Ramadan 2019 #18 – Don’t Believe Accusations without evidence

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Today I want to discuss a verse that is very relevant to our times and to some of the fitna that the oma is dealing with this verse is in Surah Surah, verse 12. And the context of the verse is that it's dealing with the situation of the slander of our mother, I shall rajala on her when the enemies of Islam had slandered her of committing a sin. And some of the Sahaba had believed her, had believed the slander Russia has revealed a series of verses

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in which he

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declared her innocence. And in these verses, one of those verses is the following verse number 12, which Allah subhanaw taala said, Lola is a some to move well done, me noona Amina to be unfolding in Ohio, we'll call you Heather, if camapign If only when they heard it, the believing men and woman taught well of themselves. And they said, This is clearly a slander.

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This is a very important verse because we live in a time in which almost every week some slander about someone or the other is hitting the internet. And, you know, we have this new philosophy amongst the rocks, people, where they say you have to believe the victim, you have to believe them without evidence without trial without, there's no such thing and innocent until proven guilty anymore. It's just, you have to believe them. And this is not an Islamic concept. This is a very dangerous concept. Because sometimes a person may be guilty, sometimes they've been, they may not, sometimes people may take advantage of this new philosophy, or to just get revenge on someone just

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to, you know, to throw someone under the under the bus to ruin somebody's life. So, you know, we have all kinds of rumors these days, even about Obama and people of knowledge, getting involved in things which are prohibited and things which are, you know, immoral. So, I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it does happen. But there are several things we have to keep in mind, when we hear these stories. The first thing we have to keep in mind is what this verse says, which is, who's no one to think good of others, or rather than think good of yourself. And through that, to think of other psychological hunter that says, Why didn't they believe was when they heard yours, think good of

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themselves. Now, why is he seeking good of themselves? Because if you heard that somebody who is generally more knowledgeable, more religious, and more practicing the new has done something that you wouldn't do yourself, your first reaction is, I wouldn't do that myself, I'm not going to believe they did it without evidence, right? So thinking well of yourself should lead you to think well of others.

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And you'll just see that this is a clear slander. So in Islam, you're not allowed to accuse people of having committed a major sin in terms of are these immoral sins, without evidences and witnesses. Unfortunately, nowadays, that's been completely thrown out the window, all that's needed to accuse someone is a single tweet, or a single, you know, angry comment on Facebook. And that seems to be enough.

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So how do we deal with these situations in a modern world? Well, there's a few things we need to think about. Firstly, it is

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not a single human being alive today, who does not have private sense, no matter how pious no matter how religious no matter how knowledgeable, everybody has private sense, when it comes to somebody else's private sins, it is literally none of your business is literally nobody's business. Besides that, besides that individual and Allah, it's between them. And Allah, Allah can forgive them if you want, it's completely nothing to do with our lives, what somebody else does in private. Now, if it is a sin, that is harming the community, if it is causing harm to other people, maybe they're abusing a position of power, maybe they are using the knowledge to find loopholes in a religion to

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do things which are an Islamic, then it needs to be taken to Allah and to people in positions of power, who can persuade them to stop who can intervene, who can counsel them. And there have been cases where this has happened. I personally know of cases where some people of knowledge, were abusing the positions of power. And when it was taken to other people of knowledge, they sat them down, he spoke to them in private, they advised him in private and he stopped. So there's no need to take it public. Now, the final point is what happens if someone isn't listening, right? Are they doing listen openly, or in a way that that's harming society? They're using the position of power to

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harm people they're doing, they're not listening to the advice of the Obama in this case. What do we do? Honestly, this is a gray area, there is no clear cut instruction on what can be done here. I've seen people try a variety of things in recent years. None of it has really worked, right. I mean, even those who taught taking a public

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It could work, it didn't work, people just simply didn't believe it and they continue doing what they're doing. So in that case, all we can do is ask Allah to protect us and ask Allah, you know, to expose the truth and to, you know, to protect our brothers and sisters from being harmed by fake people of knowledge. So the end of the day as Muslims, we must understand that everybody has their sense, right? We should never look at any person of knowledge, no matter how famous they are, no matter how many followers they have on on Facebook or YouTube, we should never look at them as people of saintliness of people who are sinless. Rather, if you understand everybody is human and

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everybody sins in different ways. So when you hear that somebody has committed a sin, ask Allah to forgive them and forget about it. Just like if you if somebody has about one of your sins, you hope that they will just ask Allah to forgive you, rather than judging you for it. So make dua for people of knowledge there we are living in a time where there is a lot of fitna people who have knowledge and power, and good looks and money and fame, all of this bundled together in one person, it becomes a test that majority of humanity just just can't handle. And people fall into sin. Because of this. We are called to protect us from that. And if you know someone who has wanted, ask Allah to forgive

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them, do not make it something that you hold a grudge against them for the rest of their lives. Because that's not how Allah deals with us. That's how we shouldn't how we can be how we deal with others. Nobody if you know someone is abusing Islam, the abusing Islam in a way that they are using it to attain their natural desires. Then, of course, there's nothing wrong with avoiding that person that individuals lectures, and wanting people who may you know, we could be tricked by them to ever wanting such people not to fall into these tricks, didn't there's no problem with that Allah knows best. But in general, most of the time when someone tells you that x y and Zed has committed a sin,

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remember that it's not our business and thing well of others, and marked up as a slander until any proof or witnesses are brought up to you. As stated in this version swirl. Farah Walker 100