Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 06

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The speakers discuss the importance of justice in life and the need for everyone to practice justice and personal commitment. They emphasize the importance of practicing these laws and working towards common understanding. The speakers stress the need for everyone to take their own rights and allow themselves to achieve their own goals. They also emphasize the importance of respecting people and recycle things like water and food.

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Miss Smith, you

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said Mr. De Kumara Allahu wa barakato hamdulillah her blood I mean, they six of Ramadan and we have so far learned, inshallah five criteria, virtues, manners, characters that are lost pantalla love.

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And what I want to share with you today is number six, but also starting with what happens when I do something a lot of love in Allahu Allah pantalla when I do something he love, he will love me or he will love us. So when Allah loves me and loves you, what will happen,

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I'm going to be beloved to him, I'm going to be protected, I am going to be my drought will be answered, I am going to be the one when I seek refuge in Allah, Allah will give me the refuge. So I'm going to be the special person in a lost sight. So what do I need to do? I need to learn what he loves. And I am going to start practicing it as much as I can, till it becomes a habit and a norm, and Subhanallah everything on laws loves, from what we learned so far. Bring higher bring good bring justice. And this is one of the things I will share with you today. In the law, you have one more suffering, worldly, Allah loves those who are just interestingly he said that only three times in

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the Quran in this wording in the law, Hebron was suffering, worldly, Allah loves those who are just, he said that and so at one minute at the table, he said that the insert will hold your art the rooms, and he said it the assorted Montana, the one who has been tested only three times. So what is just what is this book, the word in Arabic Allah used. We have two terms in Arabi. We have pisspot. And we have added both translated loosely in the English language as just but this is the highest level of justice, highest level of justice. So Allah subhanho wa Taala loves those who are just and not ordinary, just but the highest level of justice they can do. We have to remember one thing,

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justice, ultimate justice is not in this world. Ultimate justice isn't that our hero is in the hereafter. And the only just an ultimate just is Allah subhanho wa Taala. But for us, since Allah subhanho wa Taala said the in aloha your head, worldly, Allah loves that mean, this is a character of virtue that I can do, I can try to be an Allah will help me. So what is justice for us, in practicality in my daily life, there is a three categories I need to look at, I need to be just to myself, as an individual, I need to be just to the people around me human beings, and I need to be just to the surroundings, non human being, meaning the earth, the animals and everything else are

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law created, other than the human being. So three things myself, human beings and other creations for myself to be just is I do not do wrong things against myself that I will be a loser and the hereafter. This justice with myself is about me and the hereafter. why I'm saying this because in the Hereafter, I cannot do anything more to myself, I cannot correct I cannot be just I cannot be good. So everything I do in this world for myself has to be justice for myself. So my self me, you us will be winners in the hereafter because of your losers in the Hereafter, then I did not do justice to myself, and the best justice I do to myself, that I will become just an Allah who love me

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is to obey Him to do what the utmost just told me to do. So justice with myself, obey Allah and save myself and ourselves from the punishment and the hereafter do what he told me to stay away from what he told me not to do. Just as with people, that's one of the hardest ones, just as with people is with spouse, with the children, with the family as much as you can, don't only look at what you deserve or what you should have, but what's the others? And I think the easiest and the best way to start practicing justice is look at the hadith of Rasul Allah a salt was set up when he said

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Now you know, Hector, you're heavily myofibrillar in FC, no one will achieve

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utmost or the bus the state of Eman unless he loves or she loves to herself what she loves for the other, to be just I have to look at we say to the others with their own lenses is not only what I deserve, what do they deserve, I need, what do they need. So to take live with the people around me from this lens, the lens of Rasul Allah, his Salatu was salam, like I want, they want, like, I get hurt, they get hurt. And then you look at what Allah put standards to, to deal with each others that that's what we need to learn is the rights of the others, just like I know, the right of myself. So being justice with with the children, meaning teach them what is beneficial for them, not only what

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they love, and what they like, and what is good for them in the hereafter for the husband, what is his rights for the wife, what's her right? neighbors, the rights of people, the more I learned about it, and do my best to practice it, I am getting closer and closer to being just just with their surroundings. And the last panel Watada is teaching us again, these days, how much injustice we have done, to the earth, and to the other creation, that when we when Allah subhanho wa Taala moved us away from this earth, not by choice, by choice, the lock down everywhere in the world. Now we are seeing, and I'm sure many of you have seen the beautiful color of the channels in Venice becames

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pure becomes pure, clear. And then animals starts enjoying the same thing in the ocean. And we all have seen how much injustice we have done to the earth, with all the abuse of the earth and the use of the plastic that the bottom of the oceans, how much plastics are there, and how much animals are being affected. So justice, use everything, the way Allah intended it to be used, than I am just with the things around me, I don't live on this earth as if I am the only one. I live in this earth, thinking of everything around me, then I am on the path of justice. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all of those who are just on the path of justice. And so we will be all loved. So for today, we're

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going to try to practice these three things. I am going to be just to myself, I'm going to obey Him today. As much as I can stay away from his disobedience. I am going to be just with the people around me. Give them their right without thinking of your right and I'm going to be just with the earth. I'm not going to waste water. I'm not going to waste food. I am going to do my best to recycle small things. We start with a small things and as it becomes habit, it becomes a character inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh