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The name of the Quran is something that's an interesting study of

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in the science of lumen Quran under the topic of aluminum Quran because the names of the Quran themselves

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are given to the Quran is named by a lot and his profits are solid and what it does is that it gives us an understanding of what is it that

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what is intended by the like, what is the purpose of the book, essentially, right? What is the purpose of this book that we are studying? So, we're gonna, every week didn't study a few of the names of the Quran as named either by Allah through the Quran itself, or by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam

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in a hadith that is authentic, okay, so let us talk about the name of the Quran

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names of the Quran I'll share my screen with you so you can see what I'm typing. And what we will do is the most well known name of the Quran is the Quran itself, of course. Okay, anybody know what the meaning of the word Al Quran is? For

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the book. So

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it's good, good suggestion, the book. Any other suggestions?

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I look for an ESL use of

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the reading. The reading very good. This is useful in grade six.

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Yeah, that's me. Nice to see you. or hear from you. Okay, so the Quran that is the reading. Solomon says, the book that is read. Okay, I like that the book that we read. Okay, so all of you are kind of alluding to something similar, which is the Koran means

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the recital, or the recitation, okay, from the word,

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Torah in Arabic, which means to read, in fact, the first revelation that was sent by Allah, tala was, it cannot read

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as a very important piece of revelation

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last month was sent to the prophets of Salaam, because it tells us what this book is all about, and what our commitment to our faith is all about, which is a commitment of studying it, understanding it, not just going through the motions recited from the word torah to read. So it is something that is read out loud, when you read a book, right? Say like a book in English, you just read it, right? You open the book, and it just, you know, you're reading your mind essentially, if you read a book, like in Islamic book that is in Hadith, you are just reading the words and those are in your mind as well. But the Quran is actually meant to be read out loud. Right? So we will look at the Quran and

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you say, you know, the decal kita hula Roy Buffy who the tapping she is a bit of a is a there's a voice that is out loud and there is a tone a specific way of reading it that is unique. We don't read Heidi's like that the Prophet Salaam statements are set by the prophet himself. We don't read them in this manner. But the Quran is special. Because it's meant to be read. It's meant to be read out loud. Okay. Do that's one thing okay. Another meaning of the word for an is so the Quran he has in Arabic words have multiple meanings by the way okay. And this is actually common in many languages, but in Arabic what happens is that

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these particularly for Quranic Arabic, these different meanings are like the different shades of color. Okay, different shades of a color, each shade, gives you some information about that color, that the other shade isn't and all them together, make up that color. So, another meaning of it is the,

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the thing

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From the word God, raw

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okay, so the thing that gathered What does that mean? What it means is that it is something that is compiled, as is being revealed, it's revealed piecemeal, by a Lost Planet, Allah to the prophets of Salaam, and then is gathered into one cohesive compilation by the prophet some himself, but it's not like the first ayah ever revealed was the first ayah in the Quran. And the last I revealed was the last and it's not sequential, it was revealed in a manner that was out of order. And then Allah subhanaw taala would explain the order to the horse to them. And that is how the plan came into being. So for example, so buffalo river starting to this one, number two, was revealed about 14

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years after the first revelation, but in the very beginning of the Quran, you see, that is how it is, it is gathered, it's a book that has gathered. Also, it is something that Alterna means to gather information. So it gathers information of the scriptures of the past. The Quran, mentions what the Torah says, what the Injeel the Gospels say. And then the Quran on top of it adds what is correct, what is incorrect, and adds its own final statements to what those scriptures that were given by Allah to his own Prophet, Musa and Isa, the Quran adds its final statements on those scriptures, you see, so it gathers what was there previously. And then on top of it, it adds its

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final say on the matter. So it comes from that as well.

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This is some you know, this a couple of shades of what the of this color is, the Quran is read the Quran, read out loud the Quran is, you know, it's the way it's compiled, it's gathered together, the Quran gathers information and, you know, puts it together for us in a truthful manner gives us a definitive meaning of it. Okay, those are some meanings and there's actually quite a bit more. I'll get up. I'll get up. Do you know what the word will get out means?

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I'll get that means. Yes. Anybody? Use of Go ahead.

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The book, I'll get out means the book. Excellent.

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The book that's written Okay. Very good. Anything else? Much too. Okay, good.

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And any other options? Don't okay. So, the book

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this is from the word

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Gattaca. Okay.

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To write, right so when you write something in the process of writing it, it becomes a book at the end. Right. So that is what comes from

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Now, what's interesting about Al Kitab and calling al Qaeda is Allah calls the Quran Al Kitab. The book before it was compiled. Hmm. follows point with me. This is an important point, a lot of calls for an Allen key tab before it was finished being a Get up. Why would he call that as such? Because he wants to tell the prophets of Salaam that this book will be completed and you will

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you know, see the completion of Allah promise to you you will see it This book will be completed don't ever think it won't. And this is a beautiful just the way the Quran neens itself was

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foreshadowing what was going to happen in the Prophet sums life and the Prophet Salaam found solace and comfort through this okay. Also, the word keytab is something that is a it means the ruling, okay?

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again from the word cateva.

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But even it's used in old Arabic cateva Allah to mandate something.

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So for example, Allah says quotevalet como cm

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Fasting is mandated upon you literally written upon you. So it's like a decree that is given by, like a judge, for example, and I'm lost pounds Allah is the owner of the universe. So it's like a decree that's coming from him. And that is what the Quran is. It's something to be practiced is something to be understood and then put into practice. These are two names and we'll discuss more inshallah. Next time. Let me I'm going to come to segment number two at the very end of this Okay, the values of the Quran like what do we what are we encouraged to be like, okay, but now we're gonna get into this Tafseer of sloten buffer. Okay, Surah Baqarah some basic introductory points about

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Soto buffer. Okay, number one is that it was

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it is the longest surah of the Quran. Did you know that?

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Huh? All right. It has the longest ayah of the Quran. Okay, it has the longest Ayah longest surah by all fit together also has the longest I am number

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282 I believe it's called Aya today. Let me let me pop it open for you all here.

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Yes, I am number 22. This is the longest I have the Quran. Look how long it is. Well, buddy goes for the whole page. Okay.

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It has

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the greatest ayah of the Quran, which is that

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the greatest idea of the Quran which one is that the people advocacy, I told corsi Well done, advocacy is number 255.

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To 55 it has the treasure

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from the treasures of Allah as described

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in the books of the fear, the treasure from the treasures of Allah, the ayah that was given as the two I add, that are given a special gift to the prophets of Allah right?

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I a number

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285 to 286 these would be the last two I add by the way.

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I will never assume to be around him it'll be well we don't lie you can live long enough son in law was these two are a treasure from the treasures of Allah, the prophets, lots of them said men Torah. These these two is the person who reads these two ayat at night gafa who this is all this person would need for their well being at night. They don't have to do anything else Of course after their fault prayer and whatnot, but anything else they don't have to do this these to take care of everything this is an incredible surah the robbers on them

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says that it is the sutra that

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the one who has

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has attained it the one who has attained it.

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Baraka attaining it is the blessing what Taka Hassan and leaving it is a source of regret.

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And it says what I still do a lot Allah the the, the misguided, the magicians, those who are doing something completely evil, they cannot possibly grasp this sutra or attain this surah this surah of the Quran. There was a very famous Arabic poet. Okay, you guys know Arabic poets back in the day where

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it were the boss, they were like the people that nobody would mess with it. What are the most famous ones? His name was libido, accepted Islam in the lifetime of the prophets, Allah, okay. And

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he was known to be a very good guy with like, lots of lots of great poems. But after Islam, he became very silent. He didn't really say much poetry. Okay. So one day aroma rhodiola one who met lobbied in the streets and he said to lobby the lobby the It's been a while since you, you know, compose the poem for us. Why don't you compose a poem kept an armada that time was actually the key lift up, right. lobbied replies, the beads replies that I

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He sees excuse me, he replies by reciting certain batara starts to recite to to boxer I'm going to stop them as we know pseudo batara but I asked you for some, some poetry

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lobbied said below on who? I cannot after sudo Bukhara I don't have anything to say. I have nothing to say. After Soto Baccarat I'm speechless in the face of Sudoku dakara This is a master of the of the area of poetry. In fact, according to many years, the goat of Arabic points. All right.

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Again, watch out for you said local to ashadha local Toyama asharam in LA vd like, you know, easily claiming the beat is like the best of the ports.

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This is the man who knows Arabic better than you know anybody at that time and is supremely skilled in composing poetry and prose. When he heard the Quran and sotto Baqarah the man had nothing left to say

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because the moment he heard it, he knew this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, this is a book Subhan Allah that you know, it is a treasure from the treasures of a lost part. This was the buckler is a very special sort of it is the it is the first sutra revealed in Medina. Okay. When the Rasul omentum Medina, this is the first surah that was revealed

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in Medina. All right, this is some information about Al Baqarah. Now the name of the surah. So let's have let's write down some information, some basic info, the ayat our number of I add,

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are 286. Okay, that's the total number of items total, aka

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The name of the surah is Al Baqarah. Where does the name of the surah come from? The name of the surah

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means the the calf or the cow, the cow slash, calf right? You know what a cow is?

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Why would you call it the surah of the cow or the calf? Anybody? This is a question I want you to consider. Why would this surah be known as the surah

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of the cow?

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And it's because

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the cow the Moosa that when you saw it came to moose, and he pulled one of its thighs and hit it on somebody and this and that person said, Who killed him?

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All right, so a lot of fun has answered correctly, which

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is number 67 of the surah has the passage in it that describes what happened with Musashi Salam and Bani Israel, he

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Moses and the Israelites, okay. And in that passage, Moses sets says the budding Israelites, I need a volunteer. I need actually two hunters if I can have people raise their hands on zoo.

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I'm gonna volunteer at home with me.

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Yes, yes.

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I need one more volunteer.

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Alright, let's get Solomon solomani with me.

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Yeah, all right. Okay, can you read the ayah for us, please?

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Well, it's called Amazonia comida. De La Jolla, Morocco.

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All you definitely don't know who to call. rubella. He an akuna ninja. He used to call me very nice.

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Very nice.

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Can you try again so the one Okay, okay, start here

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and when Moses is people Indeed Allah commands you to slaughter a cow he said do you talk us in radical take us in radical he said I seek refuge in all law from being among the

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very nice awesome sent well done this is the story of Musa Allison I'm telling but he say you have to slaughter a cow and bunnies are you doing what?

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But he's saying nope

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there's no we're not gonna do it Okay, so this is until later when they eventually did this is where the name of the surah comes from number 67 are the story the story of

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from the story The name

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comes from the story

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on Isaiah

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67 okay onwards the story of the calf or the cow all right so this is some introductory pieces about Soto Baccarat What do we know about Serato Baccarat what is it that Allah says about people? What does he want to describe in circle Baccarat? Well, let's break it down into the theme of Surat Al Baqarah Okay, or the multiple teams or sofapaka so here is the theme for

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the first

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the first half of the surah right

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yep, this by the way is not this is a person's own interpretation This is not like the Prophet didn't say this this is what sort of Baccarat means but these are like a person's own reading into what the surah is saying because the Quran encourages us to do that it encourages us to think about what you know the ayat are saying and

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and based on that make a like a educated understanding of what the surah as a whole is saying I'm just gonna stop the shears for a second restarted

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the theme of Surah Baqarah is submission

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to Allah

00:23:05--> 00:23:15

without compromise without one without compromise What does the word submission mean? Anybody know what the word submission me

00:23:19--> 00:23:24

raised raise your hand or in the chat type this the word submission?

00:23:25--> 00:23:27

Oh boy Hmm

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What else do I mean?

00:23:35--> 00:23:41

Let's have somebody else that to submit yourself okay. submit yourself in what sense? Yeah.

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To give up so, like a lot like whatever losses you do, hmm. So, whatever a law says you do ascent of man. So lemon, you said submit yourself I think you meant the same thing.

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What happens in like, what happens is like the word submission sometimes is misunderstood. Because it has a meaning of like for someone like for example, if you wrestle what is the goal of wrestling, you submit the person that you are wrestling with by putting them in like a you know, in like a lock hole chokehold or something, and now that person gives up, okay. So submission, doesn't mean when he says submission here, that you are forced into it. In fact, this is coming from within you are doing it out of your own accord, this is something you want to do, this is something you need to do, that is what submission means here, a required admission to Allah without compromise. That is the theme

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of the surah. And what we will see is that

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the the thing that the Quran or the surah talks about it talks about different actions

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specs are different, different people different stories. But the thing that it's trying to explain is this topic submission to Allah without compromise. How did Bani Israel eel submit to Allah? They didn't do it without compromise. How did Ibrahim alayhis salam submit to Allah? He submitted to Allah with the utmost devotion with no compromise as the role model for all of humanity. How are we supposed to as Muslims submit to Allah, tala, we were supposed to do it without compromise, like our father Ibrahima is an app. This is kind of the overall view of the surah. Let's go into the details of it. Okay, there is a introductory passage, okay? The introduction of the sutra, you can call it

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like the first part of the suta. Okay, and it runs from either number one to

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number one to Ayah number 2028. Here Oops, sorry.

00:26:15--> 00:26:56

Sorry, to me, I number one to number 20 excuse me, this introductory passage, okay. This this introduction, part of the surah is the first thing the Quran speaks about. And in this introductory passage, what Allah will speak about is the best case scenario of submission and the worst case scenario of submission, you know, what best case means? Best case means how to do it the best way and the worst case means is how to do it in the worst way. Okay. That is what Allah will present in the introduction, the best case

00:26:59--> 00:27:01

and the worst case

00:27:02--> 00:27:13

of submission. How does that look like? Then Allah, Allah will introduce to us the first story, where it all began.

00:27:15--> 00:27:17

What is the story where it all began?

00:27:18--> 00:27:25

If you were with me, this during this course, in the very beginning of the year, the story who's the first human being?

00:27:26--> 00:27:43

story of Adam? Hmm, that's the next thing that comes in the surah the story of Adam and a Salaam and his downfall, unfortunately, hmm. All right, then the next part of the surah is the

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people who were a very important group of people who had one of the greatest prophets of all time sent to them. Who was that person? Who is the person mentioned the most in the Quran?

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Who is the person mentioned the most in the Quran people?

00:28:05--> 00:28:26

Ibrahim, okay, that's a possibility. Anybody else must have some is not mentioned as much actually. The one whose name is mentioned the most in the Quran is most musala himself Salam Golden Gate musala salam is the one that mentioned in the Quran more than anybody else.

00:28:27--> 00:28:36

And the story of masala Salaam is very prominently featured here, but not just Moosa, it says Moosa, the pharaoh

00:28:39--> 00:28:51

as you Moosa and, excuse me, bunny, Estella eel, specifically, bunnies, right? You are known in English as the Israelites. I misspelled the name that is,

00:28:53--> 00:28:54


00:28:55--> 00:29:12

let's find out how to spell it. There we go. There's either the Israelites and we'll explain why they're called the Israelites. When we get there, okay, but Moosa and bunnies are eel. This is what we call a case study of

00:29:13--> 00:29:17

submission to Allah in the wrong way.

00:29:18--> 00:29:53

The submission to Allah in the wrong way they did submit to Allah, they were people who believed that a prophet, we will call them Muslims, but the way they did it was wrong. And Allah wants to highlight the problems in their attitude, not just hate on them when they are the winner, but so that we can learn from their mistakes. And when we do something wrong, we kind of correct ourselves through their example. Then the surah talks about the best case scenario. Hmm.

00:29:54--> 00:29:58

Our father Ibrahim, and he said uh huh.

00:30:01--> 00:30:05

The best way to submit

00:30:07--> 00:30:23

then that's what the surah moves on to next, our Father Ibrahim alayhi salam. Then, after moving on to Ibrahima Salman, by the way, Brian was on something that's common between the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians. Right? So it's kind of like the thing that we all agree on.

00:30:25--> 00:31:18

Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran repeatedly, repeatedly again and again, references Ibrahim, Allah, Allah says, Look, if you want to know what the right way to worship Allah is, you look at how Ibrahim Alayhi Salam did it, and that's the right way. Okay, so well, militar Ibrahima hanifa woman Yoruba miletti rahima illa man Sufi Han afsa. Who? It's a rhetorical question, who the one who is the one who leaves away of Abraham, except the one who is a total fool, meaning only someone who's totally foolish would think that the way of any other person would be the right path. Of course, we believe the Prophet son is reviving the way of Ibrahim alayhi salam, he is the one who is bringing

00:31:18--> 00:31:48

back the legacy of Ibrahim al Islam. That's what we believe as Muslims. And now this is what Allah uses to invite the people who are of the Jewish tradition of the Christian tradition to Islam by mentioning to them that look, the thing that we all agree upon is Ibrahim and his way to submit was the best. So let us go back to that and revive that. Then the sutra moves on to talking about the Muslims.

00:31:49--> 00:31:50


00:31:51--> 00:31:52

The Muslims,

00:31:53--> 00:31:56

our responsibilities

00:31:58--> 00:32:46

as Muslims Hmm. As I speak about that, it's gonna talk about how a very difficult thing took place in life, the problem, the changing of the club law, it will talk about what does he man mean? What does it mean to be a person who has faith? It will talk about? What are the pillars of Islam, fasting, sola Hodge, they will talk about what does it mean for a person to have or for society to have the right to defend itself? It will speak about how do we, you know, get together as communities? How do we make our families? How do we live together in harmony? All of those topics are addressed? How do we take care of those who are less fortunate? How do we not exploit those who

00:32:46--> 00:33:23

are underprivileged? How do we make sure that when we are doing business, there is a level of equity people are able to thrive? Not that only the richest get rich, and the poor gets trampled, get all of these things the Koran speaks about, and then the conclusion comes later. So it's a very beautiful sutra, as it ties together the idea of submission to Allah without compromise, submission to Allah without compromise, and how people in the past made mistakes in that matter. Let's look at the introduction today.

00:33:24--> 00:33:32

The introduction starts at iron number one, and number one says what? I need a volunteer.

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

Here's my list of volunteers. If you can kindly raise your hand and zoom, WD nice and shallow. Or I'm gonna pick random people.

00:33:43--> 00:33:44

All right, HIPAA.

00:33:50--> 00:33:54

Excellent, HIPAA, HIPAA. Can you read? Hassan? Can you read the translation?

00:33:58--> 00:34:38

Mi l Islami Alright, so it's clear that these are not these are just letters. Okay. What are these letters called? They're called the foolproof Elmo apart, the disjointed letters, the what the disjointed letters, they are in the beginning of certain surahs of Quran then they are present in the beginning of certain series of Quran. The idea of these lectures is as follows two things I'll tell you about them, okay, how many things

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

two things and I want you to tell me if you are following this. The first thing to learn from these lectures is a lot taala did not tell us or the prophets of Salaam, what these letters mean? Elif lambing, he mentions it without any

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explanation for it.

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Now the for an all of it is meant to be understood. But these letters are something that tell us about what quality Do we need to have, as believers to understand and fully grasp the Quran. That quality is the quality of humility, the quality of what?

00:35:29--> 00:35:33

The value, the virtue of humility.

00:35:34--> 00:35:36

What does humility mean?

00:35:38--> 00:35:49

humidity means to not think too highly of yourself. Okay? I want you to help me out here. Okay. So I'm going to share one thing to not think to,

00:35:51--> 00:36:00

to not think too highly of yourself. This is the value of the Quran that I want to share with you today. Any other thoughts on what humility means?

00:36:04--> 00:36:05

Making fun of

00:36:06--> 00:36:10

to make fun of others. That one? Yeah.

00:36:12--> 00:36:26

Like when you're humiliated something Oh, so humiliated is someone who is like lowered, right? Yeah. Right. So humility. so humiliated is not a good state to be in. Neither is a good to do that to somebody.

00:36:27--> 00:36:44

But humility comes from that same idea, which is, to mumble, to be humble accent hasn't to be humble. All right. In terms of knowledge, humility means to understand

00:36:46--> 00:36:49

that Do you know everything or you don't?

00:36:52--> 00:36:53

That you don't know.

00:36:54--> 00:37:52

Everything, right? You only know a very little that is the prerequisite humility required to learn the Quran. If a person comes to the Quran to study the Quran, very highly thinking of themselves, okay? If they come arrogantly, not humbly if they come thinking they know everything. You know what, they won't learn anything from the Quran, they will actually be misguided from the Quran. Did you know that the Quran can become a reason why people get misguided In fact, the Quran itself says that this is not my claim. It's not what I'm saying. This is what the Quran says. You will then you'll be you'll bring up Kathy Ron de kathira. I would like someone to volunteer to read this maybe, Hey Bob,

00:37:52--> 00:37:52

can you read this

00:37:54--> 00:37:55


00:37:58--> 00:38:49

the English sorry, the English he misleads many there but in God's money thereby he misleads not accept but definitely disobedient. So in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala in the very beginning tells us thank you Baba, that it could become a reason why people are misled, but the one who was misled is not because the Quran is a misleading book. It's because there is a character flaw or my Yulin Louie Ll fasciae. Teen the defiantly disobedient there is a defiance that goes against the value of humility is personal does not come coming humbly. They coming arrogantly they're coming thinking too highly of themselves. And this is what Elif Lam meme is telling us. Come humbly come to learn, come

00:38:50--> 00:39:03

understanding that this book has what you don't know. And understanding. You don't know everything. And that's what Alif Lam meme is a reminder of. Okay, that's number one thing, how many things I told you, I'll tell you what I did not mean?

00:39:05--> 00:39:17

I said I'll tell you two things. Two things. Okay. So the second thing about a meme is Alif Lam meme is a challenge. A challenge to who?

00:39:19--> 00:39:22

A challenge to everybody.

00:39:23--> 00:39:28

But a challenge specifically to people who

00:39:29--> 00:39:55

who were the best of in Arabic, the most eloquent, the most skilled, the ones whose Arabic is at a different at the highest level possible. It was a challenge to them. What's the challenge? Here are the letters of your language and Islam me? Huh? Is it the is Alif Lam Meem part of the Arabic alphabet. So no.

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

It is right. Okay, here is

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

Your alphabet

00:40:02--> 00:40:04

produce a sewer like it was.

00:40:05--> 00:40:17

Tom fee Roy man isn't good enough to be super fun to me so on. may miss lee will do urrutia

00:40:20--> 00:40:21

do Nila

00:40:23--> 00:40:24

Nila he

00:40:26--> 00:40:30

saw the routine hasn't read the translation for us.

00:40:34--> 00:41:20

And if you are in doubt about what we have sent down upon our servant Mohammed, then produce a surah like they're off and call upon your witness other than Allah, if you should be truthful, thank you very much has done this in the very beginning of the surah. Allah also gives us what is the Quran the Quran is like why do we believe is to be the truth from Allah? Why do we believe that Islam is the only truthful religion from Allah? We believe that because we have something called falsifiability. You can is a challenge, prove us wrong? If you think that this is not the right religion, prove the Quran wrong. If you think it's not from Allah falsifiability The challenge is

00:41:20--> 00:42:05

right there. If you are in doubt, that this is from Allah, then make a surah like it, produce a surah like it produce or be humbled. And if l'ami that is what Alif Lam Meem is telling us and this is a very powerful thing that the Quran does remind us again and again, this book that we believe in, the reason we know it to be the Word of God, this is the speech of Allah is because the falsifiable claim in it, you can like in science, you can take someone's hypothesis, and you can verify it. That's correct, or falsify it, that it's incorrect. The Quran says the same thing. Here is the word of God.

00:42:06--> 00:43:00

falsified if you can otherwise believe in it, and, and come humbly. That is what Alif Lam Meem says. That's a very powerful thing. What does Allah say after that Allah describes the best case, the best case scenario, or what submission to Allah looks like without compromise. People who submit to Allah without compromise, without there's no force here, this is people doing it by their out of their own accord. What is the best case scenario? Luckily, kita will arriba fy 18. This book, there is no doubt in it. It is a guidance for those who are conscious of love, or hate. This is the best case scenario, right? The creme de la creme, this is who we want to be like, what are these people? How

00:43:00--> 00:43:23

are they described by law with the team, those who are conscious of a law, they understand that a law is their Lord, they understand there's a purpose to life, they understand that it does come out of nowhere, they understand that the one who brought them into existence is also the one who will hold them accountable.

00:43:24--> 00:44:19

He's the one who will hold them accountable later on, on the day of judgment, or that lead with the pain. These are the ones who you may know and I believe they believe in the unseen they believe in Allah without having seen him. Not that he is a blind belief, not because it's just the way things are no, it's based on evidence is based on science. It's based on signs isn't like signs of a lot around us, okay? is based on logical reasonings. Okay? But once all of that is taken place, the belief in Allah is in a lab in the unseen. He is someone that we don't see, but he is His Majesty, his power, we experience His glory, we see in his creation, his commands we see in his word, but he

00:44:19--> 00:44:27

is in the unseen union, I believe, we leave una sala they established a prayer and this when from what we have given that

00:44:29--> 00:44:49

they are the ones who believe in the previous scripture, and the Scripture, that was the scripture that was given to the Prophet Salaam and the scripture that was given before and there are certain of the here after, I mean, Pharaoh to whom you know, like alhuda never beat him. But eager homophily hoon.

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

These are the ones who are right the following the guidance from the Lord and they are the ones who are truly successful. The

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

Best case scenario Allah lays out for us in the first passage of the plot, what is the best case scenario? People who believe in a lot okay? And this faith is based on certainty is based on evidence a law and understanding that Allah is in the unseen then their faith leads them to establish the prayer up Muna Salah not just praying, going through the motions, you know, looking around while praying mind wandering in all 50 directions while Salah is happening. No, that is not establishing it this is going through the motions up Muna Salah is, you know, this is something that's immovable. It's not it's not, it's not something that I can just put to the side. When I'm in

00:45:46--> 00:46:02

my prayer. This is what I'm doing. I'm focusing I'm reading I'm trying to supplicate to Allah Li Muna Sana and they walk the walk, how do they walk the walk, by giving money.

00:46:04--> 00:46:54

That's, you know, their own money, hard earned money, to support the underprivileged, to support the poor and needy to support good causes me Mario's economic horn but like to spending money because everybody can spend money, people give charity all the time. But this is the person who state of mind, state of mind while giving charity is this money that Allah has given me is a laws originally, Mimara zakura home, this money that I have with me, this is a lot of money. I'm just the guardian of this money. It is a laws money, I'm just the guardian of this money. So when I'm giving money away to a good cause, to support somebody to help a poor person. I am doing this knowing that I am giving

00:46:54--> 00:47:08

the money that Allah gave me back to Allah let me model Sakina home. Yun sukoon is a beautiful parable that a person says that I wish to ask God, why he left these poor people.

00:47:09--> 00:48:02

You know without help. And I was afraid that God would ask me the same question. Hmm. The idea is that we are to support those who are underprivileged, those who are needy, we become the means for their well being. Allah makes us the means for the well being of those people. And that is a way for us to attain salvation. That's a way for us to attain a las pantallas grace. That is the state of mind of the believer belief and good deeds, that Eman leads to armor. That is what our faith is. It's also a tradition that didn't start with the prophets on them. When Malcolm Tabitha Amina Russell, it still didn't start with the problem. He is the last of the messengers, not the first of

00:48:02--> 00:48:12

the messengers. It started with the messengers before. So we honor that tradition, we love the prophets, we honor them. And then

00:48:13--> 00:48:33

it's not just we just take from what was previously revealed, we have our own tradition that has the final say, on matters of faith that came before that is who then you see the Quran says that it is guidance, who then within it is the guidance.

00:48:35--> 00:49:17

The people who have attained that guidance, Allah who doesn't say they've climbed the mountain of guidance, these are the people who are what, who have these characteristics. When they have these qualities. They have climbed the mountain, the top of the mountain and the standing on top of the mountain of guidance they have attended. But hula ecohome will mostly home These are the people who are successful, don't get it twisted. There's many, many ways we think of success. But this is what true success means that you it's not about your credentials or your money or how other people think of you. What matters is are you able to implement these beautiful values, the value of knowing who

00:49:17--> 00:49:34

your Lord is, knowing that he's going to hold you accountable taqwa, believing in Him, and that belief leads to action, good deeds, good deeds that you do for yourself, your prayer, good deeds you do to help others members of families for whom that is guidance.

00:49:35--> 00:49:45

If you can give me a couple of minutes, please I know we were I was a little late starting so I request a little bit of time so we can finish the introductory part of the Quran. Can I have a few minutes inshallah.

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Okay. The second part of the Quran describes in the Latina cafaro, or the second part of the introduction describes the people who have disbelieved. This is a scam

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

proposition unless quantum describes them in a very stern manner, it is their bent on denying the truth. It is it makes no difference whether you want them or not, they will not believe law has placed a seal on their hearts has sealed their hearts and their ears, and on their eyes There is a covering and for them is a terrible punishment. What is this referring to, is referring to the fact that these people have made up their minds to not believe. And as a consequence of them, choosing this, Allah has placed a seal, you know, like how you seal something like say, if you're sealing a box, you will seal it with tape on top, and now the box can be open. Or if you're wrapping gift, you

00:50:49--> 00:51:25

will seal it with tape. And now people know this hasn't been opened. That is what sealing is. they close the gift they close the box. A love plays the seal on top of it. they close their hearts, Allah sealed it. they close the earring their hearing, they didn't want to hear what Allah and His message have to say, a love place to seal on it. That is what I was saying. This is is this talking about every single a non Muslim? Yes or no? Is this ayah? Speaking about every single non Muslim? No. is this?

00:51:34--> 00:51:39

The answer is no. The answer is of course, no. a resounding no. Because

00:51:41--> 00:51:46

not every the people who are non Muslims, they are all not all like this.

00:51:47--> 00:52:30

They're not all like this. If it was the case, then what's the point of even having a dialogue with them? Right? The profitsystem had dialogue with people for 23 years Sahaba spend their lives afterwards having this kind of dialogue with people. Okay, this and the people who are non Muslims? Did they ever some of them become Muslims or not? Yes, they did. Many of them did. Like from the Sahaba. For example, Khalid inverleith, not just a non Muslim at a time, he was the one who was fighting the prophets, Islam, tried to kill him, but then eventually became a Muslim. So it's not that his heart was sealed. He was just in a different stage of his life at that time. What this ayah

00:52:30--> 00:53:17

is referring to is, there are people who, in the worst case scenario, the worst case, not all people, but the worst case of the disbelievers. They are in a situation where they have already made up their mind, they've already closed that box, that this religion, they will never follow. These people like that from the first day of Islam, to the last step who will never ever accept the fate, for reasons not related to what the message is, for other reasons, more nefarious reasons. And those are the people that a lot of refers to here. The says, Allah seals their hearts, because there's people who are not Muslim who accept Islam all the time, all the time. There's hundreds of people

00:53:17--> 00:53:36

who accept Islam under the law, and their hearts are not sealed. In fact, they're wide open for attaining guidance, you see, that this is describing what the worst case, okay, just like the first passage describe the best case, this one describes the worst case. And in between the best and the worst are who

00:53:38--> 00:53:38

are who people.

00:53:40--> 00:53:43

In between the best and the worst are is mostly

00:53:45--> 00:54:29

right. And that's why number 21 Allah says, All people, worship your Lord, who created you, and those before you, such as you so that you may become righteous. This is the idea. Everybody who's not already in the best case situation where they are fully devoted to Allah, or the worst case situation where they've already made up their minds and never gonna listen, never gonna believe everybody else in the middle a lot once to get their attention. And Allah wants to address them. He says, all you people, all of you, worship your Lord. This is the right way. This is the way to attain happiness. This will maximize your happiness in this world and the next you have reasons to

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

do so. He is the one who made you brought you into existence brought into existence those before you. You believe it's good for you, you become a better person like him. Dr. Poon. Allah has the one who's made the earth a better place that's stable. The earth is revolving around his access moving around the sun, but stable for us. You don't feel like it's moving. The sky is a protector for us. So we're able to live and thrive This is the only planet that we know that life exists.

00:55:00--> 00:55:53

Allah has created all these amazing planets, this one planet, that's a perfect situation for us to live and exist on and thrive on. That is a last choice. It's not a coincidence. It's a blessing. It's not happenstance, he sent a rain from the sky. Look at this example of rain, if there is no rain, there was a drought, then there is no crops and people die. The water cycle starts with the rain. And that is what a lot of references here, he says the rain and through that you get your food, and you get stuff you enjoy thammarat every kind of food, food, that staple and food that is for enjoyment. Allah has created the environment for us to exist and survive, and also to thrive. He

00:55:53--> 00:56:38

is the one who's done so further delay and that so now don't set up rivals to God. Now that you know this don't do so. This is a beautiful introduction. The Quran presents the best case scenario of what faith and submission to Allah without compromise looks like the worst case scenario. And then everybody else in the middle Allah addresses them and says, Hey, people, this is the right way. This is what you need to be doing. Think about it. And that inshallah is what we'll end with. We'll begin next week with the story Chawla. Next we will cover the story of Adam and the Israelites in sha Allah. I hope to see you all again Same time, same place I appreciate your patience. today and in

00:56:38--> 00:56:42

sha Allah I will see you next week as Akuma law wholesaler