Fitra Rx – Ramadan 2022 Popping Shoulders

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The speaker is discussing a new exercise that is designed to improve ankle mobility and ankle strength. They encourage people to use their hands on their couch and lower their backside while keeping their body weight. They also mention a second exercise that they will be working on together.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome back friends here for our next installment, we've talked about the front split squat. And I believe you're excited. If you have woken up, woken up your teardrop muscle right above what you would consider your knee. And maybe, and it seems weird to your your big toe, and the big toe joint is confused. The knee and the big toe are connected right here. So you'll feel that activation. And so I'm excited that you're continuing to do your knee exercises. So as that continues, I would like you to look at feet health and ankle mobility. And we're going to be working on some ankle stretches in our next video. But as that progresses, because you know, the

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purpose of the video wasn't to teach you an exercise rather to get you to look at what you need to do, and then give you the links from ATG and other professionals. What I'd like to do today is the second half of the body. When it comes to do ah, when it comes to standing in the prayer, many of us from our why ball, why bone to the scapula. Many of us have clicking grinding or popping shoulders, I could probably get a good pop if I didn't just pop it a minute ago, it is very common for us to then just accept while my shoulder grinds, but

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there should be a place for us to be able to bring that back. And so with real basic discussion, that subtle disclaimer, most of us have very flimsy wit wrists due to our phone and the lifestyle that we live. Now we're not here blaming anyone. So when I asked you to grab a bar, or put your hands on the couch, would you recognize that when you put your hands on the couch, two fingers are probably going to collapse, you're going to turn your wrist over and the elbow is not going to be aligned. So today, just like in sulla, how important is your form? Exactly. So we're not working out as much as we are unlocking our fitrah I am going to squat down comfortably you want to get to your

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to wherever your couch is, and you come here, we're going to work on this together, friend. Depending on how much body weight you can put, so I'm holding my body weight, the chest is open, and I'm just lowering my tush. The idea is not to feel an impingement, or any pain in the shoulder. If you're getting to a point of pain, please don't. Don't push it. And all I'm doing is lowering my backside. Try not to collapse the shoulders the way I am. And then pushing upwards. What is the objective, I just want to get you up, make sure that the hand grip is that which is accenting your wrist, please make sure you're like you're holding the bar, and then I'm going down. And I'm trying

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my best to engage.

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And use my four arms and triceps coming down. Friends.

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objective is not to show you how to do the exercise. But to get you activating those parts of your body that you thought were beyond repair. Opening your wrist being careful that one hand may be curved more than the other, your wrist may not be open completely on in both hands. And when you push down, there's no jerk here, or not grunting to get through this. The idea is Can I open my elbow

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in a way that I don't all day, many of us never open the elbow throughout the day. And so

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I ask all of us this left shoulder very, very tight and not in its fullest form. It's not in its fullest form. But that's something you and I are going to work together. And during my salah body scan. I found that yes, left arm definitely a lot more clicky a lot more finicky. And the first part that hurts definitely the left side.

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Let's look at this as today as a secondary exercise the second extra exercise that we introduced, and now we're going to learn the proper form to the professionals and the links below. Some of us needed this not how to do it properly. But just someone from ourselves to say, the Salah was going to heal us and there's a way to get there. I pray to be that

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Bridge for you does Zack Allah who clearly does that make you feel fine the reward Fidra RX here for you what's your prescription was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah