims of the Muslims can sleep.

04:00:57--> 04:01:40

You know, in rest, they can rest. So they're not, they're not worried about some enemy attacking. This is intellectual robot, what we are dealing with is intellectual robots, so that most of the Muslims can sleep at home at night, in ease, so that they're not worried about the children that no enemy no islamophobe is going to sneak into the device the child is using in his or her bedroom, and snatch away that child. And we have seen this happen repeatedly again and again. Parents coming to us for lighthouse mentoring, service and otherwise, parents coming to us and complaining about their children having doubts. They came across some because on online, they read some rubbish, some some

04:01:40--> 04:02:02

propaganda pumped by islamophobes out of context, completely messed around, you know, and you know, don't don't belittle them, because they are doing it in a number of different ways. Sometimes it is very well presented. Islamophobia comes with a lot of beauty. Sometimes they beautify Islamophobia. They create lavish,

04:02:03--> 04:02:48

you know, very lavish and very well researched documentaries to confuse people and people who are watching these documentaries that are based upon nothing but lies. They think they have worked so hard, they have researched so hard, and they have produced this documentary. So professionally, it must be true. It must be true. Okay. But it is not true. It is simply propaganda. It is a pack of lies. How do we know that because we are in the field, we know exactly what these people are doing with the Muslim minds. So that's why when you say peace Institute, my brothers and sisters, don't belittle this appear. Donate, don't stop donating. I want someone to wake up everyone. How do we do

04:02:48--> 04:03:29

that someone come forward and put out a challenge that I will make a donation of 1000 pounds or 5500 pounds. If someone can match it, maybe 3000 pounds, or whatever is put a challenge out, we want someone to wake the others. Because it seems that the nation's hotline seems to have gone a bit slow. Maybe people are praying, maybe people were busy. But we want you to wake up. So what I want is one line of Allah or a lioness of Allah to come forward and wake everyone up by a challenge. Put a challenge out, say, I will donate this much if someone matches it. Let's see that challenge coming our way child, I want to see someone challenging the rest of the oma to make a good competition for

04:03:29--> 04:04:20

Sapiens Institute to support this noble work my brothers and sisters, you cannot belittle this work. It is absolutely crucial and important. What have we done in the last nine months, I want to quickly highlight that so that you get an idea as to what we have already achieved in the last nine months, so that you have confidence in the fact that we can do it in the next 12 months. Maybe more than than what we did in the last nine months. So what were the achievements of the last nine months. And we basically trained 6000 Muslims 6000 Muslims in the last nine months, online and offline. We also delivered many seminars, and webinars, many academically research papers 13 to be precise, and we

04:04:20--> 04:04:31

also produced videos. So I will go through the list of what we achieved in the last nine months. One by one, number one trained and empowered over 6000 people.

04:04:34--> 04:04:35

Sorry, Polycom,

04:04:36--> 04:04:41

okay. Yeah, somebody's filing a form for law. Yeah. So

04:04:42--> 04:04:59

we delivered over 33 academic webinars. We delivered 10 in depth online courses and seminars. We also delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach to our team that has access to 4 million visitors every year. We published three books in the last nine months.

04:05:00--> 04:05:44

We researched and published 13 essays and articles, launched free online lighthouse mentoring service, privately mentored ex Muslims, the art and people without produced 30 sapient thoughts videos, launched our free education platform, ready for content published various translations of our work in Turkish and Spanish. This is only in last nine months with very limited financial ability, with mostly volunteers doing the work. If you look at Sapiens office, it's like a library. There are researchers, there are videographers, there are writers, authors, thinkers, there are academics, they are doing all this work without much financial ability. Imagine if we have the

04:05:44--> 04:06:02

finances we want. Okay, some of these Christian organizations comes up. Do you know what their budget is from yet? For example, campus Campus Crusade for Christ? Yeah, and this is a while ago in 2008. They raised around $667 million. Wow. I believe.

04:06:05--> 04:06:11

Let me read pen. Were you satisfied with the previous answer by doctors minor teeth?

04:06:13--> 04:06:14


04:06:15--> 04:06:23

Thank you. Exactly for your patience. Let's bring someone else on board. Now inshallah. Let's quickly have Mohammed Slavonic Mohammed

04:06:28--> 04:06:30

Slavonic Mohammad

04:06:36--> 04:06:38

sit down whitey cool, Mohamed

04:06:41--> 04:06:43

Okay, unfortunately he's not here.

04:06:45--> 04:06:46

Let's pick

04:06:48--> 04:06:53

jack hood gear Osman of jack jack, come here, man of Samani comm

04:06:59--> 04:07:01

jack and give Jeff on gear.

04:07:07--> 04:07:08

Mister Mr. Smart of

04:07:13--> 04:07:19

Santa Monica. Santa Monica, can you hear me hamdulillah he's here Why? Matala? How are you?

04:07:20--> 04:07:24

Good things. How are you? Come to the very good Alicia

04:07:25--> 04:07:30

for very good job you're doing brothers. Were you from brother?

04:07:31--> 04:07:32

I'm from busara

04:07:33--> 04:07:37

Allah, Masha Allah remember what is

04:07:38--> 04:08:00

Yeah. I usually say to people that I'm from the city of Lima one hurry. Mashallah, brother, your city. Your city has so much history when it comes to the Islamic civilization is unbelievable. Apart from Imam Bukhari bukata has served as a very important center of Islamic politics, Islamic architecture, Islamic

04:08:03--> 04:08:03


04:08:05--> 04:08:06

Islamic history in general.

04:08:07--> 04:08:23

It was produced civilization, not one or two, you know, even the mobile civilization came directly from Bukhara, Samarkand, and Bukhara is unbelievable. bokhara is a very important city man, apart from a man behind his legacy, talking about unbelievable.

04:08:25--> 04:08:26

Talk to us, brother, what's your question?

04:08:27--> 04:08:30

And my question is, I was reading your book.

04:08:31--> 04:08:53

I'm still reading your book to Turkish translation actually. And I want to know your opinion about arguments of big pool with Jews and Muslims. That was used by even Sina Yes. Are these opinions matter? Are these opinions around to us from foreigners? Okay, good question. So,

04:08:55--> 04:09:36

even sooner wasn't the only one who used concepts such as YG but would route a mungkin algu. Okay. This is a general concept in Islamic philosophy that talks about the contingency argument for the existence of Allah subhana wa tada all the school three schools of al Qaeda. There are three d is the Asha ADA and the authorities. They talk about why gebouw mungkin mungkin algu. In actual fact, if you read arcaded the heavier and you read the explanation of even is an Hanafi. You will see he actually mentions those terms because I've gone through that you I've seen it for myself. So people who say that this is only an even seen a type of argument with all due respect, they should not be

04:09:36--> 04:10:00

talking about this thing because they're misrepresenting the Islamic tradition. Yeah. The other thing is, as long as the way you articulate this argument doesn't go against Islamic values, premises principles, assumptions, etc. Then it's fine because the belief that Allah is a necessary existing being is one would argue if you understand that concept very well to go against that concept will be a taco. Yeah. Because for you to say that

04:10:00--> 04:10:38

It was possible that for Allah not to have existed his massive co foria. So the point is, this argument is entrenched in our tradition. So how do you articulate this argument? That's the question, because sometimes there are various forms of these arguments here. What we have to do is follow the principle of what our classical scholars and the pious predecessors to us, which is you can articulate these arguments, as long as the language that you're using doesn't go against the Quran and the Sunnah. The premise is that you use don't go against the Quran and the Sunnah, but everything else is completely fine. Now, for example, when you talk about Allah's necessary

04:10:38--> 04:11:16

existence, this is all implied in his names and attributes anyway, so when you look at sort of a class, for example, a lot of cement, what is what does that mean? He's self self self subsisting, he's independent everything depends on Allah subhanho wa Taala. His independence is such that it was impossible for him to have not existed he is a necessary being, in which all other creation or other reality depends upon. So this is a phenomenal argument by has to be done in a way that is understood. The other thing I'd like to add is Roy's some of these people who accuse this argument of being wrong, sometimes they have the good motivations because they want people to worship Allah.

04:11:16--> 04:11:41

And sometimes you think, if you always use philosophical arguments, just to affirm his existence, how are they now going to obey Allah and love Allah and worship Allah, the whole Quran came down to teach us that. I agree, this is why Sapiens Institute when we deliver arguments for God's existence, we try most of the time to link it to why Allah is worthy of worship. So we have a holistic approach to the dour. So I hope that answers the question is that okay, bro?

04:11:43--> 04:11:55

Yeah, I was also thinking about Allahu Samad Yes, because enough about me self sustaining, right? Absolutely self subsistent it means independent

04:11:56--> 04:12:43

and so on and so forth. Yeah. So that would not much be valuable would would would not be adding another name to Allah. Of course not. Because why double duty is a is a is a is a linguistic term for a concept. The concept is necessary existing, it means it was impossible for that thing to have not existed. This is something that we have to affirm as Muslims if we don't totally cover because for you to even think for someone to think that Allah could have not existed is article four. And it is against reason and rationality anyway. Yeah. So we people sometimes make a mistake that just because we're, we're articulating certain language, that we think we're now inventing new names and

04:12:43--> 04:12:54

attributes of Allah subhanho wa, taala. Number? No, we're just expanding on the meaning doing top bar expanding on the implications. Yeah. So it's very important for people to understand that. Yeah.

04:12:57--> 04:13:40

Thank you, it was very clear. Now, I didn't understand. The first one. I watched a video on YouTube. Some guy said that it's completely haram to use philosophy that these philosophies are around because these arguments are not used in Quran. So okay, well, yeah, well, my lab, he look, I his motivation is sincere, because he's, he probably understand his learning history. A lot of the theologians were infected with kind of Aristotelian thinking, or Hellenistic philosophical thinking. And it made them adopt maybe ideas that got them into trouble theologically, or they had to basically, you know, they have to try and square the circle if you like. But the principle is as

04:13:40--> 04:13:43

follows. I'm gonna give you the principle again, just to end this.

04:13:44--> 04:14:15

Having a philosophical intellectual argument is not a problem as long as it doesn't go against the values principles, assumptions, premises that contain in the Quran and Sunnah. Simple as that and as long as the language that you're using is not too vague. That would imply something that is kufri as long as the language that you're using is defined and it's using an appropriate way that people understand then it's not a problem at all makes sense? Yeah, everyone thank you. Happy we take care sir Come to law you cannot take this crucial and open my comment. Of course.

04:14:22--> 04:14:28

This is the first stream yes stream live stream selfie. Stream itself?

04:14:30--> 04:14:34

Yeah, thank you. It's good. Want to check one with Hamza alone? Because

04:14:36--> 04:14:37

it's okay. Rose.

04:14:39--> 04:14:41

Thank you very much. And you

04:14:42--> 04:14:45

have withstood my Eman very much and

04:14:46--> 04:14:50

very respect to brothers. mela Bless you, bro. It's so good.

04:14:52--> 04:14:59

You education, continue with the courses with the webinars whatever content we produce, read our books. Our leaflets are

04:15:00--> 04:15:12

articles in Sharla will get better and better we will help each other. We learn from you You learn from us, whatever it is, is it's a reciprocal relationship. It works both ways for life. Thank you so much.

04:15:13--> 04:15:15

Have someone come to love

04:15:17--> 04:15:20

Okay, now let's have brother

04:15:21--> 04:15:34

Aslan, Sajid and before he speaks, please everyone Don't forget the reason we are here tonight Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link. Don't forget to donate

04:15:45--> 04:15:50

Santa Monica i think Adnan has frozen for a bit. Let him get off and come back on.

04:15:51--> 04:15:53

Okay, so to speak to brother

04:15:55--> 04:15:59

out of slang. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato who

04:16:02--> 04:16:07

hope you're well inshallah my brother hope brother naan comes back inshallah soon as well.

04:16:10--> 04:16:19

So, I'd like to start by saying basically, so I'm a student of finance in university economics and finance and, you know, it's all capitalistic mindset.

04:16:21--> 04:16:24

Yeah, yeah. Wales. Yeah. I've met you

04:16:25--> 04:16:33

as well. So I picked up in your accent a subtle Welsh there, Masha, Allah. All right, Savannah, last.

04:16:34--> 04:16:45

But yeah, I was gonna say from a capitalistic mindset, this idea of donating to Sapiens. Yeah. in finance, we have something called the holy grail of investment, you know, zero risk

04:16:47--> 04:17:32

with the riskless payoff, this idea of riskless pay of zero risk, and ideally, investment is higher returns zero payoff, this investment so the call towards Sapiens is basically the holy grail of investment. And any sane minded, even capitalist here who believes in the afterlife, which is basically what we are nowadays, with our capitalistic mindsets a lot of the time. Even you like thinking about it that way, you can't turn it down. This is why all the brothers and sisters please please, please donate to Sapiens and shoot very generously inshallah. And regards to my question, is a question I feel very strongly about. And it's like, something that I've seen is affected a lot

04:17:32--> 04:18:05

people. Some of my friends, I've seen him negatively impacted my brother's Islamic brothers. And I've seen non Muslims. Generally the whole dollar seen our field, in one way shape or another, certainly at least has been affected by this is the disunity of Muslims. We are very disunited, we argue for example, just the the rubber before the thing you're talking about the YouTube video. And it's just this dash is the one minor example. But we're so disunited, we have all these opinions, all these things, all these that Yeah,

04:18:06--> 04:18:27

I've seen this. I've seen Muslim Brothers being pushed away from Islam, and this being one of the factors pushing people away. And I've seen non Muslims that Dawa bringing people into Islam, this being one of the barriers bringing them in towards the door. Now my question is to you as an expert, my brother Hamza was

04:18:28--> 04:18:28

an expert but yeah,

04:18:29--> 04:18:38

no, no, Mashallah, you are a very big expert, Mashallah, as an expert, what is your opinion on how do we go about reconciling? How do we go about this?

04:18:41--> 04:19:06

is a very good question, actually. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to basically hold on to the rope of Allah subhana wa Taala, not to be divided. And what this really means is hold on to the Quran. But what does that mean? That means holding on to tell heat holding on to the fact that Allah is worthy of worship, and holding on to the fact of our understanding of the Islamic creed, which is like the basic six pillars of Eman.

04:19:07--> 04:19:53

And so it's very significant that our unity is established on the very kind of basic fundamentals. what some of us try to do, which I think is wrong, is that we're trying to unify on the kind of floor of the branches of al Qaeda and the branches of faith. I think we should follow the Quranic advice. And the Quranic advice is to hold on to the Quran, hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And, and hold on to tell heed and the fundamental basics of Islamic aqeedah the six pillars of eemaan, which every Muslim believes in, that should be the basis. If the basis now becomes on the kind of scholarly differences then, with all due respect, you know, there's never going to be that

04:19:53--> 04:19:59

type of unity interviews. It never existed, it hardly existed here. So we have to focus on you know,

04:20:00--> 04:20:03

That type of unity holding on to the rope of Allah, the Quran

04:20:04--> 04:20:09

holding on to our understanding of tau heat, and the very basic understanding of the six pillars of EMA

04:20:10--> 04:20:22

is very important to understand that there are alumni, even from different schools of thought and even different schools of creed. They say that you should work with anyone, anyone, anyone, they say you should work with anyone,

04:20:23--> 04:20:58

if it's for the good, if it's for goodness, even if you disagree with them with other aspects. And it's very important for us to have that mindset because sometimes we have this ridiculous mindset of I disagree with this position, I think is a DVR on this position. So I'm going to shun him, I'm not going to sit with him. This is not the Islamic discourse. This is not what they're taught us. And this is not the core answers anyway. And many of those who miss misinterpret certain verses of the Quran to support that kind of this unifying narrative, it's actually not in line with scholarly tradition. And it's not in line with the main primary meaning of that verse. So it's very important

04:20:58--> 04:21:32

for us to basically, just to be as tolerant as possible will lie, especially in our context, as well, especially in our context. And a lot of this brother is actually not a religious issue, in my view. I don't think it's a religious issue. Yes, people use religion to justify it, by I'm telling you, it's a psychological issue. A lot of these brothers who have come to the village and they've learned some knowledge, they came from a gangster mindset, or they came from a perspective that had issues at home, the father didn't have good relationship with or the, you know, the whatever it is, they had some psycho social issues. And they've come to the dean, and now the basic expressing those

04:21:32--> 04:22:09

issues, in the Islamic Society, in the Islamic community, so they have this kind of projection of protection of the ego, of its me, it's like a gang, Islam becomes like a gang, right. And if you're not within, if you're not wearing my gang colors, you don't have my gang language, that anyone else is not part of that then there are deviant who I don't want to speak to them. But this was never the way of the earlier man, this was never the way of the scholars, this was never the way even the Sahaba. So it's very, very important for us to go back to our deep spiritual classical tradition, and also the basic fundamental aspects of the deen, what is what is accurate is the how we say what

04:22:09--> 04:22:46

is the books of creed, say, you know, someone who faces the Qibla, if you're a Qibla, if you are the fibula, then you're one of us, right? From that perspective, you're one of us, right? Even to the point, if someone who is known to be a non Muslim, and they died, for example, praying as a Muslim in such de, then from what I remember, you can correct me if I'm wrong, then the community have to bury him as a Muslim, because of the whole concept of the fitrah. I know this doesn't relate much. I'm trying to give you some kind of ethic that we try and bring people into the house of Islam, right, it's not a closed door, our house is open, and we're like enter, I had no asylum. And that's

04:22:46--> 04:23:22

the kind of ethic and approach that Muslims have had and should always have. So with regards to unity, stick to the fundamentals. Now what they do, some of them, they quote the Hadith about the 73, six, and they they they just do some linguistic gymnastics, in my view, with all due respect, from my understanding, and I stand in the possibility I could be wrong. The classical understanding of this Hadeeth has nothing to do with you being an Ashanti or motori. The offeree is really to do with the fact that you have changed the fundamentals of the faith, the six pillars of email, because when you understand this Hadith, you understand it in context of how the Jews and the Christians

04:23:22--> 04:23:47

changed their faith. And they changed it in fundamentals. they differed in fundamentals, right. So when it talks about 73 sects, it doesn't refer to someone being a different school of thought in Islamic jurisprudence, or a different school of creed. No, is talking about those people of the fire the 73 six, they're the ones who change the six pillars of eemaan. Right? This is why even even taymiyah, who was so

04:23:49--> 04:24:28

a harsh critic against the Usher era, he said they are not of the fire. Right? So people who like to use this discourse to try and split up the oma. You know, with all due respect, they could talk about evidences and produce lots of refutation videos. To be honest, I don't really care. Because the answer is already classical tradition and they will come Allah would always bring his Deen and revive his Deen. If someone has refuted someone for an hour, two hours here and there. Let them do it. Allah will always make his Deen prevail and the truth will prevail. So I'm not really concerned with that. I'm concerned with the psychology. This attitude has come from a deep rooted psychology

04:24:28--> 04:25:00

of some kind of social psychosis or some kind of ego or ego centrism. And it's a tarbiyah issue, people think is a daily issue. No, it's not a delete issue, because you could throw the lever at them and they'll argue with you until the cows come home. It's about where is the heart? And a lot of these brothers Unfortunately, they learn the deen in a very abstract way. What do I mean by that? They treat Kitab was another treat the keytab and the Sunnah as abstract kind of things just to memorize. But what is true knowledge true knowledge that you remember

04:25:01--> 04:25:40

has to now become internalization as Emma Malik said about what religion is Islam is not just memorizing narrations, but it's the light that Allah puts in your heart that you've internalized the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well, llahi you could learn all of the verses of unity, all of the idea of unity and you may be a person who is not a unify, you may be a person who's not for unity. You may learn all the Hadeeth and the AI add on Vicar, but it doesn't mean you're going to become a person of the code. Just abstract knowing doesn't change the way you become in the world isn't change your state of being. The way you change your state of being is actually taking that knowledge

04:25:40--> 04:26:20

very seriously. implementing it and practicing it and seeing it as examples and other people and for you receiving power from your community or your teacher or your or your subgroup. Because tarbiyah is extremely important for us to traverse the path to walk the path of purifying our hearts in order for it to be ready for knowledge. Well, llahi you can't plant a seed on a rock. You can give me all the Hadeeth in the world and you know try and plant it in our heart heart is this No, no, nothing's gonna grow. We have to our hearts softened. And that's why there is a wisdom in the the first chapters of the Quran that were revealed in the second period. They talked about, you know, your

04:26:20--> 04:26:58

worldview, your perspective, it was softening our hearts making us understand that we are dependent on loss of Hannah water Allah alone, that, you know, who are we that we shouldn't be egotistical, we shouldn't have Kibera and so on and so forth. And then that provided the arcade and the framework and the worldview and the softening of the heart for the laws of Islam to come was an IE shall rajala, who basically said, If Allah revealed the Afghan first maybe they wouldn't have listened is along those lines. Also, she said, right. So there needs to be a process of development for the person when they come to Islam. But unfortunately, that's not the case. And people need to be

04:26:58--> 04:27:36

careful they need to worship Allah and not worship their worship. Yeah, learning the deen is an act of worship, but sometimes we end up worshiping, worshiping, worshiping Allah, we have this sense of urgency, the sense of self amazement, which is one of the key spiritual diseases of Aha, look at me, I've memorized this, I have this knowledge, I am somebody I got all of this early man, you should be on positive energy and you should be like me and look at me. But yeah, the way you act interact become and the things that you say is antithetical to the Islamic tradition. While law II if knowledge hasn't humbled you, then you're not learning knowledge or law, ie if knowledge hasn't made

04:27:36--> 04:28:09

you more grateful, then you haven't then you probably haven't learned knowledge. If If knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Specifically here if knowledge of Allah hasn't made you think about yourself more than others and there's a big problem. If knowledge of alone his Deen has increased urgent, then there is something very problematic with our job is unlike keba or job is self amusement, you could just be amazed by yourself alone, thinking that you have intrinsic ability is all because of you. While llahi is because of Allah subhanho wa Taala Willa, is because Allah has given you this ability. So

04:28:11--> 04:28:49

for me, brother, I think it's not a theological issue people argue is, but remember, you need to understand where is your heart, when you're reading the theology? Where is your heart when you're reading the Quran and Sunnah. And that is very important. We miss that out in our discourse, because your heart should be such that can receive divine guidance, right? It should be soft, if it's too hard, you're not going to receive it properly. Many of these brothers, that they end up with contradictory behaviors and perspectives because for them, it's like a gang. for them. It's us and then for them, it's about I'm right, you're wrong. This is all about the knifes Yaki that shape on

04:28:49--> 04:29:24

teaches us how not to be. Because shaytan is like the symbol of the knifes and ego. He wanted to be right. He never wanted to be wrong. He wanted to look good. He didn't want to look bad he wanted to impose. He didn't want to be imposed upon all to the degree that he rejected the truth and rejected what was right. He was told to bite onto it. And he said, No, I have fire his clay. He thought Allah was wrong. He thought he was right. He didn't want to bow down he thought they should bow to him from that perspective, by extension. So that's the nature of the ego. I want to be right. I never want to be wrong. I want to look good. I don't want to bad I, you know want to impose I don't want

04:29:24--> 04:29:59

to be imposed upon all to the degree that I reject the truth. And I reject what is the right thing to do? Well, I have here a lot of this is a snuffs when people will have this type talk to me, I try not to engage in any type of theological discussion. I just ask them how's your mom? How's your dad? You know what, or I least want to talk to him about that because I think the issues I psychodynamic there enough see issues. They're not theological in any nature, because when you look at the real ama, from all the spectrums of creed, the Asha era, the Salafi is the author is Missouri's that the academics within their field, the learned ones within this

04:30:00--> 04:30:34

Not the ones with the loud mouths, they would say join within the hail. Even the Salafi scholars were saying that you should join publickey Gemma support them in the good, right? But you have other ignoramuses, you know, it's trying cussing people in there front and center saying your albida not going to go do Tao with you, I'm not gonna help you. This is ridiculous. This is where there is no part of a tradition. And we and if you want, we could collect all the statements from the scholars, all of the ideas, whether the evidence is to show about that Islam is actually a unifying force. It's a unifying force. So Paula, these people, for them, there's only four scholars are real

04:30:34--> 04:30:40

scholars in the whole world. You know, I think how many jobs to distill the day like, you know, so even the cardiologists have more scholars than these

04:30:42--> 04:31:16

need to broaden the horizons and I'm so happy that sequence Institute has that mindset. You know, for example, Mohammed hijab has got a jazza from Deobandi scholars, he's got he judges from other scholars, Islam is a rich tradition will llahi. And yes, we're going to have our differences. And yes, we're going to have our perspectives. And yes, we're going to disagree, and so on and so forth. But you know, what, let's follow the lemma. Let's follow a pious predecessors, this sort of the Quran and the Sunnah, in the way that the cornerstone is intended to, to, to in the way it's intended to express itself to us with regards to its true meaning. And when you have that in, you

04:31:16--> 04:31:51

hold on to the rope of Allah, which means you hold on to Tao heed, which means you hold on to the, you know, the fact that Allah is worthy of worship, and You hold on to the basic six pillars of eemaan. Anyone who wants to change those six pillars of eemaan, then obviously, then all of us, but if you within that, then Alhamdulillah, you know, you're part of the Brotherhood, and we're going to support you even if we disagreed on other subsidiary issues. So sorry for the long run, but I hope that makes sense to send your gay No, and Allah knows best if I've said anything wrong, that please correct me guys.

04:31:52--> 04:32:16

Know, Mashallah, my brother, I'm very, very well said, and you have a very good passion for it. And this is the way we should be. And, you know, when I think about it, when we zoom out of the situation, who benefits who benefits from our disunity, it's the enemies of Islam, Mr. Shea, our dean and the other partners, Shea Dean and alike. And you said a few very powerful things here.

04:32:18--> 04:32:23

If you could maybe give me the reference again, because I want to look into them and I want to use them when I speak to people

04:32:24--> 04:32:40

about unity, it is an extra fact but I'm gonna find something for you. There's a really good, I think, Mohammed II w YouTube channel, basically, I will Sophia schaible, Sophia, he did a really good thing in Hyde Park with the job on unity.

04:32:41--> 04:32:46

And, for example, he mentioned all the kind of Islamic scholars.

04:32:47--> 04:33:14

It's on the st. Dawa channel, I believe is part one this find that there you go, one second. Let me I'm going to give you the link. Right. And he quotes them all, all the fatawa I think he focused just on the salary type scholars, because he did that maybe to show the brothers because sometimes it's some of the brothers from, you know, that kind of background that have a little bit more of an issue concerning unity, right? Not all of them, but at least a few of them the loud mouth.

04:33:16--> 04:33:20

So, just sent the center onto the comments. Bear with me.

04:33:23--> 04:33:28

One second is a bit slow at the moment. There you go. So one second, and

04:33:30--> 04:33:54

there you go. So there's the link. So if you go and watch that, that gives you actually quite a few evidences when it comes to the scholars on that side of the tradition just to show that you know, you support, support, you know, anyone with higher, you know, it was interesting, if you look at the tafsir when Allah talks about come together, for goodness, him I think it was Mr. crew to be he even talks about even with the mushrikeen.

04:33:56--> 04:34:14

And we see this with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you remember he you know in the preservation of unity, when he said if he was asked to do the same thing when he unified the tribes to prevent fitna because of placing the stone on the Kaaba. He said, If he was asked to do that, again, he would do it again. Right.

04:34:15--> 04:34:28

And that's with mushriks. And then these community are now talking about you can't sit with your brother, you can't do this. You can't do that. So upon Allah, you know, Islam is only them and for scholars, that's what it is.

04:34:29--> 04:35:00

Kind of Islam as this Islam, is this so important. I'm telling you, it's a nasty issue. Don't I will not even discuss these issues with them. I'll just say how's your mom and dad because I'm telling you the A lot of them have issues with the moment that they have low psychodynamic issues. And you could tell if your psychotherapists are involved in psychology, you could just see it, and you could see in their faces as well as this Doc, that's like, No, no, it's like even just by looking at some of these people would you want to follow them? I know that sounds a bit crude or not very intellectual, but at the end of the day, this has to be very honest.

04:35:00--> 04:35:18

You know your belief your positivity shines through your face I'm not saying you have to be handsome or pretty no but Yanni a bit of positivity a bit of, you know, when people saw the person from afar they wanted to go close to him. Yeah, but sometimes when we see some brothers from afar we want to run to the moon

04:35:21--> 04:35:25

By the way, look, well I believe these brothers are betting me anyway, I honestly

04:35:27--> 04:36:04

love these brothers no more core anime than normal Hadeeth and me definitely the normal FX the normal arcada the normal Arabic they do more Salah than me. They have much listens and me I believe that. So I'm not saying from an arrogant perspective, I truly believe the better than me. I'm telling you, I believe that I'm just focused on this particular issue because I think the the misplaced and they've missed it miss misunderstood the tradition on this specific issue. This is no way of me thinking I'm better than them. I'm not better than them. I you know, I believe they're my brothers. I love them for the sake of Allah. I love them because my knifes loves him as well because

04:36:04--> 04:36:39

these are good brothers as well. They pray the tahajjud they do the decoder, they lower their gaze, they are conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala they read the Quran. So I don't want people to use my words to think that I'm against them or against these people. I think I'm better than them. No way they're better than me. In actual fact, I even asked advice for the from these people in for specific situations, because they may have a little bit more scrupulousness when it comes to certain issues. And you have to understand the person. So people on balance, you know, on balance, you never never whoever reduces people to their sins, whoever reduces people to their mistakes, that person is

04:36:39--> 04:37:04

a shakedown. Because our tradition takes looks at people on balance, you know, some kind of sin for 10 years, if it did tober we have to believe that is the one who has done tober is like the one who has never sinned. Even in marriage situation, his son had a dodgy pass and they did tober they fixed their life. They're a new person. Now you can't use the past against them. This how beautiful the deen is. So, so what I'm trying to say from this perspective,

04:37:05--> 04:37:39

I forgot is gonna follow what I'm trying to say. But anyway, I'm trying to say that they're better than me. So I don't want people thinking that I'm, you know, coming across as I know, something that they don't or, or that there's something really wrong with them on this particular issue, I think is there is a problem, and it probably stems from a psychological issue. But on balance, they're better than me anyway. And we should aspire to be like these brothers called on sun Hadeeth in, you know, focusing on knowledge, you know, focusing on hygiene and all of these things. It just, you know, is this some this issue and maybe something else that they that they need to fix upon, and I have

04:37:39--> 04:38:05

nothing to fix up on anyway. Anyway, so hope that helps. Good luck, lucky. You made a strong point that we should look at the greater cause greater cause of Islam more with more priority. But yes, I just like to end by saying, again, as a student of finance, conventional finance and Islamic finance as well. Please donate to sapiens, please. Please, please. It's a infinite investment. Zakouma.

04:38:08--> 04:38:15

Sound law? Okay, brothers and sisters. So where are we? Looks like I'm on my own for now. Oh nine is waiting. hamdulillah

04:38:17--> 04:38:20

ignaz in the house. slammin.

04:38:21--> 04:38:26

I've been waiting for nearly 15 I don't know how long I've been messaging you.

04:38:27--> 04:38:32

You know what it is? mela Bless you. Allah says in February Allah is with the patient Allah was with you.

04:38:35--> 04:38:45

So tell them away about bro tell them why we're here. What's going on? Talk to us. Listen, everyone who is listening and who's still with us how many people are watching by the way right now?

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over 200 Subhanallah that's a lot of people you know, for a live stream. That's a lot of people costing on on four channels. I lead our channel, EF Dawa, which has a large audience all over the world. Then is my channel Sapiens channel collectively? You know, these channels, I think they are nearly half a million people, half a million subscribers. And then we are we have 200 watching live which is by the way, which is quite a lot for for live streaming. And brothers and sisters. Those of you still watching. What are you waiting for? We still need to see some messages of donations. You know, the purpose. We are still sitting here. I mean, where I am right now. It's nearly 4am in the

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Okay, good. I'm gonna go pray and come back. No problem. I'll wait. Because they're very nice brother has just told me to go pray. And he's got a very good point. I mean, what's his name?

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Come back now. Bless him.

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I want to thank the brother. Where is he?

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Because I need those should be coming in in about five minutes. So I'll speak to you very soon. Okay, I'll be back. Just Just bear with me. I can't I can't let people in. I can't let people in. So you will you will have to do that inshallah. later on. Yeah. So what we'll do in between Raka I'll come and let people in as well. Okay. Okay, inshallah. inshallah, my brothers and sisters, I'm talking to you. I'm talking to every single one of you, those of you still listening. I'm talking to you, you the one who is watching the screen right now. Okay. Don't think that others have to do it for you. Every single one of you has to get involved in this noble work and support this work,

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that no one will disagree as well the use of earlier put out a link in the comment section with the statistics that if a Muslim commits a crime, it is likely to get 50% more coverage.

04:45:00--> 04:45:45

Then any non Muslim white culprit, okay, or any non Muslim culprit for that matter, a Muslim culprit who ends up committing a crime, that crime is likely likely to get 50 to 60% more coverage than any other criminal, right? This is the kind of situation we're facing. We have presidents and politicians and leaders of the countries talking about Islam in a very, very negative way. They are actually attacking Islam and Islamic values. Recently, the French president, you know, he talked about drawing the prophet and all that you noticed, you know, the controversy, right? Donald Trump, President Trump, who was elected as the president of the USA, he was during his election campaign,

04:45:46--> 04:46:26

attacking Islamic values non stop. So this has become the norm. Now it's helpful thing in the world for some reason, right? What are we going to do about it? Is the question, what are we going to do? What's the response? The response is education, the responses compassion, those responses, love and mercy. And the best way to manifest Mercy is L knowledge. give confidence to your Muslim brothers and sisters and your non Muslim brothers and sisters out there in the world. Let them learn give them a chance to learn Sapiens Institute is providing that content on this website that produces that kind of knowledge and confidence.

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Apart from that it will join me back and

04:48:39--> 04:49:14

brother Ali Dawa will be joining us in sha Allah. So May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all the people who have made donations tonight. It may well be later to cut that we don't know what light and the progress on the license said. Anyone who stands in the night of power in Laila Toka stands been worships a lot. Whether you worship by giving some regard whether you're praying for our way whether you're reading the Quran or you're serving your parents, any good deeds you may be doing in the night of power in a little color. And if you have a demand and firm conviction and accountability, self accountability, Allah will forgive you since one karma later Takada you imana

04:49:14--> 04:49:18

rocky sovereign warfare Allahumma Taka de momentum. Allah says in the Quran

04:49:20--> 04:49:39

it was in the latest quarter when the Quran was revealed. Our biological origins were on the right in ns allow v Laila can further Rama Rama Laila, Laila Qadri Pharaoh and Alfie Shahar and as well Mala. So in this night, Allah subhanaw taala revealed

04:49:40--> 04:50:00

and Allah saying he would do you know what the night of power is? Do you have any idea? It's a rhetorical question. What do you know the night of power is a lie saying there's no this much that it is better than 1000 months. So you cannot possibly live 1000 months and worship on level 1000 months. Most of us we don't even worship Allah.

04:50:00--> 04:50:40

For more than two, three years, if we put our worship collectively, okay, most of the time we're spending on holiday with the family, we're sleeping at night. Okay, we're going to work and we're doing all these things. How much time do we give to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has told us one night in the month of Ramadan is better than 1000 months is better than at three years. Most of us even if we live eight years, we do not worship Allah for eight years. But one night can do it for us. And if it's tonight, and you make a donation to this noble cause, Lahore, you made it for my brothers sisters, I want you to come forward. And let me know that you have made that donation so that we can

04:50:40--> 04:50:58

announce it to encourage others insha Allah, okay, because donations are still trickling in. They are coming in slowly. Initially, we had a lot of excitement, a lot of people made donations, Alhamdulillah Allah bless you. Okay. But we need more and more, we need more support. Okay, the second rush, I think after 12pm

04:51:00--> 04:51:41

midnight, a lot of people start to go online, and then they start to watch these live streams and they start to call get involved. So maybe that's the time for you to get more involved right now. Katie asked a question but not if someone is starting from zero and want to get to our level of knowledge of Dean, then how one should start on how long will it take please guide I believe, if you give at least one hour a day to the study of the dean or law he in a year you will be on a completely different level. Okay? You won't become a scholar. Okay? But you will become a serious to knowledge one hour a day, one hour a day is absolutely amazing. And it's realistic. It's doable,

04:51:41--> 04:52:09

okay. So what you do is you first of all, you teach yourself some Quran, you treat yourself some Quran, you treat yourself some hobbies, you will learn the basic books are thick, you start from the most basic books, okay? Like on the Come on the telecom is a basic book of hobbies, you start with that. And then you start with a basic book of al Qaeda, teachers of the Islamic belief system, okay. And you can also start with a basic feel like, you know,

04:52:11--> 04:52:51

a Saudi has at the feet of the Quran very short, and I'm pretty sure it has been translated check of the mana Saudi is the field is available in the English language to start with the basics. Very simple stuff, and then start making your way up, whatever interests you, then you can specialize in that particular field, okay? And always try to specialize in something, you can't be the jack of all odds within Islam, you have to specialize. Okay, that's my guidance. That's my advice to you start with the basics. And whatever appeals to you later on in a year or two or three, then you can start to focus on that field. I love how these I love the field of hobbies, and I like to read books on

04:52:51--> 04:53:36

it. So that's what I do. Right? Okay. So although I love the field of the Quran, Allah history, because Hadees is very similar to history in my field is history. So I like the science of hobbies. I like it. So that's why I study it. So brother Abdullah is asking a question about non humbler said that Allah is all loving when he was talking to red pen. But Allah said in the Quran that he doesn't love the transgressors. So Allah His love is conditional because an atheist can jump and say, Why Allah put me in Hellfire if he is all loving. He is all loving at the same time. He's all just okay. He has to do justice. Right? So Love does not negate justice. In fact, love endorses justice. If you

04:53:36--> 04:54:18

love someone, you will do justice. Right? Love doesn't mean that you do injustice does not love that spoil. For example, if one of your children whom you love dearly goes and injures someone on the street, when that child comes back, because you love the child, you don't give the hug. You don't give a hug to your child say Mashallah Baraka Allah, my beautiful child, well done, do it again. that child's gonna do it again and next time is going to commit an atrocity. That's why justice must be done. Because you love the child. You will give that child maybe some minor light advice or punishment. Maybe deprive them of sweets or deprive them of something they love right? To teach them

04:54:18--> 04:54:31

a lesson. Okay, this is how Allah loves Allah loves and Allah's love constitutes justice so there is no contradiction that's my answer. Abdullah Abdullah Hope that answers the question but I'm not what's your

04:54:33--> 04:55:00

what's your views on Sufism? Look Sufi ism is not something homogeneous. Not all the Sufi is at the same. Okay, there are Sophie's who are basically doing things that are clearly against Sharia. Okay, they contradict Quran directly and the song of the prophets of Salaam Okay, those people strictly speaking not Sophie's there are Sophie's were Sharia compliant so it depends which Sufi you are talking about. Because Sophie's you can't put

04:55:00--> 04:55:41

All the stuff is in one basket and say okay, they're all the same, they're not the same, right? Like all the selfies are not the same. There are so many different branches or different types of selfies. Like all the 100 views are not the same right? Like all the Ashley's are not the same right? Or all the modalities are not the same, right? We can't put people in one basket and expect them to so these are some of the things I this is how I see all different groups of Muslims. Okay, show me ask a question or start with Sophie's are Sharia compliant the ones like a blue Tamia and ignore Korea a lot of people they claim that they were into the Sabbath, but what is the several

04:55:41--> 04:56:10

people give it title? People like to give names to certain practices right? So every time you have a broker, I am actually a broker you wrote a book on the skeleton knifes so if it's about the skeleton, not purifying your soul, doing the US god of the Prophet, having being in a state of contemplation and thinking of the creation of Allah and getting close to Allah, some people call it Sufi ism. I don't call yourself either my qualities yet enough. So I'm talking about Sharia compliant

04:56:11--> 04:56:15

Sophie's like even even Oh, Tamia no

04:56:16--> 04:56:31

mama was it, let's say and even shower you love people like Charlene nine, his son, ciao, bella z is great scholars of India. Right. Great scholars. These are Sharia compliant. Sophie's if you want to use that term. Right. I hope that answers your question.

04:56:33--> 04:57:19

Okay, there's another question by Katie. For that non should I should I or can I donate? If I have her money, especially to sapient Institute? And even if I donate haram cash, is it positive or negative, homie? Okay, so my Sorry, my point. So I wouldn't advise you to donate haram money, you won't get any reward from it, that's clear, okay, it may benefit the cause. If you want to give the money, it won't, you won't get reward for it. Right, you won't get reward from harmony, it may benefit the cause the cause will benefit like a lot of people, a lot of scholars, they say about this, that if you want to help orphans, and if you've done it with haram money, it has benefited the

04:57:19--> 04:57:51

orphans. But as far as the reward is concerned, you're not going to you're not going to get any reward because the money was Hara. Right? So it will definitely make a difference to the orphans. And like that, so this is my response to that. So reward will not be there. Okay, show me. A lot of people in South Asia are into the wrong type of Sufism, how do we educate them, especially in the rural areas? You see, the problem with rural areas is that people are very much stuck in their ways. And

04:57:52--> 04:58:35

they don't want to listen. So the best way to do Tao or Islam, rather, is law of the people in the rural areas is to, to basically be there in person. No, there is no other way. You have to sacrifice, people have to sacrifice. Okay, so you go from village to village and talk to people about their care. But the problem is, usually people in the rural areas are very intolerant. Okay, very, very intolerant. So we must promote education, we must in every single village, we promote education, bring the children to the malarious teach them the true akiza treat them the right way and send them back to teach the people that's the only way to do it. There is no other way. I can't

04:58:35--> 04:58:58

imagine any other way. Right? The people in the villages that don't watch TV, necessarily. They don't have access to radio, the only way to reach out to them is to get people from them, educate them and send them back to teach them. This is the only way I can think of doing this, unfortunately. Okay. Katie asked another question. If I have a ROM interest money, what should I do?

04:58:59--> 04:59:13

Should I burn it have no give it to someone, you know, give it to someone, it will benefit the poor or maybe some cause, but you won't get your money, you won't get the reward. Okay, you will be helping someone.

04:59:14--> 04:59:15


04:59:16--> 04:59:30

that money will not benefit you because it's haram and you will not get reward from Allah. But as far as the person is concerned, or as far as the project is concerned, that will benefit that project will benefit

04:59:31--> 04:59:31


04:59:33--> 04:59:43

you won't get reward. Right? This is what I'm saying don't waste money. Don't waste money. I'm not saying you go and waste money and burn it. Right. I hope that's cleared inshallah.

04:59:45--> 04:59:51

If there are more questions people to forward, I'm still waiting for somebody to join me inshallah, you will be joining me shortly.

04:59:52--> 04:59:59

And maybe Ali Dawa is coming as well to join me in sha Allah very, very soon. Hopefully, you might be waiting already to join in

05:00:00--> 05:00:07

sha Allah so that we can have some more conversation in sha Allah. Okay, so my brothers and sisters

05:00:12--> 05:00:58

just remember why we are here today Sapiens Institute is doing some amazing work online in the last nine months Sapiens Institute has done something normal work in training and empowering a lot of Muslim youngsters giving confidence to them in their faith, removing their doubts and giving them the courage and the ability to go and do our intellectually This is exactly what we plan and this is what we must write this is the best way to respond to Islamophobia. This is the best way to respond to Islamophobia. Okay, there is another question, but not How can I establish which acts are fidra axiom? Because nowadays people are into enter indoctrinated into liberal ideology and many people

05:00:58--> 05:01:47

believe it in as axiom. So, if our if our axioms can be manipulated by others, so how can we be sure about our position? The problem now is that we cannot establish this or that act is an extra one not no Look, your your your source of information and inspiration is the Quran and the Sunnah. Follow the philosophy of the Quran in life and the prophetic tradition and you won't be misguided you won't be you won't go astray. You won't need any other ideology. If you know truly that Islam is a solution. Islam is the best way of life in the world to follow then you won't need any other guidance from any other system or any other ideology for that matter. Okay, shimmy rosten is a

05:01:47--> 05:02:30

question of thought what videos are you planning to upload after Ramadan on your YouTube channel? Good question. I have many lectures coming up in Urdu language in the future inshallah, make dua that they go they become successful in the likes of them as humble effort. And also many lectures will be coming. I want to start something very special, which is teaching the Muslim history to the coins inshallah, teaching Islamic history through introducing coins they will be these will be short videos, where I'll introduce a coin from the Islamic period, and then explain where it comes from each other. Okay, Katie asked another question. There are several studies which are a bit hard to

05:02:30--> 05:02:45

accept, like promises are set to lick finger or get licked by other food for Baraka is it SAE and how to deal with such these? Look, licking the finger? The progress is seldom used to do it, himself.

05:02:47--> 05:02:47


05:02:48--> 05:03:27

because it is i'm not i'm not i'm not too sure about the scientific evidence for it. We don't need science, for everything the promises will set. If the Prophet advised it and it's not bad for health, of course, not bad a profit advice, something you wouldn't be bad for. Right? It is, it is. As far as I know. It is proven that if you eat food from your fingers, not from spoons, it is healthier to eat from your hand as long as your hands are clean. If you wash your hands, which is also the sun now by the way, don't forget about that. Why do you not disbelieve in that summer? How did the Prophet know that you have to wash your hands before eating, you have to go and wash your

05:03:27--> 05:03:34

hands. And you have to wash them in between in between as well. The best way of washing hands when you don't want I was in

05:03:35--> 05:03:36


05:03:38--> 05:04:20

Royal Free Hospital in London. And I saw on the wall a poster with instructions how to wash hands. And Wallah, he was shocked to see that the instructions given by doctors and medical practitioners were exactly how the progresses seldom advise to wash your hands. You know, you wash your hands and then you wash in between five to power a lot. So how did they probably know that? Why do we not why do we not have doubts about that? Why do we pick on things like that. So once you wash your hands, then you will eat with your hands. There is more nutrition in eating like that, then there is when you eat with spoon. And this much this much is proven. And that's what you look for. What's wrong

05:04:20--> 05:04:59

with licking your fingers. After you've eaten when they when your hands are clean. These are your hands. These are the same hands you're using to put the morsel in your mouth. So if you are licking your fingers, especially when the clean What's wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with that these are your own fingers. Okay. So show me the Prophet used to advise hand washing even before germ theory was discovered. Exactly. Thank you. That's the point I will make right Katie brother which books will you suggest for all 100%? Say these Bukhari Sahih al Bukhari I would say that the overwhelming majority 99.9% reports are authentic. Okay. No tsunami

05:05:00--> 05:05:03

Olimar no scholars on the School of Ensenada well jamaah have

05:05:04--> 05:05:43

said that Makati is inauthentic. All of them have a consensus that Sahil Bihari is an authentic source of information. So start with Al Bukhari insha Allah is authentic, but you have to study it with understanding and meaning. Okay, you can't just pick up a book and let's say would you read a book a primary source? Let's say from the time of Henry the Eighth one of the eight without a scholar, an academic explaining the details through the secondary literature. That's why we need commentaries on Bokhari and books like that so you need to study it with scholar or maybe read a commentary with it inshallah.

05:05:46--> 05:06:01

Okay, there any more questions, please do put them forward. Brothers, sisters, don't stop making donations. Right? This is why we are here. This is why I'm sitting here where I am right now is 4am in the morning, and brother Hamza is praying, Milan except to spray he will be

05:06:03--> 05:06:45

he will be joining me later. And we are here because we want you to support this noble cause. Continue making donations Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link. And if you want to support our noble work, which is definitely noble, because we're following the son of the professor lasala men responding to islamophobes not the sitting idle, listening to their rubbish, listen with their Macross and the lies and the propaganda and the false narratives and not responding This is not an option, not responding is not an option. And if you believe that this is the cause of the Prophet, which he himself taught us, then you must support it in the month of

05:06:45--> 05:06:48

Ramadan inshallah, this is the month of Ramadan, come forward and support.

05:06:50--> 05:06:55

Brother from where to get the English commentary for Bukhari? That's a very good question.

05:06:57--> 05:07:34

There is no English commentary on say al Bukhari To my knowledge, which is complete, but you can find books written by scholars on some of the headaches of SEO McQuarrie. Okay, so you can find short treatments on sale Bokhari, maybe reorder solid clean, sorry, 40 Hades another week, by tomorrow. These are bozo and books like that you will get some commentaries on how these taken from Macari because it is such a huge book. And we have many commentaries in the English language. But what you can do is watch lectures on al Bukhari watch lectures in the English language and that might help you in sha Allah.

05:07:37--> 05:07:58

Shahbaz Khan, may Allah bless you guys, I have a question regarding the statement of a chavi who said be twice as arrogant with the arrogant. What does this mean? Is it permissible to be arrogant against the arrogant in Islam? Very good question. I don't know how authentic This statement is. activity. Imam Shafi, I don't know if he actually said it. And even if he said it,

05:08:00--> 05:08:08

what he might mean is that when disbelievers are being arrogant with you, then you can show them

05:08:09--> 05:08:51

you can show them strength, not arrogance, okay, you can show them your strength, that you are not scared of the arrogance. And arrogance is not doing anything to you. It doesn't intimidate you, it doesn't make a difference to you. So this is the meaning as I understand it. And there are many examples of that from the processor license, okay, for example, there was a Sahabi, in one of the battlefields. He was facing the enemy, and he walked in a particular way, which was I mean, I wouldn't call it an arrogant way, but it had some attitude. He walked with some attitude with a sword, and the professionalism said it wouldn't be allowed this behavior would not be allowed in any

05:08:51--> 05:09:31

other situation except this one. I hope that answers your question. So the professor solemn has given some exceptions to certain attitude. But then there's another principle which is, which is a general principle we have a law set in the Koran return evil with good, okay, if someone does evil, you always uphold the Islamic mannerisms. There are exceptions of course, there are what we call in the Arabic language rocks, you know, these rocks are there is you can you can maybe do certain things, they are allowed but they are not necessarily recommended. What is recommended is the general Islamic behavior, which is to return

05:09:33--> 05:09:44

you know, evil with good, someone does evil with you and try your best to do good so that there is a difference between you and them. I hope that answers your question my brother. Okay, so, let's see.

05:09:45--> 05:09:46


05:09:50--> 05:09:51

Let me just

05:09:57--> 05:09:58


05:10:02--> 05:10:41

So my brothers sisters donations have pretty much stopped and we need some encouragement even I am myself getting tired, I'm getting very tired. I've been speaking for the last five hours nonstop on this live stream. And the reason I'm sitting here is because I want to support this cause and I want all the Muslims to be trained these 10,000 Muslims to be trained in how to give Tao intellectually and academically you want to facilitate this. Let's start making donations and give me some encouragement. And if someone makes a donation and mentions it in the public chat, please let me know here so that I am also aware you can you can put the announcement in the chat here so that I am

05:10:41--> 05:10:45

aware someone has made a donation inshallah. Okay, my brothers and sisters,

05:10:52--> 05:11:00

my brothers sisters, I really want you to understand the importance of this work. I'll answer another question and then I'll go to the fundraising again.

05:11:01--> 05:11:16

What are the nine I don't know which Akita school should I follow archery or archery or Marathi? By the way, I've heard that a lot of sort of is considered themselves the only one who are on Asana. Now, that's an extremist view, I wouldn't say that selfies are the only,

05:11:17--> 05:11:18

of course,

05:11:20--> 05:12:01

are great scholars like mo damia. They are said that shy era, they are different to the authorities, but they are close to the aneurysm. Okay, they are very close to the alesana. So we shouldn't be extremists like that and throw people out of under some nine like that. Okay, but I am myself, I am following the authority school. And I think it is the best and the purest school. It is the closest way to the way of the Prophet and his companions. That's what I believe. This is my belief. You don't have to agree with that. But I believe with firm conviction and confidence that the authority aqeedah is the closest thing to what the Sahaba and the Prophet believed in. This is what I believe,

05:12:01--> 05:12:21

right? You don't have to agree with that. You don't have to agree with that. But this is what I believe. And this is what I advise people to follow in Sharla. Okay, brother, can you explain the concept of fluid emerging from ribs and bones as per latest science? Okay, first of all, what you are referring to the verse of the Quran,

05:12:22--> 05:12:26

your crude human being this will be what caught our eye. Okay, here.

05:12:27--> 05:13:00

These islamophobes This is why Sapiens is so important. This is why I'm asking you to support this work, because we can answer these questions in sha Allah. Hopefully, inshallah, we're not claiming to be the ultimate authorities in Islam, but we can answer these questions. Right. So this verse doesn't necessarily mean ribs, and the backbone, because if you go and read the Tafseer of the Quran, the scholars have also said that this means the male and the female, it means the

05:13:01--> 05:13:09

mud locker and oneness basically, by meeting or by basically male and female meeting.

05:13:10--> 05:13:52

A child is born right. So Ben will be worked on I can mean that right? This is another tafsir with the allamah have given I don't know why Islam have was specifically pick on this one. And they insist that this is the true meaning of the Quran. Quran is very fluid. But Quran is not you know, you can't just impose a particular meaning on the Quran unless it comes from the professor So, so go and read the field and you will see how dynamic that the fear of the Quran is to impose one particular meaning on the verse of the Quran is to do injustice. Right so verse 18, have explained this verse by an assault Baccarat aka human being this will be what they have said that this means

05:13:52--> 05:14:01

zacher and onta. Basically, by the meeting of female and male what comes is a child basically.

05:14:02--> 05:14:39

Thank you, brother, Shabazz counselor, your daughter, like set your dog? Or like can you please explain the worst of beating or hitting or tapping two wives in the Quran? Okay, this issue has been dealt with extensively in the current policies, I would strongly recommend that you go and read some of the articles written by our scholars online and you will see the answer this for me to explain and describe and you know, all of this in a short sitting like this is not going to be possible. So what you need to do is you need to listen to some of the explanations online YouTube number one,

05:14:40--> 05:14:41

maybe you can

05:14:42--> 05:14:59

quote in YouTube while waiting and you will get a lot of scholars and intellectuals giving answers and there are articles. You can look into insha Allah tala. Okay. The answers are there. from Mr. m in public chat. I have made a donation of you thank you so much. Can you let us know what

05:15:00--> 05:15:23

Would you donate so that we can announce and we will inshallah encourage others brothers and sisters, please let the people know in the public chat that you have made this donation not to show off but to encourage others and let me know as well because I cannot see the public chat. I can see the internal chat not the public chat. So let me know here what has been donated so that I can announce and other people can also also follow suit inshallah. Okay,

05:15:25--> 05:15:31

brother, I'm a revert just Muslim now Do I have to choose any of the sect like Shia or Sunni?

05:15:32--> 05:16:09

You don't have to choose any sector stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. Okay. When I said the Quran and the Sunnah, the Prophet and his companions, okay, I'm not, I'm not Shia and Sunni. So I would advise you to become Shia, I won't advise you to become, I will only advise you to become Sunni. And I believe that's the true path. That that is the true path. Okay. That is the most authentic path to follow the Prophet and his religion. This is my advice. Okay. I will never advise you to become Shia because I'm not sure. I don't follow Shia school of thought. I don't agree with it. Okay, shimmy from kazari.

05:16:10--> 05:16:51

In public chat, I just donated May Allah bless you Trove. eurosla from the Netherlands. Thank you so much. Allah bless you goes a long way. Please announce what you are donating so that we can continue to announce it. It may be Laila to cover tonight. It's the 25th Night of the month of Ramadan. And if you make donations in this night, towards this noble cause will lie he you cannot imagine the multiplication of your reward. Firstly, the prophet said, any good deed done in the month of Ramadan is multiplied 70 times that's a given that's a given is the month of Ramadan. And if it's the night of power, if it's Laila to cuddle, Allah Akbar, you can only imagine because Allah said hieromonk

05:16:51--> 05:17:16

officia it is better than 1000 months is better than 83 long years. You can only I don't think you can imagine. Allah says well, ma kamalashila What do you know what the night of power is? In other words, you can't know. But what what Allah is saying is that just know that it is better than 1000 months, a lot of work a lot. That's all I can say, are like brothers and sisters. It is unbelievable.

05:17:19--> 05:17:20


05:17:22--> 05:17:51

what beskar on transition, will you recommend? That's a very difficult question to answer. Because each transition has its virtues. It's every Muhammad acid strangulation is amazing, but it's not perfect. Mamadou pickles is a classical translation is not perfect, either. Abdullah Yusuf Ali is a good translation not perfect, it still has some issues of the haleem so he international okay.

05:17:52--> 05:18:34

Most of the pub, there is a translation by most of our hottub please check it out. It is a good translation because it has some interpretation or some explanation of the meaning of the Quran in the translation. So it's actually not a word by word translation rather, it is an explanation of the Quran in translation. Okay, I hope that makes that's making sense. So most of our thoughts translation is a good one. It is a recent translation and he is part of Iraq Canada is a great scholar. He knows the Arabic language is mastered it he has translated it into the English language most of our hubbub okay check it out inshallah online.

05:18:35--> 05:19:05

Okay from tamina I have donated 50 pounds I wish I could have donated more inshallah you reach your target in sha Allah my sister May Allah bless you, Sister so Mina will accept from you May Allah make it a source of forgiveness for you. If this is the night of poverty of local color, you cannot imagine that reward I just don't have words to explain what this donation can do which Allah my brother How the hell should I conceive or convinced my parents? How should I read your character?

05:19:06--> 05:19:31

Brother with your character, fix your character show them Islam in practice, adopt Islam completely. Your struggle is harder you know why? Because you have to no go go the extra mile to prove the truth of Islam to your parents by the change in your character show them the positive change show them the positive change in your character become cleaner become happier become smiler become

05:19:32--> 05:19:59

How can I put it more pleasant? Okay, become more diligent become more punctual. Okay, become more generally as a good person. Once they see that, they will start to think this boy or this girl of ours was like that previously but Islam made these changes to his or her character wants to see that that's when they will

05:20:00--> 05:20:06

start listening to this is the only way they will take you seriously, inshallah, okay, so

05:20:07--> 05:20:09

inshallah keep putting your questions forward

05:20:16--> 05:20:17

Okay, so

05:20:19--> 05:20:27

enjoy insha Allah, for my brothers sisters, I'm still asking for you to continue to make donations because that's why I'm sitting here right now

05:20:28--> 05:20:40

nearly five and a half hours we have been speaking in your presence. The reason why I'm still sitting here because then it may be the night of power is the 25th Night of the month of Ramadan and I want you to continue supporting, inshallah.

05:20:42--> 05:21:23

Brother if contingency argument and other rational arguments are needed. The problem is that these rational arguments doesn't exist in the time of the Sahaba. So did the Sahaba believe in God can emotionally without rational login? Brother, this is a misconception, by the way, these arguments did exist at the time of Saba. They were simply not called the contingency argument or the teleological argument or the cosmological, by the way, most of these arguments can be found in the Koran. Did you know that? Okay, what is the cosmological argument? the cosmological argument is basically the cause argument, right? Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah. But we are some of

05:21:23--> 05:21:59

our people are, what is our product number and fine number your kulula were conferred upon. Allah is the initiator of the heavens and the earth. And when he wants something to be, he says Be and it becomes, right. This is a form of the cosmological argument. The teleological argument of the design argument is in the Quran. And Allah says, I'll follow you and Runa illiberal aka for Holic way less llama ek for raffia, while diabolik a fantasy of decay for a sham shamsul Welcome Aruba, Hassan, one najmul was shadow yesterday. So Allah saying the moon and the sun have been placed mathematically This is to

05:22:00--> 05:22:47

teleological argument in the Quran. Allah has the Quran for argument for morality in the Quran for okmulgee, Mahalia Boone, are you going to follow the hokum or the rulings of the days of ignorance? Who is better? Who is a better judge than Allah? Who is a better law giver than Allah? This is an argument for morality that Allah is the best of moral anchors, right? What are the arguments of it? I believe every single philosophical argument for the existence of God can be traced into the Quran. So this is a misconception, in my opinion, that the Sahaba did not have these arguments, they did use rationality, they the Quran uses rational arguments to convince people to come to Islam. These

05:22:47--> 05:23:15

examples I just gave you, the are these not rational examples? Allah says in the Quran, in the focus somewhat, you will have a lot lately what are the Iok in lulea arbab. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the changing of the night and the day, there are Signs for those who contemplate for what is a lot talking about contemplation, rationality, usually rationality and you will see a lot so these arguments were there. They were simply not given these names at the time.

05:23:16--> 05:23:42

Any historical place to visit in London stars, many, most importantly, the British Museum. Definitely go and look at it. Then also the Wallace collection. Okay, if you like, you know, antique weapons and ancient production of weapons and swords and things like that and armors and lights and stuff like that. Wallace collection. Also, the British Library.

05:23:44--> 05:24:27

Okay, there is a gallery there with some of the oldest books in the world. Go and check them out. Beautiful place. London is amazing. I love it. Okay, brother Knight of Decree in different countries may have night or day. So how to understand it. After 12am the next day or the previous day, was the concert please? The Night of Decree in different country? Yes. So it changed it changes for those people. So what's left of color for you tonight? Maybe leather color for the other people in other lands for them. So the same Allah who gives you a little color here, he's the same Allah will give a little color to people in other lands, because these are the same Allah. So Allah will not deprive

05:24:28--> 05:25:00

people of Australia from later to color just because people of London have found it or witnessed it or worshiped in it. So Allah have mercy is all encompassing. So he will make sure there is a Laila to cover here and Allah will make the same level of poker happen in other lands when it is the right time for them to have a lot of coverage. I hope that answered the question. Let's start what will the Sapiens podcast be about? Wait and see a lot of interesting content coming forward all intellectual action

05:25:00--> 05:25:42

academic content discussing all pressing issues to do with Muslim mind. Okay? reviving the Muslim civilization, basically call it the podcast of the Muslim civilization discussing everything and anything that's relevant to our and the intellectual defense of Islam. That's what the podcast will do and do you want to be part of it? Can you imagine the reward? I don't think so. Oh, just donate this trust me, go to the link start donating. Let the support come in. And you will see the work in China Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life. I have full trust and humbles ability to start Hamza is an amazing manager. He has the ability to pull it off. He will inshallah, by the

05:25:42--> 05:26:11

grace of Allah if Allah gives him the sincerity and everleigh gives him the strength which he has done in the past hamdulillah Allah will make him successful inshallah, we will pray for him just make the offering that Allah gives him the strength, the courage, the sincerity, and all the right qualities for him to continue and be successful in this noble endeavor. Insha Allah make the offering don't deprive him of God. Okay. Abbas Khan, sister bill shotgun, had donated 600 pounds, Lovelock

05:26:12--> 05:26:48

announced, so please announce that so that others can start new challenges. ordinations? May Allah bless you Shahbaz Khan, for letting us know, system the shotgun, may Allah bless you, allow me enough for you for life, what an amazing donations you made. And we want others to match it. Come on, guys, don't let me go to sleep. Okay, if I get too tired of speaking and not getting any donations and announcements, I'll probably go to sleep on the screen and you will be snoring in front of you like that. Okay, I'll probably be sleeping. Again, you might be watching me sleeping. Okay. I don't know if it's going to be amusing or not. But

05:26:49--> 05:27:29

you might, you might put me to sleep by your silence. So I need to know if there are donations coming I need to know so that I can stay awake and I continue. And that will motivate me because the more the merrier. The more we have, the more we can do. Okay, that 10,000 people we want to train might become 20,000 people depending on what we receive. So we want your support. And again, and again, I keep emphasizing you cannot imagine the reward we're dealing with. Okay, so well you enrolled Hamza had talked with a professor of embryology. So what's the position of the word coma? Is it simultaneous and which the dictionary of Arabic two will recommend? Okay, good. This point,

05:27:29--> 05:28:18

okay, was just blown out of proportions by atheists because they are a people of Shabbat, and Shabbat. They are a people have doubts and desires. So, no matter what we had to say, it's not going to be except to therma actually means simultaneously as well. The main meaning is used for order some is used for order, but it is also used for simultaneous events occurring, it is used in the Quran like that in Surah Baqarah. It is used in the Quran like that in Surah, Baqarah and a lot of talks about the creation of the heavens of the earth. Okay, so this was not a big deal. We didn't have a very extensive and informed discussion with PCP, peas, admirers, okay. He was trying to

05:28:18--> 05:28:54

appease his crowd, and his crowd is very bigoted. These new atheists are a bunch of extremists. They're no different to BJP supporters in India. This is how they behave. Right? So no reason works with these people. They think they are upon the HAC. They know the truth. They have Science, Science answers all the questions, and therefore we don't need anything else. We don't need to speak to these people are religious, they are a bunch of idiots. They are backward people. They don't have brains to talk. They don't have education. They don't know anything. We know everything. Okay, we don't everything. This is the attitude these people have. How can you talk to people like you can't

05:28:54--> 05:29:18

get through people? At the same time? There are people who reason whom Allah call Allah, Allah, bb wulan. arbab are the people who have been given rationality and they know how to use it. They end up coming to Islam, how many days? How many atheists are there? We have read this book as they have accepted Islam. How many atheists are there who have come to Islam through other

05:29:19--> 05:30:00

projects? Okay. Brother, is it true the prophet SAW parents are and I don't like to talk about that. Why? Why would you want to talk about the Prophet spirit? Talk about the Prophet, the Prophet salaallah. Selim is important for us, not his grandfather and his ancestors, right? We don't know them. We don't know anything about them. We don't know much about the Prophet mother and the promises of his father. There is very little information available about them. What about the child they produced? The Prophet himself salatu salam. So focus on the Prophet, focus on the Prophet and his teachings and his guidance and love him for that. Love him for

05:30:00--> 05:30:30

That's right. So I don't like to talk about profits parents with the little knowledge I have. Okay. Can you please share some Islamic finance scholar name or any Islamic finance site? Move to Tokyo's money. Okay, I think I think he's one of the best. Who has produced a lot of good work his Hanafi. I'm not Hanafi despite that, I will recommend his works. Okay. Yes. He's a very, he's actually very strong in finance. And a lot of other modalities actually, I think

05:30:31--> 05:30:36

we're, we're motivated by the Hanafi Fiqh on finance. Okay. Yes. And

05:30:37--> 05:30:40

can you see me again? Can you see me? Yeah, I can see you.

05:30:41--> 05:30:43

Listen, bro, what time is it?

05:30:44--> 05:30:48

It's fine. It's 430 I'll take a short break.

05:30:50--> 05:30:54

I'll pray fudger I'll come back. No, no. Nine goes get to bed.

05:30:55--> 05:30:59

I can come and join you. Honestly, bro, a lady is fine.

05:31:00--> 05:31:38

I'll take the last few questions and we'll close up the mail. Ah, bless you, bro. doclet for your timely or you might join you if we joined you then you can continue for as long as I show. Sure. Okay, hello, Habibi. Thank you. So let's see. Well, we love you. And thank you so much to everyone for supporting. continue supporting share the link on your WhatsApp groups. Tell people to make donations. That donation link. Share it on your WhatsApp groups, family groups, cousin groups, uncles and Auntie's, tell them to make donations and support this noble cause, which we all love and it's very dear to our hearts. We want this dollar to continue. We want people to be confident about

05:31:38--> 05:31:40

Islam. Thank you so much American well hamdulillah

05:31:46--> 05:31:57

Okay, brothers and sisters, not only corralejo braca two, this is your brother Hamza do this. So let's take some people we have Shahbaz Khan salaam aleikum, Chavez

05:32:03--> 05:32:05

how you handle how you

05:32:07--> 05:32:12

handled hamdulillah Lastly, I had posted a question and brother Nana answered.

05:32:13--> 05:32:16

Okay, brilliant. No problem. Luckily here brahma blissey

05:32:19--> 05:32:21

amin sobre como la.

05:32:22--> 05:32:25

Okay, let's have KD salaam aleikum KD

05:32:32--> 05:32:35

Hello, can you hear me? Yes. And I want to come Katie, how are you?

05:32:37--> 05:32:38

I'm fine. Thank you. How are you? Brother? I'm

05:32:40--> 05:32:43

good. Good. Good to hear from me. Does that play for you help and support?

05:32:45--> 05:32:49

You do as well. Brother. Thumbs up. Tell me how did you develop such a humble character?

05:32:51--> 05:32:54

From the beginning, or is it? Is it during the process?

05:32:56--> 05:32:58

Well, I wouldn't say I'm humble, bro. All I think.

05:32:59--> 05:33:03

I don't know. I think my father was quite a humble guy.

05:33:04--> 05:33:20

In certain scenarios, I'm not saying he was fully humble, but in certain certain aspects. When we were little he was always used to teach us don't show off. Don't show off. Yeah. used to put that in us. You know, in our mind, he felt showing off was actually almost like a spiritual disease. Yeah.

05:33:22--> 05:34:06

And I remember when one of the years that I was a really good kid at school, I wasn't always good as a good kid at school. But it was like one year on one year off year. One of the years my teacher Miss max Sweeney. I mean, she was a phenomenal teacher. Phenomenal. I mean, she's from New Zealand, I believe. She had an amazing assertive, powerful character full of integrity and also compassion. And she was a teacher you know, forget. She's probably passed away now you just don't know Paula but if she could ever hear this, and Hello, Miss max meaning and, and she said to my dad, oh, your sounds so good. And my dad would just basically take me and just walk me down the stairs and just

05:34:06--> 05:34:11

almost ignore it. He didn't want me I think to pick up any kind of self praise or kind of, you know,

05:34:13--> 05:34:17

Harrigan arrogance, or whatever the case may be. So a lot of it was for my father.

05:34:18--> 05:34:30

Because there's some set of circumstances actually saw him very humble in others, not so much. But in certain circumstances I did. That's one. And that doesn't mean I'm humble. I'm just saying that was kind of my role model. The other thing is

05:34:32--> 05:34:37

humiliation, bro. humiliation is one of the most greatest gifts, Allah subhanho wa Taala can give you

05:34:38--> 05:34:54

especially when you're in the dour because it's either going to break you or it's going to break you than making and I think when I look in the past, of my dour mistakes, many mistakes, slip ups.

05:34:56--> 05:34:59

You know, there were some moments where I just realized how neat

05:35:00--> 05:35:32

Continue, I need to improve. This is not about me this something greater than me. And there was a combination humiliating moment where it was probably the first time in my life, I was almost not happy to be alive. And that was a very, very kind of transformative moment for me. Like suicidal tendencies. Now, I wouldn't say that, you know, I wouldn't to that degree, it was probably like the precursor to that maybe Yeah. Which is not a good place to be in it was very dark.

05:35:34--> 05:35:55

And that I remember one scholar saying to me, hums Are you gonna look back and he says something along the lines of on the Day of Judgment, you're gonna wish that happened to you 1000 times and will lie he heavy when I look back, you know, if, if that didn't happen to me, I would have probably been an arrogant, even more arrogant, yeah. So that that helped me a lot.

05:35:56--> 05:35:59

The other thing is, I think when you have children, it humbles you.

05:36:01--> 05:36:24

It does is because when you see your kids being born, your likes are like you just so defenseless, and what your wife goes through is like, I think a man can ever go through that he'll probably kill himself in the process. And you just take your hat off to our sisters and you say Allah who a kebab? How do they do that?

05:36:25--> 05:36:30

So that's a very that's that's a humbling process or even just having children and be in trying to be a father.

05:36:32--> 05:36:55

Also, if you when I was writing my book in the process of learning more about Allah's names and attributes and why he was worthy of worship, that was a very humbling process if someone learns Allah subhanho wa Taala His names and attributes, he act tries to actualize them and understand them, you have no choice but to be like, Who the hell am I also reading the Quran? The Quran is a very heavy book, you know, it says, you know,

05:36:56--> 05:37:03

wasn't a time that you will you will not know. You okay? broken? Yeah, good.

05:37:04--> 05:37:20

Allah says in the Quran, the there was a time that you are not even mentioned and you are not for 10 min money you from a despise fluid. So those Quranic verses are quite heavy that teach you that, you know, you shouldn't have an ego and stuff like that. So that's very important.

05:37:21--> 05:37:53

Also, I remember there was another transformative period of my life where I was traveling so much, honestly. But I was like, in one country, came home for a day or two days went to another country. It was madness. I think it was during that period, I was in Chicago, and one brother in Chicago. I don't even remember his name, he just ripped into me. And they want you doing this show, this little show. What are you doing? Who are you developing? I remember I came back to the air office, I think was around 2015, or something. And I stayed crying. I was crying from the Operations Manager. At that time, his name was Mohammed option. It was just me and him. I was broke down. And I was like,

05:37:53--> 05:38:21

What the heck's going on? At that time, that transformed me to the degree where I was dedicated, try and empower others and train others. And I developed the advanced training for AI era. And that became the basis of my book. So Paola, key humility, and humbling moments actually was so transformative for me. While law ease, it's like, it's something else, you know. And so all the variations available to see online anyway, is there forever, and I don't care.

05:38:23--> 05:38:57

I don't care anymore. And because it's not about you, it's about the message. It's about you understanding your human being, you're going to make mistakes, and you just need to move forward. And I think one good thing that people will try and follow me maybe have understood is that you know what, Hamza is not perfect, but he's trying to just get better and better. I'm trying my best because I was I was brought back that to be conscientious to a certain degree. And that's why Bro, I have become my own worst critic. There are so many things that I've done that haven't published, many people say you should have put it out there is good. But I become my own worst critic, maybe to

05:38:57--> 05:39:18

the degree was a bit excessive and OCD. But I prefer that because it's better to have a sense of sun and make sure that you know, you know what's wrong, and you know what to improve on. And if you get to that stage, then I don't know maybe it's a good thing, but I wouldn't say I'm humbled bro. Sometimes I get moved, sometimes I get sometimes I don't.

05:39:20--> 05:39:29

But never seen it like that. So if if a soft people like you, you know if someone's oppress you or bullies you or let you down, how do you deal with that?

05:39:31--> 05:39:59

Well, I don't I wouldn't call my character soft per se because I know how to defend myself and if I know how to be assertive when needed. See the whole concept of being a rajul being a man in the Islamic tradition. People think sometimes it's being tough and going to the gym and being able to fight. There's that element for sure. But radula manliness in the Islamic tradition is really being like the Prophet sallallahu it he was sending

05:40:00--> 05:40:02

So he was at service to his family.

05:40:03--> 05:40:35

He cried and wheat when he heard verses of the Quran he told what's the highway to stop this enough it was too much for him from what I remember. He was very humble. He looked like everybody else. When someone came to see him. They said, Where is Mohammed so solemn, and they they couldn't didn't distinguish him between anybody else. He was humbled to the degree where, you know, when someone thought he was like this big king, he was like, you know, relaxed kind of thing. I you know, my mother is, you know, I am the son of a of a Bedouin mother or Bedouin Arab who used to eat dried to me or something. Yeah.

05:40:36--> 05:41:16

In shamal, tell me the dimensions what the process is used to say, Oh, what a wonderful curry vinegar is his dip his bread and vinegar has to be humble. He would go to a house, even if they offered him rancid, fat, rancid fat, he would even go to the house. So he was humble. That's, that's a very important aspect of being a man. He had hidden. He had forbearance, so he repelled by that which is better, as we know, in the Quran, and the famous Hadith of the Jewish man testing him to see the other sign of prophethood for him, which was being forbearing repenting by that which is better. And that Jewish man became a Muslim. He didn't hold grudges there might have so good men in

05:41:16--> 05:41:23

our community that I think the men Yeah, they, they could benchpress a lot, but they can't even benchpress their egos back, you

05:41:25--> 05:42:01

know, don't get me wrong. I consider myself quite a strong guy. I you know, I pick up heavy weights as well and stuff. And it was it was a good thing to be strong. But the thing is, if you can't benchpress your ego, if you can't forgive people, then what is all of that? Let's be very honest, in the grand cosmic scheme of things. You're going to get old, you're going to get depleted, you're going to be in the grave. And what remains is where your heart was Yanni so Paola, you can't forgive people you can't overlook if you can't see people's context, if you can't have empathy and look at nuances and more variables and give people that you and their rights Yanni it, what kind of man are

05:42:01--> 05:42:32

you? And a lot of these men, they want their rights? Yeah. What about the rights of others? When did the process on demand is right? When did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demand his right? He always demanded the rights of others demanded the rights of Allah subhana wa Taala. From what I understand, he wasn't about him. It wasn't about him. And also forgiving. Allah says forgiven, overlooked Do you want to forgive your sins? You know, this is so significant, and the son of the early pious predecessors, when they spoke to people, they believed that that person was better than them.

05:42:33--> 05:43:13

Subhan Allah, so radula being being a Roger being a man is a comprehensive, and even a woman that has these characteristics of forbearance and compassion and forgiveness, of course. But being a man is not just about being strong, and being able to fight, bro, even thugs can fight. Neanderthals can fight. Yeah, gorillas can fight. Yeah, well, you're a gorilla. Right? Yeah, he's being a good father. He's being humble towards his children being authoritative, not authoritarian, but authoritative, which is the best type of parenting that you have the law than his love within the law. You're compassionate you use reason, you know, you have your boundaries, but you take care of

05:43:13--> 05:43:25

your family, you try to elevate the moon, you use good language. And you overlook sometimes you say sorry, even if it's not your fault, right? Yeah, I think

05:43:26--> 05:43:50

you being right, it's about making things work. It's about building communities about building characters about being empathic and seeing in people where they can't see in themselves and getting them to progress and develop. It's about sacrifice. There's so many things I can mention. So you know, the whole concept of of Manistee of being a man if you'd like is following the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so

05:43:53--> 05:44:05

yeah, sorry. Yeah. So in today's talk, I'm you know, being humble with everyone you know, they will they will, they will take you they will use you they will sit over your head, and later on, you will regret for that. So, how do

05:44:06--> 05:44:18

I look in my view, Bro, I think what should happen is this is you should, you should be the every situation that comes to in your life, always ask yourself the question, how does Allah want me to be

05:44:19--> 05:44:47

simple as that. So if that situation Allah wants you to be humble, be humble. If in that situation, I want you to be assertive and strong, be assertive and strong. Don't care what people think. Because you become enslaved to people. Yeah, it is very important that like, for example, even when I was a CEO, I used to be you know, very nice to people. But sometimes when the light when someone over the line, they will see a side of me that never seen before. And I remember the saying to me, you're probably the most unpredictable, unpredictable person.

05:44:48--> 05:44:59

And it's not about that. It's about I have my red lines within the boundaries are give you tolerance, love, empathy, compassion, but we have our red lines, right? Because we have a stance we have dignity.

05:45:00--> 05:45:36

We have integrity to the message to ethics, we have principles. So and when, when you have a stance about those things, people are gonna always respect you. Even if they don't like you, they'll respect you. And, you know, they'll be able to learn how to deal with you. And they won't misuse you. Maybe they'll do it once. But what they'll understand they can't do it again. My view is key is always ask yourself the question be God centric. What does Allah want for me in this situation, which requires some occur? Because you have to understand now what is your situation? What are the more variables? What's the master and the Masada? What's the benefits and the harms? What does the

05:45:36--> 05:46:10

person's Some say about the situation? Are there similar situations similar, but more variables that you could use as it means for guidance? If not, what are the general principles that you can use? We have an amazing ethical tradition. So he don't care what people think, care what Allah thinks. And I'm telling you, you will be free, you will be free, you will be be shackled from what people think. And then people would eventually love you and eventually see goodness in you and eventually, you know, respect you. So always think What does Allah want from me in this situation?

05:46:12--> 05:46:23

Okay, yeah, brother, over I want to know that if someone starting from zero, and he wants to become like you like the knowledge you have about the dean, so how should one start?

05:46:24--> 05:46:47

Well, I wouldn't say I've got knowledge of the dean but what you should do is, always start with, you know, the basics, you know, understand, you know, the six pillars of eemaan. Understand what the odema have said about this, read relevant arcada books on this topic. Understand why Allah is worthy of worship, understand your basic factor that you have to know in your life, like how to pray and all of that stuff.

05:46:48--> 05:47:23

And just grow from there. But at the same time, don't neglect the heart because we have a very deep spiritual tradition that we traverse what you call the spiritual path, which is in line with the Quran and the Sunnah. You do your off guard your as your recitation of the Quran, you don't burn the Quran, you tahajud prayers, all of these amazing things, you know, and this advice is to me as well, yeah, we should all be doing those things. So start with that. And then you'll grow eventually, over time, but have the right intention. have the right near and have good people around you. Because one of the greatest things that shaped your heart is your friends, and the people that you have around

05:47:23--> 05:47:45

you and your mentors. So make sure you have like a student of knowledge or, or scholar or scholars that you are aware of and that you can connect with, they can help you as well, you could ask questions. So that will be my kind of general advice. Okay. Last question. I'm sorry, which grant translation? Would you recommend me and who supported you most when you're in hard times your mother or your wife, whoever?

05:47:47--> 05:48:04

I think in translation, one of the best translations is Dr. Mr. hottub. That's probably the best one for loosens up the Helene probably comes second. It's a internationals also good but I would always generally recommend Dr. Mustapha pubs transition

05:48:05--> 05:48:30

is called the clear core. And in terms of the other answer while we seem mother has helped me through my teenage years and my 20s but when you get older and you have a family is definitely the wife. Absolutely. She's like the backbone. And without her then there will be no progress or movement for sure. 100% so I owe everything a lot, if not everything to her.

05:48:33--> 05:48:33


05:48:36--> 05:48:44

alright, happy fella. Bless you, bro. Thank you, brother, a brother. I really pray that allow minimum grants your minimum graduate for lawful Allah. I mean.

05:48:46--> 05:48:46


05:48:50--> 05:48:52

Okay, brothers and sisters. So let's have

05:48:54--> 05:48:56

Maria. So I'm gonna come

05:48:58--> 05:48:59

when it comes to

05:49:00--> 05:49:01

how you sister?

05:49:02--> 05:49:03

I'm a right.

05:49:04--> 05:49:05

Yeah. Um, all right.

05:49:07--> 05:49:32

Any questions? Yeah, I had a question. Um, can you tell me what to do? If you like have doubts with prayer and would do if like, it's, for example, what we'll do is not do a comment. If you've done your will do. Or you think about certain aspects of like, prayer that you think, like, sorry, I didn't expect myself to go live.

05:49:34--> 05:49:34


05:49:35--> 05:49:39

have prayer that would, like do prayer that with

05:49:41--> 05:49:41

I guess.

05:49:43--> 05:49:46

A prayer is not fired due to some reason. Yeah. Does this happen a lot?

05:49:50--> 05:49:59

Sometimes, yeah. Okay, so I'm not saying this. I'm just echoing what a scholar said. ignore it. This is a classic sign.

05:50:00--> 05:50:38

have what you call a saucer. And this is like almost like spiritual whisperings or shaytans way of just trying to get you off the track. Now you the rule number one rule is totally ignore it. Do not even give it a thought even if you're convinced that there's something wrong and just ignore it for someone like you ignore it. I went through the same thing. Yeah, I used to have like almost five showers a day. Yeah. Because I felt I saw a white speck on my arm. And then I thought, oh, maybe that is passed. And I don't know where it came from. It could have come from anywhere from her body Sipho. I know that sounds really weird. And I was like, that must have to click Change all my

05:50:38--> 05:51:18

clothes and wash my whole body. It was like really bizarre, like really bizarre. And it was detrimental. Absolutely. And there was other times I was like, Did I do four carts or three rockets or five, and it just continuous, absolutely continuous. This is a classic case of Westworld. And the first thing you need to do is totally ignore it. And even if you think is convinced, just ignore it. For example, some people take ages to do will do if they did it properly. Just put a timer on for two minutes. Don't go longer than that. So my advice is sister this is this is Paul, by tradition, the person talked about these things, right? So what you have to do is totally ignore it. Honestly,

05:51:18--> 05:51:22

this is shaytans way of moving your way from

05:51:23--> 05:51:57

Allah subhana wa, to Allah is using your own voice against you. Yeah, lots of people are going through this. You're not alone, by the way, I've configured even along with through as well. I know some brothers know before they did, we'll do something, they'll say Bismillah they'll be there for 10 minutes saying Bismillah the truth. If you try to say it properly, you have all of these crazy stories that will make you laugh, but really, it's a serious matter. Because I'm telling you, it would lead you to abandoning Salah it will lead you to Cofer. That's exactly what shaytaan once trust me, and you know, there's something special in you. That's why this is happening to you. You

05:51:57--> 05:52:37

just need to basically totally ignore it. Like that's the rule ignore it. I know it's very hard to do, because I've been in that situation yet. is extremely hard to do. But you just have to have patience, and submit and say that's it. This is pure, what's worse, and just totally ignore it. totally ignore it. Yeah. Once you ignore it, then everything should be better. Everything should fall into place in sha Allah, but you have to have patience, and you have to make dua to Allah Allah is the one who controls the hearts, a liaison who rectifies all of our affairs, so mix us here to ask him to help in the process. But the number one rule sister is just ignore it, literally. ignore

05:52:37--> 05:52:39

it. Does that make sense?

05:52:40--> 05:53:00

Okay, so what if you ignore it? Okay, so even if you ignore it, and you, like still doing do like, didn't do it? For example, if you think you've haven't, sorry, if you think you haven't done Voodoo, and haven't done it, but you your advisor, stick No, right? Should I still do it? Oh, no, that was mechanisms.

05:53:02--> 05:53:21

If the if you if if thinking is not you have to be certain, okay, doubt doesn't override certainty. That's the principle in the dean. So if you think Oh, did I do we'll do or no, that's ignore it. As long as you've got like, absolutely conclusive evidence you didn't do will do, then that's fine. But the default position.

05:53:22--> 05:53:38

Let's move on. Because if you carry on like this, it's going to end up being an infinite regress of questions and vice versa. And it's going to totally paralyze your life. Learn from experiences of my experiences and other people's experiences. And this is shaped, Vaughn's way to use your own voice against you.

05:53:41--> 05:53:49

ignore it. And you taught you you're you're very patient with this. After a week, two weeks, whatever, everything's gonna fall into place.

05:53:51--> 05:53:51


05:53:53--> 05:54:31

Yeah. Okay. All right. And what my advice is, really, as a really good lecture, I think, is by chef Haytham on this topic of hospice because I don't need to take my word fully for it, because I'm not a scholar. But go on YouTube and typing wasa in prayer. And the answers are all there. They're on the web. They're very simple and nice and is echoing really what I'm saying. You just have to do it. You just have to understand this is Akshay pan using own voice against you just to paralyze you so you don't worship Allah. Okay. Okay, thank you so much. No problem. Um, also, what is the best category of Korean with unanimous consensus of scholars of Islam that would please a lot.

05:54:32--> 05:54:59

okay to say that again. What's the category of what's the best category of careers with unanimous consensus within scholars of Islam that will catch the third word, or the fourth word? What is the sixth solely? Sorry, what is the best, best category with unanimous consensus with scholars of Islam that would please Allah

05:55:00--> 05:55:03

You mean the deed? Yeah. No like Allah. Allah.

05:55:04--> 05:55:14

Yeah, no. Yeah. But what is the best category of war of action? Korea, Korea? Oh, Korea? Oh, I don't know.

05:55:15--> 05:55:53

It depends. Everyone has their own context sister. So for some sisters, the best livelihood they can have for some sisters, even many would be a mother. Right? That would be the most recommending and best thing to do because it is the hardest job in the world. It is literally the hardest job to be a full time mother is the hardest job ever. And it status has become a bit lower in our in our kind of society for some reason. But lucky to be a good mother and a successful mother by bringing upright children that you teach them Deen and you teach them schooling all of these things that our flock and other this is the most hardest job to do. Literally, I would rather stay at work and stay at

05:55:53--> 05:56:28

home from that perspective, because it's hard work to really be a sincere mother to develop your children. And in my eyes, you know, a really good mother is the highest status in my view. Now, this doesn't build it to other people's context, because we live in a NEO capitalist system where unfortunately, both parents have to work. And we and this is the context that we live in. So we're not belittling people who want to work or people who want to have another career on the side. Not at all. I'm just saying what the default kind of ideal scenario would be in the Islamic tradition that is emphasized. That doesn't mean you can't work. Of course, the person some his wife worked, she was

05:56:28--> 05:57:07

a business lady. But the emphasis is on the family. The emphasis is on the man being the breadwinner, the breadwinner, and the emphasis is on the woman her primary role is one one of her primary roles includes being a mother, but yeah, she could be a teacher, she could be a doctor, she could be a nurse, she could be a businesswoman, these are fine, but I'm just talking about what what is the primary or the most emphasized, but obviously, when context changes in society changes, you know, things have to change as owner and adapt, but within the scope of the Islamic values. So the reason I'm I'm raising this point is, it all depends what your context is. Do you see my point? So

05:57:07--> 05:57:42

it all depends what you want to do, what your spiritual goals are, what your goals are, for what country you live in, what is the social political situation in your country? There's so many variables, I can't really answer that directly. But my advice would be this. Always ask yourself a question in life. What does Allah want from me? What does Allah expect from me? What is more pleasing to Allah? Now when you ask yourself that question, then you have to find out well, who am I? And what is my context? And once you understand those things, you will find the best answer and the answer won't be the same for everybody. Does that make sense?

05:57:44--> 05:57:50

Thank you, Nicola fader Hello. Bless you and make it easy for you. Okay. Okay, thank you when it comes to

05:57:54--> 05:57:56

Abdullah did we have you already I don't remember.

05:57:58--> 05:57:59


05:58:00--> 05:58:05

Internet connection was bad at that time. He came by okay. Somebody can talk to me.

05:58:06--> 05:58:10

Yeah, how are you? How are you bro? Come the good.

05:58:11--> 05:58:25

Okay, I have actually have two questions. My first question I asked it brother at number he tell me just stick to the crumb and but I want to hear your response about this this question. So the first question is,

05:58:26--> 05:58:32

is about axioms and photron? So I'll say the

05:58:33--> 05:58:38

answer this question you know is different than Okay.

05:58:39--> 05:58:39


05:58:41--> 05:59:14

Okay, once again, okay. How can I establish which by is different is different in a way Okay. I will say how can I establish which acts act is an act, which act is an action, because I will believe belief is based on axioms. And nowadays people are indoctrinated into liberal ideology and believe that this is this itself is an axiom. So we can be manipulated to believe that liberal thing is an axiom, many people believe that.

05:59:16--> 05:59:16

How can we be

05:59:18--> 05:59:56

happy here? My advice is I like advise you last time booking a lighthouse mentoring session. So we could talk about this for an hour, it's free. The reason being, it's one in the morning in the UK in such a heavy philosophical discussion is going to be live it I won't be in the best place to answer that question to the best of my ability at this particular time. And I just want to be authentic with you about that. But don't worry, I'm not brushing you away because I tried to answer this last time. What I suggest we do is we have a conversation booking a free lighthouse session. And Bismillah Okay, okay, okay. No problem. Okay. Have you been met obviously, man. Thank you. I love

05:59:56--> 05:59:59

Listen to me. So brothers and sisters.

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Remember why we here this is for Sapiens Institute, if you understand what we're about, we're focused on sharing some intellection academically with the wider world. And we are dedicated. And this is our particular focus. We are dedicated in developing and creating and empowering Muslims to share Islam intellectually and academically. Last year since May since July actually, technically, we actually trained over 6000 Muslims trained and developed them to be able to share Islam and defend Islam academically intellectually, and we will become the engine driving the Dow forward. So, you know, imagine all of these 6000 Muslims got like 10 Shahada is each I mean, I have over 100

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Shahada is in their lifetime you begin order the reward for that if you supported the engine of the Dow, which we like to be one of the key engines of the Dow brothers and sisters. And you know, today's seeing was about driving the Dow forward, the building the future for the Dow and we want to train after Ramadan for the next 12 months or so. Train over 10,000 Muslims to be able to share some academically intellectual and intellectually, we want to write a book on doubts, a website dealing with doubts. We are learning platform, we want to upload and develop robust intellectual academic courses, for the dour, and so much more. And do at least 60 videos commenting on fewer philosophical

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issues. And we want this to happen and can only happen this amazing set of work can only happen brothers and sisters. If you support us, it could be one of the odd nights go to a link below Sapiens Institute org forward slash Donate Life. So in order for you to understand a little bit more what we're about and some of our history. I'm going to give you a video for you to watch. Okay, so really good video. And this is a little bit about my life.

06:01:49--> 06:02:32

My name is Hamza I was born in 1980 brought up in these estates in London Hackney, growing up, I had wonderful loving parents, like with many people, I had key moments that changed my life. One of them is when I embraced Islam, and the other is when I doubted it. Yes, even I had doubts. I became Muslim here on October the fifth 2002. And there were three main reasons why I embraced Islam, one I was intellectually convinced to I was attracted to Islamic values, and three, I used to perform Salah before I became Muslim. When I became Muslim. It was such a blissful experience. However, I remember someone responding to an email of mine regarding the linguistic miracle of the Quran, but I

06:02:32--> 06:03:02

had no clear response, that blissful, cloud like experience was now becoming a distant memory. As a result, my mind almost left Islam, but my heart and soul on fire, refusing to accept nothing else. Apart from the truth of the day, this tug of war was ripping me apart. But it was not going to film. I remember praying to Allah and in frustration, I was asking him for conviction. How do I explain the linguistic miracle of the Quran without speaking the language.

06:03:04--> 06:03:44

And that's where it all started, I acquired everything I could on the topic. I spoke to students of knowledge about expensive books, I visited libraries. And to my amazement, when I was researching at the British Library here, I found with a rare PhD entitled towards a text linguistic definition of Quranic and imitability. I asked them for a copy, but they never got back to me. And that's when I hit a brick wall. So I decided to call talk languages and request an expert on the Quran. When I met my teacher for the first time, I explained my situation and that moment, he stands up, he walks around his table, he goes to a drawer, he picks up some papers, he walks back, and he puts them in

06:03:44--> 06:04:27

front of me. And lo and behold, it was the PhD I was looking for. And what's even more amazing. He was the author, Dr. Sami al halloweenie. from us hurry University. I've been further developed my ideas on the topic, and I was asked to write a chapter of the book, the history of the magnificent Quran. When I wrote the chapter, the publisher said they had to be checked by scholars being relatively young with not much experience in the topic. It was totally understandable. However, during that period, the Dallas scene was quite dark. There was ego, gnostic competition, and I was thinking of the simply quitting, I was so close to the decision, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

06:04:27--> 06:04:59

Alhamdulillah. I received a text message by the publishers, and they said something along the lines of the scholar said, this is one of the best things they've read in the English language. I took this as a sign to continue my journey. In 2009. I joined I era, I record visiting Chicago for a tour. And there was one brother and I don't remember his name, ripped into me. He said, Hamza, what is all of this? Who are you developing? What real impact are you having? All of this is just the show that really got to hit

06:05:00--> 06:05:48

Beyond. When I went back to the IRA office, I broke down crying. It was then I made a commitment that I'm going to focus on developing and empowering others. That key milestone helped me develop advanced training for AI era. And it became the basis of my best selling book the divine reality, God, Islam and the mirage of atheism. And the process of writing chapters 13 and 15 completely obliterated my doubts. I also completed my master's degree in philosophy and I continued postgraduate academic research at the University of London. It is without a doubt, Allah planned this journey for me. I realized that my doubts were not purely intellectual, I needed to connect and

06:05:48--> 06:06:42

to know Allah more, I needed to empower others. A year after my book was published, I was asked to become I era CEO Alhamdulillah we increased our operational growth by over 1,000% and we delivered advanced training to scholars imaams and activists from all around the world with AI era support since July 2020. We have moved advanced our to Sapiens Institute. In nine months we have already trained over 6000 Muslims, publish books, written essays, produce media and video content and much more. Brothers and sisters, if this story has inspired you, then please support us in the next phase of our journey. Let's follow the prophetic model of empowering and developing others start your

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So brothers and sisters hamdulillah Hope you enjoyed the fact and it gives you a bit of a context in the history of our journey and how Allah subhanho wa Taala plans everything for us and where we are today. And you know if you're willing to support the next phase of our journey, brothers and sisters, so I'm going to give it a close today Alhamdulillah May Allah bless every single one for attending. It's been a quite an emotional, amazing kind of event. Please look back at the video doctors mind the team's understanding of divine perfection Islamic tradition about his maximal perfection, his maximal love, in contrast to the Christian tradition was very moving and very

06:07:34--> 06:07:58

powerful. And hamdulillah men are blessed every single one of you. We've been doing this for nearly six hours, and Allah bless all of you and inshallah please see us on the 27th my we've got something very special coming up. And we're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. May Allah bless every one of you grant you all with the best in this life and the best in the life to come. Wiley como Salaam rahmatullah wa barakato