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Salam o aleikum. Wa Rahmatullah. Thank you friends and welcome to Fidra Arex. This specific series is focusing on solving your discomforts. So you can find comfort in the Salah. Most of us are asked to come to the Salah and be in complete stillness, but our body feels a lot of pain. Then someone will ask you to feel silence in the prayer. And as soon as you stand still,

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you hear nothing but noise in the body. And when someone asked you to pray limber ly, to feel beautiful in the prayer,

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you in turn many times can feel stiffness, pain, noise and stiffness won't lead to a peace and comfort in the Salah. So please come join us for the following series where we are going to introduce three exercises that are not going to be used in the Salah. But very intelligently, you are going to learn a front split squat, we're going to open up the hip flexors, we're going to open up your knee, we're going to unlock the ankle that you think is beyond repair. And we will be will be Ethan Allahu taala. With the permission of the creator of that joint, we're going to learn some fronts split squats, we're going to learn some basic ankle mobility and flexibility exercises and

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routines. And lastly, we're going to work to open up our shoulders and strengthen our triceps. We'll use some of the tools here the main objective friends, is that this Ramadan, your Salah is unlike it's ever been before. From everyone here at Fidra RX, this is the beginning this is the standard and we're only going to improve from here. Join us with the intention that I have the part of me that met Allah subhanaw taala is inside me. This physical body is the vehicle that will get me there on the Day of Judgment this body will come back to life and Illuminati more Allah wa he him what to Cali Mona ad him our body parts this one will speak to us speak against us and for us. So come join

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me as we start to heal the body parts and for everyone who's already written us off and said, I can't do those exercises because we would like to In addition, add three regressions so that if you can't do the full exercise, we'll do a medium variation. Lastly, all of this work for this specific series is inspired,

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taught and learned from the ATG system. So Mr. Ben and to his family, to his mom, to his spouse, to his partners. We all here at Federa RX are our knees over toes for you all and excited to be able to share this with the Muslim community who will be praying during the Ramadan season. So for anyone who wants more information or to get directly into the ATG system, please check out ATG on YouTube and online and definitely join their course definitely improve your mobility and bulletproof your joints. With that being said, let's get started. Please feel free to refer to any of the links below that refer to the ATG system, or other YouTubers who have done regressions to the ATG system who

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have done the if you can't do x, then let me take you all the way back to the beginning. Which is aka la Hinojosa. And for everyone who has been following the journey for Phaedra RX we made it was salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah.