Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 277-83 (Page 12)

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Bismillah we are beginning now to start the half just beginning the half Gers Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim we'll start our la Yala Munna

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la Hey, I love Alma you see rule number one? You're really rude. You You You You. You're early noon warming warming home on me you

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Amani YAHWAH in whom Eli algo nodes. faraway look at Nyack to goon al Kitabi ad him zoom Maya coluna Ha, me mean the law he stole Ruby Heath

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Polyfilla For ye

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Katha but ad him Wawa you love

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me my xe boo

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well all my son now is

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a young

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dude who has a tumor in the law he

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you play for law who are the

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top who Lunala law Hema Allah Allah Moon Bala Aman Kesava Yee ha pot be he hopefully Gugu

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now boom fi Foley do who is this for

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you thank you

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yes, that was some play with her please. What Lavina woman who I'm you know sorry her the Hola

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Hola, Miami. Hola Madonna minimum fee have all you do. What is fun? About Bernie is on Isla Darboux do not long, not Abu Duna Muhammad Ali the uni

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word Bill Wandy. Then you need

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one yet Wallah. Masaki Neva Kulu in C husana. P muscala. At our toes.

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LP muslin

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to Zakka. To our lady to eat

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matawa Latham Illa Polyfilla Ming Kumar to more you